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Conditions:    Conditional company name: MYCPN. Will be used in folder names. Adds a new panel «My Company» in the list of toolbars module Design. We consider the local variant, the C: drive

Actions:   Create a folder MYCPN-PMLLIB on drive C. This folder will store all PML 2 functions, including a description of new menu items. Assigning a new path in the variable in the file PMLLIB evars.bat Example: SET PMLLIB=C:\MYCPN-PMLLIB% PMLLIB% Create a folder MYCPN-PDMSUI on drive C. This folder will store all own functions written in a PML, as well as a label to refer to definition of toolbars. Assigning a new path in the variable in the file PDMSUI evars.bat Example: SET PDMSUI=C:\MYCPN-PDMSUI% PDMSUI% Inside the folder MYCPN-PDMSUI create a folder named des, but inside a new folder folder named addins. Inside the folder addins create a file named mycpndesignaddin. Open it text editor and write the following lines: name: mycpndesignaddin object: APPMYCPNDESIGN Inside the folder MYCPN-PMLLIB create a folder mycpnmenus Inside the newly created folder, create a file named appmycpndesign.pmlobj Add the following to the file contents to a new item "My Company" in the main menu bar:
define object APPMYCPNDESIGN endobject -define method .APPMYCPNDESIGN() endmethod ---- Method: .modifyForm() -- Description: Modifying toolbars define method .modifyForm() !this.toolbars()

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Result: After these steps are performed in module Design will be a new panel tools «My Company».b1 tooltip ‘Call of Form 1' pixmap /%PMLLIB%\icons\ in the folder% PMLLIB% and initialized team PML REHASH ALL specified files to a graphic display of buttons must exist in the folder % PMLLIB% / icon .Method: . open a command line and run command PML REHASH ALL. Note:   form form 1 must be pre-determined .f1 TOOLBAR 'My Company' button . can be mapped in any application.png width 32 height 32 callback ‘Q ATT' exit !!appTbarCntrl.toolbars() frame . 'ALL') endmethod  Then go to the module Monitor.png width 32 height 32 callback 'show !!form1 free' button .toolbars() -.addToolbar('f1'.             endmethod --.Description: Creating toolbars define method .b2 tooltip ‘Request Attributes' pixmap /%PMLLIB%\icons\2.