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1. The online form may take an average of 5 minutes to fill in. The time taken varies depending on the number and sizes of the file attachments, configurations of your computer and network system, internet performance etc. The recommended computer and network configurations are at Please note that the time stated above excludes time taken for preparatory work in relation to filling the online form. 2. The applicant should ensure that you have the valid CRIS user rights to withdraw an application for a Licence on behalf of you company before you start the application. 3. The applicant of the application withdrawal will require a Singpass before you can login the system to retrieve the application form. The Singpass login is necessary for authentication and authorization purposes. For more information on Singpass, please visit Application Form Part one Application Summary The applicant will not need to amend any details at this section. The applicable Application No, the original application date and the application status will be displayed for your information. Part Two Applicant Particulars The section requires the applicant to furnish this information 1) Applicant Name, address and contact details Part Three Withdrawal Details The section requires the applicant to furnish this information 1) Reason for withdrawal (Please provide in this entry the reason for withdrawing the application) Other useful information Computer based online tutorial (CBT) is available to provide a means for applicant to familiarize themselves with the various HSAs online e-services. The CBT is located at NOTE: The CBT provided might not be identical to the actual e-services forms, it only provide a means for applicant to have an insight of how our e-services work. You can contact the HSA PRISM and CRIS Helpdesk should you assistance with your application. The Helpdesk is made available via phone, fax or email, and they can be reached at Hotline : 6776-0168 (from 7:00 am to midnight daily) Fax No. : 6872-3054 Email ID. :

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If your queries relate to regulations and licence policies, please contact Manufacturing & Quality Audit Division Tel: 68663516 Fax: 64789068 Email:

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