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Short Case: The Henry Ford of ophthalmology Question 1: 4 Vs profile of 2 Operations

Low Low High Low

Conventional Approach Conventional Approach: Volume:

Volume Variety Variation Visibility

High High Low High

Henry Ford of Ophthalmology

The volume is low in this approach because there is no repetition of task in it, and one surgeon performs the whole operation. As one surgeon performs the first step till last so there is not much systematic work in it. And also the cost of this approach is high because all the resources are utilized at a same time on a single patient.

The variety is low in it because the single surgeon can operate in a similar manner every time, as it is his routine task. The conventional surgery process is standardized in most of the world this process is used so that why here the variety is low.

As the variety is low thats the unit cost will also be low because there is no complex procedure involved in it.

The variation in demand is high because this process is operational throughout the world so thats why it has changing capacity according to the patients demand and the expectations of the patients are high in it so thats why it has high unit cost.

Due to the standardization this approach so thats why the variety will be low and customer involvement will be less. All decisions are taken by the single surgeon so it is centralized. So thats why its unit cost will be low.

Henry Ford Of ophthalmology: Volume:

The volume is high in it because there are eight patients operated at a same time and each of six surgeons perform its particular task in which he is specialized. As there are eight patients operated at same time so the resources are less utilized so thats why it has low unit cost.

As the variety is high in it because the various doctors operate in eight steps and each will be operated according to the customer requirements thats why it is flexible. When the variety will be high then complications involved in it will also increase. The unit cost is high due to the customization.

The variation in demand is low because there are only nine clinics in Russia. So thats why its demand is stable and predictable. Due to low variation in demand the unit cost will be low because there will be no unexpectable expenses involved.

As the visibility is high in it because the patients involvement is greater in it so which produces satisfaction among the patients. So due to the customization the unit cost will be high because its complexity is increased.

Question 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Henry Ford approach and Conventional one? Henry Ford Of ophthalmology: Advantages:
This is standardized approach because each surgeon is performing his specialized task. This approach is efficient because eight patients are operated at a same time. Its far cheaper than the conventional one. Success rate is high in this approach.

Disadvantages: There are some chances of negligence by surgeons because each one is relaying on other
surgeon to check his task. There is no flexibility in it.

Conventional Approach: Advantages: The whole operation was performed by the one specialized surgeon so that he was solely
responsible for each and every task he had performed. Standardization Flexibility

The chances of errors are more in it because one surgeon is all in all. There less customization in it. Customer satisfaction level is less in it.