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Evicted : expel from a property especially with the power of law Eg: residents of Ejipura housing colony for economically weaker sections, who were forcibly evicted in January this year to make way for a mall and a residential complex. 2. Apace : swiftly , quickly Eg: he overlooks the site where the construction of the mall is apace. 3. Cubicle : a small partitioned area of a room 4. Alms : charitable donations of money or food to the poor Eg: She relied on alms to feed her daughter and herself 5. Anguish : severe mental or physical pain

Eg: I didnt have enough money to treat my baby Adrena, Ms. Clara said in anguish.
6. Toddler : a young child who is learning to walk 7. Lobby: seek to influence Eg: she was camping in Delhi and strongly lobbying for joining the Congress. 8. Disburse: pay out monet ( from a fraud) 9. Rejig: rearrange Eg: the 2014 Indian Grand Prix was dropped on Tuesday after a rejig in the racing calendar for the coming year. 10. Extravaganza: an elaborate and spectacular entertainment 11. Rubble: waste or rough fragments of brick, concrete etc Eg: a couple was devastated to find their house in Kaveri Nagar in the city reduced to rubble 12. Devastate : destroy or ruin Cause severe or overwhelming shock or grief 13. Razed: tear down or destroy Eg: a neighbour called to say his house was being razed. 14. Mooted: subject to debate Raise for discussion 15. Coalition: temporary alliance, especially of political parties formin a government

Eg: Congress sources say the party will have to pay a huge price for seeking the intervention
of coalition partners. 16. Rogue: a dishonest or unprincipled man A seedling or plant deviating from standard variety Eg: remove rogue plants or seedlings from the crop 17. Conceding: finally admit that something is true

Eg: Conceding that creating Telangana will lead to heartburn in several regions 18. Culpability: deserving blame 19. whistleblower : a person who informs on someone engaged in an illicit activity 20. diminutive: extremely or unusually small eg: A diminutive Bradley Manning sat quietly two rows ahead of me. 21. Fugitive: a person who has escaped from captivity or hiding 22. IPC : Indian Penal Code 23. Capsized: overturned in water 24. eluded : evade or escape in a skilful or cunning way 25. jeopardise: put at risk of loss, harm or failure

eg: This is likely to jeopardise Mr. Srinivasans return as active president of the BCCI. 26. Apartheid: system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race Eg: Terming the 2005 ban on dance bars as a serious case of caste apartheid, the groups have spelt out a few demands 27. Misogyny: hatred of women 28.