Matthew Lee Knowles April 2009

Dedicated to Neil Luck and Josh Kaye

Written for KLK ensemble April/May 2009 Matthew Lee Knowles, Neil Luck and Joshua Kaye Person one reads down the left hand side, with interjections from person two, on the right hand side. Person one does not read ‘Justine’, only the words after. Person two reads all, of their material. Person three freely repeats ‘Justine’ and ‘Justine’s’ regardless of any other sounds.

ONE Justine she is twelve Justine is serious where Justine and Juliette have Justine and Juliette then Justine buried her head Justine’s red-rimmed eyes Justine hearing this was Justine to fly in Justine suddenly screamed I Justine she apologised if Justine and Juliette embraced Justine’s early childhood she Justine standing in her Justine’s misfortunes the swarthy Justine’s face oh Heavens Justine that she had Justine’s dress bare arms Justine’s pale tear-streaked face Justine by the hand Justine resumed and once Justine had stopped crying Justine too distracted by Justine’s hand on his Justine to change her Justine reminded of her Justine quick to grasp Justine had not gone Justine and turn to Justine at the boarding Justine again related her

TWO Justine immediately brought her Justine by the hand Justine snapped I am Justine wriggling out of Justine onto the floor Justine was moved to Justine’s face knocking her Justine of her Virtue Justine went looking for Justine experienced great trepidation Justine to see humour Justine fell to her Justine I’d like nothing Justine that cleanliness is Justine wholly naive in Justine quite sure that Justine such language surely Justine tried to wrench Justine quietly once the Justine deeply moved Justine looked into the Justine I know I Justine you listen to Justine was overcome with Justine sighed the aging Justine could once again Justine hallowed be thy Justine her strength sapped Justine’s services as an Justine the end can

THREE Justine said firmly no Justine cried to as Justine just before being Justine was sentenced to Justine believed she had Justine thought but she Justine’s scheduled execution crossed Justine complied she slid Justine was delighted beyond Justine took the older Justine I will not Justine finally did consent Justine suffering as payment Justine said as they Justine we who are Justine away from the Justine chose instead to Justine with a proposition Justine briefly weighed both Justine is now one Justine shocked beyond belief Justine to kneel between Justine’s twitch as her Justine heard the cadence Justine weakly I doubt Justine found that she Justine suspiciously do you Justine wanted only to Justine of course not Justine sputtered the exasperated

FOUR Justine curtly in my Justine might makes right Justine watched the heavily-muscled Justine my darling child Justine I am appalled Justine impossible thus if Justine on the bed Justine became almost too Justine suddenly aware that Justine her Virtue preserved Justine in one hand Justine moved to compassion Justine hurled herself in Justine replied smiling broadly Justine sweetly at the Justine had suggested that Justine my darling he Justine in reply and Justine nearly reeling under Justine after checking to Justine and travelled without Justine hand in his Justine was overcome with Justine went to her Justine found that she Justine slowly came to Justine lifted herself from Justine awoke the sun Justine’s very eyes there Justine was later to

FIVE Justine look what I Justine lay hidden the Justine as frightened of Justine was a girl Justine not permitting herself Justine he continued me Justine began precisely my Justine farther into the Justine’s limbs felt like Justine was made to Justine nearly delirious from Justine toward the path Justine after listening attentively Justine worked happily at Justine with her an Justine’s mind to be Justine’s good name first Justine had profited from Justine found the depraved Justine he stated in Justine they are all Justine employed every argument Justine and most persons Justine realised full well Justine’s period of peace Justine begged him to Justine he said I Justine gave him ear Justine these perfidious maxims Justine he said very

SIX Justine I never dreamed Justine to view the Justine pretended indecision then Justine he said you Justine knowing full well Justine as soon as Justine replied the Marquise Justine two days later Justine with the package Justine through the woods Justine felt a shiver Justine’s dress from her Justine fell to her Justine’s body and as Justine’s body had been Justine and grinned well Justine blood streaming from Justine regained consciousness night Justine’s wounds carefully he Justine protested that she Justine awoke to find Justine rapidly regained her Justine could not understand Justine sobbed throwing herself Justine’s arms I beg Justine down a corridor Justine’s ear don’t believe Justine turned away from Justine true justice can Justine to when the

SEVEN Justine replied the darling Justine what horrible things Justine completely aghast then Justine sobbed her tears Justine her heart pierced Justine’s room and under Justine did not think Justine and locked his Justine promptly took advantage Justine wholly unable to Justine I am a Justine was overcome with Justine saw a great Justine began to wonder Justine to remain at Justine’s relationship with the Justine to Christianity and Justine for her part Justine’s reminders of his Justine and met only Justine searched frantically but Justine went directly to Justine unsatisfied persuaded that Justine finally heard moans Justine cried the poor Justine she concluded I Justine your poor is Justine promised the dear Justine concealed herself outside Justine she’s been getting

EIGHT Justine did not wait Justine hastily rummaged around Justine is this what Justine were returned to Justine tonight my succulent Justine prostrated herself before Justine fast while the Justine awoke the sun Justine did thus sorrowed Justine plodded onward still Justine fervently addressed the Justine’s focus was indeed Justine sighed her imagination Justine said goodbye and Justine into an immense Justine told the porter Justine softly saintly man Justine completely at ease Justine however in no Justine stopped dead in Justine before him coiling Justine barely noticed the Justine twisted away in Justine that if I Justine was not about Justine at the armpits Justine’s full marvellously-rounded breasts

NINE Justine flinched under the Justine’s writhing and struggling Justine’s lips now numb Justine’s screams rent the Justine disgusted had no Justine surrendered to the Justine earlier had done Justine into a supine Justine felt arise within Justine’s flanks facing him Justine felt the vigorous Justine thoroughly sapped physically Justine found herself in Justine’s and took it Justine affectionately on the Justine inadvertently had become Justine was now a Justine after hearing her Justine astonished at both Justine and said now Justine’s hips in such Justine’s face next a Justine’s anatomy which he Justine’s writhed in concert Justine could feel his Justine had never heard Justine has now been Justine like other girls Justine has grown quite Justine pledged that whichever

TEN Justine tenderly on the Justine received just such Justine in stages beginning Justine to give vent Justine was made to Justine slowly lowered herself Justine at the other Justine I shall rest Justine in alongside him Justine as used to Justine’s wrist he will Justine swore even as Justine agreed but here Justine no longer able Justine began to hear Justine herself was quite Justine could not understand Justine fainted father the Justine’s thighs with the Justine had to be Justine realising that the Justine seized it at Justine plunged into the Justine stopped to contemplate Justine suddenly found herself Justine fearfully might I Justine began to wonder Justine out of the Justine I fail to Justine through a series

ELEVEN Justine to undress when Justine failing to realise Justine summoned one of Justine’s buttocks which he Justine to the apparatus Justine meekly surrendered to Justine’s veins and dripped Justine blood still dripping Justine growing weaker by Justine’s knees buckled but Justine found herself lying Justine’s hand an affectionate Justine I shall tell Justine’s hand affectionately said Justine entered the service Justine said the adorable Justine immediately falling in Justine heard this her Justine and the two Justine came to realise Justine to kneel between Justine realising that the Justine for all her Justine carried her to Justine was overcome with Justine had been brought Justine and the Countess Justine assists her well Justine than for herself Justine came only because

TWELVE Justine began mercy no Justine in the laboratory Justine climbing back into Justine could only watch Justine to freedom once Justine headed straight for Justine remembering with a Justine who once was Justine unfolded it and Justine demanded that the Justine for her part Justine was brought to Justine once his servants Justine unless I misread Justine yes I am Justine ever had seen Justine I am no Justine turning briskly away Justine came upon a Justine cried is it Justine found it necessary Justine was overcome with Justine circumstances have treated Justine immediately accepted the Justine and her newfound Justine found herself wondering Justine said smiling broadly Justine but the isolation Justine foolish girl replied Justine can you perpetrate

Justine was soon to Justine learned from the Justine soon had opportunity Justine that the skeletons Justine had to touch Justine immediately noticed marks Justine crucified like your Justine taking down his Justine’s hand to it Justine over the edge Justine throwing herself at Justine insensitive the blood-slicked Justine felt as if Justine’s screamed were reduced Justine’s head was all Justine felt her body Justine said when she Justine was not fooled Justine appeared to be Justine he said you Justine found herself addressed Justine implored him to Justine surely murder is an irreversible process Justine tugged the rope Justine cut him loose Justine did you not Justine sobbed bitterly for Justine and her fellow Justine as she and Justine came the cries Justine happily good friend Justine’s wrists obediently turned

Justine that there was Justine not guilty and Justine recounted every experience Justine had never seen Justine if you obtained Justine though there is Justine not in a Justine an utter dolt Justine more appalled than Justine was among the Justine when the girl Justine resigning herself to Justine was placed in Justine requested a visit9 Justine said the evil Justine we can remedy Justine I’ll hear no Justine without listening to Justine related her tale Justine indeed Madame she Justine puzzled could it Justine I am she Justine not guilty he Justine he said kissing Justine began to know Justine and Madame paid Justine seeking to comfort Justine seeking to arrest Justine was standing and Justine the lightning bolt Justine had experienced no Justine’s noble example we Justine a tale of