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Summer 2013

At the beginning of July, children across the country can contemplate nearly two months of holiday.Two months without prep; two months to relax; two months to learn different lessons from those that are learnt at school. Yet we are told by government that we should live in fear of the Summer Slide and make sure that children are working throughout the summer. Many parents adhere to this theory and engage the services of tutors to keep their most prized possessions noses at the grindstone. So what is the right approach? The summer holidays should be all about discovery. Children learn about themselves when they are not at school all day.They learn how to play; they learn how to make new friends with people they meet; hopefully they will discover new books and authors; they will visit new places; they will discover new interests. It is important that children learn things at home and at school but it need not be rigidly academic during the holidays. Reading regularly is incredibly valuable. Playing maths games in the car is a help.Writing postcards is a good idea. Some children keep a holiday diary which can be an excellent way of keeping things ticking over. Lets remember, though, doing well at school is important, but so is being a child and building a bank of wonderful memories that will stay with them forever.

PLAYED 11 WON 2 DRAWN 3 LOST 6 This was a season which promised much and at times the team delivered impressively. There were also times, though, when we did not do ourselves justice and we missed out on some opportunities for good wins. Our first match of the season was against Ludgrove.We were not at our best yet and it is a shame that we did not play them later on in the season when we would have a had a very good chance of defeating them.Ampofo ma. and Sperling did make it very interesting for a while but we fell short.We did not perform well in the field against Eagle House where naive fielding positions and poor bowling and fielding allowed them to post a large total. Gaba and Sperling batted well, though, to make it respectable. In our first encounter with Hall Grove we again did not perform and were outplayed by a strong side. We then began to show what we were capable of.Against Dorset House we bowled and fielded brilliantly on a tricky wicket.Ampofo was unplayable and Gaba, Sperling and James also took wickets. We made the runs very comfortably with Hardaker and Ampofo scoring well.Against Bishopsgate we were much the stronger side but in a weather shortened format we did not have time to bowl the out despite an excellent 4-13 from James. Our performance against Woodcote House was one of the best of recent times.We made an excellent 150-5 with a brisk 42 from Macdondald-Buchanan.When we took to the field,Ampofo was simply unplayable. He took five wickets in his first two overs and a sixth in his third to return with figures of 6-17.Woodcote were all out for a total of 37.This was the game in which all elements finally came together and we proved what a good side we could be.We followed this up with an equally impressive performance against Hall Grove, a side which had beaten us convincingly earlier in the term. Our captain led the way with an unbeaten 87 on a ground with an extremely slow outfield.This would have been a century on many grounds.We posted an excellent total of 137 in 29 overs. Inexplicably, the opposition decided to shut up shop from the outset, scoring only 20 runs in the first ten overs of their innings and ending up 56 for 3 after 26. It was an excellent performance nonetheless. Sadly, as we have seen rather too often, we then suffered from a post Common Entrance slump. Our performances dipped, culminating in a loss to Woodcote, a side we had outplayed in our first encounter. We must work out how to avoid this going forward. Colours were awarded to Macdonald Buchanan,Ampofo ma., Sperling and Gaba. Team: Macdonald Buchanan (capt.), Gaba,Tonkins, Sperling,Ampofo ma., Bonham-Lloyd, Hardaker, James, Sliva Alvear ma., Silva Alvear mi., Russell, Pernabayev. T.A.C.N.D & W.B.

FORM PRIZES Form VI Form VIa Form V Form Va Form IV Form IVa Form III Form II Form I Soloviev, Sikorski & Ampofo ma Silva ma & Pernebayev Lea, Cao & Sviridov Merrill & Hardaker Pangin,Thomas & J. Kim Delikatnyi, Buxton & Malham Ampofo mi, Senior ma & Efemuai Wilson, Hinchliffe & Hopkins Kuanyshev & van Heusden

French Day
On Thursday 27th June, croissants, pains au chocolat and hot chocolate started another great French Day. The boys turned out in a variety of clothes, all in the French colours of blue, white and red. As it was a lovely day, we played the 'course de garon de caf' and 'petanque' at break, which the boys all enjoyed. Lunch was a delicious coq au vin, followed by a pudding of 'millefeuille'. The winners of the French quiz all received prizes. The winners are as follows: Form I: Brooks, Form II: Hopkins / Senior mi, Form III: Senior ma, Form IVa: Malhame, Form IV: Neckel, Form VA: Felbeck, Form VI: Sikorski Wilson and Desmond won best costume. Ibrahim mi and Thomas were winners of the 'course de garons de caf'. Boam and Hanif were the best 'petanque' players. And finally, the best costume competition for the teachers was won by Ms Padwick and Mr Brooks.

In Common Entrance, Gaba was awarded the Biology prize at Harrow, Lane was awarded the R.S. prize by Sherborne and Hagg-Davies was awarded the Modern Languages prize by Sherborne. The most Show-Ups was won by DYACHENKO, MERRILL, SIKORSKI and SILVA ma. The Show-Ups Cup was won by SILVA ma. The Art Cup was won by FRY and PERNEBAYEV The Modern Languages prize was won by HAGG-DAVIES The Performing Arts Cup was won by MILES The Swimming Cup was won by BONHAM-LLOYD The Waterfiled Mile was won by CAMPBELL BREEDON The Dundas Cup was won by BONHAM-LLOYD The Junior Fielding Cup was won by BECKWITH-MOORE The Junior Cricket Cup was won by M. RUSSELL The Fielding Cup was won by AMPOFO ma The Cricket Cup was won by MACDONALD BUCHANAN The Fox-Andrews Trophy was won by MACDONALD BUCHANAN The Best All-round Sportsman was won by SPERLING The All-round Achievement award was won by AMPOFO ma The Lesley McColl Prize was won by HART & CARTWRIGHT The House Cup was won by GIRDLESTONE

V.G. & E.J.A.D

Social with St.Mary's

With some trepidation the leavers made their way to St. Mary's for an evening of 'barn dancing'. At first the girls seemed much more ready for a hoedown than the lonesome cowpokes of Sunningdale. However, after some supper the band struck up and the member of staff entreated the boys to follow Nelson's adage and engage the enemy more closely. The evening was a huge success and wonderfully hosted by St. Mary's. B.W.R.H.

Old Boys Notes

Charity Day The boys raised 1600 for the Sunita Treacher Foundation.

Congratulations to Hector Ross, Rupert Rankin and Laura King on their engagements, to Henry King on his marriage, to Emily Lewis (nee Dawson) on the birth of a son and to Toby Campbell and Andrew Leschallas on the birth of daughters. Jonny Rodgers is studying Civil Engineering at Portsmouth and Philip Rodgers works very successfully in the computer world. Benjamin Yarde-Buller has been reviewing books for the Spectator. James Puxley and Charles Byam-Cook are Trustees of the Berkshire Churches Trust and we had a visit from Guy Wheatley who is working in the city. George Jones has been playing rugby for Surrey and the Welsh Exiles and Christopher Carrelet opened the bowling for the XI at Stowe. Harry Bannister has been riding at Point to Points and under rules and is sponsored by the school. He rode his first winner under rules, Fine Parchment, at Cartmel and his first flat winner, Pivotman at Pontefract. James Matti,Alec Lindsay, Nicholas Kaba and Louis James came to talk to the Leavers.We regret to announce the death of Christopher Parsons who left Sunningdale in 1947.

Musical activity this term has been very varied, and I am pleased to say that every boy in the school has had the opportunity to take part in a musical event whether as a singer or instrumentalist. In the first part of the term we had our Festival of Song. This was an evening of vocal music split in two parts: the first half was the solo singing competition, then all the forms had prepared songs and competed for the Form Prize. In the solo section, H. Russell came first with a lovely rendition of Vaughan-Williams Linden Lea. The theme for the second half was Songs from the Seventies and the audience enjoyed a selection of hits from the decade.The winners in this section were form VI with Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson Five. Our Summer concert was very well attended and parents enjoyed background music played by the younger boys as they viewed the art Exhibition. We then moved to the Hall for the concert which was a mix of ensemble and solo items, including group pieces by the guitar ensemble, the woodwind trio, and the brass group. The standard of performance was very high, and mention must go to W. Miles who played solos on both the saxophone and clarinet and a moving arrangement for two clarinets of the Pearl Fishers duet with Mrs LeechBendell. The school choir sang very well, and included the piece Joyful, Joyful which featured in the film Sister Act II. On the following Tuesday, boys from forms I and II put on an Informal Concert with singing and playing of a very high quality. I was very pleased at how many of them gave solo performances. The choir have continued to work hard, producing anthems every Sunday in term time, and singing at other occasions too. This term they were invited to sing at the Christening of Bertie Lewis, held in the school chapel, and paid a return visit to the Coxhall Manor Retirement Home in Chobham to entertain the residents. Mention must be made of their tribute to Her Majesty the Queens 60th Anniversary of the coronation on June 2nd when they sang the arrangement of All People that on Earth do Dwell which had been written for the coronation in 1953. The alto section, made up of the choir leavers this term, has been particularly strong and we wish them well going into their next schools and hope they involve themselves in choral singing in the future. As we come to the end of the Academic Year (which seems to have arrived so quickly!) I must say a big thank-you to our Peripatetic Music staff who come in week after week and help our boys achieve so much in their musical studies.Thanks also to our parents and friends who come to support our concerts and Sunday services and whose encouragement is so important. Next term we are welcoming string specialist Mr Mark Kelly who will be joining us to help develop String ensemble playing at the school and take on some individual teaching, and we welcome back Mrs Spencer who will be returning after maternity leave to lead the choir.

Declamation Prize
The Declamation Prize was a great success this year. The standard of vocal delivery was extremely high and not one boy forgot their poems. The winner in the junior category was Delikatnyi and the winner in the seniors was Cartwright ma. Both these boys not only recited their poems and prose beautifully but managed to inject a high degree of emotion and poignancy in to the text that helped convey its full meaning to the audience. It was impressive stuff. It is also immensely gratifying to know that the boys have memorised some truly wonderful pieces of literature that hopefully will stay with them forever.We were very grateful to Mr Beharrell for adjudicating so well. I'm already looking forward to next year! A.D.V

Leavers Programme
After all their hard work this term, the Leavers embarked on a full and varied programme of activities starting with Spanish taster lessons and a hip hop dance workshop! They also went kayaking and raft building at Horseshoe lake. They learnt about using social media safely in a workshop run by Mr spencer and had a very useful questions and answers session with some old Sunningdalians who recently started at Public School.

They had an amazing time camping on the grounds of the Vacquerie in France, where they cooked delicious barbecues and climbed a hairraising high ropes courses. Back at Sunningdale they tried their hand at archery, visited Mercedes Benz world and were taught print-making by a renowned artist. E.J.A.D.

The Sunningdale School polo team is made up from 6 boys, with a range of ability. We have played two matches this term, both of which have enabled everyone to play, mixing the teams each chukka. We played Papplewick earlier this term and drew 3 all, and played Aldro in the final week of term, riding to a convincing 7-0 victory. H.G

Despite their best efforts the 2XI were unable to win any games this season, narrowly avoiding a clean sweep with a close draw against Ashdown House. Despite some impressive individual performances with the bat only once did we put together a lasting partnership and so only once did we post a total above a hundred. Small totals make the job hard for the bowlers and although we had some good reliable work horses we lacked bowlers with the killer instinct for really making life difficult for the opposition.That said if gentlemens cricket was the name of the game we won every match hands down; the season was, if nothing else, tremendous fun and a great esprit de corps kept us going throughout. Cartwright ma led well and proved a gutsy opener, other batsmen of note were Lane, Miles and Titov, all of whom had their moments of glory.With the ball, the find of the season was undoubtedly Allen, but also Hart, Fry, Cartwright ma, and Lane all put in sterling performances. B.C.

3rd XI

The 3rd XI had a less than successful season, pitted as they were against vastly superior teams. Some talent was produced by the captain, Boxhall, who both bowled and batted well, and who managed to keep the team's spirits up in spite of the score. Sikorski kept wicket all season showing some natural flair for the role. Jaigu was fearless in the field taking some excellent catches.Well done all. D.C.S

whenever the opportunity presents itself. M Russell was the standout batsmen all term, scoring 233 runs, which included a fantastic 86 against Woodcote House. The boys bowled fairly well as a unit all season and when they were supported in the field, they were able to take it to another level.This was clearly illustrated in the stand out match of the season against Cothill.The boys were bowled out cheaply for 76 but they rallied superbly. Hopton provided the momentum with an inspired spell of bowling, taking four wonderful wickets thanks to some good fielding from Beckwith-Moore, Mayo, Reddyhough and Kim. Goschen, Efemuai and Russell then bowled well to skittle Cothill out for 49. It was the most exhilarating U11's match I have witnessed. If the boys could have replicated the same intensity in all of their games, I am positive they would have notched up several more wins. Fielding has to be the highlight of the season. By their last game, the commitment from all eleven boys was brilliant. It's worth mentioning that Delikatnyi kept wicket superbly all season, particularly as he has never done it before. If the boys can ensure that they start the 2014 season in the same vein that they finished this one, then they can look forward to even more success. A.J.L. & M.P.G.

The Under 11 B's season began with a sense of excitement and a little apprehension. Many of the boys in the team arrived new to hard ball cricket and so the lopsided defeats experienced early in the season taught many harsh, yet valuable lessons.Throughout the season, the boys applied themselves fantastically well and gave their all in order to improve across the three disciplines of cricket. Crewe-Reed led from the front with the ball, ably supported by Cluff, Mayo and Bekar. With others contributing positively to the bowling and with much enthusiasm in the field, each boy found a way to leave their mark on the side.With bat in hand, Crespi proved to be a nuisance to opposition attacks as he occupied the crease for many an over. Jegede demonstrated great willingness in playing his shots, as did Cartwirght mi at the top of the innings.The boys saved their best until last, recording a fine victory over Locker's Park. Defending a meagre 88, made up of Sparavalo's 30 not out,Treacher set about the undoing of the visiting batting line-up.An excellent bowling performance in recording figures of 5-12, including a triple wicket maiden saw his team to victory. Well done boys on a memorable finish to the season. D.G.

It is fair to say that the U11s have not fulfilled their potential this season.That said, they worked extremely hard on the key sills of the game: batting, bowling and fielding. Unfortunately, cricket will punish any chink in the armour and quite simply, we didn't score enough runs.The boys can take positives though from their defensive technique (particularly Russell and Ker) but scoring runs consistently has to be their goal next year.The boys must realise that in order to progress they must dedicate themselves to the game and practice

PLAYED 9 WON 9 I am delighted to report 9 wins in 9 matches! The team performed outstandingly well to continue their run of form throughout the term. They encouraged one another, complemented each other's skills and swept aside much bigger schools on their path to glory! Consistently strong batting performances from Senior ma, Buxton,Ampofo mi and Senior mi kept our run tally high and penetrating bowling from Senior ma, Senior mi, Brooks,Ampofo mi and Buxton kept our opponents' totals low. We were sharp in the field too with Hopkins taking many impressive catches and a plethora of wicket keepers reducing byes to a minimum. Hinchliffe put in some great performances and we mustn't forget the batting partners (Lamb, Davies, Coen, Gourlay and Wilson) who were vital to the success of the team by scoring the vital singles and keeping the ball away from their stumps. A tremendous season boys and one of which Sunningdale will be proud for a long time! G.J.S-B

Mr Brooks came to Sunningdale from Bruern Abbey as Deputy Headmaster in September 2006.The ease with which he settled in to his new role and the school was remarkable. His boundless enthusiasm and sense of fun made him an instant hit with the boys who appreciated his fairness and the work that he put in on their behalf. In the classroom he taught Maths and English. He always said that having not found maths particularly easy at school helped him empathise with those boys for whom it did not come naturally. Mr Brooks was also outstanding on the games field. He coached the 1st XV rugby team, the 1st XI cricket team and the U9 football team. His love of sport was evident and he took great pride in the successes of his teams. As a Deputy Headmaster Mr Brooks was superb. He helped with seven years of progress, all the time understanding the vital importance of retaining Sunningdale tradition. He will be sorely missed in the staff room as a constant source of banter and mirth! He leaves us for Port Regis where we wish him and his family every success and happiness.

The U9 B team has improved significantly during the course of the term as all the boys put a lot of work into their batting, bowling and fielding techniques. They were almost richly rewarded in their final match of the term against Cothill, where the result was decided in the final over of a nail biting match. Highlights of the season included figures of 2 for 14 against Papplewick for Majed Ibrahim and the highest score of the season, 21, for Woody Jackson against a strong Hall Grove side.

The under 8s have had two matches this term, one against against Brockhurst and one against Papplewick. Unfortunately despite two hard fought games, both were lost.The best bowling figures were recorded by George Field who took 2 for 8 against Brockhurst and William Brooks who took 2 for 6 against Papplewick. D.W.

U9 Chess team
On the second last Thursday of term the U9 Chess` team travelled to Dolphin School to take part in the Under 9 Berkshire Chess Jamboree. Gourlay, Van Heusden, Kuanyshev and Lamb all played well with most of the matches being closely fought battles. Gourlay did particularly well, winning one and drawing two out of his four matches for the school.

A great term with 3 great wins over Hall Grove,Woodcote House and Papplewick. We had strength in depth and many juniors looking to take up the reins next year. The Silvas dominated in first pair and Gaba/Bonham-Lloyd ably backed them up in second pair. Sparavalo lead the juniors with a mixture of Hopton and Beckwith-Moore to many victories. All this happened before the untapped talent of Reddyhough mi and M Russell appeared on the scene and won the Junior Doubles title - too late for school matches but a note has been taken for next year! Senior Singles was won by Silva ma, Senior Doubles was won by Silva ma & Silva mi, Junior Singles was won by Beckwith Moore and Junior Doubles was won by M. Russell & Reddyhough mi. G.J.S-B

Fathers match

Mothers and Sons Tennis

We had a terrific day for this year's Mothers and Sons tennis. It was lovely weather and we had some competitive tennis. The day was won by Miss Cook and Silva ma who played very well to beat the Beckwith-Moores in the semi-final. The other semi-final saw some excellent tennis between the Dyachenkos and Miss Tripp and Silva mi. Well played everyone! G.J.S-B

Sports Day
With some luck it was a beautiful, if slightly blustery, day for the athletes at Sports Day.The grounds were looking as immaculate as they ever have and the stage was set for some very exciting and record breaking performances. Both the senior and middle school Victor Ludorum was incredibly hotly contested with Ampofo ma pipping Bonham-Lloyd to the post in the last event of the day and Beckwith-More only just garnering his laurels from the snatches of Hopton.

Senior School
100m 1.Ampofo ma 12.73s 200m 1.Ampofo ma 28.89s 400m 1.Ampofo ma 1.05.66s 800m 1. Bonham-Lloyd 2.42.47s 70m Hurdles 1.Ampofo ma 11.9s Long Jump 1. Sperling 4.58m High Jump 1. Jaigu 1.39m Javelin 1. Sperling 30.01m Shot 1.Ampofo ma 10.06m Victor Ludorum: Ampofo ma 2. Sperling 2. Bonham-Lloyd 2. Bonham-Lloyd 2. Silva Alvear mi 2. Sperling 2.Ampofo ma 2.Ampofo ma 2. Macdonald Buchanan 2. Jaigu 3. Bonham-Lloyd 3. Gaba 3. Jaigu 3. Jaigu 3. Bonham-Lloyd 3. Silva Alvear mi 3. Bonham-Lloyd 3. Bonham-Lloyd 3. Sperling

Middle School:

100m 1. Efemuai 15.46s 200m 1. Beckwith-Moore 31.25s 800m 1. Mayo 2.51.36s 70m Hurdles 1. Moussinet 14.62s Long Jump 1. Hopton 3.69m High Jump 1. Beckwith-Moore 1.15m Victor Ludorum: Beckwith-Moore

2. Beckwith-Moore 2. Efemuai 2. Hopton 2. Hopton 2. Beckwith-Moore 2. Hopton

3. M.Russell 3. Hopton 3. Beckwith Moore 3. Beckwith-Moore 3. M.Russell 3. M.Russell

Junior School
100m 200m 600m 55m Hurdles Long Jump

1.Ampofo mi 15.71s 1. Senior mi 34.34s 1. Hinchliffe 2.06.61s 1. Hinchliffe 11.11s. 1. Hinchliffe 3.76m

2. Hinchliffe 2. Hinchliffe 2. Senior ma 2. Hopkins 2.Ampofo mi

3. Buxton 3. Buxton 3. Jackson 3. Buxton 3. Hopkins

Two district champions.Three national finalists. Eight district runners-up. Undefeated U10 team.


vs. Ludgrove lost, vs. Hall Grove won, vs. Bishopsgate won, vs.Woodcote won vs. St.Andrews Pangbourne won. The team was captained by Bonham-Lloyd, who is not only a singular athlete in his own right, but also exemplified what leadership is about, putting in fine performances throughout the season for the team. He was ably assisted by Ampofo ma, the fastest boy the school has ever had, indeed he very nearly holds the record at St.Andrews Pangbourne with his 100m time of 12.88s in the meeting there.We have great hope for him in the nationals. Jaigu jumped well all season as did Silva mi and Sperling never failed to impress in any of the disciplines he was entered for. Macdonald Buchanan surprised even himself by winning the districts at the javelin and was a handy high jumper to boot. Special mention must go to the relay team who were nothing short of superb coming second in the districts out of 15 teams of mostly much larger schools by 0.8 of a second.


vs. Ludgrove lost, vs. Hall Grove won, vs. Bishopsgate won, vs.Woodcote won vs. St.Andrews Pangbourne won. The Juniors were not as strong as the other two age groups within the school, but nonetheless put in some fine performances over the season. Beckwith-Moore is a swift runner who won many of his races at 100m and 200m, notably against Ludgrove in a time of 14.86. Moussinet was arguably the find of the season in the hurdles, remaining unbeaten, and Efemuai, M.Russell and Hopton were all successful throughout the season.

Under 10 - Undefeated

vs. Ludgrove won, vs. Hall Grove won, vs. Bishopsgate won, vs.Woodcote won vs. St.Andrews Pangbourne won. The Under 10s were simply wonderful this season, remaining unbeaten in every match. Hinchliffe won the districts in a thrilling race beating the school record for the third time in one season (1.59). He is most certainly one to watch for the future and many could draw inspiration from the dedicated way he trains and improves. Hopkins is a very fine hurdler and Ampofo mi and Boam remained peerless in the 100m and long Jump. Honourable mention must also go to Jackson, they youngest member of the team and Senior ma and mi for always pushing those within the team for their place.Again, the relay team performed fantastically at the districts coming third out of ten teams and underlining just what potential they have for the future. B.W.R.H

Form II trip to H.M.S. Victory

On a sweltering Summer's day where Portsmouth seemed more like Marseille we made our way to see Admiral Nelson's flagship H.M.S.Victory.The morning was kicked off in some style as we managed to gate crash the decommissioning ceremony of H.M.S. Edinburgh and listen to the massed band of the marines play whilst a Hawker Sea Fury did barrel rolls and loop the loops over the harbour only to be joined by a Eurofighter Typhoon putting on a display of death defying aerial speed.We then boarded the Victory and were led around the ship finding out amazing things like the dangers of exploding rats and just how long it took to amputate an arm in battle, about eight minutes.After our tour we went on a cruise around the harbour looking at ships like the first true ironclad H.M.S.Warrior and the latest destroyer H.M.S. Diamond. It was a really fantastic trip and few will not have taken at least one special memory from the day. B.W.R.H

Magna Carta
Form III went on a trip to Runnymede, a beautiful meadow on the Thames where the Magna Carta was signed by the dastardly King John and also the site of the JFK memorial. We had a picnic by the Thames and explored the river bank. B.W.R.H.

Cherries by Fry

Science Museum
Earlier in the term the boys from Forms I-IVa went on the annual trip to the Science Museum and as ever it did not disappoint.The day started off with a general knowledge quiz on the coach up to the museum which Buxton, Saville Sneath and Senior mi. won with an incredible score of 92% - beating some rather embarrassed teachers! When we arrived at the museum the boys were divided into two groups and went off to explore the various interactive zones. Aside from the awesome 'cosmos and future zones' the highlight of the day was by far 'Launchpad'.An awe-inspiring zone with over 50 experiments for the boys to try out; ranging from exploding Hydrogen bottles, giant water canons and listening to music through their teeth.The day was rounded off with an all singing and dancing 'flash bang' show which culminated in poor Barbie being shot out of an exploding rocket.A fantastic day had by all and both boys and teachers alike can't wait for next years trip. A.J.L.

R.S.M Roger Miller came to Sunningdale to teach History. An Old Harrovian, Rifle Brigade National Service Officer and former Master of the Carpenters Company, who had fought three General Elections on behalf of the Liberal Party and worked in the tobacco industry and the world of books. He was a considerable cricketer at Harrow, Oxford and Sussex. Coming to Sunningdale was a dramatic change of career. To the boys he was unpredictable; they were never quite sure which of their possessions was about to leave the classroom through the window! But he cared: he wanted only the best from and for those whom he taught. He left us to live in France and follow his passion for horses and, lately, boats.To Tessa and his family we send our condolences. HENRY CECIL Henry and his twin brother David came to Sunningdale in 1951, they were not academically gifted, but Henry took 4 for 9 against Woodcote and had a talent as a goalkeeper, his skill was acclaimed in a side labelled the worst for 50 years. The twins went to Canford and from there Henry went to Cirencester. He became assistant trainer to his stepfather and then set up on his own. Henry brought Warren Place in 1976 and from there he trained 25 Classic winners, including the Derby four times and had over 70 Royal Ascot winners. Perhaps his best known horse was Frankel, unbeaten in 14 starts. He came back to Sunningdale a number of times, on several occasions to celebrate a Classic winner when he would order a cake for the boys the size of Paulines desk! He sent his son Noel to Sunningdale.

This year marked the first publication of Sunningdale's new arts magazine, 1874. It was a thrill and a pleasure to collect creative writing and art from all over the school and to slowly assemble and create the finished product. I hope the boys are already thinking about next year's submissions, only the very best will be selected! Many thanks to parents who supported and bought the magazine. Issue 2 will be available at Sports Day 2014! A.D.V

Windsor Castle Trip

On a glorious Thursday morning Forms III and IVa set out for Windsor Castle to meet the Queen.Well, not exactly, but we did get to see her state bedroom. Our first port of call was Queen Mary's Dolls House and then we went to look at the state apartments. After this we watched the changing of the guard with the Irish Guards taking over from the Scots Guards.We then made our way to St. George's Chapel, which is not only beautiful but is also the final resting place of many of our greatest monarchs. We were given a hugely interesting talk about the Knights of the Garter and shown where all of them sit, we even found out that John Major has cricket balls on his standard. It was also very moving to see the wreath laid at Baroness Thatcher's stall and we left filled with the majesty of such an extraordinary building. B.W.R.H.