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Creative D y n a mi c Confident Ambitious


14/32 Van Chung St, 4 Ward, Tan Binh District. Ho Chi Minh City. Height: 1m76 Cell phone: 0908 728 076 Email: Weight: 69 kgs.

At the present: Im taking a MA in Business Administration of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and will be finished in 2014 ang hc Thc S Qun Tr Kinh Doanh ca trng i Hc Bch Khoa TP.HCM v s hon thnh vo nm 2014. 2009-2011: Received university education at HUTECH University, w/major in Accounting. - Qualification obtained: BA in Accounting. 2002-2007: Hc ngnh K Ton ca i Hc K Thut TP.HCM. Vn bng t c: C nhn K Ton. 2002-2007: Received university education at Nhatrang University, w/major in Information Technology. nhn Cng ngh thng tin. 2007: Joined in the training course for Business Analysis held at Banking University HCMC. 2007: Tham gia kha hc phn tch u t ca i Hc Ngn Hng TP.HCM. 2001-2005: Received university education at Hanoi University of Foreign Studies, English language Ngoi Ng. - Qualification obtained: BA in English language. w/major in - Qualification obtained: BA in Informatic Technology. 2002-2007: Hc ngnh Cng ngh thng tin ca i Hc Nha Trang. Vn bng t c: C

2001-2005: Hc ngnh Ngoi Ng ca i Hc Ngoi Ng H Ni. Vn bng t c: C nhn


1. Manager of Online Sales & Digital Marketing Dept. of Golf Tour Viet and Event Organization Co., Ltd. (from Oct. 2011 to Feb. 2013) Trng b phn kinh doanh tr t n & Digital Marketing ti Cng t t h s kin & d l h Golf To r Vit (T thng 10. 2011 n thng 2. 2013) Field of action: Event Organization of Golf and Golf Tours. SEO & SEM Management (Q n l SEO & SEM) Research and develop strategic plan (short term & long term) for SEO & SEM to maintain top rankings of main keywords. Nghin cu v pht trin cc chin lc (ngn & di hn) v SEO & SEM nhm duy tr th hng ca cc t kha. Support team member in execution to achieve goals. H tr cc thnh vin trong nhm trong vic gim st t c mc tiu ra. Measure the results and effectiveness of SEO, SEM plans. nh gi kt qu v hiu qu ca nhng k hoch SEO, SEM. Online marketing Management (Q n l Online marketing) Develop strategic plan for online marketing (email marketing, affiliate, and social marketing) based on analysis of web metrics. Pht trin cc k hoch v Online marketing (email marketing, affiliate, v marketing mng X Hi,.) da trn vic phn tch v Website. Manage all aspects of online marketing activities to ensure maximum ROI. Qun l tt c cc mc tiu ca cc hot ng Online Marketing nhm m bo ROI cao nht. Manage other online channels including newsletters, job alert, affiliate sites, Facebook, Twister,. Qun l cc knh online khc bao gm newsletter, alert, affiliate. Facebook, Twister, Report Management (Qun l cc bo co) Analyze reports on key metrics and propose action plan from findings.

Phn tch cc bo co v t kha v ra cc k hoch hnh ng t vic tm kim. Convey competition researches and propose action plan for improvement and/or adjustment. Nghin cu nhng chin lc cnh tranh v nhng k hoch mc tiu hot ng nhm ci thin v iu chnh kp thi. Website Management (Qun l Website) Design E-mail Marketing, banner, update and manage companys Website. Thit k cp nht v qun l ni dung Website, Email Mareting, banner Manage and maintain systems. Qun l v duy tr h thng. People Management and Development (Pht trin v tham gia o to ng n nhn l )

Identify skill gaps in team members and develop training programs so that team members can excel their assignments. H tr trong vic xc nh k nng ca cc thnh vin trong nhm v a ra cc chng trnh h tr nhm pht huy ti a cng vic ca nhm. 2. Leader of Database Management and E-marketing Development of Research Center for Gemstone Geology (RGG) (from April. 2008 to August. 2011) Trng nhm q n l s d li v pht trin thng mi in t a Tr ng Tm Nghin C a Cht Q (RGG) (T thng 4. 2008 n thng 8. 2011) Field of action: Diamond and Gemstones Identification market. Phn tch c s d liu khch hng v th trng i vi th trng tim nng v mc tiu. marketing,.). Pht trin v gim st cc chin lc marketing (nh marketing online, SEO, E -mail marketing,). Design E-mail Marketing, banner, update and manage companys Website. Tham gia thit k Email marketing, banner, cp nht v qun l Website ca Cng ty. Manage programs of marketing promotion. Qun l cc chng trnh khuyn mi.

Analyse database of customers and market to determine target market and potentiality

Develop and execute marketing strategies (such as online marketing, SEO, e-mail

Manage database of customers. Qun l c s d liu Khch hng. Maintain a good level of customers and advance customer care strategies. Duy tr vic chm sc i vi cc khch hng . Report sales results to the Financial Manager and Marketing Manager. Bo co cc kt qu kinh doanh cho gim c ti chnh v gim c marketing. board of directors. Tng hp nhng bo co ngy, tun v thng bo co ln cp trn.

Collate and summarize daily, weekly and monthly reports for effective communication to the


Ms. PHAM LAN PHUONG MANAGING DIRECTOR. Golf Tour Viet & Event Organization Co., Ltd. 11th Floor, Hoang Viet Building, 34 Hoang Viet St., 4 Ward, Tan Binh District, HCMC. Phone: 0904 515 150 Website:

Mr. NGUYEN GIA HIEN - Director of RGG Research Center for Gemstone - Geology
64 Ho Hao Hon St., Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Phone: 0903 651 813 Website:

IV. EXPECTED SALARY: (M lng mong i) 20.000.000 VND (NET) V. EMPLOYEE CERTIFICATION: (Chng nhn ngh nghip)


BA IN IT (C nhn Cng ngh Thng Tin)

BA IN ENGLISH (C nhn Ngoi Ng)



14/32 Van Chung St.,4 Ward, Tan Binh District,HCMC. HP: 0908 728 076

Hoang Phuc International Co., Ltd. Ho Chi Minh City, Sept 24th , 2013.


Dear Madam/Sir, I am writing this letter to apply for the vacation as an Digital Marketing Manager of Hoang Phuc International Co., Ltd. I have taken this opportunity to enclose my resume for your review. It shows that I have had experiences in digital marketing, database management and sales data analysis, as well as set up business plans. More than five years in digital marketing, database management and business data analysis and e-commerce development as a leader of RGG, digital marketing manager of GolfTourViet Co., Ltd. also gave me experiences, which I strongly believe that it may help me with your job requirements. My working experience covered business analysis, marketing, database management and set up digital marketing strategy and planning, co-ordinating with other departments to lead the whole project and works under high pressure and tight deadline. My educational background covers both marketing, business analysis and IT, which is a very good foundation for me to go further in my career. It shall be very grateful if a personal interview can be scheduled to discuss to you more details. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards, Chuong Nguyen


Knh gi : _Phong nhan s Cong Ty TNHH Hoang Phuc International.
Toi ten : Nguyen Ngc Hoang Chng. a ch : 14/32 Vn Chung, Phng 13, Qun Tan Bnh, TP. Ho Ch Minh. Toi viet th nay e ng tuyen vao v tr quan ly Digital Marketing cua quy cong

ty. That rat han hanh v cong ty Hoang Phuc Quoc te a cho toi c hoi gi ban tom tat ca nhan cua mnh e quy cong ty xem qua. Toi tin rang vi nhng kinh nghiem trong lnh vc Digital Marketing, phan tch d lieu kinh doanh, lp k hoch va chin lc kinh doanh cung vi kien thc ve Tin Hoc tch luy ai Hoc va trong qua trnh lam viec cong ty thay toi co u nang lc chuyen mon e tuyen dung toi vao v tr tren. Hn 5 nam quan ly, phat trien marketing digital, quan ly c s d lieu khach hang, phan tch kinh doanh, phat trien thng mai ien t tai Trung Tam Nghien Cu a Chat a Quy (RGG) va Trng bo phan kinh doanh va marketing digital cua Cong ty GolfTourViet. Mong rang cong ty anh gia cao va cho phep c gop chut kinh nghiem, kien thc cua mnh cung s phat trien cua cac ban trong thi gian ti. Toi chan thanh cam n a xem qua ho s ng tuyen va lay lam vui sng neu quy cong ty danh cho mot buoi phong van e co the chi tiet ve ca nhan, cu the hn ve cong viec. Chuc cong ty luon gat hai nhieu thanh cong. TP.HCM, ngay 24 thang 09 nam 2013. Knh n