MESSAGE #2245 from the Blessed Mother November 26, 2001 My daughter, Pray, pray that more will arise

and wake from their slumber. So many are choosing the easier road, because they do not want to change their lifestyle. So many are living like kings and queens, waiting to be served. Many today are refusing God’s assistance, because they are relying on their wealth. Jesus’ arms are open, waiting to respond to those in need, but few truly turn to Him. Please, dear children, do not push God aside. Obey God’s laws and live, live the Beatitudes. Be more grateful for this time to prepare your soul. Be more grateful, for you have been blessed by God to receive words from Heaven. You are being nurtured in so many ways, so please, please be more thankful. The world cannot give you true happiness, so please be more wise. Listen to God, instead of allowing Satan to rule your life. Listen; listen to the Gospel, so that you come to know the truth. Listen now, and love God above all else. Be humble, obedient children so you do not become entangled by the serpent’s tail. Be loving towards each other and pray, pray for all your brothers and sisters. Pray for unbelievers. Pray that more will turn to God before this time period is up. God will continue to cleanse this earth and all must be prepared. The world will be renewed, but darkness must first be removed. God’s justice will prevail, and those who are refusing to turn to God will suffer, suffer tremendously. All will need to have a strong faith when the earth shakes, so please do all that you can now to live a life that is pleasing to God. Do all that you can for the salvation of souls. Allow Jesus to heal those wounds that are preventing you to move forward. Allow Jesus to be your counselor and comforter. Take refuge in His Most Sacred Heart so you are protected from the adversary. Have complete trust in Him so that your lives can change. Give yourselves unconditionally to Him, and believe in God’s love and mercy for you. Believe that God will take care of you, if you surrender your will to Him. Believe in the Gospel and live each day for Jesus Christ. Remain strong, and pray, and receive Holy Communion in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Receive God’s grace and cleanse your soul more regularly. Do penance for your sins and truly live, live the Gospel. Believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. Believe, so you receive Jesus in the proper way. Cleanse your soul first if you are living in mortal sin. Prepare your soul so Jesus can dwell in you. Trust in His salvation and believe in God. Seek God’s Kingdom so you strive hard to live a pure and holy life. The time will come and each child will see their soul, so be wise, and allow God to purify you so you are ready and prepared. Be wise and allow me to assist you now, so that I can lead you closer, closer to Jesus. I am here now to light the way, but this time dear children, will not last. So respond, respond now and again I say to you, take refuge in Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Take refuge in My Heart and I will truly assist you on this

earth. Thank you for listening. It is up to you now, to respond, and truly live the Gospel. Join me now and pray for the salvation of souls. Amen.