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Jordan Wilk - Sophomore 2610 Whitis Ave., Austin, TX 78705 (817) 673 9136 WORK EXPERIENCE
Summer Orientation Orientation Advisor Spring 2013 Present
Pre-academic advise incoming students in the College of Undergraduate Studies Resident Assistant trained for Jester Summer Orientation freshmen residents Lead wing meetings for Class of 2017 freshmen Lead wing meetings for transfer students commuting to campus for Summer Orientation Give campus tours to prospective students and incoming freshmen Trained in social justice, campus issues, UT resources, and general academic advising Trained in Voices Against Violence issues pertaining to interpersonal relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking Trained to lead facilitations on campus issues and social justice issues Communicated with and assisted incoming freshmen via the New Student Services Facebook page for the Class of 2017


Judicial Board Head Chairperson Fall 2013
Hear cases for on-campus residents breaking dorm policies and decide responsibility Lead board meetings Assist in training new members of the Judicial Board during Leadership Week at UT and in the Fall

Summer Orientation Orientation Advisor

Spring 2013 Present

Role in the Social Justice and Legends and Traditions shows put on for the orientees Attended weekly rehearsals Position on Orientation Advisor Activities Committee Plan events for the other Orientation Advisors to bond and get to know each other, including a skydiving trip, a mixer, and a lock-in Create weekly newsletter distributed during the semester Orientation Advising class

Leadership and Ethics Institute LEAP Mentor

Serve as mentor and role model for first-year students Connect mentees to resources, people, and opportunities at UT Facilitate discussions with mentees about leadership and ethics Serve as a liaison for the Leadership and Ethics Institute and the Dean of Students Plan additional opportunities to meet and bond with mentees

Fall 2013

Residential First Year Interest Group (ResFIG)

Member of the CommFree ResFIG, a College of Communication interest group Volunteered at Feed the People Soup Kitchen during the holidays

Fall 2012 Present

Practice once or twice per week, for a total of 3 to 6 hours

Spring 2013 Spring 2013

Intramural Softball
Compete on a team representing the ResFIG dormitory, Whitis Court


Recipient of New Orientation Advisor Award Summer 2013

Meredith and Bryan Merrit Family I Babysat For KJ Harris Orientation Advisor Supervisor Ali Raza Orientation Advisor Committee Co-Chair (817)-975-4849 (512)-773-2287 (281)-691-0066