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H. E. Hpopoe SAMAYM NO OBUYEA OHSHKE aaevonscrae staynas Moonta L.E.lrodov Problems in General Physics Mir Publishers Moscow Second ping 1983 Revise fom the 199 Rusia ition | Printed he Union of Soviet Socials Reps IBN 5-43-008004 © Mosarenicrn tlayean, Fasnan penny nooxatonetatone nape 1S © Eoglish tneestation Me Publisher, tor PREFACE “This book of problems is intended as a tetbook for students at higher edcational iasttuions staying advanced couse in physi Besides, bovause of the great number of simple problems it may be used by students studying a general course in physi ‘The book contains about 1900 problems with hints for solving the most complicated ones For students convenience each chapter opens with a time-saving summary of the principal formulas Tor the Ealevant ares of physics. Asa Tule the formulas are siven without detailed explanations sifce a stv ‘den, saring solving problem, assumed to kaow the meaning of the ‘Quantities appearing in the Formulas. Explanatory notes ae onl ven In'those cases when misunderstanding may aie ‘All the formulas In the text and answers ae in Sk system, except in Part Six, where the Gaussian system fs used. Quantitive data and answers are presented In accordance wih the rules of approximation and humeral acuracy "The main payical constants and ables are summarised a the end of the book “The Petidic Sytem of Element sprinted tthe frontend sheet and the Table of Elementary Particles at the back sheet ofthe Book a the preset edition, some misprins are corrected, and a number of problems are subsllued by new ones, othe quaziative data in the are hanged rene (273, 136, 2.19, 9.28, 397 4194 a 538), conclusion, the author wants to expres his deep gratitude o cal leagues Irom IPL and fo readers who sent thee emarks 08 some probs Jems helping thereby co improve the book LE, Irodoo CONTENTS Preface "Fount stein‘ Peng aug Rotation " ae ° PART ONE, PHYSICAL FUNDAMENTALS OF MECHANICS ‘ LE Ne Rinminial Sgn’ Drie oS QS Moret fh area 1.4, Unter" Gravion g EE Bonnie o's da Beds a 16; Elite Deformations of w Stia Body a 1 Fiougnamiee 2 1 Relative secasies > a PARE TWO, THERMODYNAMICS AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS 124, Eguaton ofthe Gas State, Process FE Titi law ol emda Heat aii EE Rise’ tua ot Cane Boltzmann's Law and itoxellS 2. Bon cual Lai of Tieodyinin! Boi s EE Devise tapltey etsea ee 5 26, Bite varices ie 25, Bape Pome a PART THREE. ELECTRODYNAMICS... 45 LA Gomme Bleetve Field In. Vacuum 4s EE Canduri and Diletes "it Elecite Bild it EE HESS Gittins wey o's Fil ie ‘ES Emnstane Mametie Pld ‘Maga, ii LE etecnanae Induction Maxwe's Eguaiens ie LE Motion’ Gharged aril Ble and Mage ie PART FOUR, OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES . 46 ‘4, Meshanial Ovations ‘| we Ee 7 i is ve Hadiition 18 PART FIVE, OPTICS... « a 5 199 So: Phetamaty pd ame Opten Se 3'3 Difscuen of Laight ‘ ate Sob Palette of Bite a