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Here are 50 often-used conversational English language idioms.

Each idiom is used in context and highlighted in its own sentence complete with a clarification of its meaning. Have fun!
1. 2. 3. Looking at the big picture is often best. (Objectively seeing all of the components of a problem, for the present and the future, is often the best way to solve it.) We will be better off in the long run, if we stay. (thinking about the future, it is in our best interest to stay.) With regard to his success, chalk it up to hard work. (His success is due to hard work).

4. The boss is coming in to take stock of the situation. (The boss is coming in to assess the situation.) 5. 6. 7. 8. For all we know, we might not see her again. (It is possible that we might not see her again.) She is a very level-headed person. (She is a very rational, sensible person.) He has both of his feet on the ground. (He is a very sensible person.) Mary was right in the line of fire when her brother began to argue. (Mary was unwillingly and centrally involved in her brother's argument.)

9. However, since she was present, she put in her two cents. (However, since Mary was there, she offered her opinion.) 10. I don't know what you're talking about! (I do not understand you.) 11. Painting is difficult, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. (Painting is difficult, but I am coming closer to mastering it.) 12. The young man needs someone to show him the ropes. (The young man needs someone to explain and demonstrate his duties to him.) 13. Keep your options open. (Take time before you decide on the best course for you) 14. Don't burn any bridges. (dont make enemies of people you might need in the future.) 15. By writing a business plan, you are starting off on the right foot. (By writing a business plan, you are starting your business on a sound basis.) 16. Keep an eye on the children near the swimming pool, (Watch the children carefully near the swimming pool.) 17. So whats the deal? (What is transpiring here?) 18. Is it the real deal? (Is it authentic, or is this situation really happening?) 19. I didn't get the job but its just one of those things, or it happens. (Being rejected happens to everyone some time in their lives.) 20. Its really nice to hear from you. (Its nice to receive your card, letter, or phone call.)

21. You should find someone who will be there for you. (You should find someone who will support you emotionally.) 22. We jumped at the chance to take the trip. (We were eager and excited to travel.) 23. Its a win-win situation. (You cannot lose or fail.) 24. Now that the team is winning, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. (Now that the team is winning, everyone wants to join in the success.) 25. Bite your tongue! [said humorously...] (Dont say that or it might happen.) 26. Knock on wood. (Thankfully, we have been lucky, and we hope it continues this way.) 27. Speak of the devil... (The person we were discussing just entered the room.) 28. Dont leave, we can work it out. (Dont leave, we can come to an agreement.) 29. I have to take my hat off to you, you are a good writer! (I respect your talent for writing.) 30. With this advice, youre preaching to the converted. (You need not convince anyone here, we are all in agreement with you.) 31. This dress is brand new. (This dress is new and has never been worn.) 32. Totally not! (Absolutely no!) 33. He needs his family to pitch in and help. (He needs his family to get involved and help him.) 34. All he needs is a little pick-me-up. (All he needs is some refreshment.) 35. To tell him the truth and risk our friendship was a definite catch-twenty-two situation. (To tell him the truth was best for him, but bad for our friendship, and therefore, both good and bad for me.) 36. In his mothers eyes, he could do no wrong. (In his mothers opinion, he was perfect.) 37. He calls the shots anywhere he goes. (He takes command of every situation.) 38. She asked him to drop her a line. (She asked him to write a letter to her.) 39. Id like to get the boss out of my hair. (I would like the boss to stop bothering me for an hour.) 40. Paul feels so hard-done-by. (Paul feels that everyone is treating him unfairly.) 41. She had her opponent beat six ways to Sunday. (She defeated her opponent thoroughly and completely.) 42. They were in bad shape after the accident. (Their physical and mental health was not good after the accident.) 43. It never fails, or, it's always the way, when it rains it pours. (Without exception, when life is not to our liking, we can plan on it only getting worse.) 44. His father's words really hit home. (His father's words touched him in a profound way.) 45. How did the competition get wind of the deal? (How did the competition hear about the deal?)

46. He has his game-face on. (He is serious or business-like.) 47. They won it going away. {They won the game decisively.) 48. You need not explain, I get the picture. (You need not explain, I understand.) 49. Since they argued, she has been given the cold shoulder by her friend. (Since they argued, she has been ignored by her friend.) 50. He had to make a split second decision. (He had to make an instantaneous decision.)