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Info Pack for Nature Reverence Youth Exchange, Dresden 1 11 August 2012

*This document should be read before coming to the youth exchange Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. would like to welcome you to the Nature Reverence II youth exchange! Our partners are the following: Croatia: Association for sustainable and creative development KOR Greece: Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki YET Italy: Cooperazione senza Frontiere Netherlands: Stichting Diversiteitsland Poland: Zachodniopomorska Wojewodzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufcow Pracy Romania: Synergy Romania Spain: Casa Eslava Each country group should consist of 4 participants aged between 18 and 25 and one group leader (no age limit). We hope that during these 9 days, you will get useful intercultural experience learning about the environment through outdoor activities, sport and workshops. Non-formal education methods will be used with the view to promote and follow the values and aims of the Youth in Action Programme. This info pack will not only answer many questions that you might have but will also prepare you for the Youth Exchange. Please read the info pack carefully and if you agree with its rules & regulations, fill in, sign and send the application form to JKPeV Team: Chairman of the Board: Stefan Kiehne Project Coordinator: Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi

the youth exchange...

What is a youth exchange??? A Youth Exchange brings together groups of young people from different backgrounds from two or more Youth in Action countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet, discuss, and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other countries and cultures. The Youth in Action Programme is a programme funded by the European Union which addresses young people aiming to develop their skills, to empower them to participate actively, to motivate them to volunteer and respect each other and to encourage them to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge. Therefore, youth exchanges should not be considered as low-budget holidays and an opportunity just to travel abroad. Nature Reverence II is a nine-day youth exchange, from 1 to 11 August 2013 in Porschdorf, a village situated in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which gives the opportunity to 40 young people, aged between 18 and 25 (4 pax per country + 1group leader per country) to participate in outdoor workshops and activities with regard to environment, nature and volunteering. Moreover, participants will get to know each other's culture through team-building games, free time activities and cultural evenings. The workshops: The participants will explore the natural beauty of the wonderful Saxon Switzerland national park and will do activities such as: rock climbing, hiking tours with specialists who will explain the participants about the flora and fauna, the history and the geography of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, canoeing, scouting activities, free camping, free time activities (dance lessons, photography, land art etc.). Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and its elements and realise how important is to respect and protect it. Open air workshops, outdoor activities, team work and team building games will take place in the morning and in the evening. Free time activities: Apart from the workshops, free time activities (team building games, dance and music activities, photography, land art, meditation etc.) will take place. If participants would like to facilitate an activity or share their knowledge and experience, they are more than welcome to do. Therefore, participants should fill in the application form carefully and mention what kind of workshop they could facilitate! In addition, cultural evenings are planned to be held in order to get to know each other and familiarize themselves with the whole group. Cultural evenings: Almost every night after dinner participants from each partner country will present their country and culture through their own way. We encourage interactive presentations which include games, quizzes, music & dance and of course some short introduction to each countrys delicacies and local products!

Boofen: You will have the experience to have an overnight stay in the National Park of Saxon Switzerland and more specifically in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the open air. Boofen refers to an overhang in the sandstone rock or a cave, the so-called Boofe ("bow-fer"). This has often been adapted with a sleeping area and fireplace. It is the best way to be as close as possible to nature.

volunteering Nature Reverence II youth exchange dedicates one morning to volunteering and this means that, participants will have to do something for the environment such as cleaning the forest and the trails from litter so that the natural habitat of various animals, plants and trees is sustained and clean. working language The official project language will be English; however, many of you speak many different languages. But don't be scared if you think that your English is not good enough...we will find many different ways to communicate and interact!! target group This youth exchange warmly welcomes young motivated people who would like to be in nature and participate in outdoor activities & sport. Participants are not expected to have experience in youth exchanges. However, participants are expected to respect each other, to be part of the group, to take part in all activities of the youth exchange and to be responsible for their actions and behaviour. Remember!! Youth exchanges are not holidays; they combine collaborative work & fun!

the weather in Saxon Switzerland:

In August the weather in Saxon Switzerland can vary which means that there are days which might be pleasant but it can also be chilly and rainy. You are highly recommended to bring clothes for outdoor activities and rainproof jacket and trousers. Sport shoes and/or hiking boots and rainproof hiking boots are necessary for this project. During the morning and the afternoon the temperature is higher compared to the evening. At night jeans and a jacket are necessary and your sleeping bag should quite warm! Please check the weather report before you come!

costs & refund of travel expenses

Board, lodging and programme costs will be provided and paid by grant from the National Agency of Germany of the YOUTH in Action Programme. Insurance will be covered from Programme costs in case of an accident, but please bring your European Health Insurance Card with you! (Contact your local Health insurance provider to obtain one for free) There will a refund of 70% of the real travel expenses. Below you find the travel expense limits for each country, so please have them in mind when you book the tickets for your 4 participants + 1 leader.

Country Croatia Greece Italy Netherlands Poland

Organisation Udruga KOR Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki Cooperazione senza Frontiere Stichting Diversiteitsland Zachodniopomorska Wojewodzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufcow Pracy Synergy Romania Casa Eslava

100% 5 people 2000,00 2000,00 2000,00 1750,00 1500,00

70% 5 people 1400,00 1400,00 1400,00 1225,00 1050,00

Romania Spain

2000,00 2000,00

1400,00 1400,00

We need to provide all travel receipts and documentation to the national agency otherwise we cannot refund the organisations. So please (every participant) bring with you: 1. The original invoice of the flight ticket or the train ticket (with clear mark how much you have paid). This invoice should be addressed to yourself, or your organisation. (If you receive an electronic ticket, please print out a copy also for us. This shows the real cost of the ticket). 2. Save all boarding passes (no boarding pass no reimbursement) 3. Save all original train and bus tickets or any other tickets (no receipt no reimbursement) IMPORTANT: Reimbursement of the ticket will be done only after we receive all original tickets, boarding passes and invoices!!!

Booking, travelling and arrival

By plane: On Thursday 1st of August 2013 you will arrive either at Schoenefeld or Tegel airport in Berlin. We advise you to book your flight to Berlin from your country as it is much cheaper than to Dresden. After booking your flight, you should book your bus ticket online through Berlin Linien Bus to get to Dresden. Do not do it last minute because most of the times these buses are fully booked! This company has buses which take you from the airport of Berlin to Dresden Hauptbahnhof (the Main Station of Dresden). It takes about 2 hours to reach Dresden from Berlin. You will find this bus exactly outside the airport!! The return ticket costs 28,-/person up to 26 years old and 32,-/person for adults older than 26 years old. By bus or train: If you come by bus or train, you should stop at Dresden Hauptbahnhof as you need to take the S-Bahn from there to Bad Schandau in Saxon Switzerland. When you reach Dresden Hauptbahnhof, inside the train station there are offices where you can buy on the spot your train ticket from Dresden Hauptbahnhof to Bad Schandau. The train leaves every 30 minutes and you will arrive in Bad Schandau in about 30 minutes! When you take the S-Bahn from Dresden Hauptbahnhof send a sms to +49 17 699 122 209 so that we will pick you up from there. We strictly recommend you to arrive early that day. Upon your arrival, you will have time to settle in the camp, relax, meet the other participants and get a dinner! After dinner we are going to have a welcome meeting.

Preparation of Participants IMPORTANT how to get prepared

In cooperation with your group leaders, prepare your cultural evening, warm-up activities & energizers What you should definitely bring!!! 1. Comfortable & sport clothes & shoes 2. Sleeping bag & towels 3. Warm jackets & clothes (August is unpredictable) 4. Flashlight & camera/video camera 5. Sport shoes & hiking boots 6. Water proof jacket & trousers 7. A big backpack & a small one to carry while hiking 8. Insect Repellent, sun glasses & sun cream 9. A flask of water to carry on you during the activities 10. Swim suit in case you are too brave to swim in the Elbe river

You will stay in the Aktivhof, an original place designed for big groups and adventure tours in Porschdorf. There is plenty of space for outdoor activities, grilling, campfire, sitting room/lounge with WLAN, a terrace to enjoy your meals and a kitchen. You will stay in traditionally made barns and therefore you need to bring with you a warm sleeping bag as you will sleep on the hay and these barns havent got the best insulation!! The showers and toilets are in the guest house and they are very clean and modern style. For the participants who are allergic to hay, air mattresses will be provided. This kind of accommodation is not recommended for people who want to stay in hotels and have their privacy. It is quite basic and it is for people who like adventure and do not bother to stay for a few days in a group. Aktivhof Hauptstrae 2 01814 Porschdorf

Saxon Switzerland
Saxon Switzerland (German: Schsische Schweiz) is an area in Saxony, Germany, so named after its picturesque upland scenery. About 30 km (18 mi) upward the Elbe River From Dresden this is a mountain area made Of sandstone. Bizarre stone formations and spectacular views are only a few characteristics of this region that is ideal for hiking, but also for a relaxed day out. For those who like nature, it is surely the most beautiful landscape in Saxony. Saxon Switzerland National Park borders the Czech Republics Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Though a border divides this space its management has long been marked by international cooperation. A hikers border crossing was opened in 2003. City in Stone The park is known for a wildly eroded landscape of Elbe sandstone formations, created as a seafloor during the Cretaceous period. The cliffs, mesas, gorges, and spires of this city in stone are the result of more than 100 million years of work by wind and by the waters of the Elbe River and tributaries as they flow into the North Sea. Free-Climbing Saxon Switzerland is an irresistible draw for rock climbers. In fact free-climbing for sport is said to have originated in this region during the mid-19th century. Today schools enthusiastically teach the sport to newcomers. Varied Habitats The parks stark topography creates a mix of diverse natural habitats in close proximity to each otherplateau mountaintops, steep ravines, wildflower-filled meadows, moors, and extensive forests. Rugged, rocky terrain provides a refuge, free from human intervention, for many species no longer found in most of Germany. In the skies above one may spot black storks, peregrine falcons, or horned owls. Topsy-Turvy Saxon Switzerland National Parks climate is turned upside down by a phenomenon called climactic inversion. Mixed montane forest is found at the damp, cool lower altitudes in shadowy gorges. This unusual climate has allowed two flowers normally found in tundra climates, the gelbe Veilchen ("yellow violet") and the Sumpfporst (wild rosemary) to survive here since the last ice age. Knigstein Fortress: The heights of this romantic landscape are dotted with castles and fortresses, many of which are themselves fascinating tourist draws. The Konigstein Fortress, which dates to at least 1241, is perched dramatically on a towering mesa and affords stunning views across Saxon Switzerland.

Info & rules

Please keep all your boarding passes and tickets and give them to your group leader. The same should be done on the way back. The group leaders have to send us all tickets and boarding passes via post as a registered letter. Respect and keep clean the place where you are staying at. Smoking is not allowed indoors. After 23.00 please try to be more silent but this does not mean the party is over. Whoever wants to join late night gatherings, we will have a camp fire! Be prepared for the cultural evening where you will represent your country's culture e.g. music, a short description about the country, anecdotes, funny videos about the country etc. You should be prepared before coming to the youth exchange!! Please bring food and drinks typical of your country!! Group leaders are responsible for their participants and must inform them about all practicalities of the youth exchange e.g. the time the participants should start the warm-up activities, the workshop activities, the cultural evenings etc. All participants have to participate in all activities and should be on time during the youth exchange. If participants have any problems or for certain reasons and they cant participate in some activities, they should inform their group leaders first or the project leader! Group leaders are expected to support and help the organising team and should attend group leader meetings which take place on a daily basis. Each participating group is welcome to prepare some warm-up activities and energizers for the youth exchange. You should bring your own sleeping bag and towels as well as flashlight for night walks!! If you want to organise a free time activity and would like to show to and share with the other participants, you are welcome to do, but you have to let us know in advance!

If you have any allergies or if you don't eat certain kinds of food you should inform us before the project gets started..! Therefore, the application form has to be filled in and sent to us. If you want to take part in this youth exchange, make sure that you conform to the terms & conditions of the youth exchange. Please sign and fill in the attached application form. If we don't receive the application form we will not be able to accept you in the youth exchange! In Germany, you are not allowed to download movies and songs as it is charged with a fine. If you want to present films and songs from the internet for your cultural evening you have to do it in your country before you come to the youth exchange!! Apart from the outdoor activities, we will also do some voluntary activities such as cleaning trails from litter. Also, participants should volunteer daily during the youth exchange as they will help to make breakfast, to clean the dishes and set the tables every day. Taking part in such a youth exchange does not mean that you only participate in workshops, cultural evenings and fun activities but you are also responsible for the good operation of the youth exchange by helping where necessary. Concerning travelling, you are expected to buy your tickets on your own and we will reimburse you as soon as we receive the boarding passes and all original tickets (airplane, bus, train tickets etc.). Try to find the cheapest way to get to Dresden. All extra costs e.g. drinks, entrance to museums or galleries, personal expenses etc. are not covered by the youth exchange. Please respect the environment and the garbage system of Germany. You will be informed about this operation as soon as you come to the youth exchange. If you are finally not able to participate in the youth exchange and you have booked or paid the ticket which is non-refundable, then we are not able to reimburse you.

Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V.

The association Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. is based in Dresden, Germany and was founded in 2004. Its main aim is to provide young people and adults with opportunities to improve their soft skills through non-formal learning methods. Moreover, JKPeV helps young artists and creative minds to realise their own projects and use their creative and entrepreneurial skills and therefore, support and promote their ideas. For this reason, the association carries out European and international projects with the intention to familiarize local and international people with the idea of living and creating in a multicultural environment where everyone is treated equally has equal rights and responsibilities. This has been attained by the organisation through international work camps, workshops, meetings, festivals and conventions in the field of art and culture. Through such projects tolerance, understanding, environmental and European awareness and citizenship are fostered. In addition, JKPeV aspires to contribute to the cultural life of Dresden by organising public events and bringing together people from different countries and backgrounds. Cultural diversity and EU values are greatly promoted through all the events of JKPeV. Since 2008, JKPeV organises every September in Dresden the Burning Bizarre Convention, where jugglers and fire performers from different countries gather and participate in workshops, the open stage and the gala show. The gala show is a public performance, where all people from Dresden and the region of Saxony are welcome to attend it. Since 2011, Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. has been an accredited hosting and sending organisation with regard to the European Voluntary Service of the Youth in Action Programme. Through its public activities JKPeV has managed to become a source of inspiration, free expression and information for the young people who are interested to create and get involved in the society through art, culture, volunteering and environmental activities.

Terms & Conditions

Participants should be aware of the voluntary movement and the project philosophy. Participants are responsible to arrange their travel in accordance with the project program & should inform hosting organization about their travel details before the project starts Participants have to run all the activities needed for a good preparation of the exchange, following suggestions and information given by the hosting organization Participants are responsible for obtaining the adequate European Health Insurance Card (contact your health insurance provider) Participants should respect culture and traditions of the local host. Participants should accept and follow the rules and conditions of the hosting organisation. Participants should be flexible and understand that details of the projects can change at the last minute, without affecting the philosophy of the youth exchange. Participants should understand that group dynamics are the key to a successful project and they are asked to play an active role in this. Participants are responsible as a group to participate and help in the organization of their free time activities along with the support of the leader. Participants are responsible for their own actions relating to the life, the work and laws of the country. Smoking is forbidden in any closed places

Important info!
Contact details: Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi +49 (0) 17 699 122 209 Stefan Kiehne Office +49 (0) 17 696 212 347 +49 (0) 351 899 605 28

Please contact us if you have any questions! Office Address: Bautzner strasse 49 01099 Neustadt Dresden Germany