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Optus TV with Fetch combines leading technology with great content to bring you an entirely new world of home entertainment. This guide walks you through the main menu functions and shows you how to use your on your remote remote control to access the key features. You can also press control from any screen to activate on screen help. The Recordings and the TV Guide are available to all users and will greatly enhance the way you watch, record and access TV content. Get ready to experience TV the way it was supposed to be.


Optus TV Set Top Box Remote Control Installation and Maintenance Tips Connecting the Set Top Box Watching Optus TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) TV Shows Download Manager On Demand Movies Movie Box Apps Settings My Plan Universal Remote Control 4 5 6 7 11 15 18 19 23 24 25 26 28 29

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Optus TV Set Top Box (STB) Front Panel Network Network Indicator Indicator Power/Standby IR Power/Standby IR Mode Indicator Indicator Sensor Sensor Mode Standby/ Standby/ Power Button Button Power Cover concealing concealing USB USB and and Cover Credit Card/Smart Card/Smart Card Card Reader Reader Credit (not currently currently enabled enabled for for use) use) (not Remote/Record Remote/Record Back Panel Audio Left Left Audio Output Output Power Power Power Power Switch Input Input Switch Tuner Tuner Input Input Tuner Tuner Output Output Composite Composite Video Video Output Output Component Component Component Component HDMI Video Y Y Video Pr Pr HDMI Video Video Output Output Output Output Output Output Ethernet Ethernet Cable Cable Connection Connection USB USB Socket Socket Audio Audio Right Right Output Output Audio SPDIF Audio SPDIF (Coaxial) Jack Output Output (Coaxial) Jack Jack Output Output (Optical) Jack (Optical) S-Video Component Component S-Video Output Video Video Pb Pb Output 4 .

please refer to the Universal Remote section of this guide (see page 29). It has all the functions you need for quick and easy viewing. To make your remote control work. Dedicated TV Power Key Simple Set for TV setup Message Movie From the screen Electronic Program Guide Standby Mute Dedicated TV/AV Key Personal Video Recorder Back Access onscreen help/Options Takes you up a level Exit Information Bar Channels Up/Down Directional Arrow Keys Record Fast Forward Pause/Play Text Subtitle On/Off Clear Function Keys Volume Up/Down Enter/Select Stop Rewind Language Menu Choose Audio Language Refer to the on screen instructions Number Keypad 5 . replace the cover. remove the battery cover.Remote Control The remote control brings Optus TV to life every time you use it. insert the two batteries supplied. For instructions on using the remote control to control your television or other devices.

switch off the power to the Set Top Box before unplugging any cables. heating and cooking sources. • U  se only the original power cord supplied and ensure its fully inserted into the back panel of the Set Top Box before turning the Power on. carpet. it’s perfectly fine to change the batteries in the remote control when needed. steady surface with 5cm of space all around it. Don’t use solvents or cleaning agents of any kind. DVD player. turn the power off and contact Optus TV Customer Care. dry cloth to clean the Set Top Box and remote control. you will need to tune your TV into the appropriate input. • P  lease don’t open the Set Top Box in any way. • K  eep the Set Top Box away from direct sunlight. • C  onnect your antenna cable directly from the Set Top Box to the antenna socket on the wall. And Now a Safety Message •  The Optus TV Set Top Box is designed to operate from a 100V-240V 50Hz AC power source only. dry. Never remove the plug by yanking the cord. If you have another device (eg. It could be dangerous and you may lose any entitlement to free servicing or a replacement unit. • B  efore cleaning. • Don’t stack it on audiovisual appliances that generate heat or electromagnetic radiation. and within 6 metres from where the remote control is generally used. children and sharp objects. • D  o not place liquid filled items on top of the Set Top Box and do not insert any objects through the ventilation holes in the cover. • Keep the Set Top Box away from babies. • C  onnect all cables prior to switching on the power to Set Top Box. • O  nly use a clean. • Obviously. Check that the cord is free from obstruction. 6 . Do this by pressing the Source or Input button on your TV’s remote control. Do not place it in closed cabinets. • O  nce you have connected your Set Top Box.Installation and Maintenance Tips • Position the Set Top Box horizontally on a clean. connect this device to the ANT-OUT port on the Set Top Box. •  If the cord is damaged. Likewise. • M  ake sure the Set Top Box is close to the TV and/or home theatre it’s being connected to. VCR) which requires connection to your antenna. always disconnect the power at the wall and back of Set Top Box. on vibrating surfaces or on loudspeakers. TV.

TV antenna cable provided with Set Top Box from Set Top Box (ANT-OUT) to TV. HDMI – HDMI TV input 4.  Ethernet cable from modem/router/ powerline adaptor to Set Top Box network (RJ-45) port Analogue Component Video and Analogue Stereo Audio This mode delivers the second highest quality picture and stereo audio. White jack – audio (left) 4.  Green jack – Y video input Blue jack – Pb/Cb video input Red jack – Pr/Cr video input 6. Red jack – audio (right) 5. TV antenna cable provided with Set Top Box from Set Top Box (ANT-OUT) to TV. You’ll need to use the Green/Red/Blue cable. Power cord connection 2.  Existing internet connection to modem/router or powerline adaptor 7. Power cord connection 2. 1. 3. as well as the White and Red analogue audio cable. 1.  Existing TV antenna cable from wall socket to Set Top Box (ANT-IN).Connecting the Set Top Box Digital High Definition (HDMI) This connection delivers the highest quality picture and audio letting you watch High Definition programming.  Ethernet cable from modem/router/powerline adaptor to Set Top Box network (RJ-45) port 2 2 3 1 2 2 4 5 1 3 4 5 6 7 7 .  Existing TV antenna cable from wall socket to Set Top Box (ANT-IN). 3. Only the HDMI cable is required for both video and audio. E  xisting internet connection to modem/ router or powerline adaptor 5.

1. S-Video jack – S-Video input 4. White jack – audio (left) 5.  Ethernet cable from modem/router/ powerline adaptor to Set Top Box network (RJ-45) port S-Video and Analogue Stereo Audio This connection mode delivers Standard Definition viewing only. It requires you to purchase an S-Video cable that is not supplied with the Set Top Box.  Ethernet cable from modem/router/ powerline adaptor to Set Top Box network (RJ-45) port 2 2 3 4 5 2 1 2 3 4 5 1 6 7 6 7 8 . Red jack – audio (right) 6. TV antenna cable provided with Set Top Box from Set Top Box (ANT-OUT) to TV. Red jack – audio (right) 6.  Existing internet connection to modem/ router or powerline adaptor 7. Yellow jack – video 4. 1. The Red and White analogue audio cables also need to be connected.  Existing TV antenna cable from wall socket to Set Top Box (ANT-IN). Use this type of connection when or if your TV display has no other video input types available.Analogue Composite Video and Analogue Stereo Audio This mode delivers Standard Definition viewing only. White jack – audio (left) 5.  Existing internet connection to modem/ router or powerline adaptor 7. 3. Power cord connection 2. Use the Yellow/Red/White cable when connecting. Power cord connection 2. 3. Please note that connecting via S-Video is not supported by Optus TV Customer Care.  Existing TV antenna cable from wall socket to Set Top Box (ANT-IN). TV antenna cable provided with Set Top Box from Set Top Box (ANT-OUT) to TV.

the TV antenna cable should be connected from the antenna wall socket to the ANT-IN socket on the Set Top Box. Connecting to a Home Theatre (Digital Audio) Your Set Top Box has both coaxial and optical digital audio outputs (these cables are not supplied with the Set Top Box but can be purchased from any electronics store). and does not support additional audio-visual devices. it will mute when commanded through the remote control.Connecting the RF (Antenna) to another device To ensure you receive all available channels on your Optus TV Set Top Box. While digital sound is unaffected by the volume control setting on the Set Top Box. Refer to your home theatre supplier for more details. Please note that Optus TV Customer Care provides support for the Set Top Box connected directly to a TV. Either of these can be used to connect to your home theatre so you can enjoy various surround sound modes. 9 . attach the antenna cable provided with the Set Top Box to the ANT-OUT socket on the Set Top Box and the other end into the ANT-IN (or RF-IN) socket on the other device. Then connect the TV to the other device by plugging another antenna cable into the ANT-OUT (or RF-OUT) socket on that device and the other end into the ANT-IN (or RF-IN) socket on the TV. To pass the antenna’s signal to another device (eg. DVD player or VCR).

You can do this now T by following the on screen instructions or do it later by accessing User in the Manage>Settings menu. Use the remote control to enter the code.  he final set up screen will take a few moments to load and then the Optus TV T menu will appear at the top of the screen. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 t will take a few minutes for the Set Top Box to move through three loading I screens and the screen may go black between each one. so you can change the keyboard to upper case and back by pressing the Text button. Press the Done button on the on-screen keyboard when finished. Next the box will perform a diagnostic test and this will take a few minutes to complete. Don’t worry.  he next screen prompts you to set up your Parental PIN. Optus TV is now ready for you to use. this is normal. your code will be will checked and confirmed. When completed. Once finished simply follow the instructions on the Welcome  he Set Top Box will then perform a Channel Scan which may take up to 5 T minutes. The default PIN is follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. If you forget your PIN you can reset it at optus.Using your Set Top Box for the first time Let’s get started by turning your Set Top Box on. Once entered.  ou will be prompted to enter your Activation Code which you will have Y received on the letter which came with your Optus TV set top box. Activation codes are case sensitive. 10 .

Home Screen Press MENU on your Optus TV remote control to bring up the main menu. Watch TV To watch Free to Air or Subscription TV channels. 11 . select Watch TV from the main menu. Watch TV view Free To Air TV channels. TV Guide view the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) TV Shows view programs available from your selected TV Pack(s) Main Menu > TV > Watch TV Tips Channel Switch Use this button to move between channels.

again to switch between text and timeline display. INFO 12 .Live TV . 1 2 3 To see programs on later for that channel press To see what’s on other channels press Press to change to the channel or program you want to watch. to close the information bar. During Live TV Pressing Press Press INFO INFO will display the Live TV information bar. Press INFO again to switch between text and timeline display. Press INFO to close the information bar.Information Bar While watching live TV the information bar appears anytime you change channel or when you press INFO on your remote.

press it again to go faster. Press again to start watching again. Fast forward paused Live TV Press for 2x speed. as long as you stay on the same channel.Pause. My Channels From Info Bar you can manage your My Channels listing. To exit pause Live TV press then to confirm. press it again to go faster. To record a program on now or later go to show on Info Bar and press To enable a series tag press To set a reminder press To access info on other shortcuts press twice. Rewind paused Live TV Press for 2x speed. Press again to start watching again. To add a new channel to My Channels press To remove a channel from My Channels press To switch between All Channels and My Channels press 13 . 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 Pause a program you’re watching now Press Press again to resume watching. Play and Rewind Live TV You can pause a TV program you’re watching at any time and play it later.

to close the information bar. Shortcuts Shortcuts Record My Channels + Channel Info 14 . a movie or TV show on demand to display playback infor- mation about your video. again to switch between text and timeline display. INFO During Video Playback Pressing INFO while watching a recording.Information Bar Screen Shots During Live TV Pressing Press Press INFO INFO will display the Live TV information bar.

My Channels Use My Channels to view listings for your favourite channels. Set up your My Channels list in Settings (Page 26/27). press EPG on the remote or select TV Guide from TV on the main menu. To switch between list and grid views press button.Electronic Program Guide (EPG) To access the TV Guide. The TV Guide is an on screen program guide that: > Displays what’s on for the next 7 days > Displays entire list of all channels available to you > Displays your My Channels listings > Lets you setup recordings and series tag recordings > Lets you set reminders Press Main Menu > TV > TV Guide TV Guide. To set a series tag (if available for that show): press Press to display recording options. You can add or remove a channel from your My Channels list via the Watch TV information bar (Page 13).To toggle between All Channels and My Channels: press button. Recording Options The following options are available when you click > Record > Enable Series Tag. Set Record Lead and Lag Time > Set Reminders > Program Info 15 on any program in the TV Guide: . or to skip forward and back a day in the List and Grid views Find out what’s on a single channel via the List view or view all channels and programs via the grid view. Record Programs You can record current and future programs via the TV Guide as follows: Use arrow keys to find the channel and program you want t record.TV Guide . To record: press twice.

TV Guide > Grid View TV Guide List View Arrows change channels  Arrows moves along the program listing TV Guide > List View 16 . To switch between these views press button on the remote.TV Guide Screen Shots TV Guide Grid View You can view one channel at a time via the List EPG or view all channels and programs at a time via the Grid EPG.

In the TV Guide or Live TV Info Bar. Use arrow keys to select Record.Enable Series Tag The Series Tag feature allows you to record all episodes in a series. Programs from the TV Guide. You can enable a Series Tag when recording programs via the information bar or guide. to perform search. Manage your Series Tags via the Recordings view. 17 . Use arrow keys to add Lead time (time at the start) and/or a Lag time (time at the end) of your program. Search The search feature in the TV Guide allows you to find programs by entering a keyword from the program name and synopsis. You can add extra time (in five minute increments) to the start and end of your recorded programs. Set Reminders You can set a reminder to alert you when your favourite programs are about to start. Set Record Lead and Lag Times Sometimes programs start early or overrun the scheduled time. your Recordings. will appear beside programs to indicate a reminder has been set. Movies and TV Shows are listed in the results. highlight the program you want a reminder for and press Or press A clock icon set a reminder via the options. Repeat the above steps to cancel a reminder from the Guide. Press to activate your selection and return to the Guide. Press on a program to display recording options. Press Press button in the TV Guide and use your remote control keypad to type keywords.

Programs and number of episodes available are displayed below. Press view episode list and to play. to Main Menu > TV > TV Shows Content and menu options shown are illustrative only. Use the arrow keys to explore. The actual display will depend on your chosen TV subscription package. TV Shows One item selected The number of episodes available for each tv series will be displayed when an item is selected.TV Shows 1 2 3 Main Menu > TV > TV Shows Top Menu Bar To watch On Demand Packs select TV Shows from the TV main menu and press Select a channel from the top menu. 18 . Press to play or go to the series list.

Download Manager This icon indicates that a TV show or movie is available for you to download to your set top box. 1 2 3 Press on the title to start the download. it means the show or movie is already on your set top box. Download Manager 19 . your selection will be placed in the Download Manager queue Press the to display the Download Manager and use arrow keys to change the order of titles in your queue. The title will either play automatically or if there are other titles downloading. If the icon is not there.

Use arrow keys to select Recordings. use arrow keys to highlight the program and press Recording Underway? You can play a recording that is currently underway and you can rewind. This is indicated by the icon.My Stuff My Stuff Recordings Scheduled Series Tags My Movies Main Menu > My Stuff > Recordings The My Stuff menu allows you to view recorded programs. scheduled recordings and Series Tag programs. pause and fast forward through the recording to catch up to the program in real time. Recordings All your recorded TV shows are listed in Recordings. Sort your recordings To change the way you sort your recordings press Recording options To access recording options highlight a recording and press 20 . Movies TV Apps 1 2 Press PV R on your remote or select My Stuff from the main menu. The Set Top Box stores over 250 hours of recorded programs. You can manage all recordings from the Recordings view. Play a recording Tips To play a recording. or Series Tags. Scheduled. Recordings from the same series are automatically grouped together.

to Add Reminder. Protect Recording.Scheduled All programs you have set to record in the next 24 hours will appear in the Scheduled listing. Get Program Info. Press to activate your selection and exit. Press to activate the Options pop-up menu. Enable/ Use arrow keys Modify Series Tag and Set Record Lead/Lag Time. 1 2 3 4 Use arrow keys to select a recording. Main Menu > My Stuff > Recorded TV Recording icons Series Tags Recorded Watched Protected Groups recordings from the same series 21 .

22 . Reschedule series tag recordings Sometimes you might schedule more than 2 recordings to occur at the same time. To view. Movies will be removed once they reach the end of their rental period. You can prioritise your Series Tags so if this happens the higher preference shows get recorded. select the movie you want to watch and press to commence playback. Main Menu > My Stuff > Series Tags My Rentals All movies you have rented through Movie Rentals and are available to be viewed will be displayed under My Rentals. to re-schedule today’s recordings.Series Tag The Series Tag feature allows you to record all episodes in a series. Manage your Series Tags via the Recordings view. 1 2 Use Press and to move series up and down the list. You can enable a Series Tag when recording programs via the information bar or guide. All series you have tagged to record will appear in the Series Tag list.

Use and to make your selection. Movie Box. will replace the on the title image and the movie If your purchase is successful a will be available to play.Movies Watch movies 1 2 Select Movies from the main menu and select from Movie Rentals. Main Menu > Movies > Movies Rentals 23 . Main Menu > Movies > Movie Rentals Movie Rentals Movie Rentals offers a selection of Pay Per View movies available to watch as many times as you want for 48 hours from when you first start watching them. By Genre or By Provider. 1 2 3 4 Use arrow keys to select movie and press From the movie details screen you can select to watch the full screen trailer (if available) or rent the movie. Selecting to rent a movie will prompt you to enter your Parental PIN (default 0000) and press .

kids and more. By Provider You can choose movies from different providers and you can also search by studio. Main Menu > Movies > Movie Box By Genre You can browse all movies available on Optus TV by genre. 24 . Select Movie Box and press to view the movies. Choose from action. drama. comedy.Movie Box Movie Box is included in your Optus TV monthly Connect Package.

then press button. Weather 25 . button. Use arrow keys to select the application you want to access. Applications. Follow on screen prompts to use applications.Apps There are a variety of interactive applications available on Optus TV. Numbers and letters are entered from your remote control keypad. Use arrow keys to select Applications from the main menu. Go to Press MENU .

you can reset it by visiting If you have forgotten your PIN. Use arrow keys to select a function in the Settings menu and press Press to watch TV. Selecting Delete All on any of the items listed will delete all of that content type. Selecting Format Disk will remove all content and user settings.Manage – Settings Settings allows you to view and customise the configuration of your set top box. Channels Access the DVB-T frequency scan that identifies and tunes all visible Free to Air channels. returning the Set Top Box back to its original state. 26 . Network Contains information on your network settings. Advanced users may choose to manually change Storage Provides information on your Set Top Box available capacity. Enter your Parental Control PIN and continue selection. Main Menu > Manage > Settings Settings You will need to enter you Parental Control PIN (default is 0000) to access and change any of the options in this menu. The automatic settings are recommended for most users. Select Channels icon and press .

•  Set Parental Level You can set the program ratings levels that can be viewed ongoing. Enter and confirm your new four digit PIN and press . Use arrow keys to highlight Parental PIN Change. Press . Aspect Ratio and Display Mode if the picture on your TV looks stretched or compressed. Restart Interface will perform a soft reset of the Set Top Box while Restart Set Top Box will perform a full restart of the unit.User • Recording Options You can change settings to automatically add a lead and lag time to all your scheduled recordings. You can also select the number of episodes you want to retain for all recordings. To remove blocking from previously blocked channels repeat the above steps. Repeat for all channels you wish to block. Audio Visual Allows you to optimise your display and audio settings. Device Info Provides technical information about your Set Top Box plus displays the Optus TV Copyright and Privacy Policies. Once started this may take several minutes to complete or press to discontinue. A pop-up screen will let you know that the PIN was updated successfully. Diagnostics Used to help diagnose problems with your Optus TV service. Use the arrow keys to select the desired rating level and press . Adjust your Audio Options if you experience issues with sound or wish to switch between stereo and surround sound. Press . When selections are complete press the button to save your choices. For full details. Reset Factory Settings will restore all user-defined settings back to the original default settings. Adjust the Display Resolution. please refer to the Universal Remote Control section of this User Guide (Page 29).A icon will appear to the right of the screen adjacent to the blocked channel. Select Set Parental Levels from the menu. Remote Control Allows you to configure your Set Top Box remote control to use as a controller for your TV or other audio visual devices. •  Parental PIN Change Select Parental PIN Change. •  Channel Blocking Use arrow keys to highlight the channel you wish to block. 27 .

Manage – My Plan Main Menu > Manage > My Plan Provides information on your current plan. Purchases appearing here will appear on your next Optus bill. Adding or removing a pack will require entry of your Parental Control PIN. You can select any of these items from here to get detailed information. Movie Rentals Shows all the movie rental charges for your current Optus billing month. you may need to refresh your Set Top Box. To do this. TV Pack Refresh If you have added or removed a TV Pack via Optus TV Customer Care or online at optus. My Usage If your Optus TV service is charged to your Optus DSL or Cable Broadband account. purchases and broadband usage. On Demand Packs Provides an overview of each of the TV Packs available on Optus TV. select the Refresh TV Pack subscriptions option on this screen and press 28 .au/ your current month’s broadband usage will be displayed. those which you have currently purchased and those which are available for purchase.

To program your remote follow these steps: >  From the Home menu on your Set Top Box. select the Direct Remote Setup option and follow the on-screen instructions. Optus Customer Care is unable to provide technical support for using the universal remote control features. If there is more than one code listed you will need to try each of them to determine which one is best for your and identify the unique codes for your TV or DVD player. >  If your TV is from any of the following manufacturers. select Manage>Settings then scroll across to the Remote Control option.Universal Remote Control Optus TV features a universal remote that can be programmed to also control your TV and DVD player. select the Simple Set Up Process option and follow the on-screen instructions: LG Panasonic Soniq Teac >  If your TV manufacturer is not listed NEC Samsung Sony Palsonic Sanyo Hisense 29 . Note: to set up your universal remote control using Direct Remote Setup you will need to obtain the Universal Remote Set Up Guide from www. Please note that due to vast range of TV’s and DVD players available.

6. 7. 4. and turning it on again. The Net light on the Set Top Box should be lit.  Double-check that the broadband connection is active. there is power available at the wall power point. check the following: > Press the Set Top Box button to activate this mode. If using Powerline Adaptors. also check that the indicator lights on your modem are on. 30 .  Make sure the power cord is correctly inserted. > Change batteries in the remote control.Troubleshooting If you are experiencing issues with your Optus TV Set Top Box to work then check some of the tips below or the online troubleshooting guide at optus. check the status lights on the adaptors.  If the Set Top Box is not recording or replaying on command.  Check that the A/V connections are securely made and.  Make sure the TV display is selected to the correct AV input and before you contact Optus TV Customer Care for assistance. waiting 10 seconds. Wait 30 seconds before trying this sequence again. and that the rear Power switch is on. If using an Ethernet connection. 1. try another connection mode. > Use the remote control within six metres maximum from the Set Top 5.  Reboot the Set Top Box by turning it off. if necessary. 3. >  Ensure the remote control light on the Set Top Box flashes when any button is pressed on the remote control while in Set Top Box mode. 2. listen to make sure the internal hard drive is working.  If the Set Top Box button on the remote control does not flash when a button is pressed.

Specifications Input Power Antenna Broadband Composite Video Analogue Audio S-Video Analogue Component Video Digital Video + Digital Audio Connector Figure 8 with Switch Belling-Lee UHF (IEC169) RJ-45 RCA Phono 2 x RCA Phono 4-pin Mini DIN 3 x RCA Phono HDMI 1.AAC Dolby Digital Down-Mix to Stereo Adobe Flashlite for Digital Home Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Humidity Hard Drive Capacity Tuners Video Decode Audio Decode Surround Sound Support Interactive Applications support 31 .7Vp/p (Pr.264 MPEG 1-II.Pb) HDCP content protected Specification D-Type Plug Figure 8 Socket 75 Ohms Ethernet 1Vp/p 75 Ohms 1V rms 600 Ohms Channel Bandwidth 7 or 8 MHz IPv4.1080p25 High Definition Signal Surround Audio Surround Audio Antenna Data Other Dimensions Max Weight Max Consumption RCA Phono TOSLINK Belling-Lee UHF (IEC169) 2 x USB Type A S-P/DIF S-P/DIF 75 Ohms USB 2.0 Electrical Optical Active Loop-though Host 360x260x69mm 2. IPv6 PAL – Standard Definition Left and Right Channels Y+ C Standard Definition 625i50 Standard Definition 1080i50.720p50. AAC.8kg 25W +5 to + 45 deg C -20 to +70 deg C 10 to 90% NC 1TB 3 x DVB-T MPEG 2/4/H.3a 1Vp/p (Y) 0. HE .

Compliance Product Code YX-6936U This product complies with the following Standards: Electrical Safety RF Emissions C-Tick AS/NZS 60065.1-2008 AS/NZS CISPR 13 Supplier Code N25670 1384953 0113 32 .com.

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