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[T'he] Judges (Protection)) Act, 1985 other House of (a) the manner o[ transrnission of a motion adopted in one House to the



of (b) the manner of presentation of an address to the President for the removal



the committee and the (c) the travelling and other allowances payable to the members of witnesses who may be required to attend such Committee; himself; (d) the facilities which may be accorded to the Judge for defending

provision is, in the opinion of the Joint committee, necessary. are approvcd and (5) Any rules made under this seqtion shall not take effeci until they Official Gazette' the in are published confirmed both by th" Sp;"k* r^a trr" Chdiiman and dulv made" been have thev [hat proof rules shall be conclusive ;;'il;;;;iii"",i".


'-' *hi"t


[a] For .Iudges (Inquiry) Rules,

Tlrese rules are exrended to

1969, see Gazette

of India, d' 8.9.I969, Pt, Itr, Section 3(i)' p. 617.

3(i)'"Ext p 77' ' sikkim by G.S.R. 2 (E) of 197':.,Gaz' of India, Pt' II' Sec'

(ACT No.59 OF


[6th September,


acting'judicially and for An Act for securing additional protection for Judges and others
matters connected therewith'
Be it enacted by Parliament in the



Thirty-sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows : -Judges (Protection) Act' short title and extent.- (l) This Act may be called The


(2)ItextendstothewholeoflndiaexceptthestateofJammuandKashnrir. .,Judge,, means not only every person who is officially 2. Definition.- In this Act, designated as a Judge, but also every person-

judgment, or a (a) who is empowered by law to give in any legal proceeding.a definitive judgment which' if a or be definitive, judgment *t i"-f,, if rii"pp*ta |eeinsi, wluti or bb definitive; would tori.*"d by some othei iuthority,

(b)whoisoneofabodyofpersortswhichbodyofpersonsisempoweredbylawtogive such a judgment as is referred to in Cl' (a)'

orher law for the ti*" entertain or continue ,rv .lrir for any act, thing o. *oia


Additional protection to Judges.-


;;-ilfoili;; if;

the provisions of sub-sec. pioceeding against any person who is or was a Judge of' acting d,o;e oTp.ol;n "1:]]lL:::'rse "o--itted, judicial function. or duty in lhe disiharge of his offiiial or


Notwithstanding anything -c.ontained in any (2), no court sh.all

l,,lif ,*l:l'

( I ) There is no bar under the I 850 Act or l9li-5 Act As assessing authority urtder Kerala Building. to departmental proceedings being initiated against a Tax Aet determitres annual value of building and' judicial or quasi-judicial authority if there is prirlaconsequently tax, observing legal requirements under facic evidence ol'miscondtrct orr I hc parl ol tlrc atrthbrit y. r\ct, he isentitled to protection under S. 2 of 1985 Act.r (1990) l3 ATC 192 (207) (CAT) (Delhi). (1991) I Ker LT 5S6 (590) : (1991) I Ker LJ 418. i


Co rnrnissi'*':. {-uurro.1:-:'"-'^;;. J u r] i c ial cornrnissloncfs I Jurlicial l_ ]anrr mAnner thc powcr o[ thc Ccntral [ [he] : :":t !?::t::1i:::: :t#::




\-our t ur rrru 's ]I Govcrnmentor the Suoreme ,.,ioti t*ri"trrcr by rval' of C"r);;*;;;o, it" Stutt usrrrr! l [lIuE i! lne was lor or is iS law anv who wrro person authoritv undcr other authority or otlterwise) asarnst arly civil, criminar, o. a.puri'n;;;t';i;;;"..dings

(2) r.{othine in sub-scc.

(r)'r.irl.1.-b.*'J,,T,T*JH:LTirXT'":}'"ilH;;'i";,i;; ;'i,

#r'il;i;'J;:ill{*::1,1:ffi1:','ll;;::X, "",i?],1::','iH,,'J;,:l;'3";'[i'iiil:ii'*::r,'"",1:****:ffiilJ(Titlfi:ti);:l
rhe provisions or any

Judgcs',andnotinderogatiorro[, b,,ilil#i#;;;;;ili'; for protection of

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