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1. Is there _ other way for us to get to Kuantan from here? A. Any A. Any A. A lot A. Much A. Small A. A B. Many B. Many B. Enough C. Plenty C. Plenty C. Many C. Any C. Less C. less B. Very much B. Many B. a B. Little C. Plenty C. Any C. Any D. Lots of D. Few D. Any D. A lot D. A few D. A few C. So much D. More D. Its D. More D. some, any D. Much D. Many C. That, any D. Every, any D. Most 2. Rubber trees will certainly burn but they dont give out _ heat. 3. There is _ food for all the guests 4. Are there _ cakes left for me? B. A great deal B. A little B. one 5. There is only _ milk left in the jug. 6. Did you get _ not I left on your desk? 7. Mr. Choong paid _ for his house than Mr. Ahmad. A. Much more A. Much A. Her A. Many A. No, some A. Plenty A. A lot A. Any, some A. This A. That A. A lot 8. How _ litres of petrol did you put in your tank? 9. Poh Sim left for Ipoh in such a hurry that she forgot to take _ valuable purse. 10. The farmers have been given a lot of advice but not _ real help. 11. We dont have rice but we have _ bread. B. Any, some C. some, some B. Several B. Plenty C. Any C. A lot of 12. _ of what Abdul says is nonsense. 13. My motor bike is giving _ trouble. I must have it repaired at once. 14. _ oranges cost only thirty cents each today. I must buy _ B. These, some B. these B. All B. Plenty C. It C. which C. More 15. Ali: Which of these rooms is yours? Azmi: _ one. D. here D. what D. much

16. _ fun Uncle Hamzah is! He has made a huge kite for me. 17. I want _ sugar. You didnt put enough in my coffee.

18. Azida makes all _ own clothes but her sister gives hers to the tailor. A. Your A. Some, any A. Any, some A. Some plenty A. Much few A. None A. Each A. All A. Each B. no B. every B. every B. all B. her B. any, C. his C. Lot, few D. their D. Any, some D. many, some Mrs. Tan: no, but I would like _ more tea. C. some, any C. many, few D. few D. all D. many D. many D. few, little D. many a few 19. You cant have _ more rambutans because I want _ for myself. 20. Dont make _ noise. I want to get _ sleep. B. some, little C. some, any B. some, some B. Many, a little C. any C. either C. both C. either 21. Mrs. Azmi: Will you have _ more cake?

22. Mothers: How _ glasses have you broken? Ali: Just _ Im sorry. 23. There isnt _ petrol In the car, Ahmad. Go an put in ten liters immediately. 24. _ my brothers are good at sport but Im not. 25. _ pupil in the school received a free drink on Sports Day. 26. The prime minister presented a medal to _ member of the national football team. 27. Mrs. Wong: Have we got _ cups and saucers for fifty people? Siti: No, weve got _ cups than saucers. A. Any, some A. Both, neither B. each, few C. enough, fewer B. either, neither D. enough, few D. both, either

28. I asked _ my sisters to lend me two ringgit, but _ of them would do so. C. either, either 29. Hare: Is mother packing _ food for our picnic? Rama: Yes. And there are quite _ cakes too. A. Lot of, a few B. a lot of, few C. many, a lot of D. a lot of, a few 30. Zaki: Did you lose your books in the floods, Kadir? Kadir: Yes. I lost _ and _ other things too. A. Several, lots of B. a lot of, several C. several, plenty D. several, a lot of

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