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1. Date of birth is starting from 2003 only. 2.

sql exception generated for getting state name at registration time at consol e 3.after registering a user, successful message appears, click on ok, the regsist ration link is not working 4. In registration page, if user selects the country as france and state is not available but it is showing mandatory. 5. A registered users Department,designation,residentialo address is coming 'NA' . 6. Image not found while submitting profile details of proposer. why this image is being searched? 7. While saving profile --> Entered the values, choosen image and resume for uploading --> Data has not been saved, but no error message came -->image uploaded, preview of image is coming, but when trying to save againg wi th new personal details, even image is there, it is asking again for images.Show ing the jquery required message. 8. Profile is not being saveed 9.Inside Institute Master window, 'Note:' text is coming. There should be a <BR> after the otherwise. 10. Administrator tab>>new tab>> decision not recommended>> Email text>> in thir d paragraph >> notwithstanding >> should have spaces among the words. 11. Administrator is taking decision >> But saving the decision is not giving an y alert like'Decision saved or not'. 12. Admin>>decison>>not recommended>> remarks is not being saved. 13. Admin takes not recommended decision over proposal, it comes in proposers ar chive list, but in the list jno column for status whether recommended or not. So , i think it should be there. 14.Admin takes recommended with modification decision over proposal, one 'Remark s' combo is coming. I think it is not required at this time so hide this one. 15.In the mail content, the date is hard coded in mail text, iot should be dyanm ic. 16. SCM login>> New tab>> click on select check box to review>> alert comes>> cl ick on cancel>> the checkbox is still selected. 17. Referee will not do review decision over a proposal is not working.A blank p age appears. 18. Referee select s decision ojn any proposal as he can't review, decsion shown to allocator, 'Expert can't review' link is not showing the remarks. 19. Referee>>Prposal list in new tab>>click on title link>>page loaded has propo sal details in top fieldset are not aligned 20. A back button is needed at referee evaluation page 21. If SCM/ADMINISTRATOR has sent to referee, referee viewed and is ready to pro ceed, then filled the remarks and save finally. What should be the status. Curre ntly it is goinf IE. But As soon as it becomes IE the proposal appears in to the new tab of administratorSo i think it should be some new status. 22.duplicate records in related discipline in seminar & workshop scheme. 23.while clicking on save as draft, alert 'please select collaborator first' is not appropriate. 24. when new state is andaman ,no city is there during seminar & workshop . as draft on expected outcome,venue details,outline of major themes,propo sed list of participants,uploads,cost estimate not saving in database. 26.allocator-->resubmit wioth modification-->alert 'first give ur comments' shou ld be changed to 'first give ur remarks'. 27.proposal not recommended coming into the archiove of the proposer,no link/sta tus is there to acknowledge the status. case of multiple profile on click of referee,proposal list tab page should open. 29.referee evaluation page---> justification text area resizable should not be t rue.

30 decision not saving when saved as draft in referee evaluation. status in scientist proposal list--->archive. budget details,in case of domestic foreign amount and exchange rate are not in read only mode. 33.