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When we bow our heads in front of the Guru,we are not bowing to the induvidual.but to the Ideal in him.

Guru's grace is something special. Don't think you lack the mental purity to pray now because you have made mistakes in your life and that you will pray when your mind gets pure. If you think you will bathe in the sea after the waves subside,you will never be able to bathe. Night is the best time to pray.Nature is quiet.Nobody would disturb you. Children,our first prayer should be to get a heart that rejoices in the happiness of others and shares their sorrow. If you cannot find free time to devote to the worship pf God,try to be like the gopis.They did not set apart a separate time for prayer.They sae God while immersed in their work. If you have complete dedication and put forth constant effort,anything becomes possible. Your third eye will never open if,in the name of spirituality,you close your eyes to the world.Spiritual realization is the ability to see yourself in all beings,to look through the third eye,while keeping your other two eyes wide open.The fulfillment of spirituality is the ability to love and serve others. If we just open the doors of our hearts,we can receive the grace that the Lord is showering on us constantly.God showers His compassion on us always. Although everything is within us,it is useless if we don't actually experience it.For that,sadhna ( spiritual practice)is unavoidable. Let us strive to reach a state in wich we are able to see all beings on eart as a part od pur own Self. When a flower is only a bud,its colorful petals vannot be seen nor its fragrance inhaled.But when it opens,all the petals show and it spreads a lovely fragrance. We have the same capacity within us--infinite capacity--but are still in a closed state.We need ro open like the flower and spiritual understanding makes this possible. Your heart is the temple where God should be enshrined.Your good thoughts are the flowers,your good words the hymns,your good deeds the rituals,and Love is the offering.

If you really love God,you will see God in everything and everyone,and you will love them as such. The Merciful One waits with outstretched hands to receice your ego-it is the offering God asks. Surrendering to a Master is not easy.It is like jumping into a flowing river.Once you jump in,the current will inexorably take you to the sea.To surrender to jump in..Then there is no escape! You may struggle and swim against the current,but the river is so strong that it is bound to take you to the Ocean-to God,the Self,your real dwelling place Surrender to the Supreme is the only guarantee of safatly and the only way to bliss. One who has seen divinity can show us how to see divinity too. A mere touch or glance from a Mahatma can benefit us far more than ten years od tapas.But to experience that benefit,we have to get rid of the ego and we need to have faith. The master destroys obstacles and reveals to the seeker sacred path. God is the giver of everything and does not need or wanr anything from us. God is a giver who gives like the sun.The sun does not need light from a candle. Purify your heart.See God in everything and love all beings.You don't have to do anything else.You will be given all you need. Choose a path that benefits others and serve with selfless love.The Supreme Reality is Love--this is the message that Mother sends you in the language of heart. If you enter the temple,circle the sanctum,place an offering in the box,and kick the beggar at the door,where is your devotion?Compassion for the poor is our duty to God. Let us be content with the minimum and give the maximum to others. Just as a child calls out for food or to be cuddled,call out to God with that same intensity and innocence.Cry and pray to God.She must reveals Herself.God cannot be silent and unmoved when somebody calls Her like that. If you have ever called God with genuine faith and surrender,even for a second,it must be rewarded.The moments you have rememberd God will

ramain within you and will manifest at the right time. To accept is to say "Yes" to everything.Everything may go wrong in your life,but still,you find yourself saying "Yes" I accept."The river says"Yes"to everyone.All of Nature says"Yes"except human beings. God is in everything,not just in human beings.God is in the mountains,the rivers and the trees,in the birds and the animals,in the clouds,the sun,the moon and the stars,Everything in Nature has a purpose to fulfull.. There are no mistakes in God's creation.Every creature and every object that has been created by God is so utterly special.. How can anyone who understands this want to kill or destroy ?