Mother’s Days


Autumn - Raining : Colour palette reds, browns Long shot of a car driving along the seaside - model car along the coast? Car : Son driving, Mother in passenger seat. We see them from the front (as if the camera is attached to the bonnet) We see him normally with a concentration on his face for driving, and we just see her eyes and hair as she is short. He pulls over (parks) and they sit there for a moment Camera cuts to the sea / beach while sound effects give the impression they are struggling to get out of the car - son unfolding wheelchair etc They sit under one of the beach’s sheltered benches (typical seaside bench - light blue, metal), it’s raining, the mother happy and the son blank. We heard the rain stop, after a moment the son then gets up and walks off camera, he comes back with 2 ice-creams. As he stands giving one to his mother, his ice-cream is held out slightly to the side of him, out of his peripheral vision, a seagull which is sitting on the canopy to the bench poos on the ice-cream without him seeing. We continue to see him sit down next to his mother (in her wheelchair) he stares into the sea (off camera) for a moment, then without looking at the ice-cream goes to lick it. CUT.

Winter - Icy / Snowy : Colour palette blues, whites Shot of a shop sign with snow and icicles, it’s clearly winter and cold, baron. Sound effects of a car stopping and them struggling to get out again. The mother wrapped up in her winter clothes with a blanket on her legs, Tinsel around her head and flashing christmas lights on her somewhere, looking happy, and a cup of tea from a flask (steam). The son wrapped up and looking unhappy out at the sea. They are sat on the same light blue seaside bench. The mother suddenly gives signals to the son indicating she needs the bathroom. Next shot - Outside the public toilet cubicle with sound effects (he has to help her go to the bathroom) and the metal seat is cold. CUT back to her back at the bench and the son walks back into frame with some nice hot fish and chips. They sit there quietly enjoying their meal - representing quiet peaceful moments of time together.

Spring - Still a bit chilly : Colour palette Greens - spring colours Daffodils in some borders, with the car sound effects (Cut a bit shorter) They are both sitting on the bench, with her empty wheelchair to the side. They sit there looking at the scenery in front of them for a little while. There’s a carrier bag on the bench next to him, he pulls out a stick of rock, unwraps it and gives it to his mother. We cut to a shot of him sitting there, then his mother passes the stick of rock back to him, he goes to put it in his mouth then just before he does looks down and jumps once he sees his mother’s dentures clamped around it. CUT

Summer - Sunny : Colour palette oranges, yellows Sound of the car pulling up, camera focused on a beach windmill stuck in the sand. CUT to the son sat on the bench, this time he is alone. He sits on the bench thinking for a while, we see all the very subtle gestures of somebody thinking and remembering, lots of sound effects of people around him enjoying the beach and the weather. When he gets up from the bench and walks off camera, we are left with the view of a shiny ‘In Memory’ Plaque that was not there before. END

Mother’s Days
Simple Scene Breakdown Autumn - Seagull poo on ice-cream Winter - Flask with tea (Calm content moments) - Toilet : Cold seat - Fish and Chips (Calm content moments) Spring - Stick of Rock : Dentures Summer - Son visits alone. Sits on the same bench thinking, remembering.... - When he gets up there is an ‘In Memory’ Plaque [Sound effects of a lot of people around, yet this guy is so alone. These people don’t know about all of the moments we have just seen.]

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