It was quite a scene, by the Kohati Gate in Peshawar this morning, where two of Pakistan’s Islamist savages blew

themselves up among parishioners leaving All Saints Church after morning services. About two hundred Christians have been killed or maimed, by the local press estimate. As I write, the police are putting down a Christian demonstration, demanding justice. The police in Pakistan are utterly corrupt; many are also Islamist psychos. There may well be additional attacks on the mourners, when the dead from the slaughter are buried. There have been innumerable attacks on Christians of all confessions, throughout Pakistan; this would seem to be the largest to date. Since the foundation of Pakistan as an Islamic state — which in itself involved the slaughter of a million non-Muslims trying to get out — Christians have been persecuted. There remain perhaps three million of them, mostly Catholic, keeping their heads down in the land of their birth. Violence against them began to increase when the first explicitly Islamist president, Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq, came to power in 1978, raising the persecution to quasi-official status by targeting them as “apostates” through state-enforced Shariah law. Zia is remembered for the judicial murder of his predecessor, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; for advancing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme; & for himself perishing along with several of his generals & American diplomats in an aeroplane crash that was probably not an accident. But he had blood on his hands from many other crimes, through his eleven years in office, & a long army career before that. And now, long after his death, the Mujahideen he sponsored (against India, & against the Russians in Afghanistan) have come home to roost, & the toll among Christians rises daily. The victims are of little interest to Western media, or to Western diplomats endlessly courting Pakistan as a regional ally. Those who have courageously sought to protect them within Pakistan’s courts & cabinets have inevitably been assassinated. The Vatican, & various Christian field missions have worked valiantly to spread the news, but the attitude even of sympathetic Western media is unalterable. They think the constant slaughter of religious minorities in Muslim countries is something to be taken as a matter of course, equivalent to a law of nature. They seldom cover the slaughter of non-Christian minorities, either. Their indifference to hard news lifts only in such cases as the Islamist attack on the Nairobi mall, where some white people were among those killed.

to “know” that such deeds will forever be unpunished. in light of what was happening.G. that he must have been misrepresenting the reality for years.” as Mrs Thatcher used to say. The rest simply changed the subject. the liberal press did not wish to be reminded that their own expectations had proved entirely wrong. PUBLISHED: September 22. “It’s a funny old world. I suppose I should pray for the bombers’ souls as well. Thus the slaughter was undertaken — by a very secular set. Hundreds of thousands drowned at sea. thousands burst across the Thai frontier giving accounts of massacres our media dismissed as wild exaggerations.”They had preferred to stay and were killed for precisely that. but I cannot bring myself to do it and it is hard to imagine their having sufficient time between “stirrup and ground” to repent their evil deeds nor the will to do so. I would imagine it is very frustrating for those of an atheist world-view.Pakistan would have lacked permanence with a strong minority. The news from Egypt & Syria is comprehensively misreported. But quite apart from the absence of newsworthy white victims. In fact. or that the warnings of their most impassioned “rightwing” critics had proved entirely right. Afghanistan will likewise soon disappear. The late socialist. Wodehouse. Mick Leahy September 23. Such a world as this necessitates Justice. with frequent Islamist attacks on Christians in both countries ignored. to make the fact of partition irreversible. .Iraq is no longer of interest now that the Americans are out. Vishal Mehra September 23. millions were butchered. the last laugh. allowing the wicked to always have their way. most of whom presumably share a natural human sense of justice. not unlike Young Turks of a previous generation. 2013 at 7:50 am May the Lord have mercy on these poor Christian souls. 2013 FILED UNDER: Uncategorized 8 Responses to “In other news” . 2013 at 1:53 am “Slaughter of a million nonMuslims trying to get out. . whenever crimes of great enormity were committed. trying to escape the Communist devils. along with the Cambodian & Laotian dominoes. Mark Gayn. I first viscerally noticed this phenomenon after the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. was to my memory the only fleeing journalist who had the honesty to confide. She was of course quoting P.

It is anti-Christian. murderously opposed to all mystical & genuinely religious (“Sufi”) strains of the religion. They were buying into Islamism as they had bought into Nationalism before. overlooked whenever possible in the account of modern Subcontinental history.. along the lines of the Sunni/Shia divide. (I noted the same phenomenon in a post some time ago. “democratic” politicians. but on both sides also.” during Ramadan for instance. including whole trainloads stopped & all the passengers massacred. were chubby little bureaucrats in white short-sleeve & khaki trousers. I have noticed that all casualty estimates have been declining through the decades since 1947. & that beyond the fatalities were the millions upon millions displaced. in surprisingly post-modern ways.I particularly do not wish to provoke a numbers game — it is sufficient to insist that the numbers were extremely high. that after “conversion” they still seemed to spend much more time in secular entertainment than in prayer. losing all they had & then being cast as pariahs when they finally crossed the frontiers into safety. It should be understood. that they had not been very religious before.” But much of the worst carnage was visited upon those actually in the act of migrating. but because all parties have an interest in “disappearing” the history. though it is the elephant in the room. It is well-defined as an explicit politicization of Islam. ideological not religious in nature. focused upon their own opportunities to secure power. especially of Hindus & Sikhs in the western Punjab (& of Muslims to the east) by mobs inspired by secular politicians in the cause of “ethnic cleansing.The key point Vishal makes is one I have insisted upon myself in much past journalism: that the game-players were very secular. to learn that Islamist terrorists came from upwardly mobile families. not I think because fewer were killed than first believed. I noted that the selfappointed puritanical “enforcers. from its earlier 20th century origins.” Pakistan was the victim from her conception of very cynical politicians. Writing from Lahore at the end of the last century. it is sectarian. that as a .)Vishal Mehra is quite right that much of the killing was done.We should not be surprised. More fundamentally than “fundamentalism. who got their thrills from bossing people around. which remain beyond its control. again & again. about the estimates of dead from the firebombing of Tokyo. 2013 at 10:14 am I don’t want to provoke a long debate about what happened in the Partition. David Warren September 23. & anti-Semitic.“Islamism” (as opposed to Islam) has been. using Islam as the “nuclear weapon” in their demagogic armoury — though often themselves surprised to find how effective it was in the manufacture of corpses. & would use any pretext.

& therefore politicization. minorities and win election after election.The greatest stupidity from the West. your comment reminds me of a saying by Chesterton: “The Doctrine of the Fall is the only cheerful view of life. This might work against them for the short term. . Will the Russian and Chinese communists join as one block? What will happen to Israel? . the Devil is not very religious. 2013 at 2:15 pm “The greatest stupidity from the West. and are already busy taking advantage of it.S. The trouble is that the Russian and Chinese communists will align themselves with any government that the U. If all states that allow the imperialistic Islamist faction to murder Christians were cut off from aid and trade with the West at once. and the Democrats can bribe with their own tax money (and borrowed money) the powerful U. has been to insist on “democratization. Stephen Sparrow September 24. . throughout the Middle East. the enemies of the United States can smell the weakness.” Kevin Middlebrook September 24. Robert Eady September 23. 2013 at 6:18 am Kevin. and its allies oppose. floundering.” & therefore politicization. 2013 at 10:53 am One would think that a good place for the West to start would be to cut off all aid to Pakistan as well as trade until the murderers of Christians are brought under control. the communists would be burdened with an enormous welfare commitment. however. throughout the Middle East. and indecision. 2013 at 10:14 pm Whenever my will to live gets too high.What remains to think about is how the communists will be able to control their Islamist allies once America becomes an isolationist backwater crippled by financial problems and social disintegration. 2013 at 3:49 pm Stephen. Carlos Caso-Rosendi September 23. .S. After another decade or so of Democrat rule America will be reduced to impotence as a world power. It is impossible to imagine a strategy that plays more directly into Islamist hands.general rule applying the world over. I know I can rely on David Warren to set me straight. has been to insist on ‘democratization’. (Please note here that the Fall of Communism is a pernicious myth. Kevin Middlebrook September 23. There is no relief in sight for the U. blessed be his name. The Republicans are in disarray and leaderless.)With Obama as President and Kerry as his foreign runaround. but may not in the long term. either.S. It is impossible to imagine a strategy that plays more directly into Islamist hands.”It is not stupidity but an adroit sleight of hand when the “leader of the free world” is Sheik Obubu el Benghaziri. I actually paraphrased (that word is more polite than plagiarized) a comment on a .

The actual words’s dust cover that I read. I read Peter Watts.” . “Whenever I find my will to live becoming too strong.

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