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dataed employee appraisal so2ware that grows businesses through eec;ve employee performance management.


Execu/ve Summary
Why Appraisly Appraisly is a data driven E2E employee performance management system. We are completely dierent to the current oerings because we are in the business of dataca;on; that is turning an exis/ng business or industry into a data business. Think about it this way: Facebook has dataed our friend network. Google has dataed our search and informa/on retrieval. LinkedIn has dataed our professional connec/ons. TwiNer is datafying news and real /me informa/on. Appraisly is datafying employee performance management. Think of Appraisly as the Google Analy;cs of HR; and we are star/ng with performance management. Investment Request 200,000 in exchange 25%-30% equity to test product and market assump/ons SEIS applicable


Professional Proles Career Consultants, Extensive Business Process Design & Implementa/on projects. Fi\een years combined consul/ng experience. Resigned and working full /me on Appraisly 2/3 months no/ce period complete. Technical Skills Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap/Flat UI. TwiNer and LinkedIn API. Designed, built and launched two websites this year while having full /me employment. Hashtag Heaven: Custom TwiNer T-shirts ViperChart: Financial Stock Sen/ment Analysis


Employee performance systems are ineec/ve: The process is overcomplicated and /me consuming The process and systems are costly and outdated Current oering not data driven Not integrated with social media

This results in employee demo;va;on, high employee turnover and the loss of talented people


Appraisly resolves all the problems with exis/ng employee performance management processes within a company. Our system reduces the /me spend on seeng goals and reques/ng feedback while it enhances the signicance of the process via an innova/ve solu/on that combines data and business strategy.


Addressable Market
$6 Billion growing at 10% per annum Target Market (Y1-Y3) 250,000 SMEs with 25+ employees in US and UK alone 100m employees in the target market


Users (0-30m) Kenexa (IBM) Taleo (Oracle) SuccessFactors (SAP) Ul;mate So2ware PeopleFluent SilkRoad Saba SumTotalSystems Halogen So2ware Cornerstone OnDemand Technomedia PeopleMa_er TalentSo2 Customers (0-9000) Revenue (0-$500m) Employees (0-2600)


Poten/al acquisi/on Target

In the past ve years alone, there have been over 50 acquisi9ons in the broader talent management market. Acquiring Firm Companies Acquired
Success Factors InfoHRM 2009 JobFlash 2006 WebHire 2005 Click2Learn 2004 2006 CubeTree 2010 Vurv 2008 Brass Ring 2006 Pathlore 2005 Authoria 2009 YouCalc 2010 WW Comp 2010 LMS 2008 So2scape 2010 PeopleClick 2010 Aquire 2011 Jambok 2011 2010 JRA 2011 Plateau 2011 Job partners 2011



Sum Total


SAP spent $3.4 billion on human capital management so\ware company SuccessFactors IBM acquired Kenexa for $1.3 billion. Oracle bought human-resources so\ware company Taleo for $1.9 billion

Appraisly could be acquired by LinkedIn


Social Media Integra/on LinkedIn API Business strategy cascaded through goals Employees contribu/on is visible in execu/on of overall strategy Internal and external feedback requests Completely dataed and sen/ment driven Extensive repor/ng suite Employee analy/cs on development points and performance Team repor/ng Promo/on analy/cs Team SWOT Balance Scorecards Business calendar synced to performance cycle Aordable for SMEs


Business Model
B2B model applicable to SMEs, conglomerates, chari/es, government, educa/on A /ered pricing plan based on a per-employee per month basis:
25 50 Users 50 + Users

1 10 Users


per business per month

per user/month

An extensive free trial period of up to 6 months to ensure customers see value Enter with performance management, expand to full talent management suite by Y5

500k Users
Within 5 years

0.75 %
Market Share

~ 50m Revenue
Within 5 years


Current Customers
Tyler Capital (UK) 100+ employees Gust (US) 25+ employees uKnow (US) 25+ employees Accelera/on Partners (US) 25+ Employees aidExperience (Germany) 10+ Employees


Growth Forecast
5 year growth forecast
Growth Forecast avg # of Customers Total Number of Users 2014 13 12307 947 1,317,807 2015 35 33185 948 3,551,936 2016 170 180197 1060 19,407,456 2017 380 389203 1024 41,797,450 2018 540 557098 1032 59,856,670

Avg. Users/Customer Es;mated Annual Revenue

500k users within 5 years ( 0.75% of the market) Recurring revenue model B2B SaaS Expansion to other HR services a\er Y3


Current Hurdles
Test all market and product assump/ons Gather feedback on the product Ensure we cover all customer needs Customer reten/on a\er 3 months Expand customer base


Phase 1: Complete product design (complete) Phase 2: Complete produce beta (complete) Phase 3: Complete sales page (complete) Phase 4: Trial product with customers (In progress) Phase 5: Adapt product based on feedback Phase 6: Deployment / ~5000 users target Phase 7: Series A
Q2 2013

H2 2013 Investment Required 2014 Investment Required