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A fast, lightweight, handheld X-ray tube based XRF alloy analyser

Flexible analytical capabilities enable use in all segments of the metals market
The X-MET 3000TX is a rugged, handheld XRF analyzer which incorporates advanced x-ray tube technology. The X-MET 3000TX XRF alloy analyzer provides a fast and simple way to perform alloy analysis outside in the field, inside in the laboratory or on-site in the production facilities -

A lightweight handheld X-ray tube based alloy analyzer to meet your changing requirements
As standard, the X-MET 3000TX has an alloy library containing ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Nickel Alloys Stainless Steels Cobalt Alloys Low Alloy Steel Tool Steels Copper Alloys Titanium Alloys Aluminium Alloys (heavy alloying elements)

Combined analytical reliability and flexibility

Measurements with the X-MET 3000TX, can utilize either Standardless (Fundamental Parameters (FP)) or Empirical assay models. FP calibration is fast and easy, no user calibration standards are required. The standard version analyzes the 25 most common elements from Ti to U. The elements analyzed can easily be customized according to the user requirements. Empirical calibrations are used when maximum accuracy is required, when measuring trace elements, or when measuring coating thickness.

Quick and effortless measurements - shoot and read the result

Grade ID of a sample is obtained in 2-5 seconds and full assay in 5-10 seconds. No prior information about the sample composition is required. Just point the probe at the sample, pull the trigger and read the result.

anywhere accurate analysis and throughput are needed.

New alloys can be added easily at any time, any site. The Windows CE based PMI software includes different analysis modes according to user's needs: ! Grade ID ! Quantitative chemistries ! Spectra Match with factory provided library or user created alloy library

Fast and accurate analysis customized to your special needs outside in the field, inside in the laboratory, or on-site in production facilities

Fast and accurate results from samples of different sizes and shapes
The design of the snout allows easy access to even the most difficult sample shapes e.g. corner welds. Small parts and small distances between sample and probe do not effect the measurement. Titanium stabilized stainless steel can be separated from normal stainless steels with a single measurement in ten seconds. For example: The 304/321 separation and Sn or Sb analysis down to 0.1% needs only a single measurement.

Fast and easy way to perform accurate PMI

User interface, based on the excellent color touch screen display of the HP iPAQ PDA, enables effortless use in daily work. After a brief introduction, new users can begin operating the instrument immediately. Table top operation with an AC adaptor and remote trigger makes laboratory application extremely convenient. A handy instrument stand for fixed site operations is included as a standard feature.

Positive Material Identification

Name your sample

Wires less than 1mm in diameter or small objects of same magnitude can be identified in seconds. Special rod adapter is available.

Even to tight corner welds Are conveniently accessed.


No isotopes: no resourcing costs and no travel restrictions *

Miniature x-ray tube technology minimizes licencing procedures and costs. An x-ray tube based instrument generates no radiation unless power is applied to the x-ray tube. Unlike instruments with radioactive isotope sources there are no special regulatory requirements regarding the transportation and storage of the instrument. It can be carried on airplanes as carry-on baggage.

Advanced X-ray tube technology guarantees highest performance

The heart of the X-MET 3000TX is a proprietary X-ray tube. This proven tube has an excellent service history which allows Metorex to offer a five year warranty on the X-ray tube. No one in the industry provides a longer warranty.

Produce the PMI report

A practically unlimited number of grades can be stored in the analyzer.

* local laws and regulations must be observed

Recording of results can be automated if required. Results can be read by your PC and its familiar software. An unlimited number of results can be stored for further processing.

Success through accuracy

Delivery of high quality analysis systems which provide outstanding precision and accuracy allows Metorex to support both the competitiveness and success of all of our customers, clients and partner companies.

Technical Specifications of X-MET 3000TX

Analysis range: Display: Memory: Detector: Batteries: From Ti to U 320 x 240, 65536 colors 64 MB High-resolution Peltier cooled Si-PIN Inside the handle Two Li-ion - 4 hours operation each Battery charger: 240/110V - 50-60Hz X-ray tube: Max voltage 40kV - Ag target User Interface: PDA/Windows CE OS Alloy analysis software on PDA Data transfer: USB - download cables supplied Data storage: 32 MB Flash card memory Operating conditions: Temperature range -10oC to +50oC; 14oF-120oF Safety features: Infrared beam safety sensor at the nose of the instrument Dual failsafe red warning light when x-ray is on Failsafe yellow warning light when high voltage generator is on Safety shield for small sample measurements Dimensions: 9.9 cm (W) x 28.3 cm (L) x 27.8 cm (H) Weight: 1.8 kg Bench top operation: Benchtop instrument stand kit PDA cradle PDA AC adapter Remote extension cable Safety shield for small samples Carrying and Transportation: Shoulder strap Standard shipping case Optional accessories: Compact shipping case PDA display shield Various adapters for rods and wires Warranties: Instrument - 12 months X-ray tube - 5 years

PDA (*Personal Digital Assistant)

High quality commercial PDA* as user interface

User interface including excellent color touch screen display and easyto-use menu enables effortless use in daily work. TFT display is easily read in all lightning conditions. The Windows CE based operating system is commonly known from PC world. PDA incorporates numerous utility programs (ex. Calendar, calculator, voice recognition) using the wellknown Windows environment PDAs standard software enables full PC compatibility to process the measurement result in any way the user wants. Metorex International Oy Nihtisillankuja 5 P.O. Box 85 FIN-02631 ESPOO, Finland Tel.: +358 9 3294 11 Fax: +358 9 3294 1300 E-mail: Metorex Inc. Princeton Crossroads Corporate Center 250 Phillips Blvd., Ste. 250 Ewing, NJ 08618-1433, USA Tel.: 609 406 9000 800 229 9209 Fax: 609 530 9055 E-mail:

Data security, transfer and reporting

Results and spectra from an unlimited number of samples can be stored on the internal FLASH card in the PDA. The data can be easily transferred to a PC using either Flash card adapter (CF to pC adapter), Microsoft ActiveSync over the USB cable supplied or wirelessly using the built-in Bluetooth capability. Once the data is on the PC, standard programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access can be used to store and process the data and to generate custom reports.

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