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Introduction Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world‟s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity. With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on performance, quality, delivery, value and technology in everything we make and do. In 2002, David M. Cote was named Chairman and CEO of Honeywell. Under his leadership the company focuses on five key initiatives: Growth, Productivity, Cash, People and the company's Enablers - Honeywell Operating System, Velocity Product Development™ and Functional Transformation. During Cote's tenure, Honeywell has delivered strong performance in sales growth, earnings per share, segment profit and cash flow. Today, the company has great positions in good industries globally with approximately 50% of its products and solutions providing energy efficiency benefits. History including year of establishment Key Dates: 1883: Damper Flapper is created by Albert Butz. 1909: First controlled thermostat is created. 1927: Company incorporated as Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company. 1941: Honeywell becomes a major defense contractor during WWII. 1950-1959: Honeywell's advancements in micro switches lead the company to enter the computer market. 1967: The computer division shows a profit for the first time. 1988: The Company focuses on its aerospace divisions to boost company profits. 1999: AlliedSignal and Honeywell merge. 2000: Honeywell's acquisition by General Electric is rejected by the European Union.

Honeywell came into being through the invention of the damper flapper, a thermostat for coal furnaces, by Albert Butz, in 1885 and subsequent innovations in electric motors and process control by Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company tracing back to 1886.Honeywell's history dates back to 1904, when Mark Honeywell, an engineer, started producing heat generators for plumbing and heating applications. Later, in 1906, Mark created Honeywell Heating Specialty Co, which specialized in hot water heat generators. In 1927, Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co was formed as a result of the merger between Honeywell Heating Specialty Co and Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company. Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co manufactured jeweled clocks. Later, it acquired several companies in the controls area including Brown Instrument Co, a global leader for industrial controls and indicators. In 1934, Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co acquired Time-O-Stat Controls

In 2002. Also. Honeywell's Electronic Materials business was awarded the 'Supplier Excellence Award' by Infineon Technologies. Honeywell sold the First Technology Safety and Analysis business to Hg Capital for US$94. a new company. Honeywell Friction Materials launched Bendix CT-3 brake pads and the Industry Week magazine chose Honeywell's Warren Plant as one of North America's ten best plants for 2002. which marked the beginning of its global expansion. These would meet the new European regulations that come into effect in 201 1 . the company announced delivery of its 1. By 1941. The company also acquired Novar PIc in the same year. The company also announced that it had signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce for the repair of turbine vanes equipped in the turbine engines of Rolls-Royce. In March 2006. The transaction. Later. in 1963. in 2002. in May 2007. Honeywell and DuPont announced an agreement to globally accelerate development and commercialization of low global warming (LGW) potential refrigerants for use in the automotive industry. To cash in on the emergence of personal computers. However. Later. was formed in 1986 as a joint venture between Honeywell. Honeywell completed many acquisitions including that of UOP LLC. is produced till date and used as a decorative article in households. In March 2007. Honeywell announced the completion of the sale of Indalex Aluminum Solutions to an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners for a sum of US$425m in cash. In May 2006. Automotive and Special Products. Also. Also in 2004. Honeywell acquired First Technology PIc. Honeywell withdrew from its computer business. In 2005. manufactured its 9-billionth spark plug in the same year. The following month. Conoco I ne awarded a US$1 1. Tata Steel. Honeywell became the world leader in the integration of avionics systems with the purchase of Sperry Aerospace. Honeywell Bull. Autolite (a division of Honeywell). Dimensions International. through 13 joint ventures and 83 wholly owned subsidiaries. Honeywell operated in 95 countries. NEC Corporation (Japan based) and Compagnie des Machines Bull (France-based). in 1991. Honeywell announced that it had acquired Intri-Plex Technologies Inc's Thermal Solutions product line in the same year. The T-86 "Round" thermostats. 7m.4m Experion Automation contract to support the Magnolia Deepwater Development Project. one of the leading producers of aftermarket spark plugs in North America.Honeywell announced the acquisition of the defense logistics leader. Honeywell sold its First Technology Automotive and Special Products to Sensata Technologies BV for US$90m in November 2006. which was introduced in 1953. South Africa and Argentina. awarded Honeywell a second major automation project. the Indian company. In 1970. Also in 2005. Trinidad. Honeywell and General Electric merged their computer businesses to create Honeywell Information Systems. Following this. Honeywell integrated the Gas Sensing business with its Automation and Control Solutions business. In February 2006. the company's name was changed to Honeywell Inc. the company had distributors in the regions of Panama. a manufacturer of environmental control systems.000th T55-GA71 4A gas turbine engine to the US Army. is subject to regulatory requirements. worth US$230m. By 1998. Chile. In 2004. . in 1986. an operator of Gas Sensing. New Zealand. in which Honeywell already had a 50% interest.Corporation. Honeywell acquired Hymatic Group Ltd (based in the UK).

EMS technologies 2011 . Inc 2009 . restructuring or other repositioning actions subject to regulatory constraints.Thomas Russell Co 2013 .RAE Systems 2013 ..Norcross Safety Products L.C 2008 . Honeywell also identifies businesses that do not fit into its long-term strategic plan based on their market position.In May 2008. merged to form the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.. Czech Republic. a worldwide leader in the field of industrial controls and indicators. Major milestones in terms of acquisitions/divestitures               1997 – Measurex 2006-BW Technologies 2008 . Honeywell announced the opening of its Turbo Technologies Engineering and Test Center in Brno. and became the largest producer of high-quality jeweled clocks.AV Digital Audio-Videotechnik GmbH 2008 .RMG 2010 – Akuacom (Demand response) 2010 . The company made several acquisitions in the controls area.Metrologic Instruments. Honeywell identifies acquisition candidates that will further the company's strategic plan and strengthen its existing core businesses. profit and cash flow contribution in order to upgrade the combined portfolio and identify business units that will most benefit from increased investment. These businesses are considered for potential divestiture. today.E-MON/D-MON 2010 . R. Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company and Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. market position. W.Intermec Honeywell continuously evaluates the relative strength of each business in its portfolio as to strategic fit.King's Safetywear Ltd 2012 .Matrikon Inc 2011 . Acquisitions In 1927. Sweatt became Chairman and Mark Honeywell became President.L. One of those acquisitions was the Brown Instrument Co. . The new turbocharger R&D Center is the fifth facility in the global technical network for Honeywell. relative profitability or growth potential.

(Intermec) a leading provider of mobile computing. which proved to be critically important to the U. which replaced chunky. Honeywell has the right to acquire and the non controlling shareholder has the right to sell to Honeywell the remaining 30% interest at a price based on a multiple of Thomas Russell's average annual operating income from 2013 to 2015. respectively. 2015. In December 2012. label and receipt printers for use in warehousing.. rectangular models. pending Intermec shareholder approval and following customary regulatory reviews. it remains in production today and adorns the walls of more households around the world than any other thermostat. the company constantly improved gyroscopes. with the non controlling interest portion reflected in net income attributable to the non controlling interest in the Consolidated Statement of Operations. In 1953. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the second quarter of 2013. Honeywell acquired a 70% controlling interest in Thomas Russell Co. 2011. Significant acquisitions made in the years 2009 to 2012 are discussed in the following. a maker of gyroscopes. $973M. subject to a predetermined cap and floor. the first of many acquisitions that would build its security business into today's global leader. Developments and Acquisitions (1953-T-86 “Round” thermostat) Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. supply chain. In December 2011. net of cash acquired. and $468M in 2012. Thomas Russell's results of operations have been consolidated into the Performance Materials and Technologies segment.Products. the company acquired Doelcam Corp.S. The aggregate value. Mass production was perfected and an array of aeronautical equipment broadened the company's product portfolio. the red and black "Protected by Honeywell" window stickers and placards became nearly as recognizable as the “Round” thermostat. leveraged its scientific and engineering talent to transform itself and adapt to changing times. public company which operates globally and had reported 2011 revenues of approximately $850M. field service and manufacturing environments for $10 per share in cash.. 2010 and 2009. One of the world's most recognizable designs. $1. a leading international provider of branded safety footwear. 2012.303M. net of cash acquired. In many North American cities. Intermec is a U. Inc. war effort. Honeywell acquired King's Safetywear Limited (KSW). In 1942. for approximately $525M ($368M. Intermec will be integrated into Honeywell's Automation and Control Solutions segment. making them more sensitive and precise while reducing their size and weight. In 1954. For all of the company's acquisitions the acquired businesses were recorded at their estimated fair values at the dates of acquisition. Over the next two decades. the company invented the electronic autopilot. Honeywell entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Intermec. On October 22. Honeywell acquired businesses for an aggregate cost of $438M. Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. a privately-held leading provider of technology and equipment for natural gas processing and treating. purchased a fire detection and alarm firm. The acquisition is expected to be funded with available cash and the issuance of commercial paper. or an aggregate purchase price of approximately $600M. the company introduced the T-86 "Round" thermostat. net of cash acquired). Additionally. In 1957. radio frequency identification solutions (RFID) and bar code. During the calendar year 2016.S. Honeywell has the right to acquire the remaining 30% interest for a fixed price equivalent to the cap at any time on or before December 31. was approximately .

was approximately $513M and was allocated to tangible and identifiable intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values at the acquisition date.475M (including the assumption of approximately $326M of outstanding debt) and was allocated to tangible and identifiable intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values at the acquisition date. a leading provider of connectivity solutions for mobile networking. The results from the acquisition date through December 31. (EMS). The results from the acquisition date through December 31. The EC based formally its decision to block the merger on two pillars:   The strengthening of the GE dominant positions in the markets for large commercial aircraft engines and for large regional aircraft engines. The gain was recorded in net income from discontinued operations after taxes in Honeywell's Consolidated Statement of Operations for the year ended December 31. Honeywell acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of EMS Technologies. In August 2011. and in the market for small marine gas turbines. 2011 are included in the Aerospace and Automation and Control Solutions segments and were not material to the consolidated financial statements. 2011 are included in the Automation and Control Solutions segment and were not material to the consolidated financial statements. and the creation a dominant position on the markets for corporate jet engines. was approximately $1. Divestitures In July 2011. Sperian had reported 2009 revenues of approximately $900M. Honeywell completed the acquisition of the issued and outstanding shares of Sperian Protection (Sperian). Major horizontal/vertical integration The European Commission (EC) declared in July 2001 the merger between General Electric (GE) and Honeywell “incompatible with the common market” according to the Merger Regulation established in the Council Regulation (EEC) No. The net income attributable to the non-controlling interest for the discontinued operations is insignificant. The aggregate value. net of cash acquired. resulting in a pre-tax gain of approximately $301M and approximately $178M net of tax. The sale of CPG. 4064/89. The aggregate value. is consistent with Honeywell's strategic focus on its portfolio of differentiated global technologies. a French company that operates globally in the personal protection equipment design and manufacturing industry. 2011. where Honeywell enjoyed a leading position. The creation of a dominant position in the market for avionics and non-avionics aerospace components. rugged mobile computers and satellite communications. Inc. . In October 2010. which had been part of the Transportation Systems segment. The sale was completed for approximately $955M in cash proceeds.$331M (including the assumption of debt of $33M) and was allocated to tangible and identifiable intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values at the acquisition date. Honeywell sold its Consumer Products Group business (CPG) to Rank Group Limited. net of cash acquired. EMS had reported 2010 revenues of approximately $355M.

sputtering targets and advanced packaging. To ensure a high-quality. Honeywell‟s advanced packaging materials include copper and tin and are used to electrically connect the chip to the end use device. Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration (Targets. Continuing our globalization efforts has been a key pillar . vertical foreclosure in engine starters. cobalt. consistent and secure supply of metal feedstock. coil sets and Metals) Honeywell is a leading supplier of metals to the semiconductor industry. GECAS and GE Capital. including copper. and the ability and incentive to bundle products are behind the conclusions of the EC. Honeywell supplies a range of materials to the semiconductor industry. The resulting supply chain offers customers better quality control and delivery assurance during times of source material shortages and/or industry ramps. manufacturing high-purity physical vapor deposition (PVD)/sputtering targets and advanced packaging materials for electrical interconnect. including electronic polymers. with a supply of metals designed specifically for use in the semiconductor industry. The end result would be monopolization of some markets (like engines for large regional jet aircraft).The main channels by which the merger was going to create and strengthen dominant positions consisted in horizontal overlaps and vertical and conglomerate integration. These metals are primarily used to form the wiring that conducts the electrical current through the circuits within semiconductors. aluminum. Vertically integrated production ensures:      Ultra high-purity Consistent composition of all metal products Commitment to long term success and growth Deep bench Research and Development Help to develop Custom solutions Pattern of internationalization Global Presence A broad global presence is critical to Honeywell‟s growth and enables us to better understand and address the challenges that our customers face. the influence and leverage of the financial arms of GE. The company supplies targets for a range of metals. In addition to producing high-purity metals. and foreclosure and eventual exit of rivals of the merger entity. The combined market share of the merging parties. Honeywell is vertically integrated in the production of source materials. titanium and tungsten. precision thermocouples and electronic chemicals.

providing fly-by-wire flight controls. Today.000 employees. and we employ more than 69. New Jersey. and. today. Honeywell is playing a major role in the growth of China‟s aviation industry. we have around 12. Today.000 employees located in 20 cities.of Honeywell‟s Growth Initiative for the past decade. engineering and design. Americas Honeywell is headquartered in Morris Township.S. and Green Jet Fuel made from Honeywell technology powered the first biofuel flight in the region in 2011. Honeywell recently developed the world‟s first turbo technology for a 2-cylinder micro-diesel engine. and Transportation Systems – is growing and expanding its operations in this region. Honeywell has also been selected to develop and implement China's first smart grid pilot project and feasibility study for managing energy use in commercial buildings. engineering. India Honeywell's presence in India dates back to the 1930s. when refining technology from Honeywell‟s UOP was commissioned in India‟s very first refinery in the state of Assam. the region is an integral part of Honeywell‟s global growth strategy. approximately 55% of our revenues are now generated outside the U. Chennai and Dehradun for automation control solutions. Nanjing and Chongqing with more than 1. which is helping to drive a new chapter of ultra fuel-efficient micro vehicles for the growing region. turbochargers. Guragon. . CA city wastewater treatment system using integrated Honeywell controls to simplify operations and reduce environmental risks. Throughout the U. China Since 1935. and refining.. With more than 12.400 scientists and engineers focused on research and development. including five major technology centers in Shanghai. Tianjin. Canada and Brazil we have vast talent resources that are generating significant results every day and innovating on key projects. Beijing. China has been critical to Honeywell's growth and innovation strategies. Our successes in China are many. wheel and brake systems.S. and sales capabilities across the Asia Pacific region. we have around 6. Examples of major projects include a complete overhaul and modernization of the Los Angeles.000 employees in our research and development centers. Today. Honeywell also has global centers of excellence for technology and product development across the region. auxiliary power units and the inertial reference and air data systems for the new C919 platform from Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. Honeywell is also working closely with Petrobras in Brazil as it expands its diesel production capacity and commissions new offshore vessels to process natural gas off the coast of Brazil. Mexico. Performance Materials and Technologies. manufacturing facilities and administrative offices across the region. Asia Pacific Honeywell continues to build its manufacturing. Automation and Control Solutions. it operates state of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities in Pune. (COMAC). Each of our businesses – Aerospace.000 employees.

commercial value and country of origin of all imported goods. This includes import and export laws. . As concerns grow over the projected increase in air travel across Europe and the globe. Import laws and regulations govern the importation of goods. Honeywell must maintain. Honeywell has 23 research and development centers in the region that are innovating for key EMEA trends. as well as regulations in the countries where our Company does business. as well as semiconductor manufacturing operations for our Electronic Materials business in Thailand.S. technology control plans. The Honeywell Process Solutions and Building Solutions businesses employ more than 100 engineers and technicians designing automation and control software in our research and development center in Sydney. among other things. Korea and Japan. The U. Such laws ensure only admissible goods enter into the importing country. safer and in a more efficient manner – saving time and fuel. However. Its diversified business portfolio helps the company against uncertain fluctuation systems and specialty materials markets. Its diversified business portfolio helps the company against uncertain fluctuation in any segment during a particular period. technology and services have an obligation to understand and comply with applicable regulations. accurate information on the commodity/nomenclature.Our footprint in this region includes turbo operations in Korea and Japan where we are working with major car and truck manufacturers to provide tailored turbo charging solutions for local markets and global customers. Australia. and delivering a better experience for travelers. the conditions and provisos of export license authorizations that may apply to their business or facility and Honeywell‟s International Trade Compliance policy. the Middle East and Africa.-persons within the United States. and that the correct amount of duties and taxes are paid on those goods. services and technology to another country. Note that export controls govern many types of exchanges of information across national borders. those of them who deal with the importation of goods and export-controlled items. This includes import and export control laws. Complying with international trade Controls: Honeywell is committed to compliance with all applicable trade laws.000 employees representing Honeywell‟s four businesses across Europe. and Honeywell‟s UOP has established a design and operations center in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia to serve oil and gas customers across Southeast Asia. As Honeywell continues to expand globally. also controls the transmission of certain export controlled technical data to non-U. the Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Today there are more than 32. including smart grid solutions that can cut peak energy use in commercial and industrial facilities and advanced turbos that will help customer to reach new emissions and fuel efficiency standards without compromising on power and performance. we are utilizing the expertise from our Aerospace and Automation Control Systems businesses to develop a modernized infrastructure that would allow people and aircraft to be moved into. around and out of airports faster. Export control laws govern the transfer of goods. including email transmissions and web access to different servers that could contain export controlled technical data.S. and our footprint continues to expand. Europe.

By organizing their hundreds of products into just four sectors. focused on four major sectors: Aerospace. Across segments. and Transportation Systems.7 billion (2012).S. such as a reliance on electronics and engineering know-how (related). . Honeywell‟s size also leads to increase brand name reputation. They share some common traits. Strengths. Its headquarters is in Morristown. such as payroll. Weaknesses.increase in raw material prices could adversely affect the operations of the company and reduce its margins. Performance Materials and Technologies. Honeywell is able to offer a bundle of related products to customers within each segment. Automation Control Solutions. Honeywell benefits to some extent from sharing knowledge across segments. Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Location of Factors Favorable Internal Strengths    Well diversified portfolio Strong growth in revenues and profits Strong technological capabilities TYPE OF FACTOR Unfavorable Weaknesses   Relatively low employee productivity Modest presence in emerging markets External Opportunities     Recent acquisition New contracts and agreements Rising defense spending in the US Increasing popularity of renewable energy Threats    Rising commodity prices Government regulations Economic slowdown in the US and EuroZone Diversification (both related and unrelated) It is diversified in 1300 sites in 70 countries. Honeywell sales were $37. with 54% sales outside U. Honeywell is involved in hundreds of businesses. Honeywell‟s businesses are not purely related or unrelated. with 132000 employees. and is a fortune 100 companies. Honeywell primarily benefits from reducing duplication in corporate functions. NJ. Finally. but they also are unrelated in the customer segments they serve and the manufacturing technologies they use.

personal protective equipment. sensing. including non-ozone-depleting and low global-warming-potential refrigerants and blowing agents . NJ headquarters $6. stop bullets. and flight management services Full-service solutions for airliners. energy management and services Control systems for continuous process industries.9 billion 2012 sales). and spacecraft Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell environmental controls. petrochemical. access control/video. enable the production of cleaner. life safety. cable and custom electronics Automatic identification and data collection Sensors.The 4 major sectors: Aerospace Honeywell Aerospace mechanical and electrical product offerings are used today on virtually every commercial and defense related aircraft platform. more efficient fuels. AZ headquarters$12 billion 2012 sales) Products:     Integrated avionics and communications systems Propulsion and mechanical systems and components Conditioned-based maintenance. adsorbents. mission-critical applications Performance Materials and Technologies Honeywell is a global leader in developing and manufacturing high-purity. equipment. (Minneapolis. and natural gas industries Fluorine technology. MN headquarters$15. combustion. wiring devices Fire alarm systems. The division invents and integrates thousands of products and services that deliver safe. productive and comfortable experiences worldwide. and services for the refining. (Phoenix. low-voltage distribution (ADI). gas detection. scanning. logistics. Products:         Building control systems. switches. security. Our technologies can reduce emissions. high-quality performance chemicals and materials. building controls. and mobility products. remote health monitoring alarm systems. catalysts. and public and private utilities around the world. buildings. as well as building and process solutions. efficient. business and general aviation aircraft. speed drug discovery and protect medicines.( Morristown. rotorcraft. are at work in homes. increase capacity in oil refineries. military aircraft. Products:   Process technology. advanced solutions Home comfort.2 billion 2012 sales). industrial facilities.

it operated 25 wholly-owned subsidiaries. ammonium sulfate fertilizers. took up 6.    Specialty films. tools and products designed to prevent. Canada. By 1941. the personal computer emerged and the company formed Honeywell Bull. Its ownership level was gradually decreased until. Switzerland headquarters$3.S. Romania. Panama. the company opened affiliates in Abu Dhabi. and rail applications Joint ventures The first office outside the U. and chemicals Advanced fibers and composites for armor and industrial applications Intermediate products. their suppliers and consumers. Trinidad.S. Strategic alliances and strategic outsourcing choices Strategic Alliances: ASM Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) is a group of leading companies and universities involved with process industries that have jointly invested in research and development to create knowledge. Electronic materials and chemicals Transportation Systems Honeywell Transportation Systems provides world-class technologies and solutions to automakers. In 1993. In 1986. By 1998. New Zealand. and. was established in Toronto. weighed 25 tons. the company had operations in 95 countries through 83 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 13 joint ventures. a global joint venture with Compagnie des Machines Bull of France and NEC Corporation of Japan. including nylon feedstock caprolactam.000 square feet. Our technologies enhance the performance and efficiency of passenger and commercial vehicles worldwide. and cost $1.and heavyduty trucks. offices were opened in London and Stockholm. China. Its first European subsidiary was established in the Netherlands the same year. Oman. marking Honeywell's entry into the computer business. Honeywell was no longer in the computer business. The company's first computer system. CNG. The company had distributors in Chile.5 million. commercial vehicles. and hybrid). and off-highway. and joint ventures in five countries outside the U. (Rolle.6 billion 2012 sales) Products:   Turbochargers for passenger vehicles (gasoline. the D-1000. By 1972. and South Africa. medium. 142 branch offices. heavy-duty equipment Braking materials and brake pads for cars. additives. diesel. . In 1955. within a few years. detect and mitigate abnormal situations that affect process safety in the control operations environment. nylon resin. a joint venture called Datamatic Corporation was established with Raytheon Corp. and chemical intermediates. Argentina. and the Ukraine. in 1991.

Honeywell has partnered with Krohne in the area of field instrumentation. LSIS LSIS is the leading solutions provider of automation system and industrial electric power in Korea since its establishment in 1974. to offer the Honeywell Automation Change Manager. These solutions pertain to the development and deployment of new assets or the efficient and sustainable operation of existing assets. SCADA and Advanced Solutions products. PAS Honeywell partners with industrial technology provider PAS Inc.Dell Honeywell and Dell work together to ensure that users achieve the cost reduction benefits of Dell‟s state-of-the-art commercial off-the-shelf equipment. Krohne offers complimentary additions in flow and level measurement that makes Honeywell‟s Field Instrumentation portfolio complete. IBM Global Business Services and Honeywell provide an innovative combination of leading ERP system integration skills (IBM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (Honeywell). Strategic Outsourcing Choices: . VMware Honeywell partners with VMware to bring the benefits of virtualization to a range of Honeywell products and meet the demanding needs of the process control industry. while fully meeting the specialized availability. SAP Honeywell and SAP work together to build joint solutions for process industries that use both enterprise and plant data to improve decision making. reliability and lifecycle needs of Honeywell‟s control systems. Krohne KROHNE ranks among the world„s leading companies in flow and level measurement technology. Along with Honeywell brand products. IBM Honeywell and IBM have collaborated for many years to deliver high value projects to users. Honeywell and LSIS‟ joint partnership provides users with high -quality controller products and services in the automation industry. Microsoft invests in Honeywell to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft technology in the process industries. Microsoft Honeywell and Microsoft have a deep technology partnership to make effective use of the latest applications. Honeywell is able to supply VMware powered virtualization solutions across its Small Systems. an electronic database management and documentation system that allows industrial plant personnel to document and track changes across various Honeywell and third-party automation systems.

healthcare and blood donations. will expand in other Indian cities provides teaching. charitable donations. Honeywell imparted free fire safety training to 56. disaster relief. Honeywell‟s efforts focus on societal needs that align with its heritage: Science and Math Education.200 children across 71 schools from 2009-11 in Delhi. Family Safety and Security. Bangalore. to name just a few.200 children across 71 schools from 2009-11 in Delhi. thousands of Honeywell India volunteers are engaged with local communities across for real and sustained impact in school education for the underprivileged. Humanitarian Relief and Environment and Sustainability. airplane kits and awards – aimed at nurturing the next generation of aviation engineers for India Every year ~20. which connects university students with Nobel Prize recipients was launched in India in 2007      In addition.CSR element of the company Building on a century long tradition of corporate citizenship. Delhi.000 individuals in India are assisted by the unique Native Village Adoption program An annual average of 20 Honeywell Science Laboratories are being set up in rural schools Honeywell helped fund the construction of 375 houses for Tsunami victims in Tamilnadu and Puducherry The Honeywell Nobel Initiative. The program has a strong presence in India:  The School Fire Safety Program with the Fire Safety Association of India has reached 56. Mumbai. Housing and Shelter. computer education for students with special abilities. Chennai and Pune The Honeywell Aero Club program launched with 40 students at Air Force Bal Bharti School. . India.