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Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network
By: admin | April - 13 - 2011
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Finalist 2011 Skyscraper Competition Sim Yee Lee, Minh Ngoc Phan United Kingdom

This scheme consists of a residential tower with an emphasis on waste collection and recycling. The project takes advantage of its location at the centre of the ‘sky bridge network’, acting as a ‘hub’ to gather and process waste from neighboring towers. Waste materials are collected at each household in a series of special compartments – one each for glass, metals, paper, plastics and organic matter. These are then transported to the Recycling Tower via service ducts located beneath the sky bridges. From here they are moved down to a large-scale sorting / recycling centre at its ground floor interface via vacuumed, color-coded pipes. In addition, the design embraces recycled materials in its construction – for example, much of the tower is clad in colorful recycled corrugated steel sheets. This, along with the exposed nature of the recycling pipes, services and structure results in a vibrant and expressive building.
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Only 150 copies are available worldwide. This problem will increase daily city movements as people who work in Canary Wharf and its surrounding areas commute from other parts of the city.evolo. The central core is surrounded by two living areas with every apartment consists of individual balcony to provide ventilation and cooling for occupants. the double height space of the central cores provide enough height for natural ventilation and cooling. which also provide direct view to Canary Wharf.eVolo | Architecture Magazine Site Context The site is located in an industrial and commercial district suffering from lack of infrastructure services and residential areas in London. Facade Detail The purpose of the facade is to increase occupants’ comfort with reduced energy and technical costs. which permeable skin connections are plugged in. The book is a two-volume. The site also surrounded by water and it is a distant away from the existing bridges and attractions which are related with water. At the north-south atrium of the apartment tower. -> ORDER A COPY www. 082-1 Im age 2 of 3 « pre v ne x t » start slide show -> 2014 SKYSCRAPER COMPETITION IS OPEN FOR REGISTRATION To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition.us/architecture/rainbow-recycling-skyscraper-skybridge-network/ 2/7 . The residential on the east and west sides are supplied with fresh air through their balcony.9/11/13 Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network . eVolo published a collector’s edition of its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. 1300-page set with the best 300 projects received during the last years.

F acebook social plugin architecture. Sponsors Competition www.eVolo | Architecture Magazine Find us on Facebook eVolo Magazine Like 51.9/11/13 Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network . news Comments are closed. featured.evolo.487 people like eVolo Magazine.us/architecture/rainbow-recycling-skyscraper-skybridge-network/ 3/7 .

9/11/13 Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network .us/architecture/rainbow-recycling-skyscraper-skybridge-network/ 4/7 .evolo.eVolo | Architecture Magazine www.

9/11/13 Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network .evolo.us/architecture/rainbow-recycling-skyscraper-skybridge-network/ 5/7 .eVolo | Architecture Magazine www.

9/11/13 Rainbow Recycling Skyscraper – Skybridge Network .evolo.eVolo | Architecture Magazine Free Newsletter Name: Email: Submit Architecture Xenoculture www.us/architecture/rainbow-recycling-skyscraper-skybridge-network/ 6/7 .

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