LEED AP Exam Post-Test Evaluation & Brain Dump I’m so relieved that it’s finally over and I can

get back to my normal life again, but honestly all of the studying really paid off. I scored a 185 which was the result of an average 80-85% in each of the 4 categories tested. I’m pretty happy with that. My lowest scored category, however, was in the Knowledge of LEED Credit Intents and Requirements section in which I only scored a 76%. This was a definite surprise to me since I thought I knew the LEED credits like the back of my hand. I am notorious for being a bad multiple-choice test taker (I tend to think too much and perform reverse psychology on myself) so maybe that had something to do with it. The test questions were definitely NOT straightforward. A lot were very wordy and you really had to focus and take a closer look while reading the questions to determine exactly what they were looking for. I would compare them to be most similar to the sample questions on the greenexamprep.com website and the Colorado Chapter Study Guide . I’m not really one for endorsing products, but I must say the greenexamprep.com tests helped me out A TON. The test questions on there are very tough and nit-picky, but they are good at preparing you for test and for things that aren’t exactly said straight-out in any guides. Plus, the tests are taken on the computer exactly like on test day – and you get 4 different tests with different questions to take as many times as you like for a certain amount of days. I’ve heard lots mixed reviews about the greenexamprep.com tests – but they get a thumbs up from me. Based on the GCBI LEED AP Handbook, I’m not really allowed to post any test questions or content I’ve seen here. I will give you some of the topics that I believe "I should of studied more of." (*wink) Note: I have no clue how many versions of the test there are or if the following "topics I should of studied more of" are covered in each. This is just my opinion (in no particular order): • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Registration process The CIR process Commissioning (EA P1 and EA P3 ) Synergies between Stormwater credits (SS 6.1 & SS 6.2 ) and Construction Activity Pollution (SS P1 ) Relations between Stormwater credits (SS 6.1 & SS 6.2 ), Site Development credits (SS 5.1 & SS 5.2 ) and Heat Island Effect (SS 7.1 & SS 7.2 ) Energy Performance Credits (EA P2 & EA 1 ) – very important Environmental Quality Construction Management credits (EQ 3.1 & EQ 3.2 ) Environmental Quality 4-series (EQ 4.1 , EQ 4.2 , EQ 4.3 & EQ 4.4 ) Water Efficiency Plumbing Fixture Calculations ASHRAE! Decision Makers for different credits The ID Credits and their thresholds Project Administrator Duties (I didn’t know squat about this.) *UPDATE: Thanks to Binu for finding this link that may help with figuring out project admin duties.

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