Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta

Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Hold the Line
The “Crimson Way” is ideally suited for aircraft operations. Airpower will be the key to this war.

-Attributed to: Commander Markus Plegabo Aeronautica Imperialis

A Chaos Icon Dropship tries to run the gauntlet of Ork fighters Models built and painted by VedalSlayer (Chaos) and CheesyRobman (Orks)
The Feud of the Red Clouds had been a festering low-level conflict for a decade before it exploded into a full fledged conflict. For years, the rival Magos and their stations sniped and raided each others bases and gas mining fleets. No one side had managed to inflict a crippling blow. Several key factors escalated the Feud into a full-fledged war. The first was the introduction of Xenos elements on the planet. These groups destabilized the delicate balance of power in catastrophic ways. In addition, the arrival of renegades and Imperials altered the situation even further. With the situation on Rutilus vastly changed, it became a scramble to consolidate the territory that each station already controlled. Reinforcements and supplies were rushed across the gas giant. Defenses were strengthened, supplies were reallocated, and the valuable gas assets were shuttled back to the main stations for export. A flurry of activity took place as each of the factions on Rutilus prepared for an all out war.

Landings from orbit by Manta transports were able to easily break through the Ork harassers. Dark Eldar raiding craft supplemented the Corsair fleet. He . For the most part. Envoy T’wa’la of the Water Caste had arranged for the more mundane Imperial craft of the Magos defense forces to be modified and upgraded with Tau technology. Instead. His Taskforce 351 was a powerful force. the Tau fleet pulled back away from the Gas Giant to consider their next move. The hatred of the dark kin for their fellow Eldar is second only to their disgust with the lesser races.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta ++Sit Rep by Region++ Warzone 1: Station Lambda The Eldar Corsair fleet of Eir’yuan kept a vigilant watch over their region of Rutilus. Eir’yuan was determined to kill or capture the tech-priests. They eagerly launched patrols over their zone and engaged the Ork menace threatening the Tau controlled airspace.3Beta. The Orks that survived these early engagements learned vital combat skills. Manta Gunship Built and Painted by: Kelsik Later during the reinforcement drops. The Corsair’s webways portals worked tirelessly to bring in the weapons and material needed to launch an offensive against the other Magos. The Orks’ own heavy aircraft and escorts managed to get the drop on an incoming Manta. The Tau Manta survived. air caste volunteers arrived to reinforce the defenses of the station. and proof once and for all about the validity of the Furor Imperialis doctrine. In addition to an alliance of Craftworlders and Corsairs. these Ork patrols were haphazard and easily scattered. This would be the first test of his fleet. This forced Tau command to reconsider their resupply strategy. Controlled By: Eldar Warzone 2: Station Ro Magos Archivald and his Tau allies busily prepared. such early victories proved to be a short lived. In an ambush near platform Zeta-Zeta. the Eldar forces also welcomed the arrival of their dark kin. but was forced to disengage from the landing run. Whatever motivations drove Eir’yuan to an alliance with his evil brethren must be dire indeed. Controlled by: Tau Warzone 3: Station Alpha Vice-Admiral Nils Volsk had been very confident as he entered the Rutilus system. the Orks learned how to handle Manta troop landings. of quick smash and dash combat drops. The commanders of these Air Castes proved exceptionally aggressive. As these Gue’lvesa forces were prepared. However.

One thing that Da UndaNob learned right away. was that in order for his planes to fly. The Illustrious but depleted Black Sheep Squadron Unit and Fluff: Monticus eagerly contacted Commander Markus Plegabo and had his combat wings deploy down to Rutilus to assist Magos Deanarus in cleansing this world. his combat forces seemed powerful and impressive. Orks and Chaos go head-to-head Models painted and created by: VedalSlayer (Chaos) and CheesyRobman (Orks) . they threw themselves behind the new plan. Station Alpha and Magos Deanarus’ forces were saved. and took out his wrath on his subordinates. they were a hollow figure. the swelling Ork and Chaos forces attacked. It wasn’t just about Orks and Grots. The fighter wings assigned to his taskforce had been hollowed by combat. His Mekz and Gretchin eagerly pounded out new aircraft.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta It was only a solid influx of Waaagh! fueled Ork pilots that were able to check the Chaos advance. Their air wings sliced through the Imperial defenders like a power sword through butter. they needed bullets. he soon ran into complications. Once his boyz learned about the potential for more conflict and bloodshed. but not out. The Viceadmiral was enraged by this discovery. The Imperial were down. However. He quickly began gathering all the scrap and parts he could find from the platforms he controlled. They could still bounce back. Their assault seemed unstoppable. they needed fuel. The Chaos forces in particular seemed to know exactly where and when to strike. For them to shoot stuff. In the meantime. Controlled by: Disputed Warzone 4: Station Epsilon Badaxe Da UndaNob had not been lax. they were little more than an illustrious service record. On paper. Thus. The Orks were so eager to get into a scrap. he soon learned that in reality. that they inadvertently saved the Imperial forces from being completely routed. By sheer numbers they swept aside the token Imperial defenders and penetrated deeply into the rough wind currents around Station Alpha. However. and his boyz were ever eager to take to the skies and learn the trade of air warfare. Now.

Controlled by: Chaos The Talons vs. her allies in the Alpha Legion were able to capture vital intelligence during covert operations against Imperial forces. despite the efforts of brazen Tau and savage Ork marauders she was able to secure her hold on the platforms around Severus station. the two main rivals to Magos Cy Belle’s ambitions. This led to swirling air battles through out the region. The World Eaters World Bleeder (Chaos) and Kelsik (Tau) . raining death and destruction. the Orks were already on high alert and easily batted these initial advances aside. The attacks would have been a complete success. This intelligence proved to be the bedrock in which the Chaos attack was built upon. bribery. some of the more aggressive Tau Air Caste commanders tried to snatch some quick victories off their foes. and her forces were now spread across Rutilus. Using this information. and outright force. Mistress Mercievaux unleashed her fury on the Gas Giant. the Magos Cy Belle and Mistress Mercievaux had struck hard and fast all across Rutilus. Although her hold on the region was not as strong as she initially calculated. This was a foe that the Mistress had not anticipated. The interceptors eagerly chased down the supply convoys. however the Orks were quick to respond. The allied warbands of the Chaos fleet swarmed into the region. With the main Ork forces distracted by Chaos.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Magos Cy Belle provided his new Mistress with vital intelligence on the disposition of platforms and stations on Rutilus. she eagerly launched a full-scale assault across Rutilus. Swarms of Chaos fighters swarmed down from orbit. The revelation that Ork forces were embedded on the Gas Giant. With her desire for conquest in mind. However. The Orks had been enough to halt her offensive and grind it down to a stalemate. Controlled by: Orks Warzone 5: Station Severus Mistress Merceivaux came to Rutilus to conquer it as a factory world to support her growing renegade fleet. The offensive swept into the regions controlled by Station Alpha and Epsilon. and the airspace around Epsilon Station was no exception. However. An Ork Landa prepares for Take-off Painted by Airspace member: CheesyRobman However. The offer of new aircraft were enough to entice the services of several mercenary forces. except for a new element that none to her agents had identified. With Taskforce 351 approaching In-system rapidly. She had managed to gather a coalition of allied warbands through trickery.

low level conflict has exploded into a full-fledged war! The lines have been drawn and battle has been joined. Their forces were strong on paper. and the Feud of the Red Clouds is far from decided. Magos Cy Belle and Mistress Merceivaux. Their forward bases have been decimated by rampaging Orks and renegades. Controlling these smaller platforms is the key to settling the feud. and Boss Badaxe Da Undanob have aggressively staked there claim for the control of Rutilus. His fragile coalition requiring the utmost care to keep from falling apart. The Imperial Taskforce 351 is faced with a difficult situation. Air supremacy will be the key to maintaining the key lines of supply and keep the flow of logistics moving. However.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Conclusion: The Feud of the Red Clouds has entered its final stage. the Imperium is nothing if not resilient. As we move into the next stage of the caampaign for control of Rutilus. An Ork Landa prepares moves across Rutilus Painted by Airspace member: CheesyRobman . Eir’yun has been content to solidify his position. What had once been a simmering. To control Rutilus. the command staffs of the various factions have realized that to control the platforms in the Crimson Way you must control the air. Meanwhile. The final stages of the Feud of the Red Clouds has begun with a bang. but the greatest moments are still to come. These factions seem eager to challenge the other and have aggressively moved into other regions. one must control the outlying stations that make up the region of each Great Station. To control these is to control the wealth that flows into each Station and fuels the war. Magos Archivald and Envoy T’wa’la. They have bounced back from setbacks in the past. but proved to be much weaker in the field.

Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Squadrons on Parade 213th Void Wing Vi’Orla Prime “Talons” Painted by Airspace member: Kelsik Void Wing Vi’Orla Prime “Shadow Hunters” Painted by Airspace member: Kelsik 213th The Blood Squadron: World Eaters Painted by Airspace Member: World Bleeder Dagger Squadron: Alpha Legion Painted by Airspace Member: Vedalslayer .

Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Squadrons on Parade Cabal of the World Walkers: Tzeentch Warband Painted by Airspace member: Easy E Ork Air Boyz Painted by Airspace member: CheesyRobMan .

5 61 x x Monticus 3 3 Easy E 8.invisionfree.5 x Vedal Slayer x Kelsik 10 5 5 2 22 x World Bleeder 2 2 Ky-Maru 3 3 Sparx 15 15 x 2Bars 3 Bars .5 5 1 2 9.invisionfree.php?showtopic=889 Points Totals Players Points Batreps Purchase Paint Model Hobby Total Medal 1 Bar CheesyRobman 24 5.php?showtopic=897 Fluff Links VedalSlayer’s Ashkelon Rising Monticus’ Fall of the Black Sheep http://z8.5 23 17 48.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Tutorial Links VedalSlayer’s Tutorial for building an Icon Dropship: http://z8.5 7 3 7

Chaos Warzone 5: Players Points 3 1 1 Station Ro.25 Adjusted Points 15.5 10 4.Eldar WZ 1: Players Points Adjusted Points 1 12 12 Station Alpha.Orks WZ 4: Players Points 1 1 2 32.5 Adjusted Points 32.Warzone 3.25 Adjusted Points 47.83 10 4.25 Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks 2 1 14 5 7 5 Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Station Epsilon.75 .25 11.Warzone 2.5 2 41.Tau WZ 2: Players Points 13.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperial Station Lambda.Warzone 5.5 2 20.Warzone 1.Imperial WarZone 3: Players Points 1 1 Adjusted Points 3 17 3 17 1 Station Severus.Warzone 4.

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