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List of things that I dont like Emily Durn-Frontera 1.

I dont feel comfortable when people use my personal items such as: tooth brush and soap. 2. When someone borrows things without asking me first 3. People that are messy and dont organize their things and just leave them hanging around the room like underwear and dirty clothes. 4. Be woken up with unnecessary noises. 5. Bad words and people who swear. 6. People who try to control my actions or boss me around. 7. People who talk bad about my culture, Puerto Rico, my religion or latinos in general. 8. Unexpected visitors at the room, specially male ones 9. Eaten food thrown in the room 10. When people move my stuff from where I originally placed them and then I cant find them. P.S: My mom does that all the time. 11. I dont like lies. I prefer the truth no matter how bad it is. Honesty 100%. Things I expect my roommate to do, respect or to know 1. I would like to spill the chores. I know the room is not that big so cleaning its not going to be a big issue. However, the floor gets dirty maybe we can take turns on who is going to clean it. 2. Respect each others space and privacy. 3. Respect the hours of sleep. For example, talking on the phone until 3:00am while the other person is trying to sleep is not nice. Maybe we can discuss a reasonable hour until we can do that stuff. 11:00pm, except study. 4. If someone wants to listen to music, it will be, preferably, with headphones. 5. Respect each other opinions and points of view. Agree to disagree. ;) 6. Always have a nice and cordial relationship. 7. Dont do stuff that might make each other uncomfortable. 8. Respect the hours of study. 9. Respect the other person culture. 10. Dont make inappropriate commentaries. 11. I wont feel comfortable with guest of the opposite sex, unless is family. 12. If one of us wants to bring someone to the room. I think we should consult the other person first. 13. Negotiate all this matters and others. 14. Promise to always be nice with each other. When we dont like something that the other person did, we will try to say it respectfully and in the best way as possible. We dont want to hurt each others feelings.

Questions 1. What do things of yourself might incommode or bother your roommate about you? Maybe that I have a pretty strong and explosive character. 2. What can I do in order to change that? Try to lower my levels And always talk to the other person when something bothers me.

Special Requests There arent really any specials request. I like sleeping in complete silence I know you like to sleep with music. I think you should use headphones that way we are all happy. I cant sleep with any lights on. I dont know how we will work that out. Maybe a light that is almost imperceptible, there are ones that are green and glow in the dark so they dont bother my eyes. I forgot to tell you I suffer sporadically from migraines. Living with someone else can be really hard for some people but I think that if we establish what we like and not we can have a great relationship. Compromise We promise to make a solemn effort to always be nice to each other and to always respect what the other person does not like. To try and modulate those things that we think might incommode or bother us. More than roommates we are going to be friends and its important to get along.

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