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Chapter 156. Urgent Urgent: of a state or situation, requiring immediate attention. She felt an urgent need of seeing him.

action or

You see? They didnt put signs for a reason, the woman informs us I told him. You are kind of mighty, arent you? I think youre full with ego because of this thing recognizing you and you dont realize the risk we are running A patronizing Froiln told me off. Maybe Im so used to this that I begin to enjoy this little peace I muttered going into the control office.

Froiln thought about it for a few seconds and hurried up before the doors closed in front of him. The control office was also empty. Just silence. Silence again. Where are the people? I asked aloud speaking with Froiln. What people? The womans voice asked. Oh lord, this guy again I told Froiln in low.

Froiln held back his laugh. The static electricity is high; it can damage your systems The woman said.

Froiln really made an effort not to laugh. What are you playing at? You told me before it wasnt dangerous and to come here if I wanted to do some verifications I barked at her.

I got nervous; I felt an urgent need of kicking that electronic mass with the only chair in the room so the wiring became exposed, pull them and defused all that shit with my own bare hands. Froiln split his sides laughing, he didnt say a thing, but he was splitting his sides; he didnt even look at me because he couldnt hold his laugh. My name is Rita I said in a bad mood. Rita, you have to leave the room as soon as possible, the static electricity level can damage your system The damn voice repeated. Is it irritating or what? I got despaired.

Froiln looked around, he was looking for something, he approached the desk with the chair, and stuck his eyes on the buttons. I think this is... He said aloud grabbing a small switch.

But he neither needed a confirmation, as soon as the small key went down an annoying and deafening alarm started to sound. Suddenly the

steps and the racket we had missed since we got up came to us, more like a threat than an idyllic background music. What did you do? I jumped on the desk to see what that evil key was. Just liven this up, it was too easy A terrifying Froiln dropped. What is that key? Didnt you say you only knew about radio stations and boats? What the hell did you do? I, hysteric.

Froiln didnt laugh, but he neither showed repentance. I got closer to read what the key said. I didnt understand it, it was written in the same foreign language of the other room, or that seemed to me. You know this language, dont you? I asked him.

The racked was getting closer. I do he said not bothered at all. What does it say? I interrogated. It says automatic control He answered I deactivated the automatic control. The machinery can be sophisticated, but not the programming, each time the machine finds a non registered answer it falls in a loop. With this technologic deployment it should interact almost like a person... Well, maybe in a few years... I justified. The machines are modern, Im telling you, the I from the future; the programming should be as well Froiln insisted. Probably they killed the persons in charge before they finished the job, knowing this people I deduced. Well, now well see how that immunity of yours works with the red government He said openly smiling.

The appalling noise that resounded in the corridor stopped in front of the door. I waited for the doors to open petrified, holding my breath, about to hold Froilns arm, almost wanting to hide behind him, almost wanting him as a shield. He noticed it, he was holding his laugh. What are you doing here? A demanding man asked.

Froiln moved aside to leave me alone in front of the answers. We are inspecting the premises My insecurity answered.

And this way the silence came back. The horde of people with white gowns that followed the first man crossing the door shut up. The steps stopped making noise and the silence came back again. It makes sense, thats why they deactivated the control A girl in glasses told the demanding man. automatic

We werent informed of any inspection The man investigated.

Of course not I said.

Froiln looked at me seeing a cat renewing the seven lives. Well, its an inspection The girl told him. Of course, of course The man gave in.

Froiln almost admired me.