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Pulliramalaya Please expand other particulars regarding Pulliramalaya here.

According to the Hevajra Tantra (see Snellgrove 1959, 1:70) these are: Jalandhara, Oddiyana, Paurnagiri, Kamarupa, Malaya, Sindhu, Nagara, Munmuni, Karunyapataka, Kulata, Arbuta, Godavari, Himadri, Harikela, Lampaka, Kani, Saurasta, Kalinga, Kokana, Caritra, Kosala, and Vindhyakaumarapaurika. Other sources, such as the sadhana (sgrub thabs) of the Queen of Great Bliss (yum bka' bde chen rgyal mo) from the Longchen Nyingthig (see Tulku Thondup, 1985), give a different enumeration of these twenty-four sacred places. They abide as this vajra-body inherent in every sentient being, which is symbolized here by the body of Vajrayogini. These twenty-four are divided in three groups: a) Eight celestial abodes (Skt. - khagacharya, Tib. - mkha' spyod kyi gnas brgyad): 1) The crown of the head is Jalandhara, 2) in between the eyebrows is Pulliramalaya, 3) the nape is Arbuta, 4) the urna (the hair at the center of the forehead) is Rameshvara, 5) the right ear is Oddiyana, 6) the left ear is Godavari, 7) the eyes are Devikota, and 8) the shoulders are Malava. b) Eight earthly abodes (Skt. - gocharya, Tib. - sa spyod: 9) the throat is Lampaka, 10) the underarms and kidneys are Kamarupa, 11) the two breasts are Odra, 12) the navel is Trishanku, 13) the nose-tip is Koshala, 14) the palate is Kalinga, 15) the heart is both Kanchika and 16) Himalaya (Himavat). c) Eight undergound abodes (Skt. - bhugarbha, Tib. - sa 'og gi gnas brgyad): 17) the genitals are Pretapuri, 18) the anus is Grihadeva, 19) the thumbs and the big toes are Maru, 20) the thighs are Saurashtra, 21) the calves are Suvarnadvipa, 22) the sixteen other fingers and toes are Nagara, 23) the knees are Kulata, and 24) the ankles are Sindhu. Discussion The following is from Matthieu Ricard (MR) in his The Life of Shabkar. The terms you may have been searching for will appear bolded in this wonderfully educational, and highly abbreviated geographic description of how the land of Tibet actually lives through it's cultural habitat, both historically and spiritually: from chapter 11, pp. 342-343, note 10: The White Snow Mountain, Kangkar Tise (gangs dkar ti se), Mt. Kailash (literally 'Silver Mountain'), is one of the world's great holy mountains, sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike. It is one of the so-called "Three Holy Places of Tibet", associated with the body, speech, and mind aspects of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi. The other two are Lapchi (la phyi) and Tsari (tsa ri). These three are also listed among the "Twenty-four Great Sacred Places" (Tib. - gnas chen nyer gzhi), (Skt. - pitha) of the world, Mt. Kailash being identified as Himavat, Lapchi as Godavari, and Tsari as both Caritra and Devikota. There are several descriptions of and guides to Mt. Kailash, including one written by Konchog Tendzin Chokyi Lodro, the sixth Drigung Chungtsang ('bri gung chung tshang dkon mchog bstan 'dzin chos kyi blo gros, 1829-1906), and a recent one composed by Choying Dorje (1990), hereafter quoted as MK. It is recounted in the Chakrasamvara Tantra and it's commentaries (as related in MK) that the world was once ruled by Bhairava, the wrathful form of Mahadeva, who made the land of Magadha the seat of his power. It is said also that four devas and four gandharvas descended from the sky and established their dominion in the eight places known as the Eight Celestial Abodes

(mkha' spyod kyi gnas brgyad). Likewise, four yakshas and four rakshasas, already on the earth, made their way to Jambudvipa, where they established themselves in the Eight Earthly Abodes (sa spyod kyi gnas brgyad, while four [[naga]s and four asuras came to Jambudvipa from beneath the earth, to settle themselves in Eight Underground Abodes (sa 'og gi gnas brgyad). They invited Bhairava to visit their dwellings, twenty-four in all, but he, instead of coming personally, manifested in each place as a lingam to which these savage beings would make blood sacrifices. These demonic forces prevailed from the "golden age" until the beginning of our present "era of strife and conflict." It was then, the tantra recounts, that the Blessed One, Vajradhara, knew that the time had come to subdue these unsuitable beings. Without his mind ever wavering from objectless compassion (dmigs pa med pa'i snying rje), he arose in the formidable wrathful display of a Heruka with four heads and twelve arms. He danced, and through the power of the nondual wisdom of all the Buddhas, trampled down Mahadeva and his consort together with their retinue, liberating their minds into the absolute expanse and establishing them in great bliss. The Heruka then blessed each of the twenty-four abodes as a palace of Chakrasamvara and each of the twenty-four lingams as a mandala of sixty-two wisdom deities. The sixty-two are Chakrasamvara and his consort, and his retinue: the twenty-four male and twenty-four female Bodhisattvas, and the twelve goddesses. At the nirmanakaya level, it is said that Mt. Kailash was miraculously blessed by Buddha Shakyamuni and five hundred arhats. Once, Ravana (mgon po beng) and his consort had taken to their palace in Lanka one of the three statues of Buddha Shakyamuni which the Lord himself had blessed. Desiring to place this statue on a worthy support, Ravana had planned to take Mt. Kailash on his back and carry it to Lanka. At the same moment Lord Buddha and five hundred arhats came flying through the sky and alighted to the west of Mt. Kailash, leaving their footprints in the rock. The Buddha stepped on all four sides of the mountain, leaving footprints in the rock which are known as the Four Immutable Nails of Kailash (mi 'gyur ba'i gzer bzhi). Ravana thus was unable to lift the mountain. Then the Buddha sat on a rock in front of the mountain and taught Dharma to the naga king Anavatapta, the lord of the Lake Manasarovar. He then taught the Lankavatara Sutra to Ravana, and blessed him and his consort as the Glorious Wisdom Protector, the Great Being and Consort (dpal ye shes mgon po beng chen lcam dral). Mt. Kailash was later blessed by Guru Padmasambhava, and became famous after [[Jetsun Milarepa]] lived there and held his contest of miracles with Naro Bonchung. (When Jetsun Milarepa and the Bonpo Naro Bonchung held their famous contest of miracles to decide who would retain supremacy over the sacred mountain, they left imprints of their feet in the rocks and many other miraculous signs. See G. C. C. Chang, (1962, vol. 1, pp. 215-224). Later Gyalwa Gotsangpa (rgod tshang pa mgon po rdo rje), Linge Repa (gling rje ras pa) (1128-1188), and many other great meditators lived ascetic lives at the foot of Mt. Kailash. In particular, holders of the Drigung Kagyu lineage frequented this place in great numbers. Drigung Jigten Gonpo ('bri gung 'jigs rten mgon po 1143-1217) had a dream in which the guardian deities of the Three Sacred Places of Tsari, Lapchi, and Kailash came and prostrated themselves before him, requesting him to go and bless their territories. Jigten Gonpo replied that he would send great meditators instead. Accordingly, he dispatched 80 hermits to each place. Some years later, he reputedly sent 900 hermits and finally 55,525 practitioners to each site (see Huber, 1989). At Kailash these were under the leadership of the great pandita Yakgangpa (pan chen yag sgang pa), who is also called (according to MK, pg. 59), Dorzin Guhya Gangpa (rdor 'dzin guh ya sgang

pa); at Lapchi the practitioners were led by Geshe Paldrak (dge bshes dpal grags, 12th-13th century); and at Tsari they were under the guidance of Dorzin Gowoche (rdor 'dzin mgo bo che). In the Three Sacred Places of Tsari, Lapchi, and Kailash, Dorzin (rdor 'dzin = Holder of the Vajra) usually refers to a spiritual master or an administrator sent from Drigung Monastery as representative of the Drigung hierarchs. (see Petech 1978, 317.) (MR-ShabkarNotes).

D1402 (mngon par brjod pa 'bum pa las phyung ba nyung ngu'i rgyud kyi bsdus pa'i don rnam par bshad pa zhes bya ba) 80B: ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/gtor ma sbyin pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de nas gnod mdzes rgyal po'i sngags btu ba'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de'i las rab 'byam bsgrub pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/sngags dang gzugs brnyan dang bsam gtan gyi ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de nas rnam par mi rtog pa'i de kho na nyid bsgom pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/'jig rten las 'das pa'i sbyin sreg gi ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de nas zhal bzhi la sogs pa'i sngags kyi rkang pa dang lhan cig dpa' bo dang dpa' mo'i dbang phyug ma'i ming nang du son pa mthar thug rdo rje la sogs pa'i sngags bzlas pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/gnas la sogs pas bcu dang gnas nyi shu rtsa bzhi nges par bstan pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/spyi bo la sogs par dgod pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/byang chub kyi phyogs dang mthun pa'i chos sum cu rtsa bdun rnam par dag pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de nas thod pa'i dum bu la sogs pa nyi shu rtsa bzhi khams rnam par dag pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/lha mo rnams sa spyod dang mkha' la spyod pa gzugs yongs su bsgyur ba'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/rigs sum cu rtsa bdun gyi rtsa mchod pa'i 'khor lo kun du spyod pa longs spyod pa dang thim pa dang dbang byed pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/chos kyi 'khor lo rab tu bskor ba'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/de nas sbrul pa dang longs spyod dang chos dang dag pa'i sku'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa dang/stong pa nyid dang snying rje dbyer med pa'i ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa'o zhes pa de ltar bcom ldan 'das dpal he ru ka'i rgyud kyi ngo bo nyid kyis gnas pa'o//'dis kyang rjod par byed pa dang brjod par bya ba'i bdag nyid rdo rje phag mo la rab tu gsal bar mdzad pa/de nas 'di la sa gsang ba bshad//mdor bsdus pa las rgyas par min//zhes pa la sogs pas so//gal te rgyud kyi rgyal po thams cad du 'di skad bdag gis thos pa zhes pa la sogs pas bzhugs pa'i gnas 81A: @//nges par bstan pa ma yin nam/ji ltar rgyud 'dir de nas 'di las gsang bzhes pa la sogs pas bzhugs pa'i gnas nges par bstan ba bcom ldan 'das kyis gsung bar 'gyur/'dus pa dang kye'i rdo rje la sogs pa rnal 'byor dang rnal 'byor ma'i rgyud du/'di skad bdag gis thos pa zhes pa la sogs pas bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa'i rgyud bden par 'gyur ro//de'i phyir rgyud 'di bcom ldan 'das kyis yang dag par bstan pa ma yin no zhes pa tshig 'bru la rab tu rton pa 'ga' zhig gi bsam pa 'byung bar 'gyur te/de'i phyir brjod par bya'o//'dir ma 'ongs pa'i dus na byis pa'i skye bo tshig 'bru la rab tu rton pa la brten pa rnams kyis 'di skad bdag gis thos pa zhes pa la sogs pa dang bral ba'i rgyud kyi rgyal po ni bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa ma yin no zhes gang zhig smra bar 'gyur ba de ni ma

yin te/gang gi phyir bcom ldan 'das kyis gzhan du rton pa bzhis gsungs ba'i phyir ro//'di lta ste/don la rton par bya'i tshig 'bru la rton pa ma yin pa dang/ye shes la rton par bya'i rnam par shes pa la rton pa ma yin pa dang/nges pa'i don la rton par bya'i drang ba'i don la rton pa ma yin pa dang/chos la rton par bya'i gang zag la rton pa ma yin pa'o//bcom ldan 'das kyi gsung 'di'i phyir/tshig 'bru la rab tu rton pa ni theg pa gang du yang bcom ldan 'das kyis ma gsungs so//dbyangs dang gsal byed tshogs ba ni ming tsam ste/ming can dngos po dang dngos po med pa'i chos rnams rtogs par byed pa'o//'dir dngos po dang dngos po med pa'i chos gcig la yang ming du mar 'gyur ro//de rnams kyi nang nas ming gcig gtso bo'am/gtso bo ma yin par 'gyur ba med de/thams cad kyi dngos po dang dngos po med pa gcig rtogs par byed pa'i phyir/bud med dang mi mo dang na chung ma la sogs pa rnams kyis nu ma dang skrar ldan pa'i dngos po'i chos rab tu rtogs par byed pa'i phyir dang/de bzhin du nam mkha'i me tog dang nam mkha'i padma la sogs pa rnams kyis dngos 81B: po med pa'i chos rab tu rtogs par byed pa'i phyir ro//de ltar thams cad du ming dang ming can du 'brel pa rnal 'byor pa rnams kyis rtogs par bya'o//'dir a yig stong pa nyid rtogs par byed pa bdun pa'i mtha' can e yig tu 'gyur ro//de'i phyir e zhes pa'i ming gis rnam pa thams cad kyi gzhi nam mkha'i khams gzung bar bya'o//de bzhin du mkha' 'gro ma rdo rje gur du bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa/mkha' dbyings bems min dang ba dang//go 'byed ngab tu gsal ba dang//sna tshogs rdo rje gnas dang gzhi//kun gyi dbyings dang yid 'ong bar//zhes pa la sogs pa/gsang chen mchog tu dgyes pa dang//thams cad bdag nyid na rtag bzhugs//zhes pa'i bar gyis ming sna tshogs pa'i khyad par gyis gnas bstan par gsungs so//de bzhin du dpal 'dus pa la sogs par/'di skad bdag gis thos pa dus gcig na/bcom ldan 'das de bzhin gshegs pa thams cad kyi sku dang gsung dang thugs kyi snying po rdo rje btsun mo'i bha ga rnams la bzhugs so zhes pa 'di la yang ming du ma ste/e dang bha ga padma dang//bde ba'i gnas su bde ba can//seng ge'i khri dang dmigs pa med//de bzhin nyid dang pha rol phyin//zhes pa rten no//de bzhin du brten pa ni//ba dang rdo rje smra mchog ster//lhan cig skyes dga' 'gyur ba med//bde dang zhi ba dge ba dang//dbang phyug kun du 'gro ba mchog/ces pa la sogs pa du ma'i ming rnams kyis//brten pa yongs su bsgrags pa yin//bcom ldan 'das kyis mtshan yang dag par brjod par/ye shes sku ni rgyu med pa//zhes pa dang/shes rab pha rol phyin pa rten/rnam pa thams cad pa nyid brtags//dmigs pa med pa'i snying rje gang//de ni brten bar rab tu bsgrags//zhes pa dang/de'i byir rgyud gzhan du gsungs pa//e yig cha byad bzang po gang//dbus su ba yig gis brgyan pa//bde ba thams cad kyi ni gzhi//sangs rgyas rin chen za ma tog/ces pa dang/de bzhin du/thog mtha' med cing zhi ba ste// 82A: @//dngos po dngos med zang pa'i gtso//stong nyid snying rje dbyer med pa//byang chub sems zhes dran pa'o//zhes pa la sogs pa rgyud gzhan du mar shes rab dang thabs kyi bdag nyid kyi rnal 'byor 'di bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs so//de nas gang la 'di skad bdag gis thos pa la sogs pa yod pa de ni

bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa'i rgyud yin la/gang la med pa de ni ma yin no zhes sangs rgyas pa rnams kyis smra bar mi bya ste/'dir log pa'i thos pas mngon par khengs pa dang ldan pa rnams kyi sngags kyi tshul la ma mthong ba'i chos kyi skyon bzung ba las rtsa ba'i ltung bar 'gyur ro//rtsa ba'i ltung ba la sogs pas thos pa'i mngon pa'i nga rgyal dang ldan pa rnams mnar med par 'gro bar 'gyur ro zhes pa'o//de'i phyir rgyud 'dir de nas 'di la gsang ba zhes pa la sogs pa'i rgyud bstan pa la 'gal ba med de/stong pa nyid dang snying rje'i bdag nyid shes rab dang thabs kyi chos rab tu rtogs par byed pa'i phyir ro//'dir mngon par brjod pa 'bum par gsungs pa/stong nyid snying rje gcig gyur pa//rgyud gang la ni rab bstan zhing//'jig rten mgon po sgrub byed pa// rgyud de sangs rgyas kyis bstan pa'o//'jig rten kun rdzob bden pa yis//'jig rten dngos grub bsgrub pa'i phyir//sngags bzlas de bzhin cho ga dang//rnam rtog sgom ba rab tu gsungs//don dam bden pas gsungs pa ni//ye shes sku ni rab bsgrub phyir//kun rtog thams cad spangs pa yi//sgom pa de bzhin gshegs pas gsungs//zhes pa rgyud so sor bzhag pa'i nges pa'o//da ni/de nas 'di las gsang ba bshad//ces pa la sogs pas rgyud la gsungs pa'i drang ba'i don dang nges pa'i don gyis rnam par dbye bar bya ste/de nas 'di las zhes pa rdo rje 'jigs byed kyi ting nge 'dzin gyi bar ma chad par mkha' 'gro ma'i 'khor lo bde mchog gi ting nge 'dzin la snyoms par zhugs te/mngon par brjod pa 'bum pa las/bcom ldan 'das dpal he ru kas/rdo rje phag mo la bos par gyur pa/kye rdo rje phag mo//rnal 'byor 82B: nyid dang cho ga yis//ye shes rgyud du bshad pa nyon//zhes pa gang zhig mngon par brjod pa 'bum par he ru kar brjod pa gsang ba de nyid ngas khyod la bshad par bya ste/mdor bsdus pa las rgyas par min//zhes pa'o//de ci'i phyir bcom ldan 'das rtsa ba'i rgyud las bsdus pa'i rgyud bstan par mdzad ce na/bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs pa/'dir snyigs ma lnga'i dus na 'dzam bu gling pa'i mi rnams dang/khyad par du 'phags pa'i yul du tshe thung zhing shes rab dman pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//rdo rje slob dpon gang yin pa de rnams rtsa ba'i ltung ba la 'jug pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//dge slong rnams mi dge ba bcu byed pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//khyim na gnas pa rnams dkon mchog gsum gyi rdzas nye bar longs spyod pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//mkhas pa rnams ma thos pa'i rgyud 'chad pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//mkhas pa'i mngon pa'i nga rgyal gyis rgyud la dka' 'grel dang 'grel bshad byed pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//rgyud kyi don phyin ci log tu bstan nas dmyal bar 'gro ba 'byung bar 'gyur ro//gang zhig sangs rgyas pa rmongs pa de rnams blun pa'i dad pa nyid kyis khyim na gnas pa'i slob dpon rnams la bsnyen bkur byed par 'gyur ro//thams cad mkhyen pa'i rgyal mtshan 'dzin pa rnams la sun 'byin pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//slob ma gang yin pa de rnams bla ma dam pa'i skyon tshol ba 'byung bar 'gyur ro//bla ma dam pa ma yin pa bza' ba dang gnyis su med pa rnams la bstod pa dang mchod pa byed par 'gyur ro//bla ma mnyes par bya bar gsungs pa sangs rgyas kyi gsung bzhin mi byed par 'gyur ro//chos ston pa po rnams mi dge ba bcu la rab tu 'jug pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//sgrub pa po rnams phyi rol gyi bza' ba dang btung ba la longs spyod pa la chags pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//bud med kyi 'gro ba rnams 'dod pa la shin tu brkam pa 'byung bar 'gyur ro//de'i phyir bcom ldan 'das kyis

rtsa ba'i rgyud thams cad las bsdus pa'i rgyud bstan to//de yang rdo rje'i tshig mang ba nyid kyi phyir thar pa don du gnyer ba'i 83A: @//mkhas pa rnams kyis bla ma dam pa nye bar bsten pa dang/byang chub sems dpa' rnams kyis mdzad pa'i 'grel pa shad dang rgyud ni rgyud gzhan du gsungs pas shes par bya'o zhes pa'o//de'i phyir/mdor bsdus pa las rgyas par min//gsang ba bdag gis bshad par bya//gsang ba zhes pa drang ba'i don gyis las kyi phyag rgya'i bha ga la brjod do//nges pa'i don gyis shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa stong pa nyid do//dpal he ru ka yang dag sbyor//zhes pa la shr zhes pas lhan cig skyes pa'i dga' ba'o//he zhes pas rgyu las kyi phyag rgya dang ye shes kyi phyag rgya spangs pa'o//ru zhes pa gzugs kyi mtshan nyid dang bral ba'o//ka zhes pa mig la sogs pa'i byed pa spangs pa ste/dmigs pa med pa'i snying rje'i mtshan nyid do//de'i yang dag sbyor zhes pa stong pa nyid dang lhan cig gcig pa nyid de stong pa nyid dang snying rje dbyer med pa nyid ngas bshad par bya'o zhes pa'o//drang ba'i don gyis dpal he ru ka ni skyes pa'i dbang po'o//de'i yang dag sbyor ba ni bud med kyi bha ga dang lhan cig pa nyid de/byis pa'i skye bo dbang po gnyis kyi bde ba mngon par 'dod pa rnams kyi bsod nams kyi tshogs kyi don dang/sems yul gzhan las yongs su dgrol ba'i don du ngas bshad par bya'o zhes pa'o//'dod pa'i don kun sgrub byed pa//zhes pa las kyi tshig dang bdag gis bshad pa byed pa po la pa ra smai'i tshig tu thams cad rig par bya'o//'dir phyi rol du drang ba'i don gyis 'dod pa'i don kun ni phra ba la sogs pa'i 'jig rten pa'i yon tan brgyad kyi dbang phyug dang sngags dang las dang ye shes kyi phyag rgya'i rnal 'byor gyis 'gyur ro//de'i sgrub byed ni sngar brjod pa'i shes rab ye shes zhes pa'o//nges pa'i don gyis 'dod pa kun gyi rdo rje sems dpa' ste/yang dag par rdzogs pa'i sangs rgyas so//de'i don ni thams cad mkhyen pa nyid de//stobs bcu dang mi 'jigs pa bzhi la sogs pa chos kyi 'khor lo rab tu skor bar byed pa'o//de'i sgrub byed ni 'dod pa'i don kun sgrub byed do//stong pa nyid dang snying 83B: rje dbyer med pa'i rnal 'byor bshad par bya'o zhes pa'o//bla ma las kyang bla ma ste//zhes pa bla na med pa 'dod pa'i don te mi'i yul gyi bde ba rnams kyi bla ma/'dod pa dang gzugs dang gzugs med pa na spyod pa'i bde ba dbang phyug la sogs pa'i yon tan brgyad dang yang dag par ldan pa'i dngos grub po//de las kyang bla mar gyur pa ni mchog gi bla ma ste/thams cad mkhyen pa'i bde ba dbang phyug gi yon tan thams cad dang yang dag par ldan pa/tshos thams cad kyi ston pa po rnam pa thams cad pa thams cad du son pa ni bla ma las kyang bla ma ste zhes pa'o//mkha' 'gro ma yi dra ba sdom//zhes pa ni 'dir drang ba'i don gyis mkha' 'gro ma ni rdo rje mkha' 'gro ma la sogs pa rnams te/nang du rtsa sum cu rtsa drug po rnams dang/ye shes dang thugs dang gsung dang sku'i 'khor lo rnams dang/khwa la sogs pa sgo brgyad po rnams la gnas pa rnams so|/de rnams kyang bdag gi gdan la sogs pa'i ming gis gsungs pa lhag ma za ba'i dur khrod kyi mthar thug pa phyi rol du ri rab kyi phyogs brgyad po rnams su 'chad par 'gyur ba'i rim pas gnas la sogs pa dang/spyi bo la sogs pa'i nges pa bstan pa ni brten pa'i chos rnams kyi rten du shes par bya'o zhes so//mkha' 'gro ma 'di rnams kyi 'khor lo tshogs pa ni dra ba'o//de'i sdom pa ni gcig nyid de/bdag gi gdan la sogs pa la he ru ka dang lhan cig 'dus pa

ni//mkha' 'gro ma yi dra ba sdom//zhes pa'o//he ru ka yang dpa' bo rnams dang bcas pa nyi shu rtsa lnga'i bdag nyid de/rdo rje phag mo dpa' mo'i dbang phyug ma rnams dang bcas pa sum cu rtsa bdun gyi bdag nyid can no//'di rnams kyi he ru ka dang dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi rnams dang lhan cig 'dus pa ni mkha' 'gro ma rnams kyi sdom pa'o//'dir he ru ka dang lhan cig pho nya mo bcu gnyis po rnams kyi sdom pa dang/dpa' bo rnams dang lhan cig pho nya mo nyi shu rtsa bzhi rnams kyi sdom pa'o//de bzhin du li k li'i rnal 'byor dang/sngags kyi sa bon gyis brjod par bya ste/de la re zhig rnal 'byor ma sum cu rtsa drug gi rgyud rnams/ka yig 84A: @//la sogs pa yi ge re res dbyangs kyi tshogs dang bcas pas gtso bo ma gtogs pa su ma cu rtsa drug gi dkyil 'khor pa'i bdag nyid dang/gtso bo dang bcas pa sum cu rtsa bdun gyi bdag nyid du 'gyur ro//de la re zhig ka rdo rje'i rgyud brjod par bya ste/snying por ye shes kyi 'khor lo'i ze'u 'bru la stong pa nyid lnga'i bdag nyid h yig dang/phyogs kyi 'dab ma la a a a mtshams kyi 'dab ma la ka k ka ka dur khrod kyi phyogs rnams su yon tan gyi dbye bas ka k ka ka mtshams su ha h ha ha thugs kyi 'khor lo la phyogs rnams su ki kr-i ku kl-i /mtshams rnams su k kr- k kl- /zhes pa'o//gsung gi 'khor lo la yon tan dang 'phel ba'i dbye bas phyogs rnams su ke kar ko ka la/mtshams rnams su kai kr kau k la zhes pa'o//sku'i 'khor lo la ya ar bsgyur ba'i dbye bas phyogs rnams su/kya kra kWa kla/ mtshams rnams su ky kr kW kl zhes pa ste/rlung dang me dang chu dang sa'i chos kyis brjod pa'i gsal byed 'khor lo gsum la nyi shu rtsa bzhi'i bdag nyid du 'gyur ro//stong pa'i chos kyis brjod pa ye shes kyi 'khor lo dang dur khrod brgyad la bcu gnyis kyi bdag nyid du 'gyur te/des na gang zhig stong pa'i chos can gyi mkha' 'gro ma de rnams dmigs pa med pa'i snying rje'i sku dang lhan cig sngom pa/bcom ldan 'das kyi spyan bcu gnyis te/rdo rje phag mo dang lhan cig 'khyud pa'o//dpa' mo'i dbang phyug ma rnams dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi po rnams dang lhan cig 'khyud pa'o zhes pa drang ba'i don gyis mkha' 'gro ma'i dra ba sdom pa'o//ka yig la ji lta ba de ltar kha rdo rje la sogs pa'o//'di lta ste/ka kha ga gha nga/tsa tsha dza dzha nya/a ha a ha a/pa pha ba bha ma/ta tha da dha na/sa wa Sha shaka/la wa ra ya/ha kSha zhes pa rnal 'byor ma'i rgyud sum cu rtsa drug gi gtso mo rnams dang/rnal 'byor gyi rgyud sum cu rtsa drug gi gtso bo yang ste/sa bon gcig gis rdzogs pa'i dkyil 'khor par 'gyur ro//sa bon tha dad pa sum cu rtsa drug gis bskyed pa'i dkyil 'khor pa tha dad pa'i rgyud kyi rigs su 'gyur te/ de rnams rigs gcig tu rtogs par 84B: ba ni ma yin no//gang gi phyir/rigs gsum dang ni rigs lnga nyid//rang bzhin gcig dang rigs brgya'o//zhes pa bcom ldan 'das kyis gsungs las/rigs sna

tshogs pa'i bdag nyid kyi rgyud rnal 'byor bas don la rton pa la brten nas rtogs par bya'o zhes pa de bzhin gshegs pa'i nges pa'o zhes pa 'jig rten pa'i dngos grub bsgrub pa'i phyir 'jig rten pa'i kun rdzob tu mkha' 'gro ma'i 'khor lo sdom pa'o//nges pa'i don gyis mkha' 'gro ma'i 'khor lo sdom zhes pa mkha' 'gro ma ni byang chub kyi phyogs dang mthun pa'i chos sum cu rtsa bdun po rnams so//de rnams kyi tshogs pa ni 'khor lo ste/chos kyi sku'i mtshan nyid stong pa nyid kyi bdag nyid can no//de ni ngo bo nyid kyi sku dmigs pa med pa'i snying rje'i bdag nyid can dang lhan cig sdom pa ste gcig pa nyid do//de la snying rje ni zla ba byang chub kyi sems te/bzla ba'i rkang pa nyi shu rtsa lnga'i mtshan nyid bde ba chen bo sgrib pa med pa/nyi ma bcu gnyis stong pa'i bdag nyid can de dang lhan cig sdom pa ni mkha' 'gro ma'i 'khor lo sdom pa ste/bdag gis bshad ces bya ba'i nges pa'o//de ltar gsungs pa'i rim pas/gsang chen mchog tu dgyes pa dang//thams cad bdag nyid na rtag bzhugs// sems dpa' pho nya kun rang bzhin//rdo rje sems dpa' bde ba'i mchog/ces pa 'dir sngar gsungs pa'i stong pa nyid kyi dbyings chos can thams cad bdag nyid na rtag tu thams cad kyi tshe 'das pa dang ma 'ongs pa dang la ltar byung ba'i dus na bzhugs zhes pa skye ba dang 'jig pa'i chos dang bral ba'i phyir ro//sems dpa' pho nya kun rang bzhin//zhes pa pho nya mo ni mkha' 'gro ma rnams te/de rnams phung po dang khams dang skye mched sgrib pa spangs pa nam mkha' dang mnyam pa'o//nam mkha' la 'gro ba la ai zhes pa khams bklags pa las nam mkha' la rgyu ba yin gyis/gnas dang nye pa'i gnas na gnas pa grong gi lha mo sems can thams cad la gnod pa byed pa rnams ni ma yin no zhes pa'o//de rnams byang chub kyi phyogs dang mthun pa'i chos sum cu rtsa bdun gyi rang bzhin du gyur pa ni de'i rang bzhin te pho nya kun rang

D1403 (dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i dka' 'grel zhes bya ba) go to catalogue 155A: @//thig les byang chub sems dpa' la sogs pa mchod pa dang/sdig pa thams cad rnam par dag pas rnal 'byor nyid du bsgrub pa dang/dam tshig bskyang ba dang dam tshig bsrung ba dang/bdud rtsi lnga bza' pa dang tshogs kyi 'khor lor zla ba'i btung ba bzhin du bdud rtsi lnga myang ba dang/dbang po gnyis kyi sbyor ba dang//lha rdzas kyi bde ba'i sngags pa dang/ri sul dang tshang tshing la sogs pa'i gnas dang/dkyil 'khor la sogs pa'i de nyid bcu dang/bla ma dang dpa' bo dang dpa' mo'i dbang phyug ma'i dkyil 'khor gyi mchod pa dang/slob ma dkyil 'khor du gzhug pa dang/de nas dbang sbyin pa dang/phyag rgya dang slob dpon gyi mchod pa dang/mkha' 'gro ma'i sa gzhi la rol pa dang/sngags btub dang rig pa'i rgyal po'i las kyi tshogs dang/'jig rten pa'i dngos grub brgyad bsgrub ba dang|brda'i cho ga dang las kyi phyag rgya'i mtshan nyid dang/de gnyis kyi 'gro pa dang 'ong ba'i bya ba brjod pa dang/mkha' 'gro ma'i mtshan nyid dang/phyag rgya dang phyag rgya'i lan bstan pa dang/dam tshig mi brjod pa dang/'jig rten dang 'jig rten las 'das pa'i

dam tshig chen po brgyad dang/gcig tu ts ru bza' pa dang gtor ma sbyin pa dang gnod mdzes rgyal po'i sngags btub dang/de'i las kyi tshogs bsgrub pa dang/sngags kyi gzugs brnyan bsam gtan dang rnam par mi rtog pa'i ye shes de nyid bsgom pa dang/'jig rten las 'das pa'i mchog dang/de nas yang zhal bzhi pa'i sngags kyi tshig dang bcas pa'i dpa' bo dang dpa' mo'i dbang phyug ma rnam snang du rtogs pa'i thugs kyi rdo rje la sogs pa'i sngags kyi bzlas pa dang/gnas la sogs pa'i sa bcu dang//yul nyi shu rtsa bzhi bstan pa dang/nub mo phyogs kyi gos la sogs pa byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun dang/de nas thod pa'i dum bu la sogs pa dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi khams rnam par dag pa dang/mkha' spyod dang sa spyod kyi lha mo'i gzugs brje ba dang/rtsa'i rigs sum cu rtsa bdun gyi 'khor lo kun

D1414 (rtsa ba'i rgyud kyi snying po 'dus pa nges par brjod pa'i rgyud bla ma rtsa ba rtsa ba'i 'grel pa) go to catalogue 123B: lo sngom pa dang/gsang bsngags rlung gi dra ba'i sngom pa dang/mthar thug chos sems kyi dra ba'i sngom pa gsum mo//de ltar kun rdzob tu phun sum tshogs pa lnga thos bsam gyi shes rab kyi thad kar bshad nas bsgom bzhes rab kyi dbang du byas nas/utpal lta bu'i gang zag chags lam pa'i ngor las kyi phyag rgya'i bla la dga' ba gsum 'byung bas na gsang ba mchog gi dgyes pa na'o//thams cad bdag nyid ni 'khor lo bzhi'i rtsa'o//sku gsum gyi ston pa ni lkog ma dang snying ga dang lte bar phyin pa'i bde ba'o//chos ni 'khor lo bzhi la bde bas khyab pa'o// padma lta bu'i gang zag grol ba'i lam pa'i dbang du byas nas gsang ba sngags su bshad pa ni/dbugs 'byung rngub gsum kyi gnas yin pas na gsang ba mchog gi dgyes pa na'o//thams cad kyi bdag nyid ni dbugs ni khri chig stong drug brgya'i 'khor rdo rje /rtag du bzhugs pa ni rlung ni 'gog pa'i dus te/srog a wa dh t ra chud pa'o/sku gsum gyi ston pa ni lte ba'i rlung dbus su chud nas/mig tshums gcig sdod pa dang/snying gar mig tshums gnyis sdod pa dang/lkog mar mig tshums gsum sdod pa'i rtog pa me pa'i shes pa gsum skyes pa'o// bshad pa'i chos ni dbugs nyid khri chig stong drug brgya'i dra ba bkag pa las sngom pa'i bde mchog skyed pa'i rin po che lta bu'i gang zag bdag byin gyis rlob pa'i lam la mthar chos kyi dbang du byas na chos kyi dbyings rnam par thar pa sgo gsum gyi rang bzhin phyag rgya chen po ni gsang ba mchog gi dgyes pa na'o//thams cad bdag nyid ni byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun no//rtag tu bzhugs pa ni bsam gyis mi khyab pa'i dus te/rang gi sems kyi stong nyis la rtag tu bzhugs pa'o//mkha' 'gro kun dngos sems dpa' ni gong bu'i gzugs las 'das pa gzugs bar rang bzhin med pa'i ye shes sprul sku'o//rdo rje sems dpa' bde ba mchog ni 'dzin pa rang bzhin med pa longs sku'o//di ni rang 'byung bcom ldan dpa' ni sems kyis bsam mi khyab ces pa'i bde chen chos kyi sku'o//bshad pa'i chos ni sems kyi mkha' 127A: @//dang mun pa kun 'joms so//'jigs byed chen po ni ngan song kun

'dren no//mig mi bzang ni dra ba can gyi 'od do//sku'i 'khor lo ni dpa' bo stobs po che zla 'od gzhon nu'o//rdo rje rin chen ni rdo rje 'od do//rta mchog ni nyi ma'i 'od kyi snying po'o//nam mkha'i snying po ni rdo rje 'od zer ro//he ru ka ni mthu chen thob pa'o//padma gar gyi dbang phyug ni nor bzangs so//rnam par snang mdzad ni bzang skyong ngo//rdo rje sems dpa' ni blo gros rgya mtsho'o//de dag la sogs pa dpa' bo de bzhin gshegs pa rigs lnga thams cad kyi sbrul ba nam mkha'i khams thams cad gang bar gzigs so//de nas bcom ldan 'das 'bras bu'i he ru ka rigs lnga thams cad kyi bdag po'i sku gsung thugs la rdo rje gsum gyi zag pa med pa'i dam tshig thabs dang shes rab gnyis su med pa zhes bya ba'i yul la dmigs pa'i ting nge 'dzin la snyoms par zhugs te/rin chen 'byung ldan gyi sprul pa'i dam tshig chen po chos kyi dbyings kyi rang bzhin rang gi ye shes kyi gsang ba'i bha ga stong ba nyid la 'byung ba'i rnal 'byor ma dpa' bo rang gi gsang ba'i dam tshigs thabs dang shes rab lhan cig 'khyud pas gnyis su med pa'i dam tshigs chen po'i mtshan gsungs pa ni 'di lta ste/rnal 'byor ma chen mo ni stong pa nyid la dmigs pa'i byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun gyi rnal 'byor ma chen mo ltung byed ma ni gri gug dang k ba la thogs pa ser mo sangs rgyas spyan te/rgyal du 'jug pa'i phrin las byed pas ming de skad ces bags zhes rdo rje mkha' 'gro'i le'u bcu bzhi pa las gsungs so//gsod byed ma ni gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa dkar mo m ma k ste ming ni phrin las kyi sgo nas so//'gugs byed ma ni gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa dmar mo gos dkar mo ste phrin las kyi ming ngo//gar gyi dbang phyug ma ni gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa ljang gu sgrol ma ste dbang du byed pa'i phrin las kyi ming ngo//padma'i dra ba can ni gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa sngon mo kun du bzang mo ste 'chi ba'i phrin las kyi ming gi sgo nas so//mkha' 'gro ma chen mo zhes bya ba ni zhi gnas dang lhag mthong gi nam mkha' stong ba nyid du rtogs shing rje chen pos gzhan la 128A: @//rkang pas rang gi thabs kyi dam tshig la 'khyud dang zhal gyis zhal la reg ba'i tsum ba na dang/snying rje'i nyams kyis phyag rgya drug yongs su rdzogs pa'i dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi dang/rnal 'byor ma nyi shu rtsa bzhi rnams kyis nam mkha'i khams gang bar gzigs pa rin chen 'byung ldan gyis phul lo//de rnams kyi mtshan nyid bshad pa ni//dpa' bo byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun dam tshig gi mchog rang gi thabs la dgongs shing gzigs nas dpal rdo rje mkha' 'gro ma'i dam tshig gis gdul bya la stong ba nyid ston pas gdul bya lhag mthong dang zhi gnas kyi nam mkhar kyi nam mkhar 'gro ma 'bras bu'i lha mo rnams kyis thun mong gi ming ni shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa 'byung ba zhes bya ba 'khor lo gsum la bzhugs so//snang ba mtha' yas kyi sprul pa'i lha mo rnams ni//de nas bcom ldan 'das 'bras bu'i he ru kas ma mo'i tshogs thams cad kyi gsang ba ni lha mo bcu gnyis so//thabs sbas nas shes rab 'ba' zhig gi sku gsungs pa 'di lta ste/mi'am ci 'dul bas rdo rje ma mo zhes btags so//khwa gdong ma la sogs pa'i dam tshig gi lha mo brgyad ni/thams cad kyang gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa/shang sngo ba byang ljang ba nub dmar ba lho ser ba mtshams phyed gzugs ma'i kha dog can/khwa gdong ma la sogs pa bzhi ni mi'am ci 'dul bas mkha' lding gi gdong du bstan pa la lus bud med kyi gzugs ni/gau r dang/tsau r dang/pukkas

dang/bet la'i bzhi'i//zhal bzhi ni khams gsum rnam par rgyal ba dang/bdud rtsi 'khyil pa dang/rta mchog dang/gshin rje'i gshed dang bzhi thabs sbas ba'o//gshin rje brtan ma ni gha sma ra'i'o//gshin rje pho nya mo ni sha ba ra'i'o//gshin rje mche ba ni tsaa li'o// gshin rje 'joms ma ni o bi ni'a'o//g/yas ba'i phyed ni thabs dbyig sngon can dang/'dod pa'i rgyal po dang/mi g/yo ba dang/stobs po che dang/khro bo chen po sngon grub pa khro mo dang bcas pas gdug pa gnon zhes gsungs so//de lta bu la sog pa ni khams gsum du sprul ba'i lha 132B: bsgom pa'i tshe sngags bzhi bcu pha nam mkha' dag pas chos thams cad nam mkha' rdo rje dag go//lus kyi nang du 'khor lo gsung bsgom pa'i tshe sngags zhe gcig pa 'khor lo gsum dag pas chos thams cad 'khor lo gsum gyis dag go//mkha' 'gro ma bcu gnyis bsgom pa'i tshe/sngags zhe gnyis pa mkha' 'gro ma dag pas chos thams cad mkha' 'gro bcu gnyis kyis dag go//'gro ba thams cad la ltar rigs brgya'i dbye bas bsgom pa'i tshe/sngags zhe gsum pa rigs brgyas pas chos thams cad rigs brgyas dag go//dur khrod brgyad kyi ma mo brgyad bsgom pa'i tshe/sngags zhe bzhi pa ma mo dag pas chos thams cad ma mos dag go//gnas nyid shu rtsa bzhi bsgom pa'i tshe sngags zhe lnga pa pi ta shuddha sarba dharmpi ta shuddho\u0f85ha/de bzhin du o pa pi ta shuddha sarba dharmpa pi ta shudho\u0f85ha zhes bya ba nas/u pashma sh na shuddha sarba dharm u pashma sh na shuddo\u0f85ha/zhes bya ba'i don ni de bzhin du ji srid du nye ba'i dur khrod kyi bar thams cad rnam par dag par shes par bya'o//thams cad la o yod pa ni ye shes lda'o//thams cad cad la a ha yod pa ni rang rig pa'i rgyal po'o//don gnyis pa sngags de rnams ni lha'i sku'i don bsgom par mi nus pa sngags brjod cing nga rgyal bsgom pa'i tha ma'i don yin no//rnal 'byor pa rab thos bsam bsgom gsum la mkhas pa don gsum pa bsgom pa ni mtshan nyid brgyad shes pa yin te/gnas kyi mtshan nyid ni pu pulli ra ma la ya nas/ku ku lu ta'i bar du yi ge nyi shu rtsa bzhes sngon 'byung yul nyi shu rtsa bzhi dang/rjes 'jug 'khor lo nyi shu rtsa bzhi dang/lus la nyi ma'i dkyil 'khor nyi shu rtsa bzhi bsdu na/sa bcu dang pha rol tu phyin pa bcu'i don yin te phung po khams dang skye mched la sogs pa'i shes pa bcu dag pa dag/dbang bcu rnam par dag pa bsgom pas 'khor lo gsum gyi gnas yongs su dag nas gnas nyid shu rtsa gzhi zag med kyis dag par 'gyur ro//zag med kyi dge ba yin pa'i rgyu des dus gsum pas grol/gnas skabs thub brgyad grol/'o na ci yin zhe na/rnal 'byor yid dga' ba'i byang chub kyi phyogs kyi don te/byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun las 170B: pa'i bar du sngags kyi bzlas pa yongs su rdzogs par bya'o//bzlas pas dub na thod pa bzhi las zhi ba'i btung ba bdud rtsi myangs nas chos thams cad mnyam pa nyid du bsgoms la lha thams cad la bdud rtsi'i dam tshig gis mchod

do//de nas sems kyi 'khor lo bsgom pa ni/byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun chos bdag med pa'i stong pa nyid pa nyid la dkyil 'khor gyi lha mo rnams bcug nas shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa bdag med pa'i chos nyid bsgom mo//'di ni don dam snying po las shes par 'gyur ro//mtshan ma med pa bsgoms nas rten 'brel gyi chos mtshan ma med pa'i de nyid lha mo sum cu rtsa bdun gyi gnas der 'bras bu'i tshod tsam gyi thig le'i lha/lha'i mig gis blta bar bya'o//tshad ji tsam zhe na/rdul phra rab dang mnyam pa'i thig le'i 'khor lo bsgom mo//yang na skra'i rtse mo brgya stong du gshegs pa'i tshad tsam gyi lha mo sum cu rtsa bdun gyi bha ga'i dbus su he ru ka dang bcas pa'i lha lo'i 'khor lo kha gdong ma la sogs pa brgyad kyis phyir rol nas bskor ba bsgom mo//de na rdzus skyes bshad nas mang la skyes 'di ltar bsgom ste/yang na ma phyed kyi dbang phyug ma dang 'khyud pa'i bdag po he ru ka mkha' 'gro ma bzhis bskor ba mngal skyes kyis bsgom par bya ste/dpa' bo dang dpa' mo phan tshun bdag por byas nas/rdo rje sems dpa' rgyu'i he ru ka dang/sogs pas lha mo'i 'khor lo mngal skyes nas bskyed pa dang/rgyu'i he ru ka zhu ba dang/'bras bu'i he ru ka bskyed pa'i sbyor ba dang ldan pa mngal skyes kyis bskyed nas/grub pa'i rnal 'byor ma nyi shu rtsa bzhi la sogs pa'i ting nge 'dzin gsum gyis sbyor ba'i khams gsum gyi bdag po chen po dpal he ru ka'i dngos grub thob nas/lha'i mig med pa la mi snang ba'i sems can gyi don du sa la spyod pa 'grub bo//gal te mchog gi dngos grub ma grub na/tha ma mi'i 'khor los sgyur ba/'bring lha'i 'khor los sgyur ba 'grub bo/gal te ma grub na bskyar ba'i cho ga tshogs kyi 'khor lo bshad pa ni/sbyor ba'i cho ga 'di yis ni//'chi bdag phyogs ni bcom zhing zad//ces bya ba ni tshogs kyi 'khor lo 'dis dus ma yin par 'chi ba brgyad 175B: spro/ ki n h pha/l me n h pha/l ma la sogs pa'i 'khor lo kun gyi rnal 'byor ma'i sngags pas thod pa 'dzin pa'i phyag rgya dang/glang po'i pags pa 'dzin pa'i phyag rgya dang/kha w ga dang zhags pa dang tshangs pa'i mgo po thogs pa'i phyag lnga de las spro zhing de las bsdu'o//yum gyi snying po'i sngags las thod pa'i cod pan lnga'i spyi gtsug gi sna tshogs rdo rje/rus pa'i 'khor lo rtsibs brgyad pa zla ba ches pa de las spro/de la bdud/sprul pa'i dpa' bo dang dpa' mo nyi shu rtsa bzhi lus kyi dkyil 'khor gyi rtsa dang khams kyi dpa' bo dang dpa' mo la bsdu/de las spro bar yang rnam par brtag go//de ltar bsdus nas zhal gcig phyag gnyis par gyur pa la/gnod mdzes tsham dam gyi sngags kyis bsrung ba dang/rkang pa brgyad pas mchod pa dang/'jigs pa brgyad dang/sdug bsngal brgyad dang/dus ma yin par 'chi ba brgyad kyi 'jigs pa spangs te/rnal 'byor ma'i bdag nyid bsam mo//spro bsdu ye shes kyi bzlas pa sgrub pa chen po'i rnal 'byor ro//'di'i yan lag tu bdung rtsi myang ba dang mchod pa dang bstod pa dang gtor ma gtang ba yang sgrub pa chen por 'gyur ro//spro bsdu de lta bsgom pa la mi mos na/rdo rje khro bo'i thig le bsgoms te/rang gi mkha' gsang ni sna rtse'i bu ga la rgyu ba dang/mi rgyu ba'i snod bcud thams cad thig le'i lhar bstan nas nam mkha'i khams su spro'o//yang na khro bo phra mo rgyu ba dang mi rgyu pa'i thams cad pha mo'i ltar mngal

skyes spangs nas blo dang ldan pa'i ba spu'i bu gnas khro bo phra mo'i sprin spro bar bya'o//yang na byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun/dpa' bo rnams ni skyu ba lta bu/dpa' mo sum cu rtsa bdun ni stong pa nyid du bsgom pa ni sngar bshang ba bzhin du bya'o/de nas dam tshig gi bzla pa bya ba'i sngags ni go sla bas ma bshad do//dung chen gyi phreng nga blang ba ni lag pa g/yon pa'i mthe bong dang srin lag gi sa blangs nas phyis ci bder bzlas par bya'o//bzlas pa zin nas thod pa bzhi la dam tshig gi sbyor bas bdud rtsi lnga'i dam tshig bza' bar bya'o/de nas gtor ma sbyin pa ni/gcer bu skra grol gyur ba yi//brtul zhugs 178A: @//bzhi las gshin rje brtan ma la sogs pa bzhi'o//de thams cad ma'i thig le dang cas ba'o//de ltar bskyed pa'i rim pa'i lha bskyed pa'i sa bon bshad nas/yi ge kShas rdzogs pa'i rim ba ston te/ser sngags kyis ser ba 'bebs pa'am/dug sngags kyis dug gsod pa ltar/kShas gtum mo drod kyi gzugs bskyed pa dang/bde ba shukra'i gzugs 'bebs pa dang/bde ba stod pa nyid thams cad mkhyen pa rtogs pa dang/dag pa 'jig rten pa thams cad gzigs pa dang/'gro ba rigs drug gis 'byung ba kun gyi stong nyid rtags pa'i gnas yin zhing/'byung ba bzhi kun la khyab pa'i rtag tu stong pa nyid dang/sku'i stong nyid mi gsal/gsung gi stong nyid phra ba/thugs kyi stong nyid mi 'gyur ba/de nyid srog gi dbang po de nyid thugs kyi dbang po rang rig pa gson pa'i chos nyid rang gi ngo bo nam mkha' lta bu 'chi ba'i 'od gsal ba'i bdag nyid rtogs na mkhas pas grol ba/kSha de nyid lte ba'i dbus su babs pa las dga' ba dang mchog dga' dang lhan cig skyes dga' dang/rnam pa thams cad kyi 'od gsal ba skye ba'o//yi ge gcig po kShas rdzogs rin bskyed do//bskyed rim gyi rgyas bshad ni/'khor lo gsum gyi yab yum so sor gnas pa gsang bas gzhan la mi bstan ro mnyam gyi 'khor lo bzhin du zhal gcig phyag gnyis pa'i phyag dang phyag mtshan dang ldan pa thams cad kyang dkar po/las kyi rgyal mchog ni dpa' bo dang dpa' mo'i go cha gnyis de bzhin du lha la bskon la/sngar bshad pa bzhin du ye shes sems dpa' bcug la dbang bskur la/phung po dang khams dang skye mched byin gyis brlabs te/dpa' bo nyid shu rtsa bzhi yan lag rnam par dag pa lus kyi dkyil 'khor bsgom pa dang/byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun sems kyi 'khor lo bsgom pa dang/sprul ba'i 'khor lo ji ltar bsgom zhe na/lugs 'byung lugs bzlog gis bkod la thams cad dkar po/dpa' mo thams cad gri gug dang ka p la thogs pa/dpa' bo thams cad rang gi mtshan ma dang dril bu bsnams 191B: las byung ba'i gnyis su med pa'i ye shes kyi snang ba zhi ba zhal gcig phyag gnyis pa zhes bya ba nas/'jigs byed dang ni dus mtshan dag/sred dang ldan pa zhabs kyis gnon//zhes bya ba'i bar du go sla'o//de'i nu ma'i bar du ye shes sems dpa' lha mo bcu gnyis kyis bskor ba zhal gcig phyag gnyis pa'i gzugs can bh las byung ba bsgom mo/snying gar thugs kyi 'khor lo sngon po/lkog mar gsung gi 'khor lo dmar po/dpral bar sku'i 'khor lo dkar po/'khor lo gsum pa zhal gsum phyag drug pa bsgom pa ni go sla'o//nu ma'i bar gyi ye shes sems dpa' la mkha' 'gro ma dang/l ma dang/dum skyes ma dang/gzugs can ma bzhi padma'i phyogs la dgod pa dang/thod pa bzhi mtshams su dgod

pa dang/phyi rol gyi padma brgyad la khwa gdong ma dang/gshin rje brtan ma la sogs pa dgod do//mtshams kyi lha mo bzhi ni phyag g/yas pa mi 'jigs pa sbyin pas me long dang/gling bu dang dri'i snod dang chos dang ro yis gang ba'i thod pa bsnams pa/g/yon pas thod pa dang kha w ga 'dzin pa lha mo cang te'u dang gri gug bsnams pa'o//de ltar lugs kyi nang dus bcu'i rim pa sku gsung thugs kyi sbyor ba bsgoms nas byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun gyi rnam par dag pa bsgom mo//dpa' bo rnams kyi snying po ni/o ka h h pha/o kha h h pha/o ga h h pha ces bya ba nas bha h h pha ces bya ba'i bar dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi'i snying po yin no//mkha' 'gro ma rnams kyi mid nyid snying po yin no//sku'i brgyad la o dang spel/gsung gi brgyad la dang spel/thugs kyi brgyad la h dang spel ba ni/dpa' bo rnams kyi yin no//mkha' 'gro ma la sogs pa bzhi'i ni ma ning gi yi ge bzhi dang/ming mtshan gyi dang ba bzhi sngags su 'gyur ro//sgo ma bzhi la ya ra la wa/mtshams kyi lha mo bzhi la sha Sha sa ha/thog ma'i o dang tha ma'i h gnyis pha dang sbyar ba ni snying po'o//dbus kyi sangs rgyas thod pa'i go sla'o//lus kyi dkyil 'khor 'byung ba lnga sangs rgyas/skye mched drug sems dpa' yig 'bru la sogs pa bzhin du bskyad pa la sbyar bar bya'o//las kyi rgyal 218B: 'khor lo//snying ga'i snang ba thugs kyi 'khor lo/lte ba'i snang ba dbus kyi padma sgo bzhi dang rta babs dang dur khrod la sogs pa rnams su snang ngo//lus kyi tshor ba bde ba rtog med kyi snang ba sku'i 'khor lo//'du shes bde ba rtog med gsung gi 'khor lo/'du byed bde ba rtog med thugs kyi 'khor lo/rnam shes bde ba rtog med nang gi padma 'dab brgyad shin tu rnam par dag pas ye shes ri mo lngar snang/khams kyi dpa' bo nyi shu rtsa bzhi'i snang ba panytsa r ga phyogs bzhi'i nyi shu/sa gzhi'i kha dog bzhi da ng nyi shu rtsa bzhir snang ngo//nyi shu rtsa bzhi ni rnal 'byor ma 'khor lo'i rtsibs nyi shu rtsa bzhir snang ngo//lte ba khung gi thig le rdo rje phag mor snang ngo//snying ga'i byang chub sems kyi sa bon khrag 'thung mchog tu snang ngo//snying ga'i rtsa bzhi'i rang bzhin mkha' 'gro ma bzhir snang ngo//de ltar na dman pa dbyibs su bshad pa rtsa dang khams kyi bde ba las skyes pa'i snang ba yin te/sems can la snang ba'i dkyil 'khor 'bras bu yin la/de'i rgyu gsang sngags rlung las bde ba skyes pa'i snang ba'am/dman pa dbyibs rtsal bde ba skyes pa'i snang ba bshad pa yin no//mthar thug chos su byang chub kyi phyogs kyi chos sum cu rtsa bdun rin po che lta bu'i gang zhag mthar thugs chos bsgom pa ni/dpa' bo dang dpa' mo ltar snang ba'o//lha de yang yig 'bru'i dkyil 'khor dang/phyag mtshan gyi dkyil 'khor la sogs pa drug tu snang ste go sla'o//mthar thug chos sems dang sbyar na/dbus kyi padma sa dang po rab tu dga' ba'i snang ba nas/rta babs chos kyi sprin gyi snang ba las dngos grub rgya

che ba thob par 'gyur ba ni go sla'o//de ltar na rnam dag bshad nas/de kho na nyid bzhi bshad pa'i dang po 'khor lo bde mchog gi dkyil 'khor la shes rab ye shes kyi dbang bskur ba'i bha ga'i dkyil 'khor dang/gsang ba'i dbang bskur ba'i lus kyi dkyil 'khor dang/dbang bzhi pa bskur ba'i rin chen sems kyi stong nyid gnyis med kha sbyar gyi dkyil 'khor dang gsum yin no//dang po dkyil 'khor gyi de nyid bshad nas/gnyis pa bdag gi de nyid ni gtso bo'i lha'i ting nge 'dzin yin