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Put one suitable w o r d in each space.

a) My brother is two years older b) The train takes just d) Unfortunately we are e) Do you think you could make a


me. more friendly. less noise?

long as the bus. well-off than we used to be.

c) I thought the second hotel we stayed in was

f) These exercises seem to be getting harder and g) Jean doesn't need as much help as Harry h) David didn't enjoy the match as much as I
2 Rewrite each sentence beginning as shown. Do not change the meaning.

a) Jill can run raster than Peter.

Peter can't run as fast as Jill (can).

b) I thought this journey would last longer than it did. This journey didn't c) I didn't arrive as early as I expected. I arrived d) You are working too slowly. You'll have to e) I have a brother who is older than me. I have an f) Martin thought the second part of the film was more interesting. Martin didn't think the first g) Paula's work is less careful than before. Paula has been working h) There aren't any trains earlier than this one. This is i) All other cafes are further away. This cafe j) Is this the best price you can offer? Can't you

Complete each sentence w i t h the most suitable w o r d or phrase.

a) I really think that apologising is C. you can do. A) not as much as B) a little C) the least D) as far as b) I can't stand this weather. It's getting A) more and more B) worse and worse C) coldest and coldest D) further and further c) Although Brenda came last, everyone agreed she had her best. A) done B) made C) had D) got d) I wish Charles worked as hard as Mary A) did B) can C) will D) does e) The more you water this plant, the it will grow. A) best B) tall C) wetter D) faster f) From now on, we won't be able to go out as much as we A) were B) had C) used to D) will g) I've never owned independent cat as this one! A) a more than B) such an C) a so D) as much an h) Brian has been working since he was promoted. A) much harder B) as harder C) just as hardly D) more hardly i) I've been feeling tired lately, doctor. A) such a B) the most C) more and more D) much j) This exercise will give you practice. A) farther B) much more C) as better D) a lot
4 Put one suitable w o r d in each space, beginning with the letter given.

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

Is William feeling any better. today? Everyone ate a lot, but Chris ate the m What's the 1 news about the situation in India? I'd feel a lot h if you let me help. Graham has been sinking d into debt lately. It's 35 degrees today! It must be the h day so far this year. Only 45? Is that all? Oh well, it's b than nothing. He had to wait a f two months before he got his promotion. Ruth wore her b dress to her sister's wedding. Harry has got over the w of his cold.


Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown. Do not change the meaning.

a) That's the best meal I've ever eaten. I've never eaten a ...better meal b) Fish and meat are the same price in some countries. Fish costs just c) I've never enjoyed myself so much. I've never had d) If you run a lot, you will get fitter. The more e) The doctor can't see you earlier than Wednesday, I'm afraid. Wednesday is f) I must have a rest. I can't walk any more. I must have a rest. I can't go g) Home computers used to be much more expensive. Home computers aren't h) I don't know as much Italian as Sue does. Sue knows i) I thought that learning to drive would be difficult, but it isn't. Learning to drive is j) Barbara can skate just as well as John can. John isn't


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the w o r d given. Do not change the w o r d given. You must use between t w o and five words, including the w o r d given.

a) Your car was cheaper than mine. cost

Your car
better You






b) I'm not as good at maths as you are. I am.

c) Keith is slightly taller than Nigel. little Keith d) Bill was growing angrier all the time. and Bill e) Sally tried as hard as she could. did Sally f) I thought this film would be better. as This film g) This is the bumpiest road I've ever driven along! such I've never h) When you eat a lot, you get fat. more The i) George said he couldn't do any better. could George said it j) This year's exam and last year's exam were equally difficult. just This year's exam last year's exam. do. you get. road. I expected. best. angrier. Nigel.


Look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a w o r d which should not be there. Tick each correct line. If a line has a w o r d which should not be there, write the w o r d in the space.

Transport solutions First of all, walking is obviously the cheapest means of travelling, and can be the quicker in a city centre. Of course, the further you have to go, the more so tired you will become. In some ways walking is more healthier than travelling by bus or car, but it can be just as the unhealthy because cities are the much more polluted than they used to be. Cars are faster of course and more than convenient, but as cities become more of crowded, parking is getting harder. Sometimes public transport is better, even though buses don't go as fast as cars do it. Cars are a lot more and convenient but as they cause most pollution, it is the better to avoid using them if possible. In a city the fastest way of travelling is on a bike, which keeps you fitter and is not so that noisy as a motorbike or a car.

Key p o i n t s

2 3

Check spelling rules for comparative and superlative adjectives. In one syllable adjectives ending with one consonant, double the final consonant. big bigger the biggest In one/two syllable adjectives ending with -y, change y to i. happy happier the happiest Adverbs form comparatives and superlatives like adjectives. fast faster the fastest Auxiliaries are often used at the end of a comparative clause to avoid repeating the verb. Wendy works twice as hard as I do. (NOT ... as I work)