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Qatar Petroleum, a state-owned corporation, is responsible for all phases of the oil and gas industry in Qatar. The principal activities of Qatar Petroleum and its subsidiaries and joint ventures cover exploration, drilling, production, storage and transport and sale of crude oil, natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas, gas to liquids, refined products, petrochemicals and fertilizers, in addition to helicopter and financing services. Qatar Petroleum’s strategy of conducting hydrocarbon exploration and new projects is through Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (EPSA) and Development and Production Sharing Agreements (DPSA) with major international oil and gas companies.

Total is a multinational French energy company committed to leveraging innovation and initiative to provide a sustainable response to the growing energy demand. One of the largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer, Total operates in more than 130 countries and has 96, 400 employees. In addition to conducting our business according to the highest standards of professional behaviour, we maintain an ongoing commitment to transparency, dialogue and respect for others. We are strategically dedicated to meeting the challenges faced by all our businesses when developing natural resources, protecting the environment, integrating our operations into host country cultures, and dialoguing with civil society.


the workforce and skills demand in this atmosphere of uncertainty and much more. We believe that IPTC offers unprecendented opportunities to discuss best practices. it is an opportunity for international and regional professionals to network and exchange ideas with other professionals. the reconsideration of investment conditions and the postponing of a number of major complex and costly projects. Al-Jaidah Chief Executive Officer Qatar Petroleum International Yves-Louis Darricarrère President Exploration and Production Total Khalid Al-Hitmi Manager Gas Development Qatar Petroleum Olivier Dubrule Director Research Centre Total E&P Qatar 3 . comprising of over 55 technical sessions. With its theme “World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment. This premier international oil and gas event is a collaborative effort among five leading oil and gas associations: the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).000 oil and gas professionals worldwide. Al-Jaidah Qatar Petroleum International Yves-Louis Darricarrère Total Khalid Al-Hitmi Qatar Petroleum Olivier Dubrule Total E&P Qatar Building on the success of the previous editions of the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC).” IPTC will focus on the new challenges associated with the global economic conditions and the effect of these challenges on the oil and gas industry. The programme offers four panel sessions that will highlight non-technical issues facing the industry such as developing energy resources in environmentally responsible and acceptable ways.Welcome Message Executive Committee Cochairpersons Conference Programme Cochairpersons Nasser K. the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG). Nasser K. and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). We look forward to seeing you at the 2009 IPTC in Doha. the Gas Processors Association (GPA). meet and network with experts in the industry and gain a vast amount of information in just three days.iptcnet. the technical programme of the event. The 2009 IPTC offers one of the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary and focussed technical programmes. students. young professionals and educators as well as local and regional organisations will participate in the event though the special activities organised for them and the multi-sector exhibition which incorporates a special pavilion dedicated to universities and training institutions. The Executive Plenary Session will aim to provide an interactive debate between experts in the industry on these arising challenges such as the dramatic reduction in hydrocarbon prices. will offer a high level of discussion on upstream and midstream oil and gas issues. this year’s IPTC provides an industry and business platform for over 5. As part of the continuous commitment of IPTC to broaden the horizons of knowledge amongst young energy professionals. and therefore. Combined with these very informative sessions. This event is by far one of the most renowned in the region. we encourage you to participate in this exceptional event.

OK. Block 13.eage. Tulsa. 62. USA • Tel.360. Build. 918. 3990 DB Houten. Dubai.3872 • Fax: +1.800. 3rd floor • Tel. and educational opportunities to geoscientists and disseminates the most current geological information available to the general public.2274 • Fax: +1.493. Box OK 74101-0979. Currently the world's largest professional geological society with over Regional Office Russia and CIS EAGE Geomodel. 60th Street. volume movement.O. The objective is to promote the development and application of geosciences and related engineering subjects and this is achieved through publications. The Netherlands Regional Office Middle East EAGE Middle East FZ-LLC. Boulder Ave. Box 501711. Member companies represent approximately 92% of all natural gas liquids produced in the US and operate approximately 190. has been a pillar of the world-wide scientific community.: +7.4702 • Email: USA 125 West 15th Street.9285 • Fax: +7. USA 74145 • Tel. to advance the science of geology. as an incorporated nonprofit trade association.O. Box 979.495.000 miles of domestic gas gathering lines. Moscow.IPTC Sponsoring Societies The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).9286 • Email: eage@eage. or further processing of liquid products from natural gas.2665 The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) is a professional society with a worldwide membership providing a global network of commercial and academic professionals to all members. korp. Office F25 P. Gas Processors Association (GPA) has served the light hydrocarbons industry since 1921. OK 74119.369. Our corporate members are engaged in the processing of natural gas into merchantable pipeline gas. visit the AAPG website at www. Contact Details P. to promote www. to foster scientific research. The original purpose of 4 .364.O. USA 1444 S.493.4.000 members. For more information. Tulsa.4. workshops. Starokaluzhskoye Shosse. UAE • Tel. education programmes and exhibitions. Dubai Knowledge Village.661. and to inspire high professional conduct.3875 • Email: gpa@gasprocessors.1. 117630.: +971. visit the GPA website at www. Tulsa. 6. still guides the Association today. founded in 1917. AAPG provides publications.661. For more information. Russia and the Middle East.918. The Netherlands Visiting address De Molen 42. For more information. Contact Details 6526 E.: +1. The association is truly multi-disciplinary and international in form and pursuits. Contact Details Head Office P. OK 74119.3897 • Fax: +971. 3994 DB Houten.: +1.gasprocessors. conferences.560. conferences. EAGE has offices in Europe.iptcnet. visit the EAGE website at www.

. Office No.918.: +44.000-plus members from more than 118 countries worldwide. Fax: +44. Richardson. Threeways House. Level 23. Contact Details Americas Office Office hours: 0730 to 1700 CST (GMT–5) Monday through Friday 222 Palisades Creek Dr. Bldg.seg.5923. conferences. Suite 1075.5500 • Fax: +1. workshops.4.366. founded in 1930. UAE Tel.10.: +1.2288. Fax: +1.O.000 members in 130 +86.7299. 59200 Kuala Middle East.4792 Email: specal@spe.779.1222 • Fax: +86. Box 5 www. Lingkaran Syed Putra.1208 • Email: contact@segbeijing. and India Office Office hours: 0800 to 1700 (GMT+4) Sunday through Thursday .1233.4. Box 702740. Houston.iptcnet. 14. 1. forums. The Society.20.1220 Email: spekl@spe. forums.713. 2nd +1.3.497. websites.972. SPE is a key resource for technical knowledge related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry and provides services through its publications. which has more than 30.3300.456. 15. OK 74170-2740. TX 77042-3455 USA Tel. Website: www. Fax: +971.952. Houston Office Office hours: 0830 to 1700 CST (GMT–5) Monday through Friday 10777 Westheimer Rd.262. in characterizing the near surface. North Africa. Fax: +60. Russian Federation.4216 Email: spehou@spe.. Russia. London W1W 5DW UK Tel. China 100027 • Tel. Calgary. conferences.6863 (Toll-free in the USA and Canada) Fax: +1.: +1. AB T2P 3L5 Canada Tel. Fax: +1.9393 Tel. Contact Details Head Office P.952. TX 75080-2040 USA Tel. fulfills its mission through its publications. Asia Pacific Office Office hours: 0830 to 1730 (GMT+8) Monday through Friday Suite 23-02.800.2282. 18 Xiaguangli North Road.713. Centrepoint South.497.403.10.9435 Email: The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a not-for-profit professional association whose members are engaged in energy resources development and production.: +1.: +1.IPTC Sponsoring Societies The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is a not-for-profit association that promotes the science of geophysics and the education of applied geophysicists.3.: +971. 40/44 Clipstone Canada Office Office hours: 0830 to 1630 CST (GMT–6) Monday through Friday 425 – 500 5th Avenue SW. Gateway No.: +60. Chaoyang District. Tulsa.9595. Mid Valley City. SPE serves 88. and in mitigating earth hazards. and website at www. 11/F Block A.spe. East Third Ring.: +7 495 748 35 88 Email: spemos@spe.3540.237. and educational opportunities.5923.5112. USA • Tel.7299.4648 Email: spedub@spe.3309 Email: spelon@spe. Dubai.918. fosters the expert and ethical practice of geophysics in the exploration and development of natural resources.5557 China Office Suite Moscow Office Office hours: 0900 to 1700 (GMT+4) Monday through Friday Nizhnyaya Street. 125040 Tel. Malaysia Caspian and Sub-Saharan Africa Office Office hours: 0900 to 1700 (GMT+1) Monday through Friday First Europe. SEG.

Asia. seminars. the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) is a regional inter-governmental organisation concerned with the development of the petroleum industry by fostering cooperation among its members.qgeosoc. OPEC's mission is to coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of Member Countries and ensure the stabilisation of oil markets in order to secure an efficient. (12) for the year 2004. For more information log on to www. industry associations and major upstream service companies. The mission of the society is to advance and promote the science . It cooperates with many global energy organisations.qatarse.iptcnet. Norway. www.oapecorg. IADC's resources offer diverse benefits to its membership of drilling contractors. IADC continually fosters education and communications within the upstream petroleum industry. The objective of IGU is to promote the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. Equally important is OPEC’s role in overseeing an efficient. producers and associates. well servicing. the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has exclusively represented the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry. Established by an agreement amongst Arab countries which rely on the export of petroleum.igu. Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) is a professional. IADC has a global reach operating wherever its members operate in Europe. and sharing in the scientific development by raising awareness through lectures. Switzerland with the present Secretariat located in Oslo. pipeline and piped distribution systems to customers' premises and combustion of the gas at the point of use. according to the law No. with a view to eliminating harmful and unnecessary fluctuations. The objective of the society is to share in the construction. The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931.iadc. non-profit organisation established on 27 January 2007. The organisation is guided by the belief in the importance of building an integrated petroleum industry as a cornerstone for future economic integration amongst Arab countries. a steady income to producers and a fair return on capital to those investing in the petroleum industry. economic and regular supply of petroleum to consumers. For more information log on to www. For more information log on to www. Through conferences. OPEC seeks to ensure the stabilisation of oil prices in international oil markets. economic and regular supply of petroleum to consuming OGP members produce more than half the worldís oil and about one third of its 6 . research. due regard being given at all times to the interests of oil-producing nations and to the necessity of securing a steady income for them. The International Association of Oil & Gas producers (OGP) encompasses most of the worldís leading and a fair return on capital to those investing in the petroleum industry.ogp. oil field manufacturing and other rig site OAPEC contributes to the effective use of the resources of member countries through sponsoring joint ventures. Membership is open to any company involved in oil and gas exploration and production. Australia and the Middle East. industrial and agriculture development in the country. training seminars and a comprehensive network of technical publications. publications in cooperation with Arabic and international engineering institutions. For more information log on to www. For more information log on to www. the Americas. protect the rights of engineers. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a permanent intergovernmental organisation of 12 oil-exporting developing nations that coordinates and unifies the petroleum policies of its Member Countries. art and the profession of engineering for the well-being of regulate and upgrade the engineering profession.IPTC Endorsing Organisations Since 1940. The members of IGU are associations and entities of the gas industries in 71 IGU's working organisation covers all domains of the gas industry from exploration and production of natural gas on-or offshore.opec. private and state-owned oil & gas companies. For more information log on to www. Qatar Geological Society (QGS) For more information log on to www. coordinate with education and academic institutions in the country for the benefit of the It is a worldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey.

Conference Sponsors and Media Supporters Additions/changes made after 15 July 2009 will not be reflected in the on-site programme. EAGE. SEG and SPE) gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution and support of the following companies towards the 2009 International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC). The IPTC Sponsoring Societies ( . GPA. Host Organisation and Official Sponsor Co-host Organisation and Official Sponsor Principal Sponsors • 7 December Luncheon • Education Week • Press Room • Education Week • Young Professionals Day • Directional Signage 7 www.

org/2009 8 .com Oil Review Middle East Oilfield Technology Magazine Upstream Magazine www.iptcnet.Conference Sponsors and Media Supporters General Sponsors • 9 December Luncheon • Stationery Kits • Exhibition Entrance Signage • Registration/Lanyards • Author Gifts • Education Week • Education Day • Education Week • Coffee Break • Education Week • Education Week • Education Week • IPTC Official Media Supporter Oil and Gas Middle East (ITP) • IPTC Media Supporters Data Media Systems (DMS) DEW Journal Gulfoilandgas.


China National Petroleum Corporation Conference Programme Committee Programme Committee Cochairpersons Khalid Al-Hitmi Qatar Petroleum Olivier Dubrule Total E&P Qatar Panel Sessions Subcommittee • • • • • • • Bernard A. IRDC Kamel Bennaceur. Executive Committee Cochairpersons Nasser K. Total Zara Z. Kuwait Oil Company Kjetil Tonstad. Kuwait National Petroleum Company • • • • • • • • • • • Ibtisam Al-Riyami. Maersk Oil Qatar Liu Zhenwu. Schlumberger Emmanuel O. Texas A&M University at Qatar Mark J. ExxonMobil Production Company Nafez A. Montaron. Beydoun. RasGas Company Norihiko Sawara. Weatherford Claudio Descalzi. BG-Group Bernard J. Al-Jaidah Qatar Petroleum International Yves-Louis Darricarrère Total Executive Committee Members • • • • • • • • • • • Abdulla A. Duroc-Danner. PETRONAS Ali Rashid Al-Jarwan. Diyashev. BP Faisal Al-Mahroos.IPTC Committees Executive Committee The IPTC Sponsoring Societies (AAPG. Schlumberger Marc Durandeau. Emerald Energy Resources Iskander R. David Eyton. Eni S. Japan Petroleum Exploration Company Reinier Zwitserloot. Wintershall Holding AG Sheikh Faisal Fahad Al-Thani. Egbogah. Schlumberger Arshad Sufi .iptcnet. EAGE. Nolan. IFP Middle East Consulting Pinar O. Bseiso.p. Al-Naim. GPA. Maersk Oil Qatar Khalid Ali 10 . Petroleum Development Oman Jep Brink.A. ExxonMobil Exploration Company Wafik B. Yilmaz. Al-Zanki. Saudi Aramco Abdullah Karim. Khatib Shell (Chairperson) www. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Andrew Brown. StatoilHydro Mark H. Weichold. Shell Qatar Andrew Gould. SEG and SPE) wish to extend their sincerest appreciation for the dedicated efforts and contributions of all committe members to the conference and exhibition. Bahrain Petroleum Company Farouk H.

WesternGeco 11 www. Petroleum Development Oman Naji A. Saudi Aramco Loren Regier. Blanchard El Paso Egypt Production (Cochairperson) Pinar O. Al-Ghamdi. CGGVeritas • • • • • • • Folco Hoogendijk. Fugro Development and Production Ibrahim A. Al-Harthy. ExxonMobil Exploration Company Maher I. Saudi Aramco Barry Ringer. Saudi Aramco Atef Ebed. Saudi Aramco Adrian Newton. Saudi Aramco Jean-Jacques Biteau. Bahrain Petroleum Company Jean-Claude . Afifi. Saudi Aramco Peter V. Total E&P Qatar Khalid Rufaii. Qassim. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations Abdulrahim Shaikh Mubarak.iptcnet. Schlumberger Amal A Al-Awami. Total Joel Scott. Occidental of Bahrain John Ardill. Al-Dulaijan South Rub Al-Khali Company (Cochairperson) Philippe Julien Total (Cochairperson) • • • • • • Abdulla Al-Mansoori. WesternGeco Lee Ramsey.IPTC Committees AAPG Subcommittee David C. Baaren. Shell Hassan Radhi. Bahrain Petroleum Company Tim Marchant. Yilmaz ExxonMobil Exploration Company (Cochairperson) • • • • • • Abdulkader M. AlMarhoon. Schlumberger Mohamed S. ExxonMobil Abu Dhabi Gas Ventures • • • • • Jonathan Anderson. BP EAGE Subcommittee Abdulmohsin Y. Reservoir Exploration Technology Brent O'Brien.

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Mohammed Ghiath Ajlani. BP Egypt www. Rached. Haggag. Srnka. Weatherford Leonard J. Qatar University • • • • • • Farid Benyahia. Saudi Aramco SEG Subcommittee Jean-Marc A. Reilly ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company (Cochairperson) • • • • • • • • Abdul Aziz Darwish. Al-Kaabi. Al-Amer.iptcnet. Mart. Qatar Petroleum Ali Mohd Alshaikh. Al-Ghamdi Saudi Aramco (Cochairperson) • • • • • Abdullah M. Total Mark Sutton. El-Emam. Kuwait Oil Company Hafiz J. Schlumberger Ismail B. Saudi Aramco Adel Mortada Sheeban. WesternGeco Karl 12 . Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Samir Abdelmoaty. Petroleum Institute • • • • • Kenneth D. Qatar Petroleum Charles J. AlShammery. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Musabbah H. Shell Shaker Mahrous. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Fadwa Eljack. Al-Ghuwinim. Qatar Petroleum Adel H. Qatar University Francois Lallemand. Gas Processors Association Mohammed A. Rodriguez Total (Cochairperson) Joseph M. Saudi Aramco Rafi Baghdjian. Kuwait Oil Company Ameera Mustafa. Saudi Aramco Henry Shunhua Cao. Saudi Aramco Ghassan R. Mahrer.IPTC Committees GPA Subcommittee Abdullah M.

Pinnacle Technologies Ziqiong Zheng. Arabian Oil Company Oddvar Skarpnes. Kuwait Oil Company • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Khalid Mugharbel. Qatar Petroleum Ossama Saad El-Buy. Baker Hughes Hongjie Xiong. Halliburton Bill Martin. Total Munir Aldin. Petroleum Development Oman Xinghui Liu. Saudi Aramco Emad . Qatar Petroleum Adil Noman. Pennsylvania State University Vipin Gupta. Shell EP International Ahmed S. Schlumberger Sridhar Srinivasan. Weatherford Turgay Ertekin. MetaRock Laboratories Murtaza Ziauddin. Sunardi. University of Alberta Thomas Nilsen. PT Medco E&P Indonesia Riyaz Kharrat. RasGas Company Sau-Wai Wong. Texas A&M University at Qatar Arshad Waheed. Qatar Petroleum • • • • James Kelly. ExxonMobil Production Company Abdulla A. Gilliland. (Host Committee Chairperson) Ali Ahmed Al-Suzaidi. Advantek International Corporation Amran Nong Chik.iptcnet. StatoilHydro Thor I. StatoilHydro Tom L. Saudi Aramco Deden Supriyatman. Camy. Qatar Petroleum Hassan Mohammed Al-Ajmi. Qatar Petroleum 13 www. Total E&P Indonesiè Ekrem Kasap. Apanel. Qatar Shell Service Company Michel Boucherit. Elrafie. Petrobras David Kersey. Schlumberger Nobuyuki Samizo. Gee. Schlumberger Linda Battalora. Baker Hughes Guy P.IPTC Committees SPE Subcommittee Nawzad Khurshid Occidental Middle East Development Company (Cochairperson) Qasem Al-Kayoumi Zakum Development Company (Cochairperson) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anna M. StatoilHydro Paul McElfresh. Qatar Petroleum Mohammed Al-Jattal. Petroleum Development Oman Emad A. Vachon. Qatargas Anuj Gupta. Chevron Joseph A. Derossi. Schlumberger Tayfun Babadagli. Al-Suwaidi. Shell Shahid A. Institut Français du Pétrole Gamal Hassan. Throndsen. Total Max Prins. Schlumberger Khalid Ahmed. Ayoub. Abou-Sayed. Petran Company Ron E. Colorado School of Mines Louai Machhour. Qatar Petroleum Mohammed Mubarak Al-Maadeed. Petroleum Development Oman Emmanuel Garland. Zakum Development Company Carlos Roberto D. Shell Jean P. Total Frederic Roggero. Baker Hughes Reddy S. Haq. Baker Hughes INTEQ Host Committee • • • • Sultan Abdulla Ali Al-Abdulla Qatar Petroleum. Venditto. ExxonMobil Production Company Adrian Mellin. ConocoPhillips James J. Qatar Petroleum Hend Khalid Fakhroo.


5 December 1700–2030 hours Field Trip: A Modern Analogue (Day 1) .Sponsored by Total Young Professionals Day Field Trip: Dukhan Field . Al Rayyan 15 www.Sponsored by Total Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel 1900–2200 hours Commencement of Education Week InterContinental Doha Sunday. .Schedule of Events Addition/changes made after 15 July 2009 will not be reflected in the on-site programme. unless otherwise specified. (All functions. Salwa Ballroom I. 6 December 0630–1830 hours 0800–1800 hours 0800–1500 hours 1000–1400 hours Field Trip: A Modern Analogue (Day 2) . 7 December 0730–1730 hours 0730–1730 hours 0730–1730 hours 0930–1015 hours 1015 hours 1015–1115 hours 1015–1815 hours 1015–1815 hours 1115–1300 hours Registration: Conference Delegates and Visitors Speaker/Author Check-In and AV Preparation Plenary/Panel Speaker Discussion/AV Preparation Opening Ceremony Opening of Exhibition Coffee Break Poster Displays Exhibition Plenary Session “World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment” 1300–1430 hours 1430–1600 hours 1430–1600 hours 1600–1645 hours 1645–1815 hours Luncheon Panel Session “Environmental Solutions and Sustainability” Technical Sessions Tea Break/Poster Presentations Technical Sessions Al Majlis Hall Al Dafna Hall Technical Session Rooms* Exhibit Floor Technical Session Rooms* + Al Dafna Hall 1930–2200 hours Awards Banquet Grand Hyatt Hotel Al Hubara Foyer Al Basir Room Al Nakhil Room Al Dafna Hall Exhibit Floor Exhibit Floor Exhibit Floor Exhibit Floor Al Dafna Hall * Technical Session Rooms: Dukhan. Al Maha.Sponsored by Qatar Petroleum Field Trip: Ras Laffan Industrial City Sponsored by Qatar Petroleum 1000–1700 hours 1000–1700 hours 1000–1700 hours 1000–1700 hours Registration: Conference Delegates Speaker/Author Check-In and AV Preparation Plenary/Panel Speaker Discussion/AV Preparation Posters Set-Up Al Hubara Foyer Al Basir Room Al Nakhil Room Exhibit Floor InterContinental Doha Monday. Salwa Ballroom III.iptcnet. will be held at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel). Salwa Ballroom II.

Al Rayyan www. Improved Recovery and Unconventional” 0830–1000 hours 1000–1045 hours 1045–1215 hours Technical Sessions Coffee Break/Poster Presentations Technical Sessions Technical Session Rooms* Exhibit Floor Technical Session Rooms* + Al Majlis Hall 1215–1400 hours 1400–1530 hours Luncheon Technical Sessions Al Dafna Hall Technical Session Rooms*+ Al Majlis Hall Closing Ceremony Adjournment of Education Week InterContinental Doha Al Hubara Hall Al Basir Room Al Nakhil Room Exhibit Floor Al Majlis Hall Al Dafna Hall * Technical Session Rooms: Dukhan. Salwa Ballroom II. Salwa Ballroom I. 8 December 0700–0830 hours Industry Breakfast “The Economic Pillars to Sustain Market Growth in a Slower Economy” 0730–1730 hours 0730–1730 hours 0730–1730 hours 0800–1600 hours Registration: Conference Delegates and Visitors Speaker/Author Check-In and AV Preparation Panel Speaker Discussion/AV Preparation Education Day Al Hubara Foyer Al Basir Room Al Nakhil Room Texas A&M University at Qatar 0830–1000 hours 0830–1000 hours 0830–1730 hours 0830–1730 hours 1000–1045 hours 1045–1215 hours Panel Session “Workforce Capability and Capacity” Technical Sessions Poster Displays Exhibition Coffee Break/Poster Presentations Technical Sessions Al Majlis Hall Technical Session Rooms* Exhibit Floor Exhibit Floor Exhibit Floor Technical Session Rooms* + Al Majlis Hall 1215–1345 hours 1345–1515 hours 1345–1515 hours 1515–1600 hours 1600–1730 hours Topical Luncheon “Coping with the New Price Environment” Panel Session “Global Gas Outlook: New Gas Chains” Technical Sessions Tea Break/Poster Presentations Technical Sessions Al Dafna Hall Al Majlis Hall Technical Session Rooms* Exhibit Floor Technical Session Rooms* + Al Majlis Hall Wednesday. Salwa Ballroom III. Al Maha. 9 December 0730–1200 hours 0730–1530 hours 0730–0830 hours 0800–1530 hours 0830–1000 hours Registration: Conference Delegates and Visitors Speaker/Author Check-In and AV Preparation Panel Speaker Discussion/AV Preparation Exhibition Panel Session “Renewal of Reserves: Exploration.iptcnet.Schedule of Events 16 .

Stimulate companies to invest in new extraction and processing technologies to exploit unconventional and compositionally challenged hydrocarbon resources which will be needed in steadily growing quantities as supplied of conventional materials decline.Conference Programme Opening Ceremony Monday. particularly the more difficult and unconventional resources. the energy industry is poised to enter a new phase of its growth facing huge challenges due to the significant drop in demand for oil and gas and energy products across the world. • 17 www. Emir of the State of Qatar and H. Qatar H.iptcnet. which led to the reconsideration of the investment conditions and resulting in postponing few of the major complex and costly projects. thanks to a growing global population of over 3 billion and the rising standards of living. and engineering and technical industry professionals. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. representatives from government ministries and departments. On the other hand. Mitigate the negative effects of the global economic and political volatility and how to turn this short term financial crisis to an opportunity devoting resources to ensure that the production and use of fossil fuels becomes more efficient in operations and with the energy consumers. Ensure the recruitment and retention of the people with the skills and expertise to meet those demands. will open the conference and exhibition. The Opening Ceremony will be attended by senior management from oil and gas related .E. This executive plenary session will focus on how to: • Provide assurance that the industry will continue to meet the growing demand for energy and that supplies will be sustainable in the future. Qatar. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah. • • • • Maintain stable investment conditions to secure funding to develop the current and future energy resources. it is clear that long-term energy demand will continue to surge.H. This has led to a dramatic reduction in the hydrocarbon prices. especially in places like China and India. Confirm the commitment for exploring more efficient ways of producing energy and cleaner fuels and in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from energy processes. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry.E. 7 December • 1115–1300 hours • Al Dafna Hall With the global economic crisis and uncertainty now in full swing. Executive Plenary Session World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment Monday. 7 December • 0930–1015 hours • Al Dafna Hall H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Emir of the State of Qatar H.

to focus on the pillars of economic success for the oil and gas 18 . Economies based on the most sound fundamentals will be best placed to survive the current global turmoil. China National Petroleum Corporation and President. Total Speakers: • Guilherme de Oliveira Estrella. www. President Exploration and Production. 8 December • 0700–0830 hours • Al Dafna Hall (Ticketed Session: USD 75) Each country in the energy supply chain has its own economic and societal challenges that must be managed in order to support sustainable growth. The speaker will have a high-profile opportunity. Vice President. Qatar Petroleum • Zhou Jiping. Al-Jaidah. Kruger Saad Al-Kaabi Zhou Jiping Session Chairpersons: Nasser K. Qatar Petroleum International Yves-Louis Darricarrère. President. Director Oil and Gas Ventures. PetroChina Company Industry Breakfast Session Economic Fundamentals to Sustain Energy Market Growth in a Challenged World Economy Tuesday. Chief Executive Officer.iptcnet. Chief Exploration and Production Officer.Conference Programme Nasser K. Petrobras • Matthias Bichsel. interacting with an audience of key industry leaders. Executive Committee Member and Director of Projects and Technology. Al-Jaidah Yves-Louis Darricarrère Guilherme de Oliveira Estrella Matthias Bichsel Rich M. This look at how current and projected market and world economic trends impact the oil and gas industry will be a must-see event. and the best structured will eventually emerge even stronger. Royal Dutch Shell • Rich M. ExxonMobil Production Company • Saad Al-Kaabi. highlighting the interdependency with other economic sectors and the need for closer and more transparent integration. Kruger.

Latest technological developments in Cleaner fuels such in Fischer Tropsch synthesis and gasification processes. Vice President Engineering. Insights on the rapidly developing marketplace for industrial large scale CO2 capture and geological storage CCS (logistics. General Manager. Footprint minimisation in drilling and completion operations. Saudi Aramco Ibtisam Al-Riyami. Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company • Mohamed Husain. BP • John Gale.iptcnet. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours • Al Dafna Hall Sustainability in the oil and gas industry is also about developing energy resources in environmentally responsible and acceptable ways and the full recognition that our industry is an essential part of the solutions in curbing local pollutions and in reducing GHG emissions. Opportunity for our industry to play a major part in driving continuing progress to meet the climate change challenge. Ibtisam Al-Riyami David Eyton John Gale Marco Rasi Mohamed Husain Session Chairpersons: Ali Al-Hauwaj. Environmental Solutions and Sustainability Monday. International Energy Agency • Marco Rasi. Manager Exploration Department. best practices and novel solutions in E&P operations addressing: • • • • • • Global carbon management initiatives. 8 December • 1215–1345 hours • Al Dafna Hall Yves-Louis Darricarrère President Exploration and Production Total Panel Sessions 1. Kuwait Oil Company 19 . Deputy Chairman and Deputy Managing Director Planning and Gas. Flaring reduction / elimination during testing and production. Petroleum Development Oman Speakers: • David Eyton.Conference Programme Topical Luncheon Coping with the New Price Environment Tuesday. This panel session will discuss the latest challenges and technological developments. costs and re-use for EOR). Corporate Planning Manager. Group Vice President Research and Technology.

Global Workforce Capability and Capacity Tuesday. The turmoil our industry went through in the last few months has been a tough test on our capacity to keep attracting. Texas A&M University www. Chairman and CEO. History. Chairman and CEO. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours • Al Majlis Hall It is always difficult to predict the workforce and skills demand in an atmosphere of uncertainty. General Manager. This panel session will discuss: • • • • • Lessons learned from the past how staff reduction has impacted the safety record and maintenance. Sustaining the support of the academic institutions and how to efficiently handle large academic initiatives (QSTP. has taught us that fostering and retaining skilled and experienced staff always pays off in sustaining the industry growth. Al-Jarwan. Acting Chief Executive. Reddick Faisal Al-Mahroos Olivier Appert Stephen A. retaining and training young talents.Conference Programme 2. Strategies that the industry is implementing to ensure successful recruiting and training of graduates to inject sufficient new blood in our workforce in the years to come. Pushing Reservoir Limits. Head of Petroleum Engineering Department. 20 . Ali R. E&P Technology. Schlumberger • Chris E. The challenge of assuring the competency of staff to sustain production from existing businesses and to drive human progress. Al-Jarwan Hashim Mustafa El-Rifaai Andrew Gould Chris E. Vice President. however.iptcnet. Kaust. Holditch Session Chairpersons: Ali R. etc. Chairman and Managing Director Kuwait Oil Development Company Speakers: • Andrew Gould. Holditch.). Masdar. Raising the awareness of high school and university students that our industry existed for a century and will exist for the next one. Institut Français du Pétrole • Stephen A. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Hashim Mustafa El-Rifaai. Bahrain Petroleum Company • Olivier Appert. BP • Faisal Al-Mahroos.

re-gasification facilities. reflecting the fact that gas is not only an efficient fuel source. strengthen security and reduce environmental impacts. Strengthening global energy security can be achieved by helping to diversify supplies. Europe and Asia Pacific will require increases in imports to those regions and will be met by liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports. This panel session will share views on the future direction of gas markets and discuss how: • • The gas business will respond to the current economic downturn. President. but has important environmental advantages as well since it produces fewer emissions than oil or . Shell Qatar • Ladislas Paszkiewicz. when it will have overtaken coal as the second-biggest global fuel source. Walters Session Chairpersons: Arshad Sufi. President. Managing Director and CEO. can become a clear demonstration of the power of innovation. BG Group Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi.Conference Programme 3. Vice President Middle East. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours • Al Majlis Hall Natural gas is expected to be the fastest-growing major fuel source. and particularly LNG. Much of the demand for natural gas will come from the power-generation sector. Walters. LNG.iptcnet. Technology can significantly transform and enlarge non-conventional sources of supply to world markets such as tight gas and shale gas as well as increase LNG mobility through floating LNGs and increase efficiency via novel cryogenic methods removing CO2 and H2S. Production of unconventional gas (in USA and outside) will impact the worldwide gas market. Evolving commercial models and investment in LNG and infrastructure would meet growing energy needs via gas export opportunities for Gulf countries and sour gas innovative solutions. • • • • • Arshad Sufi Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi Andrew Brown Ladislas Paszkiewicz Thomas R. ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Company 21 www. adequate shipping and extensive pipeline infrastructure (largely from Russia and the Caspian region). Development of the global market for liquefied natural gas. International partnerships are essential to fostering technologies that increase supplies. Executive Vice President. Middle East Total • Thomas R. Global Gas Outlook: New Gas Chains Tuesday. RasGas Company Speakers: • Andrew Brown. The steady rise in natural gas demand in North America. growing more than 50 percent by 2030.

Conference Programme

4. Renewal of Reserves: Exploration, Improved Recovery and Unconventional Wednesday, 9 December • 0830–1000 hours • Al Majlis Hall The industry average for producing oil in place is just over 30 percent. Raising this to 45 percent would add over 500 billion barrels to world recoverable volumes, nearly two decades more production at current rates. Increasing hydrocarbon recovery in existing fields and developing future energy resources is becoming more challenging, energy intensive and more expensive. This will require ever more sophisticated technological and project management expertise. This will also require stable investment conditions in research and development and secure funding to develop these resources. Even with the economic downturn, the energy industry will need to continue to develop these technologies and deploy them quickly. This panel session will share views on: • • • • • Application of improved and enhanced oil recovery techniques that improves recovery. Increase in operational efficiency and application of a process reliability approach to reduce the annual production decline and extend the life of the fields. Opportunities for exploiting unconventional resources such as heavy oil and bitumen, oil and gas from shales, highly sour gas reservoirs and coal bed methane . Technology development and advances that would explore and access these resources in under better economical and environmental conditions. Business environment and contractual frameworks that support the long term and high risk investments.

Claudio Descalzi

Khalid Al-Rumaihi

Abdullah A. Al-Naim

Hashim Hashim

Patrick Pouyanné

Raoul M. Restucci

Session Chairpersons: Claudio Descalzi, Chief Operating Officer, Eni E&P Khalid Al-Rumaihi, Manager Exploration and PSA Oil Development, Qatar Petroleum Speakers: • Abdullah A. Al-Naim, Vice President Exploration, Saudi Aramco • Hashim Hashim, Deputy Managing Director, South and East Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company • Patrick Pouyanné, Senior Vice President Strategy, Business and Growth, Total • Raoul M. Restucci, Executive Vice President, Middle East and South Asia, Shell E&P International


IPTC “Excellence in Project Integration" Awards

As our industry grows increasingly towards complex and capital intensive projects, we must challenge our conventional practices. It is critical that we share lessons from successfully integrated projects that embody excellence. The IPTC Executive and Programme Committees and the Sponsoring Societies believe in highlighting a project that excels throughout the entire value chain and should be recognized with a special award. The proposed projects are realized at over half a billion USD equivalent and demonstrate innovation and teamwork would qualify for consideration of this important award. They add value to a company through the entire process and value chain, whether in an NOC or IOC. Economics for projects may differ but the fact remain that highly successful projects realize achievement because of strong teamwork, solid geoscience knowledge, reservoir and production engineering acumen, determined and watchful construction and facilities engineering practices. Equally important, success requires a pervasive culture of HSSE; preserving the environment, safety of people and their health along with innovative and people oriented human resource policies. The award winning projects will be recognised during the Awards Banquet. “Excellence in Project Integration" Awards Committee Members

Adel Al- Abassi Kuwait Oil Company (Cochairperson)

Mohamed Hashem Shell (Cochairperson)

• • • • • • •

Abdulrahman AlSharhan, Middle East Geological Establishment Ahmad Lotfy, Halliburton Alain C. Gringarten, Imperial Colleage Gamal Hassan, Baker Hughes Gary Miller, Weatherford Gino Giannone, ENI S.p.A. Hamid Al-Megren, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

• • • • • • • • •

Khaled Nouh, Schlumberger Khalid Al-Hitmi, Qatar Petroleum Marc Durandeau, IFP Middle East Consulting Olivier Dubrule, Total E&P Qatar Patrick Linke, Texas A&M University at Qatar Pinar O. Yilmaz, ExxonMobil Exploration Company Qasem Al-Kayoumi, Zakum Development Company Ridha Cherif Gharbi, Kuwait University Shiyi Zheng, Heriot Watt University

Awards Presentation Ceremony and Banquet Monday, 7 December • 1930-2230 hours • Grand Hyatt Hotel (Full conference registration fee includes ticket to the Awards Banquet. Please see Advance Registration Form on page 66)

Integrated Project Management Session Tuesday, 8 December • 1600-1730 hours • Al Majlis Hall Don’t miss the presentation of the winning project during the Integrated Project Management Session, scheduled 1600–1730 hours on Tuesday, 8 December 2009. The session will provide conference delegates the opportunity for discussion during the question and answer session. The winning projects will also be displayed as posters on the Exhibition Floor, throughout the duration of the conference.


Conference Programme Schedule


Director Oil and Gas Ventures. CCS. Corporate Planning Manager. International Energy Agency Marco Rasi. EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT) Session Chairpersons: Ali Al-Hauwaj.F. Uthuanganakam. Lee. Bahadori. Z. Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme. Killian. Nengkoda. 7 December • 1115–1300 hours Al Dafna Hall Session Chairpersons: Nasser K.E. Petroleum Development Oman 13965 13368 Alternates/Posters 13700 GIS in Petroleum Industry Facility Management and Beyond S. Qatar EXECUTIVE PLENARY SESSION World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment Monday. Emir of the State of Qatar H. Geurts. PetroChina Company Monday. S.C. Executive Committee Member and Director of Projects and Technology. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry. ExxonMobil. R. General Manager. K. Vice President. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Al Dafna Hall PANEL SESSION 1: ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS AND SUSTAINABILITY (FLARING REDUCTION.Technical Programme Additions/changes after 15 July 2009 will be reflected in the on-site programme. China National Petroleum Corporation and President. Total Speakers: Guilherme de Oliveira Estrella. Chief Exploration and Product Officer. M. Curtin University of Technology 13670 QP Approach for Pipeline Integrity Management in Mature Production Fields K. Kuwait Oil Company 13772 The Challenges for Carbonate Petrophysics in Petroleum Resource Estimation V. Al-Jaidah. Bust. Sulaiti. Hinai. P. DRILLING TECHNOLOGY. J. Ben Amara. Deputy Chairman and Deputy Managing Director Planning and Gas. Vice President Engineering. Total E&P Qatar Khalid Ahmed. Chief Executive . BP John Gale. Petroleum Development Oman Speakers: David Eyton. J.iptcnet. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 2: OPERATIONS OF GEOLOGY/ FORMATION EVALUATION Session Chairpersons: Jean-Claude Dutry. ExxonMobil Production Company 13785 Posters 13121 Rapid Prediction of Thermal Insulation Thickness for Oil and Gas Process Piping and Equipments Using a Simple Method A. Persson. OPENING CEREMONY Monday. Norman. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. Kuwait Oil Company Monday.R. Kaukas. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.S. Worthington. Petrobras Matthias Bichsel. ExxonMobil Production Company. Saudi Aramco 13633 ExxonMobil Production Facility Integrity Management System K. Oletu. Qatar Petroleum Corrosion Modelling Within an Integrated Corrosion Prediction Approach D. Group Vice President Research and Technology. President.B. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 1: FACILITIES INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT Session Chairperson: Mohammed A. Saudi Aramco Ibtisam Al-Riyami. Al-Ghuwinim. Qatar Petroleum Zhou Jiping. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah. 7 December • 0930–1015 hours Al Dafna Hall H.A. Qatar Petroleum Yves-Louis Darricarrère.U. Manager Exploration Department.E. Monahan. Gaffney. Qatar Petroleum Monday. Cline and Associates 25 www. ExxonMobil Modified ALLOY 28 (UNS N08028) with Improved Corrosion Properties in Sour Environments K.K. ExxonMobil Production Company Saad Al-Kaabi. Pacheco. Kruger. Royal Dutch Shell Rich M. C. Sandvik Materials Technology Understanding of Mercury Corrosion Attack on Stainless Steel Material at Gas Wells: A Case Study A. President Exploration and Production. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Mohamed Husain.

ExxonMobil Exploration Company.S. G. Zhou. NGRI Posters 13066 Characterising the Flow Units in Carbonates with Production Logging and Borehole Images: Developing a Workflow in Western Offshore India C. Fourmentraux. ExxonMobil Effects of Regional Charge History and PVT Conditions Over Geologic Timescales on Local Refined Reservoir Scale Models. Schlumberger Monday. Singh. Schlumberger Diagnosing Reservoir Dynamics with Integrated Multi Well Formation Evaluation M. K. G. Shkatov. A. K. K. C. J.A. Qatar Petroleum Structural Control on Permo Triassic Deposition in the Central Arabian Plate: A Multi Scale Approach V. K. Raju. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 3: REGIONAL BASIN ANALYSIS Session Chairpersons: Jean-Jacques Biteau. Remila. Norlund. Wilms. Schlumberger. BP 13630 Structural Dynamics and High Resolution Geochemistry: Emerging Ideas. Borkhataria. Harami. Total.W. Total E&P Norge.iptcnet. Sevmorgeo South Atlantic Margin Rift Basin Asymmetry and Implications for Pre Salt Exploration J. D. Rampurawala. Kendall. S. E. G.J.D.A. Avtar. A. Martinez.B. Delaney. P. Total Tim Marchant. A. Blue. P.K. El Paso Egypt Production Ages and Correlation of Cenozoic Strata of Iraq G. Hajj.A. Dubes. Pandey. ExxonMobil Production Company. Versfelt.A. Liu. J. M. A.O. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. M. R. Zainaddin. C. Hussain.K. Pietraszek Mattner. Total E&P Angola. QatarGas. Pinero. Koopman. Vernay. Chevron. S. Schlumberger. Schlumberger Successful Saturation Monitoring in a Shaly Sandstone Reservoir: A Case Study from Divided Zone (PNZ) between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia A. Leduc. Zampetti. Baker Hughes. Shell International Fast Track Lithological Interpretations Applied to Detailed Evaluation of Norwegian Sea Basin P. L.A. D.A. Sikdar. Singh. Garcia. Majithia. Palar. Mathieu. Vroon. Almahdy. M. Iqbal. Robinson. Piskarev. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. Hughes Christensen 13686 14006 13475 13594 Alternates/Posters 13290 Probable Reserves and Prospects for Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas Deposits in the Russian Arctic Seas A. Petersen. Al Ansi.R. R. S. Saudi Aramco. N. Kumar. Total E&P France 13687 Alternates/Posters 13196 Cased Hole Formation Resistivity A Solution for Dukhan Field W. Schlumberger Customised Artificial Formation for LWD Platform Tool Development and Manufacturing L. Welltec. A.A. D. Diljith. Shrivastva. Saudi Aramco 13833 13956 13589 14030 13927 Posters 13634 Integration of Middle Eastern Source Rock Kinetics into a Regional Thermal Maturity Model S. Wan Hasan. M. Al Awami. I.J. Laxman. Shouxiang. K. Polinski. Qatar Petroleum. Grabowski. Weatherford The Continuous Improvement in Formation Evaluation in a Heterogeneous Reservoir Offshore Qatar: A Case Study J. ExxonMobil Exploration Company Exploration of Mesozoic Sedimentary Basins Beneath the Volcanic Province of Central India: Inference from Potential Field Studies B. Zeybek. P.D. Using a Petroleum Systems Modelling Approach 13751 www. De la 26 . R. Labous.M.Technical Programme 13808 Robotics for Horizontal Image Acquisition in Ultra Slim Wells in Saudi Arabia N. J. H. Qatar S. Saudi Arabian Texaco Reservoir Characterisation from Gas Ratio Analysis Using New High Efficiency Gas Extraction System L. VNIIOkeangeologia. Khalsa. Dukhan Field.S.

B.M. Belhai. Pamukcu. BP. Schlumberger ERD Campaign for Matrix Acidising with Coiled Tubing .H. M. N. Qatar Shell Service Company. Qatar D. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 5: STIMULATION 1 Session Chairpersons: Lee Ramsey. Khemakhem.T.T. O. S. R. ExxonMobil. Jackson. W. R.M. M.N.A. Qatar Petroleum.F. J. Al Saeed.Congo J.S.A. Dukhan Field. Clancey. Chintaluri S.T.M. Saudi Aramco. Swientek. Voropaev. N. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company 13988 Seismic Scale Expression of Fluid Sourcing. Schlumberger 13938 13657 Alternates/Posters 13812 Optimising Electrokinetic Potential for Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR) in Carbonate Rock Formations of Abu Dhabi Based on Rock Properties and Composition M. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 4: IOR: METHODOLOGY.M. ExxonMobil Production Company 13577 13638 Monday. A. Baker Hughes Nawzad Khurshid. Kuchuk. M. Mazel. Haroun. Shahri. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. Ngoc. RasGas Company 13621 Effective Stimulation of Very Thick. Tardy. C.R.J. A. Gupta. D. Bae. Farah. Lesko. Hon. Electro Petroleum. Badley Ashton and Associates Assessment of Residual Oil Saturation to Waterflood in a Giant Carbonate Reservoir Offshore Abu Dhabi E. PETRONAS Research. Circulation and Expulsion in Sedimentary Series P. J. C. Gant. Ogunwole..iptcnet. Byrne. J. Amer. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. S. Total.M. T.S. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.K. Al Hajeri. Thabet. V. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Monday. Jelani.O. T. Parsons.S. Sejong University An Evaluation of Gas Diffusivity Measurement in Reservoir Fluid from Low to High Pressure Systems for Oil Recovery Applications S. Ma. Montgomery. Al Abri. . Altundas. Layered Carbonate Reservoirs Without the Use of Mechanical Isolation C. B.Technical Programme J. Chugunov. G.A. L. Lund. Zhan.M. C. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations Comprehensive Reservoir Characterisation Through Data Integration and Numerical Single Well Simulation S.E. P.M. Mookerjee. G. S.M. ExxonMobil Qatar Changing the Game in the Stimulation of Thick Carbonate Gas Reservoirs M. Derks. Al Bloushi. E. Zeybek.C. V. M. Chilingar. Shuchart. Curtin University of Technology A Precious Achievements Review of Geological Development and IOR Application from 20 Successful Years in High Temperature Fractured Granite Reservoir C.V. HCMC University of Technology. Prossaird. D. Cohen. Schlumberger 13097 13799 13418 Alternates/Posters 13168 Utilising a Micro Vacuuming Jet Pump and Concentric Coiled Tubing to Clean Mud Damage and Fill from Wellbores with Small Completion Size and Low Bottom Hole Pressure 27 www. Imbert.J. Al Neaimi. N. ASSESSMENT AND OPTIMISATION Session Chairpersons: Guy Vachon. J. A. Burton. Chemical Tracers Fluid Characterisation and Modelling of Compositional Variation. Qatar Shell GTL. Zainal. Carlisle. Schlumberger. J. Sieben. Bliefnick. Majid. S.E. Z. Qatar Petroleum. Kauerauf. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations.K. Dulout. L. M. J.Nkossa South and Nsoko Fields . T. Petroleum Development Oman. University of Southern California. M. Vahrenkamp. Brady. Wahlheim.V. A. RasGas Company. Pujol.J. I. Lawrence. R.K. A. Dang.K. Amin. Schlumberger Ron Gilliland. J. Occidental Middle East Development Company 13749 A Comprehensive Rock Atlas for Documenting the Petrographic and Petrophysical Character of a Giant Mid Cretaceous Reservoir in Oman A. Wittle.N. Lehigh University. F. S. Total E&P. Choi. Wang. Saaid. C. T. H. Mendez Santiago. De Loubens. Total Posters 13082 Experimental Investigation of Interfacial Interactions and Spreading Coefficients of Condensate/Brine/SC-CO2 Systems at High Pressure and High Temperature Conditions A. Kuwait Oil Company. Fuchs.

Dashti.J.H. G. Dubai Petroleum Company. Cuzell. Irvine Fortescue. Liu.W. Gunn. Benamor Case Study of Successful Matrix Stimulation of High Water Cut Wells in Dubai Offshore Fields F.C. C. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Integrated Approach to Imaging and Pore Pressure Prediction in the Nile Delta C. Bellucci. F. Tegerdine. Nygaard. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.A.A. C.W. G. Shoufi. Spooner. N. Mohamed. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 3D Seismic Petrophysical Evaluation of Complex Clastic Carbonate Sequences in the Neuquen Basin. R. Baechle. D. Majid. Saudi Aramco Q. ExxonMobil Exploration Company. G.A.M. Capponi. Suncor Energy Multi Stage Hydraulic Fracturing of Open Hole Horizontal Wells O. T. M. R. South Rub Al-Khali Company Jean-Marc Rodriguez. Chrysovulou.W. Tolman. J. M. Lazreg. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. O. Ottolia. Gomaa. Li. Al-Dulaijain. M. M. S. Todd Cirrincione. Cobb. P. Gunther.A. L. Alvarez. T.M. Lemp. Zelewski.P. Deplante. Mitchell. Total 13849 Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation: Bridging the Gap Between Core and Seismic E. ExxonMobil Production Company 123827 Combination of Chemical Diverters and Degradable Fiber Technology Enhances the Success of Stimulation in Complex Carbonate Environments www. Assiri. Liu. Lesko. Texas A&M University Using Hydrajetting Applications in Horizontal Completions to Improve Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulations and Lower Costs B. M. A. B.P. Schlumberger Monday. Sonatrach. Smith. Senergy. Xu. N. Petroleum Development Oman Acidising Treatments for Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs H. Desouky. R. Bienati. CGGVeritas 13739 13775 13898 13960 13451 119757 Simultaneous Operations with Advanced Multi Well Stimulation Technology D. A. H. D. Ferhat. Yekta Ganjeh. Petrie. Vasquez. A.M.C. Borghi. N. ExxonMobil. R.B. W. J. Repsol YPF. BP. Young. Rutzinger. D.R. A. Enduring Resources 13021 13380 13203 14078 Alternates/Posters 13903 P-Wave Seismic Azimuthal Anisotropy for Detection and Prediction of Fractures in a Middle Eastern Carbonate Reservoir G. Argentina: A Case Study P. 28 . J. Al Anazi. Mehrotra. Shnaib. A.I. IEOC Egypt Spectral Fusion: A Tool to Merge Low and High Frequency Datasets C.N. G. G.A. Lu.C. Eni E&P. F. Curia. K. J.A. 7 December • 1430–1600 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 6: QUANTITATIVE GEOPHYSICS DATA ACQUISITION TO RESERVOIR MODEL Session Chairpersons: Abdulmohsin Y.J. Schlumberger When Polymer Based Acids Can Be Used? A Core Flood Study H. Clingman. K. Kraemer. Halliburton Introduction of an Innovative Acid Fracturing System to Edwards Limestone in South Texas M. Bouazza. E. Lehmann. S. X. Veillette. Andreoletti.M. Al Mutairi.T. Spickett.B. T. R. Helou. Higgins.E. M. N. H. C. A. J.A. Schlumberger. Loayza. Martinez. K. Achi. McDaniel.D. Hinrichs. ExxonMobil. DeGraff. Schlumberger. Schlumberger.A. O.Y. Hernandez. Payne. Independent Consultant Innovative Integration of Seismic and Well Data to Characterise Tar Mat in Carbonate Reservoirs C. Tsenn.P. Olaoye. Toms. Judd. Mueller. Nasr El Din.M. M. Surjaatmadja.O. Total E&P 13254 Posters 12986 Utilising Real Time Measurements to Optimise Matrix Acid Stimulations in Carbonate Formations of Western Canada D. Huang. M. BJ Services Company 13335 Massive Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in South Oman J. A. Gurmen. Kuwait Oil Company.J. Pipchuk. S. C.A.Technical Programme J. Al Saqabi.iptcnet. A. Lambert.P. Rebello. B. Kuthubdeen. J. J. Valenzuela. Vela. . Al-Ghamdi. China National Petroleum Corporation Quantifying Trapped Residual Oil in Reservoir Core Material at the Pore Scale: Exploring the Role of Displacement Rate.Technical Programme Monday. F. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 8: CORROSION IN GAS PROCESSING Session Chairpersons: Abdullah A. Van Popta. Schlumberger Vipin Gupta. V. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation An Integrated Approach to Managing HSE Requirements at Oil And Gas Facilities I. Geoservices Well Integrity Management Systems. Petroleum Development Oman Monday.Global Best Practices and Total Cost of Ownership J. Mieles. McFarland. International Research Institute of Stavanger Alternates/Posters 13342 Corrosion Management of a Worldwide Existing Pipeline Network T. A. Petroleum Development Oman. R. M. T. K. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 9: WELL INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT Session Chairpersons: Ahmed S. Occidental Petroleum Produced Water Management . Wadi. Pit. Millet. Asadollahi. M. Kuwait Oil Company A Workflow for Efficient Initialisation of Local Search Iterative Methods for Waterflooding Optimisation M. Bahuguna. M. Sardesai. Chemicals and Integrity . R. C.P.A. Blumer. Cubas. Petroleum Development Oman 14080 Experience with Crosswell Electromagnetics (EM) for Waterflood Management in Oman L. G. INTREX 13281 13673 14027 13797 Alternates/Posters 13361 Water Injection Monitoring Techniques for Minagish Oolite Reservoir in West Kuwait M. Al Enezi.M. Walsh. Sun. Naevdal. Knackstedt.Challenges and Solutions S. Nabulsi. Qatar Shell GTL Evaluating Corrosion Inhibitors For Sour Gas Subsea Pipelines H. Schlumberger Successful Mechanical and Chemical Water Shut Off with Coiled Tubing in Horizontal and Multilateral Wells D. Darnet.A. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Al Majlis Hall SESSION 7: WATERFLOOD SURVEILLANCE AND WATER MANAGEMENT 1 Session Chairpersons: Dirk Valstar.Z. Liu.P. M. Bonis. J. IRIS/NTNU. ConocoPhillips Sacrificial Cathodic Protection (CP) System Inadequacy Due to 2 Phase Operation of 3 Phase Gas/Oil Separator A. J. Saudi Aramco Mark Sutton. Z. Shell International.Z. Liu. Y. Aslam. Senden. H. Gas Processors Association 13396 Pearl GTL Offshore Materials. Markovinovic. Chevrot. Advantek International Saif Al-Arfi. Y. Saturation History and Wettability M. Shinto. Li.P. R.J. Shell International E&P. H. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations 13757 Innovative Electromagnetic Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve for Immediate Securing of Well with a Damaged Control Line F. Jiang. Liu. Australian National University Monday. Trust Technical Services 13754 13994 13674 Posters 13499 A Study on Predicting Formation Water Production and Wellbore Stability for Underbalanced Gas/Foam Drilling in Daqing Oilfield H. Total Corrosion Mitigation and Cost Effective Metallurgy for Tubing of Western Offshore Oil and Gas Fields: A Comprehensive Study V. Z. Daqing Oilfield Limited Company. D. Qatar Petroleum 14001 13405 29 www. R. Unsal. Sabri. Achievements Versus Expectations A. Wilt. Sultan. Kuwait Oil Company. Sheppard. Kumar. A. Fernando.G. Levesque.W. Hussain. O. Davis.P. Z. Abou-Sayed. M. Corrosion. Das. Shell E&P.M.iptcnet. Khatib. Sk. Al Mitin. R.

Adam. Hamdy. Crepieux. Halliburton Paul McElfresh.A. IFP Middle East Consulting Tayfun Babadagli. P. Osman. J.R. Takahashi. B. Yang. Wang. SINOPEC Shengli Geological Research Institute Estimation of the Potential of an Oil Viscosity Reducing Bacteria. G. J. A. Guo. B. Roohi. I. Halliburton 14105 Alternates/Posters 13632 Possible Oil Accumulation with Convex Shaped OWC Under Abnormally High Pressure Condition: Example from Offshore Sarawak.. Schlumberger 13519 Poster 13137 Expanding Use of Pulse Neutron Tool for Borehole Flow Profiling and Formation Remaining Oil Evaluation in Horizontal Wells Leads to Successful Workover: A Case Study from Tarim Basin of China H. Moreno. M.Technical Programme 13400 The Use of Specialised Cement to Ensure Long Term Zonal Isolation for Sour Wells in South Oman S. Blanchard. Japan Petroleum Exploration Company 13533 Vulcanisation as New Mechanism for H2S and Tar Mats Genesis in Cold Reservoirs D. Han. Kristensen. PetroChina Tarim Oilfield. National Iranian Drilling Company. Kato. S. X. K. Jain. Biteau. Schlumberger. Irvine Fortescue. Lin. Coll. Dessort.H. Song.iptcnet. Fafet. Xiang. Tarim Oilfield Company Monday. Zhang. Bai. Sugai. Hanafy. Schaeffer. Li. Z. Shell Global Solutions Recent Development of Chemical Combination Flooding Technique of PetroChina Y. Petroleum Development Oman K. J. Islamic Azad University Omidieh Spectral Analysis of CO2 Corrosion Product Scales on 13CR Tubing Steel G. Thery. Petrotoga SP. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 11: CHEMICAL EOR Session Chairpersons: Marc Durandeau. D. Malaysia www. Fugro Development and Production David C. Ma. T. Waheed.A. Schlumberger Alternates/Posters 13575 Enhance Foam Flooding Pilot Test in Chengdong of Shengli Oilfield: Laboratory Experiment and Field Performance Q. F. Chevallier. Liu. Feng. Y. 30 . University of Alberta 13397 Surface Development Aspects of Alkali Surfactant Polymer (ASP) Flooding P. X. Nakayama. Total Hydrydrocarbon Generrtion and Natural Gas Accumulation in the Southern Margin of Junngar Basin H. Institut Français du Pétrole. China National Petroleum Corporation. Han. Balusseau. Taha. Taoutaou. Total E&P. Laboratoire de Biogeochimie Moleculaire Alternates/Posters 13434 Underground Blowout Control in Iranian Offshore Oil Field M. S. Choppin de Janvry. L. Fakhr Eldin. Y. N. SINOPEC North West Company 13267 13762 Monday. Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company. H. Baker Hughes 13553 New Acid Diversion Technique Helps Increase Oil Production and Reduce Water Cut Simultaneously Y. Brouwer. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 10: PETROLEUM SYSTEMS Session Chairpersons: Barry Ringer. Shadravan. Guo. Grieve. Xiang. Li. M. Y. Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development Smart Integrated Chemical EOR Simulation A. A. Z. Kowalewski. A. Isolated from an Oilfield for MEOR I.A. Wang. China National Petroleum Corporation Petroleum Resource Assessment Methodologies and Petroleum Systems Modelling B. B. Schlumberger.M. Torki. Purwwasena. I. P. J.A. V. Wygrala. Y. B. Al Kalbani. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 12: STIMULATION 2 Session Chairpersons: Nicholas Gardiner. P. Kyushu University 13861 13642 Monday. A. El Paso Egypt Production 13124 The Khuff Play Related Petroleum System Between the Qatar Arch and the Fars Area J. Fadili.

S. Sauzedde. CGGVeritas. H. Packers Plus The Cooling Effect on Resin Coated Proppant Flowback: A New Closure Time Calculation H. Ghousullah. Mahammed.E. Full Wide Azimuth Seismic Survey for the Future S. Christian. Srnka. General Manager. Al Majid Schlumberger.B. Sarma. Saudi Aramco 13363 Planning. Chintaluri. M. M. M.L. Halliburton Optimisation of Carbonate Stimulation Based on Long Term Well Performance Predictions C. R. Bahrain Petroleum Company Olivier Appert.H. Kuwait Oil Company. Bonis. Sieben. C. Nor. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 13870 Wide Azimuth Seismic: Azimuthal Analysis in Offset Vector Domain for Velocity and Amplitude J.R. Tirichine. Acting Chief Executive. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Hashim Mustafa El-Rifaai.K. E&P Technology. Mols. Sanchez.M.R. B. M.P. Acquisition and Processing of the First Industrial 3D Circular Shooting Seismic Survey E. Changqing Petroleum Exploration . A. Saudi Aramco Ramazan Kahraman. Reddick. Gazi. Maersk Oil and Gas. Myhre.A. Al-Jarwan. Postl. N. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Dukhan Hall SESSION 14: CORROSION AND METALLURGY IN GAS PROCESSING Session Chairpersons: Mohammed A. Johnston. Boelle. Wang. Song.K. B. Farah. Walshe. T. Kuwait Oil Development Company Speakers: Andrew Gould.J. Seeni. 8 December • 0830-1000 hours Al Majlis Hall PANEL SESSION 2: GLOBAL WORKFORCE CAPABILITY AND CAPACITY Session Chairpersons: Ali R. Total High Resolution 3D Seismic Data in Shallow Waters of Arabian Gulf: Acquisition and Processing Challenges R.H. A. Qatar University 13278 Sour Weight Loss Corrosion Management: An Extensive Review of Present Field Experience M. C. Singhal. Z. L. Tozzi.H. Texas A&M University Tuesday. Chairman and CEO. Wang. S. Y. Pedersen Tatalovic. Robinson. P. P. Chairman and CEO. Qatar Petroleum Alternates/Posters 13098 Advancements in Near Wellbore Stimulation with Fluidic Oscillator: Case Histories of North Africa K. A. D. Chang. N. Khan. ExxonMobil The Application of in Fissure Divert Fracturing Technology in Ultra Low Permeability Oilfield Z. Al Ajmi. Total 31 www. Qatar Petroleum. Vice President. Al-Ghuwinim.iptcnet. Bugeat. Alqam. Liu. Ren.H. 7 December • 1645–1815 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 13: WIDE AZIMUTH SEISMIC Session Chairpersons: Philippe Julien. BP Faisal Al-Mahroos. Schlumberger Chris E. Abass. S. S.R. X.S.Technical Programme 13316 Multi Stage Stimulation Technique Boosts Production for Horizontal Wells in Kuwait H. Head of Petroleum Engineering Department. M. Emang. B. Esso Norge. H. Chairman and Managing Director. Kritsanaphak. Valle. Li. P.Z.I. Ellison. Total Tuesday. Eni E&P Dukhan 3D: An Ultra High Density. N. Y. CCQ 13616 13294 Alternates/Posters 14085 Interpretation of a Wide Azimuth 3D Seismic on Irharen Field Timimoun Perimeter Algeria J. China National Petroleum Corporation 13721 13622 13489 Poster 13012 Evaluation of Acid Treatments in a Carbonate Reservoir: A Laboratory and Field Treatment Perspective D. A. D. Ali. Denis. Institut Français du Pétrole Stephen A. H. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Monday. ExxonMobil Development Company. Al Kharaz. Yadav. Shuchart. Al Matar. Pushing Reservoir Limits. RasGas Company. Desai.F. Total Leonard J. Holditch. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. ExxonMobil Qatar.

K. O. Qatar Petroleum Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Architecture of Prograding Carbonate Reservoirs of the Cretaceous of the Middle East E. Saudi Aramco John Ardill. Stephens. Dukhan Field. P. S. D. ExxonMobil 13993 13765 13581 13858 Alternates/Posters 14046 3D Stochastic Stratigraphic Well Correlation of Carbonate Ramp Systems F. Qatar N. Razin. ExxonMobil Qatar. A. Afifi. Sultan Qaboos University www. Schlumberger. ExxonMobil. Sariry. El 32 . E. Laboratoire de Geologie des Systemes et Reservoirs Carbonates. L. Hatami Boura. Viseur. ExxonMobil Production Research Company Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) Assessment in a Gas Processing Plant Y. Saudi Aramco Technical and Economical Aspects of Self Healing Coatings S. Ziauddin. H.Technical Programme 13733 Top of Line Corrosion Control in Large Diameter Wet Gas Pipelines J.P. Heavy Oil Wells: A Field Study from Argentina P.C. Tohidi. Halliburton. A.J. ExxonMobil Development Company. Perez 13174 13715 Alternates/Posters 13807 Environmental Cracking Assessment Challenges in Gas Processing Plant A. E. H. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 16: SEDIMENTOLOGY OF THE MIDDLE EAST RESERVOIRS Session Chairpersons: Abdulkader M. L. Chanpong. Dujoncquoy. Robinson. Rodriguez. Raafat. INPL ASGA CRPG. ENS Geologie/INPL Alternates/Posters 13157 Green Chemicals Opportunity for Water Treatment Process Steam EOR: A Case Study A. Suyoto. Singh. Lallier. Harami. Pacheco. Qatar Petroleum.P. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Al Maha Hall SESSION 15: PRODUCTION CHEMISTRY AND FLOW ASSURANCE 1 Session Chairpersons: Khalid K. Aboul Fotouh. Ahmed. Compaas Asociadas Petroleras Sociedad Anonima. Al Ansari. S. Puls. Nengkoda.W. EGID – Universite de Bordeaux 3 A Mid Jurassic Carbonate Reservoir Case Study. Qatargas Murtaza E. Grelaud. Appleyard. Vizcarra. Samadzadeh. Mohamed. Chazelas. Sudarsana. H. C. Dolphin Energy.I. V. Ibrahim. National Iranian Oil Company Poster 14072 13949 Production of Heavy Lubricating Oil Base Stocks and Analyses By Using a New Method BVHPLC M. Nguyen. Cai. Nguyen. Petroleum Development Oman. J. Abdelouahab. Reerink. P. S. Saravia. Schlumberger 13650 Prediction of Asphaltene Stability for Live Oils and Chemical Selection to Mitigate Deposition and Fouling S. Albotrous. Caumon. O. Al Azhar University. Fryer.V. ConocoPhillips Tuesday. Heriot Watt University Adaptive Hydrate Management Strategy for Compromised Insulation System in Deepwater Operations R.J. Total. T. O'Neill. W. ExxonMobil. Al Ansi. Petroleum University of Technology. S. Wright. M. E. Kraiwattanawong. S. Offshore Qatar: How to Capture High Permeable Streaks in a 3D Reservoir Model M. Saudi Aramco 13725 Controlling Solids Flowback to Maintain Production of Hydrocarbons: A Review of Successful Chemical Technologies in the Last Decade P. Borgomano. Saleem. Imbert. Total. J. ExxonMobil Abu Dhabi Gas Ventures 13631 Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Arab Formation Reservoirs. D. K. P.R. M. Fahad. J. B. Daparo. A.M. Sisak. Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute 13215 Tuesday. R. Iran Corrosion in Nonmetals A. H. S. Lavallie. Esmaeili. C. ConocoPhillips. Petroleum and Petrochemical College Successful Field Application of an Inhibitor Concentration Detection System in Optimising the Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor (KHI) Injection Rates and Reducing the Risks Associated with Hydrate Blockage P. S. Dobretsov. Riyami.D.iptcnet. Glenat. D. G.F. Said.D. Asher. F. Halliburton Preventing Proppant and Formation Sand Production in High Water Cut.T. Hall. Stoisits. Soliz.

Azem. A. Nardi.M. Uwaga. Eis. Zahedi. Centrica Energy Pore Scale Modelling to Supplement Laboratory Data for Improved Reservoir Characterisation of the Ourhoud Field. Schlumberger 14009 Downhole Gauges Save Rig Time in Extended Well Tests and Provide Unique Long Term Pressure Data R. Le Ravalec Dupin. Al Yami. Schlumberger. F. Salsman. A. Institut Français du Pétrole Hot Oil Circulation to Improve Oil Recovery: Results of the First Pilot P. Shell Multi Zone Well Testing with Downhole Tools in Extreme Sour Gas Conditions A. Youssef. Koops. Kuwait Oil Company Oligocene Larger Foraminifera from United Arab Emirates. C. Hubans. I. F. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 17: THERMAL EOR Session Chairpersons: Riyaz . Sorem. Al Owaihan.J. Oil and Gas Development Company 13695 Alternates/Posters 13023 Applicability of SOS FR (Steam Over Solvent Injection in Fractured Reservoirs) Method for Heavy Oil Recovery from Deep Fractured Carbonates T. Foulon Total.A. F. Baker Hughes 13130 Posters 12956 Recovery Behaviour of a Partly Illitised Sandstone Gas Reservoir A. C. H. Mercer. Terresk Busaidi. IRDC Joseph Ayoub.E.P. P. M. Iowa State University Successful Testing of Extreme HPHT Well in Pakistan M. Tanoli. Knowles.D. Algeria: A Case Study A. Oren. Majus Synergy. P.M. Petran Company Zara Z.O.New Straddle Packer System Reduces Operating Time in Stimulation and Swabbing Operations in the Golfo de San Jorge Basin: A Case Study G. Khatib.R. RasGas Company Tuesday. D. C. El Ghany. Ollier. J. Quaden. S.M. Velasquez.A. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 18: WELL TESTING Session Chairpersons: Iskander Diyashev.iptcnet. Saudi Arabian Chevron Feasibility Study of Time Lapse Seismic Monitoring of EOR with Steam Injection in a Heavy Oilfield S. N. Iran University of Science and Technology Petroleum Development Oman Minimises Gas Consumption for Thermal EOR Using Power Station Waste Heat R. Lys. Babadagli. Al Anezi. Schlumberger Engineering Success into Wireline Operations in High Pressure Gas Wells A. Anadarko Algeria Corporation. Moelker. C.M. W. Wang.1st Eocene Carbonate Reservoir A. Halliburton. Hollaender. Petroleum Development Oman 13814 13580 14106 Tuesday. A. El Ghany. D. University of Minnesota. University of Alberta 13899 33 www. UAE University Posters 13244 Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) Process for Improved Oil Recovery A. Chatzis.Technical Programme 13702 Facies and Cyclicity in the Lower Fars Formation in North Kuwait S. Kasiri. Pan American Energy. Ali Neyaei. Mock. Ismail. Ourhoud Oilfield Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Outcrops and Structural Setting O. Numerical Rocks. B. Occidental 13796 13854 13939 Alternates/Posters 13819 Innovative Joint Technology Collaboration Produces Successful Results .R. G.A. Liaqat. Hasan. O. Carr. Mohammadzadeh. M. Egypt: Their Biostratigraphy and Environmental Significance O. Oman and Western Desert. UAE University 13403 14107 Pore Level Visual Investigation of Heavy Oil Recovery Using Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Recovery Technique O. Riebe. W.F. Deemer. Al Bahlani. W. Brown Joint Operations. Usman Iqbal. A. Zolalemin.M. F.H. Clancey. L. A.M. T. Viola. Zubair. K.K. University of Waterloo Analysis and Applications of Steam Water Flow in Wells A. Shell 13271 PNZ Steam Flood Evaluation . Bashiri. Yuh. X. Hinojosa. Blonz.

L. Dajani.R.F. Gibrata. Total Issues and Design Trends in Onshore Gas Reception Facilities J. Nederlandse Aardolie Mij. Daungkaew. H. M. Saudi Aramco Poster 13623 Advanced Formation Testing and PVT Sampling in Deep Gas Condensate Reservoir: A Case Study from Malaysia S. Ramazanov. J. J. Valiullin. Hemingway. Al Saadi. Geotech Incorporated. Little. Al Belushi. Khlybov. B. Schlumberger. Jaspers. Wu. Salamat.K.M. Texas A&M University at Qatar Paul Dolan. Schlumberger. Ravula. A. H. F. Watanabe. Daqing Oilfield Company 13891 Tuesday. A. PETRONAS Carigali 13569 Tuesday. R. G. M. Lawal. A. A. Qatar Petroleum 34 www. A. Aultman.S. Choudhuri. Schlumberger Tuesday. Poe. F. W. Cheong. Weinheber. Al Mahamidh. Lees. Qatargas 14101 Inline Separation Pilot to Support Produced Water Injection in PDO P. Tohoku University 13544 13649 13481 Alternate/Poster Application of Chelatants in the Handling of ASP Produced Fluid to Facilitate Produced Water Treatment D. Shell International E&P Active WF (Pattern) Management through Modern Online Production Data Base Systems Using Classical Techniques: A Case Study on Heavy Oilfields in South Oman V. C. Shako. P. Bashkir State University. Hartog.A. Al Khalifa.A. Gupta. Twohig. Cherukupalli. Erkal. N. Meng. Chevron Thermal Modelling for Characterisation of Near Wellbore Zone and Zonal Allocation . Sun.P.H. Weiss. V.J. Petroleum Development Oman Optimisation Method for Line Pipe Selection and Sizing: A Case Study from Saudi Aramco Water Injection System H.B. S. K. Vesovic. J. Canas. Q.P. Imperial College 14039 13512 13492 14016 Alternates/Posters 13321 Choose the Right Gas Dehydration Method and Optimise Your Design R. Strong. Kuwait Oil Company 13917 Heavy Oil Sampling with Wireline Formation Testers: A Global Perspective P. Mullens.S. Zhao. 8 December • 0830–1000 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 19: UNCONVENTIONAL: HEAVY OIL Session Chairpersons: Ameera Mustafa. X. V. Liu. L. Zhao. M. N. Julander. Shah. Che Yusoff. BP Exploration A New Hybrid Solvent for Improved Mercaptan Removal R.A. Verbeek.C. A. Saudi Aramco Khalid Ahmed. C. Kishita. Sanderson. Minhas. Alternates/Posters 13943 Dielectric Dispersion Measurements in California Heavy Oil Reservoirs J. G. Kader.Technical Programme 13225 Design and Evaluation of the Transient Performance of Horizontal Wells Which Use Inflow Control Devices for Inflow Profile Modification B.iptcnet. V. Cheng. Petroleum Development Oman Observation of the Heavy Crude Oil Dissolution Behavior Under Supercritical Condition of Water A. Cadours. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 21: GAS PROCESSING AND TRANSPORTATION Session Chairpersons: Farid Benyahia. R. H. D. Knauer.H. Fadhil. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Majlis Hall SESSION 20: WATERFLOOD SURVEILLANCE AND WATER MANAGEMENT 2 Session Chairpersons: Anuj Gupta. Hilton. Schlumberger Benefits of Tailored Surveillance Efforts in Heavy Oil Water Floods: A Case Study from a Major Brownfield in South Oman B.A.N.A. IRDC 13661 An Integrated System for Pipeline Condition Monitoring A. J.C. Schlumberger. Zomerman.H.D.V. Qatar University Iskander Diyashev. Schlumberger. Sadretdinov A Model of First Contact Condensation in a Heavy Oil Reservoir Heated by a Condensable Fluid K. F.



W.D. C. Qatar J. Liu. W.Quantifying Major Accident Risks V. Università Degli Studi di Perugia. Blyth. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 13072 Posters 13357 ExxonMobil Production Company Gas Management System L. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.iptcnet. G. Wilkinson. Saudi Aramco Optimisation and Innovation Works on Gas Gathering Technology and Techniques in the Sulige Gasfield Y. Miller. Sharma. Liu. R. Wang. Mcilroy. S.Technical Programme 13248 Hydrate Formation and Prevention in Gas Condensate Pipeline J. B. Foglesong. Wang.A. Shell 13636 13258 Alternates/Posters 13914 Zero Gen Campuses Development in India: A Sustainable Promise Made to the Society V. E. Qatar Petroleum A Geological View into Permo Triassic Khuff Reservoirs from Outcrop Analogues in the United Arab Emirates F. China National Petroleum Corporation 13851 13478 Real Time Simulation of the Dispersion of Accidental Emission Release of Hazardous Substance on Industrial Site Using 3D Modelling J.E. Teodoriu. Parker. Ling. Gensol Consultants 13108 37 www. H. G. Wyoming. Carniani. S. Eni E&P HSE in Design and Operation for Sour Gas Facilities A. P. D. A. Maurer. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 14112 Qatar Photochemical Modelling Platform: A New Tool to Optimise Air Pollution Control for the Oil and Gas Industries D. Lecoeur. Falcone. Kozar. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 23: OUTCROP AND MODERN ANALOGUES FOR THE MIDDLE EAST DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENTS Session Chairpersons: Ibrahim Al Ghamdi. Symes.G. Saudi Aramco John Ardill. Rasheed. Al Mulla. Le Blanc. D. Jewitt. RasGas Measurement of Gas Viscosity at High Pressures and High Temperatures K. M. Moin. A. Cirilli. J.R. RasGas Company. WesternGeco Joseph M. Total. Petroleum Development Oman CO2 Management at ExxonMobil's LaBarge Field. Al Ansi. Efficient and Reliable Carbon Dioxide Storage Projects J.A. ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil. Eni E&P How to Feed Gas Plants with Uncontaminated Effluents and How to Avoid Environmental Pollution During Testing/Cleaning Operations of Newly Drilled/Worked Over Gas Wells A.G. Dukhan Field.A. Northrop. USA M. Hillgartner. Bharat Petroleum 13528 13336 13535 13362 Tuesday. Rettori. D. Scataglini. Y. Reilly. A. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 22: HSE 1 Session Chairpersons: Jonathan Anderson. R. Libre.E. A. ExxonMobil Production Company. Jameson. Ahmed.E. Grazioli. Maersk Oil Qatar. Valencia. Xue. Z. G. Qatar Petroleum Italian Case: Odor Control in Mercaptan Containing Condensate C. Yang. Imperial College Posters 13237 Process Methodological Relationship Between RAM and QRA L.D. A. Ge. Vyawahare. H. P. Infosys Technologies. Total E&P Qatar. . Qatar Petroleum The Use of a Plume Modelling Study to Reduce the Risk of H2S Release in an Exploration Well to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) J. G.S. ExxonMobil Abu Dhabi Gas Ventures 13629 The Dukhan Sabkha: A Modern Analogue for the Arab C Carbonate Reservoir. Shell International E&P Innovative Environmental Initiatives Adopted at BPC Mumbai Refinery A. Vesovic. M. Pedrick.T. ExxonMobil Production Company. Davani. P. I. Martini. Genpac. Tripathi. Texas A&M University LNG . ExxonMobil 13885 13996 Tuesday. Rao. Duncan. McCain. Al Abri. J. Puls. Padmanabhan. Fluidyn Subsurface Design for Safe. Petroleum Development Oman.

Malik. B. R. Moffett. Zakum Development Company 13346 13329 Staged Design of an EOR Pilot B.iptcnet.D. P. M. M. ExxonMobil Alternates/Posters 13659 An Outcrop Analog of Kharaib and Shu'aiba Reservoir: Example of the Urgonian Platform (Lussanenque Area. P. E.H. R. Etten. Xie. Entchev. Van Dorp. Maersk Oil Qatar. Schlumberger. B.A. Frank. Alvarez. D.R. Gardiner. Shuchart.J.K. Machado. Mogensen. Clingman. Stow.H. Combellas. Schlumberger. Al Suwaidi.H. E. Barry. W. Wattenbarger. Hasler. C.P. Hamzah. Billeaud. Pabian Goyheneche. Brock. Hecker. Buchem. University of Geneva. Saebi. Noman. Elshayeb. D. Ellison. Roslan.W. ExxonMobil Production Company. L. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 24: EOR FIELD CASES Session Chairpersons: Nawzad Khurshid. D. Ajilon Engineering. E. B. Mattio. A. Livas University of Perpignan. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 25: COMPLETIONS Session Chairpersons: Bill Martin. Musgrove.S. Yusoff. Maersk Oil and Gas. ExxonMobil Advancing Self Mitigating Sand Control Screen C. Hood. Offshore Qatar S. M. Baker Hughes Design and Implementation of Horizontal Injectors for Liquid Injection from Gas Production and LNG Operations in Qatar D. SE France) G. Gard. Wibisono. Davaud. Szymkowski. Klein. Schlumberger 13863 The First Passive Inflow Control Device that Maximises Productivity During Every Phase of a Well's Life M. Petrie. T.R. J. ExxonMobil Development Company. Habib. Liaohe Oilfield Company. J. Zakum Development Company Kamel Bennaceur. Jaafar. Rosenbaum.A. Wendorff. Total Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Controls of Nahr Umr Iron Rich Sheet Sands in a Unique Mid Cretaceous Reservoir (Offshore Qatar) F. Jorry. B. Heriot Watt University 13719 13605 14058 Tuesday.A. Laurier. P. C.S. Qatar Petroleum Heavy Oil: Development Challenges and Implementations of Technologies and Processes in an Investment and Carbon Constrained World Z.R.C. J. S. R. M. Petroleum Development Oman 13596 www. Dale. Occidental Middle East Development Company Qasem Al-Kayoumi. C.J. Schlumberger. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. C. Total E&P Qatar.J.P. C.A. Do. Howell. T.M. A. Moahamad. Cuadros Isaza. Frebourg. External Sleeve Inflatable Packer Collars and Swell Packers for Zonal Isolation 38 13887 13408 Alternates/Posters 13615 Geological Borehole Image Technologies to Unlock Oman's Complex Gas Bearing Amin Formation R. China National Petroleum Corporation Tuesday. X. M.E. V.F. Van Lingen. A.H. M. Adibhatla. Khatib.Technical Programme 13076 A Modern Analogue for Middle East Carbonate Reservoirs: The Lagoon of Al Dakhirah in Qatar B. S. A. O. Dubrule.B. F. N. Lawatia. I. B. Qatar Petroleum Thin Bedded Turbidites: Decoding the Record D. Nygaard. Yeh. S. K. Caline. Fraisse. J. L. Fitz. PETRONAS Carigali Dual Pod ESP's Completion Mitigates Risk and Maximises Performance for Al Khalij Field. K. M. E. Terre. T. S.A. R. A. Russell. . Liu. Peterson. D. Long. Bildstein. Total E&P France. M. Troshko. B. M. I.F. C.D. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. RasGas Company.E. Hecker.T. Xie. Gjerdingen. Qatar Petroleum Lessons Learnt on the Open Hole Completions for the Two HPHT Retrograde Gas Condensate Fields Using Expandable Liner Hangers. Mirza. ExxonMobil Development Company. Parapat. G.H. Hoch.O. Pabian-Goyheneche. Elazabi. M. Garcia. Munoz. Shell 13614 Alternates/Posters 13974 An Economic Solution to Revive Sanded Wells. T. Baker.A. Tessier. Total E&P Qatar.J. First Rigless through Tubing Gravel Pack in Malaysia S.P. T. ExxonMobil Screening of EOR Processes for the Kharaib B Reservoir of the Giant Al Shaheen Field. Coronado. Offshore Qatar R.T. University of Caen 13572 Technology and Application of Recycling Produced Water from Heavy Oil Production to Steam Generators J. J. A.

B. F. LIAD ASGA.iptcnet. Poedjono. Levy. INRIA A Retrospective Safety Case for an Advanced Driller's Cabin Using the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) A. S. Andersen. University of Louisiana at Lafayette.K. McCulloch. Meher.J. S. Wade. National Oilwell Varco 13740 13755 13122 13900 Posters 13142 Managing Drilling Risk and Uncertainty Standard in Well Placement B. M. E. Prange. Jackson. Schlumberger. Cominelli. J.J. 8 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 26: MANAGING RISKS AND UNCERTAINTIES Session Chairpersons: Joseph M. A. G. Khan Alternates/Posters 13328 Importance of Risk Tolerance Criteria in the Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment in Oil and Gas Industry D. V. Dasgupta. G. Kim. Maersk Oil Qatar Deployment Strategies to Reduce Risk in the Acquisition of Formation Evaluation Data R. International Research Institue of Stavanger Quantifying the Value of a Future Pressure Transient Well Test with Reservoir and Measurement Uncertainty M. Sabah. Schlumberger Uncertainty Management on a Reservoir Workflow M. Lombardo. V. Murugappan. Weatherford 14076 13376 14084 Tuesday. S. Jain. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Flushbys: A Highly Efficient and Versatile Service Technology K. Vice President Middle East. Vimercati.T. Banerjee. Shell Qatar Ladislas Paszkiewicz. Veerana. W. D. Eni E&P.Technical Programme J. I. Managing Director and CEO. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Al Majlis Hall PANEL SESSION 3: GLOBAL GAS OUTLOOK: NEW GAS CHAINS Session Chairpersons: Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi. Schlumberger. Total Thomas R. Sharma. W. Y. Phillips. Taoutaou. Lim.J. Kwang. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Olivier Dubrule. Bailey. Korea National Oil Corporation Posters 13049 The Use of Self Healing Cement to Ensure Long Term Zonal Isolation for HPHT Wells Subject to Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in Pakistan S. Halliburton. Viard. Williford.W. M. ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Company 13595 13768 39 www. Kuwait National Petroleum New Perspectives for 3D Visualisation of Dynamic Reservoir Uncertainty T. Ghalambor. Executive Vice President. OMV (Pakistan) Exploration A New Method to Predict Performance of Horizontal and Multilateral Wells A. Salehpour.C.K.S. Hugot. President. Gringarten. G. S. Dovera. Fleck. Walker. A. Total E&P Qatar 13748 Benchmark Study of Ensemble Kalman Filter Methodology: History Matching and Uncertainty Quantification for a Deep Water Oil Reservoir A. A.J. Caumon. D.L. ENS Geologie/INPL. H. Skramstad. D. Busby. Norwegian University of Science and Technology.L. Weatherford To Cure Lost Circulation by Use of Nanotechnology D. Kuchinski. Paradigm. Walters. Tabatabaei.D. T. D. BG Group Speakers: Andrew Brown. Kuchuk. Naevdal.R. S. RasGas Company Arshad Sufi. Feraille.S. Labonte. . Shafqat. K. B. Reilly. Texas A&M University Improving Liner Cementation Against Loss Prone Highly Inclined Section in Western Offshore Field of ONGC R. A. Muhammad. President Middle East. Nizam. L. Institut Français du Pétrole Tuesday. Diaconu.

Dusseault.M.P. Masias. C. Rao. ExxonMobil Development Company. Qatar Petroleum. Santarelli. I. Ossai. H.iptcnet. Oilfield Geomechanics International Separation and Recycling of Waste Oil Based Drilling Muds R. Pluspetrol Peru. Saudi Aramco 13745 13654 13238 13429 Alternates/Posters Alternates/Posters 13593 Environmental Management Process for Major Projects D. L. Shell.The ExxonMobil (FC)2 Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carbonates S. Sanfilippo. K. Cairo University Water Sustainability and the Petroleum Industry S. Qatar.J.M. Callon.W. Gilmour.A. RasGas Company. National Oilwell Varco.L.M. Bseiso. Kemira Water Solutions. ExxonMobil The After Effect of Crude Oil Spillage on Some Associated Heavy Metals in the Soil T. Petroleum Development Oman Sridhar Srinivasan. Sunardi. Petrotechnics Poster 13713 Understanding Sudair Formation Water Flow Risk While Drilling the North Field. RasGas Company. Volve Meeting Complex Drilling and Subsurface Challenges Through Advanced Software Tools E. A.A. Suarez Pineda. Qatar Petroleum Integrating of Real Time Data and Past Experiences for Reducing Operational Problems S. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 13969 13415 13099 Posters 13299 Drill Cuttings Injection and Monitoring for a Remote Pad Drilling Operation on an Environmentally Sensitive Site in Peru S. Duru. Moynihan. Kemira Water Services. I. Saudi Aramco Reddy S.R. Ossai. Farinato. Ahmadzamri. D. ConocoPhillips Meeting the Challenge of Global Climate Change with Technology Innovation Y. K. F. Airoldi. A. Abou Sayed. Norwegian University of Science and Technology.M. Aggour. Valipour Shokouhi. TECHNOLOGY Session Chairpersons: Emad Buhulaigah. Cassanelli. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 27: HSE 2 Session Chairpersons: Hafez Al-Shammery. PT Medco E&P Indonesia 13707 Qatargas 2–Leading the Way in Clean LNG Train Technology M.S. D. Aamodt. Krishna.A. Qatar P. Baxter. K.S. He. A. Wang. C. Baker. Khawaja. Challenges and Trends G.Technical Programme Tuesday. Qatargas Waste Disposal into the Deep UndergroundTechnical and Economical Considerations for Applications Outside the Oil Industry F. China National Petroleum Corporation Large Scale Implementation of ISSOW Followed by the HSE Driven Harmonisation Initiative in the UKCS Analysing the Drivers. J. F. Zaki. A. Marinello. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company A Multidisciplinary Professional On-Boarding Program for E&P New Hires T. ExxonMobil Qatar 13347 13525 14061 www. P.J. Rasi. M I Swaco Tuesday. Cranfield University. Arubi. Advantek International Corporation. Musgrove. Brandt NOV. J. Mulkay. University of Waterloo. I. U.P. Remmert. M. Pierce.F.Benefits of a Multi-disciplinary Study A.I. Adham. C. McCosh. M. P. Schlumberger 13175 A Paradigm Shift for Industry Academic Collaboration . 40 . 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 28: INTEGRATION BUSINESS. Nigerian AGIP Oil Company 13270 Development and Usages of Geographical Information System (GIS) at Ras Laffan Industrial City. GeoMechanics International.I. Kumar. S. Agar. Federal University of Technology. Mackay. ExxonMobil Delivering World Class Completions in the North Field through Collaboration and Technology Development N. Ghoneim.B.R. Pratt. Skalle.I.

Maurer. Tohoku University 13167 Poster 13503 Assessing Fluid Migration and Quantifying Remaining Oil Saturation in a Mature Carbonate Reservoir: Dukhan Arab L. A. Halliburton Optimal Well Placement in Long Horizontal Developments: Al Khalij Case N. Al Ansari.I.A. Watanabe. H. Institut Français du Pétrole 13664 13875 13909 13728 Alternates/Posters 13385 High Permeability Streaks Characterisations in Middle East Carbonate Reservoirs P. Kuwait Oil Company. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 29: APPLIED GEOLOGICAL CONCEPTS IN CARBONATES Session Chairpersons: Naji A. S. E. E. Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services. Sonatrach Poster 13164 Three Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow through Fractured Rock Core Using X Ray Computed Tomography N. K. F.A. Endamne. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 30: FLUID FLOW IN FRACTURED RESERVOIRS Session Chairpersons: Adrian Mellin. D. Qatar J. Kozar. N.N.G. Dix. T. T. M. Omar. M. M. Barakat. M. Qatar Petroleum.Technical Programme Tuesday. Habib. Shell Frederic Roggero. R. Canbaz.N. Depositional Facies Distribution Revealed from Extended Reach Horizontal Wells in Al Shaheen Field. Puls. Leduc. Majid. Dehesdin. Ghedan. Hamim. Dukhan Field. Cecile. Libya A. A.E. Emmanuelle.M. Total Effect of Wettability.M. Minagish Field. C. Total E&P Qatar. M. Cherif. Carine. . Kralik.H. M. Total 13726 Shuaiba Formation. F. A. Hoch. Gouth. Qatar Petroleum A High Resolution Chemostratigraphy Application in Carbonates: A Case Study in the Cretaceous Mishrif Reservoir. C. Tsuchiya. Al Ansi. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company.G. Bourbiaux. N.P. Total 14038 13876 120687 Identification and Characterisation of Producing Fractures in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using PIWD M. Van Buchem. R.J. Hughes. M. Meyer. I. Rais. Total Tuesday. Qatar F.G. Institut Français du Pétrole 13727 Analysis of Flow Mechanisms in a Faulted Carbonate Oilfield through Reservoir Simulation and Experimental Design G. R. Socquet Juglard. K. Noman. Robert. Christian. Hirano. Al Suwaidi. Qassim. AurClien. Hailwood. Elsadawi. A. K. Total E&P Qatar. Qatar Petroleum 41 www.A. F.A. ExxonMobil Qatar Use of Automated Mineralogical Scanning and Magnetic Anisotropy Techniques to Aid Permeability Predictions in Fine Grained Carbonates and Micro Porous Reservoirs A. Gezeeri. P. Al Qarshubi.J. Maersk Oil Qatar. Shape Factor and Interfacial Tension on the Oil Recovery from Natrually Fractured Reservoirs S. Qatar Petroleum Understanding the Oil Recovery Challenge of Water Drive Fractured Reservoirs B. F.H. Rebelle. H. Kuwait T. Fugro Robertson Core Scale Heterogeneity and Resistivity Modelling for Accurate Fluid Status and Saturation Evaluation in Non Archie Carbonate Reservoir.H. N.iptcnet. Berkat. Meissner. Kartobi. E. Zereik. Attia. Gibert. J. Qatar Petroleum State of the Art Special Core Analysis Program Design for Effective Reservoir Management. Bahrain Petroleum Company Louaï Machhour. J. G. Jameson. Guyotte. Wang. Trabelsi. R. Offshore. F. Petroleum Institute Alternates/Posters 13679 Holocene Sabkha and Coastal Systems of Qatar: Process Models for the Interpretation of Ancient Arabian Plate Carbonate Evaporite Reservoirs J.H. V. Franck. Qutob.M. Narayanan.M. Ecole Nationale Superieure des Petrole et Moteurs. Barrios Vera. Weatherford.

S. J. Heidari. Centrica Energy A Proven Approach to Mitigating Drilling Vibration Problems in Offshore Western Australia A. M.C.L. Gelfgat. H. Khemakhem. H. B.iptcnet. A. Vakhrushev.A. Faisal. T. W. Pemex E&P Case Study: High Angle Directional Drilling with 9 5/8 inch Casing in Offshore Qatar D. O. A.K. Aquatic Weatherford. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. J. E. J. Tafreshi. Marti. OMV New Zealand Aluminium Pipes: A Viable Solution to Boost Drilling and Completion Technology M. Dahl. Baker Hughes. M.Z. Lazarev Calibrating Fracture Gradients Against Losses: An Example Demonstrating Possibilities and Limitations S. Abed. L. Increases Penetration Rates in Deep Hard and Abrasive East Texas Formation D. Sikandar. M.D. AL Yaqoubi.). Gala. ExxonMobil Qatar Combining Wireline and LWD Borehole Seismic Images for Drilling HPHT Well: A Novel Approach T. Universidade Federal de Itajube. Mexico X.R. F. M. Casanova. McFarland. Wendt. Gibrata. International Research Institute of Stavanger 13989 13229 13256 14091 www. Load Leveling and Grid Drilling R. S. Brunnert. ReedHycalog Coring Services 13313 Keeping Shale Formation Stability by Optimising Drilling Fluids in Yangta Oilfield. Bedino.M.C. Schlumberger 13334 13627 14005 13758 13399 13831 13846 Alternates/Posters 13349 Managing Drilling Vibrations through BHA Design Optimisation J.M. Wu. D. University of Houston Advancement in Drilling. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 31: DRILLING CHALLENGES Session Chairpersons: Bertrand Bacaud. S. Weatherford. Sorem. Verano Smith Technologies.R. Southwest Petroleum University. Weatherford Deep Water Drilling: Full Pressure Profile Control in Open Hole Section Utilising Model Predictive Control Y. King. R. Puga. Al Athbah. A. Ondo. Tikhonov. PETRONAS Carigali 13847 13083 13978 Posters 13045 Electromagnetic Telemetry in Measurement While Drilling with a Wireless Relay Network H.V. Liu. J.S. V. D. Sidley. Niedermayr. Hoddinott. Tan.M. P. C.H.K. Schlumberger.K. Skelhorn. R. Nunes. Stevens. Texas A&M University Special Problems and Solution in Salt Drilling Related to the Petroleum Industry A. Shuchart.O. Bailey. Tesco Corporation. Bartetzko. D. A. M. J. Paez. Schlumberger. Nascimento. H. Completing and Perforating Techniques Results in Higher than Expected Deliverability from Grove Gas Field Wells A. Petroleum Development Oman First Australasian Batch Conductor Drilling World Record Size . B. Remmert. Perez Tellez. M.C. Nygaard. P. Luo. Tarim Oilfield Company HT Deep Horizontal Gas Drilling in Challenging Conditions M. A.A. Turki.T.R. Schlumberger. Lim. Total Shahid A. Badr. P.Ahead of Time Estimate M. A. Occidental Petroleum Qatar. Aquatic Company. 42 . F. Van Zyl. J. Prohaska Application of Advanced Dynamics Modelling Significantly Improves the Stability of Rotary Steerable Drilling with Roller Reamers.Y. Schlumberger 13421 Drilling and Completion Technology Solutions for Challenging North Field Operations B.Technical Programme Tuesday. Qatar Petroleum Comprehensive Geomechanics Study Mitigates Severe Stuck Pipe Problems in Development Drilling in Bohai Bay. Basovich. ConocoPhillips Drilling Rig Fuel and Emissions Reduction Through Regenerative Braking. Wessling. Hanley. Clancey. Smith Drilling and Evaluation. RasGas Company. Schlumberger. Craig. H.A.C. Stephens. Ahmed. Mayol (Jr. Western China X. Columba. Odell. Breyholtz. T. D. G. Liu. E.J. Quine. Haq. A. Shearer. OMV E&P. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Changes to Drilling. Luo. Liang. Wu.M. Al Sharafi. S. Utama. M. C. Liu. A.D. Vieira.M. Weatherford. Naseri. S. China B. Garcia. NOV Downhole. C. Nasrummnallah. A. Pearse. Santos.E. Pei. P.

8 December • 1600–1730 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 34: GAS PROCESSING Session Chairpersons: Abdallah Al-Amer. Qatar Petroleum Ron Gilliland. Saudi Aramco Plant Performance Monitoring: Improving Surveillance of Rotating Equipment on a Gas Processing Plant S. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Increasing Recovery in the Complex Reservoirs in the Al Shaheen Field. Romashkin.Fluids Monitoring in Reservoirs J. Barakat. Saudi Aramco 13617 High Resolution. C. Nguyen.C. Quigley. P. Qatar Petroleum. F. C. Operation and Bed Replacement Experience O. S. J. Kuwait Oil Company 13983 43 www. RasGas Company. M. Qatar Petroleum 13070 13888 Tuesday. WesternGeco Quantitative 4D Warping Inversion A. Bradley. Cogan. Ahmadzamri. R. Ghosh. Kuwait B. Total 12938 Mercury Removal Unit (MRU) Process. Burgan Field. Egan. D. Maersk Oil Qatar. M. Seeger. State of Qatar A. Denis. 8 December • 1345–1515 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 32: SEISMIC ACQUISITION AND PROCESSING Session Chairpersons: Henry Shunhua Cao.S. Strobbia. Total Gas as a Raw Material for Future Petrochemical Industry . Galtie. Saudi Aramco 14017 13905 Efficiently Removing Natural Gas Contaminants A. Grandi. Robert. RasGas Company 14099 13640 4D Gravity . WesternGeco Tuesday.Technical Programme Tuesday. B. Shell Global Solutions Down Hole Sulphur Removal and Recovery S. Mrlina. University of the Faroe Island Meeting the Challenge of Mesozoic Exploration A. Geophysical Institute Successful Reservoir Monitoring with 4D MicroGravity at Ras Laffan.P. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 35: INTEGRATED RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT AND SURVEILLANCE 1 Session Chairpersons: Aize Al-Mudheki. B. Noman.R. Theuveny.W. Sadeqzaddeh. Total.B. Jaafar. Saudi Aramco Alternate/Poster 13608 Improved Gas Recovery by Means of Data Validation and Reconciliation for Optimal Plant Performance thru online Monitoring A. CrystaTech 13689 Alternates/Posters 14068 Multiphase Metering in Siberian Gas and Condensate Fields . Maktouf. CGGVeritas. Shabrawi.K.D. Alsuezi. Ohrt. M. Lopdrup. Vermeer. Bridle. Van Baaren. Brochard. Schlumberger Khalid Rufaii. Petrinec. VSFusion Requirements for Improved Resolution M. VandenBosch. Laake. M.J.V. Saudi Aramco Shaker N. Robinson.L. S.M. Velasco. Tuesday. Musgrove. D. I. A. H. Tarbiat Modares University Posters 13441 13998 14104 14000 Alternates/Posters 13660 Elastic Time Reverse Modelling Imaging Conditions B. Lallemand. L. B. Schlumberger. Offshore Qatar. Angelich. TNK BP Monitoring Uneven Depletion and Evaluation of Bypassed Pay in a Brownfield Using Pulsed Neutron Capture Log C: A Case Study in Third Sand Middle.T. F. P. Seeni. Total.M.M.R. Simultaneous VSP and Land Seismic Acquisition S.iptcnet. R. Al Anezi. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Al Majlis Hall SESSION 33: INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT The overall winning team of IPTC “Excellence in Project Integration” Award will present its winning project during this session. Weiss. Spectraseis Multiple Attenuation for the GlyVeST Seismic Data from the Faroes: An Integrated Workflow Using Modelling and SRME K. Artman. S. Mahrous.F. K. ExxonMobil Exploration Company.Lessons Leant in Multiphase Well Testing Operations Since 2006 B. by Mastering Reservoir Pressure for Large Scale Horizontal Infill Drilling T.M. Keyvanloo. Baageel.

Bu Hindi. Shell 13327 Successful Implementation of a Gas Injection Trial in a Low Permeability Carbonate Reservoir. M. Kalam. Institut Français du Pétrole Challenges of Saturation Height Modelling in a Low Resistivity. Total Tuesday. Vizcarra. Noman. O. T. Rebelle. B. the Proprietary Eni Managed Pressure Drilling with Uninterrupted Mud Circulation: Technical Update after the First Year's Activity G. ExxonMobil Pore to Grid Carbonate Rock Typing M. Schlumberger 13393 High Permeability Layers in Carbonates: Innovative 3D Modelling Approach in Lower Cretaceous Reservoirs. Meyer. Qatar L. Petroleum Institute 14029 14109 13867 www. H. Frank. Schlumberger. J. 44 . Bul Hanine Field. Zakum Development Company Laboratory Studies at Reservoir Conditions on the Impact of Acid Gas and CO2 Displacements on a Carbonate Matrix T. J. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Reservoir Rock Type Classification and Variation of Reservoir Quality in the Arab Formation. Konwar. Liu. Lerat. A. H.A. Gee. Qatar Petroleum Eight Years of Gas Injection Performance Analysis and Sector Modelling for Re-design of a Pilot in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir L. Mogensen. Zhang.iptcnet. A. Umbhauer. Ruelland. Gibson.S. E. Schnacke. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations. BP. IFP Middle East Consulting Zara Z. Girola. Zaidi. Offshore Qatar K. International Research Institute of Stavanger Tight Gas Reservoir Exploitation with Underbalanced Drilling Technology J. S. O. Trabelsi. R. Chanpong.P. Weber. Dukhan Field.K. Vizika. Qatar Petroleum. Al Sahn.E. Qatar Petroleum Carbonate Rock Physics Issues E. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 37: GAS INJECTION IN IOR/EOR Session Chairperson: Marc Durandeau. H. Core Laboratories Canada. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 38: MANAGED PRESSURE DRILLING/ UNDERBALANCED DRILLING Session Chairpersons: Gamal Hassan. Steuber. Baker Hughes Tom L. L. Obeida.J. F. Algive. V. Parain. ExxonMobil Alternate/Poster 14096 Gas Centrifugal Compressors Re-engineering for Flaring Reduction and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Mature Fields G. Calderoni.I. Fryer. S. M. Total 13578 Tuesday. Alsuwaidi. Ekamba. R. Complex Carbonate Porosity System: The Impact of Microporosity in the Uwainat Formation. Eni E&P 13850 Posters 13947 Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of Tuba in Sabriyah Field. Vega. Khatib.Technical Programme Tuesday. Shell E&P International ENBD. S. Masalmeh. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 36: RESERVOIR QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE Session Chairpersons: Jean-Claude Dutry. Abdelouahab. Gravdal. Time.W. Sykes. Sedimentological and Diagenetic Characteristics of Early Cretaceous Carbonate Rocks from the Middle East M.J. A. North Kuwait S. Total E&P Qatar Ralf Polinski. Weatherford 13959 Real Time Evaluation of Kick During Managed Pressure Drilling Based on Wired Drill Pipe Telemetry J. Shell 14088 13628 13669 13120 Alternates/Posters 14049 Reactive Pore Network Modelling Technology to Evaluate the Impact of Diagenesis on the Petrophysical Properties of a Rock S. Maersk Oil Qatar. Offshore Qatar G. M. A. Ramalho.Z. Bekri. Exxonmobil Production Company. Offshore Abu Dhabi P. A. R. Kuwait Oil Company Correlation Between Rock Physical Properties. Jameson. Hall.

Mahmoud. Qatargas The Challenges and Countermeasures in China's Natural Gas Rapid Development Period C. Okamoto. N.A. T.L. Rennox. Saudi Aramco Hashim Hashim. J. Xu. Felton. Morris. E. Executive Vice President. W. Maclean.M. Tsuchiya. L.A. Vice President Exploration. Faruk. CNG. Mohamud. Qatar Petroleum Speakers: Abdullah A.C.iptcnet.C. Business and Growth. Hirano. I.L.C. Jiang. Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies 13305 13467 Tuesday. JSC. South and East Kuwait. Watanabe. Al Jeelani. Tohoku University Fluid Discrimination Applying AVA Potentiality for Carbonate Reservoir in UAE S.A. Chen. Guzman. B. Othman. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations. Aertssen Witham. Saudi Aramco 13464 Innovation and Integration in LNG Technology Solutions M. 8 December • 1600–1730 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 39: LOW FREQUENCIES AND ROCK PHYSICS Session Chairpersons: Abdulrahim Shaikh Mubarak. T.J. Makhous. Soroka. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 40: LNG Session Chairpersons: Rafi Baghdijian. Khamees. V. Islam. E.B. Swatton. Singh.C.D. Halliburton. Evgenity. D. Thore. A. Deputy Managing Director. Eronina.The Qatargas 2 Experience J. Karimi Execution of LNG Mega Trains . Shabalin.A. GTL and NGH for Monetisation of Stranded Associated Gas R. X. A. S. Al Azhar University 13709 13540 13143 Alternates/Posters 14083 Evaluation of LNG.Technical Programme Alternates/Posters 13826 Underbalanced Drilling Operation in Shale Borehole Stability Consideration . IMPROVED RECOVERY AND UNCONVENTIONAL Session Chairpersons: Claudio Descalzi. M. A. C. China National Petroleum Corporation 13952 13693 Alternates/Posters 13678 Experience in Low Frequency Spectral Analysis of Passive Seismic Data in Volga Ural Oil Bearing Province E. Middle East and South Asia. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Using Productivity Index Approximations While Drilling on Saudi Aramco UBCTD Project S. P. Montana State University Regional Scale Rock Physics Modelling for Quantitative Analysis of Seismic Amplitudes in the Malay Basin. Shell Shaker Mahrous. Chief Operating Officer. Rizhov. Khalilpour. Eni E&P Khalid Al-Rumaihi. J. Shell Global Solutions Leveraging a Common Infrastructure to Support Qatar C_C_'s Rapid LNG Expansion K. WesternGeco 13910 Accurate Generation of Synthetic Seismograms on Fractured and Karstic Reservoirs Using a New Finite Difference Scheme P. Rode. Miller. China National Petroleum Corporation Poster 13331 Infrasonic Passive Monitoring Technology E. Manager Exploration and PSA Oil Development. Gradient. Zhao. Restucci. Rizhov. Maclean. Birialtsev. Saudi Aramco Tarek Nafie. Al-Naim. Skalle. Spectraseis. E.O. Riahi. Rennox. Kuwait Oil Company Patrick Pouyanné. Total Raoul M. N. A. Vildanov Development of Discrete Fracture Network Model Simulator GeoFlow for Evaluation of Three Dimensional Channeling Flow N. Y. Qatargas 13136 13697 45 www. A. Kelly. PETRONAS Carigali Wednesday. M. Senior Vice President Strategy. Malaysia N. Ishibashi. Shell E&P International Wednesday. Shayegi. National University Of Singapore. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Al Majlis Hall PANEL SESSION 4: RENEWAL OF RESERVES: EXPLORATION. Saudi Aramco Cost Effective and Technically Tailored Managed Pressure Drilling for Penetrating the Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs R. N. Total Bayesian DHI Using Passive Seismic Low Frequency Data N. J.

Mahmoud. Halliburton 13304 Alternates/Posters 13343 Commitment to Coax Subtleties from Seismic by Means of an Intelligent Integrated Approach: A Case Study V. Al Shamsi. A. J. Hanitzsch. Jaafar. Roy.W. Halliburton. G. Total Loren Regier. RasGas Company Tomography Powered 3 Phase Flow Metering in the Wet Gas Regime R. M.F. J. Montel. Z. M. Gaulier. S. Jaffrezic. Saudi Aramco. Total Multi Layer Testing: Theory and Practice A. M. Bittar. R. A. M. Zaugg. A. Lund Bo. Abd El Aal. Qatar Petroleum Comparing Downhole Gas Compression to Alternatives for Lowering Sandface Pressure B. N. ExxonMobil Proactive Geosteering in Thin Reservoir Bound by Anhydrite in Saudi Arabia R. Hajari. Julaih. Liley.S. Petroleum Development Oman Poster 13413 A Consistent Workflow from Seismic Acquisition to Well Positioning for Challenging Data in Block 11. Schlumberger. Kong. S. 46 . Qatargas Robert Winn.A. A. J. J. O. Qarun Petroleum Company. BP. D. M. Singer. Rodriguez. Chemali. Total. N. Gelin.H.B.I.R.M.D. Ansari. Dorffer. Carigali PTTEP Flow Unit Thickness and Permeability Evaluation in Horizontal Wells Using Logging While Drilling and Wireline Formation Tester Transient Data S. Jakob. J. Mieles.M. T. Yassine. Cig. Qatar Petroleum. Pon. Wyoming Thrust Belt. Texas A&M University at Qatar 12971 Gas Condensate Allocation in Unmixed Complexes Reservoirs Using Combined Fingerprinting and PVT Technologies F. Abd El Monsef. Sondex 13309 Advanced Production Logging Review of a Number of Horizontal Wells in the North of Oman T. Soremi. Lechner. Salem. Suess. Maersk Oil Qatar. E. Wintershall. Abdullah. Shell Joseph Ayoub.E.A. Schlumberger 13645 Case Story: Successful Application of a Novel Conformance Treatment in Extended Reach Horizontal Well in the Al Shaheen Field. Multi Phase Meters 13742 Improving Fold and Thrust Belt Imaging.iptcnet. Pedersen. Panda. A. Tarabbia. Schlumberger. Ma. C. M.W.Technical Programme Wednesday. Bresser. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 43: IOR THROUGH INNOVATIVE COMPLETIONS Session Chairpersons: Jim Venditto. Schlumberger 13546 14004 13619 Alternates/Posters 115820 Well Testing While Production Logging P. Waheed. G. Y.A. J. V. K.Successful Multi Lateral Wells Delivered D. Corac Group Novel Fracturing Technique Inhibits Post Fracturing Water Production M. Ayan. Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services. Carrillat. P. V. Wee.R. Dewimille. Noyau. Lotfy. Feeley.M. I. Wyoming: A Case Study M. L. W. Baker Hughes Wednesday. J. Mahruqy. Abdul Rahman.P. Mohamed. S. Rochon. A. Boutaud de la Combe. Zahran. T. F. Ibrahim. Grosjean. Halliburton Wednesday. P.P. Total E&P Angola 13426 13576 www. ExxonMobil Exploration Company 13962 Burial Hydrodynamics and Subtle Hydrocarbon Trap Evaluation: From the Mahakam Delta to the South Caspian Sea Y. International Seismic Interpretation Poster 13407 Access to Thin Reservoirs . Webb. A. Offshore Qatar M. M. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 42: EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF SUBTLE TRAPS Session Chairpersons: Jean-Marc A.A. Bickert. Total. M. A. Offshore Qatar C. Hernandez. M. Streton. Thompson. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 41: DATA ACQUISITION IS CRITICAL TO RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT Session Chairpersons: Amran Nong Chik. Azari. Altenkirch. K. Gaither. Dotson. Bayrakdar. Chang.E. A. Petroleum Development Oman.A. Saghiyyah.

B.J. ExxonMobil Production Company. Vallhs. Descamps. B. F. Zuo. A. Shell. Abushaikha. Haddad. and Recommendations E. Al-Oreibi.E. C.iptcnet. Gromakovskiy. A. Hj Tuah. Gupta. Packers Plus Energy Services Posters 13163 Methodology for Reservoir Complexity Determination from Downhole Fluid Analysis and EOS Predictions C. Kuhn. Onur. Leahy Dios. Seoul National University Combined Spatially Resolved and Non Resolved 1H NMR Relaxation Analysis to Assess and Monitor Wettability Reversal in Carbonate Rocks P. G. M. Davidson. Macini.K. Ozen. Fakhreeva. Rivenbark. Park. C. Lebiadowski.M. Kim. F.B. Willingham. Bortolotti. Istanbul Technical University 13732 13783 13784 13536 13856 13394 13920 Alternates/Posters 14020 History Matching Channelised Reservoirs Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter R. P. Texas A&M University at Qatar Lama A. G.B. D. E. International Research Institute of Stavanger 13935 14074 13957 14008 47 www. De Lucia. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Experimental Design Based History Matching of Reservoir Simulation Models for Champion Field M. Open Hole Packer C.D. R. F. S. Nofal.J. M. Petroleum University of Technology Iran.Y. Institut Français du Pétrole Advanced Experimental Reservoir Fluids Characterisation S. Fantazzini. Conclusions. Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center 14069 Synergy Between 'Black Box' and Deterministic Modelling R.J. Gombia. Nishi. K. Petran Company Matrix Fracture Transfer Function in Dual Medium Flow Simulation: Shape Factor Dependence on Recovery Mechanisms A. M.M. Rahman. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Upscaling Approach Integrated MPFA into a Flow Based Mesh Generator at a Heterogeneous Reservoir . King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals Inclusions of Well Test Interpretation and Sector Model Simulation into a Full Field Model: An Integration Modelling Approach 13995 13351 14077 13443 Wednesday. Schlumberger Integrated Team Approach to the Development of a High Expansion. Lorentzen. Brunei Shell Petroleum. Fenter. Dalrymple.A. Prokhorov. Shahvar.N. Kharrat. D. Boyett. J. University of Bologna Incorporating Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks for Building a Hydraulic Unit Based Model for Permeability Prediction of a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir M. Ayan. Gaponov. Qatar Shell Reservoir Development Modelling Using Full Physics and Proxy Simulations Y. Johnston. Hydraulic Set. Berrim. Kang. Qatar Petroleum Quality Assessment and Consistency Evaluation of Hydrocarbon PVT Data J. Srisuriyachai. Adibhatla. Shell International E&P Modelling Improved Recovery Methods in EMpower S. D. Xian. Jeong. T. Naevdal.B. O. Schlumberger. O. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 44: INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES IN RESERVOIR MODELLING Session Chairpersons: Anuj Gupta. Halliburton.J. M. ExxonMobil Pressure Deconvolution Analysis of Multi-Well Interference and Interval Pressure Transient Tests C. Verma.S. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. ExxonMobil Performance Analysis of the Hybrid Fracture Media Upscaling Approach on a Realistic Case of Naturally Fractured Reservoir M. TNK BP Hydraulic Fracturing Improvement Based on Advanced Acoustic Logging in the Complex Geology of the Kamennoe Field D.V. Mesini.V. A. Yang. Flornes. Mezenen.P. A. J. V. International Research Institute of Stavanger Revisiting Brugge Case Study Using a Hierarchical Ensemble Kalman Filter B. Radtke.K.Technical Programme Alternates/Posters 13230 Field Application Results of HWSP in Western Siberia: Design Optimisation. Lawrence. W.S. Kuchuk Schlumberger. B. Delorme. K. J.

Bellah. Agrawal. Al Ameri. Mas. Qatar Shell Service.L. J. O. Minagish Field of Kuwait 13427 13332 13665 www. Optimisation and Capacity Management S. Ecole Polytechnique Measuring the Seismic Wave with Photons: Realisation of the Optical Oilfield J. 9 December • 0830–1000 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 45: OPERATIONS OF GEOLOGY/ GEOSTEERING Session Chairpersons: Ralf Polinski.L. Al Salhi. M. A. Langhammer. China National Petroleum Corporation Successful Field Monitoring Helped by Oil Fingerprinting Scale Distance A. Total Posters 13269 Downhole Fluid Density for WBM Formation Water Sampling with Wireline Formation Tester C.C. C. Nakstad. O. Dautriat. A. Woodside Energy. Boivineau. Kuwait Oil Company 13756 Stress Paths Dependent Hydromechanical Properties of Carbonates . Rinck. Bickert. M. Al Zaabi. T. M. Schlumberger. Eales. M. J. P. Karachaganak Petroleum Operating Maximising Value of a Giant Offshore Asset through Proper Production Planning. Dawans. Mittal. H. Al Mohannadi. J. Saudi Aramco 13853 13646 13134 Alternates/Posters 13456 Research on the Well Logging Technique of Hydrocarbons Identification for the Complicated Reservoirs in WN Oilfield L.D.K. Raphanel.A. Al Shehhi. Kennedy. T.iptcnet. Baker Hughes. O.M. Hilsman. J. Oyeyemi. Al Ahmed. Rahim. Najia. Gland. Vizika. Khong. Ma. Y.G. El Gezeery. Schlumberger. Bacon. Elshayeb. Amin. Al Kiyoumi.M. R. S. Berg. Petroleum Development Oman 13453 13688 Alternates/Posters 13455 Simplifying Geosteering Interpretation and Decision Making in Complex Environments Using Deep Resistivity Images from Azimuthal and Multiple Propagation Resistivity R. Schlumberger. L. CGGVeritas 13945 Wednesday. A. M. Jedaan. Reda. BP Formation Pressure While Drilling Measurements for Reservoir Management Applications: A Case Studies from Saudi Arabia V. M. Subhi. Chimirala. J. Dimanov.K. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Majlis Hall SESSION 46: INTEGRATED RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT AND SURVEILLANCE 2 Session Chairpersons: German Garcia. Optoplan.F. Schlumberger Vipin Gupta. Noyau. Ardila. A. Qatar Petroleum Utilising Advanced Well Placement Process to Develop Structurally Complex Area in Maydan Mahzam Field N. Maersk Oil Qatar. Sarawak Shell. Petroleum Development Oman. Gjerdingen. a Tool for Well Placment in Complex Reef Build Up W. Schlumberger Geosteering in a Complex Lithology Environment of Wara Sand Using the Multi-function Logging while Drilling Tool.Impact of Heterogeneities and Use of Effective Medium Theory for Critical State Scaling N. Petroleum Development Oman 13882 Microseismic Reservoir Monitoring in a Deep Carbonate Wellbore Environment in Kazakhstan K. Nygaard. Hoch. T. U.S. Maver. Linghu. Zakum Development Company Creating Value in Well and Reservoir Management through Proactive Surveillance A. Institut Français du Pétrole. Mcdonald. 48 . Abdulkadir. V. Zakum Development Company E. G.A. F. T. Archibong. Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center Wednesday.Technical Programme N. Schlumberger Ziqiong Zheng.I. Reijnders. Saxena. Seybold. Eriksrud. Tariq. E. T.M. Thin Bedded Nahr Umr Sandstone Reservoir T.M. Qatar Petroleum 3D Seismic Attributes. C. Elamin. Neumann. A. Schlumberger Exploration Petrophysics for Intra-salt Carbonates in Ultra Saline Environment V. H. J. R. Daley. Baker Hughes 13723 Application of Spectroscopy and Sigma Measurements to Enhance Petrophysical Evaluations and Geosteering in the Mineralogical Complex. A. Sha. S. Z. D. Al Saqran. Narayanan.M. F. Gelin. V.I.

K. Schmidt. F. Fugro McClell. Deffis. Kenefake. Henriksen. and Operation of the World's Largest LNG Project K. Little. S. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 48: DATA AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Session Chairpersons: Amal Al-Awami. Marine Geosciences.M. Himanga. Qatar Petroleum Posters 13145 Multi-Rig Mega Tender: A Case Study A. J.C.S. G. . G. Ali. R. J. Vaughan. R. Qatar Petroleum Data Integration. Kuwait Oil Company Applications of a Modern GIS (Geographic Information System) Geodatabase in Geotechnical. Sghair. Groch. Pedroni. Akladios. Najem. Al Jumah. J. Hufni. Wood.Setting New Standards L. Al Hajji. Hogan.W. Qatar Shell Service Company SIMOPS During Construction. Johnson. R. Peres. A.L. J. Perna. Schlumberger. M. P. ExxonMobil Development Company HSE Technical and Supervision Management Way Forward A. Alberti. Al Kandari. Qatar Petroleum Preventing and Controlling Endemic Diseases in a Pipeline Construction in Amazon Region M. J.S. Eni E&P Human Factors in Large Capital Projects D. N. Bartolotto. Commissioning. URS Corporation.M. ExxonMobil Development Company 13159 13926 Alternates/Posters 13921 A Web Based GIS Solution for Drilling Data Workflows in Kuwait Oil Company T. Software and Geophysical Interpretation S. ExxonMobil Development Company. Perrone. Diyar United Company. M. Latronico. Qatar Petroleum. Saudi Aramco Atef Ebed. Abbs. Rice University 13816 Leadership Influence in Safety Change Process S. ELKassass. Imperial Oil Resources 125179 Bridging the Gap in Reservoir Quality Predictions: Replacing Single Point Reservoir Properties with Topological Data Analysis 49 www. Kortum. Ross. Verma. RasGas Company Dynamic Surveillance Templates for Reservoir Management: Diagnostic Tools Oriented to Production Optimisation M. PT Medco E&P Indonesia 13760 Pearl GTL Village . Fabricius.T. M. C. Chimelli. Edwards.iptcnet. Geophysical and Geological Analyses R. Malallah. T. Colorado School of Mines Reddy S. Kumar. Hodder. A. Total 14095 Wednesday. Gorgon Upstream. T.H.B. ExxonMobil. Al Kuwari. Analysis and Visualisation for Knowledge Management in Oil and Gas Upstream Industry . Advanced Geomechanics 13592 13685 14056 13718 13317 13786 Posters 13300 An Integrated Approach to Environmental Data Management at Imperial Oil's Cold Lake Operations P. Priest. N. Apthorpe. Lima. C. Muddimer. Fugro West. Eni E&P 13705 13275 13372 Alternates/Posters 13250 Integration of Biodiversity Conservation into Site Operations: Methodological Approach and Field Projects P. Startup. C. Long. Niedoroda.A.B.J.N. Sunardi.N. P. ExxonMobil. Universidade Federal Fluminense Jansz Deepwater Pipeline Route Geohazard Assessment L. Petrobras. University of Houston. Joneja. Qatargas Ergonomics. Reservoir Exploration Technology 13411 An Overview of Qatar Petroleum's Multidisciplinary Database Project G. Schlumberger Data Management Acceleration Project: A Case Study in Doing It Right! M. Apthorpe Palaeontology.W. Harbarenko. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 47: HUMAN FACTORS AND SAFETY Session Chairpersons: Linda Battalora.M. Kuwait National Petroleum Company The Spirit of Socio Economic Development S.An Emphasis on Using Advanced GIS Technologies P. S.F. Haverhals. Deb.A.Technical Programme Wednesday.R. Kuwait Oil Company Emissions Management for Major Projects D. S. ExxonMobil Exploration Company. K.

L. ExxonMobil Production Company. Pasynkov. Klein. Qatar Shell Service Company 13696 North Field Well Delivery . Implications for Fluid Flow Simulations O. M. Slabetskiy. Saudi Aramco Nobuyuki Samizo. Ahmed. Li. Nancy University. A. Total Integration of High Resolution 3D Seismic and Long Horizontal Well Data for Predictive Structural Modelling of the Tight Cretaceous Kharaib B Reservoir in the Al Shaheen Field. StatoilHydro. May. Moscow Institute . C. Saudi Aramco Valentina Zampetti. J. A. Caumon. R. Qatar Petroleum Paleostrain and Fracture Potential of Deep Seated Wrench Fault Systems in the Post Hith of Block 11 (Qatar) M. Occidental Petroleum Qatar Integrated Modelling to Optimise Field Development of a Giant Oilfield in Abu Dhabi N. Nur. Diaz. Al Marzouqi. Norozi.S. Offshore Qatar C. Grader. Hoch. Zahran.W. Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre 14110 Fault Detection Workflow in Al Khalij Field in Qatar B. Gutmanis. Serbini. M.H.iptcnet. Maili. Qatar Petroleum Wednesday. S. . M. Quaden.Commitment to Top Quartile Performance A. Rosneft Testing and Interpreting Multi-lateral Wells C. Vincent. FAULTS AND FRACTURE NETWORK Session Chairpersons: Maher Al-Marhoom. Markin. Geoscience Limited A Mid Miocene. Asmandiyarov. Qatar Petroleum Max Prins. D. Thakur. ENS Geologie/INPL 13821 13915 Poster 13694 14053 Wednesday. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations 13656 13724 12939 13412 Alternates/Posters 14010 Integrated Field Development . Suess. Plesch. Total Observations of Open Fractures in Carbonate Reservoir Rocks. Arabian Oil Company 13692 Multi Component Seismic Applications for Maximising Efficiency and Production E. Byrne. Zakum Development Company Full Field Development Plan the Big Picture Creating the Future from the Future and Success through Real Synergy A. S. A.P. Casini. M.G.A.C. Frankel. Guk. Senergy Strategy of Multi-pay Fields address management V. R. Al Owihan. Emang. Ingrain Wednesday.A.M. Huang. H. G.S.Physics and Technology. Shaw. Qatar Shell. M.Improved Field Planning and Operation Optimisation F. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 51: INTEGRATED FIELD DEVELOPMENT Session Chairpersons: Abdulla A. Tanoli. Jonoud. G.H. Wennberg. R.S. A. Wong. Tono. Wintershall. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 50: NEW TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE FIELD PERFORMANCE Session Chairpersons: Emad El-Rafie. Pedersen Tatalovic. Keshka. G.K. A. Nur.H. Chao. Shell UK Managing the Life of a Giant Offshore UAE Oilfield Where Facilities and Infrastructure Mature Ahead of the Reservoir 50 Posters 13156 Basement Reservoirs: A Review of their Geological and Production Characteristics J. M. S. B. Schlumberger Rapid Deployment of Field Development and Reservoir Management Teams to Maximise Field Value D. Maersk Oil Qatar. 9 December • 1045–1215 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 49: TRAPS. Harvard Unversity. Sherrard. Kuwait Oil Company 13652 13704 www. Negulescu. S. National Iranian Oil Company Stochastic Propagation of Discrete Fracture Networks H. Lower Fars Formation Channel System in Northern Kuwait H. Al-Suwaidi. Condie. E.N. A.I. Occidental Petroleum Qatar 13222 Alternates/Posters 14042 Fracture Characterisation of a Tight Gas Reservoir Using Seismic Attributes Derived from Singular Value Decomposition of Azimuthal AVO Data G.Technical Programme E. Prin.

9 December • 1045–1215 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 52: UNCONVENTIONAL: GAS Session Chairpersons: Jim Venditto. Zhang. Schlumberger 13832 Mineralogy. M. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Al Majlis Hall SESSION 53: INNOVATIVE WELL COMPLETION Session Chairpersons: Gamal Hassan. Acomb. CARBO Ceramics. Shell Well Design and Optimisation Process for Combined Maximum Reservoir Contact and Extended Reach Wells from Artificial Islands in a Giant Offshore Field B. Raghunathan. Bui. Hansen.J. Forrest. Al Marzouqi. M.H. M. IRDC. R. Gee. Muta. Khan. Watanabe. A. Lolon. Diyashev. Y. Al Marzouqi. Al Shabeeb. EPT Reservoir Management The Use of Large Aperture Buried Geophone Arrays for High Efficiency Stimulation and Production Microseismic Monitoring C.A. J. . Modavi. Baker Oil Tools 14097 13997 51 www. Baker Hughes Tom L. Brovchuk. E. Bourge. Du. Henson. Roeterdink. S. Cipolla. Ali. J. M. Offshore Sabah. Schlumberger Reservoir Modelling and Production Evaluation in Shale Gas Reservoirs C. Petroleum Development Oman. Noman. Fracture and Textural Analysis for Formation Evaluation in Tight Gas Reservoirs M. Maersk Oil and Gas. M.J.A. Malaysia J. M. A.H. R. Casse. Stoesz. Khedr. Saudi Aramco 13162 Full Field Static and Dynamic Modelling Guides Multi-year Re-development Plan for the 30 Year Old Samarang Oilfield. Pedersen. Kuwait Oil Company Extending the Life of a Mature Field E. Weatherford 13815 Novel Perforation Job Design Leads to Successful TCP Shoot in a 3000 Foot Horizontal Carbonate Producer A. Qotb. A. Claverie. Zakum Development Company. Mayerhofer.A. T. Wigley. R. Chevron. T. M. R. Pinnacle Technologies Application of Horizontal Wells with Multiple Hydraulic Fractures for the Development of Low Permeability Oil Reservoir in Western Siberia I. Walters. B. Orozco. W.M. Al Zuabi. O. Schlumberger 13991 Wednesday.K. Soek. Al Fawwaz. Total 13227 Poster 13338 Sensitivity Studies of Horizontal Wells with Hydraulic Fractures in Shale Gas Reservoirs X.R.A. Carrera. Zhao. A. Lu. Frank. M. T. MicroSeismic Posters 13096 A Comprehensive Approach to Field Development Optimisation Under Full Uncertainty Using Focused Decisions E.Technical Programme C. P.C. PETRONAS Carigali Field Development Processes Improvement at KOC H. Offshore Qatar S. Zakum Development Company 13185 13395 13710 Alternates/Posters 13817 Major Issues of Coalbed Methane Production in China P. D. Qatar Petroleum Wednesday. K. H. R. M. Van Lingen. Khedr. Schlumberger Achieving the Downhole Fiber Optic Wet Connect C. Shell Lee Ramsey. Schlumberger. I. Singh. Hussain. Creusen. Jalaludin. A. Spiteri. Brantferger. Neale. C. Halliburton Alternates/Posters 13883 Fast Appraisal and Development of a Stratigraphic Carbonate Play A. Salsman.P. Martin. Martin. ExxonMobil Production Company 13330 Water Flooding Efficiency in a Low Permeability Mixed Wet to Oil Wet Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study from the Kharaib B Reservoir in the Al Shaheen Field.M. Al Zaabi. Sayapov. P. O.iptcnet. E. M. Noman. S. Walters.L.W. J. Elrafie. F.

T.P. Petroleum Development Oman Simulating the Permeability Reduction Due to Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media A. Dewan Petroleum Permanent Downhole Cable to Surface Gauges Technology and Real time Monitoring System Optimises Production in Artificial Lift Horizontal Wells. Grimstad. Halliburton. A. Al Habsi. Infra. Zhang. Fadili. Yakovlev. Syaifudin. M. Holmes.N. G. Awang. M. Eastern Testing Services. A. Occidental. Eastern Desert. E. Awid. Sloan.P. Field Case Study. Harthy. Halliburton An Innovative Perforating Technique of Multiple Gun Sizes for Multiple Casing Sizes in Single Run K. Egypt A. Soegiyono. Goddard. Al Matar. Jones.Mahakam Delta Indonesia Case History R. E.A. Zhu. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Gas Hydrate Problems in Desert of Sultanate of Oman: Experiences and Integrated Inhibition Program A.E. Schlumberger 120988 Modelling the Effect of Asphaltene on the Development of the Marrat Field T. Al Habshi. Swan. Qatar Petroleum Openhole ICD Completion with Fracture Isolation in a Horizontal Slimhole Well: A Case Study P. W. Nengkoda. Ibrahim. Saudi Aramco Past. A. Shell Case Studies on Simulation of Wax Deposition in Pipelines D. Schlumberger. Youngs. S. Fadili.E. L. R. Schlumberger. A. Mirza.iptcnet. Total E&P Indonesié 13862 Alternates/Posters 13624 Qualification and Use of a Self Equalising Subsurface Safety Valve in Large Bore High Rate Gas Well Applications T. K. M. Baggal. Saudi Aramco. Houston Well Screen Asia Presentation of the Hybrid Pump.S. Morgenthaler. the Pump Invented for the Pazflor Deepwater Full Development H.E.A.A. H. Taufik. R. M.J. J. Schlumberger. Taha. Young. Salerno. Baker Hughes Production Optimisation of Multi-lateral Wells Using Passive Inflow Control Devices D. Mumen. M. Present and Future Developments in CT ESP Technology in the Al Rayyan Field C. A. Schlumberger Shock Absorber for Use with Barrier Valves in Lubricator Applications J. A. Aremu. Al Muraidhef.A. Cooper. B. a Digital Oilfield Case Study R. E. LukOil Overseas Service. B. Schlumberger Real Time Operations Surveillance Detects Completion Problems During Workover and Optimises Production by Over Three Folds. Soegiyono.J. D. Ashoori. Testing. Quoix.J.I. ESHPETCO. S. Alizadeh. Zakum Development Oman Shahid A.E. Flotech Bahrain 13809 13966 14094 13967 Wednesday. B. A. Halliburton. K. Z. Baker Oil Tools. Smith. Wierzchowski. Samuel. Jaafar. Yi. Akhtar. Schlumberger.A. Talbot.N. Neylon. Berberian. Ritchie Maersk Oil Qatar.B. I. Haq. Yonebayashi. D. Razouki. Saudi Aramco Recent Advances in Modelling Well Inflow Control Devices in Reservoir Simulation B. A. M. G. Qureshi. INPEX Corporation. A. Schlumberger Design. S. Total 13626 13675 13420 13770 Alternates/Posters 13266 Dynamic Asphaltene Behaviour for GAs Injection Risk Analysis H.Technical Programme 13611 Long Column Cementing of Light Slimhole Wells . B Field Sultanate of Oman. S. Kuwait Oil Company 13131 Removal of Wellbore Scales from High Temperature Depleted Gas Wells Z. ElSherif. M. Q. S. Mumen. Coronado. Morgan. Bibet. Pitts. Xiao. Beaman. Hembling. Leung. Z. . 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Dukhan Room SESSION 54: PRODUCTION CHEMISTRY AND FLOW ASSURANCE 2 Session Chairpersons: Bill Martin. Qualification and Application of Nozzle Based Inflow Control Devices C. P. S. Ismail. Shell Posters 13074 Qualification and Deployment of a Unique Polymer Conformance Control System D. Brink. Framo Engineering. D. Woudwijk. Al Mutairi. Weatherford. M. M. Petroleum University of Technology 52 13292 13061 13840 13262 www. J. Panjaitan.R. Urasaki. PT Medco E&P Indonesia 13925 Latest Generation Inflow Control Device Technology Provides Added Functionality During Completion with Improved Well Control Features M. N. Khattak. Simonian. A. Cuadros. Mujica.A.

Pennsylvania State University. A.M. Pei. Advantek International Guy Vachon. Povstyanova.Technical Programme Wednesday. Makarychev. Kaledin. Al Emadi. N. Cig. Barge. ExxonMobil Canada. A. D. ExxonMobil Development of Universal Proxy Models for Screening and Optimisation of Cyclic Pressure Pulsing in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs E.I. A. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Al Maha Room SESSION 55: GEOMECHANICS MEASUREMENTS AND APPLICATIONS Session Chairpersons: Ahmed S. Petroleum Development Oman. I. O. M.A. Tucci. R. C. Stackel. P.A. Chevron 3D Modelling of the Arab Formation (Maydan Mahzam Field. Stylianides. Nagai. G. A.Giant Northern Field Oman L. J.A. ExxonMobil 3D Structural Restoration Approach for Fracture Prediction: A Case Study from the TINAT Field. Schlumberger 125614 Improving Drilling Efficiency through Wellbore Stability Analysis in the Gulf of Suez. Saudi Aramco Alternates/Posters 14018 Multi-Scale Mixed Finite Element Approach to the Thermal Problem in 3D Basin Modelling J.V. C. Al Mandhari. Ozen. Al Khafji Joint Operations Constraining in Situ Stress Magnitudes by Analysis of Drilling Induced Tensile Fractures From While Drilling Images and Downhole Pressure Data J. Blum. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Salwa Ballroom I SESSION 56: INTEGRATED GEOLOGICAL MODELLING Session Chairpersons: James Owens. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Salwa Ballroom II SESSION 57: CONVENTIONAL EOR Session Chairpersons: Kamel Bennaceur. Shaw. Kumamoto. Tamagawa. Japan Petroleum Exploration Company 14043 Improved Method for Estimating the Strength of Carbonate Rocks E. C. R. Total E&P Nigeria An Integral Approach Boosts the Value of Heavy Oil Core Analysis P. Al Wadhahi. Inouye. Qatargas Olivier Dubrule.E. Achimgas Advances in Wireline Conveyed in Situ Reservoir Stress Testing Measurements: Case Studies from the Sultanate of Oman 13663 13390 53 www. A. Schlumberger Wednesday. Fryer.S. Qatar Petroleum. Barton.H. Qobi. Carreras. Smirnov. Baker Hughes 13339 Depletion Effects on a Currently Active Fault and Existing Subsidence Bowl: Geomechanics Assessment .org/2009 . Elmsallati. Ertekin. Tezuka. Stright. M. N. M. Burger. Qadmani. S.C. Offshore Qatar): An Integrated Approach J.R. Kaumov. Schlumberger. T. M. Total E&P Qatar 13662 12973 Geomodel to Seismic Feedback Loop Y. Chevron Energy Technology Company. GeoMechanics International S.W. Watson. D.W. University of Alberta 13240 Hibernia Q Block . Dutta. Y. K. Bon. Sultan Qaboos University Posters 13094 Case Studies on the Use of Direct Measurements of Minimum Horizontal Stress for Geomechanical Modelling and for Field Development Planning in Giant Mature Reservoirs V.H. V. Fraisse. K. Schlumberger. D. Chautru.E. Egypt M. Hughes Christensen 13877 Wednesday.J. R. M. Y. Van Steene. Lewandowski. A. B. T. Schlumberger Tayfun Babdagli. Jorry. S. Matsuno. Abass.P. Tan. Abou-Sayed. Artun.A. Mulhem. Kamitsuji. T. Qobi. Caline. Petroleum Development Oman Field Based Drilling Fluid Design Optimisation Methodology Successfully Mitigated Time Dependent Shale Instability in Khafji Field M. Bartetzko. Moos. K. Beicip Franlab. Chashin. Harvard University 119358 Hydraulic Fracturing Using Heavy Brine and Microseismic Monitoring in Yufutsu Oil and Gas Field K. G. Total 13541 13773 13461 Alternates/Posters 13295 The Mechanical and Chemical Effects on Shale Instability: Are They Separable? H.A. Leandri.iptcnet.L. O. Ohsaki. Iqbal. Plesch.V. Baker Hughes. L. Jedaan.Waterflooding the Gas Cap to Increase Field Liquid Recovery R. Saudi Arabia J. Sibneft. Mohiuddin. Wessling. Guilloux. Khan. A. Achourov.A. G.

Sohrabi. Onur. K.W. S. PETRONAS Alternates/Posters 14048 Global Field. Poppelreiter. Qatar Petroleum 14067 Alternates/Posters 13774 Application of New Seismic Technology Offshore UAE C. B. Minagish Field.K. Maze. Kuwait Oil Company Leonard J. T.J. Wilkinson. G. J. Jennings. Fraisse. Carnegie.C. Crouzy. A. Jaafar. Yin. Jamiolahmady. Malaysia M. Teletzke. W. Srnka. S. Shell.R.A. Pruess. China National Petroleum Corporation. Xu. Banik.D. The Petroleum Institute Coupled Reactive Transport Models of Acid Gas Injection (AGI) in Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs: Understanding Fundamental Controls on Injection Performance and Storage Security Y. Sarawak Shell. 54 . Che Kob. S. West Kuwait K. Huang. Daungkaew. N. Pabian Goyheneche. Offshore Qatar M. Goh. Virgone.R. J.iptcnet. M. Pilot and Laboratory Experience of EOR WAG Flooding . Xiao. C. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Al Rayyan Room SESSION 59: GEOPHYSICAL CASE STUDIES Session Chairpersons: Adel El-Emam. Riazi. Reijnders. Istanbul Technical University www. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 13279 13982 Wednesday. Kuwait Oil Company Significance of High Resolution Seismic Facies Analysis in Seismic Interpretation Examples from the Mix Clastic and Carbonate Sequences in North Luconia.P. Petroleum Development Oman Nasser Al-Mohannadi. J. S.K. E.L. Kuwait Oil Company 13497 13680 14019 13671 Poster 13440 Water Injection Fall-off Tests in Deepwater Reservoir: What Do We Actually See into Formation? S. P. C. Gezeeri. Kumar. 9 December • 1400–1530 hours Salwa Ballroom III SESSION 58: RESERVOIR MONITORING AND OPTIMISATION Session Chairpersons: Ekrem Kasap. Total The Influence of Geological Heterogeneities on Well Productivity: Simulated Outcrop Analogue L. Ghedan. Lechner. Heriot Watt University Wednesday.K. B.G. Ireland. A. Lys. Brown. J. Schlumberger Alternate/Poster 13912 A Novel Analysis Procedure for Estimating Thickness Independent Horizontal and Vertical Permeabilities from Pressure Data at an Observation Probe Acquired by Packer Probe Wireline Formation Testers I. M. M. T. Gok. Offshore Sarawak. F. T. V. Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center Case Study: Improved Reservoir Management from a Surface Controlled Two-Zone Open Hole Packer Completion in a Horizontal Well in Al Shaheen Field. Walker. Massonnat. Schlumberger. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. Kuchuk. G. Cantin. B. Paternoster. Pitts. Dey. Reservoir Exploration Technology Geophysical Exploration Technology of Complex Volcanic Rock Gas Reservoir Z.Technical Programme 14070 Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage by Carbonated Water Injection M. Zampetti. Feng. Pagliccia.J. Ernst. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 14022 Monitoring Seismic Processing for Seismic Reservoir Characterisation P. Maersk Oil Qatar. Total An Integrated Analysis for the Re-assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential of a Low Prospect Area: A Case Study on Jurassic Marrat Reservoir of Burgan Structure in South East Kuwait A. F. Al Oreibi. M. M. Hegeman. Dong. M. K. Qatar Shell Service Company 14054 Genetic Like Modelling of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir Constrained by Dynamic Data G. Khan. C.R. H. Ammar. S. W.Will it Make a Difference? S. C. Lopdrup. Al Anezi.F. Singh. J. Daqing Oilfield Company The Application of Attributes Derived from High Resolution Seismic Data in Horizontal Drilling: A Case Study from Shuaiba Formation.M. Dawans.

7 December 1610–1620 hours 1620–1630 hours Tuesday.iptcnet. 9 December 1010–1020 hours 1020–1030 hours 1030–1040 hours Sessions 1–6 Sessions 7–13 Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions 14–19 20–26 27–32 34–39 Sessions 40–45 Sessions 46–52 Sessions 53–59 55 www. 8 December 1010–1020 hours 1020–1030 hours 1525–1535 hours 1535–1545 hours Wednesday. Authors of posters listed in each session (pages 25–54) will make informal presentations in the poster presentation area in the exhibition hall during coffee /tea breaks as scheduled below.Poster Sessions Poster Presentations (Additions/changes after 15 July 2009 will not be reflected in the on-site programme) Posters will be on display throughout the conference. Conference delegates are encouraged to visit the poster presentations to meet authors in an informal and interactive environment to discuss various technical . Monday.

Engineered Perforating Solutions Gulf Reservoir Modelling Technology (ResModTec) Gulf Strategic Partners.200 square meters exhibit space will provide an excellent opportunity for local.50. Conference On-Site Programme (A4 Size).Exhibition and Sponsorship Information Exhibition A technical exhibition. 9 December 1015–1815 hours 0830–1730 hours 0830–1530 hours 2009 IPTC Exhibition (As of 15 July 2009) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Araian Industries Baker Hughes BGP Incorporation CGGVeritas Directorate General of Oil and Gas (Gas Utilisation Division) Energistics ExxonMobil Flux Geophysics Limited Fugro Jason Fugro MultiClient Services Fugro NPA GAC Group GEODynamics Incorporation. Available sponsorships (as per 15 July 2009) are: Conference CD Proceedings. will be hosted on the exhibition floor.366. regional and international organisations to showcase technology.360.553. Denmark.4648 E-mail: sansara@iptcnet. With a wealth of exposure opportunities. major companies. Pavilions This year’s exhibition will include country pavilions from China. Sponsorship impacts the delegates and business visitors more powerfully than any other marketing tool. Italy. To ensure high traffic. It brings under one roof industry leaders. cost-effective route towards the sponsor’s organisation target market. India. “YOU are HERE” Directional www. services and products to a focused audience. future trends and challenges. offering more than 4. Education Week and Education Day. the 2009 IPTC exhibition represents a turning point in the dialogue between all stakeholders related to the oil and gas business. The IPTC exhibition will also feature designated Pavilions for Gas Processing. It is also a direct.4. as well as to small and middle enterprises. the exhibitors showcase presentations.iptcnet. Internet Hotspots (Cyber Café). Conference Mini-Programme & Planner. Contact the IPTC Sales Team for more information. offering an exclusive opportunities to delegates and visitors to obtain further knowledge and understanding of regional energy markets. upcoming projects. Malaysia and North America. all technical poster sessions. 8 December • Wednesday. where special activities will be occur in line with the particular industry segment. The exhibition will offering a key platform to interact.iptcnet. Conference at Glance (Light Boxes).2952 • Cell: • Web: www. IPTC Exhibition & Sponsorship Manager Tel: +971. Energy Boost Stations. Environmental & HSS and University and Academia. Sponsorship Opportunities The 2009 IPTC sponsorship packages are uniquely designed to meet each organisation business development goals and objectives. Conference Daily Newsletter (Show Daily). Coffee/tea Breaks (Day 2). Each level of sponsorship includes its own unique types of recognition. engage and gain more insight into the market.8982 • Fax: +971. suppliers and subcontractors. Exhibition Hours • Monday. please contact : Sylvia Ansara. Tailor-made sponsorships may be 56 . 7 December • Tuesday. allowing exposure and presence to multinational organisations. service providers. the conference coffee breaks and other scheduled networking events. Engineered Industrial Services IFP Middle East Consulting Kuwait Oil Company Maersk Oil Qatar • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mesaieed Industrial City PETRONAS PetroSkills Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCP) Qatar Petroleum Qatar Gas Operating Company Ras Laffan Industrial City RasGas Company SAIC Limited Schlumberger Senergy Sercel Shell TecWel Total Weatherford Wintershall Holding AG For further information on exhibit and sponsorship opportunities.

RasGas Company Education Day Preliminary Programme All functions. 8 December 0800–0900 hours 0900–0930 hours Arrival and Registration Introduction. Weichold. unless specified otherwise.iptcnet. ExxonMobil Qatar Eisa Al Daihani. 57 www. will be held at the Texas A&M University at Qatar. Snyder.4. Baker Hughes Jaizan Hardi Mohamed Jais.390. please contact May Asmer via email at masmer@iptcnet. Schlumberger Fawaz Al-Otaibi. and the industry in general. Education Days Committee Chairperson and Co-Chairperson Setting the Scene: To introduce students to the discipline of Petroleum Engineering and the Industry in general • Importance of the Industry in your Daily Life • Link Education to Industry Speakers: Mark H. Hasna. objectives and programme overview and welcome remarks by David Khemakhem and Louai Machhour. Texas A&M University at Qatar Nouf Al Ansari. and industry professionals will be invited to share their experience with the students and to deliver talks on topics of general interest and relevance to the industry. Qatar University Texas A&M University Tour Luncheon Group Photo 2009 IPTC Technical Sessions and Exhibition Tour Engineering Bldg Hall 238 0930–1100 hours Hall 238 1100–1300 hours 1300–1400 hours 1400–1415 hours 1415–1600 hours Research Rotunda Main Entrance Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel Sponsored by If your organisation would like to participate in Education Day as a sponsor. High school students will be invited to attend. Saudi Aramco Gary L. Kuwait Oil Company Elie Daher. Texas A&M University at Qatar Mazen O. ExxonMobil • • • • • • • Ghada Salama. acknowledgement of the sponsors. Stone. as an initiative to introduce them to the discipline of petroleum . Occidental Petroleum David or call +971.3540. Tuesday. Texas A&M University at Qatar Saad Al-Shaibani. David Khemakhem ExxonMobil (Chairperson) Louai Machhour Total (Cochairperson) Education Day Committee Members • • • • • • • Ashley Rockwell. Eni Julia Kuznetsova. PETRONAS Jonathan Craig. Occidental Petroleum Gary C.Young Members Activities Education Day The IPTC Education Day will be organised for the benefit of regional high school students. Schlumberger Mahmood Amani.

to work together on a joint technical project and to provide opportunities for students to extend their network. 215 student nominations were received from 58 institutions in 35 countries. Occidental Petroleum Gary C. Kuwait Oil Company Elie Daher. The objective for this event is to select top students in engineering. Schlumberger Fawaz Al-Otaibi. Stone. Texas A&M University at Qatar Nouf Al Ansari. PETRONAS Jonathan Craig. Baker Hughes Jaizan Hardi Mohamed Jais. 80 of the best students have been selected from 56 institutions in 35 countries to participate in the Education Week. Education Week Committee Members: David Khemakhem ExxonMobil (Chairperson) Louai Machhour Total (Cochairperson) • • • • • • • Ashley Rockwell. Occidental Petroleum David Puls. RasGas Company Sponsored by www. Texas A&M University at Qatar Saad Al-Shaibani. geoscience and science degree programmes from qualified institutions across the globe. Snyder. ExxonMobil • • • • • • • Ghada Salama. ExxonMobil Qatar Eisa Al Daihani. Saudi Aramco Gary L. Schlumberger Mahmood Amani. a number of oil and gas industry sponsors will be hosting the IPTC Education Week. During this event.Young Members Activities Education Week As part of the 2009 International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 58 . Eni Julia Kuznetsova. the students will be interacting with a number of major industry employers who will be offering job opportunities to a selection of students. The purpose of the IPTC Education Week is to give the students a clear insight into the petroleum industry.

Saturday. unless specified . 8 December (Education Day Opening) 0830–1400 hours 1330–1800 hours Field Trips Group Assignment Work InterContinental Doha Wednesday. 9 December 0800–1200 hours 1000–1015 hours 1200–1230 hours 1200–1230 hours 1230–1330 hours 1400–1530 hours Group Presentations Coffee Break Judges to Rate Presentations and Select Winning Groups Certificate Presentation by Mentors Student Awards and Farewell Reception IPTC Technical Sessions (Optional) Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Foyer Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Ballroom Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel 59 www.Young Members Activities Education Week Preliminary Programme All functions. 7 December (IPTC Opening) 0900–0945 hours IPTC Opening Ceremony Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel 0945–1245 hours IPTC Conference Sessions and Exhibition Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel 1245–1400 hours Luncheon Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel 1400–1700 hours 1700–2000 hours Group Assignment Work Recruitment and Professional Society Session Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Foyer Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Ballroom Al Wajba Foyer Al Wajba Ballroom Tuesday. will be held at the InterContinental Doha.Student Group Team Building and Project Planning Monday. 5 December 1900–2200 hours Welcome Icebreaker Reception and Dinner Garden Area Sunday. 6 December 0800–0815 hours 0830–1030 hours 1030–1045 hours 1045–1230 hours Introduction by Education Week Chairman and Cochairman Introduction by the Education Week Sponsoring Companies Coffee Break Student Groups to Interview Sponsoring Companies’ Technical Representatives 1230–1300 hours 1300–1400 hours Group Photo Luncheon: Student Groups to Work with Young Professionals to Finalise Planning for Group Project 1400–2200 hours Field Trip: Khor Al Udaid .

Shell Noha Najem. Schlumberger • • • • • • Manna'a Al Ajmi. ENI Elie Daher. such a crisis has already happened previously in our cyclical industry. Qatar Petroleum and Haytham Al-Meer. RasGas Company Workshop Keynote Speakers Panel Session 1: History Repeats 60 . Shell International E&P Anna Kordek. Schlumberger Ghazi Al Qahtani. Young Professionals Steering Committee Sultan Al-Merikhi Qatar Petroleum (Chairperson) Haytham Al-Meer RasGas Company (Cochairperson) • • • • • • Abdulrahim Turkistani. RasGas Company Coffee Break Team Building Activity Sponsored by Breakout Group Discussion Discussion Summary Closing Remarks www. Haytham Al-Meer. Richard Fish.. What could we learn from the past? How can we grow stronger and still further our careers during an economic downturn? This is a time to redefine the priorities in most companies and take appropriate actions..Young Members Activities Young Professionals Day Learn..are the challenges the same? Session Chairs: Noha Najem. Experts from the industry will share their valuable insight and experience.. Towards a Brighter Future The recent price volatility in the oil and gas industry has definitely changed the landscape we were used to and this uncertain business climate is being experienced by most Young Professionals for the first time. Maersk Oil Qatar Lunch Break Panel Session 2: Pushing the Right Buttons through your Career Session Chairs: Senami Apithy. 6 December 0700–0800 hours 0800–0830 hours 0830–0840 hours 0840–0900 hours 0900–1030 hours 1030–1040 hours 1040–1125 hours 1125–1135 hours 1135–1220 hours 1220–1320 hours 1320–1450 hours 1450–1500 1500–1530 1530–1615 1615–1645 1645–1700 hours hours hours hours hours Registration and Badge Collection Welcome Tea and Coffee Workshop Opening Remarks by Sultan Al-Merikhi.. Polish Oil and Gas Company David Calcagni. Kuwait Oil Company. PGN Coffee Break Session 2: Technology. Key Enabler for Integration and Innovation Session Chairs: Elie Daher. Kuwait Oil Company Rami F. Sunday.iptcnet. Saudi Aramco Julia Kuznetsova.Does it? Lessons Learned and Strategies for YPs Session Chairs: Mohammed Al-Ghorairi. Saleh. Nasser Al-Mohannadi. Schlumberger. Anna Kordek. Saudi Aramco Senami Apithy. Schlumberger. ExxonMobil Nasser Al Mohannadi. Schlumberger Young Professionals Day Preliminary Programme All functions are scheduled at InterContinental Doha. and is on a first-come first-serve basis. Shell Coffee Break Session 1: Women or Men. Kuwait Oil Company Mohammed Al-Ghorairi. Network. ExxonMobil. However. Registration for the workshop is limited.. Progress.

2. The modern carbonate-evaporate depositional environments along the Arabian shores of the Gulf are considered as useful shallow-marine and coastal analogues for Middle East reservoirs such as the Khuff. mango plantation. The current study of this lagoon highlights the variety of depositional processes and products and the rapid evolution of the coastal landscape during the last fifty years. Numerous environmental activities have been undertaken since the inception of RLC. sea water. medical.5 square kilometers.iptcnet. a Directorate of Qatar Petroleum. the Mishrif or the Shuaiba Fm. The first shipment of crude oil was exported from Qatar on 31 December 1949. The city hosts an industrial port and several industrial facilities and covers an area of 294 square kilometers. The most significant environmental monitoring projects include ambient air quality monitoring. first-come-first-serve basis Dukhan. 6 December. To maintain an ecological balance at RLC. Field Trip 2 and 3 Sponsored by: 61 www. It provides integrated services to existing industries and prospective investors. 6 December. safety and workshops. the Arab. which extends over an area of approximately 640 square kilometers. are managed and conducted by Qatar Petroleum. which are commonly used in geological reservoir model. ballast water and ground water quality monitoring. first-come-first-serve basis Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLC). The lagoon of Al-Dakhirah. with an area of 8. which is located some 60 km north of .Field Trips 1. gained its significance due to the discovery of crude oil. 6 December. The port operates a port control tower and associated navigational aids. Since then Dukhan has witnessed gradual development to accommodate oil and gas operation facilities in addition to housing. turtle conservation and ostrich conservation have been implemented and are flourishing successfully. 1000–1400 hours Limited to 300 persons USD 100 per person. Exploration for oil in Dukhan fields began in 1935 and the first well was drilled in 1940. is a multipurpose industrial city located 80 kilometers north east of Doha. 5 December (presentation followed by dinner. A Modern Analogue for Middle East Carbonate Reservoirs: The Lagoon of Al-Dakhirah in Qatar • • • Sunday. 1700–2030 hours) Sunday. 84 kilometers from Doha on the west coast of Qatar. environmental conservation programs include mangrove conservation. 0630–1830 hours Limited to 15 persons USD 300 per person. • • • Dukhan Sunday. Detailed geomorphic and sediment logical mapping of the lagoon together with 14C dating has resulted in step by step paleo-geographic reconstruction of the area during Holocene times. first-come-first-serve basis Field Trip 1 Sponsored by: • • • • Saturday. noise monitoring. Ras Laffan Port is the largest LNG exporting facility in the world. provides a recent and modern carbonate-evaporate system suitable for illustrating the distribution and geometry of depositional geobodies. 0800–1500 hours Limited to 300 persons USD 100. The various operations and activities in the Dukhan oil field. Ras Laffan Industrial City 3. logistics and services that include berthing facilities. recreational and educational institutions and services. Dukhan is being further developed and modernised to better meet Qatar Petroleum's oil and gas operations and the communities’ requirements. security.

Watch the sunset.O. 9 December • 0830–1900 hours • USD 82 per person. 7 December • Tuesday. Tours are optional and guests can make their reservations directly by contacting: Gulf Adventures Tourism P.422. 9 December • 0900–1300 hours • USD 66 per person • Minimum 10 people This trip gives you the thrill of “Dune Bashing” – zooming over towering dunes with our experienced drivers. 7 December • Wednesday. Finally.gulf-adventures. Souq Waqif Tour (Tour Code: SWT) • Sunday. spices. Qatar Explorer Tour (Tour Code: QET) • Sunday. it only sold meat. 3. 7 December • Wednesday. perfumes. incense. This tour combines the thrill of “dune Bashing” – a rollercoaster ride over massive dunes with our experienced drivers – with the serenity of the desert after dark. 7 December • Wednesday. Doha. Cultural Tour (Tour Code: CT) • Monday. luncheon included • Minimum 10 people This souq was originally started as a weekend market for local www. Inland Sea Safari (Tour Code: ISS) • Sunday. 8 December • Wednesday. wool. 9 December • 0900–1900 hours • USD 110 per www. 6 December • Tuesday.Tours Half Day Tours 1. We start with a stunning desert safari then have a traditional Arabic luncheon in the atmospheric heart of Souq Waqif and end the day with a fascinating tour around Doha’s main attractions. 9 December • 0830–1500 hours • USD 66 per person.:+974. 6 December • Monday. Full Day Tours a. 6 December • Monday. luncheon included • Minimum 10 perople This tour takes you around Al Shahaniya with its Camel racing track. State of Qatar Tel.1881 • Fax: +974. hardware. luncheon included • Minimum 10 people Make the most of your time in Doha with this day long trip. Enjoy a traditional Arabic lunch in the atmospheric heart of Souq Waqif then head off for a tour of Doha to see how this rapidly changing city is successfully blending the old and the new. 7 December • Wednesday. meals included • Minimum 10 people You haven’t seen stars until you’ve been in the desert at night.422. 6 December • Monday. private museum. c. you can enjoy a traditional Arabic luncheon in Souq Waqif. meals included • Minimum 10 people Explore all the attractions of Qatar in one day. 4.iptcnet. Previously.1866 • 62 . followed by time to chill at the Inland Sea. then enjoy a delicious traditional barbecue dinner around the camp fire at our Bedouin Camp. b. 9 December • 1500–1900 hours • USD 30 per person • Minimum 10 people Discover the charm of Doha in this guided tour where you visit the Equestrian Club. In the morning you will visit Al Shahaniya to see a fascinating private museum. Dunes Discovery Tours (Tour Code: DDT) • Sunday. the corniche and the visit of Souq Wafiq and the Museum of Islamic Art. Then move to Equestrian Club to view some of the most beautiful pure-bred Arabic horses.Box 18180. Oryx Farm. wood and brass incense burners. ceramics. Grand Sightseeing Tour (Tour Code: GST) • Sunday. 7 December • Wednesday. Al Rayyan to visit the famous Equestrian Club and see stunning Arab horses. 2. 8 December • 0900–1400 hours • USD 60 per person. 6 December • Monday. 6 December • Monday. Doha City Tour (Tour Code: DCT) • Sunday. Oryx Farm and Qatar’s camel racing track. 9 December • 1430–2100 hours • USD 110 per person. milk and other staples but today it sells a wide variety of products like traditional clothing.

Climate and Clothing Doha has an archetypal tropic climate and weather. Health Qatar is clear of all epidemic diseases and is largely mosquito-free. Doha is also home to the headquarters of the country's largest oil and gas companies. The beautiful city is filled with plenty of things to do. with the population of the city increasing by more than 60. most sources show Doha is close or surpasses the one million mark. it is estimated that Qatar will soon reach the 1 million mark within a few years.000 between 2004 and 2008. the population is growing rapidly with thousands coming to the country in a month. Doha holds much of the nation's oil and natural gas wealth. Banks are open to the public from Saturday to Thursday. Doha is the heart of Qatar. is considered as the most beautiful city in Qatar. With its beautiful corniche which stretches out for several kilometers. Currently.67. It is the Qatar's largest city and the economic center of the country. the capital remained the same. you can take lovely walks by the sea and enjoy the sights of Doha's developing skyline and other sights the city has to offer. which began in 1949.General Information and Registration General Information Pearl of the Gulf– Doha. There are many estimates of the population of Doha and even Qatar. dining. or whatever other activities come to mind.iptcnet. The city has a much laid back atmosphere. Rains are occasional in winter with the region experiencing a high degree of humidity. local banks and hotels. Like the nearby city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Even after its independence in 1971. British protectorate of Qatar in 1916. there is a high shortage of housing. No specific vaccinations are required to enter the country. with most of the population living in the city. it is advised that you check for any special requirements prior to travel. however if you are travelling from a known epidemic area. Doha is seeing huge amounts of growth. Today. is the main source of income of the city. 37. finance and tourism. clubbing. The city of Doha founded in 1850 under the name Al-Bida. Standard British square three-pin plugs are widely used in hotels. between 0800 to 1500 hours. the nation produces over 800. Oil export. Being the economical center of Qatar.819 people went for medical check up. as of October 2007. Doha is the capital of Qatar. www. and any visitor is sure to love it. the exchange rate is USD1=QR 3.000 barrels of oil daily. due to the high influx of incoming residents. you may want to purchase one at your departure airport. Qatar is the place that is increasingly turning heads in the banking world. Doha's main focus is not tourism. As a whole. The city became the capital of the 63 Electricity The electricity is 220/240 volts at 50 cycles. Although adaptors are available in most hotels. although unlike Dubai. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport. Qatar While the UAE makes the headlines as the second largest GCC economy and as the hub for trade. Doha's economy is moving away from its dependency on the oil and natural gas . whether it’s shopping. These summers are dry and breezy. Relatively Doha has a fairly comfortable winter with a slight chilliness. Currency The official currency of Qatar is the Qatar Rial. relaxing. Banks are closed on Fridays and public holidays. Characteristic of this tropic weather are hot summers stretching from May through October.

P. MasterCard and VISA) are accepted 2. Box 502217.3540 Tel. 2.390. Payment Details All registration fees are payable in US Dollars only. Visitor registration (Exhibition only): USD 25 per day Registration for visitors includes admission to the exhibition and coffee breaks.: Fax: +971. Mail: Please complete and mail the enclosed Conference Registration Form with payment information (bank remittance slip or credit card) to IPTC c/o SPE Middle East FZ-LLC. 9 December 1000–1700 hours 0730–1730 hours 0730–1730 hours 0730–1200 hours Presenter/Author/Panellist/Committee/Session Chairperson By 19 October USD 795 After 19 October USD 895 • One-Day Registration Fee includes: admission to all technical sessions and exhibition. Fax: Please complete and fax the Conference Registration form with credit card information to IPTC c/o SPE Middle East FZ-LLC.4. O.366. one (1) copy of the conference CD-ROM proceedings.4648 Email: iptc@iptcnet. 8 December Wednesday. exhibition and coffee breaks. Member (IPTC sponsoring and endorsing organisations)* By 19 October After 19 October Non-member By 19 October After 19 October USD 475 USD 575 USD 375 USD 475 Students: Registration for students is complimentary. Member (IPTC sponsoring and endorsing organisations)* By 19 October After 19 October Non-member By 19 October After 19 October USD 995 USD 1. *(AAPG/EAGE/GPA/SEG/SPE and IADC/IGU/OGP/QGS/QSE) www. or show their student ID when they collect their badge on-site.4. 6 December (for payment by credit card only).46. Online Registration: Please visit the IPTC website at www. UAE. 7 December Tuesday. Only (American Express. during the following registration hours: • • • • Sunday.O. Students are required to fax a photocopy of the current student ID with the registration form. Advance registration payment can be made by: 64 . Dubai. Wire Transfer (bank details provided upon request) All registration and payment should be forwarded to: IPTC c/o SPE Middle East FZ-LLC P.366. Block 17 Dubai Knowledge Village. and includes admission to all technical Onsite Registration Delegates may register on-site at the Conference Registration Desks located at the Al Hubara Foyer at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel. Fax number: +971. daily buffet luncheons and coffee breaks for the day you have selected. Credit card: Charged in US Dollars only. Visitors are required to submit a copy of their business card when collecting their badge on-site. beginning 6 December.48 Conference materials and badges may be collected at the Conference Registration Desk located at the Al Hubara foyer in the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel. Box 502217.General Information and Registration Registration Advance Registration Register by 19 October 2009 and avail the Early Bird Rate Advance Registration Options 1.iptcnet. 3. UAE +971.4. Office S07-S09. Student registration does not include CD-ROM Proceedings or any function tickets. Dubai.iptcnet.095 USD 895 USD 995 Registration Options and Fees • Full Conference Registration Fee includes: admission to all technical sessions and exhibition. awards banquet daily buffet luncheons and coffee breaks.

6 December Field Trip: Dukhan. Monaco. Spain. Additional Proceedings may be pre-ordered on the Advance Registration Form or purchased during registration hours at the conference for USD200 member and USD300 non member. Complimentary Shuttle Service A complimentary shuttle service will be available for all conference participants. Countries Not Listed Above: Citizens of countries not listed above must obtain a visit visa in advance through their hotel in Doha. by written request to iptc@iptcnet. 5–6 December Field Trip: Ras Laffan. Holland. Luncheon tickets are included in full conference registration. For short .iptcnet. Denmark. Switzerland. The shuttle buses will transport conference attendees to and from the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel and the official conference hotels. Jordanian. Hong Kong SAR. the nationals of 33 countries listed below can be issued with a 2-week visa on arrival at Doha Airport. Luxembourg. Singapore. whichever is greater No refunds will be made Exhibitions visitors’ registration fee is non-refundable Substitutions will be accepted. Kuwait. Portugal. Hotel Accommodation Please see page 67–69 for a list of hotels and room rates. Please allow 14–21 working days (Sunday-Thursday) after the submission of all the required documents for visa processing. Greece. Palestinian. The 2009 IPTC Shuttle Bus Transportation is Sponsored by: After 23 November 65 Malaysia. Passports All travellers to Qatar must be in possession of passports valid for at least six months on arriva. Andorra. A letter of sponsorship form the representing company is required for Yemeni and Iranian passport holders. Participants are encouraged to order the Proceedings in advance.General Information and Registration Ticketed Event IPTC Awards Banquet. Liechtenstein. Please note: Hotels will not apply for visas without a confirmed room reservation. Nigerian as well female Moroccan nationals.iptcnet. Austria. South Korea. Norway. 6 December Daily Luncheon Tickets Refund Deadline All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to IPTC c/o SPE Middle East FZ-LLC. as on-site availability is limited. Australia. Cancellation Date By 19 October After 19 October Refund Refund less USD 150 processing fee Refund less USD 150 or 25 % of registration fee. Belgium. Sweden. Italy. Additional luncheon tickets can be purchased onsite at USD75 per ticket. UAE and Oman) need a visa to enter Qatar. 7 December Industry Breakfast. Luncheons Daily buffet luncheons are scheduled to take place in the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel. Ireland. Canada. USA and Vatican City. Detailed schedule will be available on www. Germany. Parking Bays at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel Ample public parking at a nominal fee will be available at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel. Please be informed that visas are NOT issued for the following nationalities: Iraqi. 8 December Field Trip: Al-Dakhirah. Japan. Finland. New Zealand. Saudi Arabia. on payment of QR 100 (Payable by Credit Card). Brunei. USD USD USD USD USD USD 100 75 300 100 100 75 Visa on Arrival All nationals apart from the citizens of the GCC states (Bahrain. Conference Proceedings Advance registration guarantees one (1) CD-ROM Proceedings which is available for collection at the Conference Registration Desk. Iceland.html and send it directly to the hotel to reserve your hotel accommodation during the conference. San Marino. Please complete and submit the enclosed Hotel Booking Form available at http://www. in accommodation. France.

period One Day Registration Additional Tickets. CD-ROM Proceedings and Field Trips Total USD Registration/Enquiries Payment Options www.Advance Registration Form All portions of this form must be completed. Registration will not be processed without 66 . Print your name as it should appear on the conference badge.iptcnet.

Visas will not be processed without a hotel reservation. Room Rates • Standard: Single/Double Room • Club: Single/Double/ Room • Junior Suite • Executive Suite QR QR QR QR 1. Doha.: +974. and an idyllic setting for business or leisure travelers • Four Seasons Hotel Gazing over the Arabian 5-Star Hotels • Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel A wide range of accommodations suits every taste and need. Contact Details Al Corniche Street. Qatar.8888. P.:+974.4440.iptcnet.494.html 67 www.65 QR per room. after which rooms and rates will be subject to availability. with its own private beach and marina. Contact Details The Corniche.sheraton-doha.O. be it classic rooms featuring split level design and private balconies or executive. Box 6000. Please note that the deadline for hotel bookings is Sunday. Tel. the West Bay business and residential complex. Should you require a visa to enter Qatar. Tel. 15 October 2009. the hotel in which you have booked will process your visa. Breakfast is not included. Breakfast is not included.8000. per • The Ritz Carlton Hotel Voyage to an exclusive island resort. Doha.300 Room rates are subject to 17% service charge.494.8484 • www. yet inviting. Fax: +974. Qatar. Room Rates • Standard: Single/Double Room QR 1.8771 • www.150 1. Box 23400. nestled on the shores of the sparkling blue waters.200 Room rates include 17 % service charge. It is the centerpiece of Doha’s outstanding waterfront landmark. P.150 QR 1. lagoon. Four Seasons is a traveler’s haven fashioned to the finest international standards. Grand.484. the Ritz Carlton.iptcnet.850 4. All registrants are encouraged to book their hotel accommodation as early as possible. Fax:+974. presidential and royal suites offering unsurpassed standards of luxury. Qatar. Room Rates • Deluxe Single Room Double Room QR 1.ritzcarlton. The beauty and tranquility of the hotel's 70 acres of landscaped gardens. private . Contact Details P. executive sports.: +974. leisure and fitness facilities are appreciated by all leisure travelers. Tel.fourseasons.O. Please choose your preferred hotel and complete and return the enclosed Hotel Booking Form to the hotel directly.350 2.Hotel Information Please visit www. The very definition of an opulent Middle Eastern paradise. Box 24665. Fax:+974.O.483. Doha is an exceptional Qatar hotel. combines extravagant elegance with the warmth of a traditional Arabian to download the Hotel Booking Form. Doha. All rates listed below are in Qatar Riyal (QR) @1USD = 3. Breakfast is included.250 Room rates are subject to 17 % service charge.8282 • www.

300 QR 1. Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel is located 20km from Doha International Airport.: +974 484 4444. www.5353. Fax:+ 974. Breakfast is not included.:+ 974.grand.453.:+974.000 A minimum length of 3 nights is required.starwoodhotels. Qatar. W Doha Hotel and Residences infuses your life with the unique combination of casual elegance and urban energy that only WHotels can provide. For any early departure the total duration of stay will be charged accordingly. Room rates are subject to 17 % service charges. Room Rates • Superior Rooms Single Room Double Room QR 1. Tel.O. at the start of the causeway leading to the Pearl-Qatar project and only 20 km from Doha International Airport. Contact Details P.640-foot) Arabian Gulf beach is outside our doors and the Doha Golf Club. The Qatar Exhibition Centre is within walking distance.Hotel Information • The Grand Hyatt Doha Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel is conveniently located in a new district of the city on the West Bay shoreline.jsp • The WDoha Hotel and Residences WDoha is located in the city of Doha. For a look at the cultural side of life.1234. Contact Details P.ichotelsgroup.html?propertyID=3057 • InterContinental Doha InterContinental Doha is in thriving West Bay. The hotel boasts of six innovative restaurants and lounges. Fax:+974. meeting and banquet facilities in its convention centre. Box although transportation is available at no charge.iptcnet.1235 • www. Room Rates • Grand King/Twin Room Single/Double Room • Grand Sea View King/Twin Single/Double Room Room rates include 17% service charges and buffet breakfast. Fax: +974 483 9555 www. Doha.O. Qatar. P. Tel.5 kilometers from Doha golf course.448.250 QR 950 QR 1. Box 19573.412. Room Rates • Spectacular Rooms Single Room Double Room Room rates include 17% service charges and buffet breakfast.O. Doha.448.8633 www. Tel. a Hyatt Pure day spa and extensive recreational facilities. 500 meters from the corniche promenade and 7. near the central business district and diplomatic area. Qatar. Box 6822.300 QR A 500-metre (1. places of cultural and historical interest. City Centre Mall and Aladdin’s Kingdom amusement park are within a few minutes. It is minutes away from the city’s financial and commercial centre. there’s the Qatar National 68 .150 QR 1. Contact Details West Bay. The ultimate expression of style and sophistication.

tower-doha.443.496. Tel. Mediterranean cuisine at La Villa. Room Rates • Standard Single Room Double Room • Privilege Single Room Double Room QR 850 QR 900 QR 1. Al Sadd. The Old Manor Steakhouse and Bar. Doha. Contact Details West Bay Area. Breakfast is not included.: +974. Doha. P. Doha. Qatar.000 QR 1.000 QR 1.html • Mercure Grand Hotel On the Persian Gulf and in the heart of the city. Leisure facilities includes swimming pool and fitness centre. Breakfast is included.6604 • www.000 QR 1. Room Rates • Standard Single Room Double Room • Deluxe Single Room Double Room • Executive Single Room Double Room QR 800 QR 850 QR 900 QR 950 QR 1. Contact Details P.446.9186 www. Non smoking floor. indoor swimming pool. Box 22752.050 Room rates are subject to 17% service charge. Breakfast is included. 69 www. Fax: +974.shtml Please visit www.7309. International cuisine at La Brasserie. Breakfast included only for Executive Room.O.iptcnet.424. P. Tel. Box 24249.iptcnet.496. Room rates are subject to 17% service charge.Hotel Information • Möevenpick Tower and Suites The Mövenpick Tower and Suites is situated in the West Bay Area.mercure. Tel.millenniumhotels.2222. Contact Details Jawaan Street.200 Room rates are subject to 17% service charge. For any early departure the total duration of stay will be charged .: 4-Star Hotels • Millenium Hotel With its elegantly outstanding design that merges the modern with the traditional.1774 www. Fax: +974. Qatar.: +974. Room Rates • Superior Room: Single/Double Room • Deluxe Room: Single/Double Room • Executive Room: Single/Double Room QR 850 QR to its state-of-the-art technology meeting rooms. welcoming both short and long term staying guest. spa and fitness centre.434. the hotel is located in the business district near the traditional Arab souk and the National to download the Hotel Booking Form. an impressive new landmark in Doha offers 350 contemporary yet cosy rooms including 40 suites. the new and trendy part of the city with soaring skyscrapers and glorious views of the green and blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.moevenpick. Qatar.050 A minimum length of 3 nights is required. ranging from its intriguingly new outlets. the Millennium Hotel Doha renders the warmth of the Arabian hospitality through its exclusive array of services and leisure facilities. Fax: The tower. 172 rooms and 3 suites. Box 7566. . These are priority objectives for all the Group’s divisions. www.mmitment to the environment Imagine if technological progress was the key to respecting the environment Because economic development does not come without environmental demands. by controlling greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the release of pollutants. Total is putting its efforts into reducing the impact of its activities on the atmosphere and in the water.

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