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What Theyre Saying About: Warfighter Information Network Tactical

Senator Elizabeth Warren:

The Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) army modernization program is an example of the kinds of efforts we should be supportingWIN-T improves the Armys communications systems, helping to protect our soldiers by enabling them to more effectively and securely communicate while on the ground.
General Dynamicss WIN-T program a Good Example of a Good Investment th Taunton Daily Gazette, August 30 , 2013

Representative Niki Tsongas:

WIN-T is one of the Armys top modernization efforts, providing unparalleled advantages to service members in the field and helping to save lives.
General Dynamics Reports Successful Soldier Support with WIN-T Inc. 2 th Defense Daily, September 17 , 2013

Lt. Col. Robert Collins, Former WIN-T Inc. 2 Product Manager:

[several insights indicate the] positive impact this mobile network is going to have on the way we fight across the full spectrum of military operations. WIN-T Increment 2 will increase the pace at which the Army can conduct combat operations, extend operational distances for reach and reach back, while also decreasing the military decision-making time cycle.
General Dynamics Reports Successful Soldier Support with WIN-T Inc. 2 th Defense Daily, September 17 , 2013

Col. Ed Swanson, WIN-T Project Manager:

WIN-T Increment 2 is a completely mobile network, supporting increased operational tempo and enabling mission command on-the-move WIN-T Increment 2 is an essential part of the Armys tactical network modernization strategy and one of its highest priorities. WIN-T Increment 2 is being fielded to the Army at a critical time. This will be important in Afghanistan, where the coalition forces footprint is shrinking and many of the forward operating bases and fixed sites used to access the network are being shut downAs our forces become more dispersed and mobile in conducting these types of operations, they will rely on WIN-T Increment 2 for critical reach-back communications.
Interview: Col. Ed Swanson, Army WIN-T th Defense News, September 4 , 2013

Maj. Gary Pickens, Army Communications Officer:

The enhanced situational awareness given to us by this suite of technology has allowed us to maintain a 'digital guardian angel' as we conduct our advising duties and missions," said Maj. Gary Pickens, the communications officer for the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, which is the first unit to deploy CS 13 in theater. "The various platforms of CS 13 give us a digital reach like we've never had before.
New Network Provides Digital Guardian Angel for Soldiers in Afghanistan th Army.Mil, August 19 , 2013