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Vaulting Championships 2013

List of display plants used for the event which will be available for sale to the public after the event
(Profits from the sale of plants go to Equestrian Vaulting Australia)



Common Name
Small Leaved Lilly Pilly




No. available

Selling price each


Acmena smithii minor

4-6m x 2-3m

A dwarf variety of the wonderful Lilly Pilly. Attractive bronze new growth with older leaves of shiny green. Fluffy cream white blossoms followed by masses of brightly coloured berries. Ideal for 20 Litre hedges, screening, shelter, and bush tucker. Responds well to pruning. Best to supplement summer watering in dry conditions Beautiful small shrub covered in pink flowers for most of the year. Prefers dappled shade and moist soils but will tolerate a range of 20 Litre soils. Frost hardy. Likes pruning - makes an excellent small border plant with mass floral displays. Masses of bright red bottlebrush flowers in spring, sometimes with a bonus flush in Autumn with spot flowering throughout the year. 20 Litre Its soft weeping foliage makes it great for screening. Full Sun to part shade. Grows well in a wide variety of soils. An excellent large screening shrub/windbreak plant with a magnificent summer display of mauve flowers with golden anthers. Grows best in moist soils and flowers best in full sun. Tolerates poor soils, frost hardy, along with short periods of dryness & waterlogging.

Bauera rubioides Deep Pink

River Rose, Dog Rose

1m x 1.5m


Callistemon Captain Cook


1.5m x 1.5


Callistemon Mauve Mist


2-4m x 2-4m

20 Litre


Callitris rhomboidea

Port Jackson Pine

4-6m x 2m

A small native conifer with narrow grey foliage and upright habit. Attractive pale yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. Great 20 Litre for screening and low windbreaks or as a feature tree. Grows in well-drained soils from the coast to tablelands. Prefers dry ridges. One of our most popular and quick growing hedging plants. Attractive willow like leaves with masses of white flowers from winter to spring. Excellent for attracting birds. Prefers full sun, well 20 Litre drained soils from the coast to the mountains. Tolerates strong winds & frosts. Ideal hedge or screening plant. An excellent hedging or screening plant grown for its copper coloured foliage which contrasts well with its masses of white flowers in spring. Excellent for floral displays. Grows from coast to 20 Litre mountains, drought & frost resistant in well drained to poorly drained soil. Prune after flowering to enhance foliage display. One for the ladies! Spectacular pink coloured flowers with a touch of cream from winter through to spring. Great for container 20 Litre growing and bird attracting. Frost and drought tolerant once established. Prefers well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Attractive medium sized shrub that produces stunning red flowers in spring. Suitable for cut flowers, container growing. Bird 20 Litre attracting. Low maintenance, drought and frost tolerant once established. Well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. NSW floral emblem. A Hardy and vigorous hybrid Waratah that produces masses of red flowers in spring. Great for low maintenance gardens, as a feature plant or informal screen. Great 20 Litre for cut flowers and attracting birds. Grows well in a range of well- drained soils. Masses of white flowers are produced in spring from this extremely tough but dainty westringia. Fast growing and drought tolerant. Grows in full sun to part shade. Prune lightly. Suitable 20 Litre for screening or as an informal hedge in well drained, low fertility soils. A very popular pretty, low-growing, evergreen shrub with a scrambling habit. Masses of dainty, bell-shaped, pink and white flowers are displayed in spring and summer. Well drained soils from full sun to part shade.



Hakea salicifolia

Willow Leaved Hakea

3-8m x 3m


Leptospermum Copper Glow


3m x 2.5m


Leucadendron Senorita


1.5m x 1m


Leucospermum So Exquisite


2m x 1.5m


Telopea Shady Lady Red


3m x 1.5m


Westringia longifolia

Long-leaved Westringia

2-3m x 2-3m


Bauera rubioides Candy Stripe

River Rose, Dog Rose

1m x 1.5m



Grevillea lanigera Fine prostrate

Woolly Grevillea

.3m x 1.5m

This carpet plant has fine greyish-green foliage with a mass of showy pink and cream flower. Flowers profusely over a long season beginning in spring and lasting throught to autumn. Prefers 140mm well drained soil in full sun to part shade, tolerating most soil types. Great for mass displays, floral arrangements and attracting birds into your garden. Another carpet plant with lime green foliage and yellow spider flowers during spring and summer. Very hardy, grows in full sun to 140mm part shade and attracts nectar feeding birds.



Grevillea juniperina prostrate Yellow

Juniper Grevillea

.3m x 2-3m


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