Synopsis of my works: Every individual artist works in their own style & technique to express their

feelings. Their forms color treatment, application also varied. I find subject of paintings from my everyday life and happenings. I always observe keenly, each and every action of social behavior. Different circumstances provide me different experience to assimilate them with my artistic perception. Basically artistic perception is values express articulation of visual forms by an artist. Artistic perception raises questions about the nature of reality and beyond of reality. As a result an artist depicts an art piece with his imagination and intuition. I never use a particular subject to be depicted in my paintings. Whenever any subject, incident or anything else explode my emotion initially, I engage with the matter to accomplish through my execution. Whatever ideas or experiences I gather, prefer to express at my best in my painting. Previously I have depicted some paintings on Banaras Ghats but as time passes my tastes also changes, the new thoughts and experiences I gathered inspired me to create something different always. This time I have done versatile thematic paintings as I have done a series of my painting named “I am not lonely-II”. Presently my interest gradually decreased from the materialistic representation of the world. Initially my interests merely diverted to the biomorphic or nonrepresentational aspects. I intended to present my non representational feelings through the painting named “Transformation of Nature”. What I depict what I see, from my artistic perception. And this perception helps to develop my imagery and which thereby becomes a part of social reform. My ultimate aim is to search and impulse the aesthetics norms of the various physical, mental and spiritual consistencies of the happenings. The extended quest to locale my individuality is the main impels for my creation. The spirit of the religious city of Banaras inspires me too develop deep into the emotions and express through my figurative pictorial language. My creations are the Endeavour to express those internal feeling or forms which

Creation is not a name of any production or any special thing but it is that narrow path where nobody can stay in that condition my thought of feeling its form as an invisible shadow finds its way. I always try to see the form with closed eyes or my inner view. surface etc. colors and rhythmic contour. .haven't got its existence. forms. I do my work by keeping all the qualities or characteristics of object such as color. contour. That invisible path is the form or space of my art. I imitated all those experiences and tried to compose them on canvas in different-different places with the help of forms. which has no boundary or limitations.

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