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2 & 3 1. Make a logical order. On the first page of the assignment response sheet. 2 & 3 1. Give illustrations and tables wherever necessary. Each assignment has 10 short questions. Each question carries 15 marks. You may keep a Xerox copy of the answer sheets for future reference. All the questions are compulsory. Then write your answer neatly and submit. assignment code.Dear Student. 2013 Course Code PGDHHM-01 PGDHHM-03 Blocks Involved 1. Suggestions for writing an assignment: Read the assignments carefully. Tie all the pages after numbering them carefully. As explained in the Programme Guide. Name and Full address should be mentioned in the top right corner of the first page. Every assignment will be evaluated out of a full mark of 150. Only handwritten assignments will be accepted. Please note that the assignments carry a weightage of 30% marks towards the final evaluation in theory component and submission of related assignments is a prerequisite for appearing in theory term-end examination for respective papers. 2013 PGDHHM-05 PGDHHM-06 1. name of your programme study centre and date of submission. 2 & 3 PGDHHM/AS-2 PGDHHM/AS-4 September 30. Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. The first page of your response sheet should look like the format given. write the course code. Typed or printed copies of assignments will not be accepted. 2013 PGDHHM-02 PGDHHM-04 1. 2 . 2 & 3 PGDHHM/AS-5 PGDHHM/AS-6 Please take note of the following points before writing your assignments: • • • • • • • • Use only foolscap size paper for writing your responses. course title. The subject area of assignments and its last date of submission are mentioned below: Last Date of Submission June 30. Your Enrollment No. Answer each assignment in separate sheets. 2 & 3 Assignment Code PGDHHM/AS-1 PGDHHM/AS-3 August 31. Draw a rough outline of your answer. Write the question number with each answer. 2 &3 1. Go through the units on which the answers are based. there are six assignments in total and all these assignments are compulsory. Course Code _________________________ Course Title _________________________ Assignment Code _____________________ PSC ________________________________ Date of Submission ___________________ Enrollment No __________________________________ Name Address __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Please submit the assignments to your Programme In-charge only..

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Theories of Management 2. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-01 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-1 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: June 30. 4 . Minimum Wages Act and its application in Health Sector.PGDHHM-01: Introduction to Management-I (Blocks 1. 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. Human Resource Planning Process in Health Care Institutions 5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Collective Bargaining 10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Decentralization in Health Care Institutions 3. Leadership Styles 9. Concept and Theories of Motivation 8. Span of Control 4. Assessment of Training Needs 7. 1. Job Enrichment 6.

Equipment Utilisation in Hospitals. Corporate Social Liability 7. Maintenance of Equipment in Hospital 5. Zero Based Budgeting 4. 1. Condemnation and Disposal of Stores 9. 5 . 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. 6. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-02 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-2 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: August 31. Marketing Communication in Health Care Services 8. Functions of Inventory Control 10. Break-even Analysis and its uses in Health Sector 3. Principles and Concepts of Accounting 2.PGDHHM-02: Introduction to Management-II (Blocks 1. Types of Financial Audit.

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8. Role of Engineering Service Department in Hospitals 7 . Conflict Management. 7. Patient Delight. 1. Preventive Maintenance programme in Hospitals 10. 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. 5. Professional Secrets and Privileged Communication 3. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-03 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-3 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: June 30. Dimensions of Quality in Health Care 2.PGDHHM-03: Organisation and Management of Hospitals (Blocks 1. Functional Areas of Engineering Services Department in Hospital 6. Hazards related to various hospital Installations 4. Functions of Hospital. Strategic Planning and Management of Hospitals 9.

Managerials issues in O. 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. 1. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services (Blocks 1. Planning and Organization of Ambulance Services 8. Problem Areas in O.P. Centralized Medical Gas Supply System 8 .PGDHHM-04: Clinical.T. National Scenario of Blood Bank Services 5. Barrier Nursing and Patient Isolation 7. Organization of PMR Services in Hospitals 9.D 10. Management 3. Patient Safety Concepts 4. Radiation Safety Practices in Hospitals 6. Planning of Nursing Services in Hospitals 2. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-04 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-4 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: August 31.

Basic and Advance Life Support 7. 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. 1. Epidemiology of Hospital Acquired Infections 9. Legal Aspects of Medical Records 2.PGDHHM-05: Support and Utility Services and Risk Management (Blocks 1. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-05 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-5 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: September 30. Quality Control in Dietary Services 5. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Bio-Medical Waste Management 8. Linen Distribution System 4. Fire Hazards Triage 10. Out Sourcing of House Keeping Services 3. Role and functions of Hospitals 9 . Planning Consideration for Mortuary Services 6.

Need and Basis of Holistic Health. Concept. First Referred Unit (FRU) 4. 7. 6.PGDHHM-06: Health System Management (Blocks 1. 2. 10. 3. National Blindness Control Programme. Health Insurance in the Emerging Scenario of liberalisation and globalisation of economy. 8. Occupational Hazards in Health Care Settings. 2 & 3) Course Code: PGDHHM-06 Assignment Code: PGDHHM/AS-6 Maximum Marks: 150 Due Date: October 15. Epidemic Forecasting. 2013 Write in brief on the following: Answer to each question should be between 500-750 words. Morbidity and Mortality Indicators. 10 . District Health Planning. 5. Mainstreaming of AYUSH under NRHM. Role of Hospitals in National Health Programmes related to Communicable Diseases. 9. 1.

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