Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta

Feud of the Red Clouds Final Report
His war steed carried him swift and true The blaze of his anger striking out The war mount glittering green and blue and swiftly brought the end about
- Attributed to War Singers of the Ven’dgo “The Strike of the Daggers”

Hell Talon fighter-bombers of the Dagger Squadron Painted by Airspace Member: Vedal Slayer The Feud of the Red Clouds has come to a bloody end. Years of internecine warfare came to an abrupt and violent finale in a handful of months. The introduction of outside forces escalated the Feud beyond a petty squabble between Station Masters, and into a brushfire war between the great enemies of the galaxy! Now, the desperate Magos of the Great Stations could clearly say who would rule Rutilus. In truth, the climax of the Feud of the Red Clouds was not a single set piece battle. Instead, in was a series of operations conducted through out the Crimson Path. Each element leading up to the final victory. The escalation occurred swiftly. Soon, the Crimson Way was embroiled in combat as the rivals factions each worked hard to best their foes. There was much more at stake then simply control of the Gas Giant, as each faction had made alliances or dark pacts. As the aircraft soared, raged, and died political maneuvers whispered through the Red Clouds.

To make sure Magos Archivald had no second thoughts. and other friction continued to persist. Envoy T’wa’la called her own space assets in close to the planet. What wickedness and sorcery they were up to is not entirely clear. Eir’yuan’s unstable alliance between his corsairs. No one was able to successfully infiltrate her perimeter with any meaningful military force.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta ++Sit Rep by Region++ Warzone 1: Station Lambda In the final weeks of the Feud. These precautions were sufficient to defend her base of operations on Rutilus. The Tau’s strategy for winning the Feud of the Red Clouds was set in motion. Controlled By: Eldar Warzone 2: Station Ro Envoy T’wa’la began to sense that her erstwhile ally was beginning to understand the devil’s bargain he had made to save his own skin. Controlled by: Tau . and their dark cousins continued to hold. Taking a desperate gamble. and dropped several powerful strike forces of Mantas and Manta Gunships to the few Tau controlled aerial platforms within the airspace of Station Severus. craftworlders. In the meantime. Tau quickly withdrew. the Eldar remained relatively quiet. their forces seemed content to bat away the few chaos aircraft fanatical enough to try and invade the airspace around Station Lambda. and quickly moved to repulse the feint. However. The xenos Tau Super-Heavies Painted by Airspace Member: Kelsik quickly identified the forces of Mistress Mercievaux and Station Severus as their main threat. As the Chaos space forces responded to the threat. Strong electronic jamming accompanied the move. They decided to strike this threat using the beachheads they had all ready established in the area. some small incidents such as honor duels. Some speculate that this lack of unity may have hampered the young pirate prince’s ability to move towards his goals. and temporarily blinded the renegade defenders as screened the true landing zone of the space assault. the Tau also launched a series of feint attacks towards Station Alpha. The Air Caste members had calculated that the forces of Station Severus would be eager to ensure their control of this region as a symbolic victory over the Imperium. drone fighters. Envoy T’wa’la had her air caste reinforce and litter the Airspace around Station Ro with air mines. key figures were shuffled and her only loyal troops started to become more relevant aboard Station Ro. Such preparations allowed the Tau to focus their efforts to the other threats on Rutilus. However. she began to slowly marginalize the Magos’ power using her new Gue’la followers of the hybridized Greater Good of the Machine God. The chaos defenders did not disappoint. In addition. and beefed up patrols. Slowly. mysterious disappearances.

Aerial platforms fell to the chaos attackers in handfuls. Controlled by: Chaos Warzone 4: Station Epsilon Spearheaded by the Alpha Legion. It didn’t take long for renegades and xenos to try and exploit the Imperial withdrawal. and their main attack was on its way to Severus. They took it. Mistress Mercievaux and her allied renegades’ goals were aligned. As the last Imperial shuttles were departing. slowly dismantling them. the renegade forces dove into the Ork ranks with a fury. This gave the Imperials a window of opportunity to escape. were no so sanguine. the Chaos aircraft closing in on Station Alpha were distracted. the renegades efforts to gain control of Alpha were successful.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta The Tau withdrew from the region. She gave the Legion a free hand in the area around Epsilon. Their efficient operations cut through the Ork defenses. Chaos landing parties were being rerouted to hunt down and exterminate Ork looters as each faction tired to claim the Station as their own. Not a true threat to their control. For now. By some quirk of fate. they moved to evacuate the station. their feint attacks had completed their purpose. Soon. the first wave of opportunistic chaos raiders swept in. As these xeno elements launched their raids. their withdrawal was successfully screened by the feint attacks of the Tau air and space forces. and pressed the attack home. but it only seemed to encourage the Orks. finally conceding that their efforts on Rutilus would not be enough to rest the enemies of mankind from the planet. Only a token rear guard of Skitarri remained to defend the great Station. Desperately. Chaos craft tried to dissuade them from their attacks. Magos Cy-Belle himself journeyed to Station Alpha. as he was now in control of its figure head station. . and took his rightful place at the command council of the station. However. and the Ork raiders were only a nuisance. For the most part. their ramshackle craft also fell upon the Great Station. Tau and Chaos forces scrap Painted and Scuplted by: Easy E Warzone 3: Station Alpha The Imperial forces on Station Alpha were completely cut-off and hamstrung. The Orks however. rumors persisted that the mysterious warriors of Ashkelon’s revenge were after their own objectives. Mistress Mercievaux was content to let the corrupted Astartes of the Legion take the war to the Greenskin. eagerly bombing and shooting up the station for sport. Careful planning by Commander Plegabo allowed the retreat to move with unusual haste and coordination. and left the Great Station of Alpha for others to occupy. They were satisfied with what they had accomplished. Skillful ship handling allowed Vice-Admiral Volsk to proceed to low orbit and collect the fleeing Imperial elements. In their lust for loot. He declared himself the new ruler of Rutilus.

The Orks had been pushed back. their resistance only stiffened. Wings of powerful Tau Mantas and Gunships took flight. the interference proved difficult to navigate. Key leaders were killed as they moved forward to take command of a disintegrating situation. Several Tau attack wings became lost. leaving Ork fightas grounded. However. In addition. As the Tau strike force moved around the Cyclops’ Eye. Tau Tigershark deploys Aerial Mines Painted by Airspace members: Kelsik As Orks often do. Gatherings of Ork forces were disrupted by sabotage and air raids. Envoy T’wa’la launched her final gamble. Soon. The Imperials had fled and her ally Magos Cy-Belle had taken control of Station Alpha. Needed supply dumps were found to be empty. the Orks had been pushed back. Boss Badaxe fumed as his horde seemed to become increasingly impotent under the assault. and their end was imminent. from the Tau enclaves within the outer edges of Severus’ airspace. The Tau attacks had been blunted near Alpha. Their supplies safely stockpiled and armaments ready within the protective shell of the Great Station. . and were forced to abort. However. and they dug themselves in to defend their very spawning grounds on Station Epsilon. the Alpha Legion seemed to know when the greenskins were going to strike before even the greenskins knew. bent on reaching and destroying Station Severus itself. Slaanesh must be pleased.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Warzone 5: Station Severus Mistress Mercievaux watched her forces spreading across Rutilus with satisfaction. Waves of chaos fighter interceptors were simply swept aside. Her pilots had engaged in an all out assault of the planet since day one of the campaign. Chaos interceptor continued to attack in frenzied defense of their Mistress’s gains. but they were no match for the massed firepower of the xenos. as the fall of Rutilus appeared to be imminent. The location of Station Severus proving to be as elusive as ever. Things appeared to be going well. Controlled by: Chaos Outer defenses quickly zoned in on the approaching Tau.

Despite the Tau’s best efforts. and for the first time in decades Mistress Mercievaux felt…. hundreds of missiles and Ion bolts smashed into the ancient hull of Station Severus. its darkness had been spread to Station Alpha. after a perilous flight. Plasteel and ferrocrete buckled and splintered as the huge explosions gobbled up the oxygen within the station. as the hungry atmosphere of Rutilus sucked the inhabitants from the exposed portions of the Station. They turned upwards. Ork Landa Flees Painted by Airspace members: CheesyRobman . For her part. Controlled by: Chaos The Tau pilots barely had time to survey the damage. Mistress Mercievaux felt alive. As they approached. Heavy blast doors fell into place. the Mistress’ efforts paid off. Sluggishly. and willed themselves forward. Warning klaxons shouted alarm as the Station’s position in the relative safety of the Crimson Way began to slip. the Tau air caste pilots tightened their grip on the controls. the Mistress held her post in the command council and directed the efforts to rescue the station from oblivion. Largely. and engaged their rocket boosters. and to the edges of Station Epsilon. Warning sirens and klaxons sounded across the command deck of Station Severus. In addition. The seconds ticking by as the Mantas closed to firing range. a barrage of seeker missiles and Ion bolts arced out from the Tau aircraft. to bind the aid of demons and other foul creations. The Crimson Path was peppered with flak and shell. laying down a curtain of firepower. a final desperate defense of interceptors swept out to meet the incoming Tau attack. A calamity no one living or dead had ever seen! For the first time in decades. and agonizingly slowly. as the station itself fought the elements of Rutilus for survival.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Slowly. Meanwhile. something. the strength of the Tau attack was being diluted by the minute. As one. However. damage control parties raced to and fro. guided by servitor brains automatically sprang to life. Despite her advisors pleas for flight. Despite the defenses best efforts. the heart of Chaos still beat on Rutilus. using their last bits of fuel to break into orbit for pick-up from the fast moving Tau fleet. the first time since their creation. In fact. the Rogue Psyker and her sorcerous cabal spent hours in arcane rituals. the air defenses began to pound away at the incoming Tau forces. but the ultimate cost of her efforts was still left to be paid. Point defense weapon systems. as Station Severus bobbled and swayed in the atmosphere. they moved into action. Grimly. a number of Missile Destroyers and Gunships managed to break through. Smoke began to billow from the damaged behemoths as they closed the gap.

and the Vice-Admiral himself was ordered back to Segmentum Command. He would never command in the field again. Nils Volsk was promoted to Staff Officer. Meanwhile. aligned with augur spikes associated with Eldar warpcraft and technotrickery. they had been unable to cope with the rising tide of xenos and renegades. he urged a return to Rutilus. His Imperial reinforcements had failed to deliver on their grand promises of aid.Imperial Navy. . Many have speculated that his Aquila Lander suffered mechanical failure during the escape. What exactly transpired is unclear. eager to regroup with the rest of Taskforce 351. However. The Inquisition itself has taken over the investigation of the Magos fate. It was only Vice-Admiral Volsk’s political connections that kept him from being court martialled by the Fleet Commissariat upon his return.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Notables Magos Cyril Deanarus. It culminated in the efforts to retake the lost world of Graingo. Volsk quickly left the system. As it progressed deeper into the Old Guard Stars. His forces had been swept from the skies. Magos Deanarus’ craft never made it to Taskforce 351’s flagship. Instead of execution. Instead. Once reunited with them.Station Alpha Magos Deanarus left the flight deck of Station Alpha defeated. strange augur readings prior to the disappearance of the Magos craft. the Faithful Servitude.Adeptus Mechanicus. Taskforce 351 continued with its mission in the Furor Imperialis campaign.Faithful Servitude After the failure at Rutilus. and the loss of Magos Deanarus was the anger of the Machine-God being visited on the Magos. his urginings were over rode by sector command itself. However. Vice-Admiral Nils Volsk. resistance only stiffened. and quietly shuffle doff to a logistical post.

Indeed. Even now. the Great Stations were given to her loyal mercenary warbands. Magos Konstanz Cy-Belle.Imperial Navy. the Magos was spirited off to one of Mistress Mercievaux’s vassal world’s at the edge of the Old Guard Stars and close to Wilderspace.Adeptus Mechanicus. and oaths of fealty. she commanded her ne servant to accompany her aboard The Harsh Mistress.Station Severus Magos Cy-Belle’s insane gambit had been played out. The exact location of the Magos is unknown. The capture or death of Mistress Mercievaux is an Imperial priority.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Commander Markus Plegabo. Mistress Mercievaux banded together with other renegades of the Old Guard Stars. TO this day. the Gas Giant remains in a vassal state to her. However. in exchange for support. Magos Cy-Belle’s rulership of Station Alpha and Rutilus was short lived. he was relegated to staff work aboard the Faithful Servitude. For the remainder of the campaign. After Rutilus. After Vice-Admiral Volsk’s removeal from command. Vice-Admiral Volsk tried to pin blame upon the Aeronautica Imperialis commander. Commander Plegabo was vetted by the fleet Commissariat and cleared for active duty. Mistress Mercievaux. However. The Harsh Mistress helped lead an asymetrical campaign against the supply lines of the Imperial Taskforce fleets. and his great work continued! However. his calculation did not go exactly as he had foreseen them. Despite Mistress Mercievaux’s promise to gain Rutilus as his own fiefdom. no one is sure if Magos Konstanz Cy-Belle still lives.The Harsh Mistress Mistress Mercievaux’s star was on the rise after her victory at Rutilus. Instead. the Gas mined from Rutilus has powered or financed many of the Mistress’ misdeeds. His insane aircraft designs have been sighted waging war across the Old Guard Stars. The events at Rutilus only heightened the demand for them. tithes. As a reward for their service.Chaos Renegade.Aeronautica Imperialis Upon his return to the Faithful Servitude Commander Plegabo was stripped of rank and placed into confinement in the ship’s brig. The Furor Imperialis Crusade was pushing deep into the Old Guard Stars and threatened the very survival of the renegades. . the black mark of his failure on Rutilus would continue to plague him during the rest of the Furor Imperialis campaign. the Magos’ creations at least have lived on. and make him the scapegoat for the debacle on Rutilus.

They would not allow him to create a new STC for humanity. Captain Voo would facilitate the Magos escape. her efforts on Rutilus were seen as particularly daring and profitable. the Magos negotiated a deal with Captain Hrax Voo instead. Even if the Tau had succeeded in destroying Station Severus and gaining control of Rutilus. However. Realistically. He realized that he was simply a pawn in their own schemes. He wasn’t sure what he feared most. In return for his loyalty. As the Tau evacuated the Station Ro. Never openly acknowledged by her fellow Waste Caste envoys. Instead. to die. he had few options. he realized he would be nothing more than a high powered slave.Tau Water Caste – Station Ro The Envoy’s primary mission on Rutilus was foiled when Magos Archivald and Captain Voo fled into Wilderspace. Envoy T’wa’la. However. Captain Voo took the Magos along with a priceless cargo and fled into Wilderspace to lay low. he made a modest income acting as a logistical arm of the Tau and Gue’vesa forces below. As the Tau’s final gambit played out. Captain Hrax Voo. and a bountiful cargo of precious techno-relics. and instead Envoy T’wa’la was reassigned to help undermine other Imperial worlds in the Old Guard Stars. . essentially joining the Tau Empire. the Tau had little use for the Rogue Trader. When Magos Archivald approached him the Captain saw his chance to escape from becoming embroiled to deeply in the conflict beginning to encompass the Old Guard Stars. The exact where-abouts and fate of the two are unknown. or for the Tau to take him in. it was not a complete loss. Once the Feud had exploded into open warfare. Captain Voo and Magos Archivald fled into Wilderspace aboard the Rogue Trader’s ship. the leash of the Tau and Envoy T’wa’la was starting to chafe. many of the former Tech-priest’s that had been corrupted were eager to go with them.Station Ro As the renegade Magos began to lose control of his own station to the Tau and their warped philosophy. The minds of these traitors proved very useful in untangling lessons about the Warp and other human technology. Archivald began to realize that their was no place for him with the Tau Empire. The overall failure of her objectives were not seen as a hindrance.The Golden Fleece Captain Voo and his mercenaries played a small role in the Feud of the Red Clouds. The Golden Fleece.Rogue Trader.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Magos Kurness Archivald . In desperation.Adeptus Mechanicus.

for just as quickly as they arrived on Rutilus. In their wake. Boss Badaxe had been proven to be weak. the Orks were still holed up within Station Epsilon.Orks. Eir’yuan the Corsair. For the Corsair had held together a dangerous alliance of Craftworlders.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Boss Badaxe da Undanob. In the aftermath of the fighting. they were gone again. Meanwhile. However.Station Lambda The exact nature of the Eldar and their role on Rutilus may never be known. For in the minds of the new Chaos warlords. the true question is how long until the Ork menace resurfaces on Epsilon. However. the others had been scattered around the Old Guard Stars.Station Epsilon After the initial assault on Rutilus was over. and as was the Ork way they began to squabble over leadership. It is clear. that they were satisfied with their objectives being met. they left a shell of Station Lambda. It is unclear if the results of the Feud of the Red Clouds was exactly what Eir’yuan the Corsair intended or if he had fulfilled the dark prophecy of the Faceless One. Chaos forces spearheaded by traitor marines swept the station fothe orks and claimed it for one of the many warbands that Mistress Mercievaux had allied with. the Orks were never in a position to press outward from Epsilon again. It was only a matter of time until they would strike again. Chaos mercenaries quickly moved in a took over. Whatever their objectives. and the majority fell under the control of Mistress Mercievaux and her allies. It was during these squabbles that Boss Badaxe was believed to be killed. with all the Ork spores infesting Station Epsilon.Eldar Corsair. Their strength had been broken. Corsairs. Due to this fall into infighting. it is a matter of when and not if. the Eldar on Rutilus had successfully eliminated one Station Primus. . and were suspected in the death of the second. and Dark Eldar. The exact nature of his death and by whom will never be solved. the Eldar left Rutilus stronger than they had arrived.

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