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Here is a list of current competitions available in different subjects.

Subject Economics In-school competitions


Youve got to be in it to win it, as they say, so why not enter a competition in your favourite subject? You might win, but in any case, youll have done something challenging, rewarding and it sets you apart from the majority of people, who are just not motivated enough to enter.

Outside-school competitions

Economics Essay Competition

1 Prize 25 nd 2 Prize 15 rd 3 Prize 10

On 26th June 2013 Chancellor George Osborne announced government spending plans for 2015-16 and cuts to individual departmental budgets. In the light of these the Economics Essay Competition for 2013 is The recent comprehensive spending review will ensure that the United Kingdom moves out of recession Discuss. Note: your answer should be no more than 5 sides of A4 including diagrams and tables. Closing date ; Friday 13th September You must find a real-life case of a wrongful conviction, where faulty EWT was (at least in part) part of the evidence. Write your own newspaper article on it, explaining what might have happened, using your knowledge of psychology Due first lesson back in Sept 2013 1st prize 20 voucher, 2nd prize 10 voucher, 3rd prize 5 voucher


The Department of Psychology at Cambridge University launches an essay competition each year, for students currently in their first year of study for A-Level, Scottish Higher Level or an equivalent qualification. For 2013, essays had to answer one of two questions: Is reason the master of emotions, or are emotions the master of reason? or What has research in the past decade taught us about the relationship between children's acquisition of language skills and their conceptual development? Three prizes of 300, 200 and 100 will be awarded for the best three essays, the overall winner and his / her subject teacher will be invited to receive the prize at a lunch at Newnham College, Cambridge. The closing date is the 30th June 2013 so youll have to wait until next year now. Further information

about the competition, including how to enter, can be found here mpetition2013

ALSO... Cambridge Uni has a digital photography competition running in its psychology dept. You can see more info on: Science KS4 & KS5 Produce a podcast style revision video from a chosen area in Year 10/Year11/A Level Bio/Chem and Physics. Applicants will need to choose from a list of revision topics set by the Science Department. TBC. Video must not exceed 10mins Can be a solo entry or max 2 students in a group. Format of video can be to the student/s choosing e.g. role play, board explanation etc. KS4 & KS5 Entry is now open for the Online Heats (July - 31st October 2013) of the 2013/14 Competition. The Online Heats run between July - 31st October 2013. Young people (11-18 year olds) are invited to enter online by submitting either:

A written project submission (4 pages) or; A short film (5 minutes)

Finalists will compete for over 30 prizes and international experiences worth over 50,000. The Winners will be announced at the exciting National Awards Ceremony. All finalists in the National Science + Engineering Competition who attend The Big Bang Fair will receive a personalised certificate and a goody bag in recognition of their achievements.

Winners will be judged at the end of National Science and Engineering week (Thursday 20th March) All participants will have their work uploaded onto YouTube for use by other students in the run up to Summer exams 2014. Deadline: Friday 7th March 2014 1st prize 20 2nd prize Cinema vouchers 3rd prize 5

Core prizes these are the main Competition prizes and are therefore the most sought after. They are all sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Special Prizes these are additional prizes sponsored by lead sponsors of the Big Bang Fair, institutions or organisations with specific areas of interest.


Inter House Hans Woyda Due to be run in September, this is a quicker version of the Ilford league. One sixth former per house come to Maths club to practise. try_open/ Ilford Hans Woyda League Now in its fifth year, the Ilford branch of the Hans Woyda competition plays roughly once a month against other schools. Oaks Park won in 2009 and 2013 and would love to retain the title. Come to Maths club to be eligible for selection.

UKMT individual On 7th November, top Mathematicians all around the country will be sitting the first round of the 2013 Maths Challenge. All our A Level mathematicians are eligible, but feel free to practise at UKMT Team Challenge On 20th November, we will take a team of four to the East London round of the Team Challenge. We have recently had an excellent run of form and may crack into the top 10 this year! Come to Maths club to be eligible for selection. Ifs Student Investor Challenge The Uks premier investment competition for UK Students aged 14-19 that offers winners a whole host of prizes, including a trip to New York. Student need to invest 100,000 of virtual money into a set of stocks. November 2013 February 2014


Geography Essay Competition

1 Prize 25 nd 2 Prize 15 rd 3 Prize 10

RGS Young Geographer of the Year 2013 The winner of the in house essay will be entered for this prestigious award in October 2013

How does either the human or physical geography of your local area compare to the rest of the UK? Pupils should use different sources of geographical information and data to research their local area and compare it to the national picture in the UK. This might include using census or climate data, and examining urban change or flood risk. However, the choice is open to you to explore relevant data to your local area.

Judging Criteria
Introduction which defines the local area and the data sets to be compared Justification of why data sets used in the essay were selected. Appreciation of advantages/disadvantages of primary/secondary data sets used

respectively Possible evidence of first-hand observation in the local area. Critical analysis of qualitative/quantitative information collected during the observation. Critical analysis of each comparison, recognising strengths and weaknesses of the ways in which data is being presented Effective presentation of a range of data, including graphs and tables, with effective linkage to the text of the essay Strong conclusion Confident use of specialist vocabulary You may also wish to present some of your finding through the use of GIS

Closing date is Friday 4th October