Department of Labor and Employment News Release 03 May 2013

Baldoz orders intensified POLO assistance to OFWs affected by Saudization
Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz recently ordered the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to undertake specific measures to efficiently and effectively address the needs and concerns of OFWs affected by the Saudization policy of KSA.

“We cannot deny that there are a lot of OFWs in KSA who need assistance from the Philippine government relative to the ongoing crackdown of undocumented foreign workers in the kingdom prior to the implementation of the Saudization policy. I ordered Labor Attache to Riyadh Adam Musa and to Jeddah Alejandro Padaen to be on the top of all the assistance and services being extended to these OFWs,” Baldoz said.

In a memorandum dated 22 April 2013, Baldoz ordered a thorough documentation of the affected OFWs in their respective areas of jurisdictions, including the OFWs last arrival date; names of sponsor, last employer, local recruitment agency, and the foreign placement agency, if there is any; and identify their problems and the assistance being requested.

860 are household service workers (HSW) with 117 children and infants. the POLO is to negotiate with the concerned employers for the issuance of the necessary documents to facilitate the issuance of the worker’s exit visa. If this is not possible.371 runaway workers seeking repatriation. . employers in green category. 494 male skilled workers. and 17 company-based female workers. However. submitted job orders to the POLO for the OFWs who may be dislocated or terminated as a result of the Saudization. Responding to the Secretary’s memorandum.The POLOs are also tasked to negotiate with the original sponsor to take the concerned worker or to release and effect the transfer of the OFW to a new employer. or those companies with high Saudization rates. Labor Attache Musa reported that POLORiyadh recorded 1. Of this number. Baldoz also ordered a close coordination with the Philippine embassy in their representations with the concerned KSA government offices and employers and a twice a week submission of updates on the status of the OFWs and results of measures undertaken by the post.

However. they already agreed to return to their original sponsor once their benefit claims from them have already been settled. Unaizah. POLO also provided one mobile phone line and one landline per post in Al-Khobar. Centerpoint Department Store. Musa attributed this to the involvement of the employers in the processing of the workers’ documents. Request for assistance from the OFWs concerning their transfer or any Saudizationrelated requests are decreasing. He also said that the only Nitaqat-related complaint officially lodged at the Post is the case of the 19 nurses who worked for other sponsors. Labor Attache Padaen reported 28 OFWs from three affected companies have already requested assistance in the facilitation of their final exit . Meanwhile in Jeddah.“For example.” Musa said in his report. with branches all over the KSA and parts of the Middle East offers at least one thousand jobs for Filipinos. and Riyadh to respond to the requests of the workers who are not able to physically visit the labor office. There are also other companies and establishments who approached the POLO and offered jobs for any OFWs who are displaced because of the Saudization.

clearances. “With all these measures in their proper places. Padaen also said that they already requested a list of companies categorized under the red category. renewal of working and residence permits. we are confident that our POLO in KSA will be able to effectively assist the affected OFWs with their different concerns and situations. from the concerned government agency for the profiling of the affected OFWs. and transfer of employment and payment of claims and benefits. and dialogues with the employers. I advise everybody to be calm. End/rhev . or those companies who does not have the required number of Saudi employees. as we are continuously exhausting all efforts to ensure that the welfare and interest of our OFWs are protected. identification of possible interventions.” Baldoz ended.

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