107 ways to inspire creativity

Creative minds don’t just feed themselves. We don’t just wake up every day with a pile of creativity gushing out of every pore. Sometimes we might wake up with a brilliant idea but even then, if we don’t write it down or tell someone, chances are that idea might drift off as the day progresses. So I was thinking – what do we need to help us stay creative? Here’s what I came up with…

107 ways to inspire creativity
from things you need, to places you go and things you do, there’s always something nearby that can be a potential creative idea starter. I’m sure there’s a ton more, so if I’ve missed something, please holler and I’ll add your ideas to the list too!

friends 17. tv 14. glue 4. supplies and materials to inspire creativity Having things around the house or the office to inspire your creativity can be so helpful. pens 6. movies 13. Sometimes just staring at something for a moment will spark an idea. kids water color paints 10. tape 3. How many of these items do you already own or maybe even have within arms reach right now? 1. phone calls 18. games 22. paint 9. websites 21. sunshine 16. food 23. nature 15. magazines 20. recipes . colored pencils 8. pencils 5. books 19. crayons 7. Scissors 2.107 ways to inspire creativity Objects. music 12. stamps 11.

The more we experience. if done a bit different just today. cardboard 27. just about anything can inspire creativity if you stop and ask the questions. camera 31. the more ideas and views we can pull from when trying to come up with something new. musical instruments 29. How many of the following activities have you done or do regularly? 1. watching movies . yoga 5. listening to music 8. biking 4. kids – I could go on an on on this one. Even the little day to day tasks. paint brushes 33. sewing machine 34. Window shopping 2.24. chalk 30. newspaper 35. chop sticks 32. calendar 36. get off your butt and move 6. reading 7. buttons 26. Things to do to inspire creativity Every experience we have inspires a thought and potentially an idea. walking 3. can spark a new idea for tomorrow. listening to books 9. wood 28. glitter 25.

making art 18. day dream 25. try something new 23. picnicking at the park 20. eat something new 22. call a friend 28. going to a museum. eat breakfast 27. traveling 17. think of trying or eating or doing something new 24. nap. rest 26. people watching 12. try Googles “I feel Lucky” option and follow that path 31. sitting in the sunshine 11. search Google on a topic that interests you 30.10. event or other activity 19. go to the library and browse a random aisle 33. Follow recommended links from websites you already like 32. camping 14. roasting marshmallows 15. sleep. experiment with new spices or mixing flavors you already like 34. cook 21. get a new hair cut . try a new ice cream flavor 35. part your hair different 36. write a note 29. cloud gazing 16. story telling 13.

Create a “problem” that needs an answer and you might come up with answers you didn’t expect. In hindsight. Don’t ask questions that that require you to decide if something will work or not and don’t assume an idea is bad. opinion 7. write down all the interesting comments people say for a week 39. maybe even ridiculous answers. Instead of participating and taking the experience for face value.37. soak it up and ask questions as you go… try that tiny taste of something new or watch your kids mix the colors to make a gross muddy brown. goal Question starters to inspire creativity Most often new ideas come from asking a question. texture 10. sound 3. The first step is asking a question the second step is allowing yourself to explore new. keep a journal 40. Here are some words you can throw into your day to help you think outside the typical bubble you might be stuck in. we forget what creativity really is. I’m sure good ol’ Ben Franklin would not recommend standing out in the middle of a lightening storm with metal in his hand. . color 2. Words to inspire creativity I think sometimes we get so caught up in what creativity is supposed to be. 1. turn your favorite shirt inside out and wear it that way all day 38. you never know what will be discovered from the moment you stop to try. perspective 5. smell 4. think 8. keep a journal of just ideas – again an endless list. stop and really get involved. thoughts 9. view 6. feel 11. Use these words as a question and see what you come up with.

A collage of ideas 3. What did you see… 7. I’d love to hear how you find creative inspiration and what fun things you’ve created! . What do you hear… 8. You just need to be willing to explore new ideas and try something different. A sketchbook There are so many ways you can help inspire creativity with yourself. Did you know… 3. What if… 2. A new recipe 6. What would happen… 4. 1. A music mix (aka “mixed tape” from the 80s) 5. You don’t need to be a professional crafter nor an artist to find your creativity and discover ways to use it every day. A doodle page 4. Here are some ideas of things you can put together to help keep those creative juices flowing and ideas growing. dreams. A journal of ideas 9. How does that taste… 10. A creative ideas notebook 8. A dream board 2.1. how does that feel… Things to make and ways to organize your ideas to inspire creativity Sometimes collecting ideas. A Pinterest board (I’m adding new boards all the time) 7. wishes. Remember when… 6. When… 11. favorites and other pieces we already like can inspire something new. your kids and others you want to create with. What’s that smell… 9. What do you think… 5.

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