Adaptive Method for schizoids

Being schizoid is a personality feature and it has no treatment. One is a schizoid forever. Modern life is harmful for a schizoid. The affected should adapt to it. This adaptive process involves:

1.a. Avoid depression. Nothing can be achieved with a depressive mood. 1.b. Minimize social interaction. Social interaction stresses the affected. It is necessary to reduce it to the lowes levels. 1.c. Work in an appropriate job. Working on somebody else’s account is a serious problem. It is necessary to choose a job with minimum personal interaction.

2.a. Devote to a solitary job as source of satisfaction to thwart procrastination and anhedonia, to increase one’s self-steem.

2.b. Search and maintain some personal satisfactory relationship. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by Internet. 2.c. Give affection without expecting anything in exchange:
a) “Warm” affection

Be willing to use expressions such as those, whenever they are sincere: “I like your dress, your dog, your house, your city…” “Your performance was great” “Your town is very warm and welcoming” “I hope you succeed” And use in letters… “I would like to hug you” “You’re great” “I love to write you” ETC.
b) “Cold” affection

--Give supporting promises (“You’ve got my support”, “Rely on me”) --Make presents --Look after someone --Give support --Engage to relationships --Saying, whenever applicable, set phrases like: “Congratulations for your pregnancy, maternity, birthday” “Good luck” “Accept my condolences” --Give short greetings and farewells --Give respect signs

--Understand to others --Please others when possible 2.d. Make something productive out of idle pursuits. The prone to fantasize is energy. This energy can be lost in useless idle pursuits. But you can take advantage of it by using it for productive purposes, previously defined.

First of all a complete analysis should be performed. If deficiencies are evidenced, it’s time to start correcting them. A) Serotonine, Dopamine, Noradrenaline, etc., can be regulated by enhancing its disponibility by selective synapsis re-uptake inhibitors. B) Testosterone. Its levels can be raised up if too low C) Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus, etc., This section will be developed with the specialist en Neuropsychiatry (A) and Endocrinology (B and C)

Some psychiatrist prescribe antischizophrenic treatments to the schizoids, to try to correct some common features present in both schizoids and schizophrenics (anhedonia, lack of affection, asocial behavior) No results published yet.

A not adapted schizoid life leads to: ++ Depression ++ Anxiety ++ Somatic disorders ++ Temporary psychotic episodes The treatment for these symptoms will be the same than the one used for any other person with those disorders.

It is a mistake to try to make the schizoid a sociable person.

“I have practiced the Adaptive Method for schizoids.He with me has worked. I continue being so schizoid as always. But now I live an adapted life. I fill my solitude with an useful intense work. My social contact is minimal, almost reduced to contacts on line. It has lasted me years. Now I feel well. I am adapted.” Mikel. Bilbao (Spain). June 2009
June 12 , 2009. Copyright 2009

Mikel Martinez

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