Summer Training Report On

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL IN KASHIPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD., KASHIPUR Partial Fulfillment of MBA Degree Course Session (2010-12)

Submitted to: Mr. Saurabh Sir (Lecturer MBA Department)

Submitted By: Rajesh Singh MBA-III Sem. Roll.No: 01030670022

77 78 . Questionnaire .106 107 . i ii iii iv 1. Limitations 8.DISHA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY NEHTAUR ROAD.No.104 105 .24 25 .109 110 . Introduction of the topic 2. Company Profile 3. Conclusion 10. Suggestions 9. Research Methodology 1 .111 112 . DHAMPUR (BIJNOR) CONTENTS Sr. Title Certificate of Organisation Bonafide Certificate Preface Acknowledgement Declaration Page No.115 6. Objective of the study 4.80 81 . Bibliography 11. Finding & Analysis 7. Literature Review 5.43 44 – 45 46 .102 103 .

Dr. S. DHAMPUR in two year degree course of MBA. Rajesh Singh S/o Mr Kalayan Singh is bonafide student of “DISHA INSTIUTUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY”. 2010-12.K.BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Whom It May Concern This is certify that Mr. Gupta (Director General) . NEHTAUR ROAD..

has also introduced various schemes for the performance appraisal of employees. Young professional leads the company . it is necessary that every employee understand these Rules. It believes in the testing continuously in human resources for employee’s personal growth. Policies and Systems etc. Regulations. KASHIPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. Policies. Systems and Schemes fully and clearly. Like any other organization. KASHIPUR. KASHIPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. KASHIPUR. Regulation.i PREFACE At KASHIPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. . the employees are considered as most valuable asset and strength for sustained growth in the development of the company. KASHIPUR. which is achievements oriented and its driven by autonomy and receptive to innovations.for running the business smoothly. For smooth business operations and to take advantage of the benefits under these schemes.It has an open work environment. has framed Rules.

Lastly I would express my sincere thanks to all respondents for their cooperation.) for their support and help in the completion of the project.ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Heartiest thanks to Dr. Roll. I would like to thanks all the customers whom I met and they gave their valuable time to answer my queries. I extend my sincere thanks to Mr. S. Disha Institute of Science & Technology. Saurabh Sir (Project Supervisor) for giving me the opportunity to do the Project Work and for providing me this learning experience in this esteemed organization. I express my heartfelt gratitude toward Mr. Dhampur. Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd.No: 01030670022 . librarian and all other staffs of my esteemed institute for their time to time assistance. Bijnor) and other faculty members.K. Gupta ( Director. Manoj Agarwal (HR Manager. I am extremely obliged and highly thankful all those who have contributed to completion of this project. Rajesh Singh MBA-III Sem.

iii .

Kashipur. The project report is not copied from anywhere and is true and fair.” and all the information related to the organization is valid. Rajesh Singh MBA-III Sem.DECLARATION I hereby declare that the present project report is regarding the “ Performance Appraisal in Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd. Roll..No: 01030670022 iv .

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