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WEdnESdAy, SEPtEmBER 25, 2013


Football program will have scholarships gradually restored. Schools compliance with reform cited as the reason.

NCAA eases sanctions on PSU

restoring the scholarships it stripped from the football program in July 2012. Citing fantastic compliance to an agreement to reform the school in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, former Sen. George Mitchell recommended leniency to the NCAA. The organization agreed. Penn State has consistently demonEmmert Mitchell

Penn States unprecedented sanctions have met an unprecedented development. The NCAA announced Tuesday that it would begin to reduce the sanctions it imposed on the university by gradually

strated a strong commitment to fullling the Athletics Integrity Agreement, said Mitchell, who was assigned to oversee Penn States efforts. The recommendation was based on my belief that Penn State has made a serious

good-faith effort to INSIDE embrace the changes needed. A breakdown This wasnt of the based on any feeling reductions, that the sanctions 10A imposed were inapBill OBrien propriate or unduly plans for a harsh. Rather, Penn new State made a serious future, 1B effort to embrace and adopt the changes needed to enhance its future. Mitchell said the university has substantially completed more than 120 tasks outlined by the AIA, including hir-

ing a chief compliance ofcer and better educating all employees on child abuse prevention. Some penalties remain Though the NCAA did not alter other aspects of the sanctions a postseason ban, a $60 million ne and wins stripped from the team and former coach Joe Paterno it left the door open that future compliance could reduce those penalties as well. The NCAA said additional mitigation may be considered in the future depending upon Penn States continued progress. See SANCTIONS | 10A

Corbett tours Academy of Science

Griffith gets three years probation

Former Luzerne County controller pleads guilty to illegally recording conversations

Khalil Rust, second from left, explains a project his class is doing by making a structure out of spaghetti that can hold Gummy Bears as Gov. Tom Corbett, center, watches at the Hazleton Area Academy of Science in Drums on Tuesday. The governor was at the school for a tour and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new facility. For the story, see Page 3A.

Aimee dilger | the times Leader

WILKES-BARRE The man who had been known as Luzerne Countys watchdog will now be watched by the county for three years after pleading guilty Tuesday to illegally recording conversations. He was immediately sentenced to probation. Griffith Former County Controller Walter Grifth appeared Tuesday in Luzerne County Court, where he pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges of obstructing the administration of justice and was sentenced to three years probation. Grifth, 58, of Kingston Township, was originally charged with three felony counts relating to the recorded conversations, actions his attorney says were a product of Grifths zealousness.

My dad always told me everything is good in moderation, attorney Joe DAndrea told Judge Fred Pierantoni. Walter didnt understand moderation. I dont think he thought he was doing anything wrong. As part of Grifths plea agreement with the state Attorney Generals Ofce, he had to waive a preliminary hearing, resign from serving as the countys controller, remove his name from the ballot for the November election and agree not to seek ofce during his probationary period. Today is a sad day for Walter, DAndrea said. He is terribly remorseful he has been humiliated and has taken his medicine. Hes accepted responsibility. See GRIFFITH | 10A

Hundreds rally against state property taxes

Members of Luzerne County Citizens Against Property Taxes among those protesting in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG Hundreds of demonstrators including a contingent of local activists ooded the state Capitol on Tuesday to help ght for real estate tax Gebhardt elimination and to urge state legislators to act now.

Joyce Dombroski Gebhardt, president of the Luzerne County Citizens Against Property Taxes, and members of the group joined in the rally to convince lawmakers to get rid of real estate taxes and replace the lost revenue by increasing the personal income tax and sales tax. We spent the morning talking to as many legislators as we could nd to let them know how we feel, Gebhardt, of Kingston, said said. We want them to get House Bill 76 to the oor for a vote. According to the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, House Bill 76 which is stalled in committee and See RALLY | 10A

William Jeffery Paulishs lawyer asks public to wait to hear clergymans defense

Priest in sex case released on bail

his lawyer urged the public to hear his clients side of the story before rushing to judgment. The Rev. William Jeffery Paulish, 56, was released from the Lackawanna County Prison at about 1:45 p.m. after posting $50,000 straight bail, Carbondale defense attorney Bernard J. Brown said. I just want the public to wait, Brown said, add- Paulish ing that he and his client have yet to challenge the prosecutions allegations in court. And Im going to ask the jury, if we get to that point, to extend to Father Paulish the presumption of innocence. I do have a defense strategy, Brown added, although he said it was premature to discuss specics. Ordained in 1988, Paulish has served at more than a dozen Northeastern Pennsylvania parishes, including assignments in Exeter, Hazleton, WilkesBarre and Bear Creek, according to diocesan records. Security ofcers at Penn See PRIEST | 2A

SCRANTON A Roman Catholic priest facing sex charges involving a teenage boy was released from jail on bail Tuesday afternoon, while

Man who shot himself in foot is charged with assault


WILKES-BARRE An 18-year-old man being treated at a hospital for a self-inicted gunshot wound allegedly attacked a city ofcer in the emergency room area.
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Police said they f o u n d J a v o n Isaac, of H a z l e Av e n u e , Isaac with the gunshot wound to his foot at his residence Monday
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night while they were investigating a report he violated a restraining order prohibiting him from making any threats toward his girlfriend Thursday night. While in the emergency room at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, police said, Isaac
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was making phone calls to his girlfriends family. Two ofcers intervened and Isaac allegedly choked one of the ofcers, police said. An ofcer Tasered Isaac in the emergency room. Isaac was charged with three counts of prohibited possession of a rePuzzles 5C CLASSIFIED: 1D Comics 12d

arm and one count each of aggravated assault, receiving stolen property, terroristic threats, possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was jailed at the Luzerne See ASSAULT | 10A


09815 10011

PAGE 2A Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Bank was picked over eight other financial institutions


Council picks PNC as countys banker

administration to reduce the countys bank accounts from 140 to as few as 25 by the end of the year, Lawton said. The countys home rule charter mandated bank account consolidation. Some accounts must remain segregated by law. The proposal from PNC was deemed most attractive largely because the bank agreed to waive many fees to save the county money, Lawton said. PNC also will allow the County Controllers Ofce to instantly view all withdrawals, deposits and transfers oversight access that wasnt available before, he said. I think its something the public should really celebrate, said Councilman Harry Haas. Councilwoman Elaine Maddon Curry has been inquiring about banking consolidation since she took ofce in January 2012. Its about time we had one major banking service, she said. Councilman Jim Bobeck noted the administration picked the bank, and no rounds of golf or glasses of wine were involved in the selection process. Its all about the merit, he said. A council vote clarifying that individual county contractors cant serve on county boards and authorities sparked debate Tuesday. The amendment, which passed, was proposed because the charter says employees of businesses with county contracts cant serve on outside county boards but didnt expressly ban individual contractors. The amendment would apply to deputy coroners and attorney arbitrators who receive a at fee but are not on the county payroll. Councilman Rick Williams voted against the amendment, saying charter limitations have forced the county to reject several viable applicants for unpaid board and authority seats because they have very minor involvement in county government. For example, marketing professional James Reino had to give up his appointment to the authority overseeing the Mohegan Sun Arena because he works for UGI Energy Services, which has a county contract. Williams said he understands

MIDDAY DRAWING Daily Number - 4-0-7 Big Four -2-2-7-5 Quinto - 0-0-0-0-8 Treasure Hunt 01-09-19-24-30 EVENING DRAWING Daily Number - 9-0-0 Big Four - 8-8-9-0 Quinto - 2-7-2-1-9 Cash 5 04-05-12-25-34 Mega Millions 4-11-32-39-40 Mega Ball 33 One player matched all five numbers in Tuesdays Cash 5 jackpot drawing, winning $700,000. Todays jackpot will be worth $125,000. Lottery officials reported 137 players matched four numbers, winning $246 each; 5,737 players matched three numbers, winning $9.50 each; and 66,993 players matched two numbers, winning $1 each.

With money constantly owin g in and out, Luzerne County government has $30 million to $70 million deposited in at least six banks at any given moment. County ofcials wanted to move this money into one bank that would offer the best and most affordable services to manage the funds, such as online transfers and check access. County Manager Robert Lawton announced during Tuesdays council meeting the administration selected PNC Bank over eight other nancial institutions that submitted proposals to handle the countys banking. PNC also will work with the

charter drafters imposed strict restrictions to prevent any appearance of favoritism and connections in the appointments, but he believes more public discussion about other options is warranted. We need to widen the pool, not narrow it, Williams said. Bobeck, who also voted no, said deputy coroners and arbitrators save the county money and should not be barred from serving on boards. One deputy coroner gave up an arena authority seat, and two attorneys stopped accepting compensation as arbitrators to keep their seats on the Luzerne County Community College Board of Trustees. Councilwoman Linda McClosky Houck said more than 300,000 people live in the county and urged more to volunteer to serve on boards.

Wyoming Area picks new super; talks, no deal in contract dispute


From page 1A State Worthington Scranton said they discovered Paulish parked in a red Toyota on Thursday night with a 15-year-old boy who wasnt wearing any pants, according to an afdavit. Paulish allegedly told police under questioning at the Dunmore police station that he arranged the meeting via the online site Craigslist. Paulish also allegedly told police he asked the teen three times whether he was 18 before their conversation turned sexual. Arrest papers did not indicate how or even whether the teen responded. The teen told police he performed a sex act on the priest, the afdavit states. Brown said he was not formally retained until Saturday afternoon, and did not see the criminal complaint against his client until Monday. He was alone in there, by himself, Brown said of Paulishs questioning by police. Terms of bail Paulishs bail was secured by real estate, court documents say, but the property in question was not listed. His address in arrest papers was listed as 450 Third St., Blakely. Lackawanna County detectives charged Paulish with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16, indecent assault of a person under 16, unlawful contact with a minor (sexual offenses), corruption of minors and indecent exposure. Paulish, who was serving as an assistant pastor at Prince of Peace Parish in Old Forge, was removed from that assignment and his ability to act as a priest was suspended by the Diocese of Scranton when ofcials were notied of the charges against him. In a letter read to parishioners in Paulishs former parishes on Sunday, Diocese of Scranton Bishop Joseph C. Bambera urged anyone who may have been involved in or may be aware of any abusive situation involving Father Paulish to immediately contact the Lackawanna County District Attorneys Ofce. Lackawanna County Deputy District Attorney Jennifer McCambridge on Tuesday said in an email that the case remains under investigation, and she was not at liberty to discuss any more details. We will continue to follow all leads, McCambridge said. Questions remain Diocesan ofcials also have declined to speak further on the allegations against Paulish, to explain why Paulish may have moved around so frequently and what prompted three leaves of absence two citing only medical reasons, and one for which no reason was listed. Bishop Bamberas practice has been to share a clerics assignment history following his removal from ministry due to an accusation of sexual abuse of a minor. As such, in the case of Father W. Jeffrey Paulish, in addition to issuing a statement about the matter, the diocese also shared the clerics assignment history and afrmed its commitment to cooperate fully with law enforcements criminal investigation into this very serious and disturbing matter, diocesan spokesman Bill Genello said Tuesday in an email to The Times Leader. In consideration of that commitment, and since it is an ongoing investigation, the diocese will not offer further comment until the investigation is complete, Genello concluded.

EXETER The Wyoming Area School Board hired a new superintendent Tuesday night while the rst negotiation session in nearly a month took place several miles away aimed at ending the teachers strike, now in its fourth week. The board voted 6-1 to hire Janet Serino, the current assistant superintendent, to lead the district for the next ve years at a starting salary of $113,065. Meanwhile, John Holland, chief negotiator for the Wyoming Area teachers union, met with lawyer Jack Dean, who represents the school board, at the union headquarters in Plains Township. Holland said a deal was not reached, but the two-hour session was fruitful. We made some progress, Holland said. We did not come to an agreement, but we have a run a few more things back to our respective groups. Dean said no offer was made, or could be made at

that session. We had a good and frank discussion about where they can go and where we can go in negotiations, Dean said. We didnt exchange ofcial offers, nor did I have authority to do so. Im going to brief the board on it. Dean said no additional talks were scheduled because he has to talk to the board rst, but that he and Holland are open to more meetings. Well be getting together again, Im sure. The teachers union has been on strike since Sept. 3, and before Tuesday night the two sides havent sat down since talks broke down on Aug. 29. The teachers contract expired in August 2010 and sides havent been able to come to an agreement since then. Several residents a the School Board meeting expressed frustration that strike is lasting too long and urged the board and the union to come to an agreement. Although not ofcially on the new job until April, Serino will be sworn in

today at noon by Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Burke. Serino, of Harding, will be the rst female superintendent in the history of the district. Wyoming Area is my alma mater, so to come back all these years later and be able to be the superintendent, I have to say Im very excited, she said and promised to work with current Superintendent Raymond Bernardi for a smooth transition. Serinos career in education dates back to the early 1970s. Serino received a bachelor of science degree in elementary education/ early childhood education from College Misericordia in Dallas Township and a master of science degree in school leadership from Marywood University in Scranton. She also has her superintendent certicate from Marywood. Her career started in the Wyoming Area School District as a summer school instructor and substitute teacher. In 1979, she started teach-

ing grades seven and eight at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Dupont. She served as the schools principal from 1992 to 2001. When she moved to the Wyoming Area School District in 2001, Serino served as an elementary principal, the district elementary principal, the district principal of curriculum and assistant superintendent. Bernardi served as the districts top administrator since his appointment on Feb. 1, 2001. Bernardi earns $124,099 a year. In other business, and after some debate, the school board tabled a vote to lease a snow plow through the states COSTAR program. The 60-month lease was $760.99 a month for 60 months. Frank Pugliese, supervisor of buildings and grounds, urged the board to buy the truck now so it will be ready for the plowing season. Bob Trusavage of West Pittston, a taxpayer, urged the board to choose a better deal and even offered his research, which says the district can get a better price.

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Former teacher union boss admits to embezzlement

Lisa Barrett has been charged with taking more than $30,000 in union funds

SCRANTON Former Wyoming Area School District teacher union president Lisa Barrett has been charged with embezzling more than $30,000 in union funds and has worked out a plea bargain with the U.S. Attorneys Ofce for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. The U.S. attorney issued a press release and led court documents

that include information outlining the charges, the plea agreement and a statement from Barrett. The plea agreement must be approved by a judge in the Middle District court. Barrett, a high school career technology teacher, resigned her position as union president and requested a sabbatical from work in February at the same time Luzerne County District Attorney Stephanie Salavantis conrmed her ofce had agreed to look into reports of possible missing funds. The U.S. attorney is charging Barrett, 48, with one count of embezzlement of funds of a labor

organization. The charge has a maximum penalty of ve years in prison followed by three years probation and a $250,000 ne, though any sentence is likely to be much lower for a rst-time offender. The plea agreement does not specify what the U.S. attorney might recommend if the agreement is accepted by a judge, but notes the ofce will recommend a reduction in the sentencing guidelines for the admission of guilt. A judge does not have to accept the attorney recommendation, or even accept the plea agreement. Pennsylvania State Education Association

Northeast Region Spokes man Paul Shemansky said the union had no comment other than to note Barrett is no longer a union member or a teacher and her defense was handled by her own attorney, Christopher Powell, not by the union. Shemansky also said the PSEA does offer training on managing money and that there are checks and balances to try to prevent such embezzlement. Barretts written statement led with the court is a series of acknowledgements that she understands the legal consequences of the plea agreement.

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A FACT MUST BE CORRECTED from an article about Hunlock Township resident Sharon Wildoners struggle to pay real estate taxes that appeared on Page 1A in Tuesdays edition. Wildoners mother is not deceased and is living in a local nursing home, according to a family member.

W-B Area deal struck on health insurance excise tax

W-B Area School Board, teachers agree to change language in new contract


WILKES-BARRE Wilkes-Barre Area School Board voted at a special meeting Tuesday to scrap language in the new teacher contract designed to avoid paying a hefty federal

Cadillac insurance tax, replacing it with a memorandum of understanding that board President John Quinn predicted will be a model of similar deals in other districts statewide. Getting an agreement both the union and the board could live with was necessary because both sides agree we dont want to see the district paying the excise tax, Solicitor Ray Wendolowski said. The tax, part of the Affordable Care Act, is a 40 percent levy on

any insurance plan where the cost exceeds a federal annual limit, initially set at $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for family. Insurers must pay 40 percent of the amount spent above the limits, not of the entire insurance cost. The new teacher contract, approved at the Sept. 9 regular board meeting but never signed by both sides primarily because of this provision, initially said only that the two sides would try to negotiate any changes

needed to avoid the tax, but that if no agreement could be reached, the cost of the tax would be passed onto union members. The new memorandum requires both sides to meet a minimum of once a month for eight months beginning January 2017 to negotiate changes. If no agreement is reached, the issue would be submitted for binding arbitration, meaning a third-party arbitrator would review the last proposals from each side and craft a

compromise the two sides would have to accept. The excise tax doesnt take effect until 2018, and the new teacher contract expires Aug. 31, 2017, but Wendolowski said the new plan was crafted to avoid problems if negotiations for a new contract stall in 2017. The memorandum essentially makes avoiding the excise tax a separate negotiating item when its time to draw up a new contract. That eliminates the risk of having the excise tax kick

in while negotiations drag on. If a contract expires and there is no agreement on a new one, teachers work under the terms of the old contract until a new one is hammered out, sometimes for several years. By law, talks for a new contract must begin in January 2017. The memorandum allows either side to go to binding arbitration on avoiding the excise tax after Aug. 31, 2017, while any other contract items remain under negotiation.


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Governor calls new school a role model for the rest of the state

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 3A


County prisoner commits suicide

Corbett cuts ribbon at Hazleton STEM school

Hazleton Area School District serves students in Luzerne, Carbon and Schuylkill counties. Est. 2013 Campus 19 acres in Butler Twp.; 16 classrooms; a progressive cafeteria Student body 330 Capacity 480 Potential students can find applications to attend at Antonelli said. Corbett said these types of schools are the future, though theres no plan for STEM programs in each of the states 500 districts; the task simply is too vast, he said. So he spoke of his proposal before the state Legislature to use sale of retail liquor licenses for Passport for Learning grants, lump sums for school districts to do what they deem most important to improve infrastructure and education. Im still hopeful we can get something like that through, Corbett said. er rooms, but all the sliding doors were open Tuesday and Evanchos students were running experiments with a neighboring freshman class. Lab partners Kendry Paulino and Justin Vargas worked at their microscopes as other students behind them put samples into petri dishes to inspect microscopic eco systems. Vargas entered notes on his school-provided digital tablet, one that he takes home with him every day to produce PowerPoint presentations, take notes and do research. Freshman students ease into a general studies with a strong foundation in biology. As they work through the grades, Evancho said, most nd their way to a focus area, a preferred eld they hope to pursue as a career. There are about 330 students enrolled with the building able to hold about 480. Students from other districts are trying to get in, said Hazleton Area School Board President Brian Earley. To be accepted to the acad-

A man jailed Sunday on charges of making terroristic threats, simple assault and disorderly conduct, committed suicide Tuesday morning at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility, J. Allen Nesbitt, correctional services director, stated in a press release. Daniel R. Williams IV, being held on $20,000 bail, was pronounced dead from asphyxiation at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Prison staff had tried to resuscitate Williams before an ambulance arrived. Luzerne County Division of Corrections is investigating Williams death and started an internal review, Nesbitt said.


The mother of a murdered woman has organized a vigil to be held 7 p.m. today at the Plains Township Municipal Park as part of the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. Donna Walling organized the event in honor of her daughter, 21-year-old Jamie Marie, who was murdered on Oct. 15, 2000.

Vigil scheduled for murder victims


BUTLER TWP. As high school freshman in Ben Evanchos second-oor biology classroom nished observing cellular life through a microscope Tuesday, their governor was touring classrooms below. Gov. Tom Corbett visited the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences for a ceremonial ribbon cutting and to see what the students there have been learning since the magnet school opened this year. This is a role model for the rest of the state of Pennsylvania, Corbett said of the STEM school. In a STEM school, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, high school students get their core English and history classes, but theres a prominent effort to develop young scientists and engineers. The 16 giant classrooms, each adorned with sparkling new research technology, can be partitioned to make small-

Gov. Tom Corbett tries his hand at moving a robot using a joystick and computer Tuesday in an engineer and robotics class with teacher Rob Stetz as Hazleton Area Superintendent Francis Antonelli and students of Hazleton Area Academy of Science watch. Corbett was touring the Butler Township facility.

Aimee Dilger | The Times Leader

emy, a student needs a teachers recommendation, acceptable grades and, most important, must show keen interest in developing a career in science or technology, Evancho said. For the rst hour of his visit, Corbett visited classrooms in which students re-capped their lessons for the day. One of the governors aides had to pull him away from Bob Stetzs robotics class, where he guided an all-terrain robot remotely using joystick and a computer screen.

Hazleton Area Superintendent Francis Antonelli thanked Corbett for his support by way of securing funds for the district to buy the building from the Hazleton Community Area New Development Organization for $4.4 million and to convert it into a school, which cost about $6.2 million. He has been a very strong ally for our effort in making the Hazleton Area Academy of Science a reality, not only for our students but for the entire greater Hazleton area,

Police said two newly installed handicap ramps at Lathrop Street and Gibson Avenue and Lathrop Street and Warren Avenue were recently vandalized when construction cones were thrown onto the wet cement. The ramps were repaired. Anyone with information is asked to call Kingston police at 570-288-3674.

Ramps damaged; police seek help

Fall the way we like it


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission advises motorists traveling southbound on the Northeastern Extension between the Pocono and Mahoning Valley interchanges to be prepared for a single-lane trafc pattern to be in effect until 7 a.m. Friday. On Monday, construction crews closed the right lane between milepost A91.8 and A90.5 for slope remediation. Motorists southbound from the Pocono exit (junction of I-80) should anticipate reduced speeds and slow-moving or stopped trafc until the single-lane is lifted on Friday. All work is weather permitting and could be rescheduled.

Turnpike work to cause delays

WB police: Girl says man stalked her on way to school

Teen says man asked if she spoke Spanish, followed her


The Noxen United Methodist Church and the Community Development Corporation of Noxen, Kunkle and Ruggles, is holding its Noxen Clothes Closet event this weekend at the Noxen Community Center 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All clothes that t into a bag will be sold for $1.

Church sponsors Clothes Closet event

Reps set seminar for seniors

State Reps. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston, and Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, announced that they will host an elder justice seminar from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 9 at the West Wyoming Hose Co., 926 Shoemaker Ave., West Wyoming. The event is free and open to the public. The agenda includes several discussions including: Mundy the principal and practices of elder justice, a presentation about long-term care planning, power of attorney and estate planning, guardianships, responding to and conducting inves- Boback tigations into crimes against the elderly and how seniors can maintain their independence For more information or to reserve a seat, call Mundys district ofce at 570-283-9622 or call Bobacks district ofce at 1-800-278-3930.


A woman enjoys Mondays mild temperatures at Frances Slocum State Park in Kingston Township. The warm daytime weather continued Tuesday and is expected to run right through the end of the week with highs in the mid-70s. For the forecast, see page 10A.

Aimee Dilger | The Times Leader

Suit claims former county GOP chief owes $93K


Former Luzerne County Republican Party Chairman Terry Casey allegedly owes his former employer, M&T Bank, more than $93,000, while he contends the bank owes him income he never received. Casey, of Dallas, and M&T Bank are in the middle of civil litigation in Luzerne County Court. A copy of the lawsuit led by the bank in June 2012 was anonymously mailed to The Times Leader this week. According to the banks lawsuit, Casey in September 2010 entered into a written agreement with the bank regarding the terms of his employment

that paid him a base salary of $80,000 with a per-month minimum incentive of $9,794. Due to a banks payroll error, Casey was paid wages in excess of the agreed-upon salary Casey from November 2010 to February 29, 2012, the suit alleges. The suit alleges Casey was overpaid $93,909.81 during that time. Casey led a counter claim against M&T Bank that included a complex payment structure of salary and incentives. Casey states he was promised the $80,000 annual salary plus $9,794 in monthly incentive compensation that the bank

failed to pay. He further stated he was not paid for his nal days of employment before resigning from the bank on Feb. 29, 2012. Casey is president of Chancellor Financial Group based in WilkesBarre. He refused Tuesday to comment about the lawsuit, which remains unresolved in county court. Luzerne County Republican Party committee members voted to replace Casey as the GOPs county chairman in July 2012. Casey received 72 votes while Bill Urbanski was elected county GOP chairman with 79 votes. The chairman serves a fouryear term.

WILKES-BARRE City police are investigating a womans report that a man tried to lure her 15-year-old daughter into his car Tuesday morning near Forrest and Anthracite streets. The mother, whose name was not released, told ofcers her daughter was being followed by an unknown male at about 6:45 a.m. while she was walking to GAR Memorial Junior/Senior High School on South Grant Street. Wilkes-Barre Area Superintendent Bernard Prevuznak said a letter was sent home to the parents of students at GAR and nearby Dodson Elementary School on Jones Street informing them about the incident. Resource ofcers including district staff and police ofcers assigned to schools will be increasing their presence around the area before and after school at least until the end of the week, Prevuznak added. Police said the girl stated she heard a vehicle pull into a parking lot at the corner of Forrest and Anthracite, and its Hispanic driver asked if she spoke Spanish. The girl responded that she did and expected the man was going to ask for directions, police said. She said the male offered her a ride, which she declined. She said the male then told her he did not want to hurt her, he just wanted to give her a ride, according to a police report. The girl declined again and began to walk away,

but the man drove out of the lot and drove past her several times, she told police. When she reached South Sherman Street near Mayower Park, the man parked his vehicle in the parking lot of the Assembly of God Church on Stanton Street. She then called her mother, as the man got out of his car and began walking in the same direction as she was rst on the opposite side of the road, then crossing the street and walking behind her. The man eventually got back into his car and drove away, westbound on Stanton Street. Her mother then arrived to take her home, police said. The victim described the man as being about 5 feet, 3 inches tall, with a thin build, clean shaven, between 30 and 40 years old, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. She said the man was driving a gray Honda, possibly a Civic, but she was unable to obtain the license plate. Anyone with information is asked to call Wilkes-Barre police at 570-826-8106. Prevuznak said the letter sent to families reminds students and parents to always be aware of their surroundings. Weve always encouraged our students to walk to school with a friend or friends, he said. As well, Prevuznak noted district policy permits students to bring cellphones to and from school as long as they remain turned off during the school day because the devices can be vital in situations such as that reported this morning. We do have an incredible amount of walkers, back and forth, in all our schools, and (phones) have become a valuable security tool for families, he said.

PAGE 4A Wednesday, September 25, 2013 THE TIMES LEADER THE TIMES LEADER


Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 5A


Kenyan president: Terrorists defeated

At least 67 civilians and government troops killed in attack
The Associated Press

Other bills will be green with envy A sheet of uncut $100 bills is inspected during the printing process at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday The federal printing facility is making the new-look colorful bills that include new security features in advance of the Oct. 8 circulation date.

AP photo


Pakistan quake kills at least 39

Thousands of Pakistanis ran into the streets praying for their lives Tuesday as a powerful earthquake rocked a remote area in the southwest, killing at least 39 people and possibly creating a small island off the coast. The Pakistani military said it was rushing troops and helicopters to Baluchistan provinces Awaran district, where the quake was centered, and the nearby area of Khuzdar. Most of the victims were killed when their houses collapsed, according to the chief spokesman for the countrys National Disaster Management Authority, Mirza Kamran Zia, who gave the death toll. He warned that the toll might rise.

NAIROBI, Kenya The terrorists who took control of a Nairobi mall and held off Kenyan security forces for four days have been defeated after killing at least 67 civilians and government troops, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said Tuesday. He said those killed include 61 civilians whose bodies have been recovered so far and six security forces, while about 175 were injured, including 62 who remain hospitalized. Three oors of the mall collapsed and several bodies were trapped in the rubble, said Kenyatta. His ofce later said a terrorists body was among those in the debris. Five other militants were killed by gunre, he said. We have ashamed and defeated our attackers, Kenyatta said in the televised address to the nation. He said 11 other suspects had been arrested; authorities had previously announced the arrest of seven at the airport and three elsewhere. These cowards will need

Ann Gakii, left, reacts Tuesday at the Nairobi City Mortuary after identifying the body of her father, who was killed in the mall attack, in Nairobi, Kenya.

AP photo

justice as well their accomplices and patrons, wherever they are, Kenyatta said. Kenyatta declared three days of national mourning starting today. At the Westgate mall, there were no immediate signs of the Kenyan Security forces closing their operation. Two Kenyan soldiers who had recently been inside the

mall told The Associated Press shortly before the president spoke that the operation was effectively nished, but they said security forces were still combing the facility and had not denitively cleared all the rooms inside. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were under orders not to speak to the media.

Kenyan forces had for two days said they were in the nal phase of the operation, only to be battled back by the militants inside the building. Explosions rang from the upscale Westgate mall in Nairobi throughout Tuesday, and the chatter of gunre from inside the building could also be heard. Fresh smoke rose from the building in the

afternoon. The Kenyan Red Cross had previously said 62 people had been killed, and it seemed certain that the number of conrmed deaths would rise as security forces search the building. Nairobis city morgue had already braced for the arrival of a large number of bodies of people killed, an ofcial said. Kenyan Red Cross spokesman Abbas Gullet said it was still not known how many more may be dead inside the building. It is certainly known that there are more casualties, he said. A government ofcial told The Associated Press that the morgue was preparing for up to an additional 60 bodies, though the ofcial didnt know an exact count. The government ofcial insisted on anonymity so he would not face retribution from government ofcials. Earlier Tuesday the al-Qaida-linked attackers used social media to give accounts of the ghting inside the mall that conicted with the government reports. There are countless number of dead bodies still scattered inside the mall, and the mujahideen are still holding their ground, the Somali rebel group al-Shabab said in one Twitter message considered to be genuine.

Obama opens door to Iran talks Millions

President tells U.n., The diplomatic path must be tested
AP White House Correspondent


Six missing after flood found safe

The nal six people who were unaccounted for after massive ooding in Colorado have been found safe and well, authorities said Tuesday, but new spills were reported in water-damaged oilelds. Only one person remained missing and presumed dead. Eight deaths have been conrmed. It was a remarkable outcome after a disaster that damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 homes, washed out hundreds of miles of roads and left many small mountain towns completely cut off. In the early days of the ooding, more than 1,200 people were listed as unaccounted for, but the list shrank quickly as people checked in after they were evacuated.

The court-martial of a U.S. Army general facing sexual assault charges has been postponed for a second time. The trial of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair had been scheduled to begin at Fort Bragg next Monday. It was announced Tuesday that military Judge Col. James Pohl rescheduled the trial for Jan. 7 after a request from Sinclairs defense team. Sinclairs chief civilian lawyer, Rich Scheff, said the delay was over several issues that are still unresolved, including an appeal of Pohls denial of pretrial motions seeking to have the bulk of the case thrown out. The defense claims that President Barack Obamas public promises to pursue and punish sexual predators in the military put unlawful pressure on the Pentagon to bring criminal charges against Sinclair, despite what they contend is the weakness of the prosecutions case.

Court-martial for general postponed


UNITED NATIONS President Barack Obama opened the door to direct nuclear talks with Irans moderate new government on Tuesday, declaring diplomacy worth pursuing though skepticism persisted about Tehrans willingness to back up friendly overtures with concrete action. The roadblocks may prove to be too great, but I rmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested, Obama said during an address to the United Nations General Assembly. However, quiet negotiations over a possible rst encounter between Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani on the sidelines of the U.N. meeting ended without an agreement for the two leaders to meet. It would have marked the rst time a U.S. and Iranian leader had met in 36 years. Senior Obama administration ofcials said the U.S. and Iran had been discussing such an encounter for days and the White House supported the idea. But they said the Iranians informed the U.S. on Tuesday that holding a meeting would be too complicated. The U.S. ofcials insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the deliberations publicly by name. Rouhani, a moderate cleric elected in June, was making his international debut late Tuesday with his own address to the U.N. General Assembly. Since taking ofce, Rouhani has launched a charm offensive with the West, calling for a new start in rela-

Thousands of people trapped by fighting cannot get enough food, groups say
Associated Press

of Syrian children starving

President Barack Obama addresses the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

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tions with the U.S. and declaring that Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon. Rouhanis overtures have been welcomed by the White House, stirring up speculation of a meeting with Obama. However, Rouhani skipped a U.N. leaders lunch Tuesday afternoon, erasing the most likely opportunity to meet with Obama. The possible diplomatic thaw between the U.S. and Iran was being watched warily by Israel, which has long sought tough punishments against Tehran in retaliation for its nuclear program. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned that the world should not be fooled by signs of moderation by Rouhani. Iran thinks soothing words and token actions will enable it to continue on its path to the bomb, Netanyahu said. The U.S. and its allies have long suspected that Iran is trying to produce

a nuclear weapon, though Tehran insists its nuclear activities are only for producing energy and for medical research. Even without a meeting between Obama and Rouhani, it was clear that the U.S. and Iran were edging close to direct talks. Obama said he was tasking Secretary of State John Kerry with pursuing the prospect of a nuclear agreement with Iran. Kerry, along with representatives from ve other world powers, is to meet Thursday with Irans new foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. If Kerry and Zarif hold one-on-one talks on the sidelines of that meeting, it would mark the rst direct engagement in six years between a U.S. secretary of state and an Iranian foreign minister. A spokeswoman for Zarif said Thursdays meeting indeed would mark the beginning of a new era in relations with the West.

Benedict defends his abuse record

Pope emeritus issues lengthy letter to well-known atheist
Associated Press

A family was on a drive and enjoying the fall foliage when a six-point buck ew through one side of their minivan and out the other, leaving them showered with glass and wondering what just happened, a member of the family said Tuesday. If my daughter hadnt been lying down in the back seat she would have been killed, said Chris Perry of Chateaugay, near the Canadian border. Her husband, 61-year-old John Perry, and their 16-year-old daughter were treated at a Plattsburgh hospital for minor injuries and released after Thursdays accident. Perry said the deer apparently leaped out of the woods and smashed through the rear windows on the drivers side, landed on the teen, and launched itself through the glass on the passenger side while the van was still moving.

Family gets scare from buck


VATICAN CITY Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI has emerged from his self-imposed silence inside the Vatican walls to publish a lengthy letter to one of Italys most well-known atheists. In it, he denies having covered up for sexually abusive priests and discusses everything from evolution to the gure of Jesus Christ. Excerpts of the letter were published Tuesday by La Repubblica, the same newspaper which just two weeks ago published a similar letter from Pope Francis to its own atheist publisher.

Pope Francis, left, meets Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo in March. Benedict has emerged from his self-imposed silence inside the Vatican to publish a lengthy letter to one of Italys most well-known atheists.

AP file photo

The letters indicate that the two men in white who live across the Vatican gardens from each other are pursuing an active campaign to engage non-believers. Its a melding of papacies past and

present that has no precedent and signals that the popes while very different in style, personality and priorities are of the same mind on many issues and might even be collaborating on them.

Benedict wrote the letter to Piergiorgio Odifreddi, an Italian atheist and mathematician who in 2011 wrote a book Dear Pope, Im Writing to You. The book was Odifreddis reaction to Benedicts classic Introduction to Christianity, perhaps his best-known work. In his book, Odifreddi posed a series of polemical arguments about the Catholic faith, including the churchs sex abuse scandal. The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger headed the Vatican ofce responsible for abuse cases, and was pope when scandal erupted in 2010, with thousands of people coming forward in Europe, Latin America and beyond saying they had been molested by priests while the Vatican turned a blind eye. In his letter, Benedict denies personal responsibility, saying: I never tried to cover these things up.

BEIRUT With the worlds attention on Syrias chemical weapons stockpile, international aid organizations and opposition groups are warning of widespread food shortages across the country. Save the Children said in an appeal released Monday that more than 2 million Syrian children could not obtain enough food, and activists told The Associated Press that six people have died of starvation in the suburbs of Damascus in the past days, including an 18-month old baby. Thousands of people are believed trapped in suburbs east and west of the capital Damascus held for months now by rebels ghting to topple President Bashar Assad. Regime troops are besieging the areas, and residents say food is increasingly difcult to nd. Rebels say they are trying to break the blockade. The suburbs, a major battlefront in Syrias civil war, were the site of the Aug. 21 attack that a U.N. report found included the use of the nerve agent sarin. They were home to more than 2 million people before the war, but it is unclear how many are there now. On Monday, the opposition Syrian National Coalition accused government forces of tightening their months-long siege. Assads forces are starving people to death in those areas, the coalition claimed. Famine looms in the horizon. In violence in the capital on Tuesday, a car bomb exploded in a Damascus neighborhood, killing at least three people, the government and activists said. State-run SANA news agency said the blast hit the contested district of Tadamon, which has seen months of ghting between the military and rebels seeking to topple President Bashar Assad. It said 11 others were wounded. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least seven people were killed and 15 were wounded. The difference in the death tolls could not immediately be reconciled. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which comes amid raging battles between troops and rebels in several parts of the country.

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DANIEL J. ZIKOWSKI SR., 77, of Church Street, Kingston, passed away Monday at his home. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Andrew Strish Funeral Home, 11 Wilson St., Larksville. CAROLINE CRANMER, 77, of Wilkes-Barre, passed away Monday evening at her home. Arrangements are pending from and entrusted to the Kniffen OMalley Funeral Home, 465 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. ANNETTE SCHLEICHER KLEMOW, widow of Paul Klemow, died Sept. 11, 2013, at home in Los Angeles, after battling lymphoma. A graduate of Kingston High School, she was active in Hadassah and the Womens Service Club at the Jewish Community Center and played the organ for the Masonic Order of the Eastern Star, Deborah Chapter. Surviving are brother, Max Schleicher, San Francisco; sister, Ruth Sax, Toronto; children, Neil Klemow, Valerie Lipson; son-in-law, Cliff Lipson; grandsons, Benjamin and Jack Lipson, all living in Los Angeles. Memorial contributions can be made to the City of Hope or weSPARK Cancer Support Center in Los Angeles. For condolences, visit MARIE SHAMPACK, 83, a lifelong resident of Swoyersville, passed away unexpectedly on Monday evening at the WilkesBarre General Hospital. Her loving husband is Michael J. Shampack. Together, Michael and Marie celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on March 26, 2013. Funeral arrangements are pending and have been entrusted to the care of the Wroblewski Funeral Home Inc., 1442 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort. A complete obituary will appear in Thursdays edition of the newspaper. JOSEPH S. NARESKI, 76, passed away Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Preceding him were parents, Chester and Stella Kardel Nareski; brother, Chester; infant sister, Phyllis. Surviving are his loving wife of 56 years, the former Ruth Savitski; children, Donna Hamstead and her husband, Richard, West Virginia; Carol Nareski, Maryland; and Matthew Nareski and his wife, Jacqueline, Maryland; two granddaughters, Madison and Christine Nareski. Funeral 9:30 a.m Saturday from S.J. Grontkowski Funeral Home, Plymouth. Mass 10 a.m. in All Saints Parish, Plymouth. Interment in St. Marys Nativity Cemetery. Friends may call 8:30 a.m. to service. For information, visit EUGENE GENE F. LISPI, of Yatesville, passed away on Tuesday at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to and are pending through the Gubbiotti Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. For more information, visit

Sept. 22, 2013 THE TIMES LEADER

Daniel J. Gadomski, 62, of West Wyoming, passed away on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, at the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township. Born in Pittston, he was a son of the late Daniel and Carmella Tona Gadomski. Daniel was a member of St. Monicas Parish at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, West Wyoming, and its Holy Name Society. He was a 1968 graduate of Wyoming Area School District and Luzerne County Community College. Daniel was employed at the James Eagen and Sons for the past 30 years. He was a former chairman and member of the West Wyoming Borough Council and a lifetime member of the West Wyoming Hose Co. No. 1 and West Wyoming Community Ambulance Association. He was also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, AERIE 1965. Surviving are his wife of 39 years, the former Cheryl Bilbow; daughters, Caren and her husband, Michael Iannelli, Chester Springs, and Kristen Gadomski, West Chester; brother-in-law, Jamie, and his wife, Mary Jo Bilbow, Downingtown, and their daughter, Cori; an aunt, Millie Tona, West Wyoming; and many extended family and friends.

Sept. 22, 2013
Beverly G. Singer, 83, of Wilkes-Barre, passed away on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township. Born in Wilkes-Barre on March 27, 1930, she was a daughter of the late Norman and Elizabeth (Bell) Swick. She was a graduate of Hanover High School. Beverly was a member of Puritan Congregational Church, Wilkes-Barre. She was also a member of the peer committee and residents council at River Street Manor. Prior to retiring, she was employed by Hanover Bank, where she worked as a proof operator. Beverly loved spending time with and caring for her grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband of 57 years, Arthur R. Singer Jr., who passed away on April 27, 2008; and her infant daughter, Tricia Singer, who passed away in 1971. Surviving are her daughters, Bonnie Rice and her husband, John, Forty Fort, and Beth Rapson and her husband, Mark, Wilkes-Barre; ve grandchildren, Jason Rice and his wife, Lauren; Beth Rice; Lindsey Shook and her husband, John;

Sept. 21, 2013
Irene J. Charnetski, 87, formerly of Kingston, died Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, in Tiffany Court, Kingston, under the care of Hospice of the Sacred Heart. She was born on March 13, 1926, in Kingston, a daughter of the late Joseph and Sophie Yesson Zawacki. Irene was a member of the Ladies of Assumpta, Luzerne, and the former St. Hedwigs Church, Kingston. She is survived by her husband, Carl E. Charnetski; son, Dr. Carl Charnetski, and his wife, Susan, Harveys Lake; grandchildren, Dr. Carl M. Charnetski and his wife, Karen, Elmira, N.Y., and Dr. Cindy Charnetski and her husband, Paul Shiber, Kingston; greatgrandchildren, Caden, Erik and Ryan, Elmira. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday from the

Relatives and friends are invited to a visitation 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at the Gubbiotti Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. Those attending the funeral Mass at 9:30 a.m. Saturday are requested to go directly to St. Monicas Parish in Our Lady of Sorrows Church, West Wyoming. The Rev. Leo McKernan, pastor, will be celebrant and the Rev. Michael Rafferty will also concelebrate. Interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Carverton. Memorial donations may be made to the Luzerne County SPCA, the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital or the West Wyoming Ambulance Association. To send the family an expression of sympathy or an online condolence, please visit www.

Sept. 24, 2013
Jane F. Owens, 93, of WilkesBarre, passed away Tuesday morning, Sept. 24, 2013, at Little Flower Manor, following a brief illness. She was born in Ashley on Feb. 1, 1920, a daughter to the late Arthur and Mary Elizabeth Murphy Kearney. Jane was a graduate of St. Leos High School and was employed by the WilkesBarre Area School District as a library aide and operated the districts bookmobile. Jane was a lifetime member of the former St. Thereses Church, Wilkes-Barre, and served as a volunteer usher for many years at the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts. She was a loving and devoted mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother who enjoyed her long life to the fullest. She was preceded in death by her husband of 33 years, Robert J. Owens, in 1983; brothers, Robert and Jack Kearney; and sisters, Mary OConnor, Margaret Kearney and Elizabeth Shea. Surviving are her daughter, Mary Beth Pacuska and her husband, Joseph, Hanover Township; grandchildren, Abbegael Giunta Esq., Briane Flaherty and Jack Pacuska; great-grandchildren, Alaena and Sophia Giunta; numerous nieces and nephews.

Mark Rapson and his wife, Sarah; and Scott Rapson; greatgrandchildren, Eleni and Evan Paximadas, Ruby Shook and Bailey and Ben Musial. The funeral service will be at 11 a.m. Friday at Kniffen OMalley Funeral Home, 465 S. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, with the Rev. Jim Wilbur ofciating. Interment will follow in Oak Lawn Cemetery, Hanover Township. Friends may call 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. In lieu of owers, memorial donations may be made to the Residents Council Fund, Riverstreet Manor, 440 N. River St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. To send Beverlys family words of comfort and friendship, please visit

Kopicki Funeral Home, 263 Zerbey Ave., Kingston, with the Rev. Pawel Filip ofciating. Interment will be private and held at the convenience of the family. Friends may call 11 a.m. to service Saturday. In lieu of owers, memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of the Sacred Heart, 600 Baltimore Drive, WilkesBarre, PA 18704.


Ann Marie Wallace, 73, of Washington Street, West Pittston, died Sunday at WilkesBarre General Hospital. Born Oct. 7, 1939, in West Pittston, she was a daughter of the late John and Genevieve Manganello Barnhart. Ann Marie was a graduate of the West Pittston High School. Her calling in life was to meet the many needs of her family by providing a loving and nurturing home to her husband and son. Her husband, Carl, died in 2003. She will be greatly missed by her son, Carl, and his wife,

Sept. 22, 2013

Relatives and friends are invited to attend a memorial funeral Mass at 10 a.m. Saturday in St. Robert Bellarmine Parish at St. Aloysius Church, Division and Barney streets, Wilkes-Barre. The Rev. Vincent Dang will ofciate. Interment will follow in St. Marys Cemetery, Hanover Township. Those attending the Mass should go directly to the church Saturday. Friends may call 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at the Nat & Gawlas Funeral Home, 89 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre. In lieu of owers, memorial donations may be made to the Care and Concern Free Health Clinic, 37 William St., Pittston, PA 18640. Online condolences maybe sent by visiting Janes obituary at www.natandgawlasfuneralhome. com.

Linda, West Wyoming; grandchildren, Karl and Shannon Wallace; sister, Rose Plisko, Wyoming; nieces, nephews, and other family and friends. Celebration of Ann Maries life will be held Friday with a graveside service at 11 a.m. at West Pittston Cemetery, Susquehanna Avenue, West Pittston. McLaughlins The Family Funeral Service is assisting Ann Maries family with arrangements. Permanent messages and memories can be shared with Ann Maries family at

A Labrador retriever named Socks has her cap adjusted by her handler police officer Julie Wesley during a commencement ceremony Tuesday at the University of Pennsylvanias Working Dog Center in Philadelphia.

AP photo

U. of Penn. grads put best paws forward

Associated Press


Sept. 23, 2013
Peter A. Onukiewech, 63, of Wilkes-Barre, entered into eternal life unexpectedly on Sept. 23, 2013, at his residence. He was born in Scranton on Dec. 14, 1949, a son of the late Andrew and Josephine (Szczepaniak) Onukiewech. Educated in the city schools, Peter was a graduate of GAR Memorial High School, WilkesBarre, and furthered his education by attaining a degree from Kings College. He was a retired member of the U.S. Army Reserves and also held membership in the Knights of Columbus, Wilkes-Barre Council 302, as a third degree; the Harveys Lake Rod and Gun Club; and the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS), where he was a master judge. Peter was employed for 20 years by the city of Wilkes-Barre as a planning and zoning ofcer and for the past 25 years by Wilkes-Barre General Hospital as a facilities planner. He is survived by his loving wife and soulmate, the former Margaret (Sypniewski). They would have been married for 40 years this October. Also surviving are his sister, Mrs. JoAnn Krull, and her husband, Raymond; nieces, Krista (Michael) Goss and Alissa (Christopher) Mancini; nephews, John P. Jones and his wife, Kelly; Robert Jones and Jeffrey Jones; great-nieces, Olivia Goss and Abigail Mancini; great-nephews, Kyle Goss, Nico and Tyler Sciandra; numerous cousins; sister-in-law, Elizabeth Jones, and John J. Casey III. Funeral services for Peter will be conducted at 9 a.m. Thursday from the Wilkes-Barre Heights location of the John V. Morris Family Funeral Homes Inc., 281 E. Northampton St., Wilkes-Barre, followed by a funeral Mass at 9:30 a.m. in St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church, 226 S. Washington St. The Rev. Monsignor Joseph G. Rauscher, pastor, will ofciate. Interment with rites of committal will follow in St. Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery, 1594 S. Main St., Hanover Township. Relatives and friends may join Peters wife and family for visitation and remembrances 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. In lieu of oral tributes, memorial contributions are requested in Peters memory to the American Heart Association, P.O. Box 15120, Chicago, IL 60693; or to the St. Nicholas Parish Food Pantry, 226 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701. To send his wife, Marge, and family online words of comfort, support and friendship at this time, please visit the funeral homes website at

Sept. 22, 2013
John C. Herbert, 73, of Bear Creek, passed away Sunday at home. Born in Bear Creek, he was a son of the late Robert W. and Catherine Early Herbert. He attended Bear Creek Oliver School and later earned his GED. John had a very fullling life. He was proudest of owning and operating Herberts Auto Services in Wilkes-Barre for more than 42 years. John was also a proud member of Lodge 61 F&AM, WilkesBarre; Caldwell Consistory, Bloomsburg, and the Irem Shrine, Dallas. John will be sadly missed by all who knew him and especially by his loving family, whom he adored. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a son, Duane Herbert; and brothers Joseph, Edward and Robert Herbert. He is survived by Betty Jane Winter Herbert; daughters, Cathie Thomas and her husband, Paul, and Denise MacMillan and her husband, Edward; son, John Herbert, and his companion, Narin Kaewliam; daughter-in-law, Debbie Herbert; grandchildren, Chris, Ryan and Shane Herbert; Eliot Thomas, Samantha and Zeb Macmillan; a greatgranddaughter, Lily; a brother, Francis; sisters, Cathy Jones, Betty Alice Herbert, Darlene Cirko and her husband, Allen; sisters-in-law, Rose, Joan and Dolly Herbert; and numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. A special thanks is given to the anonymous motorcycle enthusiasts who gave John a nal toast from the years gone by at the Carriage Stop on Sunday. Your kind gesture has touched our hearts more than you will ever know. Private funeral services will be at the convenience of the family. Memorial donations may be made to the Irem Shrine, 397 Country Club Road, Dallas, PA 18612. Arrangements were entrusted to the Daniel J. Hughes Funeral & Cremation Service, 617 Carey Ave., Wilkes-Barre.

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PHILADELPHIA A training center inspired by canine rescue work on 9/11 is graduating its rst class of working dogs, some of whom will embark on search-and-rescue careers while others will serve as canine assistants to people with medical conditions. An excited yellow Labrador retriever named Socks was tted with a mortarboard and tassel at Tuesdays commencement ceremony at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center before going off to start her new job on the campus police force. Socks is among seven dogs in the inaugural class at the center, which opened in Philadelphia on Sept. 11, 2012. Cindy Otto, a longtime emergency clinician at the University of Pennsylvanias veterinary school, wanted to honor the animals that worked so hard after terrorists struck the U.S. in 2001. I spent 10 days at ground zero taking care of the working dogs there and recognized what an incredible gift those dogs are to our society and how important they are, said Otto, now the centers director. All 16 dogs currently being trained at the center are named for canines who served on 9/11. Donated by breeders, the pooches live in foster homes with volunteers who care for them while theyre not learning how to sniff out explosives, drugs or missing persons. Six other dogs who

graduated with Socks did not get mortarboards Tuesday because they are still awaiting permanent placements. But the pooches demonstrated their search skills on a manufactured rubble pile and their agility on an obstacle course. Ofcials said local police and re departments have expressed signicant interest in the remaining dogs, including a chocolate Lab named Thunder. The animals cost $10,000 each, with the money going to defray the costs of training. Thunder is denitely an urban search-and-rescue dog, Otto said. He is bold, he is strong, he has no fear on the rubble, and he will search like a machine, which is exactly what you want in a disaster setting. A more mellow golden retriever named Bretagne will likely become a diabetic alert dog, able to help detect when her owners blood sugar is getting low. And Socks, the rst canine member of the Penn police, has already started attending advanced bomb detection school, said Maureen Rush, superintendent of the campus force. Socks is way ahead of the game because of the great work thats been done already through the Working Dog Center, Rush said. Meanwhile, the second class of working dogs is training hard. Three have already put their noses to work in an ovarian cancer detection study.

ABATE - Theresa, funeral 9 a.m. today at John V. Morris Family Funeral Homes Inc., 625 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Funeral Mass 9:30 a.m. in St. Stanislaus Kostka worship site of St. Andre Bessette Parish Community, 668 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. BENJAMIN - Joseph, funeral 11 a.m. Thursday at the Nat & Gawlas Funeral Home, 89 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre. Friends may call 4 to 7 p.m. today. BUJNOWSKI - Ellen, Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. today in Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church, 420 Main Road, Hanover Township. COHEN - Anne, graveside funeral 11 a.m. today in Temple Israel Cemetery, Denison Street, Swoyersville. Visiting hours 7 to 9 p.m. today and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the family home, 626 Meadowland Ave., Kingston. DASHNAW - Louise, funeral 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Gubbiotti Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. Mass of Christian Burial 11 a.m. in Corpus Christi Parish in Immaculate Conception Church, West Pittston. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home. DONNELLY - Joan, funeral 9 a.m. Thursday at Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main St., Plains Township. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in St. Johns the Evangelist Church, William Street, Pittston. Friends may call 4 to 7 p.m. today. FULLER - Richard Sr., reception in his honor noon to 2 p.m. Saturday at Leggios Italian Restaurant, 1 E. Center Hill Road, Dallas. JONES - Sandra, memorial service 7 p.m. today at P. Dean Homer Funeral Home, 1 Grovedale Lane, Wyalusing. GUSHANAS - Maureen, memorial funeral Mass 11:30 a.m. today in St. Nicholas Church, 226 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre. Friends may call 10:30 a.m. to Mass. MURDOCH - Ray Sr., funeral 11 a.m. today at Metcalfe-ShaverKopcza Funeral Home Inc., 504 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming. NAUGHTON - James Sr., funeral 9 a.m. Thursday at BetzJastremski Funeral Home Inc., 568 Bennett St., Luzerne. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in St. Ignatius Church, Kingston. Friends may call 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. NEWELL - Lilli, memorial service 8 p.m. today at Harding-Litwin Funeral Home, 123 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock. Friends may call 5 p.m. to service. Graveside service 10 a.m. Thursday in Lynn Cemetery, Springville. REDINGTON - Grace, Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. today in St. John the Evangelist Church, William Street, Pittston. RHOADS - Dorene, memorial services 11:15 a.m. Saturday in Trucksville United Methodist Church. Friends may call 10 a.m. to services. SAVOKINAS - Michael, funeral 9 a.m. today at Graziano Funeral Home Inc., Pittston Township. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in St. Joseph Marello Parish, William Street, Pittston. SPEICHER - Lillian, funeral 9:30 a.m. Thursday at E. Blake Collins Funeral Home, 159 George Ave., Wilkes-Barre. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in St. Benedicts Church, 155 Austin Ave., Parsons section of Wilkes-Barre. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. today. TAYOUN - Barbara, celebration of life with funeral Mass 10 a.m. Friday in the Church of St. Maria Goretti, Laflin Road, Laflin. Friends may call 9:30 a.m. to Mass. TRASCIATTI - Ruth, funeral 9 a.m. today at Gubbiotti Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in St. Monicas Parish in Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Eighth Street, West Wyoming. TRAVER - Hiram, memorial service 11 a.m. Sunday in St. Lukes Reformation Lutheran Church, Noxen. WILLIAMS - Thomas, funeral 11 a.m. Thursday at Thomas P. Kearney Funeral Home Inc., 517 N. Main St., Old Forge. Friends may call 4 to 7 p.m. today at the funeral home. YOUNG - Roy, funeral 10:30 a.m. today at Stanley S. Stegura Funeral Home Inc., 614 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke. Mass of Christian Burial 11 a.m. in the main site of St. Faustinas Parish, 520 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke. Friends may call 9:30 a.m. to services.

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Tracey A. Zero 9/25/68 - 11/6/12

Mary R. McDermott 1953-2o12

Forever in our Hearts and always on our Minds. You are deeply loved and missed Husband Jim, Daughter Amy, Sons Jim Jr. and Sean, Brothers and Sisters, Grandchildren, Grandson and Family

A fterFu nera lLu ncheons

Sta rting a t$7. 95 p erp erson

G enettis

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 7A

Controller candidates still developing fundraising strategies

people one on one is the best way to let them know about my qualications Carolee Medico and nance experience, Olenginski said she has Bednar said. formed a campaign comHer committee, the mittee in her race for Friends of Bednar, Luzerne County control- received and spent around ler but wont have time $14,000 in the May prito organize fundraisers mary, when Bednar ran before the Nov. 5 election. against Stephen A. Urban, Medico Olenginski a county councilman and entered the race former commislate because sioner. shes lling Tuesday was a Republican the deadline ballot slot crefor campaign ated by Walter ELECTION nance reports Grifths within statewide drawal from races, and Urbans the race Aug. committee led a 6. The county report even though it Republican Party execu- was not required. tive committee chose The Friends of Steve Medico Olenginski to run Urban committee had on the party ticket Aug. $4,300 in the bank and 18. $7,500 in outstanding The time to do a fund- loans as of Sept. 16, the raiser would be July when report said. The debt no other events are sched- stems from loans Urban uled. Theres not enough had personally made to his time to do much, she committee. said. Reports were also led She sent letters to for county council candipotential campaign sup- dates Kathleen Dobash porters several days ago and Rick Williams. and said some donations Dobash reported spendhave started trickling in. ing and receiving $814 For now, shes loaning between June 10 and Sept. money to her committee 16. The receipts included Carolee for Controller $537 Dobash donated to to cover the costs of her campaign. signs. Citizens for Rick Medico Olenginski said Williams has around her campaign will focus $6,140 in the bank for on her experience and the upcoming general improvements she imple- campaign. The commitmented during two elect- tee raised around $9,450 ed terms as county pro- between Jan. 1 and Sept. thonotary, the overseer of 16 and spent $3,320 on civil court records. postage, a campaign Im not planning a neg- announcement gathering ative campaign, she said. and signs. Campaign committees Williams, who entered in county and municipal the race after the priraces must report their mary because he is an spending and receipts on Independent, received Oct. 25. three donations of more Michelle Bednar, the than $250 to his comDemocratic controller mittee: John and Shawn candidate, said she and Murphy, Dallas, $500; her campaign team are Judith and Phil Decker, still developing fundrais- Dallas, $1,000; and ing goals for the election. Deborah and Warren Ive been going to Fisher, Idaho, $7,000. many events and going Eleven candidates are door to door. Getting out running for ve county there and meeting with council seats.

Sherman Hills shooting suspect presses for release from jail




WILKES-BARRE An attorney for one of three men being investigated in the shooting of two girls at Sherman Hills last month wants prosecutors to le charges or release him. Taleek T. Sistrunk, 21, has been jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $50,000 bail since his arrest on Aug. 24 on a simple assault charge. City police allege Sistrunk is one of three men who assaulted several people at 91 N. Empire Court over a missing bank card, several hours after Janiya McFarlane, 5, and Gabrielle Morris, 2, were shot in Apartment 614 in Building 328 at Sherman Hills. Investigators linked Sistrunk, Jevaun Brown, 24, and Trevor Whitaker, 26, to the shooting with the discovery of a 1999

Taleek T. Sistrunk, seen earlier this month on the way to a hearing, has been jailed at the county prison since his arrest on Aug. 24 on a simple assault charge.

Ed Lewis file photo | The Times Leader

Dodge minivan with a tire on the roof. The vehicle was seized from the area of 510 S. Empire St., where it was found after the bank card ght.

Police allege one of the suspects in the shooting planned to leave the area in a van with a tire on the roof, according to search warrant afdavits.

No charges have been led in relation to the shooting. The two girls survived their wounds. Sistrunks attorney, Allyson Kacmarski, on Tuesday led a petition in Luzerne County Court seeking to have the simple assault charge dismissed. Kacmarski states prosecutors did not show good cause in their request to continue Sistrunks preliminary hearing, which was granted by District Judge Martin Kane on Sept. 12. Kacmarski said Sistrunk is guaranteed a preliminary hearing within three to 10 days of his Aug. 24 arrest. Assistant District Attorney Brian Coleman asked the preliminary hearing be continued because a witness to the simple assault case was not in the courtroom. Coleman told Kane that Sistrunk, Brown and Whitaker are being investigated for the shooting of two children at Sherman Hills.

Attorney: Woodlands has gone to extremes to ensure security


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WILKES-BARRE The Woodlands Inn and Resort should not be held responsible for ghts among patrons who bring their bad blood to the resorts night club Club Evolution, the resorts attorney said in court papers led recently. In fact, the resort has gone to extreme efforts to provide property security by employing 18 well-trained security professionals, attorney Richard Bishop wrote. The resort on state Route 315 in Plains Township is challenging a decision by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board not to renew the resorts liquor license. County Judge Richard Hughes heard three days of testimony on the appeal in late July and early August. In response to the LCBs claims the resort failed to comply to a 2011 conditioning licensing agreement, Bishop said the resort has not been cited since the agreement was put in place in October 2011. The LCB required the resort to: Employ a minimum

of 14 security ofcers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights; Maintain 44 surveillance cameras, provide exterior and interior lighting for surveillance cameras to record clear images, undergo gang awareness training; Separate the underage from those who are legally permitted to drink alcohol. Over the past several years the number of incidents at (resort) has decreased substantially and the Plains Township Police Department has not had any problems with (the resort) and respects the good work done by (the resorts) trained security professional, Bishop stated in court papers. During the hearing before Hughes, township police Lt. Richard Lussi testied the resort has been very proactive in trying to control any type of problems occurring at the property, Bishop wrote. Bishop stated the resort is one of the largest entertainment facilities in Northeastern Pennsylvania that attracts in excess of 1,000 customers on any given night.

With this large number of customers it is not unreasonable to expect from time to time a customer may get out of hand, but such situations are now comparatively rare and promptly resolved with a minimum amount of problems to law enforcement or to anyone else, Bishop stated. Bishop said there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of ghts between customers who likely were drinking somewhere else before arriving at the resort. Bishop further stated the resort has never been identied as a nuisance bar and goes to great length at keeping a reputable reputation. Hughes is expected to issue a decision at a later date.

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Tobacco companies claim the state inappropriately collected payments from a $340M-a-year settlement
Associated Press

Pa. to fight costly ruling in tobacco dispute

pute has drawn in the last three attorneys general and involves whether Pennsylvania appropriately collected payments based on the 2003 sales of certain tobacco products. Tobacco companies in the dispute agreed to a 1998 pact that requires them to pay states for the costs of health care for smokers, in exchange for protection from states suing the three companies that joined it. Pennsylvania gets about $340 million a year from tobacco companies as part of the settlement. Those companies that joined the settlement Philip Morris USA Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Lorillard Tobacco Co. then challenged whether Pennsylvania appropriately collected payments from the sales of products made by competitors that didnt join the pact. Pennsylvania could potentially have to ght over the collections in 2004 and later years, as well. A provision in the settlement entitles tobacco companies to a reduction if they lose market share to competitors that didnt join the agreement. Participating companies must prove the states didnt adequately enforce laws requiring those competitors to pay into escrow accounts in case of future litigation. Part of the dispute over 2003s collections stems from whether Pennsylvania is obligated to collect taxes on roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. The Attorney Generals Ofce maintained that the state had no law authorizing it to collect taxes on such a product when it signed on to the 1998 settlement and thus had no obligation to count it as part of what it should have collected from competing tobacco companies. However, the arbitration panel of three former federal judges seemed to think that Pennsylvania did have an obligation, and it called Pennsylvania the only state not to count escrow payments on roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. The judges then concluded that sales of rollyour-own tobacco made up 25 percent of the sales by competing companies in Pennsylvania versus a 2 percent national average. That, the judges said, suggested that Pennsylvanias departure from other states was unusual and not well justied. But King said no such testimony backing up that statistic on roll-your-own sales in Pennsylvania had been provided to the panel and unduly inated the potential award to tobacco companies.

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HARRISBURG The state Attorney Generals Ofce plans to challenge an arbitration decision related to payments from tobacco companies that threatens to blow a $170 million hole in the state budget next year, ofcials said Tuesday. First Deputy Attorney General Adrian King said the request to reconsider the Sept. 11 decision in a ght over enforcing payments from certain tobacco companies could be led as early as Tuesday or today. King said the amount of the loss to Pennsylvania is only approximate until an auditor makes a determination. The long-running dis-



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You scream. I scream. We all scream for Yuengling?

The Associated Press

POTTSVILLE Consumers picking up a case of Yuengling lager might want to grab a carton of Yuengling chocolate chip while theyre out. The name linked to Americas oldest brewery is once again lending itself to ice cream. David Yuengling is resurrecting Yuenglings Ice Cream, an ice cream business started by his great-grandfather in 1920 to help supplement the brewerys revenue during Prohibition, according to the Republican-Herald of Pottsville.

The new company is unafliated with the Pottsville-based brewery. David Yuengling is a second cousin of brewery owner Dick Yuengling. The original Yuenglings Ice Cream later changed its name to Yuengling Dairy Products and added milk and cream to its product lineup before ceasing production in 1985. Over the years, people have always asked to bring it back and they say how much they loved it. The few people that we have told so far, everyone said its a great idea and wish we had done it long

ago, said David Yuengling, 51, who spent 30 years in the computer industry. The ice cream will be produced at Leibys Premium Ice Cream in nearby Tamaqua. It will come in 10 avors including black and tan, a chocolate and caramel mix thats a clear nod to the Yuengling beer variety of the same name. David Yuengling said it will be available by the quart in grocery stores in Pennsylvania and other mid-Atlantic states starting in March.

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PAGE 8A Wednesday, September 24, 2013

& Freeman Lewith Real Estate, Inc.

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Lewith & Freeman homes appear on all major real estate websites, 600 & growing
Kingston: 288.9371 Shavertown: 696.3801 Wilkes-Barre: 822.1160 Hazleton: 788.1999 Mountain Top: 474.9801 Clarks Summit: 585.0600
Lot 260 Rebel Hill Road 1 Park Road
21 Colonial Drive 102 Susquehanna Avenue 37 Marina Drive

MountAintoP New Construction! 3BR, 2 bath Ranch with all public utilities. Paved drive, top soil & seeding. C/A, gas heat, 2 car garage. Dir: Take Rt. 309S to R onto Walden Drive to R Redcoat Lane to R onto Rebell Hill! House on L. MLS# 13-1269 JiM 715-9323 $252,735
575 Susquehanna Avenue

BEAR CREEK ReDuCeD 2000SF Cedar 3BR home nestled on 3.5acres. HW floors in DR & LR, stunning great room w/tile floor, cathedral ceiling & gas FP. Modern kitchen w/stainless steel appliances & granite countertops, detached 2 car garage 24x48 w/kitchen & 3/4 bath w/covered patio. Large rec room in LL. C/A & gas heat. Dir: Rt 315 past Turnpike entrance, 1/2 mile turn R into Forest Park, stay R to Park Road, sign on L. MLS# 13-1702 MAtt 714-9229 $374,900

DALLAS ReDuCeD Charming 4BR, 2.5 bath home in Highpoint Acres. Move-in ready, remodeled kitchen, new paint & carpet in neutral tones. Wonderful screened porch & side yard. Neighbors share community pool. Dir: S. Main Rd. to Nuangola Rd., left onto Burma, right into Village. Home on right. MLS# 13-3198 RHEA 696-6677 $247,500

wESt PittSton Adorable 2BR Cape w/gorgeous kitchen & bath, full enclosed porch, deep lot & garage, 40ft riverfront. Dir: Susquehanna Ave @ corner of Clyde & Susquehanna. MLS# 13-3704 DEAnnA 696-0894 $149,500

HARVEYS LAKE Immaculate 3BR, 2.5 bath end unit; cherry/ granite eat-in kitchen w/appliances open to LR w/FP & sliders to patio; large dining area & foyer; spacious MBR Suite; each BR has walk-in closet; A/C; 1st floor laundry; garage; boat slip available. Dir: Rt 309 to Rt 415 to Harveys Lake, L before Grotto into Marina Pointe. MLS# 13-1488 RAE 714-9234 $214,900

wYoMinG Spacious Cape w/finished LL & 2nd floor Master w/new full bath, HW on main floor, new windows & much more! Dir: Wyoming Ave to 10th Street - L on Susquehanna - House on L. MLS# 13-2195 DEAnnA 696-0894 $154,900

DALLAS Stately home in serene 4.8acre setting minutes from town - The expansive deck & walls of windows offer wonderful views of the manicured grounds & surrounding countryside. The stunning kitchen features a large center Island crafted from an enormous single slab of granite & is equipped with Wolf & Sub Zero appliances & 2 dishwashers The Master Suite includes a private deck, spectacular bath with large steam shower, custom dressing room & laundry - The bright lower level opens to yard & offers additional living/ entertainment space with a theatre area, bar, bath & gym. Attention to detail throughout! MLS# 13-511 RHEA 696-6677 $795,000

SHAVERtown New on Market - Custom brick Colonial on 6.7acre property, set off long private drive: this gracious home offers teak wood floors & beautiful molding in living & dining rooms. Modern eat-in kitchen opens to family room w/fireplace, 1st floor office, wonderful 3 seasons room - Master has exceptional bath & closet - HW throughout 2nd floor - Finished LL for additional recreational space. The fabulous new Gunite pool is surrounded by slate tile - Landscape is abundant w/perrenials. MLS# 13-3223 RHEA 696-6677 $665,000

MountAintoP exquisite 3350SF beauty on 7.49 mostly wooded acres. Spacious rooms. Great floor plan. Amazing kitchen. Lots of HW & tile. 3 car garage. Great house! MLS# 13-2011 tERRY D. 715-9317 $589,400

DALLAS Inviting custom home with wonderful floor plan in serene setting and convenient Dallas location - Large rooms, beautiful HW floors, crown molding & 3 fireplace with handcrafted detail - Great kitchen & baths - Finished walk-out lower level. MLS# 13-1670 MARGY 696-0891 $517,000

DALLAS Beautifully maintained 5BR, 3.5 bath Colonial in a desirable neighborhood. 3900SF, HW floors, 3 car garage, in-ground pool. 13-1932 tRACY 696-6674 $459,000

MountAintoP NeW CONSTRuCTION - Move right in! Inviting 2950SF, 4-5BR, 3 bath, 3 car garage & open floor plan, Granite counters & Island in kitchen. Breakfast area opens to deck. FR w/gas FP. MBR with 2 walk-in closets & whirlpool. Lots of extras! MLS# 13-3683 tERRY D. 715-9317

DALLAS Craftsmanship abounds in this 2-story. Cathedral ceiling accents the kitchen w/Island, 6 burner range, formal LR & DR. FR w/FP, 4BRs, LL FR, deck w/awning. A must see! MLS# 13-2532 JuDY 714-9230 $399,900

MountAintoP Outstanding offering for New Construction! Finished lower level! 4BRs, 2.1 baths, 3 car garage. Landscaped! MLS# 13-0747 CoRinE 715-9331 $329,900

SHAVERtown ReDuCeD Situated on a gorgeous wooded lot in the desirable subdivision, this spacious 4BR, 5 bath home offers HW floors, beautiful custom built-ins. 2FPs, 1st fl laundry & large closets. Shed & lovely deck. MLS# 13-2876 tRACY 696-0723 or JuDY 714-9230 $324,900

wHitE HAVEn ReDuCeD Private & tranquil! This 4BR, 2 bath home sits on 11acres & backs to Nescopeck Creek. Detached 30x30 garage! MLS# 13-2734 LiSA 715-9335 $304,900

DALLAS Spacious brick Ranch. Gas heat, C/A, FR w/brick FP, HW floors, 2 baths, great kitchen, large LR, 16x32 in-ground pool. Dont delay. Call today! MLS# 13-3252 DEB K. 696-0886 $269,900

HunLoCK CREEK Work, reside & enjoy nature! 12yr new home, 40x60 pole barn PLuS 19.5acres. Great price! MLS# 13-1591 MARiBEtH 696-0882 $259,000

MountAintoP 3BR home w/2 full & 2 half baths. LR, DR, FR w/FP, finished basement. Gas heat & C/A. 32acre lot , 2 car garage & large deck. MLS# 13-1739 AnDY 714-9225 $284,900

DoRRAnCE Stone walls welcome you to this beautiful brick Ranch on a private wooded 6acres. Very large room sizes. 2BRs, office, finished lower level. MLS# 13-3703 CoRinE 715-9321 $279,400

KinGSton Roomy, bright & cheery 3-story home. Freshly painted, new carpet & wood floors. 5BR, 2.5 bath, FP, 3 car garage. Great neighborhood. MLS# 13-3669 tRACY 696-0723 $229,000

KinGSton ReDuCeD Immaculate 4BR, 3 bath home featuring modern kitchen & baths, ample size parking areas, large MBR Suite, fenced yard & 2 car built-in garage. MLS# 13-3764 JuLio 239-6408 $189,900

foRtY foRt Modern Ranch with 5BRs, 2 kitchens & 2.5 baths. Large 1st floor MBR & bath, finished lower level w/kitchen, FR & laundry room. MLS# 13-3557 MAtt 714-9229 $159,900

PLYMoutH Many features to this deceiving Ranch. It has 3BRs, 1.5 baths, HW floors, newly finished lower level, additional space in attic & move-in condition! MLS# 13-3793 JuDY 714-9230 $132,900

KinGSton Location & convenience says it all! Home features 4BRs, 2 baths, beautiful kitchen, OSP & fenced backyard. MLS# 13-1079 AnniE 905-0253 $129,900

KinGSton Nice 4BR, 1.5 bath, 2.5 story home in convenient location. eat-in kitchen, 1st floor laundry, formal FR, Den & LL recreation room. Large yard. MLS# 13-1778 tERRY nELSon 714-9248 $125,000

PittSton Lovely well-maintained spacious 2-story home w/lots of charm. Newer roof & furnace. Wrap around porch, formal DR, 3-4BRs. Convenient to major highways. MLS# 13-2772 DEB R. 714-5802 $88,000

HAnoVER twP. Stately 2-story Tudor on a double lot this 3BR home offers beautiful landscaping, C/A, patio, 3 season room & pool with spectacular views. MLS# 13-1979 PAttY A. 715-9332 $299,900

HAnoVER twP. Maintenance free Townhome. 2-story, great room, HW, granite, SS appls, gas FP, MBR w/Jacuzzi, 2 car garage. MLS# 13-1960 MARiBEtH 696-0882 $245,000

HAnoVER twP. ReDuCeD All brick 2-story has easy access to Interstates, Industrial Park, Wyoming Valley Country Club, fenced rear yard, updated heat. MLS# 12-1426 MARiBEtH 696-0882 $139,900

PLAinS Lovely 2-3BR Townhouse; Spacious LR w/corner FP; large eat-in Kit w/HW & all appliances; 1st floor laundry; 1st floor FR; MBR Suite; 2nd BR w/full bath; recreation room opens to patio; 2 car garage; A/C; gas heat. Terrific location! MLS# 13-1460 RAE 714-9234 $189,900

wiLKES-BARRE NeW LISTING Move-in ready 3BR, 2.5 bath Split Level. LR, formal DR with sliding door to deck & large yard. eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Large FR w/FP. C/A, gas heat & large backyard. MLS# 13-3873 tERRY nELSon 714-9248 $179,000

wiLKES-BARRE This 2BR, 3 bath Townhome located in the heart of the newly revitalized down town features an open concept living area with HW floors, modern kitchen w/maple cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and a large MBR Suite. MLS# 13-3763 JuLio 239-6408 $174,500

wiLKES-BARRE This custom home is a blend of comfort & refinement. Set on a double lot, this 3BR, 3 bath home features large elegant living/dining room combo, custom kitchen cabinets w/granite tops & MBR Suite. Attention to design is apparent throughout. MLS# 13-3730 JuLio 239-6408 $123,900

wiLKES-BARRE Very attractive, updated 4BR home on double lot. Brand new kitchen, fenced yard w/pond. Paved driveway. Walkup 3rd level MLS# 13-3107 LiSA 715-9335 $89,900

THE TIMES LEADER Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 9A


Corbetts welfare rule wont encourage work

The Corbett administration seems to have gured out how to deprive Pennsylvanias neediest families of welfare benets by throwing an utterly ridiculous and duplicative barrier in their paths. A new rule implemented by the states Department of Public Welfare provides a case study in how to undermine a program that you apparently dont think should exist. The rule says that before anyone can apply for welfare benets, he must ll out a form showing he has been turned down for three jobs. The rule suggests people applying for welfare may be too lazy to look for work. It also ignores that some applicants may be working, but not making enough to support their families. Why the administration even felt the rule was necessary is puzzling since welfare has had a work requirement since President Bill Clinton and Congress ended welfare as we know it in 1996. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) rules require a person receiving benets to have a job, be in a job-training program, or search for a job under the guidance of caseworkers. So why is the state asking applicants to ll out extra paperwork, increasing the burden of an understaffed, slowpaced bureaucracy? Accusations that the true aim is to trim welfare rolls by confusing applicants isnt far-fetched. It seems to be happening. Since the job-search rule was put into effect last year, almost 80 percent of the people who applied for welfare have been turned down. That is a dramatic leap from the normal turn-down rate, which had ranged from 50 percent to 60 percent. Many applicants dont even know about the prequalifying work-search rule, so

they get rejected immediately. Its not wrong to want aid recipients to look for work, but the Corbett approach is counterproductive. Longstanding TANF procedures include an initial assessment to devise a plan to help an applicant nd a job or be trained for one. It also includes transportation and child-care assistance for the job seeker. Without those components to help a person become employed, Corbetts new rule certainly seems to be designed to discourage welfare applications. The government is supposed to help the poor get on their feet, not make people feel like losers by forcing them to nd their way through an application maze in which the ultimate goal seems to be failure. Perhaps the only way to see the prequalifying work rule as a good idea is if you have bought into the lie that most welfare recipients are lazy scammers exploiting the program. That same misguided thinking has House Republicans in Congress voting to cut $4 billion a year from food stamps. It also may explain why Corbett has put an equally dubious work rule in his proposed health-care program. But he has to know that welfare pays only $314 a month to a mother and child. No one is living the good life on such a tiny check. Corbett may not like welfare, or that too many families need it, but his job is to smartly administer the program so people dont become homeless while looking for work. The prequalifying work rule does little but add to a desperate familys suffering. It is an unnecessary rule that Corbett should strip from the books and do more to actually help aid applicants nd work.
Philadelphia Inquirer

Iranian reconciliation worth cautious attempt

Iran stands at the cusp of a new era in its relations with the West as newly installed President Hasan Rowhani addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday. Rowhani is sending extraordinary signals about the need for a diplomatic reset after years of conict. President Barack Obama should proceed, albeit with extreme caution, to exploit this potential opening. Lots of topics, such as Syrias civil war, are up for discussion, but the core issue is Irans nuclear program, which the West contends is singularly focused on developing a bomb. Iran has long denied such plans but has repeatedly failed to honor treaty commitments to permit international inspections and be fully transparent about its nuclear operations. Bellicose threats from each side have only helped worsen tensions, particularly the talk of military action against Iran and calls by Rowhanis controversial predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for Israel to be wiped off the map. The downward spiral of rhetoric removed almost all chances of a diplomatic breakthrough. Since his election in June, Rowhani has managed to silence Irans hard-line conservatives for the time being while working overtime to advance a conciliatory message to the West. Gone are the pronouncements of Holocaust denial that earned pariah status for Ahmadinejad. Earlier this month, a Twitter message using Rowhanis name wished Rosh Hoshana greetings to the worlds Jewish community. Last Thursday, Rowhani penned an op-ed column in The Washington Post calling for world leaders to lead in turning threats into opportunities and work together to end the unhealthy rivalries and interferences that fuel violence and drive us apart. In n interview with NBC News, he was emphatic: Under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, nor will we ever. Lets not forget what prompted this change of tone. A carefully orchestrated network of international sanctions, spearheaded by U.S. pressure, helped isolate Iran and deeply shook its economy. Iranians are tired of hardship and constant tension with the West. Iranian voters shift from Ahmadinejads extremism to the more soft-spoken tone of Rowhani reects a popular desire to do whatever Iran must to get the sanctions eased. A thaw is long overdue. Obama and Rowhani have exchanged letters. Theres even talk of arranging some sort of direct meeting between the two in New York. Any such encounter would be rich in symbolism, but what the world demands is substance in the way of full Iranian compliance with its international obligations. Theres no harm in talking, and theres little payoff at this point in deepening tensions with more bellicose pronouncements. But amid the cordiality, Obama should make clear that the sanctions relief Iran seeks will come only when Rowhanis kin words are matched with earnest deeds.
Dallas Morning News


Barring some last-minute technical meltdown, the state will publicly unveil its new online School Performance Proles Monday, and you can expect copious coverage. But there are stories behind the scenes and in the periphery that are equally newsy. The surface stuff: SPP replaces the Adequate Yearly Progress yardstick that schools and districts had to meet each year. While AYP focused on the percentage of students scoring procient or better on math and reading tests, SPP looks at prociency in those and the state science and writing tests, the new high school Keystone tests, SATs, ACTS and other competency tests such as those taken by students at career and technical centers. SPP also puts a lot of stress on closing the gap between the percentage of students scoring procient and those scoring below procient. Schools will get a single building-level score. Theres even extra credit, a system that grants up to seven points for things like Advanced Placement scores. Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq gave media a preview in a web conference last Wednesday, now online: http://video. Click PDE podcasts, then Press brieng: School performance prole. The story beneath the surface: It should have been William Harner, not Dumaresq, giving the brieng. Just a few weeks ago, it was Harner serving as acting secretary, with everyone expecting him to get the post full time. He even showed up when Bear Creek Community Charter School held a press conference announcing a big federal loan for a new building. But Harner resigned abruptly Aug. 26 and fell off the political face of the Earth. What happened? No ones saying. But Philadelphia Inquirer Harrisburg Bureaus Angela Couloumbis reported

Hidden stories in latest ed reforms

Aug. 27 that three sources, under condition of anonimity, said that during his time running the Cumberland Valley School District Harner sent a male administrator an email allegedly asking him how he looked in a Speedo bathing suit. Couloumbis reports that the administrator was on vacation and led a Mark complaint later. Guydish Salacious? You bet. Stafff Relevant to Dumaresqs Columnist web press conference? Not directly, but worth pointing out. She was barely in the job that Harner had similarly barely been in when he resigned, and she was pitching the most dramatic change in the states education policies since No Child Left Behind itself. To her credit. she stuck well and effectively to her message about why this change made sense. The story on the periphery? Dumaresq gave her little presentation the day after the debut of education historian Diane Ravitchs latest book, Reign of Error: The hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to Americas public schools. While I havent nished reading the book as I write this, it is one of the most effective arguments against the types of education reforms being pushed by Corbett, including SPP. One of the reasons its an effective argument is the author. Ravitch rose to public prominence as a member of President George H.W. Bushs education cabinet. She spent years making the case for testing and accountability, but changed her tune recently, arguing the movement has been taken over and steered in the wrong direction by big business and big foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


that pour hundreds of millions into education reform, skewing those efforts toward the donors ideology and away from what works. Ravitch dubs it the corporate reform movement, heavily inuenced by prot mongers who see big bucks in all those standardized tests and the related need for new curricula, books, teacher training and student preparation and assessment programs. This Corporate reform movement succeeds by relentlessly insisting schools are in crisis, and that the only way to x them is to have more choice and less restrictive controls on the hiring and ring of teachers. But Ravitch argues and reality increasingly shows shes right that choice is code for privatization, either spending tax dollars sending kids to private schools or hiring private companies to run public schools. The transfer of public funds to private management and the creation of thousands of deregulated, unsupervised and unaccountable schools have opened the public coffers to proteering, fraud, and exploitation by large and small entrepreneurs, Ravitch writes in her rst chapter. Reign of Error has the potential and the intent to substantially reshape the debate on education reform. In Ravitchs view, the real crisis is the headlong rush to implement reforms that her data and she has a lot of it shows either are already proven failures or have no evidence they work at all. And while the new SPP system was not around when she wrote the book, I expect she would readily include it in her list of things that are simply wrong for our students.

Mark Guydish, a reporter for The Times Leader, can be reached at 570-829-7161 or email mguydish@timesleader com.


Vote for change that really matters

Its well past time for citizens of the USA to politically revolt against our elected governing elite, or EGE. The EGE has mal-served our country for decades. Congressmen have served their own personal greed, and members of both parties have worked to advance their own partys strength. Meanwhile, the welfare of the country has been ignored. America is no longer respected around the world, agencies of our government are abusing and spying on us citizens, the national debt and decit have America on the brink of nancial collapse, and now Congress has exempted its members and their staff


Letters to the editor must include the writers name, address and daytime phone number for verification. Letters should be no more than 250 words. We reserve the right to edit and limit writers to one published letter every 30 days. Email: Fax: 570-829-5537 Mail: Mail Bag, The Times Leader, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

members from Obamacare. Enough is enough! If your congressperson (1) doesnt deserve an A+ for service in Congress and (2) strongly support abolishing the IRS and (3) openly advocate replacing the income tax with the FairTax, you should work to defeat your congressman in the 2014 primary election.

We can have a new Congress if we are willing to do our part. All that is required of you is talk to your friends, neighbors and colleagues at work; then go to the polls on the day of primary elections and vote for change that really matters!

Glenn E. Terrell

Arlington, Texas



PAGE 10A Wednesday, September 25, 2013


From page 1A There is no timeline for those decisions. It would be inappropriate to speculate on hypotheticals, NCAA president Mark Emmert said. For now, though, Penn State football and prospective student-athletes will benefit immediately from additional scholarships being made available. I am pleased that the NCAA is recognizing the important changes and reforms that the university has undertaken and will continue to make moving forward, Gov. Tom Corbett said in a statement. We are also encouraged that the NCAA shares our view that the primary purpose of athletic scholarships is to provide an educational opportunity for student athletes. To that end, Penn State will be able to sign a maximum of 20 players (up from 15) in its upcoming 2014 recruiting class before returning to the normal annual limit of 25 for the 2015 class. Concurrently, Penn State will be able to field a 75-scholarship team (up from 65) in the 2014 season. That overall scholarship number will increase to 80 for 2015 and be back to the normal 85 for the 2016 campaign.

Original sanctiOns
New scholarships Overall scholarships 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 15 15 15 85 65 65 2016-17 2017-18 15 25 65 65 2018-19 25 85

reduced sanctiOns
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 New scholarships 15 20 25 25 25 25 Overall scholarships 85 75 80 85 85 85 Normal scholarship limits are 25 new offers per year and 85 overall at any given time. Penn State remains banned from the postseason through the 2015 season. The program will be eligible for bowl games and the Big Ten championship beginning with the 2016 season. Penn State will continue to pay its $60 million fine in annual installments of $12 million. Wins by Penn State from 1998-2011 (111 by Joe Paterno, 1 by Tom Bradley) remain vacated. According to the NCAA, additional mitigation may be considered in the future depending upon Penn States continued progress.

We have to keep doing what were doing, which is working extremely hard to do whats right, Penn State head coach Bill OBrien said. When the rules changed a little bit, we adapted to those rules. The rules now are we can sign a few more guys and can get back to 85 scholarships a little bit sooner. We cant go to a bowl or compete for a championship, but we definitely can get more on an even playing field numbers-wise, and thats what were concentrating on as a staff.

Lions reversal It marks the start of a stunning reversal for the Nittany Lions, who were being discussed last summer as a candidate for the so-called NCAA death penalty complete suspension of the program for one season or more. Its important to remember this case has been handled in an extraordinary manner because of the extraordinary circumstances of the situation, Emmert said. That process began in June 2012

with the release of the university-commissioned Freeh Report, which concluded that Penn State administrators sought to cover up allegations against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who was ultimately convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse of children. In July 2012, the NCAAs executive committee, comprised of university presidents from around the country, granted Emmert unique authority to sidestep the traditional enforcement process and impose the sanctions directly. Emmert said the Freeh Report served as a stand-in for the work that would normally be done by NCAA investigators. The Freeh Report, overseen by former FBI director Louis Freeh, has been the subject of intense debate ever since, with many critics arguing that its findings werent supported well enough. Over the last 14 months it has become clear to open-minded people that the Freeh Report is deeply flawed and the actions by the NCAA were precipitous and unjust, the Paterno family said in a statement on Tuesday. This action begins to correct the mistakes of the (Penn State) board of trustees, Mr. Freeh and the NCAA. The Paterno family remains involved in a lawsuit against the NCAA, seek-

ing to repeal the sanctions entirely, as well as restore the 111 wins that were stripped from Joe Paterno, who died in January 2012. Penn State culture That lawsuit takes particular aim at Emmert, who made repeated references to problems with Penn States culture when initially announcing the sanctions. On Tuesday, Emmert was asked if he saw a culture change in the past year. Ill refer to Sen. Mitchell for his observations about what has and hasnt changed in the university over the past year, Emmert said. Certainly the interest in seeing change behaviorally at the university was central to what the Athletics Integrity Agreement was about. And that Penn States fulfillment of nearly all of those requirements at this very early date has been a very strong indicator of the seriousness with which theyve taken this mission. Mitchell chimed in, as Emmert requested. Penn State has undertaken a major effort on the issue of culture, Mitchell said. This process is not in any way complete. So far theyve been very active, thoughtful and taken meaningful action.

From page 1A Prosecutors allege Grifth recorded three conversations: A July 2010 phone call with county pension fund ofcials and attorneys; An August 2010 retirement board executive session; A March 2011 phone call with Y. Judd Shoval, a member of the nonprofit CityVest board that owns the Hotel Sterling property in WilkesBarre. Last month the condemned structure was demolished after CityVest failed to secure a developer. Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony Forray said his office was staying mute on a recommendation for Grifths sentencing. The misdemeanor charges carry a maximum of two years in prison on each charge. Grifth said nothing before being sentenced and did not respond to reporters questions after Tuesdays hearing. DAndrea said if Griffith was trying to hide something, he wouldnt have handed over the conversations to federal investigators and that Grifth wants to move on with his life and continue with his auto repair business in Nanticoke. He loved what he did and he could really over do it, DAndrea said. DAndrea said Griffiths actions were not malicious or harmful and that no real damage was done by Griffith recording the conversations. The county (has suffered) bigger black eyes that Ive been involved with, DAndrea said, alluding to other public ofcials being charged with corruption. This

From page 1A Senate Bill 76, if passed, would forever eliminate the antiquated and inequitable school property tax. Taxes on real estate constitute the main funding source for school districts, counties and municipalities. Gebhardt and her group say property taxes are unfair and contribute to residential foreclosures. They say by eliminating the tax and opting for higher income and sales taxes, revenue would increase and in a more fair manner. Senior citizens are getting hammered, said Charlie Urban of Kingston, a member of the group. And hardworking, middle-class families are getting hit hard. Support for bill Tom Dombroski of Trucksville, Gebhardts father, said 24 state senators are now supporting the measure just two short of a majority. State Sen. John Yudichak, D-Plymouth Township, said he was proud of the citizen lob byists who turned out. We have formed a broad, bi-partisan coalition with state grass roots

FrOM pennsylvania taxpayers cyber cOalitiOn

The Property Tax Independence Act will eliminate school property taxes across the Commonwealth and will replace those taxes with funding from a single state source. The act would introduce a modernized school funding method that is based on 21st century economic realities. The act would utilize in great measure the current sales tax mechanism to fund schools, restoring the original intent of the tax. The sales tax provides a predictable and stable funding source that is tied to economic growth. This is in clear contrast to the school property tax which is not based on economic growth and is subject to much variation. Current school spending regularly exceeds tax revenue and the act would address this problem head-on by limiting school budget increases to the rate of inflation.

Former luzerne county controller Walter griffith leaves the luzerne county courthouse with his attorney, Joe dandrea, after his sentencing tuesday morning.

Clark Van Orden | The Times Leader

griFFiths public career

november 2009: Griffith is elected controller. He had previously sought positions on Wilkes-Barre City Council and had been outspoken in a number of city aspects. January 2013: District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis says Griffith had illegally recorded conversations and supplied them to a grand jury investigating the Hotel Sterlings nonprofit owner, CityVest. May: Griffith is charged with three felony counts relating to three recorded conversations, violating a wiretap law. august: Griffith resigns from his controller post as part of a plea agreement. sept. 24: Griffith pleads guilty and is sentenced to three years probation. one will heal quicker. When asked if Griffith will seek election after his probation is over, DAndrea said public service is in his clients blood, but that it is possible Griffiths perspective will change on serving the public. Grifth must still face a civil suit filed by Shoval surrounding the recorded conversations. Shoval says in the suit Grifth recorded a March 29 telephone conversation without Shovals knowledge or consent. Shoval seeks damages for violation of the state wiretap law and invasion of privacy. Attorneys who were appointed to repre sent Grifth in the case recently filed court papers asking for the lawsuit to be thrown out. A judge has not yet set a hearing date or ruled on the attorneys request.

organizations to advance the simple idea that our students, our schools and our taxpayers deserve better than an archaic property tax system that can no longer adequate ly fund our schools, Yudichak said. State Rep. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, said she has supported property tax reform for years and she is a cosponsor of House Bill 76. With people losing their homes across the state, now is the time to act on real reform, she said. State Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township, said Tuesdays rally and other forums held recently are important to getting commitments from people

willing to work to get a bill to the governors desk. In addition to the elimination bills, there are proposals to freeze property taxes for senior citizens, so it is possible we will see action on that front as well. Other viewpoints State Reps. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston, and Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Wilkes-Barre, say the measure is flawed and has many shortcomings. The intent is noble and deserves careful attention to rectify the inadequacies of the bill, Pashinski said. Multibillion-dollar companies have the responsibility and the resources to pay their fare share. HB 76 would give

Wal-Mart, Home Depot and huge companies like these a complete pass on property taxes which would then pass the burden of higher costs back on the very people we are trying to help. The Pennsylvania State Education Association opposes measure. On its website, the PSEA states: The Property Tax Independence Act is a flawed piece of legislation that unfairly targets working class families, increases the tax burden on those who can least afford it and weakens your local schools. For these reasons, PSEA opposes this legislation and asks that you not lend your name or sup port to the proposal.

From page 1A County Correctional Facility for lack of $25,000 bail. According to the criminal complaint: Isaac initially told police he was shot by an unknown person on Blackman Street. Police were unable to nd a blood trail from Blackman Street to Isaacs residence. Police told Isaac they were investigating alleged threats made to his girlfriend. After being told of the investigation, Isaac refused to allow police to search his residence. A search warrant was obtained that allowed police to enter Isaacs residence, where blood spatter was found on the floor leading to the base ment, where a loaded .9mm handgun was found under garbage bags and a table cloth. Police said the handgun was reported sto len in 2011. A burnt marijuana cigarette and two plastic bags with pictures of teddy bears used to package marijuana were found in the residence, police said. After being Tasered, he allegedly told the two officers, Me and my family will be coming to get you with it (handgun). Isaacs girlfriend wrote in her PFA petition that he punched her several times after going onto her Facebook page on June 8. A county judge issued a six-month restraining order prohibiting Isaac from physically assaulting and harassing his girlfriend. A preliminary hearing is scheduled on Oct. 8 before District Judge Rick Cronauer in WilkesBarre.


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Fog in the a.m.; mostly sunny


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Scranton 70/45 Wilkes-Barre Williamsport 70/45 New York Sept 26 Oct 4 74/45 74/56 Pottsville First Full State College 72/46 Allentown 72/46 72/47 Harrisburg Reading Philadelphia 73/48 Oct 11 Oct 18 76/50 75/56 THE POCONOS Highs: 67-73. Lows: 39-45. Mostly sunny today; patchy fog in the morning, then comfortable in the afternoon. Mainly clear tonight. THE JERSEY SHORE Highs: 68-74. Lows: 53-59. Sunny much of the time and beautiful today. Mainly clear tonight. Mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow. THE FINGER LAKES Highs: 65-71. Lows: 43-49. Mostly sunny today; patchy fog in the morning, then pleasant in the afternoon. Mainly clear tonight. NEW YORK CITY High: 74. Low: 56. Mostly sunny and nice today. Mainly clear tonight. Mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow. PHILADELPHIA High: 75. Low: 56. Mostly sunny and pleasant today. Clear tonight. Mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow.



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Today Thu 73/49/s 76/49/s 66/48/pc 68/49/s 78/58/pc 83/63/s 69/53/pc 74/54/s 61/45/pc 64/47/pc 78/58/s 75/60/s

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But thats not entirely accurate either. Sure, Leblond wants to play, but he has more to show than just his penchant for ghting. For a guy like myself, Im labeled a tough guy, he said. But maybe I can get some penalty kill time in the preseason and that will lead to doing it in the regular season. Every shift matters and Im going to show them what I got. Leblond was signed to an AHL contract in the offseason after posting 98 penalty minutes in 33 games with Norfolk last year. After an extended stay in Pittsburghs training camp, Leblond was reassigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on Sunday and practiced with his new team for the rst time on Tuesday. When he signed, it appeared that Leblond would split the enforcer duties with Steve MacIntyre. That changed on Monday when MacIntyre was claimed off waivers by Edmonton. Despite losing his potential enforcer partner, Leblond said nothing has changed with his approach. Macs a great guy and Im happy for him, but its still the same here, he said. Im here to do my job and we have to win games and have team toughness. With or without Mac, were going to have that. I know what I have to do. While he may be the only proven AHL heavyweight on the Penguins roster, Leblond certainly isnt the only player on the team capable of dropping the gloves. In addition to Payerl, McGrath and Johnson, last years team penalty minute leader Bobby Farnham also returned from Pittsburgh and skated on Tuesday. Leblond is happy that hes not the only guy who can provide toughness.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leblond ready for preseason opportunity


Considering that Adam Payerl, Patrick McGrath and Chaz Johnson were teammates with PierreLuc Letourneau-Leblond during Tuesdays scrimmage, it wasnt likely that the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins new tough guy would have an opportunity to drop the gloves. And one might assume that Leblond is licking his chops to get into an exhibition game - perhaps tonight against Rochester, to put his stwork on display for his new team.

If its only one guy, what if Im not in the lineup or Im on the bench? he said. And its not about ghting, its about going into the corners and being stronger than the other guy. Winning battles and winning games, its good to have a team like that. NOTEBOOK The Penguins open the exhibition season tonight in Rochester against the Americans. They then play three more times in the preseason over the weekend for a total of four games in ve days. See LEBLoND | 5B



Young trojans continue to grow on court

For The Times Leader

Penn State coach Bill OBrien (left) spent Saturday thanking the fans who stuck it out through a rainy day against Kent State. On Tuesday, the storm clouds began to part when the NCAA announced a reduction in sanctions.

AP photo

Lions see light at the end of the tunnel


Not a week ago, Bill oBrien made one of the bolder statements of his tenure. If we had 25 scholarships to give, the Penn State coach said Thursday, it would be unbelievable what we could do in recruiting. The Nittany Lions are going to get a chance to nd out much sooner than expected. oBriens plan to pull Penn State out of the darkness of NCAA sanctions got an enormous shot in the arm Tuesday with the announcement that the programs scholarships would be gradually restored. It affects that plan immediately. Penn State had been planning for the past year to sign another recruiting class that was capped off at 15 because of the sanctions. Now theyll be able to sign 20 in February for the 2014 class in addition to any early enrollees in January. The 2015 class will be back to the

maximum 25 allowed scholarships that oBrien referenced. oBrien didnt have his normal afternoon press conference on Tuesday because the Lions have a bye week. But he still had his normal spot on the Big Ten coaches teleconference. I found out this morning that there was an announcement going to be made, oBrien said. Weve got a long way to go here at Penn State. Were happy right now for our players, our student-athletes that are here and our football program. Theyre a resilient bunch of kids. Penn State still has practices this week through Thursday. But with no game to plan for on Saturday, the coaching staff will take some extra time to adjust its recruiting strategy. Aside from the obvious advantage of getting to send out more offers, Penn State suddenly becomes a bit more attractive to top recruits who had written the school off because of the sanctions. oBrien said generally his staff didnt

have trouble landing top players once they got them on campus. Despite the massive penalties against the program, Penn States 2014 recruiting class started the week ranked 29th in the country out of 130 teams according to 247sports composite rankings, which average the rankings from several major recruiting services. The difcult part came with the numbers, oBrien said. For instance, say that you could only take one at suchand-such position say it was an offensive tackle. That was difcult that you were only going to be able to take one kid in the class for that position. That was tough. As far as recruiting, we always felt that from the day we walked in here that once we were able to get a young man and his parents here on campus, that the place sold itself. As far as just recruiting the individual athlete, that was never difcult here. Its just the See LIoNS | 5B

NANTICoKE Debbie Gavin saw both sides of her Greater Nanticoke Area volleyball team. She saw what at times looked like perfect volleyball. A nice dig from the back row up to the setter, who ran the right offensive play to an open hitter for an uncontested slam. The veteran head coach also saw a group of growing underclassmen learning on the job in the tough Wyoming Valley Conference. Nanticoke Area hung around with North Pocono, but couldnt AIMEE DILGER | THE TIMES LEADER overcome critical mistakes in a Hunter Watson of Nanticoke goes up 3-0 conference setback. Game scores were 25-17, to block the ball during Tuesdays match against North Pocono. 25-20 and 25-21. Pocono (6-1) remains one game back of undefeated Holy they went. Thats part of havRedeemer, while Nanticoke ing an inexperienced team, but drops to 5-3. we cant use that as an excuse. We did enough to win, That very theory was on disNP head coach Chris Summa play against North Pocono. said. Nanticoke played You saw ashes a great game. Hats off of brilliance, like an to their coaching staff North Pocono amazing-but-rare kick because they did a great dig by setter Lauren job defensively. Im not Rinehimer. You saw sure our kids were ready good court vision by to play. I know we can Nanticoke Area senior Hunter Watson, play better, and I expect who had a team-high us to play better. six kills, and glimpses No doubt, every day is a learn- of the future with scrappy ing experience for GNA. And play from junior Celeste thats to be expected. Fresh off Desclich, sophomore Abbey a 2012 season where Nanticoke Zaykoski and freshman Jenna (5-3) played Redeemer tough Lipowski. in the district 2A nal, Gavin Nanticoke made runs to get had to replace an entire team. back into a rst set after trailShe has two seniors on the ing 6-1, and fought back to a roster, and a group of under- 20-all tie in the nal stanza. classmen with less than a handIt was just critical mistakes ful of varsity starts under their at inopportune times, includbelt heading into 2013. ing a rough night behind the Maybe they arent used to service line in which Gavins that varsity pressure in big squad committed 14 errors. matches yet, Gavin said. At And thats not counting the practice, we are improving and eight attack miscues in the secworking hard. You watch them, ond set; one where Nanticoke and you think to yourself, trailed 17-10. wow. Then sometimes the next day, you wonder where See TRoJANS | 3B

Early barrage powers Comets

Moore, rays push Yanks to brink of elimination

AP Sports Writer


LEHMAN TWP. Just when Jean Lipski thought she had seen everything in her 33 seasons as Lake-Lehmans head coach, Crestwood came to visit. In their rst game on the black turf, the Comets were lights out. They scored six times in the rst 8:50 of play to post a 6-2 victory in what was to be a battle of two of the top teams in WVC Division 1-2A.

Crestwood midfielder Morgan Kile dribbles past a Lake-Lehman defender during Tuesday nights game. Kile scored the opening goal in the Comets 6-2 victory.

Fred Adams | For The Times Leader

Ive never had six goals scored against one of our teams like that, Lipski said. I dont have any explanation. I told them in the timeout that they had to start playing or its

going to be 60-0. The defending state champions scored on their rst shot, and six of the games rst nine See CoMETS | 4B

NEW YoRK Matt Moore had New York ailing for ve wild innings, and the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Yankees 7-0 on Tuesday night to push them to the brink of missing out on the postseason for the second time in 19 years. Tampa Bay roughed up Hiroki Kuroda in tightening its grip on an AL wild-card spot with its fth straight win. Matt Joyce had a leadoff homer as the Rays jumped ahead 3-0 in the rst and David DeJesus had two RBI doubles. Tampa Bay has a one-game lead over Cleveland for the top wild card with ve to play. Texas and Kansas City played

later. The Yankees trail the Indians, who won 5-4, by ve games and also are behind the Rangers and Royals. The Yankees would be eliminated Wednesday if Cleveland wins or they lose. Moore (16-4) gave up only three hits but threw three wild pitches to up his AL-leading total to 16 and walked six. Jamey Wright and Jake odorizzi, who earned the save with three innings, nished the four-hitter that ensured New York could not pass the Rays in the standings. The defeat also gave the Yankees 75 losses for the rst time since they lost 86 games in 1992. The Rays got right to work

against Kuroda (11-13), tagging him for three more rstinning runs. Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon put Joyce in the top spot with hopes of getting him going. In a 3-for-41 slump coming in, Joyce connected on a 1-1 pitch for the Rays seventh leadoff homer of the season. Wil Myers followed with a single and DeJesus drove him in with a double to right eld. Evan Longorias sacrice y capped the inning. Kuroda has yielded 23 of his 77 runs this season in the rst inning. After that, the biggest mystery for the eerily quiet lateseason crowd of 43,407 was See YANKEES | 5B

PAGE 2B Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Kawasaki 2b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .223 a-Lind ph-1b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .283 Lawrie 3b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .253 Sierra dh 3 0 0 0 1 2 .297 DeRosa 1b-2b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .226 Arencibia c 4 1 1 1 0 1 .196 Pillar lf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .195 Goins ss 3 0 2 1 0 0 .247 Gose cf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .262 totals 32 2 6 2 2 6 Chicago aB R H Bi BB sO avg. De Aza cf 4 0 1 0 1 1 .264 Al.Ramirez ss 3 0 0 0 1 1 .280 Keppinger dh 2 0 1 0 2 0 .253 Konerko 1b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .248 A.Garcia rf 4 1 1 1 0 2 .288 Viciedo lf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .262 G.Beckham 2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .268 Semien 3b 4 1 2 2 0 0 .306 Phegley c 4 0 0 0 0 3 .218 totals 33 3 8 3 4 8 toronto 000 010 0102 6 1 Chicago 020 010 00x3 8 0 a-grounded out for Kawasaki in the 8th. EArencibia (11). LOBToronto 5, Chicago 10. 2BPillar (3), G.Beckham (22). HRArencibia (21), off Quintana; Semien (1), off Happ; A.Garcia (6), off Happ. RBIsArencibia (54), Goins (4), A.Garcia (29), Semien 2 (6). Runners left in scoring positionToronto 3 (Goins, Lawrie 2); Chicago 5 (A.Garcia, Konerko 3, Phegley). RISPToronto 1 for 4; Chicago 1 for 6. Runners moved upLind, Pillar, Al.Ramirez. GIDPGose. DPChicago 1 (G.Beckham, Al.Ramirez, Konerko). toronto iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Happ L, 4-7 5 8 3 3 3 5 110 4.85 Jeffress 2 0 0 0 1 2 27 1.35 Delabar 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 3.34 Chicago iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Quintana W, 9-6 71-3 5 2 2 1 6 105 3.45 Lindstrom 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 2.88 Veal H, 12 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 2 4.76 N.Jones H, 15 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 3 4.26 A.Reed S, 39-46 1 0 0 0 1 0 17 3.62 Lindstrom pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. Inherited runners-scoredLindstrom 1-0, Veal 2-0, N.Jones 2-0. UmpiresHome, Mark Wegner; First, Tim Timmons; Second, Mike Winters; Third, Mike Muchlinski. T2:46. A19,122 (40,615). Pirates 2, Cubs 1 Pittsburgh aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Tabata lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .276 S.Marte lf 1 1 1 1 0 0 .280 N.Walker 2b 5 1 1 1 0 2 .252 McCutchen cf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .319 Morneau 1b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .254 Byrd rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .283 P.Alvarez 3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .230 R.Martin c 3 0 1 0 1 0 .230 Mercer ss 2 0 0 0 1 1 .280 Barmes ss 1 0 0 0 0 1 .214 Morton p 3 0 1 0 0 1 .147 Melancon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Snider ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .220 Watson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Grilli p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --totals 34 2 6 2 4 11 Chicago aB R H Bi BB sO avg. St.Castro ss 4 0 1 0 0 0 .241 Valbuena 3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .218 Rizzo 1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .230 D.Navarro c 3 0 1 0 1 0 .303 1-Watkins pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .207 Schierholtz rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .250 Sweeney cf 3 0 1 0 1 1 .273 Bogusevic lf 3 1 2 0 0 1 .289 Barney 2b 2 0 0 0 0 0 .209 Samardzija p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .117 Villanueva p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .161 H.Rondon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --a-Do.Murphy ph 1 0 1 1 0 0 .260 Gregg p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --totals 30 1 6 1 2 6 Pittsburgh 100 000 0012 6 0 Chicago 000 000 0101 6 1 a-singled for H.Rondon in the 8th. b-struck out for Melancon in the 9th. 1-ran for D.Navarro in the 9th. EValbuena (7). LOBPittsburgh 9, Chicago 5. 2BBogusevic (7). HRN.Walker (14), off Samardzija; S.Marte (12), off Gregg. RBIsS.Marte (34), N.Walker (51), Do.Murphy (22). Runners left in scoring positionPittsburgh 5 (Byrd 2, Tabata 2, Morton); Chicago 2 (Barney 2). RISPPittsburgh 0 for 6; Chicago 1 for 2. Runners moved upR.Martin, Barney. GIDP Valbuena, Sweeney. DPPittsburgh 2 (Morneau, Mercer), (N.Walker, Morneau, Mercer). Pittsburgh iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Morton 7 3 0 0 1 5 89 3.14 Melncon W, 3-2 BS, 5-211 2 1 1 0 1 19 1.41 Watson H, 22 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 7 2.42 Grilli S, 32-34 2-3 1 0 0 1 0 14 2.76 Chicago iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Samardzija 6 5 1 1 4 7 94 4.33 Villanueva 1 0 0 0 0 1 8 4.13 H.Rondon 1 0 0 0 0 0 13 4.96 Gregg L, 2-6 1 1 1 1 0 3 23 3.54 IBBoff Samardzija (Mercer). HBPby Morton (Barney). WPMelancon, Samardzija. PBD. Navarro. UmpiresHome, Mike DiMuro; First, Scott Barry; Second, Alfonso Marquez; Third, Ted Barrett. T2:41. A32,289 (41,019). Cardinals 4, nationals 3 Washington aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Span cf 3 1 1 0 0 0 .281 Zimmerman 3b 4 0 0 1 0 1 .281 Werth rf 4 1 1 2 0 2 .318 Harper lf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .279 Desmond ss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .285 Ad.LaRoche 1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .237 W.Ramos c 3 0 1 0 0 0 .281 Rendon 2b 3 1 1 0 0 1 .263 Roark p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .273 Abad p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --a-Lombardozzi ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .259 Mattheus p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --totals 31 3 7 3 0 6 st. louis aB R H Bi BB sO avg. M.Carpenter 2b 3 1 1 0 1 1 .324 Jay cf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .269 Beltran rf 4 1 2 2 0 1 .298 Ma.Adams 1b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .282 Y.Molina c 4 0 1 1 0 2 .314 Freese 3b 4 1 1 0 0 0 .265 Siegrist p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Rosenthal p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Descalso ss-3b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .235 S.Robinson lf 4 0 1 1 0 0 .248 Wainwright p 2 0 1 0 0 1 .203 Choate p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Ca.Martinez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Kozma ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 .218 totals 33 4 11 4 1 5 Washington 200 000 0103 7 0 st. louis 100 120 00x4 11 0 a-singled for Abad in the 8th. LOBWashington 3, St. Louis 7. HRWerth (24), off Wainwright; Beltran (24), off Roark. RBIsZimmerman (78), Werth 2 (79), Beltran 2 (84), Y.Molina (72), S.Robinson (14). SSpan, Roark, Wainwright. Runners left in scoring positionWashington 3 (Ad.LaRoche, Span, Werth); St. Louis 4 (Freese, M.Carpenter 2, Jay). RISPWashington 0 for 4; St. Louis 2 for 5. Runners moved upZimmerman. GIDP Ad.LaRoche, Freese. DPWashington 1 (Zimmerman, Rendon, Ad.LaRoche); St. Louis 1 (M.Carpenter, Descalso, Ma.Adams). Washington iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Roark L, 7-1 5 9 4 4 1 5 97 1.74 Abad 2 2 0 0 0 0 30 2.92 Mattheus 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 5.97 st. louis iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Wainwright W, 18-97 7 3 3 0 5 112 3.01 Choate H, 14 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 3 2.34 Ca.Martinez H, 12-3 0 0 0 0 0 3 5.61 Siegrist H, 10 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.48 Rosenthal S, 1-6 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 7 2.71 Wainwright pitched to 2 batters in the 8th. Inherited runners-scoredChoate 2-0, Ca.Martinez 2-1. UmpiresHome, Chad Fairchild; First, Paul Schrieber; Second, Jeff Kellogg; Third, Eric Cooper. T2:43. A39,783 (43,975). Washington south New Orleans Carolina Atlanta Tampa Bay north Chicago Detroit Green Bay Minnesota West 0 W 3 1 1 0 W 3 2 1 0 3 l 0 2 2 3 l 0 1 2 3 0 t 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 .000 Pct 1.000 .333 .333 .000 Pct 1.000 .667 .333 .000 67 PF 70 68 71 34 PF 95 82 96 81 98 Pa 38 36 74 57 Pa 74 69 88 96 Pa 27 86 84 79

On tHe MaRK
Mark Dudek Its a rather large sixteen race program carded for this evening at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. We are not going to get into specics except to say that nine horses go to the gate in every race, making for plenty of opportunities for the betting public. Good luck to all!! BEST BET: CAMCRUISER HANOVER (7TH) VALUE PLAY: CRUISINONTHEWIND (13TH)
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latest line
Major league Baseball national league FaVORite at Cincinnati at St. Louis Pittsburgh at Atlanta Philadelphia at San Diego at San Francisco american league at Los Angeles at Baltimore at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Texas Detroit at Seattle interleague Boston tomorrow FaVORite at Georgia Tech at Tulsa Friday at BYU Utah St. saturday at Pittsburgh N. Illinois at Duke UConn at Ball St. at NC State at W. Michigan at North Carolina Florida St. at Vanderbilt at Illinois at TCU at Missouri Iowa at Colorado St. at Georgia at Washington at Alabama at Oregon at Arizona St. Army-x 6 2 9 2 Pk 24 Pk 10 23 23 24 19 21 +3 11 3 7 13 31 5 +1 6 3 11 Pk 2 24 2 11 21 20 24 19 21 1 14 3 9 16 36 6 1 (52) (58) (67) (66) (52) (51) (52) (51) Virginia at Purdue Troy Toledo Cent. Mich. Kent St. at Bos. Coll. Miami(Ohio) tomorrow FAVORITE San Francisco sunday Pittsburgh-x Baltimore Cincinnati Indianapolis Seattle at Tampa Bay at Detroit at Kansas City at Tennessee Dallas Washington at Denver at Atlanta Monday at New Orleans x-at London 5 6 (47) Miami Pk 3 6 7 3 3 2 4 5 2 2 11 1 1 3 4 8 3 3 2 4 4 1 3 10 1 (42) Minnesota (44) (41) (43) (43) (47) (44) (39) (47) (46) (57) at Buffalo atCleveland at Jacksonville atHouston Chicago N.Y.Giants N.Y. Jets atSan Diego atOakland Philadelphia OPEN 3 TODAY O/U 3 (42) UNDERDOG at St. Louis nFl 22 10 21 10 (59) MiddleTenn. (61) at SanJose St. OPen 7 4 tODaY OU 7 2 (41) (54) UnDeRDOG VirginiaTech Iowa St. -135 at Colorado +125 nCaa Football -145 -150 -280 -150 -300 -200 -115 Oakland Toronto Chicago at New York Houston at Minnesota Kansas City +135 +140 +240 +140 +250 +185 +105 line -200 -135 -180 -155 -145 -125 -135 UnDeRDOG New York Washington at Chicago Milwaukee at Miami Arizona Los Angeles line +185 +125 +170 +145 +135 +115 +125 at Arkansas Oklahoma at Boise St. Miami at Clemson Temple at Louisiana-Monroe Houston at Bowling Green at Oregon St. South Carolina Florida Stanford-y Wyoming Navy at Rice at Tennessee at Nevada Oklahoma St. at Ohio St. UNLV San Diego St. Fresno St. x-at Dallas y-at Seattle Off Key Arkansas QB questionable Nevada QB questionable OFF 2 28 20 28 10 10 3 14 10 8 12 10 10 Pk 14 21 OFF 17 7 Pk 17 17 OFF 3 28 18 28 7 12 3 15 10 7 13 10 11 3 13 20 OFF 19 7 2 17 18 (OFF) TexasA&M (48) at Notre Dame (56) South. Miss. (48) atS. Florida (58) WakeForest (56) at Idaho (57) (63) Tulane at UTSA

Post time 6:30 p.m. all races 1 mile First-$9,000 Cond.trot;n/w $4,000 last 5 7 Rose Run Limo E.Carlson 5-2-6 Scores in lackluster opener 4-1 1 Symphantab G.Napolitano 2-4-9 Does benefit from the rail 3-1 4 The Big Thea Thea M.Simons 4-4-5 Does best racing from behind 9-2 9 Chula K.Wallis 3-5-8 Just looking for flat mile 6-1 5 Bank Bailout M.Romano 8-4-2 Made miscue in latest 15-1 8 Red Zeppelin A.McCarthy 6-9-4 Winless in 2013 8-1 2 Money Man K M.Kakaley 5-8-2 Out of cash 7-2 3 Fortythirdst Tim S.Allard 6-7-6 Off over a month 10-1 6 Somolli Crown T.Jackson 7-7-8 Never in it 20-1 second-$8,500 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $7,500-10,000 6 Rolltideroll S.Allard 1-1-8 Alabama keeps winning 5-2 5 S A Lowe A.Byron 2-2-3 Byron a future star 4-1 9 Riverdancer M.Simons 1-3-3 Raced big at Saratoga 3-1 7 Missmaximus E.Carlson 3-6-1 Versatile mare 6-1 4 Journey West A.Napolitano 7-5-2 Gets a new driver 5-1 3 Early Go Hanover G.Napolitano 5-4-9 Lasix hasnt helped 12-1 2 Hot Latte H.Parker 4-2-5 NY invader 10-1 8 Picked By An Angel M.Kakaley 4-2-7 Dont select 15-1 1 Zebs Katrina T.Buter 6-4-1 Ill take a pass 20-1 third-$13,000 Cond.trot;n/w 2 pm races life 4 Celebrity Lovenote T.Jackson 1-9-6 Makes it two in a row 7-2 5 Make Mine Caviar H.Parker 5-6-1 Second best in here 3-1 8 Chipps Lake J.Pavia 2-3-2 Marks return to races 4-1 3 Speed Dial M.Kakaley 5-5-4 Best of the rest 6-1 9 Sea Gypsy R.Allen 2-3-6 Rod owns-trains-steers 8-1 1 Karalta Bye Bye A.McCarthy 4-6-8 In this class a long while 9-2 7 Mystical Cheetah M.Romano 8-7-4 Way off since win 15-1 6 Heythergeorgiegirl M.Simons 6-8-3 Swallowed up 10-1 2 Treasure Coins S.Allard 7-7-1 Buried 20-1 Fourth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life 8 All The Same H.Parker 3-2-7 Rashkin has him ready 4-1 3 Natives Revenge J.Pavia 2-4-6 Raced good on comeback 3-1 9 Pops Tribute A.McCarthy 1-3-4 Just broke the ice 7-2 6 Johnny The Wire G.Napolitano 2-5-3 Requalified in good order 6-1 2 Galex E.Carlson 7-5-5 Too slow in the back half 8-1 1 Reindance Ray M.Kakaley 9-4-3 2yr old trying older 15-1 4 We Never Getacolt M.Simons 3-4-5 Didnt get it done at 3-5 odds 9-2 5 Surfers Paradise T.Buter 7-4-3 Still a maiden 10-1 7 Western Nation K.Wallis 6-5-7 Forget it 20-1 Fifth-$9,000 Cond.trot;n/w $4,000 last 5 4 Blomkvist T.Buter 3-9-8 Wins off the drop 3-1 1 Zeitgeist G.Napolitano 5-8-8 Another down in class 7-2 3 Magic Class T.Jackson 8-4-7 Cook trainee 9-2 5 Irish Express A.Napolitano 7-7-7 A Nap trains and reins 4-1 8 Er Mr T S.Allard 4-4-3 First time lasix user 8-1 7 Catalyst A.McCarthy 4-1-4 Been racing on the half mile 6-1 9 My Love Bi F.DelCid 9-1-9 Tiring speed 20-1 6 Badboy Paparazzi A M.Simons 6-6-4 Been off all year 10-1 2 Striking Forever M.Kakaley 4-8-6 New to Sager stable 15-1 sixth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000 6 Princess Mcardle N A.McCarthy 2-4-5 Finding life 6-1 4 Winning Solution K.Wallis 3-2-2 Gaining consistency 4-1 3 Sequoia Seelster A.Napolitano 1-3-9 Already a 10-time winner this yr5-2 1 Liqueur S.Allard 9-1-3 Much better on the draw 3-1 8 Bond Blue Chip T.Buter 5-1-4 Kavoleff having rough meet 10-1 7 Passion Starlet G.Napolitano 8-7-7 Having some tough luck 5-1 2 Ok Destiny M.Kakaley 4-9-7 Far from ok 15-1 5 Mysticole Maggie C.Huckabone III 1-8-3 Huck with rare visit 12-1 9 Jonnie Mach A.Byron 2-4-6 Couldnt beat cheaper 20-1 seventh-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life 6 Camcruiser Hanover S.Allard 2-2-2 Candian import triumphs 5-2 5 Lucky House M.Kakaley 2-4-1 Burke has been hot 7-2 4 Dancing Cruiser G.Napolitano 3-2-4 Failed here last wk at 1-2 6-1 1 Just Got Paid J.Pavia 1-4-1 We all want to get pd 4-1 8 Ideal Rowan K.Wallis 3-2-2 Wait for a better post 8-1 9 City Hall A.Napolitano 3-3-7 Allard training at .350 5-1 3 Fast Pulse T.Buter 3-6-2 Philly newcomer 12-1 2 Wishforabeachouse H.Parker 4-8-4 Keep on dreaming 15-1 7 Zippity Doodah Deo A.McCarthy 1-4-5 Overmatched 20-1 eighth-$15,000 Cond.trot;n/w 4 pm races life 5 Possessed Fashion G.Napolitano 4-2-2 Its a jogger 5-2 9 Shouda Cuda Wuda M.Kakaley 3-5-2 Loves the front end 7-2 1 Sentry A.McCarthy 5-1-1 Andover Hall youngster 5-1 3 Atlas Peak M.Johansson 2-2-9 Lightly raced colt 4-1 2 Pee Wee Hanover D.Chellis 1-9-3 Just equalled career mile 8-1 8 Electra De Vie E.Carlson 2-2-3 Reunites with Carlson 6-1 7 Flash Crash H.Parker 6-2-4 Needs a slow tempo 12-1 4 Marion Manhattan M.Simons 7-8-8 Way off his game 15-1 6 Matriarch Hanover M.Romano 8-6-6 2nd time lasix user 20-1 ninth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000 3 Mistys Delight M.Kakaley 6-9-1 Zoooooooming bye 3-1 6 Capitol Trip G.Napolitano 2-6-9 The one to catch 4-1 1 Explodent A.Byron 2-3-1 Byron in for Watson drives 7-2 7 Makers Mach K.Wallis 7-5-6 2nd time on lasix 8-1 4 Buddys Hope M.Romano 8-4-4 Romano having a slow meet 6-1 5 Crawfish Creek J.Pavia 5-7-6 Empty right off the claim 9-2 9 No Foreign Xchange T.Jackson 2-8-6 Will do better when inside 10-1 2 Caviart Jett A.Napolitano 4-5-3 Ohio newcomer 15-1 8 Dealmaker M.Simons 6-6-5 Swapped out 20-1 tenth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $12,500 last 5 7 Cooking The Books T.Buter 2-2-3 Classy pacer shines 7-2 1 America In Paris M.Kakaley 6-1-2 NYSS filly 3-1 2 Benearthebeach A.McCarthy 9-3-5 Set lifetime best at PD 4-1 6 Ramona Disomma J.Pavia 6-2-3 Millionaire mare 8-1 8 Farouche Hanover A.Napolitano 6-6-3 A Nap driving for Allard 9-2 3 Astreas Notice M.Miller 1-2-3 Big move up ladder 10-1 5 N Y Yankees G.Napolitano 3-6-8 Georges choice over 3 & 6 6-1 4 How Bout A Smooch T.Jackson 3-4-3 Couldnt handle lesser 15-1 9 Jinglejanglejungle E.Carlson 9-2-3 Xmas not here yet 20-1 eleventh-$14,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $15-20,000 5 Wildfire Osborne M.Kakaley 8-1-2 Special K on a tear 3-1 4 Up Front Cruiser G.Napolitano 7-6-2 Again falls in condition 5-2 9 Another Hanover T.Buter 1-6-4 Fresh off dominant effort 4-1 6 Perfectly Royal A.Napolitano 3-6-5 Anthony good on longshots 10-1 1 Scorpionette J.Pavia 1-1-3 Going for three straight 5-1 3 Budgirls Hanover M.Simons 7-2-1 Simons catch drives 6-1 2 Prestige S.Allard 4-9-1 New one from Allard 12-1 7 Caviart Savannah A.McCarthy 5-8-5 Daley doing well at PD 15-1 8 Whirlwind E.Carlson 8-7-9 Blown away 20-1 twelfth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $8,000 last 5 4 Star Party A.Napolitano 7-2-3 Down the road 9-2 1 Shakerattlenrock A.McCarthy 4-8-4 Rocks home a place spot 4-1 5 Blue Claw E.Carlson 3-3-5 Fast on the back end of it 3-1 7 Arctic Warrior T.Jackson 5-3-3 Jackson gets live mount 6-1 6 Fraternity M.Kakaley 3-2-6 McArdle colt 8-1 2 Prince Sharka M.Miller 9-5-8 Miller batting just .206 7-2 8 Strange Hanover J.Pavia 2-8-2 Stopped against easier 15-1 3 Wynsum Magic M.Simons 7-7-7 One worse than seventh 20-1 9 Fantaddy G.Napolitano 6-8-7 Doesnt get a call 20-1 thirteenth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000 8 Cruisinonthewind J.Pavia 2-6-2 Darkhorse of the night 15-1 1 Winbak Jake E.Carlson 1-2-8 Kesmodel trainee 4-1 2 Last Chance T A.Siegelman 5-8-3 Austin doing well at Monti 15-1 5 Well Done Hanover G.Napolitano 3-3-3 Continues to tire late in mile 3-1 3 Field Marshal M.Kakaley 2-4-1 Fairly steady sort 6-1 7 Story Book M.Simons 7-5-5 Simons owns and reins 6-1 4 Lumiere M.Miller 4-7-5 Sits the pylons 9-2 6 Sax Solo T.Jackson 7-7-5 Look for another tune 8-1 9 Krusty The Clown A.McCarthy 2-1-7 Midwestern import 20-1 Fourteenth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $8,000 last 5 4 Lightning Treasure M.Simons 8-7-5 Finds the right spot 7-2 3 Delta Dawn Hanover G.Napolitano 2-5-6 Enjoyes success here all yr 3-1 7 Mystical Diva S.Allard 4-5-8 Just cleared $400k life 4-1 8 Marinade Hanover T.Jackson 7-7-6 One of many Nap opted off 6-1 9 Athleticlyinclined M.Kakaley 1-4-9 Another Burke stabled pacer 20-1 6 Runaway Tray E.Carlson 7-2-1 Stopped badly in Philly 15-1 2 Olivia V A.McCarthy 3-2-7 Rough spot for youngster 8-1 1 Cinderosa M.Miller 7-3-3 Melts away 9-2 5 Enduring Delight H.Parker 5-9-10 Onto the next race 10-1 Fifteenth-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life 9 Matt Tin Roof J.Pavia 3-6-3 Most pace of them all 9-2 5 Delcie Hanover S.Allard 4-4-3 Not the best maiden fields 3-1 3 Goin Shoppin M.Miller 3-7-6 Goes for team Miller 4-1 2 Upfront Magic J.Taggart 8-3-2 Winless in 24 prior 7-2 1 Star Palace T.Butenschoen 4-6-8 Tyler makes a rare drive 6-1 8 Wine N Mcroses T.Jackson 3-6-7 Saddled with eight hole 8-1 7 So What Who Cares A.McCarthy 6-7-8 Yet to hit the board 8-1 6 Babe In The City M.Simons 4-2-6 Best work done on smaller track 15-1 4 Cantus Hanover S.Allard 6-5-5 One more race to go 20-1 sixteenth-$12,000 Cond.trot;n/w 1 pm race life 3 Dds Hitman A.McCarthy 2-1-2 Takes home the jackpot 4-1 1 Journey G.Napolitano 2-4-5 A contender 7-2 6 Madewell Hanover C.Ryder 5-2-1 Reason Ryder is here 6-1 5 Downhill Racer M.Simons 3-6-3 Skates in for the super 3-1 9 Radical Ridge T.Jackson 6-4-2 Just 1 for 37 lifetime 9-2 8 Sunset Cove M.Kakaley 4-7-2 Glidemaster colt 8-1 7 JJ Alex F.DelCid 2-6-5 Waxed 15-1 2 Red Baron Tn.Schadel 4-7-4 First timer 20-1 4 Gomer J.Taggart 6-4-7 See you on Fri 10-1

(53) Akron (60) Colorado (53) (48) (58) at UCF (45) at Kentucky Wash. St. at W. Kent. (56) at Texas St. (52) FAU (54) S. Alabama (OFF) (57) (54) (54) (54) Air Force atWest Va. Wisconsin at New Mex. at New Mex. St.

(58) at Hawaii

W l t Pct PF Seattle 3 0 0 1.000 86 St. Louis 1 2 0 .333 58 San Francisco 1 2 0 .333 44 Arizona 1 2 0 .333 56 thursdays Game Kansas City 26, Philadelphia 16 sundays Games Tennessee 20, San Diego 17 New Orleans 31, Arizona 7 Dallas 31, St. Louis 7 Cleveland 31, Minnesota 27 Baltimore 30, Houston 9 Carolina 38, N.Y. Giants 0 Detroit 27, Washington 20 New England 23, Tampa Bay 3 Cincinnati 34, Green Bay 30 Miami 27, Atlanta 23 Indianapolis 27, San Francisco 7 Seattle 45, Jacksonville 17 N.Y. Jets 27, Buffalo 20 Chicago 40, Pittsburgh 23 Mondays Game Denver 37, Oakland 21 thursday, sep. 26 San Francisco at St. Louis, 8:25 p.m. sunday, sep. 29 N.Y. Giants at Kansas City, 1 p.m. Seattle at Houston, 1 p.m. Baltimore at Buffalo, 1 p.m. Arizona at Tampa Bay, 1 p.m. Indianapolis at Jacksonville, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at Cleveland, 1 p.m. Chicago at Detroit, 1 p.m. Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota at London, 1 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Tennessee, 4:05 p.m. Washington at Oakland, 4:25 p.m. Dallas at San Diego, 4:25 p.m. Philadelphia at Denver, 4:25 p.m. New England at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m. Open: Carolina, Green Bay Monday, sep. 30 Miami at New Orleans, 8:40 p.m. Broncos-Raiders stats 0 7 7 10 17 3 First Quarter

(48) at Buffalo

Oakland Denver

721 737

(59) EastCarolina (55) UAB (52) SMU (62) ArkansasSt. (47) (51) (61) (64) (57) (84) atMinnesota UTEP LSU Arizona Mississippi California

(40) Arizona

(49) NewEngland

(50) SouthernCal (55) La. Tech

GAR at Pittston Area Meyers at Elk Lake HiGH sCHOOl BOYs sOCCeR Meyers at Coughlin, 7 p.m. at Wilkes-Barre Memorial Stadium HiGH sCHOOl GiRls sOCCeR Lake-Lehman at Wyoming Valley West, 1 p.m. HiGH sCHOOl GiRls VOlleYBall Berwick at Nanticoke Coughlin at Hanover Area MMI Prep at Holy Redeemer, 4:30 p.m. Pittston Area at GAR Tunkhannock at North Pocono COlleGe FielD HOCKeY Cedar Crest at Kings, 7 p.m. COlleGe GOlF PSUAC at PSU Wilkes-Barre, 10 a.m. COlleGe WOMens VOlleYBall Kings at Staten Island, 6 p.m. LCCC at Lackawanna, 6 p.m. Misericordiat at SUNY Cortland, 4 p.m. Penn College at PSU Hazleton, 7 p.m.

w h at s o n t v
12:30 p.m. SNY N.Y. Mets at Cincinnati 2 p.m. ROOT, WGN Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs 7 p.m. CSN Philadelphia at Miami YES Tampa Bay at N.Y. Yankees 10 p.m. ESPN L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco


7:30 p.m. NHL, ROOT Preseason, Pittsburgh at Detroit

MOnDaYs late BOx sCORes
Royals 6, Mariners 5, 12 innings, Kansas City aB R H Bi BB sO avg. A.Gordon lf 4 2 2 0 2 1 .267 Bonifacio 2b 5 1 2 1 0 1 .243 Hosmer 1b 6 2 1 1 0 3 .302 B.Butler dh 3 0 1 1 1 0 .291 2-Getz pr-dh 0 0 0 0 0 0 .224 b-Giavotella ph-dh1 0 0 0 1 1 .184 S.Perez c 6 0 3 2 0 1 .291 Moustakas 3b 5 0 0 0 0 2 .231 L.Cain rf-cf 5 0 1 0 0 0 .250 J.Dyson cf 1 0 0 0 1 0 .264 a-Maxwell ph-rf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .264 A.Escobar ss 5 1 0 0 0 2 .236 totals 44 6 11 5 5 11 seattle aB R H Bi BB sO avg. B.Miller ss 4 1 0 0 2 2 .259 A.Almonte rf-cf 5 0 1 1 1 3 .281 Seager 3b 4 0 1 0 2 1 .264 K.Morales dh 5 0 0 0 1 1 .276 Ibanez lf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .250 F.Gutierrez rf 3 1 1 1 0 2 .252 Smoak 1b 2 0 0 0 1 0 .239 1-M.Saunders pr-lf2 2 1 1 1 1 .240 Zunino c 4 1 0 0 0 2 .206 c-En.Chavez ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .267 H.Blanco c 0 0 0 0 0 0 .142 Ackley cf-1b 4 0 0 0 1 0 .251 Franklin 2b 3 0 1 1 2 0 .227 totals 40 5 6 4 11 13 Kansas City 000200 030 0016 11 2 seattle 000001 220 0005 6 2 a-doubled for J.Dyson in the 8th. c-flied out for Zunino in the 10th. 1-ran for Smoak in the 7th. 2-ran for B.Butler in the 8th. EMaxwell (5), J.Dyson (5), A.Almonte (4), Franklin (11). LOBKansas City 8, Seattle 10. 2BS.Perez (25), L.Cain (20), Maxwell (15), Seager (31). HRF.Gutierrez (9), off Hochevar; M.Saunders (11), off Hochevar. RBIsBonifacio (28), Hosmer (79), B.Butler (78), S.Perez 2 (75), A.Almonte (9), F.Gutierrez (23), M.Saunders (45), Franklin (45). SBonifacio. Runners left in scoring positionKansas City 3 (Moustakas 2, Bonifacio); Seattle 4 (K.Morales, Seager 2, M.Saunders). RISPKansas City 4 for 13; Seattle 2 for 10. GIDPA.Escobar, A.Almonte, Smoak. DPKansas City 3 (Hosmer, A.Escobar), (A.Escobar, Bonifacio, Hosmer), (A.Gordon, A.Gordon, S.Perez); Seattle 1 (Seager, Franklin, Smoak). Kansas City iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Ventura 5 2-3 2 1 1 3 6 81 1.59 W.Smith BS, 3-3 2-3 0 2 1 2 1 18 2.87 Collins 2-3 1 0 0 1 1 20 3.40 Hochevar BS, 3-5 1 2 2 2 0 2 22 1.98 Bueno 1 1 0 0 2 0 16 0.00 W.Davis W, 8-11 2 0 0 0 1 1 28 5.40 G.Holland S, 45-481 0 0 0 2 2 27 1.25 seattle iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Maurer 7 4 2 1 1 6 95 6.48 Furbush BS, 6-6 2-3 3 3 3 0 0 16 3.84 Wilhelmsen 1-3 1 0 0 1 1 16 3.97 Farquhar 1 1 0 0 1 1 20 4.36 O.Perez 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 15 3.42 Ruffin 1 1-3 1 0 0 0 1 17 6.00 Luetge L, 1-3 1 1 1 1 2 0 17 4.75 Bueno pitched to 2 batters in the 10th. Inherited runners-scoredW.Smith 2-0, Collins 2-1, W.Davis 2-0, Wilhelmsen 1-1. IBBoff W.Davis (M.Saunders), off Bueno (K.Morales), off Wilhelmsen (B.Butler), off Farquhar (A.Gordon). WPVentura. UmpiresHome, Vic Carapazza; First, Bill Miller; Second, Gary Cederstrom; Third, Kerwin Danley. T4:12. A12,790 (47,476). athletics 10, angels 5 Oakland aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Crisp cf 4 2 2 0 1 0 .259 Donaldson 3b 5 2 2 0 0 0 .307 Lowrie dh 4 2 1 3 1 0 .288 Moss 1b 4 1 1 2 1 1 .258

Callaspo 2b 5 0 1 1 0 1 .259 Reddick rf 3 1 2 1 1 0 .223 S.Smith lf 2 1 1 1 0 0 .249 a-C.Young ph-lf 3 1 1 0 0 2 .199 Vogt c 4 0 1 1 0 2 .254 K.Suzuki c 0 0 0 0 0 0 .313 Sogard ss 4 0 1 1 0 0 .267 totals 38 10 13 10 4 6 los angeles aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Aybar ss 4 1 1 0 0 0 .265 Calhoun rf 3 1 0 0 1 1 .282 Trout cf 4 0 1 0 0 3 .325 H.Kendrick 2b 4 1 2 4 0 1 .302 J.Hamilton dh 4 1 2 0 0 2 .246 Trumbo 1b 2 0 0 1 1 0 .236 Iannetta c 3 0 0 0 0 2 .226 c-E.Navarro ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .250 Cowgill lf 2 1 0 0 0 0 .238 b-Shuck ph-lf 2 0 0 0 0 2 .289 An.Romine 3b 3 0 0 0 0 2 .267 d-Conger ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .256 totals 32 5 6 5 3 14 Oakland 023 021 00210 13 1 los angeles 013 001 000 5 6 0 a-was announced for S.Smith in the 5th. bstruck out for Cowgill in the 7th. c-walked for Iannetta in the 9th. d-struck out for An.Romine in the 9th. ESogard (8). LOBOakland 6, Los Angeles 4. 2BS.Smith (25), C.Young (17), H.Kendrick (20). 3BJ.Hamilton (5). HRLowrie (15), off Richards; Moss (28), off Richards; H.Kendrick (12), off Milone. RBIsLowrie 3 (74), Moss 2 (81), Callaspo (55), Reddick (55), S.Smith (39), Vogt (16), Sogard (35), H.Kendrick 4 (52), Trumbo (99). CSReddick (2), H.Kendrick (3). SFReddick, Trumbo. Runners left in scoring positionOakland 3 (Sogard, Lowrie, C.Young); Los Angeles 2 (Trumbo, Conger). RISPOakland 4 for 10; Los Angeles 2 for 6. Runners moved upLowrie. Oakland iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Milone W, 12-9 5 1-3 5 5 2 1 8 88 4.14 J.Chavez 1 2-3 0 0 0 0 3 14 4.07 Doolittle H, 26 1 1 0 0 0 0 17 3.18 Balfour 1 0 0 0 2 3 25 2.67 los angeles iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Richards L, 7-7 42-3 8 7 7 2 1 93 4.09 Boshers 2-3 2 1 1 1 1 15 3.68 Coello 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 6 3.86 Hanson 2 1-3 3 2 2 1 3 40 5.66 Brasier 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 7 2.08 Inherited runners-scoredJ.Chavez 1-1, Boshers 1-0, Coello 2-0, Brasier 3-1. IBBoff Hanson (Moss). UmpiresHome, Jim Reynolds; First, Bob Davidson; Second, John Hirschbeck; Third, James Hoye. T3:07. A41,147 (45,483). Padres 4, Diamondbacks 1 arizona aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Eaton rf-cf 3 0 1 1 1 0 .266 Pollock cf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .265 b-G.Parra ph-rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .270 Goldschmidt 1b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .304 Prado lf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .280 A.Hill 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .294 Davidson 3b 4 1 1 0 0 2 .250 Nieves c 3 0 1 0 0 0 .299 d-Campana ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .279 Pennington ss 4 0 3 0 0 0 .244 McCarthy p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .029 a-Owings ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .308 Bell p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Langwell p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 e-M.Montero ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .239 totals 34 1 7 1 2 8 san Diego aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Denorfia rf 4 1 2 0 0 0 .271 R.Cedeno ss 3 0 0 0 0 1 .268 1-Fuentes pr-cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .154 Gyorko 2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .247 Headley 3b 4 1 2 1 0 0 .245 Medica 1b 4 1 2 0 0 0 .239 Blanks lf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .246 Hundley c 4 1 2 3 0 1 .238 Amarista cf-ss 3 0 0 0 0 0 .244 Stults p 2 0 0 0 0 0 .155 Vincent p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --c-Forsythe ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .215 Gregerson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Street p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --totals 32 4 8 4 1 3 arizona 010 000 0001 7 0 san Diego 100 003 00x4 8 0 a-struck out for McCarthy in the 7th. b-fouled out for Pollock in the 7th. c-popped out for Vincent in the 7th. d-lined out for Nieves in the 9th. e-struck out for Langwell in the 9th. 1-ran for R.Cedeno in the 7th. LOBArizona 8, San Diego 6. 2BGoldschmidt (35), Pennington (13). HRHundley (12), off McCarthy. RBIsEaton (22), Headley (46), Hundley 3 (43). Runners left in scoring positionArizona 4 (A.Hill, Pollock, Prado, Goldschmidt). RISPArizona 1 for 10; San Diego 2 for 4. Runners moved upPollock, R.Cedeno, Blanks. arizona iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa McCarthy L, 5-10 6 8 4 4 0 2 89 4.64 Bell 1 0 0 0 0 0 12 4.15 Langwell 1 0 0 0 1 1 20 5.40 san Diego iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Stults W, 10-13 6 1-3 7 1 1 2 5 116 3.94 Vincent H, 9 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 7 2.30 Gregerson H, 23 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 2.74 Street S, 33-34 1 0 0 0 0 1 12 2.47 Inherited runners-scoredVincent 2-0. HBP by Bell (R.Cedeno). UmpiresHome, Hunter Wendelstedt; First, Alan Porter; Second, Hal Gibson; Third, Jerry Layne. T2:40. A15,869 (42,524). twins 4, tigers 3, 11 innings, Detroit aB R H Bi BB sO A.Jackson cf 6 0 1 0 0 3 Tor.Hunter rf 6 1 3 1 0 1 Mi.Cabrera 3b 4 1 2 1 1 1 2-D.Kelly pr-3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 Fielder 1b 4 0 1 0 1 0 avg. .268 .300 .350 .232 .283

V.Martinez dh 5 0 1 1 0 1 .302 Dirks lf 3 0 0 0 1 1 .261 b-Tuiasosopo ph-lf0 0 0 0 1 0 .255 Infante 2b 4 0 1 0 1 0 .316 Avila c 3 0 0 0 1 1 .227 c-B.Pena ph-c 1 0 0 0 0 0 .302 R.Santiago ss 5 1 1 0 0 0 .227 totals 41 3 10 3 6 8 Minnesota aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Presley cf 6 0 2 0 0 1 .286 C.Herrmann rf 5 0 1 0 1 2 .209 Dozier 2b 6 2 2 1 0 3 .248 Willingham dh 6 0 1 0 0 3 .213 Pinto c 6 0 2 1 0 3 .359 Parmelee 1b 5 0 1 0 0 2 .227 Thomas lf 2 1 1 0 2 1 .216 d-Mastroianni ph-lf1 0 1 0 0 0 .192 E.Escobar 3b-ss 4 1 2 1 0 1 .229 Florimon ss 2 0 0 0 1 1 .223 a-Doumit ph 1 0 1 1 0 0 .243 1-Bernier pr-ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 .226 e-Plouffe ph-3b 0 0 0 0 1 0 .247 totals 44 4 14 4 5 17 Detroit 000010 200 003 10 0 Minnesota 000000 021 014 14 0 One out when winning run scored. a-doubled for Florimon in the 8th. b-walked for Dirks in the 10th. c-flied out for Avila in the 10th. d-singled for Thomas in the 10th. e-was intentionally walked for Bernier in the 10th. 1-ran for Doumit in the 8th. 2-ran for Mi.Cabrera in the 9th. LOBDetroit 11, Minnesota 15. 2BTor.Hunter 2 (37), V.Martinez (36), Presley (4), Thomas (15), E.Escobar (5), Doumit (27). HRDozier (18), off Benoit. RBIsTor.Hunter (83), Mi.Cabrera (137), V.Martinez (82), Dozier (65), Pinto (10), E.Escobar (10), Doumit (53). SBInfante (5). SE.Escobar. Runners left in scoring positionDetroit 6 (V.Martinez, Fielder 2, R.Santiago, Infante 2); Minnesota 8 (Presley 2, Florimon 2, Pinto 2, C.Herrmann 2). RISPDetroit 3 for 8; Minnesota 2 for 18. Runners moved upMi.Cabrera, Presley. GIDPFielder, Infante. DPMinnesota 2 (Dozier, Florimon, Parmelee), (Bernier, Parmelee). Detroit iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Verlander 6 6 0 0 3 12 107 3.56 Smyly 0 2 0 0 0 0 7 2.43 Alburquerque H, 8 1 0 0 0 0 2 10 4.75 Veras H, 8 1-3 2 2 2 1 1 13 3.08 Benoit BS, 1-23 12-3 1 1 1 0 1 21 1.97 J.Alvarez 1 1 0 0 1 0 19 5.50 Putkonen L, 1-2 1-3 2 1 1 0 1 9 3.00 Minnesota iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Pelfrey 6 6 1 1 3 5 102 5.19 Fien 1-3 4 2 2 1 1 21 4.01 Pressly 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 2 3.82 Burton 1 0 0 0 0 1 10 3.82 Perkins 2 0 0 0 2 1 27 2.34 Swarzak W, 3-2 1 0 0 0 0 0 11 2.98 Smyly pitched to 2 batters in the 7th. Inherited runners-scoredAlburquerque 2-0, Benoit 1-0, Pressly 3-0. IBBoff J.Alvarez (Plouffe), off Fien (Dirks). WPPutkonen. UmpiresHome, Bill Welke; First, Brian ONora; Second, Fieldin Culbreth; Third, Adrian Johnson. T3:58. A24,647 (39,021). Rangers 12, astros 0 Houston aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Villar ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .261 Altuve 2b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .283 Elmore 2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .246 M.Dominguez 3b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .245 Ma.Gonzalez 3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .221 Carter dh 2 0 0 0 0 1 .225 a-J.D.Martnz ph-dh2 0 1 0 0 1 .254 B.Laird 1b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .172 Hoes rf-lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .278 Crowe lf-cf 2 0 2 0 1 0 .232 Corporan c 2 0 1 0 0 0 .236 Stassi c 1 0 0 0 0 0 .286 B.Barnes cf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .242 Paredes rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .198 totals 32 0 6 0 1 9 texas aB R H Bi BB sO avg. Kinsler 2b 4 2 2 1 0 0 .274 Profar 2b-ss 1 0 0 0 0 0 .232 Andrus ss 4 2 3 1 0 0 .273 Adduci 1b 0 0 0 0 1 0 .258 Rios rf 4 3 4 4 0 0 .280 E.Beltre rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .250 A.Beltre 3b 3 0 0 1 0 3 .317 Rosales 3b-2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .190 Pierzynski c 5 2 2 0 0 1 .275 Moreland 1b 2 1 1 1 1 0 .234 Chirinos 3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .179 Gentry lf 3 1 0 0 1 0 .265 Dav.Murphy dh 3 1 1 1 1 0 .220 L.Martin cf 4 0 1 3 0 1 .259 totals 36 12 14 12 4 6 Houston 000 000 0000 6 2 texas 214 203 00x12 14 0 EM.Dominguez (15), Villar (14). LOBHouston 6, Texas 6. 2BKinsler (30), Rios (30), Pierzynski (23), L.Martin (19). 3BRios (4). HRRios (18), off D.Martinez. RBIsKinsler (67), Andrus (66), Rios 4 (76), A.Beltre (89), Moreland (59), Dav.Murphy (45), L.Martin 3 (44). SBGentry (19). SFA.Beltre, Moreland. Runners left in scoring positionHouston 1 (Altuve); Texas 4 (Moreland, Andrus, Kinsler, Chirinos). RISPHouston 0 for 3; Texas 4 for 16. Runners moved upB.Barnes, Pierzynski, Dav. Murphy. DPTexas 1 (Pierzynski, Pierzynski, Kinsler). Houston iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa Lyles L, 7-9 3 7 7 7 3 2 75 5.59 D.Martinez 3 7 5 4 0 2 55 7.15 Lo 1 0 0 0 0 0 6 4.34 Fields 1 0 0 0 1 2 18 5.40 texas iP H R eR BB sO nP eRa D.Holland W, 10-9 9 6 0 0 1 9 113 3.33 WPD.Martinez. UmpiresHome, Jerry Meals; First, Paul Emmel; Second, Chris Conroy; Third, Gary Darling. T2:39. A33,743 (48,114). White sox 3, Blue Jays 2 toronto aB R H Bi BB sO avg. R.Davis rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .265

DenDecker 2 pass from Manning (Prater kick), 10:28. DenFG Prater 53, :47. second Quarter DenWelker 12 pass from Manning (Prater kick), 7:27. OakD.Moore 73 pass from Pryor (Janikowski kick), 5:57. DenJ.Thomas 13 pass from Manning (Prater kick), 3:40. DenFG Prater 41, :19. third Quarter DenFG Prater 40, 8:41. OakReece 16 pass from McFadden (Janikowski kick), :17. Fourth Quarter DenHillman 1 run (Prater kick), 11:27. OakMcFadden 1 run (Janikowski kick), 1:15. A76,978. Oak Den First downs 13 31 Total Net Yards 342 536 Rushes-yards 17-49 35-164 Passing 293 372 Punt Returns 0-0 3-34 Kickoff Returns 2-45 1-8 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 21-31-0 32-37-0 Sacked-Yards Lost 3-23 1-2 Punts 6-52.5 1-37.0 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 3-2 Penalties-Yards 8-77 5-40 Time of Possession 24:36 35:24 inDiViDUal statistiCs RUsHinGOakland, Pryor 4-36, McFadden 12-9, Ford 1-4. Denver, Hillman 9-66, Ball 11-61, Moreno 12-39, Manning 3-(minus 2). PassinGOakland, Pryor 19-28-0-281, Flynn 1-2-0-19, McFadden 1-1-0-16. Denver, Manning 32-37-0-374. ReCeiVinGOakland, D.Moore 6-124, Reece 4-45, Butler 3-54, Streater 3-42, Rivera 2-21, Jennings 2-15, Ford 1-15. Denver, D.Thomas 1094, Decker 8-133, Welker 7-84, J.Thomas 3-37, Hillman 1-12, Moreno 1-6, Tamme 1-5, Green 1-3. MisseD FielD GOalsNone.

easteRn COnFeRenCe atlantic Division GP W l Ot Pts GF Ga Toronto 5 4 0 1 9 17 13 Tampa Bay 4 4 0 0 8 18 11 Boston 5 4 1 0 8 16 15 Buffalo 5 3 1 1 7 18 15 Florida 5 2 1 2 6 16 17 Montreal 5 2 2 1 5 17 16 Ottawa 3 2 1 0 4 9 6 Detroit 5 2 3 0 4 15 11 Metropolitan Division GP W l Ot Pts GF Ga Columbus 6 4 1 1 9 20 17 Washington 5 2 0 3 7 16 17 Pittsburgh 5 2 2 1 5 15 19 New Jersey 4 2 2 0 4 10 9 Philadelphia 4 1 2 1 3 11 13 N.Y. Rangers 3 1 2 0 2 5 8 Carolina 4 1 3 0 2 9 17 N.Y. Islanders 5 1 4 0 2 10 17 WesteRn COnFeRenCe Central Division GP W l Ot Pts GF Ga Chicago 5 3 0 2 8 16 14 Minnesota 4 3 1 0 6 11 8 Dallas 4 2 0 2 6 14 12 St. Louis 4 2 1 1 5 15 15 Colorado 3 2 1 0 4 7 6 Winnipeg 6 1 3 2 4 12 19 Nashville 4 1 2 1 3 8 14 Pacific Division GP W l Ot Pts GF Ga Edmonton 6 4 1 1 9 21 15 Calgary 6 4 2 0 8 23 18 Anaheim 5 3 2 0 6 12 13 San Jose 3 2 0 1 5 8 7 Phoenix 5 2 2 1 5 14 18 Los Angeles 4 1 2 1 3 12 13 Vancouver 4 1 3 0 2 11 13 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. Mondays Games Pittsburgh 3, Chicago 2, SO Minnesota 2, Columbus 1, SO Boston 3, Washington 2, OT Montreal 3, New Jersey 2 Calgary 4, N.Y. Rangers 1 Edmonton 2, Winnipeg 1 Vancouver 6, Phoenix 1 tuesdays Games Ottawa at Toronto, 7 p.m. New Jersey at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Nashville, 8 p.m. Dallas at Colorado, 9 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Edmonton, 9 p.m. Anaheim at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. Wednesdays Games Columbus at Buffalo, 7 p.m. Nashville at Washington, 7 p.m. Montreal at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. Pittsburgh at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. St. Louis at Minnesota, 8 p.m. Phoenix at Calgary, 9 p.m. thursdays Games Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Carolina at Columbus, 7 p.m. Ottawa at Montreal, 7:30 p.m. Florida vs. Tampa Bay at Estero, FL, 7:30 p.m. Boston at Winnipeg, 7:30 p.m. Colorado at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Vancouver, 10 p.m.

natiOnal FOOtBall leaGUe
east aMeRiCan COnFeRenCe W 3 3 2 1 W 2 2 2 0 W 2 2 1 0 W 3 3 1 1 l 0 0 1 2 l 1 1 1 3 l 1 1 2 3 l 0 0 2 2 t 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 Pct 1.000 1.000 .667 .333 Pct .667 .667 .667 .000 Pct .667 .667 .333 .000 Pct 1.000 1.000 .333 .333 PF 59 74 55 65 PF 70 68 60 28 PF 75 71 47 42 PF 127 71 78 57 Pa 34 53 50 73 Pa 82 48 56 92 Pa 64 64 64 76 Pa 71 34 81 67

american league HOUSTON ASTROS Reinstated C Max Stassi from the 15-day DL. american association EL PASO DIABLOS Traded RHP Marshall Schuler, OF Oscar Mesa and RHP Justin Kuks to Lincoln for cash. KANSAS CITY T-BONES Released INF Brandon Jones, INF Felix Molina, OF Luis Rivera, C Stephen Yoo, OF Joey Gathright and INF Kenneth Miramontes. atlantic league SOUTHERN MARYLAND BLUE CRABS Traded RHP Nick Sariniades to Trois-Rivieres (CanAm) to complete an earlier trade. Can-Am League NEWJERSEYJACKALS Traded INF Nick Giarraputo, OF Bryan Sabatella, RHP Lucas Irvine and INF Matt Padgett to Kansas City (AA) to complete an earlier trade. Frontier league NORMAL CORNBELTERS Extended the contract of manager Brooks Carey. RIVER CITY RASCALS Extended the contract of manager Steve Brook. Signed LHP Cory Caruso, RHP Chandler Jagodzinski, LHP Jon Levin and INF Johnny Morales to contract extensions. national Basketball association NEW YORK KNICKS Signed C Cole Aldrich. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS Signed C Nerlens Noel and G Michael Carter-Williams.

local calendar
HiGH sCHOOl CROss COUntRY MMI Prep/Dallas/GAR/Pittston/Wyoming Area/Crestwood at MMI Prep, 4:15 p.m. Holy Redeemer at Northwest, 4:15 p.m. HiGH sCHOOl FielD HOCKeY Abington Heights at Wyoming Valley West, 6:30 p.m. Coughlin at Delaware Valley Hazleton Area at Nanticoke Honesdale at Holy Redeemer Lackawanna Trail at Wyoming Area Wallenpaupack at Lake-Lehman Wyoming Seminary at Dallas HiGH sCHOOl BOYs sOCCeR Hazleton Area at Crestwood, 7 p.m. Wyoming Seminary at Meyers Lake-Lehman at Dallas Nanticoke at Hanover Area Pittston Area at Tunkhannock Wyoming Area at MMI Prep HiGH sCHOOl GiRls sOCCeR Dallas at Lake-Lehman Hanover Area at Tunkhannock Hazleton Area at Wyoming Seminary

tODaYs eVents

Nanticoke at Coughlin Wyoming Valley West at Meyers HiGH sCHOOl GiRls VOlleYBall Dallas at Hazleton Area Meyers at Crestwood, 4:30 p.m. Wyoming Area at Lake-Lehman Wyoming Valley West at Delaware Valley COlleGe GOlF Wilkes, Kings at Scranton (Glenmaura), 1 p.m. COlleGe FielD HOCKeY Misericordia at Haverford, 4 p.m. Wilkes at Albright, 4 p.m. COlleGe Mens sOCCeR Lebanon Valley at Misericordia, 7 p.m. COlleGe WOMens sOCCeR Misercordia at Elizabethtown, 4:30 p.m. Wilkes at Susquehanna, 7 p.m. COlleGe WOMens tennis Baptist Bible at Kings, 3 p.m. Susquehanna at Misericordia, 3:30 p.m. HiGH sCHOOl FielD HOCKeY Berwick at Tunkhannock

New England Miami N.Y. Jets Buffalo south Houston Indianapolis Tennessee Jacksonville north Cincinnati Baltimore Cleveland Pittsburgh West Denver Kansas City San Diego Oakland east

natiOnal COnFeRenCe W 2 1 0 l 1 2 3 t 0 0 0 Pct .667 .333 .000 PF 83 79 54 Pa 55 86 115



Dallas Philadelphia N.Y. Giants



Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 3B

From page 1B If we could have got some serves in, we could have had a really good ballgame with them, Gavin said. We shot ourselves in the foot with the serves, there is no doubt. We had spurts of good volleyball, and then, we made mistakes at critical times. The serves were the problem. We played two or three good points, then we would have an error on the serve. We were up at one point, and had another service error or missed a pass. Its inconsistencies that well go back and correct in practice. Tied at 20 in the nal set, it was Pocono junior hitter Mallorie Deschaine who took over. She took three perfect sets from senior Amanda Hall to build a 23-20 lead, and took advantage of two GNA errors to close the match. Pocono, coming off a three-set loss to Redeemer last Thursday, was led by Deschaines nine kills. Losses are going to happen, Summa said. You have to face the adversity and overcome it. Championship teams are built on how you bounce back from a loss. We did enough to win today. But if you want to be in a championship-caliber position, we have to play a lot better.
North Pocono 3, Nanticoke Area 0 North Pocono 25 25 25 Nanticoke Area 17 20 21 NP: Mallorie Deschaine 9 kills; Emily Cook 7 kills, 1 ace; Amanda Hall 5 kills, 19 assists. NAN: Hunter Watson 6 kills; Lauren Rinehimer 11 assists, 2 kills; Taylor Briggs 2 kills, 2 assists, 3 aces.

MMI Prep 3, Hanover Area 0

Tunkhannock 3, GAR 0

Michelle Goodwin recorded six kills, seven aces and 18 service points to lead Tunkhannock to a straight-set victory over GAR. Cailyn VanHouten added 14 service points and seven aces for Tunkhannock, while Alison Wetherbee chipped in seven kills and eight service points. Banessa Flores had ve assists and three digs to lead GAR in the loss.

Paige Darrow logged 19 service points, three aces, two digs and two kills as MMI Prep defeated Hanover Area in straight sets. Sandy Bluth added 12 service points, two aces and ve digs in the win, while Amber Ferri recorded 12 service points, 18 assists and two digs for the Preppers. Heather Grady led Hanover Area with seven digs, two kills and one assist in the loss.
Holy Redeemer 3, Berwick 0

Holy Redeemer to a straight-set victory over Berwick. Kaya Swanek added four kills and nine service points in the win.

Nicole and Lauren Slavaski combined for 14 kills and 28 service points to lead

Tunkhannock 3, GAR 0 GAR 18 12 5 Tunkhannock 25 25 25 GAR: Banessa Flores 5 assists, 3 digs; Brittany Stephenson 2 kills, 2 aces, 3 digs; Jocelyne Vasquez 1 kill, 1 block, 4 digs. TUNK: Michelle Goodwin 6 kills, 18 service points, 7 aces; Cailyn VanHouten 14 service points, 7 aces; Alison Wetherbee 7 kills, 8 service points. MMI Prep 3, Hanover Area 0 Hanover Area 8 8 18 MMI Prep 25 25 25 HAN: Heather Grady 7 digs, 2 kills, 1 assist. MMI: Paige Darrow, 19 service points, 3 aces, 2 digs, 2 kills; Sandy Bluth 12 service points, 2 aces, 5 digs; Kristen Purcell 12 kills, 5 digs; Amber Ferri 12 service points, 18 assists, 2 digs. Holy Redeemer 3, Berwick 0 Holy Redeemer 25 25 25 Berwick 16 8 14 HR: Nicole Slavaski 8 kills, 15 service points; Lauren Slavaski 6 kills, 13 service; Kaya Swanek 4 kills, 9 service points BER: Not reported

Oracle wins again

AP Sports Writer

Shaq shows Sacramento some love

AP Sports Writer

SAN FRANCISCO Skipper Jimmy Spithill and defending champion Oracle Team USA overtook Emirates Team New Zealand on the upwind third leg Tuesday to win their astonishing seventh straight race and force a winner-take-all nale in the longest Americas Cup ever. All but defeated a week ago, Oracle Team USA tied the faltering Kiwis 8-8 on the scoreboard by winning its 10th race overall. Oracle was docked two points for illegally modifying boats in warmup regattas. If it hadnt been hit with the harshest penalties in the 162year history of the Americas Cup, Oracle Team USAs sailors would be hoisting the silver trophy in victory. Instead, the epic 19th race is scheduled for Wednesday, weather-permitting, on San Francisco Bay. Either Oracle will nish one of the greatest comebacks in sports history or Team New Zealand, marooned on match point for the past week, will get the elusive win it needs to claim the Auld Mug for the second time in 18 years. Oracle, which trailed 8-1 last Wednesday, came from behind and passed the Kiwis after they tacked too early and slowed while zigzagging toward the Golden Gate Bridge. The American-backed boat with only one American on its 11-man crew sped past and built its lead to more than 1,000 yards on the windward fourth leg going past Alcatraz Island. The nal margin was 54 seconds. Spithill, a 34-yearold Australian who has been almost deant about his teams ability to rebound from the penalties, did a yby of Pier 27-29, with his crew lining the port hull to wave and pump their sts toward the crowd. Earlier, Oracle forced Emirates Team New Zealand into two penalties during the wild start of Race 17 and won by 27 seconds. The races were so pivotal that software billionaire Larry Ellison, who owns Oracle Team USA, skipped making a keynote speech before 60,000 people at Oracle Open World so he could witness the comeback rsthand from a chase boat on the bay. Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker dominated Spithill at the start and beat him to the rst mark with his 72-foot catamaran, allowing him to control the race.

Tiger Woods hits out of the bunker on the third hole during the final round of play in the Tour Championship golf tournament at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta on Sunday.

AP photo

Tiger measures up to player of the year

AP Golf Writer


ATLANTA Tiger Woods always has been measured against Jack Nicklaus and his 18 majors, and most recently Sam Snead and his 82 PGA Tour victories. Now hes being measured against himself. And its not a fair ght. The PGA Tour sent out its awards ballot Monday to those players eligible to vote. The winners are to be announced Friday. Woods should be a lock for player of the year, provided he is measured against the other four names on the ballot instead of the previous seasons when he won the award. He won ve times this year, and the only tournament that could be classied as a medium-strength eld was at Torrey Pines. Woods won two World Golf Championships, at Doral and Firestone. He won The Players Championship on perhaps his least favorite course on tour. And he won Bay Hill. The world ranking points he earned from those ve wins alone were more than any player has earned all year except for Henrik Stenson. But he didnt win a major, the very standard by which Woods measures a great season. And there was nothing particularly memorable about his wins, except that two of them were on a Monday and all of them were on courses where he had won before. In fact, Woods couldnt even remember where he won. It was a harmless oversight, but no less amusing, when Woods last week at East Lake put himself down for winning Memorial instead of Torrey Pines. Nice problem to have. Woods already has won the award 10 times. His record this year is worse than every season he won the award except 2003. So this has been a great season by any other comparison except with himself. Three of the last four winners did not win

a major. Luke Donald won in 2011 with only two victories, one of them at Disney. He also won the money title and the Vardon Trophy, and his win at Disney was one of clutch performances. Needing nothing short of a win to be the rst player with money titles on both sides of the Atlantic in the same year, he birdied the rst six holes on the back nine and shot 64 to do just that. Jim Furyk won in 2010 with only three victories and one other signicant trophy the FedEx Cup. Phil Mickelson won the Masters that year, but the other majors went to players who werent even PGA Tour members at the time (Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen, Martin Kaymer). Woods won in 2009 with seven wins and a sweep of all the other awards (Vardon, money title). To be sure, Mickelson and Adam Scott could have made a convincing case by winning the Tour Championship. That would have given either of them three wins, including a major and the FedEx Cup (Mickelson would have needed some help for the latter). But they didnt. One of the more famous sayings in golf is that the scorecard has only a number, not pictures. These are the numbers: Woods led the league with five wins. He won the money title by over $2 million. He won the Vardon Trophy for lowest adjusted scoring average. Scott won the Masters and The Barclays, which arguably has the strongest eld in golf. He nished in the top 5 at two other majors. Mickelson won the British Open and the Phoenix Open. He was runner-up in the U.S. Open. Stenson also is on the ballot with two FedEx Cup playoff wins and the trophy itself (along with the $10 million bonus). He nished in the top 3 at two other majors. Two great wins and zero majors dont cut it.

Matt Kuchar is also on the ballot, but only for balance. He had his best year ever with two wins. That will have to do. Adding pictures to the scorecard is the only thing that could change the vote. Mickelson came within a dimple of 59 in the Phoenix Open. He had the lead on the back nine at Merion and was runnerup at the U.S. Open for the sixth time. He bounced back to win the British Open the major not even Mickelson thought he could win with what his peers consider one of the greatest closing rounds in a major. It left him one leg short of the Grand Slam, though winning on a links course already denes him as a complete player even without a U.S. Open. Scott became the rst Aussie in a green jacket and he was leading the British Open on the back nine until making four straight bogeys. He was poised for a run at the Tour Championship until getting sick at the wrong time. Both are great stories. But did they have better years? Here are a few things to keep in mind. This is a vote of the players, and theres no telling how they dene the award. Best player or best year? Do they have an agenda? Is it a popularity contest? Still bafing is Rickie Fowler winning rookie of the year in 2010 over Rory McIlroy, even though McIlroy won at Quail Hollow, Fowler didnt win at all and neither reached the Tour Championship. Is it a sentimental pick for Mickelson, the greatest to have never won player of the year? Is there resentment toward Woods for how he handled the penalty given to him at Conway Farms for his ball moving? The tour wont release results, only a winner. And it wont reveal voter turnout. Most of these guys only pay attention to their tee times. One nal thought as it relates to Woods: If his record this year belonged to any other player, would this even be a debate?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Shaquille ONeal spent the rst part of the century smashing Sacramentos dreams of an NBA championship. Now he wants to spend the next part doing anything he can to build the Kings into a winner. Declaring the new name of the city Shaqramento, ONeal began by taking steps in his size 22 shoes Tuesday to make amends to Kings fans for his past verbal swipes. The new minority owner of the Kings said he just wanted to rile up people and market the game when he called the franchise the Sacramento Queens while winning three titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. I apologize, ONeal said. If you see me around town, come give me a hug, give me a kiss. Ill do whatever you want. The 15-time All-Star center promised to use the same brand that bullied Sacramento for years to bring positive attention to Californias capital city. ONeals larger-than-life personality did just that on his rst day on the job. He attracted a crowd of about 75 reporters, with TV trucks ghting for the closest parking space outside Sacramentos suburban practice facility and about a dozen fans trying to sneak into the parking lot. ONeal said has no intention of being a silent investor. He wants to be a mentor to volatile center DeMarcus Cousins, give his input on basketball decisions and help the team build the NBAs rst indoor-outdoor arena. ONeal said he learned decades ago from Hall of Famer and friend Magic Johnson that endorsements are good, but you want to own stuff. He declined to reveal his stake in the team but said joining an NBA ownership group was always one of my dreams and aspirations, especially after retiring in 2011 after a 19-year playing career. New Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadive said he rst approached ONeal about joining his group after he swayed the league to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle and bought the team from the Maloof family in May. Ranadives primary partner, 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov, is friends with ONeal. The two partnered in the past to build about 20 gyms, especially in South Florida during ONeals time with the Miami Heat. ONeal said he moved from Los Angeles and couldnt nd a place to work out at all hours and found Mastrov by searching his name on Google. Make no mistake: Shaq is a shrewd businessman, Mastrov said.

Notre Dame has knack for winning close ones

Associated Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. Notre Dame has a knack for winning close games under coach Brian Kelly. Kelly attributes the ability of the 22nd-ranked Fighting Irish (3-1) to nish games to tough-minded players. I just think it happens over a period of time. When we rst got here, I dont believe that we were able to win some of those games. I think its just a matter of time, Kelly said. Were four years into our program. Our kids believe that if they prepare the right way and

they take care of the things that theyre supposed to do, that they have a belief. After starting 2-5 under Kelly in games decided by a touchdown or less, the Irish are 10-1 in such games dating back to a 15-12 victory over Pittsburgh a fourth of the way through Kellys second season in 2011. The lone loss was 18-14 to Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl in 2011. The Irish, who face No. 14 Oklahoma (3-0) on Saturday, were in a close game with the Sooners a year ago. The Sooners tied the game at 13-13 when Blake Bell scored on a 1-yard run with 9:10 left in the game. But the Irish n-

ished with a 17-0 spurt in the nal 5:05 to improve to 8-0. Last year, they made all the plays down the stretch and thats what changed the game, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. Its a 13-13 game with six minutes to go and they make all the plays in the end. Offensive tackle Zack Martin said its a mindset Kelly brought to Notre Dame, saying the 17-13 victory over Michigan State last week was the kind of game the Irish likely would have lost before last season. We nd ways to win football games, Martin said. Were always striving for that perfect game, but

perfection is not possible. We strive for that, but at the end of the day were winning football games. Kelly had similar success at Cincinnati, where he went 8-0 in his nal two seasons there in one-score or less games after starting 2-2. Even with the slow start at Notre Dame, Kellys winning percentage in games decided by a touchdown or less is .667. That is the best of any Irish coach since Ara Parseghian went 13-6-4 in such games from 1964-74. Knute Rockne was an impressive 19-35 in such games, going 15-0-2 in AP photo such games in the nal seven years Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is held back by line judge Paul Engelberts of his 13 years as coach from 1918- after the bench was called for unsportsmanlike conduct during the second 1930. half of Saturdays game against Michigan State.

PAGE 4B Wednesday, September 25, 2013


From page 1B attempts at goal. The Comets (8-0 in WVC) kept Lehman (5-2-1) from gaining possession on the offensive side of the mideld stripe while simply churning into the Knights circle and ring away. One minute in, the Comets earn a corner. Ashleigh Thomas passes to Marissa Surdy, who blasts from the wing. Morgan Kile is in front for a perfect redirection. Just 1:23 later, Surdy has a reverse-stick shot on a corner swatted down by Knights keeper Tif Malinowski, only to have Crestwood draw another corner. This time, Surdy winds up and blasts a shot that clips a defender and hit the backboard of the goal. Ninety-one seconds after that, Casey Cole has a ticketed shot kicked away by Malinowski. Cole, though, springs to the rebound and lifts a shot into the top corner of the goal on the stick side, making it 3-0 Crestwood 4:06 in. Cole does it again, scoring her second goal 1:40 later on another corner. Surdy takes the injection pass from Thomas and looks to her left for Cole, who slips a shot stick side into the net. Less than two minutes later, Surdy gains possession in trafc in front of the Lehman goal and dishes a nifty backhand pass to Thomas, who pushes the ball home for a ve-goal edge. Eighty-six seconds had elapsed when Hannah Ackers moved to the middle of the circle and nds a deected crossing ball coming her way. She res a shot from point-blank range for a 6-0 lead. Well executed, Crestwood coach Elvetta Gemski said of the amazing start. And well supported by everyone on the eld. Its always the goal entering the game to start strong. Our passing was sharp and quick. I was very pleased with their level (of play) at the beginning of the game. The 51 minutes that followed were more of what was expected. Shots were 8-7 Lehman the rest of the way, while Crestwood enjoyed a 4-2 edge in corners called after the outburst. The Comets did go to their bench, but starters were also still rotated into play. All of them went in and performed their roles well,

Patriots pounce on Tigers in second half



TUNKHANNOCK It was as if two different Fred Adams | For The Times Leader teams played the second Crestwood junior Casey Cole tries to drive through Lake-Lehman half at Tunkhannock on defenders Alyssa Adams, Tracy Snyder and Sarah Sabaluski during Tuesday. the first half Tuesday in Lehman Township. Cole had two goals in A back-and-forth game the Comets 6-2 win. in the first half was all Pittston Area after halfGemski said. We were away those rst eight min- time as the Patriots under pressure until the utes and this is a different claimed a 5-1 victory end and they were able to game, Lipski said. For over the host Tigers in withstand it. them to come back from a WVC Division 2 showLehman refused to quit that, thats character. More down. playing, instead seeming to than a eld hockey game, We had just talked catch the Comets off-guard it shows character in the about how weve strugwhen Sarah Sabaluski game of life. Im really gled starting halves with ripped a blast from the top proud of them for that. Our a lot of pace and tempo, of the circle in the 29th kids dug deeply and didnt Pittston Area coach minute to end the potential quit. Caitlin Hadzimichalis shutout. It was a hard lesson said. We did a better job Sabaluski set up anoth- they had to learn. But this at the start of the game, er Lehman goal midway game will move them light too.. through the second half years ahead moving forPittston Area manas the Knights cashed in a ward. aged just three penalty 6 0 6 corner. Alyssa Adams shot Crestwood corners in the first half, Lake-Lehman 1 1 2 First half 1. CRE, Morgan Kile (Marissa from the circle was stopped Surdy), but earned 10 of the 11 28:58; 2. CRE, Surdy (Ashleigh Thomas), by Comets defensive back 27:25; 3. CRE, Casey Cole, 25:54; 4. CRE, Cole called in the second half. (Surdy), 24:04; 5. CRE, Thomas, 22:36; 6. CRE, Megan McCole. The Hannah The Patriots converted Ackers, 21:10; 7. LEH, Sarah Sabaluski, rebound went to Sabaluski, 1:33. Second half 8. LEH, Tracy Snyder (Sa- two of them in the first 17:24. who connected with Tracy baluski), 10 minutes after interShots CRE 16; LEH 8. Saves CRE 4 (Dallas Kendra); LEH 9 (Tif Malinowski). Penalty Snyder to make it 6-2. mission, breaking a 2-1 corners CRE 8; LEH 2. Oh, my goodness. Take game open.


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Dana Maurizi worked a give-and-go with Nicole Chaiko for the first goal, scoring from the end line after sending the injection pass to Chaiko. Katrina Mikitish added a marker two minutes later on a blast from the top of the circle off the set up by Alexa Danko. Thats been a big area of emphasis, Hadzimichalis said of penalty corners. Before our last game, we hadnt scored consistently on corners all season. In the second half, Pittston Area enjoyed a 13-5 shots advantage to go with that 10-1 corners edge. Once we got down 3-1, we played like this wasnt attainable, Tunkhannock coach Ashlie Lewis said. They just couldnt get mentally back up. But we can take a lot out of this moving forward. The first half was much different, as the Tigers went step for step with the Patriots. On the fast grass in Tunkhannock, the Tigers posted 11 of the 18 first-half shots and earned eight of the 11 corners before the break. Pittston Areas Alana Platukus opened the scoring on a long rush up the right side. After receiving the ball near midfield, she charged into the circle and fired a 10-yard blast past Mary Sicker. Tu n k h a n n o c k answered on a corner, nullifying a great defensive play by Pittston Areas Julie Stella. Stella blocked the initial shot from the circle only

Pittston Area 2 3 5 Tunkhannock 1 0 1 First half 1. PIT, Alana Platukus, 15:47; 2. TUNK, Maggie Sohns (Haylee Underwood), 9:13; 3. PIT, Nicole Chaiko (Emily Herron), 6:21. Second half 4. PIT, Dana Maurizi (Chaiko), 23:22; 5. PIT, Katrina Mikitish (Alexa Danko), 21:53; 6, PIT, Maurizi (Paige Danko), 1:42. Shots PIT 20; TUNK 16. Saves PIT 12 (Lea Garibaldi); TUNK 11 (Mary Sickler). Penalty corners PIT 13; TUNK 9. Meyers 2, Hanover Area 1 Bri DiMaggio scored the game-winning goal with 2:34 remaining to lift Meyers to a victory over Hanover Area. Allison Berman added an unassisted goal earlier in the second for Meyers. Brittany McNair recorded the lone goal for Hanover Area off a pass from Brexy Pena. Meyers 2, Hanover Area 1 Meyers 0 2 2 Hanover Area 0 1 1 Second half 1. MEY Allison Berman, 28:12; 2. HAN Brittany McNair (Brexy Pena), 19:20; 3. MEY Bri DiMaggio, 2:34. Shots MEY 6; HAN 2. Saves MEY 1; HAN 4 (Haley Bobos). Penalty corners MEY 9; HAN 1.

to have it go back to Tunkhannocks Haylee Underwood. A second shot by Underwood got to the front of the goal, where Maggie Sohns directed it home to tie the game in the 22nd minute. We knew they were a tough team, really aggressive to the ball, Lewis said. They are a really fast team overall, too. We just shut down (to start the second half) and couldnt recoup from that. Time just wasnt on our side after that. Emily Herron set up the game-winner with a long rush late in the first half. Herron sent a cross to the far post where Chaiko was waiting to tuck it home for the lead. Maurizi added a late goal for Pittston Area. Alissa Zamber and Elissa Stretch had defensive saves for Tunkhannock. Both goalies played well, despite the one-sided score. Lea Garibaldi of Pittston Area made 12 saves, while Tunkhannocks Mary Sickler had 11 stops.




Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 5B


PASSING (Minimum 20 attempts) Division 4A .............................................Att..........Cmp........Pct.......Yds........ TD ..... Int....QBR Mike Baur, Wyo. Val. West...........................59 ........... 35............ 58.3..... 561.........4 ........ 4.......148.01 Ryan Heller, Hazleton Area ........................32 ........... 17............. 53.0..... 230 ........2 ........ 0.......134.12 Julius Ward, Hazleton Area........................50........... 23............ 46.0..... 289 ........1......... 2.......93.15 Dale Berkheimer, Williamsport..................41............ 21 ............ 51.2 ..... 182.........0 ........ 5.......64.12 C.J. Curry, Berwick.....................................77 ........... 42............ 54.5..... 881.........7 ........ 2 ....... 175.46 Brian Beauchemin, Tunkhannock .............26 ........... 13 ............ 50.0 .... 240 ........3 ........ 0........ 165.62 Tim Pilch, Coughlin....................................43 ........... 19 ............ 44.2..... 336 ........5 ........ 4........ 129.59 Jay Popson, Crestwood .............................26 ........... 11............. 42.3..... 222 ........1......... 1 ........ 119.03 James Emmett, Pittston Area ...................57 ........... 26............ 45.6..... 381.........2 ........ 2........ 106.32 Justin Mucha, Dallas..................................38 ........... 16 ............ 42.1 ..... 136.........1......... 5........ 54.54 Logan Womelsdorf, Northwest ..................34 ........... 15 ............ 44.1 ..... 232 ........5 ........ 2.......138.20 J.T. Levandowski, Nanticoke ......................60........... 22............ 36.7..... 371 .........4 ........ 2.......103.94 Ryan Gorki, Wyoming Area ........................32 ........... 16 ............ 50.0 .... 137 .........2 ........ 2.......94.09 Matt DeMarco, Meyers...............................31............ 14 ............ 45.2..... 112 .........2 ........ 1 .......90.35 Jake Peters, Hanover Area.........................66 ........... 21 ............ 31.8 ..... 385 ........4 ........ 5.......85.67 Rashaun Mathis, GAR ................................71............ 28............ 39.4..... 292 ........2 ........ 2.......77.65

Division 1 Division Overall PF PA Abington Heights 1 0 4 0 10018 Scranton Prep 1 0 4 0 173 13 West Scranton 1 0 3 1 120 39 Wallenpaupack 1 0 2 2 103 87 Scranton 0 1 2 2 99 116 Valley View 0 1 2 2 64 83 Delaware Valley 0 1 1 3 66 114 North Pocono 0 1 1 3 68 119 Division 2 Division Overall PF PA Dunmore 0 0 4 0 144 43 Lakeland 0 0 3 1 93 97 Mid Valley 0 0 2 2 76 74 Honesdale 0 0 1 3 79 74 Riverside 0 0 1 3 32 123 Western Wayne 0 0 1 3 49 149 Division 3 Division Overall PF PA Carbondale 1 0 4 0 114 0 Lackawanna Trail 0 0 4 0 168 78 Old Forge 0 0 3 1 126 48 Holy Cross 0 0 0 4 27 180 Susquehanna 0 0 1 3 57 64 Montrose 0 1 0 4 0 156 Note: Lakeland lost to Valley View in Week 2, but was awarded a forfeit victory because Valley View used an ineligible player. FRIDAY, SEPT. 20 Carbondale 27, Lakeland 0 Crestwood 27, Wallenpaupack 19 Dunmore 21, Old Forge 16 Honesdale 21, Montrose 0 Lackawanna Trail 45, Western Wayne 10 Riverside 13, Susquehanna 9 Valley View 21, East Stroud. North 14 West Scranton 24, North Pocono 0 SATURDAY, SEPT. 21 Abington Heights 22, Delaware Valley 18 Mid Valley 40, Holy Cross 0 Scranton Prep 41, Scranton 6 FRIDAYS GAMES (7 p.m.) Holy Cross at Dunmore Honesdale at Carbondale Mid Valley at Lackawanna Trail Montrose at Western Wayne Scranton Prep at North Pocono Riverside at Old Forge Valley View at Scranton SATURDAYS GAMES Lakeland at Susquehanna, 1 p.m. Wallenpaupack at Abington Heights, 1 p.m. West Scranton at Delaware Valley, 4 p.m.

Division 3A ................................. Att. ..... Cmp. ....Pct.... Yds..... TD ... Int.. QBR

Division 2A-A.............................. Att. ..... Cmp. ....Pct.... Yds..... TD ... Int.. QBR Jimmy Strickland, Holy Redeemer95 ........ 47......... 49.5... 819......10 .... 4..... 148.21

Medico,Makowski pace Royals in win

The Times Leader staff

Division 4A ......................At..... Yds... Avg ..TD Zach Zukoski, Haz............. 60 .....323 ... 5.3....2 Eric Acosta, WVW.............. 52......319.... 6.1 ....6 Isaac Foust, Wil ................. 76......318.... 4.2....2 Mike Baur, WVW................ 64 .....315.... 4.9....3 Nick George, Haz .............. 29 .....110.... 3.7 ....2 Sean Judge, WVW ............. 10......89 ..... 8.9....1 Julius Ward, Haz ............... 28 .....82 ..... 2.9....2 Rhomello Martin, Wil......... 10......35 ..... 3.5....0 Troy Yashinski, WVW ......... 4........33 ..... 8.3....1 Bill Davison, WVW............. 8........31...... 3.9....2 Greg Murray, Wil................ 4........21...... 5.3....0 Dale Berkhimer, Wil........... 19 ......17...... 0.9....1 Justin Hoffman, Wil........... 6........14...... 2.3....0 Jordan Mason, WVW......... 4........10...... 2.5....0 Division 3A ......................At..... Yds... Avg ..TD Frank Aigeldinger, Cre....... 67......577 ... 8.6....7 Paul Cole, Cou................... 97......513.... 5.3....5 Ryan Cywinski, Tun ........... 52......336... 6.5....4 Tanner Kahlau, Cre ........... 27......326... 12.1...5 Tim Pilch, Cou................... 57......315.... 5.5....2 Brian Beauchemin, Tun..... 57......299... 5.2....2 Kyle Gattuso, PA................ 68 .....297 ... 4.4 ....2 Dain Kowalski, Ber ............ 53......265 ... 5.0....8 Jay Popson, Cre ................ 25......151 .... 6.0....2 Jorden Stout, Ber.............. 23......131 .... 5.7 ....2 Nate Maczuga, Ber ........... 14 ......102 ... 7.3.....2 Hassan Maxwell, PA .......... 22......88 ..... 4.0....2 Justin Mucha, Dal ............. 47......81...... 1.7.....0 Tyler Layton, Cou .............. 11.......80..... 7.3.....0 Logan Brace, Dal ............... 27......69 ..... 2.6....0 C.J. Curry, Ber ................... 22......67 ..... 3.0....2 Jacob Zbegner, Cre........... 12 ......65 ..... 5.4 ....1 Joey Leon, Tun .................. 14 ......65 ..... 4.6....0 Kyle Trenholm, Ber............ 8........62 ..... 7.8.....0 Brandon Cole, Cre............. 4........59 ..... 14.8 ..1 Tom Mitchell, Cou ............. 5........58 ..... 11.6...0 Brett Storrs, Dal ................ 15 ......49 ..... 3.3....0 Nick Talanca, Ber .............. 9........43 ..... 4.8....1 Alex Klinger, Ber................ 5........38 ..... 7.6.....0 Matt Bobeck, Cre .............. 10......38 ..... 3.8....1 Bill Gately, Dal ................... 7........20 ..... 2.9....0 Shane Edmondson, Tun .... 8........20 ..... 2.5....0 Division 2A-A...................At..... Yds... Avg ..TD Austin Mazonkey, Nwt ...... 91......811 .... 8.9....7 Matt DeMarco, Mey........... 59......614.... 10.4 ..10 Joey Vigil, LL...................... 33 .....510 ... 15.5 ..6 Dustin Jones, LL................ 44 .....351.... 8.0....6 Isaiah Taylor, Han .............. 57......339... 5.9....4 Rich Sickler, GAR .............. 48 .....316.... 6.6....2 Brady Butler, LL ................ 35......285 ... 8.1 ....2 Nate Mahalak, Mey ........... 48 .....222 ... 4.6....2 Pat Hempel, Nan............... 24......202... 8.4 ....1 Anthony Maurent, GAR..... 46 .....196 ... 4.3....1 Brian Belcher, Han ............ 33 .....195.... 5.9....2 Tyler Burger, Nwt .............. 25......172.... 6.9....2 Mike Kremenic, Han.......... 21 ......163.... 7.8.....3 Jeff Skursky, WA................ 42 .....159.... 3.8....2 Mark Robinson, Mey ......... 17 ......142.... 8.4 ....1 Zahir Dunell, Mey .............. 22......123.... 5.6 ....2 Pat Villani, HR.................... 24......119 .... 5.0....1 Jason Wilson, WA .............. 21 ......115 .... 5.5....2 Ron Kotz, Nan ................... 25......110.... 4.4 ....0 Blake Balderamma, Nan... 16 ......109 ... 6.8....1 Jeremy Walsh, Nwt ........... 5........101.... 20.2..1 Ryan Gorki, WA.................. 38 .....94 ..... 2.5....0 Josh Sayre, LL................... 15 ......86 ..... 5.7 ....2 Adam Schechterly, Nwt .... 15 ......79 ..... 5.3....0 Dakota Bowman, Nwt ....... 9........65 ..... 7.2.....0 Antonio Ferrari, LL ............ 5........51...... 10.2 ..2 Rashaun Mathis, GAR ....... 35......51...... 1.5 ....0 Terry Eyerman, Mey .......... 3........49 ..... 16.3 ..0 Michael Dempsey, Mey ..... 6........46 ..... 7.7.....0 Jim Stuart, LL.................... 3........45 ..... 15.0 ..1 Bobby Wright, LL............... 5........44 ..... 8.8....1 Charles Ross, HR .............. 8........42 ..... 5.3....1 Robert Wargo, WA ............. 5........41...... 8.2....0 Alec Norton, Nan............... 5........38 ..... 7.6.....0 Hunter Nice, LL ................. 11.......37 ..... 3.4 ....1 Jimmy Strickland, HR....... 31 ......37 ..... 1.2 ....1 Elido Veras, Han ................ 5........34 ..... 6.8....0 JT Levandowski, Nan ........ 21 ......25 ..... 1.2 ....2 Marty Michaels, WA .......... 8........20 ..... 2.5....0

Division 4A .................TD ...... 2pt .. Kick ...Tot. Eric Acosta, WVW......... 6 ......... 0.......0.........36 Mike Baur, WVW........... 4 ......... 0.......0.........24 Zach Zukoski, Haz........ 4 ......... 0.......0.........24 Mike Sands, WVW ........ 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Ian Ultsh, WVW............. 0 ......... 0.......17........17 Julius Ward, Haz........... 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Tristan Williams, Haz.... 0 ......... 0.......14........14 Bill Davison, WVW........ 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Isaac Foust, Wil ............ 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Nick George, Haz ......... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Jeff Ochs, Haz .............. 2.......... 0.......0.........12 LJ Wesneski, WVW ....... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Charles Burrows, Haz .. 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Dale Burkheimer, Wil.... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Brice Harris, Wil ........... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Ben Hillman, Wil........... 0 ......... 0.......6.........6 Sean Judge, WVW ........ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Troy Yashinski, WVW .... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Division 3A .................TD ...... 2pt .. Kick ...Tot. Dain Kowalski, Ber ....... 8 ......... 1 .......0.........50 Frank Aigeldinger, Cre.. 7.......... 0.......0.........42 Tanner Kahlau, Cre ...... 6 ......... 0.......0.........36 Paul Cole, Cou.............. 5.......... 0.......0.........30 Andrew Force, Ber........ 5.......... 0.......0.........30 Ryan Cywinski, Tun ...... 4 ......... 0.......0.........24 Brian Beauchemin, Tun 2.......... 0.......10 .......22 Olivia Seely, Ber ........... 0 ......... 0.......20.......20 Brett Stage, Tun ........... 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Jay Popson, Cre ........... 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Nate Maczuga, Ber ...... 2.......... 1 .......0.........13 CJ Curry, Ber................ 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Kyle Gattuso, PA........... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Darik Johnson, Cou...... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Hassan Maxwell, PA ..... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Tom Mitchell, Cou ........ 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Dave Parsnik, Cou........ 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Tim Pilch, Cou.............. 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Jorden Stout, Ber......... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Kyle Trenholm, Ber....... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Parolo Audate, Cre ....... 0 ......... 0.......8.........8 Brandon Butry, Cou ..... 0 ......... 0.......8.........8 Matt Bobeck, Cre ......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Brandon Cole, Cre........ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 George Gendler, Cre..... 0 ......... 0.......6.........6 Michael Harth, PA ........ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Daquan Hellenthal, Ber 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Josh John, PA............... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Alex Klinger, Ber........... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Mark Michno, Dal ......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Dave Parsnik, Cou........ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Connor Sheloski, Cre ... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Nick Talenca, Ber ......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Will Updegrove, Ber ..... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Rich Weinstock, PA....... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Jacob Zbegner, Cre...... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Division 2A-A..............TD ...... 2pt .. Kick ...Tot. Matt DeMarco, Mey...... 10........ 0.......0.........60 Austin Mazonkey, Nwt . 8 ......... 0.......0.........48 Joey Vigil, LL................. 7.......... 0.......0.........42 Eric Kerr, HR................. 6 ......... 1 .......0.........38 Dustin Jones, LL........... 6 ......... 0.......0.........36 Isaiah Taylor, Han ......... 4 ......... 1 .......0.........26 Pat Hempel, Nan.......... 4 ......... 0.......0.........24 Brian Belcher, Han ....... 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Jason Hoggarth, HR..... 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Mike Kremenic, Han..... 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Nick Long, Nwt............. 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Anthony Maurent, GAR 3.......... 0.......0.........18 Brady Butler, LL ........... 2.......... 0.......5 .........17 Tyler Burger, Nwt ......... 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Zahir Dunell, Mey ......... 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Nate Mahalak, Mey ...... 2.......... 2.......0.........14 Eric Shorts, HR............. 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Jeff Skursky, WA........... 2.......... 1 .......0.........14 Mike Symion, LL........... 0 ......... 0.......14........14 Jeremy Walsh, Nwt ...... 1 .......... 0.......8.........14 Farrad Condry, WA ....... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Antonio Ferrari, LL ....... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 JT Levandowski, Nan ... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Mark Robinson, Mey .... 1 .......... 3.......0.........12 Josh Sayre, LL.............. 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Rich Sickler, GAR ......... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Elido Veras, Han ........... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Jason Wilson, WA ......... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Bobby Wright, LL.......... 2.......... 0.......0.........12 Pat Villani, HR............... 1 .......... 2.......0.........10 Blake Balderramma, Nan 1 ........... 1 ........ 0..........8 Jimmy Strickland, HR.. 1 .......... 1 .......0.........8 Jacob Brominski, Mey . 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Nick Eury, LL ................ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Eric Gurzynski, Nwt...... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Tyler Hanna, Nan.......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Rashaun Jackson, GAR 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Cal Lisman, Mey........... 0 ......... 0.......6.........6 Tyler Long, LL............... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Kyle Merth, GAR........... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Matt Mitchell, Nwt........ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Stephen Morgan, Han.. 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Ryan Murray, WA.......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Tyler Myers, Nan .......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Hunter Nice, LL ............ 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Alec Norton, Nan.......... 0 ......... 0.......6.........6 Kody Pachamovitch, LL1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Charles Ross, HR ......... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Jim Stuart, LL............... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Tyon Thomas, Mey ....... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Darius Washington, HR 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Jordan Williams, Nan ... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6 Josh Winters, LL........... 1 .......... 0.......0.........6

EXETER Mariano Medico earned medalist honors, shooting an even-par 35, to lead the Holy Redeemer golf team to a 152-181 victory over Wyoming Area Tuesday at Fox Hill Country Club. Chase Makowski added a 38 in the win, while Ryan Crossin recorded a 39. Maddie Wharton led Wyoming Area with a four-over 39 in the loss.
H.S. GIRLS TENNIS Holy Redeemer 5, Berwick 0

for GAR, winning their doubles match in three sets.


John Stoner scored two goals, including the game-winning goal in the 89th minute to lead Wilkes. Nicholas Patricia added another goal for Wilkes, while Abdullah Albannay dished out an assist in the win.
FIELD HOCKEY Kings 3, Marywood 1

kills in Misericordias loss in four sets (25-23, 18-25, 12-25, 23-25). Shelby Brochetti added seven kills in the loss, while Kellyn Swanson logged six kills, 18 digs and four blocks. Lexi Giannone chipped in 25 digs and two aces for the Lady Cougars.
Delaware Valley 3, Kings 0

D 2 S TA N D I N G S
Teams qualify based on state pointsper-game average listed in final column. CLASS 4A (Two D2/4 teams and six D11 teams qualify) District 2/4 W L Pts. Avg. Wyo. Valley West 3 1 310 77.5 Scranton 2 2 200 50 Delaware Valley 1 3 110 27.5 Hazleton Area 1 3 110 27.5 Williamsport 1 3 110 27.5 District 11 W L Pts. Avg. Whitehall 4 0 480 120 East Stroud. South 4 0 440 110 Easton 4 0 420 105 Pocono Mtn. East 3 1 370 92.5 Parkland 3 1 330 82.5 Pleasant Valley 3 1 320 80 Stroudsburg 3 1 280 70 Bethlehem Liberty 2 2 240 60 Nazareth 2 2 230 57.5 East Stroudsburg 2 2 190 47.5 Emmaus 2 2 190 47.5 Allentown Dieruff 2 2 140 35 Bethlehem Freedom1 3 80 20 Allentown Allen 0 4 0 0 Northampton 0 4 0 0 Pocono Mtn. West 0 4 0 0 Points format: Class 4A teams receive points based on a defeated opponents classification: 4A, 100 points; 3A, 80; 2A, 60; A, 40. Teams also receive 10 points per victory by a defeated opponent. CLASS 3A (Four teams qualify) District 2 W L Pts. Avg. Berwick 4 0 510 127.5 Abington Heights 4 0 470 117.5 Coughlin 4 0 450 112.5 Scranton Prep 4 0 440 110 Crestwood 3 1 340 85 West Scranton 3 1 290 72.5 Valley View 2 2 250 62.5 Wallenpaupack 2 2 230 56 Pittston Area 1 3 110 27.5 Tunkhannock 1 3 100 25 Honesdale 1 3 100 25 Western Wayne 1 3 90 22.5 North Pocono 1 3 70 17.5 Dallas 0 4 0 0 Montrose 0 4 0 0 Points format: Class 3A teams receive points based on a defeated opponents classification: 4A, 120 points; 3A, 100; 2A, 80; A, 60. Teams also receive 10 points per victory by a defeated opponent. CLASS 2A (Four teams qualify) District 2 W L Pts. Avg. Carbondale 4 0 440 110 Lakeland 3 1 350 87.5 Lake-Lehman 3 1 340 85 Meyers 2 2 190 47.5 Nanticoke 1 3 120 30 Hanover Area 1 3 120 30 Mid Valley 1 3 110 27.5 Susquehanna 1 3 110 27.5 Wyoming Area 1 3 110 27.5 Holy Redeemer 1 3 80 20 GAR 0 4 0 0 Points format: Class 2A teams receive points based on a defeated opponents classification: 4A, 140 points; 3A, 120; 2A, 100; A, 80. Teams also receive 10 points per victory by a defeated opponent. CLASS A (Four teams qualify) District 2 W L Pts. Avg. Dunmore 4 0 570 142.5 Lackawanna Trail 4 0 550 137.5 Northwest Area 4 0 480 120 Old Forge 3 1 420 105 Riverside 1 3 130 32.5 Holy Cross 0 4 0 0 Points format: Class A teams receive points based on a defeated opponents classification: 4A, 160 points; 3A, 140; 2A, 120; A, 100. Teams also receive 10 points per victory by a defeated opponent.

Meghan McGraw, Emily Kabalka and Natalie Coffee won their singles matches in straight sets to secure a shutout victory for Holy Redeemer over Berwick. Angela Malinovich and Hannah Thornton teamed up for a straight-set win in their doubles match, while Anna Cosgrove and Libby Pinto added a 6-2, 6-2 doubles victory for Holy Redeemer.
Wyoming Area 4, GAR 1

Abby McManus scored a goal and dished out an assist to lead Kings. Kim Howanitz added a goal for Kings, while Alyssa Monahan chipped in an assist in the victory. Megan Withrow recorded five saves to secure the win for the Lady Monarchs.
VOLLEYBALL Wilkes 3, Manhattanville 0

Jessica Carr and Kelsie Kramer combined for 10 kills but Kings fell in straight sets (25-16, 25-12, 25-15). Mary Loughran added 14 assists and nine digs in the loss, while Alexa Nelson chipped in four kills. Elen ODonnell logged two kills and three digs, while Eboni Chase and Aubrey Gryskiewicz tallied ve digs apiece for the Lady Monarchs. ***
Holy Redeemer 152, Wyoming Area 181 at Fox Hill Country Club, par 35 WA (181) Matt Wharton 39, Cortney Melvin 45, Mike Kolessar 45, Ryan Wrupel 52 HR (152) Mariano Medico 35, Chase Makowski 38, Ryan Crossin 39, Andrew Crossin 40 Holy Redeemer 5, Berwick 0 Singles: Meghan McGraw d. Xiomara Salazar 6-1, 6-1; Emily Kabalka d. Kayla Davis 6-2, 6-0; Natalie Caffee d. Linda Thelemaque 6-1, 6-4. Doubles: Angela Malinovich/Hannah Thornton d. Zoe Zajack/Gabi Popko 6-0, 6-1; Anna Cosgrove/Libby Pinto d. Felicia Canouse/Isabella Donayre 6-2, 6-2. Wyoming Area 4, GAR 1 Singles: Anna Thomas (W) d. Raquel Sosa 6-3, 6-3; Kierstin Grillo (W) d. Vanessa Castillo 6-0, 6-0; Julia Gober (W) d. Gisselle Huertero 6-0, 6-1. Doubles: Julia Banas/Lauren Perry (W) d. Diane Lopez/Josmarlyn Rivas 6-1, 6-2; Jessica Valencia/Leticia Izaguirre (G) d. Samantha Williams/Britney Benkoski 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.


Anna Thomas, Kierstin Grillo and Julia Gober won their singles matches in straight sets to lead Wyoming Area to a win over GAR. A team of Julia Banas and Lauren Perry added a victory in doubles for Wyoming Area. Jessica Valencia and Leticia Izaguirre earned the lone point

Casey Bohan and Ally Paskas combined for 21 kills in Wilkes win in straight sets (26-24, 25-18, 25-17) to remain unbeaten in Freedom Conference play. Bohan also added two blocks, while Paskas chipped in 13 digs. Megan Powers powered the passing game with 34 assists, while Marissa Mallory recorded 28 digs.
FDU-Florham 3, Misericordia 1


Meghan Stack recorded 14

From page 1B if the Mariano Rivera bobblehead dolls would arrive before the end of the game. The gurines were delayed by train and truck trouble in a cross-country journey, and the Yankees were forced to give out vouchers to the rst 18,000 fans entitled to one of the promotional gifts in tribute to the retiring closer. Alas, the bobbleheads arrived in the third inning. The Yankees bats didnt. Ichiro Suzuki got New Yorks first hit in the bottom of third and Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano walked to load the bases but Mark Reynolds popped out to right field and Eduardo Nunez grounded into a elders choice. The Yankees were 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position overall. Kuroda settled down after the first and held Tampa Bay hitless until the sixth, when James Loney doubled with the bases loaded for two runs. Kuroda extended his winless skid to eight starts,

Tampa Bay Rays Matt Joyce, right, celebrates with ondeck batter Wil Myers after hitting a first-inning solo home run off New York Yankees starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda during Tuesdays game in New York.

AP photo

matching a career worst rst done in 2008 with the Dodgers. The 38-year-old right-hander was having one of his best seasons until he was hit hard Aug. 17 at Boston. This time, he allowed five runs and five hits in 5 2-3 innings.

Division 4A ................... Rc..... Yds. ...Avg. .. TD Mike Sands, WVW ...........19 ..... 312 .... 16.4 ... 3 Jeff Ochs, Haz .................19 ..... 220 ... 11.6.... 2 Zach Zukoski, Haz...........9 ....... 121..... 13.4 ... 1 Gavin Kopczynskie, Haz..8 ....... 120.... 15.0 ... 0 Jermichael Bunch, WVW 7 ....... 120.... 17.1 .... 0 Tajmir Williams, Wil .........7 ....... 50 ..... 7.1...... 0 Justin Hoffman, Wil.........6 ....... 90 ..... 15.0 ... 0 Tyler Gardner, Wil............4 ....... 51 ...... 12.3 ... 0 Mike Baur, WVW..............4 ....... 38...... 9.5..... 1 Tanner Bashnick, Wil.......4 ....... 23...... 5.8..... 0 LJ Wesneski, WVW ..........3 ....... 81 ...... 27.0 ... 2 Nick George, Haz ............3 ....... 32...... 16.0 ... 0 Sean Judge, WVW ...........2 ....... 55...... 27.5 ... 0 Jeremy Kozich, WVW ......2 ....... 43...... 21.5 ... 0 Chris Baranski, WVW ......2 ....... 18 ...... 9.0..... 0 Jerah Reeves, Wil ............2 ....... 13 ...... 6.5..... 0 Rhomello Martin, Wil.......2 ....... 11....... 5.5..... 0 Malik Wilson, Wil .............2 ....... 8........ 4.0..... 0 Division 3A ................... Rc..... Yds. ...Avg. .. TD Andrew Force, Ber...........13...... 423 ... 32.5... 5 Brett Stage, Tun ..............11 ...... 224.... 20.4... 3 Kyle Trenholm, Ber..........12...... 210.... 17.5.... 1 Darik Johnson, Cou.........11 ...... 194.... 17.6.... 2 Rich Weinstock PA ..........7 ....... 135 .... 19.3 ... 1 Logan Brace, Dal .............7 ....... 47...... 6.7 ..... 0 Michael Harth, PA ...........6 ....... 117..... 19.5 ... 1 Dave Parsnik, Cou...........6 ....... 107 .... 17.8.... 2 Ryan Cywinski, Tun .........6 ....... 73...... 12.2 ... 0 Will Updegrove, Ber ........5 ....... 128.... 25.6... 1 Michael Schwab, PA........5 ....... 72...... 14.4 ... 0 Tim Tokash, Cre ..............4 ....... 74 ...... 18.5 ... 0 Dain Kowalski, Ber ..........4 ....... 38...... 9.5..... 0 Kyle Gattuso, PA..............4 ....... 34...... 8.5..... 0 Connor Sheloski, Cre ......3 ....... 80 ..... 26.7... 1 Ian Mazonkey, Ber...........3 ....... 36...... 12.0 ... 0 Trevon Simmons, Ber......3 ....... 27...... 9.0..... 0 Hassan Maxwell, PA ........3 ....... 26...... 8.7..... 0 Omar Nijmeh, Dal............3 ....... 23...... 7.7...... 0 Andrew Chang, Cre .........2 ....... 48 ..... 24.0... 0 Chris Behm, Dal ..............2 ....... 41 ...... 20.5... 0 Tom Mitchell, Cou ...........2 ....... 35...... 17.5.... 1 Matt Bobeck, Cre ............2 ....... 21 ...... 10.5 ... 0 Mark Michno, Dal ............2 ....... 15 ...... 7.5 ..... 1 David Simpson, Dal.........2 ....... 11....... 5.5..... 0 Division 2A-A................ Rc..... Yds. ...Avg. .. TD Eric Kerr, HR....................18 ..... 315 .... 29.7... 5 Jason Hoggarth, HR........12...... 238 ... 19.8 ... 3 Elido Veras, Han ..............9 ....... 156.... 17.3.... 2 Rich Sickler, GAR ............9 ....... 50 ..... 5.6..... 0 Ben Steve, WA .................8 ....... 99 ..... 12.4 ... 0 Tyler Hanna, Nan.............8 ....... 73...... 9.1 ..... 1 Eric Shorts, HR................6 ....... 127 .... 21.2 ... 2 Pat Villani, HR..................6 ....... 125 .... 20.8 .. 0 Kyle Gavrish, Nan............6 ....... 78...... 13.0 ... 0 Anthony Maurent, GAR...6 ....... 63...... 10.5 ... 0 Nick Long, Nwt................6 ....... 52...... 8.7..... 2 Rashaun Jackson, GAR...5 ....... 59...... 11.8.... 1 Farrad Condry, WA ..........5 ....... 37...... 7.4 ..... 1 Mark Robinson, Mey .......5 ....... 15 ...... 3.0..... 0 Stephen Morgan, Han.....4 ....... 119 .... 29.8... 1 Tyler Myers, Nan .............4 ....... 71 ...... 17.8.... 1 Isaiah Taylor, Han ............4 ....... 18 ...... 4.5..... 0 Kyle Merth, GAR..............3 ....... 81 ...... 27.0 ... 1 Tyon Thomas, Mey ..........3 ....... 69...... 23.0... 1 Austin Mazonkey, Nwt ....3 ....... 68 ..... 22.7... 1 DJ Linker, Han .................3 ....... 52...... 17.3.... 0 Joey Vigil, LL....................3 ....... 45...... 15.0 ... 0 Vince Villani, HR ..............3 ....... 40 ..... 13.3 ... 0 Darius Washington, HR...3 ....... 39...... 13.0 ... 1 Eric Gurzynski, Nwt.........3 ....... 35...... 11.7.... 1 Jeremy Seabridge, WA....3 ....... 33...... 11.0.... 0 Ryan Murray, WA.............3 ....... 17 ...... 5.7 ..... 1 Zahir Dunell, Mey ............3 ....... 8........ 2.7..... 0 Pat Hempel, Nan.............2 ....... 79...... 39.5... 1 Matt Mitchell, Nwt...........2 ....... 55...... 27.5 ... 1 Jacob Brominski, Mey ....2 ....... 4........ 2.0..... 1

From page 1B Head coach John Hynes is happy to have so many games clustered together. Its nice because you can look at different players and see them in game action. It also gives you a better look at your depth pool, he said. For your main core guys, its about getting good reps and having a good idea how you want to start the season with your lineup. With Jeff Zatkoff in Pittsburgh and Peter Mannino still injured, the Penguins signed goaltender Jeff Deslauriers to a professional tryout agreement on Tuesday. The 29-year-old played for the Penguins in the 20062007 season, registering a 22-123 record and a .908 save percentage, along with career bests in shutouts (4) and goals against average (2.47). Deslauriers spent the majority of last season with the Fort Wayne Komets (ECHL), going 6-8-1 in 15 games with 3.25 GAA and a .902 save percentage. Hes a big goalie, has good experience and he stops the puck, Hynes said. He stops the rst shot and is hard to beat laterally. The Penguins now have three goaltenders in camp with Deslauriers, Andy Chiodo and Eric Hartzell. Hynes admitted on Tuesday that there is a goaltending competition between the three. We feel good about the group of goaltenders we have. We have depth, Hynes said. If Jeff (Zatkoff) was here you had your proven guy from last season. We dont have to be too concerned about the situation in Pittsburgh because we have three guys here who we feel can play. Theyre ghting for their careers and to be able to get into a starting job. Hynes said Hartzell and Chiodo will split time in net for tonights contest. Pittsburgh reassigned forward Tom Kuhnhackl and defenseman Harrison Ruopp to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on Tuesday.

Division 4A Wyo. Valley West Hazleton Area Williamsport Division 3A Coughlin Berwick Crestwood Pittston Area Tunkhannock Dallas Division 2A-A Northwest (A) Lake-Lehman Meyers Nanticoke Wyoming Area Hanover Area Holy Redeemer GAR W 3 1 1 W 4 4 3 1 1 0 W 4 3 2 1 1 1 1 0 L 1 3 3 L 0 0 1 3 3 4 L 0 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 PF 131 84 31 PF 71 176 129 44 64 7 PF 108 182 120 69 48 89 164 46 PA 68 106 109 PA 31 49 95 127 65 101 PA 51 42 82 96 130 126 157 128 CP 26 9 9 CP 33 33 24 8 8 0 CP 28 22 13 8 7 7 6 0

From page 1B numbers that were the difficult part. Though the Lions remain under a postseason ban, the NCAA acknowledged that too could be ended early given continued strong compliance by the university. Its an angle the coaches will be sure to mention as they visit more schools and more homes. Were obviously looking at it and studying it just like we did when the sanctions came out last July, OBrien said. It takes a while to digest everything and then to apply it to where youre headed. OBrien wouldnt get into specifics of his new recruiting plan and, given the circumstances, was very low-key about what he called welcome news during the call with media. That was almost certainly by design. Having made progress with the NCAA where none appeared possible, Penn State wasnt about to come across as overly celebratory, recognizing theres still a chance for further leniency. Instead, some of the most vocal trumpeting on Tuesday was done by OBriens peers in the Big Ten who have been sympathetic to what has been an unprecedented and bizarre situation. I think that whole (sanctions) thing is a bad deal, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said. So hope fully some steps are taken to make it a little more fair. Ferentzs son, Brian, is currently on the Iowa staff and formerly worked as an assistant coach with OBrien with the New England Patriots. OBrien nemesis Tim Beckman the Illinois coach who sent most of his staff to State College to recruit players in the immediate aftermath of the sanctions said he was glad to hear of the reductions because more scholarships meant more opportunities for top high school players. That sentiment was echoed throughout the conference. Were all in this business to help kids out, Purdue coach Darrell Hazell said. Any time you can help some people out, I think thats why we do this. I havent heard many of the details, but Im happy for Penn State. Theyre able to get into a situation where they can help people out and not punish people who had nothing to do with what tragically happened in the past.

NOTE: CP is Championship Points toward the divisional title. Teams get nine points for defeating a Class 4A opponent, eight for a Class 3A opponent, seven for a Class 2A opponent and six for a Class A opponent. The team with the most Championship Points is the division winner. FRIDAY, SEPT. 20 Berwick 42, Wyoming Valley West 28 Coughlin 7, Dallas 0 Crestwood 27, Wallenpaupack 19 Hazleton Area 30, Williamsport 7 Lake-Lehman 61, Holy Redeemer 22 Meyers 36, Nanticoke 0 Northwest 26, GAR 20 Pittston Area 12, Tunkhannock 10 Wyoming Area 20, Hanover Area 12 FRIDAYS GAMES (7 p.m.) Coughlin at Wyoming Valley West Lake-Lehman at Meyers Nanticoke at Wyoming Area Northwest at Hanover Area Pittston Area at Hazleton Area Selinsgrove at Berwick Tunkhannock at Crestwood SATURDAYS GAMES Williamsport at Dallas, 1 p.m. Holy Redeemer at GAR, 7 p.m.

WVC.................................. XP.....FGs ...Lg . Pts. Olivia Seely, Ber ................ 20 .....0 ....... ...... 20 Ian Ultsh, WVW.................. 17 ......0 ....... ...... 17 Mike Symion, LL................ 14 ......0 ....... ...... 14 Tristan Williams, Haz......... 8........2 ....... 29.... 14 Brian Beauchemin, Tun..... 7........1........ 22.... 10 Parolo Audate, Cre ............ 8........0 ....... ...... 8 Jeremy Walsh, Nwt ........... 8........0 ....... ...... 8 Brandon Butry, Cou .......... 7........0 ....... ...... 7 Ben Hillman, Wil................ 4........1........ 21 .... 7 George Gender, Cre .......... 6........0 ....... ...... 6 Cal Lisman, Mey................ 6........0 ....... ...... 6 Alec Norton, Nan............... 6........0 ....... ...... 6 Dawin Reyes, GAR............. 4........0 ....... ...... 4 Danielle Stillarty, Wyo Area..4 ........0 ....... ......4 Brady Butler, LL ................ 5........0 ....... ...... 5 Tom Wolsieffer, Han Area.. 3........0 ....... ...... 3

PAGE 6B Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Burleson breaks arm in car accident

ALLEN PARK, Mich. Two days after a victory that for this franchise was downright historic, the Detroit Lions are facing another dose of adversity. Receiver Nate Burleson broke his arm in a single-car accident early Tuesday after he reached over to keep two pizza boxes from falling off the front passenger seat, authorities said. Coach Jim Schwartz stopped short of writing off the rest of Burlesons season, but surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. Its not an emergency surgery, Schwartz said. Natell be back at some point, and when he will, he will be a big contributor again to our team. Burlesons car hit a center median wall on a highway in suburban Detroit and he was taken to a hospital. Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said there were no indicators of alcohol on the scene or on Burlesons person after the crash at 2:25 a.m. The team didnt say which arm was broken. Burleson has a team-high 19 catches 10 for rst downs and his 239 yards receiving is second to Calvin Johnson on the Lions. The 11-year veteran had six receptions for 116 yards, his highest total since 2007, on Sunday to help Detroit win at Washington for the rst time in franchise history.

49ers move forward without Smith

AP Sports Writer


SANTA CLARA, Calif. Carlos Rogers understands a key piece of San Franciscos defense is missing with the absence of Aldon Smith, yet the veteran cornerback is determined to make sure it never becomes an excuse for the teams recent poor play. The 49ers are moving forward without their star linebacker and sacks leader as he begins rehab for substance abuse and an indenite leave from the team. He played in Sundays 27-7 loss to the Colts, but is gone now following his second DUI arrest in 20 months last Friday morning that also included suspicion of marijuana possession. Smith apologized Sunday night. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has no idea how long Smith might be away, and that seems to be the case all around. I think its a distraction to whoever wants to think about it, to whoever

wants to pay attention to it, Rogers said Tuesday. When I get out there on the eld and play, Im thinking about playing whatever team, Im not thinking about Aldon and whatever situation went on with him. Were going to continue our meetings, were going to continue to go on the eld and practice, whether hes here or not. Thats the only thing we can do. For each individual, if you continue to worry about Aldon and let that be a distraction, let that say, Oh, this teams not going to be the same because Aldons not here, then it will be a distraction. While everybody in the locker room is rooting for Smiths recovery, his fellow defenders are now focused on getting the most from the guys who will take over for him: Dan Skuta and Corey Lemonier, among others. We believe hell be healthier, and not just as a football player but as a normal human being, and we wish him the best of luck, safety Donte Whitner said. But we believe that the guys who are going to back him up

Skuta and Lemonier theyre going to go in there and theyre going to do a great job. Everybody else has to pick up their play with Aldon not being out there. A defense that has been so dominant stopping the run in recent years suddenly ranks a surprisingly low 29th in the league, with opposing offenses running against the NFC champion Niners (1-2) at every chance. Weve let a couple of them pop, which we havent done in the past which skews the statistics, Fangio said. And weve been in games where theyve been able to hand it off a high amount of times. So, I think its a combination that we havent been as sharp and the type of games weve been in. Expect the St. Louis Rams to do more of the same Thursday night without Smith, and perhaps also fellow All-Pro Patrick Willis as he nurses a groin injury. And the 49ers will miss the menacing, swarming presence of Smith, who set a franchise record with 19 sacks last season.

San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith walked off the field in uniform on Sunday for the last time in a while. Smith has left the team for substance abuse treatment.

AP Photo

Teen concussed after

fight at Candlestick
SAN FRANCISCO A teenage football fan suffered a concussion and a broken arm and nose at Candlestick Park after police say he was attacked during the San Francisco 49ers 27-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a 29-year-old man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of beating the 15-year-old boy for urinating in the mans car. Reports of other assaults at the game were also logged with stadium security. 49ers season ticket holder Daisy Barringer said she was kicked and punched by another 49ers fan. The 36-year-old said she has seen violence at both home games this year, and during the preseason. Security was increased at the stadium two years ago after two shootings, a beating and ghts broke out during a preseason game with the Oakland Raiders.

Steelers hoping London brings luck

AP Sports Writer

AP Photo

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton (69) is taken off the field on a cart after being injured in the third quarter of Sundays game against the Steelers.

Injuries adding up early in NFL

AP Pro Football Writer

Cowboys Spencer to have season-ending surgery

RVING, Texas Dallas defensive end Anthony Spencer will have season-ending surgery on his left knee and may have played his last game for the Cowboys. Spencers agent, Jordan Woy, says doctors have a good idea what type of surgery but were still considering options. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke earlier on his radio show, saying Spencer was likely to have microfracture surgery. The 29-year-old Spencer is on a one-year contract with the franchise tag for the second straight season, so he will be a free agent when hes healthy again. Hes making $10.6 million this season. Spencer originally injured the knee in offseason workouts and aggravated it during a conditioning test the day before training camp. He had arthroscopic surgery July 25 and missed the preseason and the opener against the Giants. Last years leading tackler for the Cowboys returned and played more than half the game in Week 2 against Kansas City before he was sidelined again.

Indianapolis Colts sign a pair of linemen

INDIANAPOLIS The Indianapolis Colts signed defensive lineman Lawrence Guy and offensive lineman Xavier Nixon on Tuesday. The 6-foot-4, 318-pound Guy spent part of last season with the Colts but was waived in August during the nal cuts. Nixon, a 6-6, 314-pound tackle, had been on Washingtons practice squad. To make room for the players, Indianapolis (2-1) waived receiver DaRick Rogers and running back Kerwynn Williams. Rogers joined the practice squad on Sept. 2 and was promoted to the active roster on Sept. 19 when Indy was hit by a rash of injuries. Williams, a seventh-round pick, was on the practice squad until he was promoted to the active roster when Vick Ballard went down with a season-ending knee injury two weeks ago.

PHILADELPHIA Jeremy Maclin wouldve been a perfect complement to DeSean Jackson in Chip Kellys offense if he wasnt hurt. The wide receiver was one of four Philadelphia Eagles to tear an ACL in training camp. The Eagles really felt Maclins absence in last weeks loss to Kansas City. Jackson was held to just three catches after having 16 receptions for 297 yards and two touchdowns in the rst two games. We never look at it if we had Jeremy Maclin, its a different situation, Kelly said Tuesday. I dont think its productive to think about it that way. Its not going to change. Mac isnt coming back until next year. Several NFL teams face similar problems. Replacing important starters with capable backups often can be the difference between missing the playoffs and playing in January. Its not always the best teams that win in the end, but the healthiest ones with the most depth. ACL injuries are perhaps the most signicant because theyre season-ending and require a longer recovery time, but plenty of other body parts besides the knee are knocking players out of the lineup. Here are ve common injuries putting players on the sideline: ACL/KNEE: A torn anterior cruciate ligament used to be a devastating injury. Modern medicine changed that, and many players come back and perform at a high level. Check Adrian Peterson. Still, its a big deal because guys are out for the year.

Packers left tackle Bryan Bulaga, Chargers wide receiver Danario Alexander, Giants free safety Stevie Brown, Broncos center Dan Koppen, Colts defensive tackle Brandon McKinney and Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller were among those who tore ACLs in the summer. Since the season opener, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and running back LaRod Stephens-Howling, Colts running back Vick Ballard, Panthers guard Garry Williams and Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton joined the list. Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones, Lions running back Reggie Bush and Cowboys defensive end Anthony Spencer also have been sidelined by other knee injuries this season. CONCUSSION: Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor had his best passing day before leaving Monday nights loss to Denver with a concussion. Its uncertain when Pryor will return, but his concussion isnt as severe as the one that ended the season for Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb. Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley and running back Eddie Lacy, Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather, Panthers cornerback Josh Thomas, Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson, Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara, Chargers right tackle D.J. Fluker and 49ers safety Eric Reid are among those whove suffered concussions so far. HAMSTRING: Clay Matthews became the latest Packers player to injure a hamstring during a 34-30 loss to Cincinnati on Sunday. He joins safety Morgan Burnett, cornerback Casey

Hayward and fullback John Kuhn, causing coach Mike McCarthy to joke that the Wisconsin diet must be a factor for the teams spate of hamstring pulls. There are varying degrees of hamstring injuries. Falcons running back Steven Jackson already missed one game and could be out a few more. Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald played through his the past two weeks, but his production dropped signicantly. Eighteen players listed on last weeks injury report had hamstring injuries, including 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, Saints right guard Jahri Evans and Dolphins safety Chris Clemons. Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin, Vikings safety Jamarca Sanford and Jets running back Chris Ivory were added to that group over the weekend. FOOT: Chargers linebacker Manti Teo and Steelers running back LeVeon Bell still havent made their NFL debuts because of foot injuries. Bill safety Jairus Byrd also missed the rst three games with a foot problem, and Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon will miss two months. Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady went down for the season with a Lisfranc tear in his left foot, and Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander is out for the year because a torn ligament in his right foot. ANKLE: There were 22 players listed with ankle injuries last week. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew played through theirs, while Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen, Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano, Colts safety LaRon Landry and Redskins tight end Fred Davis sat out.

Eagles back to practice after long layoff

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA After three games in 11 days, the Philadelphia Eagles got a break. Theyll return to face the undefeated Denver Broncos and record-setting quarterback Peyton Manning. Some break. The Eagles, off since losing to the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday night, returned to work Tuesday with a full prac-

tice. I mean, thats just the way the schedule laid itself out, coach Chip Kelly said. We knew it going in. We had a plan of what we were going to do. Kelly and the staff met Friday and Saturday, took off Sunday and were back in Monday watching video and preparing for the Broncos, who beat the Oakland Raiders handily Monday night.

Outstanding performance, Kelly said. Offensively very difcult when you see the quarterback playing at that level right now. And hes got a lot of weapons. The Eagles will need to be at full strength to take on that offense. I got my body back fresh, linebacker Trent Cole said. I think we all needed a little break. We came off a tough loss, a game we should have

won, so it was good to get away a little bit. Now, were back and were ready to go. Quarterback Mike Vick followed two good performances with a tough game, in which he threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. It was very important to get some time off, Vick said. Everybody had the opportunity to look at their mistakes and think about the things that they didnt do as well.

PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is trying to keep things as normal as he can these days, believing routine and repetition will lead to a sense of comfort and he hopes success. Good luck with that. Winless in North America in 2013, the Steelers (0-3) will try to snap out of their funk on Sunday in London when they face the Minnesota Vikings (0-3). While Minnesota is already overseas, Pittsburgh will remain on this side of the Atlantic until Thursday evening. By the time the Steelers arrive in London, they will have less than 48 hours to overcome jet lag and try to turn around their season. It isnt ideal, Tomlin said, but it beats the alternative. I value normalcy in the early portions of the week from a preparation standpoint and from a practice standpoint use of our facilities, the comforts of home if you will, Tomlin said. Even if home isnt exactly comfortable these days. Pittsburgh is off to its worst start since 2000 after falling to Chicago 40-23 on Sunday night. While the beleaguered offense took a major step forward in piling up 458 yards the teams highest total in four years the Steelers also turned over the ball ve times. Ben Roethlisberger threw two interceptions and fumbled twice, with two of the miscues leading to defensive touchdowns. Its the kind of sloppy play Roethlisberger has generally avoided during his 10 years at quarterback. Then again, he isnt getting much help from the guys in front of him. The Bears stunted and twisted their way into the backeld all night, leading to what Tomlin called confusion that gave Roethlisberger little time to get his feet set and throw. All it takes is ve to 10 (breakdowns) to produce catastrophiclike results, and thats some of the things that are occurring, he said. Obviously, we need to strive for more consistency to minimize those things. A more productive running game would help. The Steelers actually took a signicant step forward against the Bears, rushing for a season-high 80 yards, including a 25-yard burst from recently reacquired Jonathan Dwyer. While it gave Pittsburgh condence it could run the ball, it didnt include any job security for either Dwyer or Felix Jones. Both gure to head back to the bench if rookie running back LeVeon Bell makes his season debut. Bell hasnt played since spraining his right foot in a preseason game against Washington last month. He has been cleared to participate in practice, and Tomlin is optimistic the second-round pick will be able to run onto the eld at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 7B

a-struck out for Phegley in the 9th. b-homered for M.Carson in the 9th. E H.Santiago (1). LOB Chicago 9, Cleveland 6. 2B Gillaspie (14), Viciedo (22), C.Santana (35). HR Viciedo (14), off C.Perez; De Aza (17), off C.Perez; Brantley (10), off H.Santiago; Giambi (9), off A.Reed. RBIs De Aza 2 (62), A.Garcia (30), Viciedo (55), Giambi 2 (31), Kipnis (81), Brantley 2 (70). SB Phegley (2), Brantley (16). CS Kipnis (7). S Bourn. SF A.Garcia. Runners left in scoring position Chicago 6 (Al.Ramirez, G.Beckham 2, A.Garcia, Gillaspie, Semien); Cleveland 3 (Bourn, Kipnis, Y.Gomes). RISP Chicago 1 for 10; Cleveland 3 for 11. Runners moved up Al.Ramirez, Swisher, As.Cabrera. Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA H.Santiago 61-3 6 3 3 2 1 97 3.56 N.Jones 12-3 1 0 0 0 2 18 4.17 A.Rd L, 5-4 BS, 8-472-3 2 2 2 0 2 17 3.84 Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA U.Jimenez 61-3 5 2 2 3 7 98 3.38 Allen 2-3 1 0 0 0 1 8 2.50 J.Smith H, 25 1 0 0 0 0 2 21 2.34 C.Perez BS, 5-302-3 3 2 2 0 2 16 3.71 Rzepczynski 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1.04 Shaw W, 6-3 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 3 3.36 Rzepczynski pitched to 1 batter in the 9th. Inherited runners-scored N.Jones 1-1, Allen 2-1, Rzepczynski 1-0, Shaw 2-0. HBP by H.Santiago (Raburn), by Rzepczynski (Gillaspie). Umpires Home, Bruce Dreckman; First, Mike Everitt; Second, Tim Welke; Third, Dan Bellino. T 3:05. A 21,083 (42,241). Phillies 2, Marlins 1 Philadelphia AB R H BI BB SO Avg. C.Hernandez cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .286 Rollins ss 4 1 1 0 0 0 .252 Utley 2b 2 1 1 0 2 0 .280 D.Brown lf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .272 Ruf rf-1b 3 0 1 1 1 0 .257 Frandsen 1b 3 0 0 1 0 0 .230 J.C.Ramirez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Diekman p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Asche ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .248 Papelbon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Galvis 3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .228 Rupp c 4 0 1 0 0 1 .250 Miner p 2 0 1 0 0 1 .200 Stutes p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Mayberry rf 1 0 0 0 0 1 .225 Totals 31 2 5 2 4 6 Miami AB R H BI BB SO Avg. D.Solano 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .252 Lucas 3b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .257 Yelich lf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .286 Stanton rf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .252 Ruggiano cf 4 0 2 1 0 0 .226 Morrison 1b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .244 Hechavarria ss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .230 Mathis c 3 0 0 0 0 3 .181 c-Polanco ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .254 H.Alvarez p 2 0 1 0 0 0 .333 a-Pierre ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .248 Da.Jennings p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --R.Webb p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 Totals 33 1 7 1 2 6 Philadelphia 200 000 0002 5 1 Miami 010 000 0001 7 0 a-lined out for H.Alvarez in the 7th. b-struck out for Diekman in the 9th. c-flied out for Mathis in the 9th. E J.C.Ramirez (1). LOB Philadelphia 6, Miami 7. 2B Rollins (34), Ruggiano (18), H.Alvarez (3). RBIs Ruf (30), Frandsen (25), Ruggiano (50). SB Ruggiano (15). Runners left in scoring position Philadelphia 3 (Galvis 2, Frandsen); Miami 3 (Yelich, Mathis, Morrison). RISP Philadelphia 0 for 3; Miami 0 for 7. Runners moved up Frandsen. GIDP C.Hernandez. DP Miami 1 (D.Solano, Hechavarria, Morrison). Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Miner 4 4 1 1 2 3 76 3.08 Stutes W, 3-1 1 0 0 0 0 1 14 4.86 J.C.Ramirez H, 3 2 1 0 0 0 1 25 7.84 Diekman H, 10 1 1 0 0 0 1 20 2.65 Papelbon S, 29-36 1 1 0 0 0 0 18 2.52 Miami IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA H.Alvarez L, 4-6 7 5 2 2 3 5 109 3.94 Da.Jennings 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 19 3.76 R.Webb 11-3 0 0 0 0 1 18 2.97 Inherited runners-scored R.Webb 1-0. Umpires Home, Todd Tichenor; First, Jordan Baker; Second, CB Bucknor; Third, Dale Scott. T 2:55. A 19,375 (37,442). Mets 4, Reds 2 New York AB R H BI BB SO Avg. E.Young lf 4 1 2 0 0 1 .251 Dan.Murphy 2b 4 1 2 3 0 0 .285 D.Wright 3b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .313 Duda 1b 3 0 0 0 0 2 .228 Lagares cf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .251 Baxter rf 3 1 1 0 0 1 .193 c-Satin ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .280 Atchison p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Black p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --T.dArnaud c 3 0 0 0 1 1 .185 Tovar ss 4 0 1 1 0 0 .375 Niese p 3 1 1 0 0 2 .211 den Dekker rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .222 Totals 34 4 10 4 1 7 Cincinnati AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Choo cf 4 1 2 0 0 0 .287 B.Phillips 2b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .262 Votto 1b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .306 Ludwick lf 4 0 2 0 0 0 .258 Bruce rf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .264 Frazier 3b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .236 Cozart ss 4 0 1 0 0 0 .254 Mesoraco c 3 0 0 1 0 0 .242 Leake p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .190 Duke p 1 0 1 0 0 0 1.000 a-N.Soto ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000 Ondrusek p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Hoover p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Heisey ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .232 S.Marshall p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Simon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .143 Totals 33 2 8 1 1 8 New York 040 000 0004 10 0 Cincinnati 010 010 0002 8 0 a-struck out for Duke in the 4th. b-lined out for Hoover in the 7th. c-grounded out for Baxter in the 8th. LOB New York 5, Cincinnati 5. 2B E.Young (27), Baxter (6), Frazier (29), Cozart (29). 3B Choo (2). HR Dan.Murphy (13), off Leake. RBIs Dan.Murphy 3 (76), Tovar (2), Mesoraco (42). SB E.Young (42). CS Lagares (3). Runners left in scoring position New York 3 (Lagares, Niese 2); Cincinnati 2 (Bruce, N.Soto). RISP New York 4 for 9; Cincinnati 1 for 8. Runners moved up Tovar, Cozart, Mesoraco. GIDP D.Wright, Votto, Cozart. DP New York 2 (Tovar, Dan.Murphy, Duda), (Black, Tovar, Duda); Cincinnati 1 (B.Phillips, Cozart, Votto). New York IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Niese W, 8-8 7 8 2 2 1 6 113 3.74 Atchison H, 10 1 0 0 0 0 0 6 3.89 Black S, 1-2 1 0 0 0 0 2 14 3.60 Cincinnati IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Leake L, 14-7 12-3 8 4 4 0 2 54 3.37 Duke 21-3 2 0 0 1 2 39 6.44 Ondrusek 2 0 0 0 0 2 27 4.08 Hoover 1 0 0 0 0 1 12 2.78 S.Marshall 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 12 1.80 Simon 1 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 17 2.94 Inherited runners-scored Duke 1-0, Simon 1-0. HBP by S.Marshall (Duda). WP Niese, Black, Duke. Umpires Home, Larry Vanover; First, Greg Gibson; Second, Brian Gorman; Third, Tony Randazzo. T 3:01. A 28,887 (42,319). Blue Jays 3, Orioles 2, 10 innings, Toronto AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Reyes ss 4 2 2 0 1 1 .294 Kawasaki dh 3 0 1 0 0 1 .225 Lawrie 3b 5 0 0 0 0 2 .249 Lind 1b 3 1 2 0 0 0 .285 a-DeRosa ph-1b 2 0 2 2 0 0 .234 Sierra rf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .290 R.Davis rf 2 0 0 0 0 0 .264 Gose cf 4 0 1 0 0 3 .262 Arencibia c 4 0 0 0 0 2 .194 Goins 2b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .247 Pillar lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .185 Totals 37 3 9 3 2 12 Baltimore AB R H BI BB SO Avg. B.Roberts 2b 5 1 2 1 0 0 .242 McLouth lf 5 1 1 1 0 1 .260 A.Jones cf 5 0 1 0 0 2 .285 C.Davis 1b 5 0 1 0 0 1 .286 Wieters c 5 0 2 0 0 2 .233 1-Valencia pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .299 Markakis rf 4 0 1 0 1 0 .269 Hardy ss 4 0 2 0 0 1 .262 D.Johnson dh 4 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Flaherty 3b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .212 Totals 40 2 10 2 2 8 Toronto 010 000 010 13 9 0 Baltimore 002 000 000 02 10 0 a-singled for Lind in the 8th. 1-ran for Wieters in the 10th. LOB Toronto 8, Baltimore 10. 2B Gose (6). HR B.Roberts (7), off Redmond; McLouth (12), off Redmond. RBIs DeRosa 2 (34), Goins (5), B.Roberts (38), McLouth (34). SB A.Jones (14). S Kawasaki. Runners left in scoring position Toronto 4 (Pillar, Goins, Lawrie, R.Davis); Baltimore 5 (Flaherty 2, Wieters 2, B.Roberts). RISP Toronto 3 for 12; Baltimore 1 for 6. Runners moved up C.Davis. GIDP Lawrie. DP Baltimore 1 (Hardy, B.Roberts, C.Davis). Toronto IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Redmond 5 2-3 8 2 2 2 2 89 3.77 L.Perez 1 1 0 0 0 1 11 4.50 McGowan 11-3 0 0 0 0 2 16 2.19 S.Santos W, 1-1 1 0 0 0 0 2 15 1.57 Janssen S, 34-36 1 1 0 0 0 1 22 2.56 Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Tillman 7 5 1 1 1 9 113 3.62 Gausman H, 2 2-3 1 1 1 0 1 10 5.83 Matusz BS, 4-4 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 3.55 ODay 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 5 2.18 Ji.Johnson 1 0 0 0 0 2 17 2.94 Fr.Rodriguez L, 2-1 1 2 1 1 1 0 20 4.50 Matusz pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. Inherited runners-scored L.Perez 2-0, McGowan 1-0, Matusz 1-1, ODay 1-0. HBP by Tillman (Kawasaki). WP Gausman. Umpires Home, Ron Kulpa; First, Chris Guccione; Second, Gerry Davis; Third, Tom Hallion. T 3:17. A 16,772 (45,971). Rays 7, Yankees 0 Tampa Bay AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Joyce dh 3 1 1 1 0 1 .239 d-D.Young ph-dh 2 1 1 1 0 1 .250 W.Myers rf 4 2 1 0 1 2 .293 DeJesus lf 5 1 2 2 0 0 .271 Longoria 3b 4 1 2 1 0 0 .263 Zobrist 2b-ss 3 0 1 0 1 1 .271 Loney 1b 4 0 1 2 0 1 .295 Lobaton c 2 0 0 0 0 0 .256 b-J.Molina ph-c 2 0 0 0 0 2 .243 Fuld cf 3 1 0 0 1 1 .189 Y.Escobar ss 1 0 0 0 0 1 .258 a-Ke.Jhnsn ph-2b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .237 Totals 36 7 9 7 3 11 New York AB R H BI BB SO Avg. I.Suzuki cf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .260 J.Murphy c 1 0 0 0 0 1 .154 A.Rodriguez dh 3 0 0 0 2 0 .248 Cano 2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .314 A.Soriano lf 2 0 1 0 2 1 .261 Mar.Reynolds 1b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .218 e-Overbay ph-1b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .241 Nunez 3b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .257 V.Wells rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .239 Ryan ss 3 0 0 0 1 2 .200 C.Stewart c 1 0 0 0 1 1 .210 c-Grandersn ph-cf1 0 0 0 1 0 .233 Totals 31 0 4 0 7 8 Tampa Bay 300 002 0027 9 0 New York 000 000 0000 4 2 a-flied out for Y.Escobar in the 5th. b-struck out for Lobaton in the 6th. c-flied out for C.Stewart in the 6th. e-struck out for Mar.Reynolds in the 7th. E Mar.Reynolds (11), Nunez (14). LOB Tampa Bay 6, New York 11. 2B D.Young (3), DeJesus 2 (8), Longoria (37), Loney (29), Cano (39). HR Joyce (18), off Kuroda. RBIs Joyce (46), D.Young (2), DeJesus 2 (8), Longoria (78), Loney 2 (73). SF Longoria. Runners left in scoring position Tampa Bay 5 (Lobaton, Fuld 2, J.Molina, Longoria); New York 7 (Mar.Reynolds, C.Stewart, Nunez 2, A.Rodriguez, V.Wells, Overbay). RISP Tampa Bay 2 for 11; New York 0 for 10. Runners moved up Zobrist, Cano. GIDP A.Rodriguez. DP Tampa Bay 1 (Longoria, Ke.Johnson, Loney). Tampa Bay IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA M.Moore W, 16-4 5 3 0 0 6 4 107 3.23 J.Wright 1 0 0 0 0 1 17 2.73 Odorizzi S, 1-1 3 1 0 0 1 3 40 3.94 New York IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Kuroda L, 11-13 52-3 5 5 5 2 5 99 3.31 Logan 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 5 3.23 Cabral 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 4 3.38 Warren 12-3 2 0 0 0 3 28 3.63 Kelley 2-3 2 2 2 1 2 29 4.39 Betances 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 5 15.43 Inherited runners-scored Logan 2-0, Betances 1-0. IBB off Kuroda (Zobrist). WP M.Moore 3, Kelley. Umpires Home, Tim Timmons; First, Mike Winters; Second, Laz Diaz; Third, Mark Wegner. T 3:33. A 43,407 (50,291).



East Division AMERICAN LEAGUE W 95 88 82 81 72 W 91 87 83 66 62 W 94 85 76 68 51 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 62 .605 6-4 W-1 53-28 42-34 69 .561 7 7-3 W-5 51-30 37-39 75 .522 13 5 3-7 L-2 46-33 36-42 76 .516 14 6 3-7 L-6 42-34 39-42 85 .459 23 15 5-5 W-1 38-40 34-45 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 66 .580 6-4 L-2 51-30 40-36 70 .554 4 8-2 W-5 50-30 37-40 73 .532 7 3 6-4 W-2 44-37 39-36 90 .423 24 20 3-7 W-1 32-43 34-47 95 .395 29 25 4-6 L-1 36-41 26-54 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 63 .599 8-2 W-5 52-29 42-34 71 .545 8 1 4-6 W-1 40-35 45-36 80 .487 17 10 6-4 L-2 37-42 39-38 89 .433 26 19 3-7 L-1 33-43 35-46 106 .325 43 36 0-10 L-10 24-54 27-52 NATIONAL LEAGUE W 93 84 72 72 58 W 93 90 90 70 65 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 64 .592 5-5 W-1 53-23 40-41 74 .532 9 6 6-4 L-2 47-34 37-40 85 .459 21 17 7-3 W-1 32-45 40-40 85 .459 21 17 4-6 W-1 43-38 29-47 100 .367 35 32 3-7 L-1 32-45 26-55 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 65 .589 7-3 W-2 50-27 43-38 67 .573 2 5-5 W-1 50-31 40-36 68 .570 3 7-3 L-1 49-27 41-41 87 .446 22 19 6-4 L-1 37-44 33-43 92 .414 27 24 2-8 L-2 30-49 35-43 L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away 66 .577 4-6 W-2 46-32 44-34 77 .506 11 10 6-4 L-1 44-34 35-43 83 .468 17 16 6-4 W-1 43-35 30-48 84 .462 18 17 6-4 W-1 38-38 34-46 86 .452 19 18 4-6 L-2 44-35 27-51

x-Boston Tampa Bay New York Baltimore Toronto Central Division Detroit Cleveland Kansas City Minnesota Chicago West Division x-Oakland Texas Los Angeles Seattle Houston

East Division

Cleveland Indians Jason Giambi reacts after hitting a two-RBI home run off Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Addison Reed in the ninth inning of a baseball game, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013, in Cleveland. Michael Brantley scored. The Indians won 5-4.

AP photo

x-Atlanta Washington New York Philadelphia Miami Central Division z-St. Louis z-Pittsburgh z-Cincinnati Milwaukee Chicago West Division

Giambis walk-off blast keys huge Indians win

The Associated Press

CLEVELAND Pinch-hitter Jason Giambi belted a two-run homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a stunning 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. Giambi drove a 1-1 pitch from Addison Reed (5-4) into the lower deck in right field to save the Indians from a potentially devastating loss. Giambis shot bailed out controversial closer Chris Perez, who gave up two homers in the top of the ninth. As he rounded third base, the 42-year-old

Giambi slowed down before being engulfed by his teammates as the Indians celebrated their 13th straight win over Chicago. Bryan Shaw (6-3) came in after Perez had nearly given away a game the Indians couldnt afford to lose.
Blue Jays 3, Orioles 2

BALTIMORE Toronto eliminated Baltimore from the playoff hunt, using two clutch RBI singles by Mark DeRosa to beat the Orioles in 10 innings. Baltimores sixth straight loss, combined with Clevelands comeback win over the Chicago White Sox, left the Orioles six games

behind the Indians for the final wild-card slot with five games left. DeRosa singled in the tying run in the eighth inning and put the Blue Jays ahead in the 10th. Sergio Santos (1-1) worked a perfect ninth and Casey Janssen got three outs for his 34th save. Jose Reyes drew a oneout walk in the Toronto 10th off Francisco Rodriguez (2-1) and Munenori Kawasaki singled. Reyes appeared to be picked off second but was called safe, drawing Orioles manager Buck Showalter out to argue the call. Brett Lawrie then hit into a fielders choice and DeRosa singled to right.

W x-Los Angeles 90 Arizona 79 San Diego 73 San Francisco 72 Colorado 71 z-clinched playoff berth x-clinched division


AMERICAN LEAGUE Mondays Games Tampa Bay 5, Baltimore 4 Texas 12, Houston 0 Minnesota 4, Detroit 3, 11 innings Chicago White Sox 3, Toronto 2 Oakland 10, L.A. Angels 5 Kansas City 6, Seattle 5, 12 innings Tuesdays Games Cleveland 5, Chicago White Sox 4 Tampa Bay 7, N.Y. Yankees 0 Toronto 3, Baltimore 2, 10 innings Houston at Texas, 8:05 p.m. Detroit at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. Boston at Colorado, 8:40 p.m. Oakland at L.A. Angels, 10:05 p.m. Kansas City at Seattle, 10:10 p.m. Wednesdays Games Oakland (Straily 10-7) at L.A. Angels (Weaver 108), 3:35 p.m. Chicago White Sox (Axelrod 4-10) at Cleveland (Salazar 1-3), 7:05 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 8-8) at N.Y. Yankees (P.Hughes 4-13), 7:05 p.m. Toronto (Rogers 5-8) at Baltimore (B.Norris 1012), 7:05 p.m. Houston (Keuchel 6-9) at Texas (M.Perez 9-5), 8:05 p.m. Detroit (Scherzer 20-3) at Minnesota (Correia 9-12), 8:10 p.m. Boston (Peavy 11-5) at Colorado (Chacin 14-9), 8:40 p.m. Kansas City (E.Santana 9-9) at Seattle (Iwakuma 13-6), 10:10 p.m. Thursdays Games Tampa Bay at N.Y. Yankees, 7:05 p.m. Toronto at Baltimore, 7:05 p.m. L.A. Angels at Texas, 8:05 p.m. Cleveland at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. Kansas City at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Braves 3, Brewers 2 Milwaukee AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Aoki rf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .286 Gennett 2b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .325 Lucroy c 3 0 1 1 1 1 .281 Ar.Ramirez 3b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .282 C.Gomez cf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .279 Gindl lf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .244 J.Francisco 1b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .228 Bianchi ss 4 1 1 1 0 1 .236 Thornburg p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000 Kintzler p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --D.Hand p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .091 Totals 33 2 7 2 1 12 Atlanta AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Heyward cf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .248 J.Upton rf 4 1 2 0 0 0 .262 F.Freeman 1b 4 1 2 1 0 1 .315 Gattis lf 4 0 3 1 0 0 .237 1-B.Upton pr 0 0 0 0 0 0 .186 McCann c 3 0 0 0 1 0 .259 Simmons ss 4 0 1 1 0 1 .247 Uggla 2b 3 0 1 0 0 2 .182 El.Johnson 3b 3 0 0 0 0 2 .253 F.Garcia p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000 A.Wood p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 D.Carpenter p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 a-J.Schafer ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .247 Kimbrel p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 32 3 10 3 1 9 Milwaukee 001 010 0002 7 0 Atlanta 000 101 0013 10 0 Two outs when winning run scored. a-grounded out for D.Carpenter in the 8th. 1-ran for Gattis in the 9th. LOB Milwaukee 6, Atlanta 4. 2B Aoki (19), Gattis (20). HR Bianchi (1), off F.Garcia. RBIs Lucroy (82), Bianchi (24), F.Freeman (106), Gattis (60), Simmons (58). SB Lucroy (7). S Thornburg. Runners left in scoring position Milwaukee 4 (C.Gomez 2, Ar.Ramirez, Aoki); Atlanta 1 (Gattis). RISP Milwaukee 1 for 6; Atlanta 2 for 4. Runners moved up Ar.Ramirez. GIDP Simmons, El.Johnson. DP Milwaukee 2 (Bianchi, Gennett, J.Francisco), (Bianchi, J.Francisco). Milwaukee IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA

NATIONAL LEAGUE Mondays Games Milwaukee 5, Atlanta 0 Cincinnati 3, N.Y. Mets 2, 10 innings Miami 4, Philadelphia 0 Pittsburgh 2, Chicago Cubs 1 St. Louis 4, Washington 3 San Diego 4, Arizona 1 Tuesdays Games Atlanta 3, Milwaukee 2 N.Y. Mets 4, Cincinnati 2 Philadelphia 2, Miami 1 Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs, 8:05 p.m. St. Louis 2, Washington 0 Boston at Colorado, 8:40 p.m. Arizona at San Diego, 10:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. Wednesdays Games N.Y. Mets (Matsuzaka 2-3) at Cincinnati (Latos 14-6), 12:35 p.m. Washington (Zimmermann 19-8) at St. Louis (S.Miller 14-9), 1:45 p.m. Pittsburgh (Liriano 16-7) at Chicago Cubs (Arrieta 3-2), 2:20 p.m. Milwaukee (Lohse 10-10) at Atlanta (Maholm 1010), 7:10 p.m. Philadelphia (Hamels 8-14) at Miami (B.Hand 1-1), 7:10 p.m. Boston (Peavy 11-5) at Colorado (Chacin 14-9), 8:40 p.m. Arizona (Delgado 5-6) at San Diego (Kennedy 6-10), 10:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers (Nolasco 13-10) at San Francisco (Zito 4-11), 10:15 p.m. Thursdays Games Arizona at San Diego, 6:40 p.m. Milwaukee at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. Philadelphia at Atlanta, 7:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m.

CardinalsWacha just misses no-hitter

Thornburg 7 7 2 2 1 8 96 2.03 Kintzler 1 0 0 0 0 1 9 2.80 D.Hand L, 0-5 2-3 3 1 1 0 0 12 3.66 Atlanta IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA F.Garcia 6 2-3 6 2 2 1 7 81 1.65 A.Wood 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 5 3.20 D.Carpenter 1 0 0 0 0 2 16 1.81 Kimbrel W, 4-3 1 0 0 0 0 3 15 1.25 A.Wood pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. Inherited runners-scored A.Wood 1-0, D.Carpenter 1-0. Umpires Home, Dana DeMuth; First, Paul Nauert; Second, Doug Eddings; Third, Angel Hernandez. T 2:32. A 22,605 (49,586). Indians 5, White Sox 4 Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. De Aza cf-lf 5 1 2 2 0 1 .265 Al.Ramirez ss 5 0 1 0 0 2 .280 Gillaspie 3b-1b 3 1 1 0 1 1 .251 Konerko 1b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .248 Semien 3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .300 A.Dunn dh 4 0 0 0 0 4 .216 A.Garcia rf 3 0 1 1 0 0 .289 Viciedo lf 4 1 2 1 0 1 .265 Bry.Anderson c 0 0 0 0 0 0 .067 G.Beckham 2b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .268 Phegley c 1 0 0 0 2 0 .216 a-Jor.Danks ph-cf 1 0 0 0 0 1 .233 Totals 35 4 9 4 3 12 Cleveland AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Bourn cf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .260 M.Carson rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .700 b-Giambi ph 1 1 1 2 0 0 .181 Swisher 1b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .247 Kipnis 2b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .277 C.Santana dh 3 0 1 0 1 1 .267 Raburn rf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .272 Stubbs cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .230 As.Cabrera ss 4 1 0 0 0 1 .240 Y.Gomes c 4 0 1 0 0 1 .293 Brantley lf 4 2 3 2 0 0 .283 Aviles 3b 4 1 1 0 0 1 .257 Totals 33 5 9 5 2 5 Chicago 000 100 1024 9 1 Cleveland 010 000 2025 9 0 Two outs when winning run scored.

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Michael Wacha finished one out shy of pitching a no-hitter Tuesday night allowing an infield single with two outs in the ninth.
The Associated Press

AP photo

Pittsburgh embracing playoff-bound Pirates

AP Sports Writer

ST. LOUIS Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha lost his no-hit bid on Ryan Zimmermans ineld single with two outs in the ninth inning, and St. Louis beat the Washington Nationals 2-0 Tuesday night to close in on the NL Central title. Making his ninth career start, Wacha came about as close as possible to nishing off the third no-hitter in the majors this season. Instead, he became the third pitcher to have a bid broken up with one out to go. Zimmerman hit a chopper just over Wachas glove the pitcher said he thought it nicked his mitt and the ball bounced slowly toward shortstop. A charging Pete Kozma grabbed it with his bare hand and whipped a throw to rst that was a little wide, pulling Matt Adams off the bag just as Zimmerman arrived.
Braves 3, Brewers 2

for a single to left. Freddie Freeman hit a y ball to deep center for the rst out before Evan Gattis, who had two hits, hit a grounder that Scooter Gennett bobbled behind second base for an error, leaving runners at rst and second. Brian McCann popped out to third base for the second out before Simmons rst hit of the night ended the game. Craig Kimbrel (4-3), who leads the majors with 49 saves, struck out the side in the ninth. He has 96 strikeouts in 65 innings.
Phillies 2, Marlins 1

win by working a scoreless fth inning in relief, and Jonathan Papelbon pitched the ninth for his 29th save in 36 chances. Marlins starter Henderson Alvarez (4-6) allowed ve hits and struck out ve in seven innings.
Mets 4, Reds 2

ATLANTA Andrelton Simmons single to the gap in right-center drove in Justin Upton with two outs in the ninth inning to give Atlanta a win over Milwaukee. Upton led off the ninth by hitting the rst pitch from Donovan Hand (0-5)

MIAMI Darin Ruf and Kevin Frandsen drove in runs without a hit in the rst inning, and Philadelphia beat Miami to hand the Marlins their 100th loss of the season. Its the second triple-digit-loss season in Marlins history, joining the 108-defeat year in 1998. Mike Redmond, the rstyear Marlins manager, was a rookie on that team, playing in 37 games. Ruf drew a bases-loaded walk, Frandsen followed with an RBI groundout and that was all the offense that the Phillies would need. Michael Stutes (3-1) got the

CINCINNATI Daniel Murphy hit a three-run homer off Mike Leake, whose long streak of scoreless innings got shattered early, and New York beat Cincinnati, a costly setback to the Reds hopes of a second straight NL Central title. The Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates clinched playoff spots on Monday night, but hope to chase down the rstplace St. Louis Cardinals with closing surges. Leakes one very bad inning made that much less likely for the Reds, who opened the day tied with Pittsburgh two games behind St. Louis. Leake (14-7) gave up four runs and eight hits in only 1 2-3 innings, matching the shortest start of his career. Wilfredo Tovar ended his scoreless innings streak at 21 2-3 with an RBI single, and Murphys homer gave left-hander Jon Niese (8-8) the big lead.

PITTSBURGH The image is seared into 12-year-old Chad Rowlands memory forever. The slightly up the line throw up from Barry Bonds. The dive to the plate by catcher Mike LaValliere. The textbook slide by Sid Bream. The Pittsburgh Pirates walking off the eld in stunned silence after collapsing in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS. The Atlanta Braves piling on top of each other in jubilation on their way to the World Series. Even now, 21 years later, it still stings. You never love baseball more than when you were 12, Rowland said. I cried my eyes out that night. The tears were welling again on Monday night, this time for an entirely different reason. This time, the throw from the superstar outelder was wisely cut off by the veteran rst baseman picked up at the waiver deadline. This time, the catcher was positioned right on top of the plate. This time, the runner was out. This time, nally, the Pittsburgh Pirates were on

the right side of history. One of the sports most beleaguered to put it mildly franchises is back in the postseason. Pittsburgh clinched a spot in the NL playoffs on Monday night when catcher Russell Martin tagged out Chicagos Nate Schierholtz at home to end a thrilling 2-1 victory at Wrigley Field that reverberated in a bar 500 miles to the east, where Rowland let a generation of anguish and angst melt away. I was freaking out, Rowland said. He wasnt alone. At a time of year when the Pirates are typically playing out the string and attention in the self-dubbed City of Champions turns to the Steelers and the Penguins, the Pirates yes, the Pirates are currently the hottest thing going. A steady stream of fans poured into the teams store at PNC Park on Tuesday, many of them with cups of coffee in hand trying to fend off the effects of another late night in a season that has restored the faith of one of baseballs most tormented not to mention faithful fan bases. Rick Hilinski ducked in

Andrew Martin shows off the new Pittsburgh Pirates cap he bought at the teams store at PNC Park on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. Saying he was too young at the time, Martin, 26, says he doesnt really remember the Pirates playing in the playoff in the 1990s. The Pirates clinched a spot in this years playoffs the night before.

AP photo

to pick up a pair of hooded sweatshirts celebrating the playoff berth. One of the sweatshirts was for him. The other was for his son, R.K., born a few months before Breams now iconic slide sent the club spinning into a record-setting run of futility. Hilinski became a season-ticket holder in 2011, believing the hiring of manager Clint Hurdle and the emergence of talented center elder Andrew McCutchen were harbingers of the clouds nally parting. Hilinski remembers the good old days, when Roberto Clemente tracked down y balls

in the outeld at Three Rivers Stadium and Willie Stargell tried to hit home runs into the Allegheny River. The Pirates used to be postseason regulars back then. Between 1960 and 1992, the Pirates won three World Series and made the playoffs 10 times. Hilinski spent countless nights during his childhood sitting with his father and uncle hanging on every pitch. Now he does it with his son, who grew up doing karate because nobody really wanted to play baseball. Together theyve watched a renaissance decades in the making.

PAGE 8B Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AP Economics Writer THE TIMES LEADER


Area bank offering SBA loans

Consumer confidence takes hit from jobworries

WASHINGTON Americans condence in the economy fell slightly in September from August, as many became less optimistic about hiring and pay increases over the next six months. The Conference Board, a New Yorkbased private research group, said Tuesday that its consumer condence index dropped to 79.7 in September. Thats down from Augusts reading of 81.8, which was slightly higher than previously estimated. Consumers condence is closely watched because their spending accounts for 70 percent of economic activity. The September reading was only slightly below Junes reading of 82.1, the highest in 5 years. While condence has bounced back from the depths of the Great Recession, it has yet to regain a reading of 90 that typically coincides with a healthy economy. In September, condence fell on a dimmer outlook for the next few months. Lynn Franco, who oversees the survey, said that reected concerns about the job market and wages. Consumers were actually more optimistic about present conditions. While overall economic conditions appear to have moderately improved, consumers are uncertain that the momentum can be sustained in the months ahead, Franco said. Amna Asaf, an economist at Capital Economics, said she believed that higher interest rates and lower stock prices contributed to the drop in condence. But she noted that the survey concluded before last weeks decision by the Federal Reserve to make no changes to its bond buying program. That decision sent stock prices up and interest rates down. We suspect that if the rebound in equity prices is sustained, along with the drop back in gasoline prices, condence will rebound, she said. On Tuesday, the average U.S. price for a gallon of gas was $3.46, according to AAA. Thats eight cents cheaper than a month ago. Recent data suggest economic growth may be slowing. Consumers spent more cautiously in August as their income barely grew. And higher interest rates are threatening to slow home sales, just as many markets are starting to recover. The economy added 169,000 jobs in August, a modest gain but hardly enough to signal robust job growth. The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.3 percent from 7.4 percent. But the

Miners Bank now offers Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Small Business Administration Loans make it possible to qualify businesses more easily and provide them with more exible terms than conventional loan options. The SBA allows higher loan to value ratios, in some cases, 100 percent nancing, and longer nancing terms with different payment options. To learn more about the SBA, visit In Luzerne County there is a Miners Bank in Hazleton and one opening in Conyngham later this year.

Oil falls near $103 a barrel

The price of oil fell for the seventh time in eight days, as the U.S. signaled a willingness to pursue a diplomatic path with Iran. Meanwhile, the average price for retail gasoline fell a penny to $3.46 a gallon. Benchmark oil for November delivery fell 46 cents to nish at $103.13 a barrel, the lowest close since July 30. Oil has dropped 6.7 percent since closing at a two-year high of $110.53 on Sept. 6. Some analysts said that a seeming thaw in relations between Iran and Western powers and apparent diplomatic progress over the elimination of Syrias chemical weapons were easing fears of a potential disruption in oil supplies.

decline was mostly because more people stopped looking for work and were no longer counted as unemployed. A weaker outlook for the rest of the year was a key reason the Federal Reserve decided last week to hold off on slowing its $85-billion-a-month in bond purchases. The bond purchases have kept longer-term interest rates low, making mortgages and other consumer loans more affordable. Many economists believe the Fed wont reduce the bond purchases until December at the earliest. The economy has been held back this year by tax hikes, federal spending cuts and weaker global growth. It expanded at an annual rate of 2.5 percent in the April-June quarter. But many economists say growth is slowing in the July-September quarter to an annual rate of 2 percent or less.

Zombie movies come to life in the Poconos

Pocono Record

Carnival results affected by mishaps

Lingering images of passengers stranded at sea for days as toilets back up and air conditioners fail have been enough to keep vacationers away from Carnival Cruise Lines, even as the company continues to discount sailings. The cruise industry has mostly rebounded from the economic downturn but Carnival Corp.s namesake brand cant seem to shake a spate of bad publicity from earlier this year when three ships suffered mechanical problems and res. That, along with ongoing geopolitical fears in the eastern Mediterranean, is why Carnival said Tuesday that bookings for the next three quarters are below last years pace, even with lower pricing. The worlds largest cruise company now expects revenue to drop 3 percent in 2013, worse than its prior forecast. Shares plunged more than 6 percent in morning trading. Carnival has struggled to restore passengers condence following the February breakdown of the Carnival Triumph, which stranded passengers for ve days in the Gulf of Mexico. That was quickly followed by two other instances of ships having to be towed back to port.

Employees work on production lines at a pork processing plant owned by Henan Shuanghui Group Ltd., in Luohe, in central Chinas Henan province.

AP file photo

Pork producer OKs Chinese takeover

AP Business Writer




on 7/17/2008

RICHMOND, Va. Shareholders of Smitheld Foods Inc. on Tuesday approved a plan to sell the worlds largest pork producer and processor to a Chinese company. The Smitheld, Va.-based company said more than 96 percent of the votes cast during a special meeting in Richmond were in favor of Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.s $34 per share offer, or $4.72 billion in cash. The deal, which is expected to close Thursday, will be the largest takeover of a U.S. company by a Chinese rm, valued at about $7.1 billion including debt. Its

sale to Hong Kong-based Shuanghui comes at a time of serious food safety problems in China, some of which have involved Shuanghui, which owns food and logistics enterprises and is the largest shareholder of Chinas biggest meat processor. We will cease to be the company you saw in the past, Smithelds CEO Larry Pope told shareholders. This does not mean the company goes away, the company just enters into a new phase and a new era of its life. Smithelds shares rose to a penny to $33.99 in morning trading Tuesday, just short of the buyout offer. Smitheld Foods, whose brands include Armour,

Farmland and its namesake, was founded in 1936 and has grown to annual sales of $13 billion and has about 46,000 employees. Pork producers such as Smitheld have been caught in a tug of war with consumers. The company needs to raise prices to offset rising commodity costs, namely the corn it uses for feed. But shoppers are still extremely sensitive to price changes in the current economy. By raising prices, Smitheld risks cutting into its sales should consumers cut back or buy cheaper meats, such as chicken. In 2009, Smitheld Foods posted its rst annual loss since 1975, and lost money again in 2010, but has since rebounded.

KUNKLETOWN A movie shooting right now in the Poconos is part of a planned series of featurelength motion pictures that will carry the Zombie Killers tag in the title. Its part of the ever-growing genre of movies about the undead that seemed to gain life ironically enough in Pennsylvania when George Romero shot Night of the Living Dead in 1968 for a reported $114,000. Zombie Killers: Elephants Graveyard, started shooting this month in Eldred Township. Another entry into the genre with the tagline: A small community may be the last outpost of humanity in the wake of a plague that may not be new to world history. Guarded by a small band of young warriors, life and death. While written, directed and produced by former Pleasant Valley High School teacher B. Harrison Smith, the idea for the movie was gestating in the mind of a local businessman for years. I trademarked this three years before Walking Dead, said Jeff Trainer, a Lehigh Valley developer and Smiths backer. This isnt something that came up overnight, he said. I looked at World War Z. Our goal is to make stuff just as good a quality, Trainer said. As a scene was being

shot, veteran Hollywood actor Billy Zane, who stars in the lm, and his soldiers were coming down a ridge on ATVs. The actors, carrying military weapons, had Zombie Killers etched on the backs of their uniforms. Their duds looked like paintball gear. The world of professional paintball inspired Trainer to work on the story that combined the elements of paintball teams with prep for a zombie attack. Trainers son, Ian, is a professional paintball player for San Diego Dynasty. The Lehigh Valley teen has been playing professionally for years, and puts in practice at Camp Pendleton in California. The team gures into the lm. What I was trying to do was show how young ghters train to ght, said Trainer, who took early cracks at writing the story. Before getting involved with the zombie movie, Zane, who starred in The Phantom and Titanic, was in Washington shooting another independent project. He said he knows theres a lot riding on this little zombie movie with ambitions for sequels, mostly for Trainer and Smith. I thought it was a clever variation on a theme. Zombie movies are like the white label generic kind of cinema where you can put your brand upon any story you want imprinted upon it.

S&P 500 1,697.42

+22.5 -1.8 +23.0 +21.7 +25.0 +14.0 -1.9 +10.0 +16.8 +12.3 +20.0 +22.4 +4.0 +12.2 +20.9 +18.9 +17.6 +6.7 +22.4 +21.2 +25.4 +14.4 +9.4 +8.8 +9.6 +25.5 +13.1 +4.5 +22.1


NASDAQ 3,768.25



DOW 15,334.59


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn -.07 -2.6 -.16 -2.9 -.02 +25.7 -.03 -6.4 -.08 +33.4 -.13 -6.2 -.12 +21.9 -.11 +21.2 -.05 +18.6 +.04 -0.4 -.02 +18.4 -.27 +25.8 +.27 +20.7 ... +5.1 ... +4.3 +.02 -7.5 +.02 -8.0 -.01 -2.3 -.02 +15.1 +.01 -.02 ... -.01 -.01 -.10 ... ... -.15 -.16 +.12 +3.3 +12.8 +26.6 +21.6 +16.0 +15.7 +8.5 +11.6 +27.8 -12.7 +24.4

Mutual Funds
YTD NAV Chg %Rtn Name


RUSSELL 2000 1,074.68


6-MO T-BILLS .05%

NAME AirProd AmWtrWks Amerigas AquaAm s ArchDan AutoZone BkofAm BkNYMel BonTon CVS Care Cigna CocaCola Comcast CmtyBkSy CmtyHlt CoreMark EmersonEl EngyTEq Entercom FairchldS FrontierCm Genpact HarteHnk Hershey Lowes


10-YR T-NOTE 2.66%

YTD NAV Chg %Rtn


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn +17.4 +24.3 +23.3 +0.1 +9.2 +30.1 +22.6 +20.8 +9.5 +25.5 +15.8 +20.0 +31.3 -4.0 +20.7 +20.4 +25.5 +24.1 +37.7 +5.5 +15.9 +10.2 +10.0 -10.1 +26.1 +27.1 +23.6 -2.0 +10.2 +36.7 -2.5 +12.0 +15.3 -0.1 +21.0 -5.3 +25.2 +25.0 +11.8 +14.9 +20.9 +20.8 +33.2 +32.3 +15.0 +15.9 +21.4 +12.4 +16.1 +31.6 -1.9 -1.8 +18.4


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn -.02 -.01 -.01 -.24 -.56 +.02 -.01 ... -.39 -.39 -.06 +.01 -.13 -.03 -.15 +.08 ... +.04 +.18 +.04 +.02 ... -.08 -.24 -.26 -.02 -.18 -.78 ... ... +.03 +.05 +.05 +.09 +.02 +.10 +.01 +.01 -.01 -.01 -.03 -.01 ... +.02 +.02 +.02 -.02 -.07 -.06 -.06 -.06 -.01 +.12 -.03 -.02 +.01 +.03 -.05 -.08 -.22 -.12 +21.5 +1.6 +1.6 +29.5 +29.4 -2.1 -6.9 -7.0 +20.9 +20.9 +22.2 +20.8 +15.4 +10.6 +10.6 -6.6 +23.9 +24.9 +25.0 +25.0 -2.1 0.0 -32.6 +27.2 +27.3 +26.0 +3.7 +3.8 +0.3 +0.3 +29.5 +28.2 +28.3 +28.6 +11.7 +27.4 +8.7 +10.6 +13.8 +15.3 +16.3 +16.4 +12.2 -2.1 -2.1 -2.1 +10.5 +22.1 +22.1 +22.1 +22.0 +16.1 +28.3 +22.4 +22.5 +5.6 +5.7 +13.1 +13.2 +20.3 +20.2

52-WEEK HIGH LOW 111.40 76.78 43.72 35.95 50.45 37.63 28.12 19.32 38.81 24.38 452.19 341.98 15.03 8.70 32.36 22.42 22.68 9.34 62.36 44.33 84.68 46.50 43.43 35.58 46.33 34.94 34.85 25.50 51.29 26.33 68.00 40.06 66.79 47.10 68.39 41.72 11.00 5.98 15.75 11.14 5.15 3.71 21.30 15.09 10.12 5.14 98.00 68.09 49.17 29.66

Stocks of Local Interest

TKR APD AWK APU WTR ADM AZO BAC BK BONT CVS CI KO CMCSA CBU CYH CORE EMR ETE ETM FCS FTR G HHS HSY LOW DIV 2.84 1.12 3.36 .61 .76 ... .04 .60 .20 .90 .04 1.12 .78 1.12 .25 .76 1.64 2.62 ... ... .40 ... .34 1.94 .72 LAST 107.21 40.79 42.84 24.62 36.77 414.31 14.09 30.19 11.29 57.92 78.31 38.53 43.69 33.84 39.38 65.70 64.96 62.68 9.05 13.84 4.32 19.12 8.91 92.83 48.04 CHG -.21 +.40 -.55 ... +.14 -3.50 -.05 -.11 +.13 -.28 +.07 -.10 -.25 +.20 -.52 +.44 ... +.91 +.01 +.06 +.04 -.09 +.16 -.33 +.77 YTD %CHG 52-WEEK HIGH LOW NAME M&T Bk McDnlds Mondelez NBT Bcp NexstarB PNC PPL Corp PennaRE PepsiCo PhilipMor ProctGam Prudentl RiteAid SLM Cp SLM pfB TJX UGI Corp VerizonCm WalMart WeisMk WellsFargo TKR MTB MCD MDLZ NBTB NXST PNC PPL PEI PEP PM PG PRU RAD SLM SLMBP TJX UGI VZ WMT WMK WFC DIV 2.80 3.24 .56 .80 .48 1.76 1.47 .72 2.27 3.76 2.41 1.60 ... .60 2.07 .58 1.13 2.12 1.88 1.20 1.20 LAST 110.49 97.78 32.06 22.74 42.08 72.72 30.76 19.06 80.54 87.41 78.62 77.80 4.94 24.98 69.50 55.87 39.69 47.27 75.75 50.61 41.73 +27.6 +9.9 +10.6 +21.1 +34.2 +16.9 +21.4 +17.5 -7.1 +19.8 +46.5 +6.3 +16.9 +23.7 +28.1 +38.8 +22.7 +37.8 +29.7 -3.9 +.9 +23.4 +51.0 +28.5 +35.2 119.54 103.70 33.08 23.25 40.57 77.93 33.55 22.54 87.06 96.73 82.54 83.67 4.85 26.17 74.46 57.16 43.24 54.31 79.96 51.92 44.79 93.62 83.31 24.50 18.92 8.99 53.36 27.74 13.25 67.39 82.10 65.83 48.17 .95 15.56 49.00 40.08 30.15 40.51 67.37 37.65 31.25


CRUDE OIL $103.13


CHG -.24 +.50 +.11 +.08 +1.93 -.24 +.13 -.23 -.48 -1.40 -.66 -.18 +.11 +.16 +.49 -.25 +.06 -.71 -.67 +.23 -.58


YTD %CHG +12.2 +10.8 +25.9 +12.2 +297.4 +24.7 +7.4 +8.0 +17.7 +4.5 +15.8 +45.9 +263.2 +45.8 +31.1 +31.6 +21.3 +9.2 +11.0 +29.2 +22.1

Alliance Bernstein CoreOppA m 17.13 -.02 GlblRskAllB m15.07 +.01 American Cent IncGroA m 33.07 -.09 American Century ValueInv 7.67 -.02 American Funds AMCAPA m 26.53 +.03 BalA m 22.95 -.02 BondA m 12.50 +.03 CapIncBuA m 56.57 -.12 CpWldGrIA m 42.64 -.05 EurPacGrA m 46.29 +.01 FnInvA m 48.52 -.04 GrthAmA m 42.06 +.03 HiIncA m 11.28 -.01 IncAmerA m 19.75 -.02 InvCoAmA m 36.02 -.04 MutualA m 33.19 -.09 NewPerspA m36.76 ... NwWrldA m 58.12 -.05 SmCpWldA m48.83 +.06 WAMutInvA m37.28 -.07 Baron Asset b 61.29 +.07 BlackRock EqDivI 22.59 -.07 GlobAlcA m 21.46 -.01 GlobAlcC m 19.93 -.01 GlobAlcI 21.57 ... CGM Focus 36.76 +.19 Mutual 32.14 +.24 Realty 30.53 +.05 Columbia AcornZ 36.70 +.06

DFA EmMkCrEqI 19.59 EmMktValI 28.55 USLgValI 28.47 DWS-Scudder EnhEMFIS d 10.35 HlthCareS d 34.79 LAEqS d 30.67 Davis NYVentA m 39.22 NYVentC m 37.61 Dodge & Cox Bal 91.60 Income 13.60 IntlStk 41.02 Stock 152.07 Dreyfus TechGrA f 41.62 Eaton Vance HiIncOppA m 4.58 HiIncOppB m 4.58 NatlMuniA m 9.17 NatlMuniB m 9.17 PAMuniA m 8.74 FPA Cres d 32.27 Fidelity AstMgr20 13.45 Bal 22.59 BlChGrow 58.67 Contra 93.50 DivrIntl d 34.74 ExpMulNat d 25.33 Free2020 15.42 Free2030 15.84 GrowCo 119.14 LatinAm d 40.44 LowPriStk d 46.80

Magellan 89.58 -.14 +22.8 Overseas d 37.83 -.04 +17.0 Puritan 21.72 -.01 +12.8 TotalBd 10.58 +.02 -1.4 Value 95.96 +.07 +25.7 Fidelity Advisor ValStratT m 35.19 +.10 +19.6 Fidelity Select Gold d 21.33 +.01 -42.3 Pharm d 18.67 -.03 +26.2 Fidelity Spartan 500IdxAdvtg 60.43 -.15 +20.8 500IdxInstl 60.44 -.15 +20.9 500IdxInv 60.43 -.14 +20.8 TotMktIdAg d 50.16 -.08 +22.0 First Eagle GlbA m 53.68 -.08 +10.5 FrankTemp-Franklin CA TF A m 6.98 +.01 -4.4 Income C m 2.37 ... +9.0 IncomeA m 2.35 ... +9.5 FrankTemp-Mutual Discov Z 33.62 +.01 +18.0 Euro Z 24.90 +.12 +17.9 Shares Z 26.79 -.01 +19.7 FrankTemp-Templeton GlBondA m 13.07 -.05 +0.4 GlBondAdv 13.03 -.05 +0.6 GrowthA m 23.49 -.01 +20.9 GMO IntItVlIV 24.31 +.07 +17.0 Harbor CapApInst 52.42 -.03 +23.3 IntlInstl 69.89 -.18 +12.5 INVESCO GlobQuantvCoreA m13.68-.03+21.4 PacGrowB m 21.98 ... +8.4

Foreign Exchange & Metals

CURRENCY CLOSE USD per British Pound 1.6006 Canadian Dollar 1.0299 USD per Euro 1.3477 Japanese Yen 98.83 Mexican Peso 12.8864 METALS Copper Gold Platinum Silver Palladium PVS. -.0043 +.0021 -.0019 -.03 +.0879 6MO. 1YR. %CH. AGO AGO -.27% 1.5228 1.6224 +.20% 1.0227 .9784 -.14% 1.2983 1.2935 -.03% 94.45 77.86 +.68% 12.3778 12.9129 6MO. 1YR. %CH. AGO AGO -1.28 -5.46 -13.46 -0.82 -18.07 -25.39 -0.50 -10.30 -13.05 -1.22 -24.86 -36.44 +0.29 -5.45 +12.29

CLOSE PVS. 3.27 3.31 1316.00 1326.90 1418.80 1425.90 21.54 21.81 718.35 716.30

JPMorgan CoreBondSelect11.65+.03 -1.7 John Hancock LifBa1 b 14.92 ... +10.8 LifGr1 b 15.51 -.01 +15.1 RegBankA m 17.74 +.02 +24.9 SovInvA m 18.46 -.06 +15.9 TaxFBdA m 9.65 +.01 -5.2 Lazard EmgMkEqtI d 19.47 -.06 -0.4 Loomis Sayles BdInstl 15.18 +.01 +3.6 Lord Abbett ShDurIncA m 4.56 ... +0.7 MFS MAInvA m 25.84 -.08 +20.5 MAInvC m 24.88 -.08 +19.8 ValueI 31.22 -.13 +23.8 Merger Merger b 16.17 ... +2.1 Metropolitan West TotRetBdI 10.61 +.03 -0.3 TotRtBd b 10.61 +.02 -0.5 Mutual Series Beacon Z 15.89 -.02 +20.0 Neuberger Berman SmCpGrInv 25.79 +.11 +34.2 Oakmark EqIncI 33.24 ... +16.6 Intl I 26.22 -.08 +25.3 Oppenheimer CapApB m 49.30 -.03 +16.4 DevMktA m 37.23 -.09 +5.5 DevMktY 36.88 -.09 +5.7 PIMCO AllAssetI 12.27 ... -0.1 AllAuthIn 10.34 +.02 -4.4 ComRlRStI 5.69 -.04 -13.1 HiYldIs 9.51 ... +3.0 LowDrIs 10.29 ... -0.7 TotRetA m 10.80 +.01 -2.4 TotRetAdm b 10.80 +.01 -2.3 TotRetIs 10.80 +.01 -2.1 TotRetrnD b 10.80 +.01 -2.3 Permanent Portfolio 47.41 -.10 -2.5 Principal SAMConGrB m16.45 ... +14.2 Prudential JenMCGrA m 37.17 -.05 +19.0 Prudential Investmen 2020FocA m 18.97 -.02 +22.5 BlendA m 22.73 -.01 +23.3 EqOppA m 19.68 -.02 +24.1 HiYieldA m 5.66 ... +3.9 IntlEqtyA m 7.17 ... +14.2 IntlValA m 22.53 +.01 +13.1 JennGrA m 25.66 -.01 +22.9 NaturResA m 49.35 +.21 +9.4 SmallCoA m 27.86 +.07 +24.3

UtilityA m 13.65 -.01 ValueA m 19.40 -.02 Putnam GrowIncB m 17.96 -.02 IncomeA m 7.10 +.01 Royce LowStkSer m 15.12 -.01 OpportInv d 15.55 +.07 ValPlSvc m 16.95 +.07 Schwab S&P500Sel d 26.80 -.07 Scout Interntl 36.16 -.01 T Rowe Price BlChpGr 57.28 +.06 CapApprec 25.76 -.01 DivGrow 31.40 -.10 DivrSmCap d 22.90 +.05 EmMktStk d 32.71 -.13 EqIndex d 45.92 -.11 EqtyInc 31.58 -.04 FinSer 18.75 -.04 GrowStk 46.90 +.06 HealthSci 56.76 -.03 HiYield d 7.04 ... IntlDisc d 53.45 -.02 IntlStk d 15.87 -.03 IntlStkAd m 15.78 -.04 LatinAm d 34.18 -.13 MediaTele 67.23 +.06 MidCpGr 71.76 +.01 NewAmGro 44.41 +.08 NewAsia d 16.47 -.02 NewEra 46.18 +.05 NewHoriz 45.33 +.08 NewIncome 9.42 +.02 Rtmt2020 20.02 -.01 Rtmt2030 21.82 -.01 ShTmBond 4.79 ... SmCpVal d 47.41 +.19 TaxFHiYld d 10.94 +.02 Value 33.02 -.09 ValueAd b 32.65 -.08 Thornburg IntlValI x 30.98 -.13 Tweedy, Browne GlobVal d 26.70 +.02 Vanguard 500Adml 156.43 -.39 500Inv 156.44 -.39 CapOp 44.78 +.01 CapVal 14.67 +.03 Convrt 14.41 +.02 DevMktIdx 11.30 -.01 DivGr 20.01 -.05 EnergyInv 66.43 +.02 EurIdxAdm 68.33 -.06 Explr 104.60 +.28 GNMA 10.53 +.04 GNMAAdml 10.53 +.04 GlbEq 22.10 -.01

GrowthEq 14.92 HYCor 5.95 HYCorAdml 5.95 HltCrAdml 76.34 HlthCare 180.90 ITGradeAd 9.79 InfPrtAdm 26.42 InflaPro 13.46 InstIdxI 156.19 InstPlus 156.20 InstTStPl 39.09 IntlExpIn 17.77 IntlGrAdm 70.74 IntlStkIdxAdm 27.14 IntlStkIdxIPls 108.53 LTInvGr 9.75 MidCapGr 25.23 MidCp 28.06 MidCpAdml 127.42 MidCpIst 28.15 MuIntAdml 13.76 MuLtdAdml 11.01 PrecMtls 10.75 Prmcp 88.39 PrmcpAdml 91.73 PrmcpCorI 18.81 REITIdx 22.09 REITIdxAd 94.25 STCor 10.70 STGradeAd 10.70 SelValu 27.16 SmGthIdx 32.08 SmGthIst 32.16 StSmCpEq 27.91 Star 23.08 StratgcEq 27.32 TgtRe2015 14.54 TgtRe2020 26.36 TgtRe2030 26.60 TgtRe2035 16.25 TgtRe2040 26.96 TgtRe2045 16.93 Tgtet2025 15.25 TotBdAdml 10.65 TotBdInst 10.65 TotBdMkSig 10.65 TotIntl 16.23 TotStIAdm 42.93 TotStIIns 42.94 TotStISig 41.44 TotStIdx 42.92 TxMIntlAdm 12.77 TxMSCAdm 39.96 USGro 26.02 USValue 14.53 WellsI 25.09 WellsIAdm 60.80 Welltn 37.80 WelltnAdm 65.30 WndsIIAdm 62.03 WndsrII 34.95 Wells Fargo DvrCpBldA x 7.95

Combined Stocks
Name Last Chg %YTD +.01 +16.8 -.13 +1.1 -.76 +9.6 +.01 +58.3 +.94 +47.9 +.02 -4.4 -.41 +28.8 -.17 +11.6 -.12 +3.6 -.37 +32.8 +.08 +39.5 -.27 +33.2 +.60 +27.5 -.04 -14.3 -1.54 -8.1 -.18 +28.1 +.07 +25.3 +.19 +34.6 -.06 +47.7 +.01 +1.5 +.02 +20.6 +.03+150.4 +.21 -11.0 -.58 +6.9 -.64 +6.4 -.59 +28.3 +.07 +45.3 +1.49 +57.9 +.27 +45.2 +.12 +34.1 -.46 +43.1 +.15 +47.4 -.15 +9.9 -.12 +32.2 -.26 +18.9 Name Last Chg %YTD -2.86 -6.1 +.08 -5.0 -.22 +24.8 -.07 -17.8 -1.03 +15.1 -.14 +22.9 -.61 +23.8 +.77 +14.2 -.33 +14.5 -.06 +4.1 -.18 +21.4 -.14 +1.3 +.06 +17.9 +.32 +23.6 -.42 +11.9 +.25 -2.5 ... -3.7 -.43 +29.2 -.19 +20.6 -.02 +38.3 -.13 +21.0 +.14+125.0 -.09 +31.9 -.04 +6.1 -.34 +2.4 +.94 +30.0 -.05 +4.0 ... +22.7 +.06 +6.4 +.34 +68.4 -.46 +.4 -.41 +20.3 +.01 +36.7 +.10 +2.6 -.39 +.9 Name Last Chg %YTD +.30 +.14 -.19 -.19 -.23 +.16 +.40 +.06 +.17 -.16 +.04 +.02 +.04 +.21 +.16 +.05 +.36 +.34 +.05 +.51 -.06 -.02 +1.52 -.02 +.04 +.13 +.12 -.32 +.71 -.15 +.08 +1.77 +1.02 -1.02 -.05 +22.0 +7.0 +25.1 +99.6 -10.4 +28.4 +3.0 +33.3 +43.0 +32.2 +79.7 +26.9 +15.9 +20.9 +70.8 +17.7 +40.5 +31.8 +18.5 +40.0 +1.0 -45.1 +54.9 +48.2 +49.1 +22.9 +32.7 +38.2 +39.9 +17.1 +52.0 +28.3 +37.2 -.8 +18.1 Name Last Chg %YTD -1.14 -.05 -.87 +.47 -.28 +.05 -.42 -.14 +.37 +.11 +.25 +.02 -.61 +.14 +.52 +.06 ... +.11 +.02 +.06 +.27 +.05 +.45 -1.59 -.15 -.25 -.29 +.05 +.13 -.35 -.22 +.04 +.30 +.12 ... +15.2 +36.8 +25.8 +40.1 +7.4 +35.6 +13.0 -.6 +57.0 -3.6 +27.3 +14.5 +6.3 +62.2 +38.8 +15.7 -9.4 +30.5 +16.0 +15.5 +31.6 -32.6 +20.8 +31.9 +16.1 +43.0 +21.5 +42.6 +55.0 +33.9 +4.4 +37.7 +23.0 -39.7 +17.4 Name Last Chg %YTD +.01 +.45 +.17 -.09 +.09 +.42 +1.00 +.10 -.34 +1.43 +.52 +.07 -.22 +.06 +.05 +.13 -.03 -.09 -.15 +.13 -.34 +.15 +.35 +.12 +.05 +.18 +.02 -.31 +.27 +.09 -.32 -.09 -.33 +.46 +.87 +23.9 +34.6 +26.6 +6.3 +42.0 +16.5 -8.9 -16.5 +28.7 +21.1 +42.0 +7.5 +24.7 +5.0 +20.8 +7.4 -11.7 +14.5 +9.1 +70.2 +10.1 +10.7 -5.8 +11.9 +87.3 +10.2 +36.7 +19.6 +27.6 +18.9 -3.0 -4.9 +18.7 +77.3 +26.9 Name Last Chg %YTD -1.50 -.10 -.03 +.08 -.09 +.27 -.03 +.09 +.03 -.49 -.67 +.59 +.60 +.07 -.31 -.11 -.02 -.14 -.36 +.02 -.14 -.03 +.22 +.58 -1.00 -.11 -.44 +.09 +.09 +2.47 +.09 +1.09 -.06 +.23 +.25 +17.0 -33.0 +32.5 +90.8 -1.7 +43.6 +24.8 +3.3 +1.6 +8.0 +24.3 +43.7 +2.4 +14.1 +30.1 +32.4 +29.5 -32.6 +3.5 +26.7 +44.6 +23.8 -12.9 +34.1 +7.2 +15.2 +57.3 +9.0 +1.9 +46.2 +11.8 +38.8 +5.4 +51.2 +8.5 AFLAC 62.02 AT&T Inc 34.09 AbtLab s 34.36 AMD 3.80 AlaskaAir 63.74 Alcoa 8.30 Allstate 51.75 Altria 35.08 AEP 44.21 AmExp 76.07 AmIntlGrp 49.24 Amgen 114.78 Anadarko 94.71 Annaly 12.03 Apple Inc 489.10 AutoData 72.95 AveryD 43.76 Avnet 41.20 Avon 21.21 BP PLC 42.28 BakrHu 49.26 BallardPw 1.53 BarnesNob 13.43 Baxter 71.26 Beam Inc 65.02 BerkH B 115.05 BlockHR 26.98 Boeing 119.00 BrMySq 46.82 Brunswick 39.00 Buckeye 64.98 CBS B 56.07 CMS Eng 26.80 CSX 26.08 CampSp 41.50 Carnival 34.54 Caterpillar 85.11 CenterPnt 24.03 CntryLink 32.17 Chevron 124.49 Cisco 24.14 Citigroup 48.96 Clorox 83.60 ColgPalm s 59.87 ConAgra 30.71 ConocoPhil 70.40 ConEd 56.26 Corning 14.88 Cummins 133.93 DTE 67.18 Deere 84.26 Diebold 29.48 Disney 64.32 DomRescs 62.45 Dover 90.89 DowChm 39.11 DryShips 3.60 DuPont 59.32 DukeEngy 67.69 EMC Cp 25.90 Eaton 70.43 EdisonInt 47.00 EmersonEl 64.96 EnbrdgEPt 29.68 Energen 75.91 Entergy 63.98 EntPrPt 60.26 Ericsson 13.81 Exelon 30.52 ExxonMbl 87.36 FMC Corp 71.42 Fastenal 49.93 FedExCp 114.72 Fifth&Pac 24.85 FirstEngy 37.41 Fonar 5.56 FootLockr 33.08 FordM 17.26 Gannett 25.75 Gap 41.03 GenCorp 16.44 GenDynam 87.93 GenElec 24.32 GenMills 48.85 GileadSci s 62.74 GlaxoSKln 51.17 Hallibrtn 48.75 HarleyD 64.35 HarrisCorp 58.02 HartfdFn 31.42 HawaiiEl 25.38 HeclaM 3.20 Heico 69.32 Hess 78.51 HewlettP 21.24 HomeDp 76.04 HonwllIntl 84.25 Hormel 43.14 Humana 96.00 INTL FCSt 20.39 ITT Corp 35.65 ITW 78.00 IngerRd 65.81 IBM 189.97 IntPap 47.04 JPMorgCh 50.32 JacobsEng 58.22 JohnJn 88.22 JohnsnCtl 42.98 Kellogg 59.96 Keycorp 11.42 KimbClk 95.37 KindME 79.28 Kroger 40.85 Kulicke 11.56 L Brands 59.90 LancastrC 79.21 LillyEli 52.43 LincNat 42.02 LockhdM 128.14 Loews 47.16 LaPac 17.51 MDU Res 27.71 MarathnO 35.57 MarIntA 43.06 Masco 21.82 McDrmInt 7.43 McGrwH 66.03 McKesson 127.91 Merck 47.53 MetLife 47.11 Microsoft 32.46 MorgStan 27.27 NCR Corp 39.49 NatFuGas 67.86 NatGrid 59.95 NY Times 11.75 NewellRub 27.40 NewmtM 28.00 NextEraEn 81.22 NiSource 30.84 NikeB s 69.43 NorflkSo 78.28 NoestUt 41.54 NorthropG 95.95 Nucor 50.30 NustarEn 38.71 NvMAd 12.70 OGE Egy s 36.24 OcciPet 92.80 OfficeMax 12.24 Olin 23.20 ONEOK 53.33 PG&E Cp 42.19 PPG 163.47 PPL Corp 30.76 PVR Ptrs 22.94 Pfizer 28.71 PinWst 55.64 PitnyBw 18.11 Praxair 120.51 PSEG 33.88 PulteGrp 17.10 Questar 22.12 RadioShk 3.97 RLauren 165.18 Raytheon 78.71 ReynAmer 49.55 RockwlAut 107.20 Rowan 37.19 RoyDShllB 68.76 RoyDShllA 65.54 Ryder 59.27 Safeway 32.08 Schlmbrg 87.91 Sherwin 180.00 SilvWhtn g 24.18 SiriusXM 3.83 SonyCp 21.37 SouthnCo 42.08 SwstAirl 14.70 SpectraEn 34.16 Sysco 32.40 TECO 17.03 Target 63.91 TenetHlt rs 40.36 Tenneco 50.46 Tesoro 45.09 Textron 28.28 3M Co 120.80 TimeWarn 63.35 Timken 61.92 Titan Intl 14.63 UnilevNV 39.64 UnionPac 159.24 Unisys 25.01 UPS B 91.26 USSteel 20.77 UtdTech 110.00 VarianMed 75.27 VectorGp 16.31 ViacomB 82.94 WestarEn 31.19 Weyerhsr 28.35 Whrlpl 148.78 WmsCos 36.60 Wynn 156.12 XcelEngy 28.14 Xerox 10.31 YumBrnds 72.06

-.01 +14.6



Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 1C

Partly rowdywith more than a chance of meatballs

Homemade desserts and entertainment are the highlights of this food-centric fund-raiser

Theres a place where you can get a spaghetti and meatball dinner and homemade dessert for a song this weekend. And that dessert should be just as sweet as the music that will come as a side dish. The place is Covenant Presbyterian Church in Scranton on Saturday evening for the Arcadia Chorale Annual Pasta Dinner. The singing servers of the Arcadia Chorale, formerly The Robert Dale Chorale, and their music director, chef Steven Thomas, will serve up songs along with dinner to raise money for the chorales 20132014 season. Many of the approximately 30 chorale members will chip in and make their special desserts to follow the meal. One of the highlights is a peanut butter cream-filled perfectly chocolate cake created by Patty Sherbine, a former chorale-board member whose husband, Bruce Sherbine, sits on the board. The cakes ingredients include Hersheys Cocoa, eggs and milk, and the peanut butter cream filling consists of heavy whipping cream and Reeses Peanut Butter Chips. Patty Sherbine and singer Kathy Shucosky said there will be a lot of chocolate cakes among the desserts, along with pies, puddings and brownies. While the spaghetti and meatballs are not homemade, the sauce will be seasoned specially for the dinner. We buy standard cans of sauce and add things to it to make it tasty, chorale member Larry Hickernell, one of the cooks, said. That means about six cans of industrial-size sauce will get a healthy helping of onions, spices, herbs and the meatballs. About 150 people will be fed by the six cans of doctored sauce, about 300 meatballs and 20 pounds or more of pasta, Hickernell said. The nice thing is lot of people who are in the chorale or on the board will make desserts, Hickernell said. A lot of supermarkets donate the supplies. Once the dinner is under way, the singers will both serve and entertain throughout the dinner.

Ruth Corcoran prepared this apple-stuffed pork loin at Cork Bar & Restaurant on Madison Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Clark Van Orden Photo/The Times Leader


Flavors of fall highlight this tasty pork loin

Cork Bar & Restaurant

Early autumn is here, and with it come the wonderful avors of fall. The end of summer does not mean the end of local proClark Van Orden photos/The Times Leader duce. Many fruits and vegetables are at their peak of avor, Some of the people behind the Arcadia Chorale annual pasta dinner on Saturday are, left to right, Patrick Klus, a chorale singer; including apples, butternut squash, pumpPatty Sherbine, former chorale-board member; Steven Thomas, music director, and Kathy Shucosky, a singer. kin and more. With the weather getting cooler, I enjoy spending more time in the kitchen baking IF YOU GO and using these fall avors in a variety of entres. I hope you enjoy this apple-stuffed Who: Arcadia Chorale pork loin I prepared. We topped it with What: Annual pasta dinner Chef Johns apple-brandy cream sauce, and When: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Saturday. Takeouts begin at 5 p.m. it is fantastic paired with butternut-squash Where: Covenant Presbyterian risotto. Ruth Corcoran Church, 550 Madison Ave, Scranton During this harvest time, we also rememOn the menu: The singing servers ber those who dont always have access to nutritious food. of the Arcadia Chorale (formerly From 4 to 10 p.m. Friday we will host a fund-raiser for the The Robert Dale Chorale) and chef Commission on Economic Opportunitys Weinberg Food Steven Thomas (music director) will serve songs along with salads, Bank. The food bank will receive 20 percent of our sales spaghetti and meatballs, as well as for the day.
homemade desserts Tickets: $8 for adults, $4 for children 12 and under, at the door or by calling chorale office at 570871-0350

Thomas described the mix of tunes, which hes still deciding on, as lighter-fare entertainment. The main focus, besides the food, is the individual singers, said the music director, who chairs the Division of Performing Arts at Wilkes University. There will be a lot of solos, Broadway and popular songs. Diners can stay a while after they finish their meal, too. People are welcome to stick around after theyre done for the rest of the show, Thomas said.

Patty Sherbines peanut butter cream-filled perfectly chocolate chocolate cake is sure to tempt tastebuds on Saturday.

Clark Van Orden photos/The Times Leader

PEANUT BUTTER CREAM-FILLED PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CAKE Cake: 2 cups sugar 1 3/4 cups flour 3/4 cup Hersheys Cocoa

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1 cup milk 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 teaspoons vanilla extract See MEATBALLS | 2C

Blending the best of ginger and banana breads

The Associated Press

The great thing about quick breads also is the most obvious. Theyre quick. Stir together some ingredients, pop it in a pan, throw it in the oven. Your house will be lled with the fantastic smells of baking, and you probably didnt do more than 15 minutes work. This quick bread is no exception. It is equally at home on a breakfast or brunch table, served with coffee or tea mid-afternoon with a dusting of powdered sugar, or after dinner with a dollop of whipped cream. Weve combined the spicy fall avors of gingerbread with the sweet, moist avors of banana bread. For nutrition, we added some bran. For fun, we ecked it with chopped bittersweet chocolate. Be sure to use very ripe bananas for the best avor. CHOCOLATE BANANA GINGER QUICK BREAD Start to nish: 1 hour 15 minutes (15 minutes active) Servings: 16 1 cup buttermilk 2 eggs 1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil 6 very ripe bananas, mashed 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup molasses 2 cups bran 3 cups all-purpose our

Chocolate banana ginger quick bread offers up slices of autumn comfort.

AP photo

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon ground dry ginger 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 cup nely chopped bittersweet chocolate 3/4 cup nely chopped candied ginger Heat the oven to 325 F. Spray a Bundt pan with baking spray. In a medium bowl, whisk together the buttermilk, eggs, oil, bananas, brown sugar, See BREADS | 2C

APPLE-STUFFED PORK LOIN 1 boneless pork loin or pork tenderloin, approximately 3 pounds * See prep below 2 cups apples, peeled and chopped 2/3 cup dried cranberries cup pecans, chopped 3 slices bread, cut into cubes 1 small yellow onion, chopped 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon fresh sage 1 teaspoon fresh parsley teaspoon kosher salt teaspoon freshly ground black pepper cup apple cider cup chicken stock 1 tablespoon maple syrup APPLE BRANDY SAUCE 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 cup shallots, minced 3/4 cup apple cider cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon butter Salt and pepper Splash brandy * When you purchase the pork, ask the butcher to buttery the pork in a spiral cut and pound it for you. Method: Preheat oven to 350. Saut chopped onion and apples over medium heat with 2 tablespoons of butter until soft. Combine bread, cranberries, pecans, sage and parsley into a bowl, add a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Top with the apple/onion mixture and then pour in chicken stock, apple cider and maple syrup and mix completely until bread has absorbed all of the liquid. Lay pork at on a large sheet of plastic wrap. Season evenly with the salt and pepper. Spread the mixture evenly on top of the pork, stopping about an inch before the edges. Roll pork tightly and tie with butchers twine. Place in a roasting pan and bake uncovered for approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until an internal temperature of 145 degrees is reached. Cooking time will depend on the thickness of the meat. When cooked, remove from oven and let sit for 15 minutes while you prepare the sauce. For the sauce: Saute the shallots in olive oil until browned. Deglaze the pan with a splash of brandy and scrape the bottom of the pan to remove all the bits. Add the apple cider and heavy cream and reduce until it begins to thicken. Stir in the butter and salt and pepper to taste. Remove the butchers twine and slice the pork into - to -inch slices. Fan out on a serving platter and pour sauce over the top of the pork. Enjoy!
EDITORS NOTE: If you are a chef who would like to contribute a recipe to Chefs Corner, contact Mary Therese Biebel at 570-829-7283 or mbiebel@



PAGE 2C Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Williams Family to perform at Berean Lighthouse Church Nicholson painters exhibit their work

The Williams Family will be performing at 11 a.m. on Sunday at the Berean Lighthouse Church, 2 W. Green St., Nanticoke. All members of the group are senior citizens ranging in age from 74 to 97. The public is invited and an offering will be received. Members of the group, from left, are Dorothy Williams Moody, Ruth Williams Briggs, Louise Williams Johnson, Robert Williams, Shirley Williams Pierontoni, Margaret Williams Cornell and Lily Williams Tomassacci.

Submitted photo

Nicholson painters will exhibit their work from 6-7:30 p.m. on Friday at the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock as part of the Fourth Friday in Tunkhannock event. The public is invited to view the art and meet the artists. The artists at a recent workshop, from left, are Elaine Remington, Dot Dalton, Diane Stizza, Ann Ross, Charlotte Yevich, T. Faye Williams and Carol Van Fleet.

Submitted photo

First United Methodist hosting apple festival

Our Lady of Hope Parish sponsoring spaghetti dinner

The First United Methodist Church of West Pittston, 408 Wyoming Ave., West Pittston, is holding an apple festival from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday at the church. The event includes a flea market, silent auction, book sale, bake sale, apple pie and ice cream and apple dumplings. The kitchen will also be serving a variety of food. For more information contact the church office at 570-655-1083. Some of the participants, from left: Lynn Dente, chairperson, silent auction; Warren Pollard, chairperson, food items; Kelly Dushok, chairperson, apple festival; and Janet Renna, chairperson, book sale.

Submitted photo

Our Lady of Hope Parish is serving a spaghetti dinner from 5-7 p.m. on Oct. 5 at the Marymount Parish Center, South Hancock Street, Wilkes-Barre. The dinner will include salad, spaghetti with homemade sauce and homemade meatballs, Italian bread, dessert and beverages. Cost is $8 for adults, $4 for children ages 7-16, and free for children younger than 6. Take outs will start at 4 p.m. For more information call 570-824-7832. Some of the participants, from left, first row, are Barbara Jacobs, Jean Noss, Pat Kinsman, Owen Kinsman and the Rev. John S. Terry. Second row: Dave Jacobs, Andrea Grella, Theresa Talacka, Carmen Nardone and Bill Noss.

Submitted photo

From page 1C 1 cup boiling water Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour two 9-inch round pans. Combine dry ingredients in large bowl. Add eggs, milk, oil and vanilla. Beat 2 minutes on medium speed. Stir in boiling water (batter will be thin). Bake 30-35 minutes. Cool 10 minutes. Remove to wire racks. Cool completely. PEANUT BUTTER CREAM FILLING Ingredients 2 cups heavy whipping cream 1 10-ounce package Reeses Peanut Butter Chips Cook 1/2 cup whipping cream and package of peanut butter chips over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth. Cool to room temperature. Beat 1 1/2 cups whipping cream until stiff. Stir 1/3 into cooled mixture. Fold in remaining. Spread half of peanut butter cream on top of one layer. Place the other layer and put remaining peanut butter cream on top. With a teaspoon, touch cream lightly, pulling teaspoon up to form peaks. Refrigerate 30 minutes. COCOA GLAZE Ingredients 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons cocoa 3 tablespoons water 1 cup powdered sugar 1/4 teaspoon vanilla Melt butter. Add cocoa and water, stirring until thickened. Remove from heat. Gradually add powdered sugar. Whisk until smooth. Stir in 1/4 teaspoon vanilla. Drizzle on top of cake, allowing to drip down sides. Store covered in refrigerator.


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From page 1C honey, molasses and bran. Let sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in another medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Once the banana-bran mixture has sat for 10 minutes, add the flour mixture to it and gently stir just until the dry ingredients are moistened. Gently fold in the chopped chocolate and chopped ginger. Spoon the mixture into the prepared pan and bake for 50 to 60 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted at the center comes out clean. Let cool for 15 minutes in the pan before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Nutrition information per serving: 380 calories; 110 calories from fat (29 percent of total calories); 13 g fat (3 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 25 mg cholesterol; 68 g carbohydrate; 6 g fiber; 34 g sugar; 6 g protein; 370 mg sodium

Mon - Fri 8am - 11pm Sat 9am - 8pm Sun 10am - 6pm EST



Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 3C

Gavin J.Gruden
Gavin Joseph Gruden, son of Tracey and Frank Gruden, WilkesBarre, is celebrating his ninth birthday today, Sept. 25. Gavin is a grandson of the late Joseph Ziegler Sr. and Teresa and Joe Kyle, all of Wilkes-Barre, and Frank Gruden and the late Catherine Gruden, Scranton. He has two brothers, Cameron, 7, and Benjamin, 4, and a step-brother, Andrew.

Knights of Columbus conduct First Degree of the Order


Photographs and information must be received two full weeks before your childs birthday. Your information must be typed or computer-generated. Include your name and your relationship to the child (parent, grandparent or legal guardians only, please), your childs name, age and birthday, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents names and their towns of residence, any siblings and their ages. Dont forget to include a daytime contact phone number. Without one, we may be unable to publish a birthday announcement on time.

Childrens birthdays (ages 1-16) will be published free of charge

We cannot guarantee return of birthday or occasions photos and do not return community-news or publicity photos. Please do not submit precious or original professional pho tographs that require return because such photos can become damaged, or occasionally lost, in the production process. Email your birthday announcement to or send it to: Times Leader Birthdays, 15 North Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0250. You also may use the form under the People tab on www.

The Knights of Columbus of Assumpta Council 3987 recently conducted a First Degree of the Order at the council home in Luzerne. The degree was in honor of the councils first chaplain, Monsignor John C. Masakowski. At the event, from left, first row: Bernard Solack, warden; James Mazeitis, treasurer; Thomas Havrilak, recorder; Michael Hungarter, new member; Anthony Solack, immediate past grand knight; and Jerry Stone, choir director. Second row: John Boylan, agent; Michael Lanczak, past grand knight; John Duesler, past faithful navigator; John Kurilla, former state officer; and Michael Kayrish, trustee.

Submitted photo

Editors note: Please send news for this space by noon Friday to people@ or by mail to Good Eats, The Times Leader, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711. To ensure accuracy, information must be typed or computer generated. THIS WEEK: Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 Soup Sale, 3-6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-noon Sunday, St. Marys Byzantine Church, 522 Madison St., Wilkes-Barre. Chicken soup with homemade noodles, halupki (piggie soup). $5.50 quart. Pick up in social hall. Order by today. Call Renee at 696-1398 or Vera at 8252983. Spaghetti Dinner, 4-6:30 p.m., Thursdays, St. Marys Antiochian Orthodox Church, church hall, 905 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Pasta, salad, bread, dessert and beverage. Six different pastas and five sauces. $7 adults; $5 children 6-10. Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner, 11:45 a.m.- 1 p.m. Sunday, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral, 591 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. All-youcan-eat salad bar. $8 adults; $4 children. Call 822-7725. Deadline is Friday. Yard Sale and Ethnic Food and Bake Sale, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, St. Michaels Orthodox Church Hall, Church and Winter streets, Old Forge. Rain or shine. Stuffed Chicken Breast Dinner, 4-6 p.m. Saturday, St. Leos/Holy Rosary Church, church hall, 33 Manhattan St., Ashley. $9.50. Includes chicken breast, potato, green beans, coleslaw and dessert. Take outs, 1-3 p.m. Call 825-6669 to reserve tickets. Family-Style Ham Dinner, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Saturday, Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire Company, 5383 Main Road. Take outs at 4 p.m. $9 adults; $5 children 6-11; and free for children younger than 6.

Gate of Heaven holding pork dinner

Gate of Heaven Church, 40 Machell Ave., Dallas, is holding a roast pork dinner from 12:45-4 p.m. on Oct. 6. Cost is $9 for adults and $5 for children younger than 10. Take out or dine in. Handicap seating is available. Menu includes roast pork, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, homemade applesauce, homemade rolls, butter, beverage and dessert. For more information, or ticket sales, contact the church office at 570-675-2121. Some members of the planning committee, from left, first row, are Renee Boland, Joe Canfield and Barbara Michaels. Second row: Glen Yanik; the Rev. Daniel Toomey, pastor; Rick Roberts, co-chairman; and Drew Regan.

Submitted photo


KINGSTON: The Kingston Historical Society will resume meetings starting at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Kingston Fire Departments meeting room.The entrance is on Sharpe Street. President Sandra Kase will preside. Other officers, elected at the June meeting, are Joe Grimes, vice president; Andrea Petrasek, secretary; and Rusty Seltzer, treasurer.Anyone interested in joining the organization is welcome. PLAINS TWP.: The Suzuki School for Strings, Cross Valley Centre, 667 N. River St., is holding an open-house party from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday to celebrate the first anniversary at its new location. For more information call 570-2089191. SCRANTON: As part of Bank of AmericasMuseums on Us program, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders can

receive free admission to select museums across the country on the first full weekend of each month in 2013. One of the museums included is the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science and Art. Cardholders need to submit their credit or debit card along with photo identification. Guests are not eligible for free admission. The program excludes fundraising events, special exhibitions and ticketed shows. Not to be combined with other offers. For a complete list of other museums across the country visit http://museums.bankofamerica. com. WILKES-BARRE TWP.: Meyers High School Class of 1963 is hosting its monthly dinner at 6 tonight at Logans Roadhouse, Highland Boulevard. For more information contact Maddy Shaver at 570-829-1529.

Chicken Barbecue, noon-5 p.m. Saturday, Exeter Borough Building, 1101 Wyoming Avenue, Exeter. $9 per person. Take outs available. 602-0739. Holubki (Piggies) Dinner, 5-7 p.m. Saturday, The Rosary Society of St. Marys Byzantine Catholic Church, 321 Chestnut Ave., parish hall, Kingston. Take outs, 4-5 p.m. $9 adults; $4 children 12 and younger. Chicken Barbecue, noon-5 p.m. Saturday, The Exeter Hose Company 1, Exeter Borough Building, 1101 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. $9. Take outs available. 570-602-0739. Ice Cream Social, 4:306:30 p.m. Saturday, Town Hill United Methodist Church, 417 Town Hill Rd., Shickshinny. Homemade ice cream, pies, cakes, soups and sandwiches. Take outs available. Stuffed Chicken Breast Dinner, 4-6 p.m. Saturday, St. Leos/Holy Rosary Church, church hall, 33 Manhattan St., Ashley. $9.50. Includes chicken breast, potato, green beans, coleslaw and dessert. Take outs 1-3 p.m. Call 825-6669 to reserve tickets. Chicken Barbecue, 4-6 p.m. Saturday, Larksville United Methodist Church, 147 Wilson St., Kingston. Take outs only. Generous portion of chicken, baked potato, vegetable, applesauce, pepper hash, roll and homemade dessert. Call early for tickets. 287-5805. Minimal tickets at the door. Pasta Dinner Fundraiser, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Saturday, Covenant Presbyterian Church, 550 Madison Ave., Scranton. Take outs at 5 p.m. Ham Dinner, noon-5 p.m. Sunday, The Jenkins Township Lions Club, Jenkins Township Fire Hall, Second Street, Port Griffith, behind Tonys Pizzeria. $8 adults; $4 children. Take outs noon-5 p.m. Containers provided. Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetable, apple sauce, coleslaw, rolls, butter, cake and coffee. Tickets at the door or call any Jenkins

Lion for advance tickets. Asking for a canned goods for the Greater Pittston Food Pantry. Free Dinner, 5-6:30 p.m., every Monday, for those in need, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, 317 Luzerne Ave., West Pittston. FUTURE: Crab Fest, 6-10 p.m. Oct. 4, The Rotary Club of Wyoming , West Wyoming Fire Hall, 926 Shoemaker Ave., West Wyoming. $40 per person. All-you-can-eat Baltimore hard-shell crabs, clam chowder, hot dogs, snacks, beer and soda. For reservations call Mark at 570-760-1644 or Mike at 570-237-5063. Full payment required. Mail checks to Mark Sobeck, 2327 Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake, PA 18618. Proceeds benefit local and international charities. Chicken Barbecue, 5-7 p.m. Oct. 4-5, Trucksville United Methodist, 40 Knob Hill Rd, Trucksville. Half chicken, baked potato, all fixings, homemade desserts and beverages. $8 adults; $4 children. Take out, 4:30 p.m. Reservations required. Call 570-696-3897. Spaghetti Dinner, 5-7 p.m. Oct. 5, Our Lady of Hope Parish, Marymount Parish Center, South Hancock Street, Wilkes-Barre. Salad, spaghetti with homemade sauce, homemade meatballs, Italian

bread, dessert and beverages. $8 adults; $4 children 7-16; free for children younger than 6. Take outs will start at 4:00 p.m. For more information call 824-7832. Roast Pork Dinner, 12:45-4 p.m. Oct. 6, The Gate of Heaven Church, 40 Machell Ave., Dallas. $9 adults; $5 children younger than 10.. Take out or dine in. Handicap seating is available. Roast pork, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, homemade applesauce, homemade rolls, butter, beverage and dessert. 570675-2121. King of the Mountain Chili Cook-Off, 4-7 p.m. Oct. 6, sponsored by the men of Christ United Methodist Church, Mountain Top, 175 S. Main Road. $10 donation to enter contest. Deadline to enter is 2 p.m. the day of the event. All you can eat for a $5 donation. 570-474-6060. Family-Style Roast Chicken Dinner and Bake Sale, 5-7 p.m. Oct. 19, United Methodist Church, Broad and Church streets, Pittston. Take outs, 4:30 p.m. Half roast chicken, family style, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, pepper hash, cranberry sauce, dessert and beverage. $9 adults; $5 children younger than 10. Call 603-1915 by Oct. 7. Limited tickets at the door. Reservations strongly

recommended. All homemade items at bake sale. Family-Style Turkey Supper, 3-7 p.m. Oct. 19, Emmanuel United Church of Christ, Blue Ridge Trail and Alberdeen Road, Dorrance Township (across from Andys Gas Station). Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, homemade pickled cabbage, bread, beverage and dessert. $10 adults; $4 children 6-11; free for children 5 and younger. $10 for well-portioned take out. For reservations call Doris at 570379-3755 or the church at 570868-5675. Tickets available at the door. Take-Out Pasta Dinner, 4-7 p.m. Oct. 23, Queen of the Apostles Parish, St. Marys Church, parish hall, 742 Spring St., Avoca. Penne pasta, meatballs, salad, dressing, a roll and butter and dessert. $10. Call 570-457-3412 or Tara Iovacchini at 570-954-2456. All proceeds support Eagle Scout candidate John Smiths Boy Scout project for signs to the church. Apple Dumpling Sale, St. Nicholas Church, 140 Church St., Old Forge. Regular or sugar free. Great gifts. Can be frozen. $4. Send payment to church. Deadline for orders is Nov. 1. Pick-up dates are Nov. 14- 15. For more information call Jennifer at 351-2676.

The Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA

cordially invites you to attend our Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs
6:00 PM Cocktail Reception 7:00 PM Dinner RSVP by October 16 $90.00 Per person Call 570-970-5027 for tickets or sponsorship


Apples-Macintosh,HoneyCrisp,Gala,Cortland,GingerGold,Macoun,JohnnyGold. PearsAsian, RedorYellowBartlett,Seckel,Bosc,Anjou. Plums,Nectarines,WoswitProducts,LeraysvilleCheese,PureHoney,PureMapleSyrup, FreshMadeCiderUnpasteurized,FreshMilk,FreshEggsandMore! *FreestonePeaches *limitedquantity Apple Festival October 19th & 20th




Dr. S. Rahman, M.D. (Psychiatrist)

Expertise inin Expertise Panic Attack Depression Anxiety Most Sleep Disorders Panic Attack Depression Anxiety OCD Bipolar PTSD PTSD ADHD OCD Bipolar ADHD Accepting new patients for medication management & counseling. Patients of all ages welcome.

2013 Leadership Dinner


TREAT MOST SLEEP DISORDERS Has Board Certified Physician in Sleep Medicine Affordable Payment Plan Available Performs Sleep Apnea Testing For CDL Truck Drivers Performs Sleep Disorder Studies (PSG & CPAP) Scheduling & Report in as little as 1 week Home Sleep Testing Available (No Referral Needed From Your Doctor)


MOUNTAINTOP (On Route 309) 474-5599

Accepting Medicare, Medical Assistance, BC/BS, Geisinger & most insurances.

Hours: 9am-5pm 379-3419 54 Orchard St. Wapwallopen

Thomas J. McGrath, Jr. Robert K. Mericle Leadership Award M&T Bank Corporate Leadership Award Annette Wiess Frank M. Henry Layperson of the Year W. Jeff Thomas George Brandt Community Service Award


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David A. Wadas, Au.D. Denise Prislupski, Au.D. Doctors of Audiology

Call (570) 763-4364 to find out how we can change the way you feel about dentistry. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Peckville Scranton Wilkes-Barre 343-7710 der 822-6122 383-0500 343-7710 822-6122

Audiology & Hearing CENTERS of NEPA

Sponsored by:
Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA 40 W. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18701 208-9622


PAGE 4C Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Jewish youth and community alliance visit St. Lukes Villa

Members of the Bnai Brith Youth Organization and the Jewish Community Alliance visited St. Lukes Villa of The Diocese of Scranton on the first day of Rosh Hashanna. The mission was to honor the memory of Larry Roth by blowing the shofar, a rams horn, to those who are home bound and cannot attend services. The shofar represents a wake-up call for personal improvement for the Jewish New Year 5774. The group shared a part of their day and mission with the residents, families and staff at St Lukes Villa. The program and visit was organized by Barbara Sugarman, Jason Cohen and Jeff Ross. Some of the participants, from left, are Zeke Berger, Abigail Winters, Cole Winters, Liv Winters, Sara Schwartz, Jason Schwartz, Noah Hammerman, Zach Roth, Ross Kleinman, Sydney Roth, Jason Cohen and Monsignor Vincent J. Grimalia, chaplain, St. Lukes Villa. Also participating were Amy Cohen and Kim Kleinman.

Submitted photo

Wendell Pierce sparks Michael J. Fox sitcom

AP Television Writer

A ffordabl e R oofi ng C o.
Residential & Commercial Roofing Leak Detection & Repair Gutter Clean Out & Guards Chimney & Skylight Repairs HIC #PA 9937 & Insured

Expert Hardscaping

FRAZIER MOORE NEW YORK Ive always wanted one thing, says Wendell Pierce. To have a diverse career, to be a journeyman actor. Mission accomplished this fall. With no fewer than four projects in release, Pierce will meet himself coming. Earlier this month, he made his latest appear-

ance in a recurring role on the USA law drama Suits. He has a new film opening, an edgy indie drama titled Four wherein he plays a family man who keeps his homosexuality secret while he hooks up harmfully with a teenage boy through an online dating site. In December, he returns as fancy-free

jazz trombonist Antoine Batiste on HBOs glorious New Orleans series Treme, airing its final season. And thats all on top of Pierces dandy new role on The Michael J. Fox Show, which premieres on NBC at 9 p.m. EDT Thursday in a special hour-long edition. This, Pierce sums up proudly, is the diversity I

always wanted. On the new comedy, Pierce summons his rascally charm to play Harris Green, news director of a New York TV station and longtime pal of former anchor Mike Henry, played by Fox. Mirroring Foxs own real-life plight, Mike suffers from Parkinsons disease, but, after several years retired from the


SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30
Middle (N) BackGame Modern (N) Modern (N) The Nanny The Nanny Millionaire? Seinfeld Survivor: Blood (N) (TVPG) Criminal Minds (N) (TV14) Revolution (N) (TV14) Law&O.:SVU (N) (TV14) The Storm Women Jentastic Ghost Det. Arrow "Sacrifice" (TV14) Capture (N) (TV14) Gilligan Gilligan HoganHero F Troop Nature (N) (TVG) Journey of Addiction Numb3rs (TVPG) Numb3rs "Brutus" (TV14) The X Factor "Auditions #5" (N) (TVPG) WWE Main Event (N) Flashpoint "Terror" (TV14) Survivor: Blood (N) (TVPG) Criminal Minds (N) (TV14) Numb3rs (TVPG) Numb3rs "Brutus" (TV14) Revolution (N) (TV14) Law&O.:SVU (N) (TV14) Numb3rs (TVPG) Numb3rs "Brutus" (TV14) Nashville (N) (TV14) Newswatch Inside Ed. CSI: Crime (N) (TV14) Law&O.:SVU (N) (TV14) Late Edition (TVG) Community 30 Rock B.Newhart B.Newhart Skeletons (N) (TVPG) Cold Case Files (TV14) News at Ten Fox News Flashpoint (TV14) CSI: Crime (N) (TV14) Chasing Inside Ed. Law&O.:SVU (N) (TV14) News at 10 Modern Fam

6 PM



(16) News 16 (16.2) Sanford (22) (28) (35) (38) (38.2) (44) (53) (56) (64) (3) (9) (11) (17)

World News Sanford Eyewitness News News NBC News Chiropractic Legal Met Mother Two 1/2... Rifleman Rifleman PBS NewsHour (TVG) The People's Court (TVPG) The Middle Modern Fam Law & Order: C.I. (TV14) Eyewitness News Dish Nation Simpsons News NBC News Two 1/2... BigBang


6 PM


Newswatch Inside Ed. Maude 4/4 Maude Eyewitness Ent. Tonight Wheel Jeopardy! Topic A Two 1/2... The Middle M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Business Journal (TVG) Law & Order: S.V.U. (TV14) BigBang BigBang Law:CI "Sex Club" (TV14) Ent. Tonight OMG!Insider Simpsons BigBang Jeopardy! Wheel BigBang Modern Fam

anchor desk at home with his family, he is persuaded by Harris to return to work (just as Fox is returning to full-time acting after a dozen years of limited performances). Even though Harris sees Mike as his meal ticket (Guaranteed ratings! he crows when Mike agrees to come back), they are truly friends, and, reflecting that, Pierce and Fox have forged a chemistry that pops on screen. Pierce, who turns 50 in December, got into acting as a youngster growing up in New Orleans.


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Battle of the Year (3D) (PG-13) new movie 2:45PM 7:55PM Battle of the Year (DiGital) (PG-13) new movie 12:10PM 520PM 10:30 PM Blue Jasmine (DiGital) (PG-13) 1:35PM 4:45PM 7:15PM 9:40PM ConJurinG, the (DiGital) (r) 10:10 familY, the (DiGital) (r) 11:55AM 1:20PM 2:45PM 4:10PM 5:35PM 7:00PM 8:25PM 9:50PM GetawaY, the (DiGital) (PG-13) 8:00PM 10:15PM GranDmaster, the (DiGital) (PG-13) 10:25PM insiDious ChaPter 2 (DiGital) (PG-13) 1:00PM 2:20PM 3:40PM 5:00PM 6:20PM 7:40PM 9:00PM 10:20PM lee Daniels Butler, the (DiGital) (PG-13) 12:30PM 3:30PM 7:05PM 10:05PM mortal instruments (DiGital) (PG-13) 12:25PM 3:45PM 6:45PM** 9:45PM*** one DireCtion: this is us eXtenDeD fan Cut (3D) (PG) 3:50PM 9:20PM one DireCtion: this is us eXtenDeD fan Cut (DiGital) (PG) 1:15PM 6:50PM Planes (3D) (PG) 2:30PM 7:10PM Planes (DiGital) (PG) 12:10PM 4:50PM Prisoners (DiGital) (r) new movie 1:40PM 5:00PM 8:20PM Prisoners (XD) (r) new movie 12:00PM 3:20PM 6:40PM 10:00PM riDDiCk (DiGital) (r) 12:20PM 1:30PM 3:10PM 4:25PM 6:05PM 7:25PM 8:50PM 10:15PM smurfs 2 (DiGital) (PG) 12:05PM 2:50PM 5:25PM sPeCtaCular now, the (DiGital) (r) 12:15PM 2:40PM 5:05PM 7:30PM 9:55PM unfinisheD sonG (DiGital) (PG13) new movie 1:55PM 4:30PM 7:20PM were the millers (DiGital) (r) 2:05PM 4:55PM 7:35PM 10:35PM worlDs enD, the (DiGital) (r) 12:00PM 2:35PM 5:10PM 7:45PM 10:35PM Youre neXt (DiGital) (r) 12:40PM*, 3:50PM * 5:30PM*** 7:50PM*** 10:10PM *Does not play on Sunday 9/22 or Wednesday 9/25 ** Does not play on Tuesday 9/24 or Wednesday 9/25 *** Does not play on Wednesday 9/25
**Note**: Showtimes marked with a \\ indicate reserved seating. You must be 17 with ID or accompanied by a parent to attend R rated features. Children under 6 may not attend R rated features after 6pm

Friday Sept. 20th through Man Of Steel in RealD 3D/DBox Thursday 26th Motion Code Seating Sept. - PG13 - 150 min Battle of the Year 2D PG-13, (12:15), (3:55), 7:10, 10:10 1hr 49min - (1:40), (4:10), 7:10, **Man 9:40 Of Steel in RealD 3D - PG13 - 150 min - (12:15), (3:55), 10:10 ***Battle of the Year7:10, 3D PG-13, 1hr Of 49min - (2:20), (4:50), 7:40, *Man Steel 2D PG13 (12:00), (1:45), 10:05 (3:40), (5:00), 7:00, 8:30, 10:00 Prisoners R, 2hr 33min - (2:00), *This Is The End -7:00, R - 110 min10:10 - (1:30), (3:00), (5:15), 9:00, (4:00), 7:15, 9:40 The Family R, 1hr 51min (2:15), (4:45),7:15, The Internship PG139:45 125 min (1:00), (1:45), (3:35), (4:20), 7:00, 7:40, 9:35, Insidious: Chapter 2 PG-13, 1hr 45min - (1:45), (2:30), (4:15), 10:15 (5:00), 7:00, 7:30, 9:35, 10:00 The Purge R 95 min Riddick R, 1hr 59min (12:40), (2:45), (4:50), 7:30, 9:45 (1:50), (4:25), 7:20, 10:05 Now You See Me PG13 120 min uRiddick DBOX R, 1hr 59min (1:50), (4:25), 7:20, (1:30), (4:15), 7:05, 9:3510:05 ***One This is Us After EarthDirection: PG13 105 min 3D Extended Cut PG, 1hr 55min (2:00), (4:20), 7:25, 9:459:40 (2:30), (4:40), 7:20, Fast & Furious 6 PG13 135 min Youre Next R, 1hr 34min - 7:20, 9:40 (1:30), (3:40), (4:20), 7:00, 7:25, (12:50), 9:50, Lee10:10 Daniels The Butler PG-13, 2hr 12min - (1:55), (4:30), 7:10, Epic 9:50 PG 110 min (12:30), (3:00), 7:15, 9:40 Planes PG, 1hr 32min - (2:15), The Hangover 3 R 105 min (4:25) (12:45), (5:15), 7:40, Were(3:00), the Millers R,9:55 1hr 50min - (1:40), 7:15, 9:45 *Star Trek (4:15), Into Darkness RealD 3D Grown Ups 2 PG13 140 min PG-13, 1hr 40min - 7:40, 10:10 (1:15), (4:15), 7:30, 10:20
Despicable Me 2 PG, 1hr 38min Special Events - (2:00), (4:15) This is the R, 1hr 47min 8pmEnd on Thursday, June 20th (2:20), (4:40), 7:25, 9:45
World War Z & World War Z RealD 3D -


All Stadium Seating and Dolby Surround Sound

Monsters University & Monsters University in RealD 3D 8pm on Thursday, June 20th

Avoid the lines: Advance tickets available from

Rating Policy Parents and/or Guardians (Age 21 and older) must accompany all children under 17 to an R Rated feature *No passes accepted to these features. **No restricted discount tickets or passes accepted to these features. ***3D features are the regular admission price plus a surcharge of $2.50 D-Box Motion Seats are the admission price plus an $8.00 surcharge First Matinee $5.50 for all features (plus surcharge for 3D features).
3 Hrs. Free Parking At Participating Park & Locks with Theatre Validation

(Parenthesis Denotes Bargain Matinees)

All Showtimes Include Pre-Feature Content




6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 < Game Change ('11, Dra) Woody Harrelson. (TV14) (:15) < Johnny English Reborn ('11, Adv) (TVPG)

Boardwalk Empire (TVMA) First Cousin Once Removed (TV14) < + A Thousand Words (TVPG) (5:) StrikeBk (:25) StrikeBk (:10) Strike Back (TV14) Strike Back (TV14) < ++++ The Dark Knight Rises ('12, Act) (TVPG) (5:00) < Kiss the Girls < ++ Assault on Precinct 13 ('05, Act) Ja Rule. (TVM) < Taken 2 ('12, Act) Liam Neeson. (TV14) Movie (5:45) < ++ Die Another Day ('02, Act) (TV14) Ray Donovan (TVMA) Inside the NFL (TVPG) ALL ACCESS /(:15) Dexter Starz /(:15) < ++ Reindeer Games ('00, Act) (TV14) (:05) < ++ Kill Bill Vol. 1 ('03, Act) (TVM) The White Queen (TVMA)

8 PM 8:30 9 PM < Argo ('12, Thril) Ben Affleck. (TVMA)


10 PM


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 PAGE 5C

Teenage sister who is out of control needs her reins to be pulled tight
Dear Abby: Im 21, and my 16-year-old sister is out of control. She told me she smokes marijuana, drinks alcohol, abuses painkillers and does coke. Abby, she is beautiful, and I dont want to see her do this to herself. Shes living with me about an hour away from my parents because Dad is an alcoholic and he abuses our mother. I brought my sister here to get her away from all that because I know what it was like growing up there. Im having trouble giving her advice to stay away from those things because I did them, and I feel like a hypocrite. Please help. Trying to Be a Big Sis

ADVICE Dear Trying: Youre lucky you were able to straighten out without becoming addicted to any of the substances you experimented with, but your sister may not be so lucky. Because shes out of control, you MUST step in and put a stop to it for her sake. Your sister needs counseling, and if she is going to remain your responsibility, it is imperative that you assert control. Talk to her school counselor about getting her the help she needs. You may have to drug-test your sister on a random basis as a condition of her continuing to live with you. Kits are available at your pharmacy.

Stop feeling guilty, stay strong, and you may be able to steer your sister back on the right path. Dear Abby: Im a 23-year-old soldier in the Army, currently deployed overseas. Im less than a month away from returning home to my husband. However, I have not been faithful to him during my tour. I have had sex with several people over here, and if thats not complicated enough, I appear to be pregnant. I dont know what to tell my husband. I actually still kind of love him. Advice? Deployed and Pregnant Dear Deployed: You need to make certain you are pregnant and that this is not a false alarm. Whether you are or not, you have some difficult

decisions to make. While it wont be pleasant, you and your husband are due for an honest conversation upon your return. If you both still kind of love each other, forgiveness is possible, and couples have been known to get beyond this and have successful marriages. Dear Abby: The rule that white pants can be worn only from Memorial Day to Labor Day needs to be amended. I love my white pants. They go with nearly everything, and I almost cry when they must be stored away for another nine months. Ridiculous! My proposal would be to extend the grace period so it begins on Easter Sunday and lasts until Halloween. How does that sound? Marilyn in San Marcos, Calif.

Dear Marilyn: You will be delighted to know that according to Emily Posts Etiquette, 18th Edition, that old rule about wearing white no longer applies. Whats important isnt the color, but the weight of the fabric. Here in Southern California, summer can start late and continue through October. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen are acceptable during hot weather, and when the temperature drops, winter whites in wool, corduroy, silk and satin are common.
To receive a collection of Abbys most memorable and most frequently requested poems and essays, send a business-sized, selfaddressed envelope, plus check or money order for $3.95 ($4.50 in Canada) to: Dear Abbys Keepers, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Postage is included.)



ARIES (March 21-April 19). Getting more information doesnt always clear things up. When theres little else to go on, youll use your intuition and instinct and get astounding results. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Because you have such a curious mind and a courageous spirit that makes you unafraid to follow your curiosity, your day will be made livelier by elements of mystery, glamour and illusion. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Its more stressful to be in the middle of opposing forces than it is to be on either side of the battle. Your most peaceful option is to retreat as soon as possible to a safe and neutral territory. CANCER (June 22-July 22). People who cant connect with themselves also cant connect with others. Try not to expect a deep connection with those who are ill-equipped and/or unable to make this happen. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Its important to do things the right way. Take the time to read all of the instructions or the map before you start an endeavor. Any shortcut you attempt is apt to make things harder. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You dont mind it when your path is cluttered with one obstacle or another. You see this as training for tougher times. This is only making you stronger for later when it will matter most. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). A surge of raw energy will help you tackle big and small jobs. Burning some of it off in exercise will bring favorable results to your mood. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). A person with horrible and abundant problems will be most effective in distracting you from your own, which pale in comparison. Suddenly the world wont seem so bad. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Dont you hate to get unsolicited advice? At least in todays case it will be something useful, though you will have to dig deeper and interpret to figure out its use. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You cant be too nice today. But who deserves your niceness the most? When people violate the rules of civility, you are being nice to the general public by calling them out. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). People who feel trapped are generally not as friendly as those who feel free. In other words, its easier to love your neighbor if you have something to do with the choice of where you live. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You will address the how and the why of a problem, thoroughly going through the mechanics of each. The why will prove more important and will be crucial to the solution. TODAYS BIRTHDAY (Sept. 25). Choose your next move carefully. The inspired action you take will help your family, but loveless labors arent worth the energy drain. You reinvent yourself in November and find a fresh income source. Reunions and new agreements happen in January. In February, youll focus on one talent and become an expert. Your lucky numbers are: 4, 19, 33, 27 and 41.



For more Sudoku go to



Dear Abby: PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

PAGE 6C Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Media Services S-9825 OF27524R-1 THE TIMES LEADER

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You can get a brand new 2013 U.S. designed, engineered and manufactured GEN4 Portable Heater. The GEN4 is designed and engineered with new technological breakthroughs to keep you comfortable and save you money on your heating bill. The new advanced space age EdenPURE GEN4 Infrared Heater also heats the room evenly; wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Designed for larger areas, the GEN4 safely and efficiently heats up to 1000 square feet. The outside of the EdenPURE only gets warm to the touch so that it will not burn children or pets.

ScaleRid Now You Can Get RID of Hard Water Problems without Expensive Water Softeners
ScaleRID uses state-of-theart technology in electronic water conditioning. With a salt-based soft water system, you need an expensive softener system and then you must periodically add salt. Saltbased softeners do not always cure the limescale problem and can make water unsafe for people with certain health problems. With the ScaleRID, within the first week you will see elimination of new scale deposits, and loosening of existing scale. Soap will lather easier, your skin will feel softer and your hair will be more manageable. Spots on dishes will be reduced.

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Never buy laundry detergent again Natural molecule generator used by hospitals to super wash clothes now available to public
Commercial sized Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Generators are used by hospitals to super wash laundry without harmful detergents. High tech breakthroughs have resulted in a small domestic unit for the home known as the pureWash. Laundry detergents are expensive and produce issues such as irritating chemicals and air and water pollution. Add in the high costs associated with heating water and wear and tear on clothing. PureWash can save you up to $1557.38 each year. PureWash pays for itself quickly and starts putting extra money in your pocket. Imagine your shopping bill without expensive laundry detergent and softeners.

Aurora Borealis Known as the Million Dollar Jewelry

Made from the beautiful Aurora Borealis crystals, these earrings are marveled at for their brilliance and magnificence. The light literally jumps and dances off of each earring in a rainbow of flashing colors. Named after the famous Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis has been said to fill people with wonder and has even inspired famous artists. Now ready for you, two perfectly matched Aurora Borealis crystals have been professionally set within these gorgeous earrings that inspire integrity and beauty. Nature's own light show can now be yours.

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The Air Purifier technology hospitals trust No filters or UV bulbs to replace save up to $289.95 every year
The EdenPURE AirFree purifier enables you to kill up to 99.99% of all micro-organisms passing through its 400 degree ceramic core. This technology is used in hospitals, nurseries, schools, museums and hotels. 20 independent laboratory tests from around the world confirm the AirFrees ability to remove harmful airborne pollutants like mold and bacteria. Safe around children and pets the super heated ceramic core is vented to cool quickly and emits less than a per- Item No.: BGMXEPAM sons body heat so there is no chance of Savings: being burned by the unit.

New Roll-n-Glow fireplace now features HybridThermic Heat Technology Safe heat for you and the air around you
Original Amish crafted Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow EV.2 fireplace now features Hybrid-Thermic Heat Technology; an internal mini-furnace that generates a revolutionary Thermic heat that safely heats both you and the air around you. Hybrid-Thermic Heat is like bringing home the warmth of the sun. It heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch. The mantle is hand-made and assembled by Amish craftsmen and is 100% real American solid wood. The Hi-Def Fireless Flame technology also provides the stunning visual of a realistic fire powered by maintenancefree LED. The Roll-n-Glow EV.2 provides great maneuverability, which enables you to quickly move your fireplace from room to room. With the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow there is no venting, no chimney and no mess required. It comes fully assembled.

$146.00 Retail Price: $302.00 Your Bargain Price: $156.00

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Item Number BGMXG4 BGMXSR1 BGMXPW-H BGMXABE BGMXEPAM BGMXRG Number you want ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Total Bargain Price _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______
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Enclosed is $___________ in: Check Money Order (Make payable to BargMAX.) Or charge my: VISA MasterCard Am. Exp./Optima Discover/Novus
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MAIL TO: BargMAX Claim Code K1518 7800 Whipple Ave. N.W. Canton, OH 44767


Apartments /Townhouses Apartments /Townhouses WEST PITTSTON $595 a month. Heat, Water and Sewer included. 1 bedroom, living room, dining room, wall to wall carpeting, washer/dryer, refrigerator and stove. Modern kitchen and bath. 2nd floor. 1 month security with 1 year lease. References required, No Pets. 570-446-7682 Beautiful 2 bedroom apt downtown Wilkes-Barre in historic brown stone across from Wilkes University in historic district. Walk to all downtown Restaurants, Bars, Move Theaters, etc. 12 ' ceilings, hardwood floors, large rooms, lots of closet space, new kitchen, washer/dryer in apt. Parking for 2 cars, 1 in covered garage & 1 in open lot behind. Heat & water included. Must See! $1,100 per month FIRM. 570-287-5991 Apartments /Townhouses 412 S Franklin St. Available Immediately! 1st & 3rd floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Off street parking. No utilities included. No pets. $575 month plus utilities. 1st months rent & deposit due at signing. Contact between 8am & 6pm. 570-606-1933 WILKES-BARRE 425 S. Franklin St. APTS FOR RENT! For lease. Available immediately, washer/dryer on premises, no pets. We have studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. On site parking. Fridge & stove provided. 24/7 security camera presence & all doors electronically locked. 1 bedroom - $450. 2 bedroom - $550. Water & sewer paid 1 month security deposit. Email or Call 570-208-9301 after 9:00 a.m. to schedule an appointment WILKES-BARRE Apartments /Townhouses Commercial

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Houses For Rent EXETER TWP. Single family home. Mount Zion Rd. 6 rooms & bath. No pets/no smoking. $700/month + utilities & security. 570-388-2675 570-388-6860 MOUNTAIN TOP Walden Park 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with appliances included. 1 year lease & security deposit required. No pets. $1,400/month. Call Rick Gaetano 570-715-7735


Land (Acreage) SWEET VALLEY GRASSY POND ROAD 6.69 wooded acres. Great building site and/or ideal hunting property. No utilities. REDUCED $65,000. Call Pat Doty 570-394-6901 696-2468

IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE 2ND FLOOR UNIT! 1 bedroom apartments for elderly, disabled. Rents based on 30% of ADJ gross income. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. TTY711 or 570-474-5010 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.



Wilkes-Barre, North Plains AMERICA REALTY


2 males looking for 3rd roommate to share 3 bedroom apartment. $85/week. Call 570-578-2644



NANTICOKE Beautiful large 2 bedroom apartment. New kitchen, all appliances including washer & dryer, new bathroom, new carpets, just painted. Off street parking. $650/month + utilities, 1 month security. Call 570-881-0320

570-288-1422 OWNER RETIRING! Little or no money required (qualified) Walk to General Hospital. Remodeled Victorian, 2 units, collect income for you - $890. approximate. Newly remodeled 1st floor, 1 bedroom, oak kitchen, built-ins, asthetic fireplace, bedroom, gorgeous! Serious call Bill $145,000.



Wilkeswood Apartments

NANTICOKE Large 1 bedroom. Hardwood floors, full kitchen, large dining room. No pets, no smoking. $465. Water, sewer & trash included. 570-262-5399


2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher &washer/dryer provided. Attached garage. Pet friendly. Water, sewer & trash included. 59 Agostina Drive


Mayflower Crossing Apartments


1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedrooms
- Light & bright open floor plans - All major appliances included - Pets welcome* - Close to everything - 24 hour emergency maintenance - Short term leases available
Call TODAY For AVAILABILITY!! Certain Restrictions Apply*

Remodeled 1st floor apt. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, rear porch. Gas heat, washer/dryer hook- up, fridge, stove & dishwasher. Absolutely no pets. $600/month + utilities & 1 month security. Reference check. 570-472-9453 WILKES-BARRE 72. W. River St. Newly refurbished, large & very charming 3 bedroom dwelling in Historic Mansion in a beautiful neighborhood . Central Air & Heat. Off-street parking, Hardwood floors, new kitchen & appliances. Hot water included. $1,240 + security. 570-991-1619


WYOMING BLANDINA APARTMENTS Deluxe 2 bedroom. Wall to wall carpet. Some utilities by tenant. No pets. Non-smoking. Elderly Community. Quiet, safe. Off street parking. 570-693-2850 Commercial

1 & 2 BR Apts 2 & 3 BR Townhomes

WYOMING 322 Wyoming Avenue 300 sq. ft. ideal for barbershop, small convenience store, appliance repair, locksmith, eBay outlet, accounting office, travel agency, designer, broker, consultant, general office space. Air, heat, garbage, sewer, hot water & all maintenance included. Street parking. Downtown Wyoming location, 30,000 passing cars a day. $350/month. Call 570-693-3492 for appointment. Houses For Rent BEAR CREEK 2 bedroom ranch, hardwood floors, great sun room, 1,400 sq. ft. fireplace & wood burner, great deck. county setting. 2 car attached garage. No pets. All utilities by tenant. $970/month 570-760-5095 DALLAS/LEHMAN TWP. Lovely 2 bedroom, one bath house in the country. Spacious kitchen/living/dining room combination. No smoking, no exceptions. One small pet considered. References, security deposit & credit check required. $1,250/month + utilities. 570-899-8432


2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH HOUSE. 570-864-2275

Half Doubles 2 bedroom, washer/dryer hook ups. No pets. $550 + utilities, security & lease. 570-288-7753


Newly remodeled two story, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, refrigerator, stove & dryer, washer included, two car driveway, fenced yard, no pets. $775/month + utilities plus security. Call 570-417-9781
To view house go to 789PhotoAlbum AVAILABLE NOW 80 River Street

15 minutes from Power Plant or W-B. 2 bedroom, appliances, washer/dryer hook up, electric heat, new paint & carpet, non smoker. $625/month + security, references & 1 year lease. Pet on approval. 570-218-2320 570-379-2029


1/2 double, off street parking, 2 porches, oil / electric heat. NO DOGS. References & application required. $500 month + security. 570-714-1296 HANOVER



PITTSTON 1st floor, large 1 bedroom apartment. Newly renovated, off street parking, washer/ dryer hook up. $700 heat, water and sewer included. 570-443-0770


PITTSTON Large 2 BR, 2nd floor apartment. Newly painted with new window blinds, eat in kitchen, built in hutch. Includeds refrigerator, range, washer/dryer hook up & sewage. $500 + security. Call Bernie Madrack 655-4815

2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, kitchen appliances, washer/dryer hook-up. $550/month + utilities and security. One month security. No Pets. 570-647-5053

1st floor, 1-2 bedrooms, living room with wall to wall carpet thru-out, modern bath & kitchen with electric stove, laundry room with gas or electric dryer hookups, private porch, off street parking, no pets, no smokers, lease, security deposit, references, credit & background check, utilities by tenant. $595/month. 570-824-4884 Duplex, 2nd floor apartment. 1 bedroom. Heat & hot water included. No smoking. No pets. $500 + security. Call 570-823-6829 WILKES-BARRE Hazle Street Large 1 bedroom, 2nd floor. Appliances, no pets, OSP. $650 includes all utilities. Security. 570-822-3991 WILKES-BARRE/Heights Townhouse type apartments. 2 bedrooms, stove, fridge, washer/ dryer hookup. Off-street parking. Utilities by tenant. No pets or smoking. $500/month. 570-825-8355, 6 to 8 pm ONLY WILKES-BARRE


PLAINS SINGLE HOME Nice Yard, off-street parking, plus garage. 3 bedrooms plus small office, 1.5 bath, washer/dryer hookup, gas heat, air conditioning. Newly renovated. No Pets. $975. + utilities. 570-655-4915 Newly Remodeled 2 bedroom house, quiet secluded area, Nice View. $650 + Security. 570-239-3950 Roommate (male) wanted to share expenses on whole house in Plymouth area with large yard. Approximately $450/month. 570-332-7023 WILKES-BARRE Miners Mills house for rent: Scott St, 2 bedroom, 2 story home with porch, patio & side yard. Appliances & washer/dryer included. Ample off street parking. $650/month + utilities. Call Barbara Mark 570-696-5414


3 bdrm., 2nd floor, Eat in kitchen. Washer/dryer hook up. Storage area. Small yard & rear deck. $850/month + security. Heat & sewer included. Call 570-650-7265

Rothstein Realtors 888-244-2714 PITTSTON


2 bedroom, 2 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, central air and heat. Built in garage. $700/month+utilities. A month and half security. No Pets. 570-647-5053


PITTSTON Brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment on 2nd floor. Oversize bay windows, hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances. All tile & stone showers. Central air, gas heat. Washer & dryer. Water & garbage included. No dogs. $1,250/month. 570-760-7326


612-616 Main St. REDUCED! OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE!! LEASE PURCHASE OPTION. Unlimited potential in this once Iconic location. Space can be used as restaurant, (coolers & equipment on site) bar & grill, including office & living space the possibilities are endless! Call agent to make an appointment & a deal! MLS 13-2445 $75,500 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 EDWARDSVILLE

1/2 double, very spacious, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths with all neutral decor, large eat-in kitchen with oak cabinets, new countertop & all appliances, ample closets, full walk out basement for storage, off street parking, spacious back yard deck. $750/mo + utilities, security & lease. NO PETS. 570-793-6294


Edwardsville/Kingston AMERICA REALTY

570-288-1422 OWNER RETIRING! Little or no money down required ( qualified)! BUY - OWNER ASSIST DOWN PAYMENT / CLOSING! Totally remodeled, 2 bedrooms, Colonial kitchen, center island, built-ins, washer/dryer, gas fireplace, 2 enclosed porches, 1/5 baths. $125,000. Bill (SERIOUS INQUIRIES!)


HANOVER TWP. 1/2 double. 3 bedrooms. Vinyl siding. Steel insulated entry doors with deadbolts. Gas heat. Located on small, quiet lane. Close to bus stop & shopping. Available 10/1/13. Now showing. Lease, references checked. $525 monthly + utilities. 570-650-3803 Waterview, 2 bedroom, deck, porch, storage, Family room, eat-in kitchen. $650/month. 703-583-5067



FORTY FORT AMERICA REALTY 570-288-1422 EXTRAORDINARY GEORGIAN PILLARED COLONIAL (Qualified / Inquiries) 570-696-1195 WEST PITTSTON Single family home, 2 bedrooms, fenced in back yard, off street parking. $650/month + utilities, security & lease. Non smokers, no pets. 570-696-3289 WEST WYOMING Beautiful 2 very large bedroom home, 3 baths with wood, slate & marble floors, stainless steel appliances, laundry room on 2nd floor. Pool table room, finished basement, fenced yard, garage. $1,200/month + utilities, lease, & security deposit. 570-233-7235. WILKES-BARRE Clean, 2 bedroom, duplex. Stove, hookups, parking, yard. No pets/no smoking. $475 + utilities. 570-868-4444 WYOMING Lovely 3 or 4 bedroom cape. Hardwood floors, second floor master, modern kitchen, in most desirable area. $1300 month + utilities & references. call Deanna 570-696-0894 LEWITH & FREEMAN 570-288-9371 Land (Acreage) Highland Hills/Charles Place Only 2 one acre+ lots left! 570-498-9244


Quiet neighborhood. 2 bedroom apartments available for immediate occupancy. Heat & hot water included. 1 Bedroom $550. 2 Bedroom $650. Call Jazmin 570-822-7944

113 Edison Street

Clean ground level 1 bedroom. Stove, fridge, sewer & water included. Freshly painted, new rugs, security & references. No smoking. No pets. $465/mo. 570-693-1468



PLAINS Modern 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor apartment. Kitchen with appliances. New carpet. Conveniently located. No smoking - no pets. $600 PER MONTH. Call Rae 570-899-1209 LEWITH & FREEMAN 288-9371 Newly remodeled, 2 bedroom. Water included. $600. 570-239-3950 PLYMOUTH

1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. Wood floors, no pets, starting $450. all utilities included. 570-826-1934


North Fulton St. 1 bedroom Bi-level. Eat-in kitchen, small yard, basement for storage. Kitchen with appliances. $420/mo water included. Tenant pays electric & security. No pets. 570-814-1356
WILKES-BARRE HISTORIC WHEELMAN 439 S. Franklin St. Two apartments available. (1) 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, A/C, marble bath. security system, laundry, off street parking. $675 (1) Unique studio. Sun porch, hardwood floor, security system and laundry. Off street parking. $550 570-821-5599


SPRAGUE AVE. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1st floor duplex. New carpeting & hardwood floors. Convenient to Wyoming Ave . Basement storage. Washer/dryer hookup. $525 month + utilities, security, lease. NO PETS.

-1 bedroom water included -2 bedroom water included -3 bedroom, single HANOVER -1 bedroom LUZERNE -1 bedroom, water included. PITTSTON -Large 1 bed room water included OLD FORGE -2 bedroom, water included PLAINS -1 bedroom, water included

35-37 Rice Ave. Double block in very good condition. Live in one side and let the other side pay the mortgage. Newer roof and furnace, 3 years old. Very clean and in move-in condition. A Must See! MLS#13-2618. $79,000 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 EXETER OFFICE SPACE Newly remodeled, 120 sq. ft. all utilities included, except phone. Paved parking. $200/month. 1 month free. Call 570-602-1550 for details KINGSTON BUSINESS PARK Large equipmen/storage yard available. $850/month. Utilities available. 570-947-3292 KINGSTON COMMERCIAL GARAGE 1250 sq. ft., 12' ceilings, 10' garage door. $550/month + utilities. 570-947-3292 KINGSTON STORAGE/WORKSHOP 665 sq. ft., bathroom, office. $350/month 570-947-3292 PITTSTON TWP. $1,750/MONTH

FORTY FORT - Wyoming Ave. Over 3,200+ approximate sq. ft. of excellent quality splendor! 3/4 bedroom, tiled 1 & 3/4 baths, cherry cabinet, breakfast room, kitchen appliances & (W/D). 2nd floor enclosed porch, dining room, gas fireplace, hardwood, appliances (W/D) 1 stall garage. $3,000 + utilities. No pets, sincere applicants, credit, employment, occupancy date to be determined. Professional office suite may be future rental.

EAST BENNETT ST. Charming 3 bedroom, hardwood floors, new carpeting in bedrooms, laundry room off spacious kitchen, stained glass windows, off street parking, convenient to Cross Valley. $650. + utilities, security, lease. NO PETS . 570-793-6294


Excellent apt. One bedroom, 1 bath. Included sewer, water, off street parking, kitchen appliances. Close to WVW H.S. We are looking for clean tenants to rent clean living space. 570-855-3329. Cozy 3 bedroom on 2 floors. $650/mo. 570-760-0511


WILKES-BARRE Near Wilkes University 1 & 3 bedroom apartments. $400 & $600/month + utilities & 1 month security. Section 8 OK. No pets. 570-606-9432 WILKES-BARRE

Country raised ranch with 2-3 bedrooms, full basement, huge wrap around deck. 1 bay garage. Lake Lehman School District. $900 month + 1st & last month's rent. 570-298-2523 LARKSVILLE Pace Street 5 room single family home with 2+ bedrooms, 1 bath, washer/dryer, deck & yard. $660/month + utilities. Call Barbara Mark 570-696-5414


LARKSVILLE 2 BR, refrigerator, stove & dishwasher, washer/dryer hook up. Private driveway. No pets, $650 + utilities & security. 570-954-5903

LARKSVILLE Very clean, fenced in yard, washer/dryer & stove. Utilities by tenant. Has gas heat & water. Off street parking, nice neighborhood. 2 large & 1 small bedroom. $700/month + security. No pets. 570-287-1421 1/2 double. Recently remodeled. Close to schools & downtown. 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 1/2 bath, references required. No pets. $775 month + 1 month security. Call 570-760-3551


McDermott & McDermott Real Estate Inc. Property Management 570-675-4025 (direct line) Mon-Fri. 8-7pm Sat. 8-noon

SHAVERTOWN Back Mountain 36 Roushey St 2nd floor, 2 bedroom, recently remodeled, all appliances, off street parking, ample storage. $595 + security & utilities. 570-780-0000

Efficiency 1 & 2 bedrooms. Includes all utilities, parking, laundry. No pets. From $390 to $675. Lease, security & references. 570-970-0847


Wilkes-Barre near General Hospital. Freshly painted 3 room apartment. Spacious eatin kitchen includes stove and refrigerator. Bedroom features 2 full size closets. Large 13 x 21 living room. Water and sewer included. Electricity by tenant. Washer and dryer available in laundry area. Off street parking in private lot. No pets. Security, application, lease required. $485.00 per month. Call 814-9574. WILKES-BARRE STUDIO-Short Term Available Excellent Wilkes University neighborhood, wood floors, parking. $425, all utilities included. 570-826-1934 Studio on 3rd floor of historical building at 281 S. Frankllin St. Includes kitchenette, bath, & off street parking. Heat, water, & garbage removal included $425/month rent. Call 570-3335471 with references. WILKES-BARRE

North Main Street




Recently updated. 2 bedroom, living rm., dining rm. Off street parking. Fenced yard. $750/mo + utilities. 570-650-0010 LUZERNE 6 room single family home. All gas. $650/month + security. Call 570-650-4628


221 Fremont St., Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,450. 570-655-6555 TDD 800-654-5984 8 am-4 pm Monday-Friday. Equal Housing Opportunity Handicap Accessible


WILKES-BARRE 142 s. franklin St 2nd floor, 1 large bedroom w/office, fireplace, off street parking, 14' ceilings, hardwood & tile floors. Stove, D/W, microwave, garbage disposal, washer/dryer, 24 hour maintenance & security cameras. $900/month + security, utilities & 1 year lease. Call Janice at 570-706-6010 3 bedroom, off street parking, washer & dryer hook up . freshly painted No pets. $575 + utilities & security. 570-822-7657 3 bedrooms, 2nd floor, modern, new flooring, refrigerator stove, washer/dryer hookup, water included. $650 + electric. Section 8 Accepted. 570-301-8200 WILKES-BARRE 307-309 South Street East 2 bedroom apartment on 1st floor. New floors & carpets, big kitchen, 6 x 8 covered porch , large yard. Landlord pays water & heat. $650/month, $1,000 security No hook ups. NO PETS. Call Manny 917-295-6254 718-946-8738 WILKES-BARRE Near Kings, 2 BR heat & water included. $650/month. No pets. 570-693-0285

HEATHER HIGHLANDS A Quality Manufactured Housing Community New and Pre-Owned Homes for Sale! Rentals Available Select Homes for Lease with Option to Purchase Financing Available to Qualified Buyers 109 Main Street, Inkerman Jenkins Twp., Pa 18640 Rental Office: 570-655-9643-Sales Office: 570-655-4301
Licensed by the Pa. Dept. of Banking NMLS 200331



3002 N. Twp Blvd. Medical office for rent on the Pittston By-Pass. Highly visible location with plenty of parking. 1,800 sq. ft. of beautifully finished space can be used for any type office use. $1,750/ mo. plus utilities. MLS 13-098 Call Charlie



5 Kingston Locations


WEST PITTSTON MAINTENANCE FREE! One block to elementary School (WY Area). 2 Bedrooms. Off-Street Parking No Smoking. $565. + utilities, security, last month. 570-885-4206
WILKES-BARRE 447 S. Franklin St. 1 bedroom with study, off street parking, laundry facility. Includes heat and hot water, hardwood floors, appliances, Trash removal. $580/month. Call (570) 821-5599

STUDIO, 1 & 2 BEDROOMS Equipped Kitchen Free Cable Wall to Wall Carpeting


Lease Space Available. Light manufacturing, warehouse, office, includes all utilities with free parking. I will save you money! ATLAS REALTY 829-6200


Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

2 bedrooms, sun porch, wall to wall carpeting, gas heat, off street parking. $500/mo + utilities. Application & background check required. lease, security & references. No Pets. 570-430-8527


SEEKING PROFESSIONAL LONG TERM TENANT Two 2,000 sq. ft. units available. Owner occupied. off street parking. Alarm. Renovated. Wilkes-Barre near high traffic area. 570-829-1518

Full Service Leases Custom Design Renovation Various Size Suites Available Medical, Legal, Commercial Utilities Parking Janitorial Full Time Maintenance Staff Available

For Rental Information call 570-287-1161


Miscellaneous HANDBAGS 3 Etienne Aigner burgundy shoulder strap also 1 Stone Mountain black shoulder strap $10. each. 570-693-4483 MEDICAL GUARDIAN: Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. Free Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 855-850-9105 MY COMPUTER WORKS: My Computer Works Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-888-781-3386 READY FOR MY QUOTE CABLE: SAVE on Cable TV-InternetDigital Phone-Satellite. You've Got A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL TODAY. 888-929-9254 Miscellaneous OMAHA STEAKS: ENJOY 100% guaranteed, delivered-to-the-door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 74% PLUS 4 FREE Burgers - The Family Value Combo - Only $39.99. ORDER Today 1-888-721-9573, use code 48643XMD - or 9 REEL HOSE & hose $15. 3 fluorscent lights single 30 watt lights included $18. Chinon 3000 GL movie projector 8m/super 8 $40. Craftsman snowblower 4.5 elec. start $40. Deneis Austin primerider $35. Hedge trimmer $70. 825-5564 TIRES 2 Winterforce snow tires, 175/70R/13 mounted on '92 Geo Prizm rims, both rims & tires like new $100. 570-8258438 after 6pm Musical Instruments CLARINET Leblanc Vito B flat, older model, good working condition, excellent for beginner $150. 570-814-2773 Personal Electronics LAPTOP Toshiba full screen satellite C655, touch pad with multi touch control, DVD super multi drive, Windows 7 & Energy star $300. 570-417-1502 Sporting Goods BOW CASE SKB like new. New was $259. sell for $100. 570-824-5588 COMPOUND BOW Alpine Colt serial#31490, draw 16-20 weight 25, Tune 16. Great starter bow. Used in great shape $50. Red/silver sparkle browning MicroMidas 5-3728 compound bow, some scratches $100. 570-499-8068 FISHING GEAR LOT 2 large & 2 small tackle boxes - lures, hooks, etc, 6 poles, 4 reels all for $50. 570-735-6638 TREE STANDS 16" ladder for hunters $300. OBO. 570-3470593 after 7 pm Want To Buy WANTED TO BUY Old car books, brochures, catalogs & paint chip binders. $$Cash Paid! 570-516-9953 Want To Buy Pay in Cash. For old cupboards, mining items, books, magazines, advertising, radios, fountain pens, old clocks, glassware, furniture, toys, cameras, guns and swords, Rail Road items, coins, silver bars, jewelry. 570-881-5202 or 570-925-5466

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Old Items Wanted.


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Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors Notice of Zoning Hearing Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board of the City of Pittston will conduct a public hearing on Monday October 14, 2013 at 5:00pm, at Pittston City Hall, 35 Broad Street, First Floor Conference Room, Pittston, PA 18640 to consider the following matter: Request of Vito Forlenza for relief from Section 405 Schedule II District Regulations of the City of Pittston Zoning Ordinance regarding lot width, side yard & rear yard setbacks and minimum square footage requirements for a lots at 49 Anderson Street and 224 William Street. A copy of the application for a zoning permit and hearing are on file and available for public inspection during normal business hours in the Office of the City Administrator, City Hall, 35 Broad Street, Pittston. Anyone requiring special accommodations to attend the hearing should telephone the administrative offices at 570.654.0513 by 4pm on Friday October 11th. The City of Pittston does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or family status on employment or the provision of services. FOR THE CITY OF PITTSTON ZONING HEARING BOARD: Harry Smith, Zoning Officer City of Pittston LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Lost & Found LOST. Beagle, female, tricolored, lost on 9/18 near Horton Street. answers to "Mollie". 570-822-0875 or 570-574-6735 Notices Travel Entertainment Building / Construction / Skilled

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


570.829.7130 800.273.7130
Special Notices ADOPT: A teacher hopes to adopt a baby! I promise to provide a lifetime of unconditional love & opportunities. Expenses paid. 1-866-408-1543


Saturday 2:30 pm on Friday Sunday 2:30 pm on Friday Monday 2:30 pm on Friday Tuesday 3:30 pm on Monday Wednesday 3:30 pm on Tuesday Thursday 3:30 pm on Wednesday Friday 3:30 pm on Thursday Holidays call for deadlines
Larger notices please call 570-829-7130


LAST CALL: OCT. 5 & 6 Sat./Sun. FALLING WATER CLAYTON & SHANKSVILLE 9/11 SITE NOV. 3rd SUNDAY * CASTLES * CHOCOLATE * CASINO (Ask About Bonus) NOV. 14th THURSDAY Vermeer & Dutch Masters Exhibit At The Frick Dinner at Four Seasons

Apply at First General Services 31 Ruddle St, Wilkes-Barre 570-824-0680



$ BUYING $ JUNK CARS & TRUCKS Highest Prices Paid Free Pickup
CA$H PAID 570-288-8995 Yard Sale WILKES-BARRE RUMMAGE SALE The Women of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church 35 S. Franklin St. Wed., Sept. 25, 10-4 Thurs., Sept. 26, 10-3 Thursday is Bag Day! Mini Boutique will run concurrently Wed. & Thurs. A light lunch will be available *Rummage will be accepted until Monday the 23rd* Attorney BANKRUPTCY Free Consult-Payment Plan! Atty Colleen Metroka 570-592-4796 BANKRUPTCY Free Consult-Payment Plan! Atty Colleen Metroka 570-592-4796


Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, 5:00 PM 1144 Exeter Avenue, Exeter Lazy Boy leather double recliner & recliner, leather sleigh bed - 6 months old, Lazy Boy sofa, 6 piece mahogany bedroom set, 4 piece vinyl wicker set, tile top table with 4 chairs, slant front desk, jewelry armoire, refrigerator, glider & more. Belleek, Waterford, china & more. Diecast trucks & cars - NIP, dolls, fime linens, holiday, collectibles, GHH, riding mower, tools, box lots & much more. See web sites for detailed list and pictures 570-693-0372,, #4156, AU001433 Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors INVITATION FOR BIDS Kingston Township will receive Bids for the SR 0309 South Memorial Highway Pavement Marking Project generally comprised of pavement marking installation, and all incidental work related thereto until 2:30 PM on Wednesday, the 2nd day of October at the Kingston Township Municipal Building located at 180 East Center Street, Shavertown, PA 18708. The Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the Kingston Township Public Work Session, to be held at the above location on October 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The project to be awarded on October 9, 2013 at 7:30 PM at the Kingston Township Supervisors Meeting to be held at the above location. The project generally consists of removal of existing pavement marking legends as necessary; placement of new pavement markings including lane lines, stop bars, legends, and crosswalks; installation of maintenance and protection of traffic during construction activities as shown on the Contract Drawings and as described in the Contract Documents. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, including DRAWINGS and PROJECT MANUAL, may be examined and obtained at BortonLawson Engineering, Inc., 613 Baltimore Drive, Suite 300, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-7903. PROJECT MANUAL is in one binding and DRAWINGS are bound separately. Bidders may secure DRAWINGS and a PROJECT MANUAL upon payment of thirty-five dollars ($35.00). (Please add $10.00 for U.S. Mail delivery or $20.00 for FedEx delivery without a FedEx account.) All construction work is included in one Prime Contract. Checks shall be made payable to Borton-Lawson, and will not be refunded. Bidders and Sub-Bidders, such as Sub-Contractors and Materialmen, may secure additional CONTRACT DOCUMENTS upon payment of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per PROJECT MANUAL and two dollars ($2.00) for each DRAWING. Each BID, when submitted, must be accompanied by a "Bid Security" which shall not be less than ten percent (10%) of the amount of the BID. Bidders attention is called to the fact that not less than the minimum wages and salaries in accordance with the provisions of the Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Act 442 and contained in the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, must be paid throughout the duration of this project. Kingston Township is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Kingston Township does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or family status in employment of the provision of services. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish and pay for a satisfactory Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Payment Bond. Kingston Township reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive informalities in the Bidding. BIDS may be held by OWNER for a period of not to exceed sixty days (60) from the date of the opening of BIDS for the purpose of reviewing the BIDS and investigating the qualifications of Bidders, prior to awarding of the CONTRACT FOR THE TOWNSHIP OF KINGSTON: Kathleen J. Sebastian, Township Manager Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors

Estate & Collectibles Auction Chuck's Auction Service

FUN GETAWAYS! Giants/Eagles 10/6 Yankees vs SF Giants 9/22 Broadway: "Newsies" 9/14 Matilda 9/14 Salem & Boston Halloween, Oct. 18-21

You may email your notices to


or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to The Times Leader 15 N. Main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

Attorney Joseph M. Blazosek 570-655-4410 or 570-822-9556
Social Security-Disability Free Consultation


New granite bar tops and LED cocktail tables are just the icing on the cake of the exclusive Oyster Weddings!!

Best eggplant Parmesan in the valley! $14 570-820-0990 Adopt-Loving couple will cherish your baby, offering security, endless love and opportunities. Expenses Paid. Lori & Jeff 1-888-642-9650 ADOPT A loving couple dreams of be- coming a family. A life filled with love & opportunity awaits your newborn. Expenses paid. Nadine & Jeff 1-866-936-7580

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT Letters Testamentary have been granted in the Estate of Vito J. Petrucci, Deceased, late of Exeter, Pennsylvania, (died on January 21, 2013), and all persons indebted to said Estate are reor 570-829-7130 quested to make payment, and those having claims to present the sum without delay, to John ESTATE NOTICE J. Petrucci, III, Executor, or to MINORA, MINORA, COLBASEstate of William Andrew SANI, KROWIAK, MATTIOLI & Cheskiewicz a/k/a William An- MUNLEY, 700 Vine Street, drew Cheskiewicz Jr. Late of Scranton, Pennsylvania 18510, Forty Fort, Luzerne County, Attorneys for the Estate. Deceased. Letters of Administration on the above estate having been granted to the unESTATE NOTICE dersigned. All persons indebted to said Estate are re- LETTERS TESTA MENTARY quired to make payment, and have been granted to Emil A. those having claims or de- Skasko of 4451 Dunleavy mands to present the same Drive, Dublin, Ohio, 43017, Exwithout delay to the Adminis- ecutor of the Estate of Eleanor trator named: Travis James M. Skasko, late of Providence Cheskiewicz, 178 Rudolph Place, Drums, Pennsylvania Street, Johnstown, PA 15904 who died April 3, 2013. All persons indebted to said estate please make payment, and those having claims ESTATE NOTICE present same to:

For additional information or questions regarding legal notices you may call

DIVORCE No Fault $295. Atty. Kurlancheek

800-324-9748 W-B
FREE Bankruptcy Consultation Payment plans. Carol Baltimore 570-283-1626



Philadelphia to Puerto Vallarta Jan. 25 to Jan. 31, 2014 From only $1378.00 per person All Inclusive Package


Free Consultation. Contact Atty. Sherry Dalessandro 570-823-9006

Travel Entertainment


Other dates and rates available, call for details Phone: 570-288-8747 All rates are per person, subject to Change and Money To Lend
We can erase your bad credit 100% GUARANTEED. Attorneys for the Federal Trade Commission say theyve never seen a legitimate credit repair operation. No one can legally remove accurate and timely information from your credit report. Its a process that starts with you and involves time and a conscious effort to pay your debts. Learn about managing credit and debt at ftc. gov/credit. A message from The Times Leader and the FTC.




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ATTORNEY RICHARD I. that Letters Testamentary have BERNSTEIN been granted in the Estate of GIULIANI & BERNSTEIN Richards G. Matthews. a/k/a 101 W. Broad Street, Suite 301 MOWTOWN Richard J. Matthews, DeHazleton, PA 18201-6328 ON BROADWAY ceased, Late of Luzerne , WED., NOV 6TH Luzerne County, PA 18979 who died on July 2, 2011 to $149 (MID MESS BID NOTICE PATRICAI M. MATTHEWS, The Luzerne Conservation DisSEATS) 763 Miller Street, Luzerne, PA trict will be accepting bids for 18709. All persons indebted to construction of a streambank RADIO CITY said estate are requested to protection project at two sites make payment and those hav- on Huntington Creek, in FairCHRISTMAS SHOW ing claims or demands are re- mount and Huntington TownTying shoes to the bridal car MON DEC. 2ND quested to present the same ships, Luzerne County. Full bid comes from the old tradition $99 (Orchestra Seats) without delay to PATRICIA M. packages and supporting inthat the noise would ward off MATTHEWS, Executor, care of formation are available online evil spirits, now cans are Pick Ups from Pittston & C. Stephen Gurdin, Jr., Es- at or by calling often used as well. Wilkes-Barre Park & Rides quire, 67-69 Public Square, 570-674-7991 ext. 3. There will Suite 501, Wilkes-Barre, PA be a mandatory site showing 18701-2512. CALL ROSEANN @ on Tuesday, 10/1/13 beginning at 10:00 AM. Bids will be 655-4247 Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors accepted until 10:00 AM on To Reserve Your Seats Wednesday, 10/9/13 BUSINESS CORPORATION BUSINESS CORPORATION Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors Notice is hereby given that Art- Notice is hereby given that Articles of Incorporation were filed icles of Incorporation were filed PUBLIC NOTICE with the Department of State with the Department of State for Kinder CB Inc., a corpora- for Kinder Park Demolition t i o n o r g a ni z e d u n d er t h e Inc. , a corporation organized NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on October 7, 2013, at 7:00 Pennsylvania Business Cor- under the Pennsylvania Busi- p.m., at the Fox Hill Firehouse Building, 50 Second Street, ness Corporation Law of 1988. Plains Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the Plains poration Law of 1988. Township Board of Commissioners shall hold a public meeting Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors concerning the amendment to the Airport Overlay Ordinance to accurately reflect the proposed overlay on the zoning map. PUBLIC NOTICE Also, public comment will be taken concerning amendments to the Plains Township Zoning Map which shall include expansion NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on September 30, 2013, at of the existing R-1 behind Eugene Drive and Tamarac Road; 6:45 p.m., at the Fox Hill Firehouse Building, 50 Second Street, Expansion of B-3 along Second Avenue; and an adjustment to Plains Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the Plains the R-3 District along Second Avenue to more accurately reTownship Board of Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing at flect the coverage of the existing housing development in that which time the Board will take testimony and public input conarea. Any action taken regarding these amendments shall be cerning the request for a Conditional Use Application from 800 considered at the regular public meeting at 7:30 p.m. on OctoBaltimore, LLC as a result of land disturbance for extending ber 10, 2013, at the Fox Hill Firehouse Building. roads, utilities and creating buildable lots, at the East Mountain Copies of the full text of the proposed amended Ordinance and Corporate Center. Any action taken regarding this Conditional zoning maps are available for examination at the Plains TownUse Application shall be considered at the regular public meetship Municipal Building, 126 North Main Street, Plains, ing at 7:30 p.m. on October 10, 2013, at the Fox Hill Firehouse Pennsylvania, during normal business hours of: 8:00 a.m. Building. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Stephen A. Menn, Esquire Solicitor, Plains Township 253 South Franklin Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 570.270.3133 Stephen A. Menn, Esquire Solicitor, Plains Township 253 South Franklin Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 570.270.3133


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of School Directors of Northwest Area School District, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (the "School District"), at a meeting held on September 18, 2013, adopted a resolution authorizing, among other things, the issuance of the School District's General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2013 in the aggregate principal amount of $3,260,000 (the Bonds). NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that the Resolution was amended during final passage to reflect the acceptance by the School District of the proposal submitted by PNC Capital Markets LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (the Purchaser), and the terms and conditions of the Purchaser's proposal for the purchase of the Bonds. Such proposal was received by the Board of School Directors and accepted on behalf of the School District. Such amendments to the Resolution pertain principally to the aggregate principal amount, interest rates, maturity dates, redemption provisions and the purchase price of the Bonds.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that the Bonds will be issued in the aggregate principal amount of $3,260,000 and will bear interest at rates ranging between a low of 1.000% and a high of 4.125%. The Bonds will be sold at a purchase price of $3,171,385.35 (which represents the par amount of Bonds, less an original issue discount of $65,794.65, and less an underwriting discount of $22,820.00), plus accrued interest, if any, from the dated date of the Bonds to the date of delivery thereof. NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that the Resolution was amended during final passage to reflect that the aggregate principal amount of the Bonds to be issued was revised to be $3,260,000. The final form of the Resolution, as adopted, together with the form of proposal submitted by the Purchaser, as accepted by the School District, may be examined by any citizen at the office of the Secretary of the School District located at the Business Office of the School District, 243 Thorne Hill Road, Shickshinny, Pennsylvania 18655, on regular business days (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., prevailing time. This notice is published in compliance with the Local Unit Government Debt Act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Board of School Directors of Northwest Area School District Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Houses For Sale EXETER Houses For Sale GLEN LYON Houses For Sale HANOVER TOWNSHIP Houses For Sale JENKINS TWP.


Houses For Sale KINGSTON Houses For Sale KINGSTON

Houses For Sale DALLAS


20 Westminster Drive Attractive brick ranch in good location, close to schools and shopping. 9 rooms, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, 3 season porch overlooking large level rear yard. Hardwood and wall to wall carpeting. Gas heat. Two car garage. New roof. MLS#13-3473 REDUCED PRICE! $169,000 Call Sandra Gorman 570-696-5408

13 Thomas Street Handicap accessible. 2 bedroom rancher with vinyl siding. Modern kitchen and walk-in shower. Central air conditioning. One car garage. 3 season porch. Nice fenced rear yard. MLS # 13-2428. $87,500 Ask for Bob Kopec

Humford Realty, Inc. 570-822-5126. EXETER

570-696-1195 DRUMS 1156 Wyoming Ave. $57,500 Large 4 bedroom home with detached garage. Home has tall ceilings, 1 1/2 baths, nice yard, roof apx 10 years old. MLS #13-865
Call Colleen 570-237-0415

70 W Enterprise SELLER OFFERING $3,000 CLOSING ASSIST & 1 YEAR HOME WARRANTY Large 5 bdrm, 2-1/2 bath move-in condition home. Newly renovated 3rd floor has separate heat, small kitchen & can greatly enhance home as bonus area or rental income. Zoning is R-2. MLS# 13-2241 $59,900 Call Dana Distasio 474-9801

$269,900 Meticulously maintained 4 bedroom, 2 story, vinyl sided, 5 year old home situated on a generous lot. Large, modern kitchen, 3 baths, 1st floor family room, 2 car garage, deck and soooo much more! MLS#11-2429 Call Florence Keplinger @ 715-7737 CENTURY 21

Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307


46 Old Mill Road Stunning English Tudor in a desirable neighborhood. Modern kitchen with cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances, island with Jenn air & tile floor. Separate glass surrounded breakfast room. Family room with gas fireplace & hardwood floors. Formal dining room with bay window. French doors throughout. Master bedroom suite with master bath, walkin closet & separate sitting room. Lower level rec-room and office. Two car garage. Pittston Area School District. MLS#13-1076 Price Reduced $285,000 Call Sandra Gorman 570-696-5408

Roomy, bright & cheery describes this 3 story home with traditional charm. 5 BR, 2.5 BA, 2 stairways , wood fireplace, solid wood doors, 3rd fl. would make a great in-law suite. One Year Home Warranty Included! MLS 13-3669 $229,000 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723


80 James St. This stately 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath Kingston home has the WOW factor! Meticulously well cared for with old world touches throughout. Like a stained glass window, built ins and tiled fireplace in living room. Kitchen is modern eat in with washer/dryer closet for convenience. Large front porch, rear deck and detached garage. MLS 13-1761 $268,500 Jay A. Crossin Extension #23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 LAFLIN


6 SEVEN IRON DRIVE PRICE REDUCED! Great price on this Mountain Top home on Blue Ridge Golf Course. 4 bedrooms, 4 bath layout with a beautiful finished walk-out basement. Remodeled kitchen with all appliances included. Screened porch, deck and patio all look out to a large back yard. This is a great opportunity to acquire a home in this location. Call Paul 760-8143 to schedule a showing. Open house on Sun. October 6 from 1:00 to 3:00. Directions: On Alberdeen Road turn into Blue Ridge Trail GC. Through stop sign then right on 6 Seven Iron Drive. #13-2917 $399,000 PAUL PUKATCH


Newer construction offers open concept between ultra-modern kitchen, eat-in area w/sliders & FR; light & bright throughout! Formal LR & office or den. 2nd flr lends to MBR w/WIC & MBA, 3 additional BRs & 2nd flr bath. Rear deck, huge fenced yard, gas FWA & central A/C, 2 car garage. Convenient to shopping, bus stop, walking path, restaurants. MLS# 13-3541 $260,000 Call Lynda Rowinski 262-1196

570-696-1195 KINGSTON Green Acres 213 Joseph Drive Meticulously maintained 3 bedroom rancher with 2 modern baths. Modern kitchen. Sunken living room. Formal dining room. First floor family room. Central air conditioning. Oversized carport. Patio. Loaded with upgrades and extras. Quiet street. MLS #12-4661. $225,000. Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 822-5126 SWOYERSVILLE

760-8143 696-2600

REDUCED 10K! 56 Oak Street A Lovely Single family house with hardwood floors, throughout. 3 season side porch, large closets in all 3 bedrooms. Walk-up attic for additional storage space, and so much more. Check it out! MLS# 13-3149. $135,000 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 FORTY FORT

291 Vanessa Drive Custom built Colonial 2 story, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 car garage. View of the Wyo.V alley. Located on a dead-end street, just minutes from the Wyo. Valley Country Club, Hanover Industrial Park & public transportation. Sun room with woo& 2nd floors, 1st floor laundry room, family room with wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors on 1st & 2nd floors, 1st floor. lower level recreation room with bar, lots of closets, storage, coal/wood stove, office/5th bedroom & bath. MLS #12-4610 $269,900 Louise Laine 283-9100 x 20


$139,900 129 S. Dawes Ave. Three bedroom, 2 bath cape cod with central air, new windows, doors, carpets and tile floor. Full concrete basement with 9' ceilings. Walking distance to Wilkes Barre. Electric and Oil heat. MLS #123283. For more information and photos visit: Call Tom 570-262-7716

New Price $119,900 111 Laflin Road Nice 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath Split Level home with hardwood floors, NEW furnace, 1 car garage, large yard and covered patio in very convenient location. Great curb appeal and plenty of off street parking. Rt. 315 to light @ Laflin Rd. Turn west onto Laflin Rd. Home is on left. For more info and photos visit: MLS 13-3229 Keri Best 570-885-5082



Turn Key and come to this beautiful quiet area with a stream that runs between the properties. Great yard for sitting on the deck & watching nature all for a great price. This place has been remodel and updated. A great place to live. Do not let this house pass you by. This is by appointment only. 24 Hour notice. MLS# 13 2668 $79,500 Please call Pat Doty 394-6901

7 Sky Top Drive $234,900 Immaculate condition & move in ready! 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath, raised ranch. In ground pool. Modern kitchen, tile & hardwood floors, 2 gas fireplaces, security system, central air. MLS #13-3437 Call Brian Harashinski 570-237-0689

75 Filbert Street. Wonderfully maintained 3 bedroom Cape Cod with a modern eat-in kitchen. First floor bedroom and bath. First floor family room. Large master bedroom (15x16) with lots of closet space. Aluminum siding. Replacement windows. Fenced rear yard. Gas heat. Corner lot. MLS # 13-3247. $115,000 Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 570-822-5126. FORTY FORT

503 HIGH STREET Nice bungalow ranch style home contains 3 bedrooms, rooms in lower level. New bath, upgraded appliances, new parquet flooring and carpeting, new windows. Close to grade school and high school. Property close to all amenities. MLS#13-697 $67,500 Louise Laine 283-9100 x20

283 REYNOLDS ST. Spacious four bedroom home with plenty of charm. Hardwood floors, leaded windows, accent fireplace and built-in bookshelves. First floor laundry/power room, three-season porch and a 16x32 inground pool. Move-in condition with newer roof, siding and windows, ductless air, all appliances and alarm system. #13-3406 $189,900 Carole Poggi 283-9100 x19

378 Kossack Street. 2 bedroom rancher with aluminum siding. Modern kitchen and bath. 11x17 master bedroom. Central air conditioning. Full basement. 75x110 lot. Oversized carport. Never flooded in 1972! MLS#13-3957. Needs some sprucing up, but a steal at $85,000! Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 822-5126 KINGSTON TWP.



Bodle Road 2 story older home with upgraded kitchen & bath, Large living room, formal dining room, lower level family room. Hot water heat, garage & carport. 1.1 acre lot. MLS #13-2320 $150,000

$54,900 Three bedroom, 1 bath, 6 rooms, plus laundry room on first floor, new pool & shed. New tilt out windows, gas furnace 6 years old, new screen doors 7 doors, newer roof MLS#13-2900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


Besecker Realty 675-3611



DURYEA 52 Ransom Street Recently renovated and updated this double block is currently 100% occupied. Little exterior maintenance or yardwork for landlord. Current rents $700 and $750 per month plus utilities. Corner lot. Off street parking for each tenant. Granite kitchens, hardwood floors, Living Room, Dining Room, 3 Bedrooms and bath in each unit. MLS# 13-809. $114,900 Call Kevin Smith 696-5420 283-9100 HANOVER TOWNSHIP

New Price!!! $58,900 Commercial or Residential Great opportunity to live and work in the same building, or keep current tenant and use the storefront for your business. Former storefront features open concept w/original wood floors. Spacious residence features 3 bedrooms, back porch and yard. Call Christine for a showing! (570)332-88832


21 Oak Street Immaculate, 3 bedroom. 1 1/2 bath single. Gas heat, pool, fenced yard. Move in Condition Offered at $109,900 Call Jim for details TOWNE & COUNTRY REAL ESTATE CO. 570-735-8931 Other

Looking for that country living while your still close to town? Only 25 minutes from town. Come live in this cozy 2 story Cape Cod nestled in a country setting on a .99 acre lot. Very well maintained, move in condition, with lots of closet space, a 11' x 21' deck and a Florida room with a knotty pine ceiling. Don't worry about losing power, home comes w/a portable generator w/its own transfer box. MLS 13 3364 $149,000 Call Michael Nocera 696-5412

$239,900 24 Fordham Road Great Split Level in Oakwood Park, Laflin. 13 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. 2 car garage and large corner lot. Lots of space for the large or growing family. www. MLS 13-452 Call Charlie

Don't miss out on this 2 story country home situated on 2.15 acres w/above ground pool PENDING that has 2 decks attached & 393 E. Noble St. flower beds all around the Check out this 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath grounds. Mod. kitchen and home with 1 car detached garage. open floor plan. 24 hour notice This home features a Jacuzzi tub, newer roof, furnace, hot water heat- required. Owner occupied. MLS#13-3343 er, replacement windows, fenced $184,900 yard and large covered deck. Call Brenda Pugh MLS 13-613 570-760-7999 $77,900 FIVE MOUNTAINS REALTY 570-542-2141 Help Wanted General
Call John Polifka 570-704-6846


Executive Director for Economic & Entrepreneurial Development and Special Projects
The Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Business and Industry is seeking an Executive Director for Economic & Entrepreneurial Development and Special Projects. This dynamic individual will be responsible for assisting the CEO and the Board of Directors in orchestrating an economic development vision promoting a strong and diverse economic base, encouraging retention and expansion of existing businesses, planning and implementing steps to encourage new businesses, and representing the organization with and before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. He or she will have a true passion for entrepreneurship and leverage that passion to develop a strategic plan to attract, retain and grow businesses as part of our Incubator initiative. We are looking for a self-starter with a love for economic development and community progress; and an individual who desires to leave a lasting impact on our wonderful community; someone whose entrepreneurial skills and creativity will be the keys to success in this position. This high energy individual will take ownership of projects, drive tactical and strategic plans and become a visible and respected leader in our community. The successful candidate will be ready to take on any and all challenges and will have a thorough knowledge of economic development practices and principals: finance; real estate; applicable tax issues; marketing; communications; statistics; workforce issues and common policies and practices; or a combination of training and experience that demonstrates the requisite skills and abilities required for this job. Applicants wishing to apply should meet the following requirements: Hold a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration, Business, or Finance or a related field. 3 5 years of experience in economic development is required; other marketing experience is a plus. Strong organizational, communications and interpersonal skills a must. Must have the ability to work well with committees and business owners and operators. Preference may be given to a Certified Economic Developer (CED). Salary range: $60,000 - $75,000 with comprehensive benefits. Relocation assistance may be available. Please send resume and a cover letter including salary requirements to: Mr. Riley c/o Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Business and Industry 2 Public Square Wilkes-Barre, PA 18710-5340 Absolutely no phone calls or walk-ins. The deadline for submitting applications is September 30, 2013.


570-613-9080 EXETER

Would you like to deliver newspapers as an Independent Contractor under an agreement with


Just listed! This charming ranch home has hardwood floors, semimodern kitchen & bath, carport & a full basement ideal for addition living space. Payments less than typical rent. $59,500.00 Call Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

KINGSTON Trucksville SWOYERSVILLE Shavertown WILKES-BARRE Lehman/Harveys Lake LEEPARK Lee Park


South Wilkes-Barre TRUCKSVILLE


Call Jim Terry McCabe to make appointment Call to make an an appointment 570-970-7450 at 570-829-7138


Building / Construction / Skilled Law Enforcement Medical/Health Commercial MOUNTAINTOP For Sale By Owner

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Houses For Sale COURTDALE


Houses For Sale

Utility Foreman & Laborers Underground Water & Sewer Projects Apply at: Pioneer Construction 116 W 11th Street Honesdale, PA 18431 or email resume to: E.O.E Child/Elderly Care

Pioneer Construction


More children than ever before can no longer live in their own homes. You can help by becoming a foster parent. Call FCCY at 1-800-747-3807. EOE

Opportunity for employment in Scranton for Armed (ACT 235 required) Security Officers. Candidate must be able to successfully pass physical agility testing. Candidate must also be flexible & maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Hours ranging from 16 to 40 hours per week. Previous experience a plus. Hourly Rate $16. per hr. 800-682-4722. E.O.E. Mechanics


RN Unit Manager
Full Time, Day Shift Occasional weekends & holidays The Jewish Home of Eastern PA is an elegant nursing facility specializing in skilled nursing & rehabilitative care. Conveniently located & easily accessible from Interstate 81. A BSN qualification & supervisory experience is preferred. Experience in long term care & working with dementia patients is preferred. An outstanding benefit package is available including health insurance, fully paid employee dental, vision & Life Insurance. Apply online at or send resume to: Prashanta Priest, Nursing HR Coordinator The Jewish Home 1101 Vine St. Scranton, PA 18510 EEO Production/Operations 30 Plus Openings: DISTRIBUTION WORKERS MATERIAL HANDLERS PRODUCTION WORKERS Production Helpers Workforce Resources 125 North Warren Street West Hazleton, PA 18202 570 454-8810 Immediate Openings Apply @ Workforce STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATOR

PLAINS TWP. 29 Jay Drive 2 story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, on half acre. Fenced yard with heated in ground pool. Price Reduced to $235,500. 570-235-1624 Houses For Sale S. WILKES-BARRE

Full & Part time positions available. Please call 570-735-9290 Customer Support / Client Care needed for busy Wilkes-Barre office. Must have full understanding of computers & internet. Experience preferred, but will train right candidate. Fax resume to 570-517-5003



JOIN OUR TEAM! $1500 SIGN-ON BONUS Maintain & Repair Diesel Tractors & Trailers Medical As Low As $18.12 Hourly Pay Opportunity for Training Requires Minimum 1 year Industry Exp. Call to Apply: 877-977-4738


Mountain Blvd. Multi-Use Complex 8,000+ sq.ft. building consists of restaurant, offices and apartment. 359 ft. front with 3+ acres. Priced to sell! $395,000 Call Dave Hourigan 570-715-7750

NEW ON THE MARKET! TRANQUILITY! Scenic wooded lot with beautiful view in the Fall & Winter. Private and secluded great for building your dream, camping and has access for hunting .Seller Negotiable.

Corby Road


REDUCED $89,900 43 Richmont Ave. Near Riverside Park. Motivated seller, make reasonable offer. 3 bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod, central air, hardwood floor, above ground pool , fenced yard. MLS 13-789 Tom Salvaggio 570-262-7716

Please call Michele Hopkins

MLS#13-3739 $ 15,000


NEW LISTING! 45 OLD GRANDVIEW AVE. Make your new home a meticulously maintained bi-level in the Dallas Sch. Dist. This property offers 3BRS, 2 modern baths, modern kitchen, LR, and formal DR. For relaxation and entertaining there is a 3-season room off the kitchen and a large FR in the LL with Berber carpet and a wood-burning fireplace. All appliances and window treatments remain, so it is truly move-in ready. Call today for your private showing.or more details and to view the photos online, go to:


and enter PRU3J2D2 in the Home Search. MLS #13-3552 $196,500 Walter or Mary Ellen Belchick 696-6566 Drivers & Delivery


We are seeking school bus drivers to transport children to and from school each day on established routes. Additional extracurricular runs (sports and field trips) and charter work may also be available. Typical runs are morning and afternoon and average 20-30 hours per week. Competitive hourly wages. Group medical, dental and vision plans are available for our drivers. This is a great job for stay at home Parents, Retirees and College Students looking for extra income. Experienced bus drivers that have a CDL with P and S endorsements are preferred, but we will also provide free training for good drivers without school bus experience. Candidates will need have a clean driving record, and be able to pass a DOT physical, pre-employment drug test and criminal background check. Please call (570)823-8611. DRIVERS New Higher pay! Local Hazleton Runs CDL-A 1 Yr Exp. Required Estenson Logistics Apply: 1-866-213-1065

Minimum 4 years experience troubleshooting & repairing motors, engines, transmissions, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. on outdoor power equipment, saws, plows, tractors, mowers, etc. Must provide your own tools. Call Brian at Harvis HR Service 542-5330 or send resume to: hilbertsequipment. Medical/Health LPN, RSA, Activities Director, & Maintenance Assistant Please apply in person at: Tiffany Court, 700 Northampton Street, Kingston, PA 18704 No phone calls please.

Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Technician / Mechanic

BERWICK 38 Tedrick St. (Off Pittston By-Pass) $119,900 Upscale double block with separate utilities. One side has large remodeled kitchen with 3 bedrooms, other side has 2 bedrooms with garage and 2 car carport. Stucco Exterior, most appliances included. See add'l photos and search for this listing at MLS #13-3214. Call Charlie 829-6200

Looking for experienced welders, overhead crane operators, blueprint reading, machine operators & steel stud wall framers. Steady work. Excellent opportunity. Health insurance, vacation, holidays and 401K. Wages based on skill level. Apply at: Luzerne Iron Works 300 Sly Street Luzerne, PA 18709

Restaurants BEST WESTERN PLUS EAST MOUNTAIN INN HAS THE FOLLOWING PART TIME POSITIONS: *Experienced Housekeepers *Experienced Housekeeping Inspector *Houseperson/Van Drive valid PA drivers license req'd. *Dishwasher *Banquet Prep/Line Cook Uniforms & meals provided Weekends & Holidays A Must! APPLY IN PERSON NO PHONE CALLS OFF OF ROUTE 115 WILKES-BARRE, PA outside The Wyoming Valley Mall, NOW HIRING ALL POSITIONS. Part time, Full Time, Nights & Weekends. Servers, cooks, bakers, buss persons and more! Apply in person. No phone calls! Commercial DALLAS TWP.

Lovely 2-Story Home in Nice Residential Neighborhood! Features Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen/Adjacent Family Room, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths with Gas Heat & Central Air + 2-Car Attached Garage. MLS 20 52633 Price: $210,000 Call Patsy @ 570-204-0983

VIEWMONT ACRES All this 2.8+ acre lot needs is your vision for your dream home. Located in a quiet country setting, this partially cleared lot has a great view of the mountains. Septic is already on site and ready for building. MLS #13-1705 Only $65,000 Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883



Strausser Real Estate 570-759-3300


570-696-3801 DALLAS

Convenient location for your business in high traffic area. MLS 13 645 $169,900 Jennifer Atherholt 903-5107

Hiring Event! Class A- CDL Drivers Saturday, September 28th 9am-3pm Hilton Hotel 100 Adams Ave,Scranton, PA Attendees will learn about: New Dedicated Run Great Pay Daily home time Sign on Bonus This event is exclusively for Class A CDL truck drivers or someone interested in a truck driving career. Cant make the event, call 866-680-0287 for more details! Education

Lackawanna Valley Dermatology has a full-time opening in our future Kingston office. After a few months of initial training in our downtown Scranton office, your employment will be primarily in our Kingston location. Duties include: assisting providers in surgery & exams, recording patient medical information in computer while assisting, escorting patients, sterilization, clerical, etc. We prefer a friendly, team player with medical experience to join our team. Applicant must have computer experience since our practice is totally computerized with Medent EMR. ICD9 and CPT coding knowledge a plus. LVDA is a drug free company. While training your schedule is Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and your Kingston hours will be similar. Competitive benefit package included. Fax cover letter & resume to Practice Manager at 570-207-5579 Village at Greenbriar Assisted Living




LEASE Medical/professional space available. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. includes all utilities, alarm system and ample free parking $3,625 per month. Can be subdivided.
Call Charlie

PITTSTON A Family Owned West Pittston Deli 20 Years Operating Good Re-Occurring Business Serious Inquires Only Attorney Joseph A. Dessoye 570-299-5166 Convenient location for your business in high traffic area. MLS 13 645 $169,900 Jennifer Atherholt 903-5107

Country living at its finest, yet close to everything. Custom built with Master BR on 1st floor, full finished walk out basement. 4/5 bedrooms offer plenty of space. Open floor plan that is great for entertaining that flows out into the huge deck overlooking an in-ground pool with fireplace & Tiki bar. Plenty of room for play on 1.5 acres. 3 car garage - A Must See! MLS# 13-2854 $450,000 Call Terry Eckert 760-6007

Newberry Estate The Greens 4,000 sq. ft. condo with view of ponds & golf course. Three bedrooms on 2 floors. 5 1/2 baths, 2 car garage & more. New Price $399,000. MLS# 12-1480

Besecker Realty 570-675-3611


$115,000 Well maintained 3BR ranch in nice neighborhood. Large 9 x 21 sun room. Roof, Windows, Heating/AC System and hot water Heater all new in the last 5 years. Handicap accessible with OSP for 2+ cars. Book an appointment today, this desirable Dallas School District property won't last long. Call Christine (570)332-8832

Personal Care Aides

All shifts

NEEDED AT OUR Wilkes-Barre, Dallas and Mountain Top Locations. CALL 570.905.3322 Ask for Lake Gemzik or email resume to lgemzik@buildingblocks Electrical / Plumbing Experienced electricians wanted. Minimum 5 years commercial construction experience. Fax/email resume to 570- 639-5383 Food Services Short Order/ Line Cook Immediate shifts available, must be flexible, no late nights. Call for appointment after 2:00pm. 570-655-3030


Part-time Good Starting Wages! Will Train!! APPLY WITHIN: 4244 Memorial Highway Dallas, PA 18612


Dietary Aide

Part Time


MOUNTAIN TOP VACANT LAND 487-489 Mountain Top Blvd. Commercial property, Great traffic location on Rt. 309 between Church Rd. and Walden Park on R. MLS#13-3194. $80,000 Call Vieve Zaroda 570-715-7742.

YOULL EVER SEE! WILKES-BARRE Warehouse, light manufacturing distribution. Gas heat, sprinklers, overhead doors, parking. We have 23,000 sq.ft., and 32,000 sq. ft. There is nothing this good! Call Larry @ 570-696-4000 or 570-430-1565 For Sale By Owner DUPLEX HOME LOCATED 55 - 57 East Frothingham St., Pittston. Side 1: 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, bath, newly carpted & painted, basement with wash tub, garage, oil heat, big back yard. Side 2: 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, bath, garage, new oil furnace, back yard. Currently rented. Asking $110,000. 570-654-0956


Sale or Lease


DALLAS Beautifully decorated, open floor plan, excellent location, this home features gorgeous Amish wood floors, tile floors in kitchen & baths, huge family room built for entertaining, inviting deck & yard. MLS #13-3665 $299,000 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723

Liberty Hills An absolutely wonderful, must see, home with many desirable features. Lower level remodeled in 2009 is A-1 grade including family room with fantastic gas fireplace, wet bar, 3/4 bath & additional 4th bedroom. Home also includes new on demand tank less water heater, security system & in ground lawn sprinkler. Owners have enjoyed this home for many years, now it's your turn. Come & take a look! MLS# 13-2335 $259,900 Call Jim Banos Call or text 570-991-1883 For appointment

PRICE REDUCED 227 Red Coat Lane

570-613-9080 DURYEA


226 Church St. Large 2 story with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Extra large room sizes, stained glass and natural woodwork. Not flooded in 2011. MLS #13-190. For more information and photos visit Call Charlie

PENDING Get news when it happens.

Town & Country Real Estate 570-474-2340 Sales / Business Development


570-474-6307 Sales / Business Development


How about driving a school bus for ROHRER BUS SERVICE If you live in Abington Heights School District We are looking for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you need to get a CDL License?

SALES REPRESENTATIVE AN INVITATION TO JOIN OUR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SALES TEAM! ARE YOU A TELEPHONE PROFESSIONAL? The Times Leader a Civitas Media property has a full time Inside Advertising Sales opportunity available in our Classified Department. Qualified applicant will be: Customer oriented Goal oriented Able to work within daily deadlines Have solid computer and internet knowledge Superior verbal and written communication skills Excellent typing and grammar skills A high energy level and an eagerness to learn. Compensation includes base pay plus monthly commission If you meet these requirements and want to start an exciting new career send your resume:

Help Wanted General Part Time, $8/hr to start. Experience with animals. Customer services & computer skills a plus. Must be willing to work, days, evenings, & weekends. Apply at: SPCA 524 East Main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702


Rohrer Bus Service provides that service

This is a Part-Time position for approximately 4 to 5 hours per day. It includes limited health benefits, 401K plan, direct deposit of pay, and bonuses. For more information please call or E-Mail us at:


In need of Warehouse Manager in Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton area. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Good organization, communication, computer, and inventory skills required. Transportation/ logistics experience a plus. Please send resume to: The Times Leader Position #4525 15 N. Main St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711


TOLL FREE: 570-491-5841 Ask for Shawn E-Mail: OR Fill application on line:

by October, 1, 2013 to


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Houses For Sale Rear 395 E. Washington St. Double Block Home, Each Side: Large Living Rm., Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Vinyl Siding, Brand New Roof New: Berber Carpets, Paint, Flooring, With Backyard Deck length of House Have Income Tomorrow or Live for Free! Appraised at $65,000 listing at $47,950 or Houses For Sale PITTSTON Houses For Sale PLYMOUTH Houses For Sale SHAVERTOWN


Houses For Sale WEST WYOMING Houses For Sale WHITE HAVEN

Houses For Sale MOUNTAIN TOP


A 1.17 acre serene setting & a large picnic grove with stream makes this move in ready 3 BR bi level a must see property! Theres an eat in kitchen with breakfast bar, a formal DR with sliders to a private deck, ample LR with picture window, Master BR suite, 25 LL Rec Room with bath, oversized 2 car garage with large paved drive. MLS 13 3516 $259,000 Call Pat today @ 570-287-1196

570-916-2043 NANTICOKE


NEW LISTING Don't like yard work? Then consider this home. Large living room area w/ductless wall a/c unit. Gas heat. MLS #13-3775 $34,900 Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

76 Rear Parsonage Street Nice 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with large yard. Directions: Main St, Pittston to Parsonage St.; left on Miller St; right on Rear parsonage Street; home is on right. MLS 13-3690 $37,900 Keri Best 570-885-5082

$49,900 65 Girard Ave Neat and clean. Move right into this freshly painted 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. MLS 13 3555 Call Keri Best (570)885-5082 Directions: Rt 11 South Main Street Plymouth; right onto Girard Ave; home is on the left.

2103 Hillside Road Recently renovated two story on large lot features modern kitchen with granite counters, Living room and Dining room with hardwood floors, large treated deck overlooking level yard. 3 Bedrooms, one on first floor. Master Bedroom upstairs with full master bath. Oversized Detached 2 car garage. Gas heat. Well water and public sewers. Great opportunity. MLS#13-27 $157,500 Call Kevin Smith 696-5420

Delightful 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath Cape Cod in charming neighborhood is yours for only $115,000. Offers oversized living room, modern kitchen with breakfast room, and 1st floor den/office. Don't miss this one! MLS #13-2722 Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883

570-696-3801 WEST PITTSTON

696-1195 SUGAR NOTCH PITTSTON PLYMOUTH 40 Exeter Avenue A grand stone wraparound porch with swing surrounds this century house loaded with charm and character. Marble entry foyer, 1st floor office with tile floor, grand staircse, formal living room,& sitting & dining rooms with hardwood floors. eat in kitchen, master bedroom with walk in closet & screened porch. walk up attic, off street parking in rear........this outstanding home is in move in condition and is priced right @ $149,900. Call Pat today @

178 West Woodhaven Drive Relax on deck watching sun rise over Woodheaven Lake - Home has 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, living room with fireplace, dining room with split system wall A/C. And spiral stair to 4th bedroom or office & walk-in huge attic, family room great stone fireplace leads to patio, pool room/game room features split system in wall AC, Oversize garage, with workshop, matching shed, double lot 1/2 acre, Two paved driveways one on each side of home. Basketball court (26x40) paved with Lights and adjustable basket, shared Dock, and small helicopter pad presently covered by double swing facing lake. Appointment only. MLS#13-3189 $314,000 Call Vieve Zaroda 570-715-7742.


Immaculate 3/4 bedroom bilevel on half acre lot offers privacy & outdoor beauty. Convenient U shaped kitchen opens to dining area. Hardwood floors in much of house. Family room in lower level has tile floor & brick mantle ready for wood burner. Office can be 4th bedroom. Perennials comprise extensive outdoor landscaping, along with a 10x17 deck, 15x16 patio & 20x12 Studio/office. Home Warranty. MLS#13 2914 $189,000 Call Linda Gavio 474-2231, ext 19

PITTSTON HALF-DOUBLE Bank Owned, great investment or first home buyer property. Price reduced to sell. $32,900. MLS#12-4494 Call John Piszak 570-313-8586 Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444 PITTSTON


47 Vine St. Calling all investors and handy-people! Endless potential. Great neighborhood. Adjacent property also available. Call Julio Caprari MLS#13-3287 570-592-3966 $24,900

308 Stephanie Drive Attractive Brick Front Ranch with 3 Bedrooms, gas heat, Sunroom (heated), attached garage, large yard, 8x10 shed. Hardwood floors under rugs. Great location. Most windows on main floor are Newer Triple Pane & double pane in basement. Basement can easily be finished (some areas already sheet rocked & electric installed) Well-Maintained. $115,000. MLS#12-1911 call Nancy Palumbo 570-714-9240 direct

127 Hemlock Street Amazing, well maintained. Hardwood throughout. Pocket doors. Deep lot extends to street in back. Newer roof and siding. MLS# 12-3049. $59,000 Call Vieve Zaroda 570-715-7742

Smith Hourigan Group

570-474-6307 REDUCED $99,900 25 Swallow St. Grand 2 story home with Victorial features, large eat in kitchen with laundry, 3/4 bath on first floor, 2nd bath with claw foot tub, lots of closet space. Move in ready, off street parking in rear. MLS 12-3926 Call Colleen 570-237-0415 SWOYERSVILLE PLYMOUTH


37 Flick Street Nice 2 possibly 3 bedroom home with a large driveway and garage. This home has a newer kitchen and a full bath with laundry area on the 1st floor. There is a nice yard and deck for your outside enjoyment. There is a newer furnace and roof. This unit is tenant occupied for you investors out there. Come and check it out. MLS# 13-2103 $33,900 John Polifka 570-704-6846 FIVE MOUNTAINS REALTY 570-542-2141


OPEN HOUSE Sun., Sept 22nd , 1-3 PM. Beautifully maintained 4 BR, 2 BA stream front home on cul-de-sac end of Oak Drive, oak kitchen cabinets, tile counter-tops. Four zone heating & central AC, large formal sunken living room with step up to dining room, oak hardwood floors, tile in baths, sunroom overlooking stream. Enormous backyard framed by babbling brook. Suspension bridge overlooks stream with access to naturally wooded playground. 570-510-5452 MOUNTAIN TOP


$84.900 57 Dewitt St. Cute Cape Cod with 3 bedrooms, vinyl replacement windows, Pergo flooring and walk up attic. Put this one on your list. MLS 13-1038 CALL CHARLIE

PITTSTON TWP. VACANT LAND Lot #6 Ledge Court List Price $40,000 Build your new home in Pocono Ridge Estates. Private well & sand mound required, lot size 136' x 215'. Call Brian Harashinski 570-237-0689

PRICE REDUCED! Large home with many possibilities. 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and laundry room on first floor. MLS #13-2814 New Price $45,000 Christine Pieczynski 696-6569

221 Kossack St. Beautifully kept 2 story in a very nice neighborhood. This home features 3 bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths w/Jacuzzi tub and a modern kitchen with ceramic tile & under cabinet heating vents. Many recent upgrades throughout!! An over sized, fully heated & insulated 2 car garage, on a LARGE 50 x 188 lot. Take a look today. MLS#13-3088 $141,500 Debbie McGuire 852-3220

PRICE REDUCED! Mt. Zion Road. Single family two story - a place for kids! Four bedrooms & bath upstairs. 1st floor has formal dining room, living room, family room & laundry room. Master bedroom & bath added to the 1st floor. Good sized kitchen. 2,126 sq. ft. total on 1 acre. Wyoming Area School District. $115,000 Call Ruth K. Smith 570-696-5411

35 Hillard St $71,900 Well cared for 3 bedroom home with walk up attic, nice fenced in yard, rear deck, front porch, hardwood floors, eat in kitchen, first floor laundry, move right in. Oil heat but gas is available in house. MLS #13-2823. Call Colleen 570-237-0415.





570-696-1195 Get news when it happens.

Well cared for 2 story on quiet street. Eat in kitchen, dining room, living room along with sun room comprise the first floor. 2 generous bedrooms w/ closets and full bath on 2nd floor. Walk up attic provides easy storage. Hardwood floors and beautiful wood. 2 additional buildings on lot offer many possibilities and Storage! 1 year Home Warranty to buyer. MLS 13 2817 $116,900 Linda Gavio 474-2231, ext 19 TOWN & COUNTRY


80 Rear Parsonage Street Move right into this 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with Pergo floors. New plumbing, new wiring & new replacement windows. directions: Main St, Pittston to parsonage St; left on Miller St; right on Rear Parsonage St.; home is on the right. For more info and photos visit: MLS 13-3689 $47,900 Keri Best

90 River Street $54,500 This traditional 2-story property features a large fenced in yard, private driveway, replacement windows, large laundry room and an eat-in kitchen. MLS#13-3269 Carmen Winters 570-650-


570-885-5082 PITTSTON

433 FAIRVIEW ST PRICE REDUCED! Seller says make me a good offer and youll be moving in before the holidays! Motivated seller-relocating. This is a great home in a nice neighborhood, well out of the flood zone. Watch the fall colors unfold as you look over the valley from the front porch. Modern kitchen with vaulted ceiling, modern bath, LR, DR and 2 generous BRs. Many updates including new roof, windows, front door, lighting, w-to-w carpeting, interior/exterior painting, security system, etc. OSP and large level yard with mature trees and flowering bushes. For more details and to view the photos online, go to: www.prudentialrealestate. com and enter PRU5B4G9 in the Homes Search. MLS #13-2080 $77,000 Mary Ellen and Walter Belchick 696-6566

378 Kossack Street 2 bedroom rancher with aluminum siding. Modern kitchen and bath. 11x17 master bedroom. Central air conditioning. Full basement. 75x110 lot. Over sized carport. Never flooded in 1972! MLS#13-3957. Needs some sprucing up, but a steal at $85,000! Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 570-822-5126. WILKES-BARRE

Legal Notices / Notices To Creditors LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing of the West Pittston Zoning Hearing Board will be held on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2013, AT 6:00 P.M. at the West Pittston Borough Building, 555 Exeter Avenue, West Pittston, PA 18643, for the purpose of considering applications for Variance from the Flood Plain Management provisions of the West Pittston Borough Zoning Ordinance, as enacted and effective as of September, 2011. The applications to be considered are set forth below: 1. Ms. Rose Pelleschi for a property located at 1000 Susquehanna Avenue; 2. Mr. Albert Peters for a property located at 350-352 Race Street; 3. Ms. Margaret M. Redington for a property located at 308 Excelsior Street; 4. Mr. Michael Reiher for a property located at 212 Wyoming Avenue; 5. Mr. & Mrs. Jason Resetar for a property located at 16 Atlantic Avenue; 6. Mr. Joseph Schillaci for a property located at 1114 Susquehanna Avenue; 7. Mr. James Sperrazza for a property located at 313 Race Street; 8. Mr. James Sperrazza for a property located at 19-19 1/2 Exeter Avenue; 9. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stevens for a property located at 14 Philadelphia Avenue; 10. Mr. Guy Sviatko for a property located at 23-25 Delaware Avenue; 11. Mr. & Mrs. Gary Swartz for a property located at 34 Exeter Avenue; 12. Mr. Frank J. Vargas and Ms. Sharon K. Griffin for a property located at 310-312 Blackman Street; 13. Mr. Louis M. Venetz for a property located at 19 North Street; 14. Mr. & Mrs. Louis M. Venetz for a property located at 15 Delaware Avenue; 15. Mr. William Wallace for a property located at 17 Atlantic Avenue; 16. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Winsock for a property located at 16 Montgomery Avenue; and 17. Ms. Shirley Yeomans for a property located at 37 Lacoe Street. A copy of the Zoning Permit Application is on file and available for public inspection at the Borough Secretary's Office, 555 Exeter Avenue, West Pittston, PA 18643. Any person with a disability requiring special accommodation to attend this hearing should notify the Borough Secretary's Office at 570-655-7782 as early as possible prior to this meeting. All interested parties wishing to present testimony are encouraged to attend this hearing. Issued by: Joseph D. Burke, Esquire Solicitor West Pittston Zoning Hearing Board

Premier property in the city of Nanticoke. Corner Lot--E. Noble and College. Very large, well kept home. Nice yard. Detached garage. Large rooms with mother-in-law suite...separate utilities. MLS#13-614 $154,900 Call Charles Boyek 430-8487

75 Main St. Nice 2 story. Family room with brick fireplace. Modern eat-in kitchen with tile floor. Modern baths. Natural wood work with French doors. Replacement windows and newer roof. Gas heat and central air, Fully insulated. Double deck. Level rear yard. Fireplace is gas with triple wall pipe that can be used for wood, coal or pellets. MLS#13-3378 $125,000 Call Sandra Gorman 570-696-5408 WEST WYOMING

Well built 2 story in very good condition, HW floors, plaster walls, eat-in kitchen, patio, finished basement with bar, large yard, tile bath, great neighborhood, near General Hospital, mall, casino and Dan Flood Elementary, gas BB heat, electric heat in basement. MLS #13-3623 Carl Georinger 696-5429

NANTICOKE 38 E. Union Street Nice single, 3 bedrooms, gas heat, large yard. Central location. REDUCED TO $49,500 TOWNE & COUNTRY REAL ESTATE Call 570-735-8932 or 570-542-5708

$79.900 This cozy and quaint home awaits you! Quiet neighborhood, yet walking distance to the revitalized downtown. Adjacent property (fixer-upper) also available. Can be purchased together. MLS #13-3293 Call Jullio Caprari 570-592-3966

$69,900 384 Tripp St. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 2 story with large kitchen, dining room and living room. Private rear yard, nice neighborhood gas heat. MLS 13-2179 Call Charlie

HOUSE FOR SALE. Wyoming St. 6 rooms, off street parking, fenced in yard. $65,000 Call 570-487-4377
WARRIOR RUN 2 story, 2 bedroom with fenced in yard, all appliances included. REDUCED TO $43,000. Call Ed Appnel. 570-817-2500






Apartments /Townhouses KINGSTON 69 Price St. Nice and cozy 3rd floor. 1 bedroom living room and kitchen. lots of closets, and 2 enclosed porches. Includes heat, hot water, stove, fridge and off street parking. no pets, non smoker. $495/mo security deposit. 1 year lease. CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 KINGSTON Apartments /Townhouses IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE 2ND FLOOR UNIT! 1 bedroom apartments for elderly, disabled. Rents based on 30% of ADJ gross income. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. TTY711 or 570-474-5010 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. Apartments /Townhouses PLAINS Modern 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor apartment. Kitchen with appliances. New carpet. Conveniently located. No smoking - no pets. $600 PER MONTH. Call Rae 570-899-1209 LEWITH & FREEMAN 288-9371 Newly remodeled, 2 bedroom. Water included. $600. 570-239-3950 PLYMOUTH Apartments /Townhouses

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apartments /Townhouses 3 bedroom, off street parking, washer & dryer hook up . freshly painted No pets. $575 + utilities & security. 570-822-7657 3 bedrooms, 2nd floor, modern, new flooring, refrigerator stove, washer/dryer hookup, water included. $650 + electric. Section 8 Accepted. 570-301-8200 Wilkes-Barre 1 bedroom, large living room, eat in kitchen, 3 closets. $550 includes heat & hot water. Section 8 Accepted. 570-301-8200 WILKES-BARRE 307-309 South Street East 2 bedroom apartment on 1st floor. New floors & carpets, big kitchen, 6 x 8 covered porch , large yard. Landlord pays water & heat. $650/month, $1,000 security No hook ups. NO PETS. Call Manny 917-295-6254 718-946-8738 412 S Franklin St. Available Immediately! 1st & 3rd floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Off street parking. No utilities included. No pets. $575 month plus utilities. 1st months rent & deposit due at signing. Contact between 8am & 6pm. 570-606-1933 WILKES-BARRE 425 S. Franklin St. APTS FOR RENT! For lease. Available immediately, washer/dryer on premises, no pets. We have studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. On site parking. Fridge & stove provided. 24/7 security camera presence & all doors electronically locked. 1 bedroom - $450. 2 bedroom - $550. Water & sewer paid 1 month security deposit. Email or Call 570-208-9301 after 9:00 a.m. to schedule an appointment
WILKES-BARRE 447 S. Franklin St. 1 bedroom with study, off street parking, laundry facility. Includes heat and hot water, hardwood floors, appliances, Trash removal. $580/month. Call (570) 821-5599


Apartments /Townhouses WILKES-BARRE/Heights Townhouse type apartments. 2 bedrooms, stove, fridge, washer/ dryer hookup. Off-street parking. Utilities by tenant. No pets or smoking. $500/month. 570-825-8355, 6 to 8 pm ONLY WILKES-BARRE

Apartments /Townhouses




Mayflower Crossing Apartments



2 bedrooms, sun porch, wall to wall carpeting, gas heat, off street parking. $500/mo + utilities. Application & background check required. lease, security & references. No Pets. 570-430-8527



1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedrooms
- Light & bright open floor plans - All major appliances included - Pets welcome* - Close to everything - 24 hour emergency maintenance - Short term leases available
Call TODAY For AVAILABILITY!! Certain Restrictions Apply* 2 bedroom, 2 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, central air and heat. Built in garage. $700/month+utilities. A month and half security. No Pets. 570-647-5053


11 Holiday Drive A Place To Call Home Spacious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts. Gas heat included FREE 24 hr. on-site Gym Community Room Swimming Pool Maintenance FREE Controlled Access Patio/Balcony and much more...

IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE 2ND FLOOR UNIT! 1 bedroom apartments for elderly, disabled. Rents based on 30% of ADJ gross income. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. TTY711 or 570-474-5010 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. 2 males looking for 3rd roommate to share 3 bedroom apartment. $85/week. Call 570-578-2644 NANTICOKE Beautiful large 2 bedroom apartment. New kitchen, all appliances including washer & dryer, new bathroom, new carpets, just painted. Off street parking. $650/month + utilities, 1 month security. Call 570-881-0320



Excellent apt. One bedroom, 1 bath. Included sewer, water, off street parking, kitchen appliances. Close to WVW H.S. We are looking for clean tenants to rent clean living space. 570-855-3329. Cozy 3 bedroom on 2 floors. $650/mo. 570-760-0511 SHAVERTOWN Back Mountain 36 Roushey St 2nd floor, 2 bedroom, recently remodeled, all appliances, off street parking, ample storage. $595 + security & utilities. 570-780-0000


WYOMING BLANDINA APARTMENTS North Fulton St. 1 bedroom Deluxe 2 bedroom. Wall to wall Bi-level. Eat-in kitchen, small carpet. Some utilities by tenyard, basement for storage. ant. No pets. Non-smoking. K i t c h e n w i t h a p p l i a n c e s . Elderly Community. Quiet, $420/mo water included. Ten- safe. Off street parking. ant pays electric & security. No 570-693-2850 pets. 570-814-1356 Commercial


www.sdkgreen Call today for move-in specials. Kingston West Bennett St. Twinkle in Kingstons Eye, 2nd floor, 1000 sq. ft. 2 bed, Central Air, washer/dryer and appliances. No pets. Nonsmoking. 1 car off street parking. $750/month + gas, electric, 1 year lease & security. 570-814-1356



WILKES-BARRE HISTORIC WHEELMAN 439 S. Franklin St. Two apartments available. (1) 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, A/C, marble bath. security system, laundry, off street parking. $675 (1) Unique studio. Sun porch, hardwood floor, security system and laundry. Off street parking. $550 570-821-5599




WILKES-BARRE Near Wilkes University 1 & 3 bedroom apartments. $400 & $600/month + utilities & 1 month security. Section 8 OK. No pets. 570-606-9432 WILKES-BARRE

KINGSTON West Union St.

In 2 family house, 1 unit - 4 bedroom for rent. 570-223-2937

NEW 1 bedroom apt. 1st floor. Architecturally designed. Central air. Off street parking. Quiet residential neighborhoods, utilities & heat by tenant, no pets, no smoking. 1 month security, 1 year lease.


2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher &washer/dryer provided. Attached garage. Pet friendly. Water, sewer & trash included. 59 Agostina Drive



Call Rosewood Realty 570-287-6822

LUZERNE 1st floor studio $415/month. No Pets, Electric heat, Kitchen & bath. Laundry room in basement. 570-332-3562

PITTSTON Large 2 BR, 2nd floor apartment. Newly painted with new window blinds, eat in kitchen, built in hutch. Includeds refrigerator, range, washer/dryer hook up & sewage. $500 + security. Call Bernie Madrack 655-4815

221 Fremont St., Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,450. 570-655-6555 TDD 800-654-5984 8 am-4 pm Monday-Friday. Equal Housing Opportunity Handicap Accessible





Quiet neighborhood. 2 bedroom apartments available for immediate occupancy. Heat & hot water included. 1 Bedroom $550. 2 Bedroom $650. Call Jazmin 570-822-7944

113 Edison Street

Wilkes-Barre near General Hospital. Freshly painted 3 room apartment. Spacious eatin kitchen includes stove and refrigerator. Bedroom features 2 full size closets. Large 13 x 21 living room. Water and sewer included. Electricity by tenant. Washer and dryer available in laundry area. Off street parking in private lot. No pets. Security, application, lease required. $485.00 per month. Call 814-9574. WILKES-BARRE STUDIO-Short Term Available Excellent Wilkes University neighborhood, wood floors, parking. $425, all utilities included. 570-826-1934 Studio on 3rd floor of historical building at 281 S. Frankllin St. Includes kitchenette, bath, & off street parking. Heat, water, & garbage removal included $425/month rent. Call 570-3335471 with references. WILKES-BARRE

North Main Street

612-616 Main St. REDUCED! OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE!! LEASE PURCHASE OPTION. Unlimited potential in this once Iconic location. Space can be used as restaurant, (coolers & equipment on site) bar & grill, including office & living space the possibilities are endless! Call agent to make an appointment & a deal! MLS 13-2445 $75,500 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 EDWARDSVILLE

-1 bedroom water included -2 bedroom water included -3 bedroom, single HANOVER -1 bedroom LUZERNE -1 bedroom, water included. PITTSTON -Large 1 bed room water included OLD FORGE -2 bedroom, water included PLAINS -1 bedroom, water included


Available Now! 2 bed and 3 bed $550, $650, $675 and $850. Call 570-901-1020

Rothstein Realtors 888-244-2714 PITTSTON

3 bdrm., 2nd floor, Eat in kitchen. Washer/dryer hook up. Storage area. Small yard & rear deck. $850/month + security. Heat & sewer included. Call 570-650-7265 PITTSTON Brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment on 2nd floor. Oversize bay windows, hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances. All tile & stone showers. Central air, gas heat. Washer & dryer. Water & garbage included. No dogs. $1,250/month. 570-760-7326 Immaculate 1 bedroom, large kitchen, enclosed patio, washer/dryer hookup. Brand new carpeting. Off street parking. Yard. $500/mo water & garbage included. 1 block to park. 570-362-0581 Clean ground level 1 bedroom. Stove, fridge, sewer & water included. Freshly painted, new rugs, security & references. No smoking. No pets. $465/mo. 570-693-1468

WEST PITTSTON MAINTENANCE FREE! One block to elementary School (WY Area). 2 Bedrooms. Off-Street Parking No Smoking. $565. + utilities, security, last month. 570-885-4206
WEST PITTSTON $595 a month. Heat, Water and Sewer included. 1 bedroom, living room, dining room, wall to wall carpeting, washer/dryer, refrigerator and stove. Modern kitchen and bath. 2nd floor. 1 month security with 1 year lease. References required, No Pets. 570-446-7682



35-37 Rice Ave. Double block in very good condition. Live in one side and let the other side pay the mortgage. Newer roof and furnace, 3 years old. Very clean and in move-in condition. A Must See! MLS#13-2618. $79,000 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

MINERS MILLS 1 & 1/2 bedrooms, completely redone, washer/dryer hook up, heat & water included. Quiet neighborhood with yard and screened in back porch. No pets. $575/month + security. 1 year lease. 570-430-0175 1 bedroom apartments with media rooms, recently renovated, New carpeting & appliances From $550 & up. 570-854-8785

McDermott & McDermott Real Estate Inc. Property Management 570-675-4025 (direct line) Mon-Fri. 8-7pm Sat. 8-noon

Remodeled 1st floor apt. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, rear porch. Gas heat, washer/dryer hook- up, fridge, stove & dishwasher. Absolutely no pets. $600/month + utilities & 1 month security. Reference check. 570-472-9453 WILKES-BARRE 72. W. River St. Newly refurbished, large & very charming 3 bedroom dwelling in Historic Mansion in a beautiful neighborhood . Central Air & Heat. Off-street parking, Hardwood floors, new kitchen & appliances. Hot water included. $1,240 + security. 570-991-1619 Duplex, 2nd floor apartment. 1 bedroom. Heat & hot water included. No smoking. No pets. $500 + security. Call 570-823-6829 WILKES-BARRE Hazle Street Large 1 bedroom, 2nd floor. Appliances, no pets, OSP. $650 includes all utilities. Security. 570-822-3991


EXETER OFFICE SPACE Newly remodeled, 120 sq. ft. all utilities included, except phone. Paved parking. $200/month. 1 month free. Call 570-602-1550 for details KINGSTON BUSINESS PARK Large equipmen/storage yard available. $850/month. Utilities available. 570-947-3292 KINGSTON COMMERCIAL GARAGE 1250 sq. ft., 12' ceilings, 10' garage door. $550/month + utilities. 570-947-3292



2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, kitchen appliances, washer/dryer hook-up. $550/month + utilities and security. One month security. No Pets. 570-647-5053


Beautiful 2 bedroom apt downtown Wilkes-Barre in historic brown stone across from Efficiency 1 & 2 bedrooms. InWilkes University in historic cludes all utilities, parking, laundry. district. Walk to all downtown No pets. From $390 to $675. & references. R e s t a u r a n t s , B a r s , M o v e Lease, security 570-970-0847 Theaters, etc. 12 ' ceilings, hardwood floors, large rooms, WILKES-BARRE lots of closet space, new kit142 s. franklin St chen, washer/dryer in apt. Parking for 2 cars, 1 in covered 2nd floor, 1 large bedroom garage & 1 in open lot behind. w/office, fireplace, off street Heat & water included. Must parking, 14' ceilings, hardSee! $1,100 per month FIRM. wood & tile floors. Stove, D/W, microwave, garbage disposal, 570-287-5991 washer/dryer, 24 hour mainWILKES-BARRE tenance & security cameras. Near Kings, 2 BR heat & wa- $900/month + security, utilities ter included. $650/month. No & 1 year lease. Call Janice at pets. 570-693-0285 570-706-6010



STUDIO, 1 & 2 BEDROOMS Equipped Kitchen Free Cable Wall to Wall Carpeting


Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Wilkeswood Apartments



Building & Remodeling SHEDLARSKI CONSTRUCTION Home Improvement Specialist Licensed, insured & PA registered. Kitchens, baths, vinyl siding & railings, replacement windows & doors, additions, garages, all phases of home renovations. Free Est. 570-287-4067 Chimney Service
Rebuild & Repair Chimneys. All types of Masonry. Liners Installed, Brick & Block, Roofs & Gutters. Licensed & Insured

Concrete & Masonry

Serving NEPA Credit Cards Accepted Repairs Guaranteed 570-606-4323 Building & Remodeling 1ST. QUALITY Construction Co. Roofing, siding, gutters, insulation, decks, additions, windows, doors, masonry & concrete. Ins. & Bonded. Sr. Citizens Discount! State Lic. # PA057320 570-606-8438 ALL OLDER HOMES SPECIALIST 570-825-4268. Windows, Doors and Roof Home Repair


We service all brands. All repairs guaranteed



Specializing in All Types of Masonry. Stone, Concrete Licensed & Insured Free Estimates Senior Discount PA094695-570-702-3225

Construction & Building Kenzie Construction Hauling & Trucking
Licensed & Insured. PA# 087026


1 & 2 BR Apts 2 & 3 BR Townhomes

KINGSTON Office Space A total of 800 sq. ft,. 2 to 3 offices. Clean, quiet, safe. M/W bathrooms. Off street parking, All utilities included. $600/month. 570-288-6644 570-499-3137 KINGSTON STORAGE/WORKSHOP 665 sq. ft., bathroom, office. $350/month 570-947-3292

To place an ad call 829-7130

Landscaping Plumbing D.M. PLUMBING & HEATING Specializing in boilers, furnaces & water heaters. 10% Sr. discount. Licensed, insured & 24 hour service 570-793-1930 Roofing & Siding
Roofing Siding Carpentry 40 yrs. experience Licensed & Insured

Roof & Siding, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Remodeling. FREE ESTIMATES! 570-793-1391


TREE/SHRUB REMOVAL Demolition - Estate Cleanout Attics, Basements, Yards, etc. Free Estimates 24 hour service Small and large jobs!

Chimneys / Repairs
Chopyak Masonry Sidewalks, Steps, Concrete Free Estimates. Fully Insured 570-674-7588
All phases of masonry & concrete. Small jobs welcome. Senior discount. Free est. Licensed & Insured 288-1701/655-3505 All phases of masonry & concrete. Small jobs welcome. Senior discount. Free est. Licensed & Insured 288-1701/655-3505

Fall Cleanups, Leaf Removal, Landscaping, Snow Plowing Commercial & Residential. 570-332-7016 Tough Brush Tree pruning. Fall cleanup. Fully Ins. Free Est. 570-829-3261 Movers ...your Moving Helpers! Free Quotes. We Make Moving Easy. Check us out on AngiesList and Yelp. 570-852-9243 Painting & Wallpaper A & N PAINTING FALL SPECIAL Get Ready for the Holidays. $120, average size room + materials. 18 years experience Interior Painting 570-820-7832
Reliable, Neat, Honest, Working with Pride. Insured.




NICHOLS CONSTRUCTION All Types Of Work Licensed & Insured Free Estimates 570-406-6044 Electrical
Licensed & Insured Retired Veteran. Panel upgrades. New & old work. 25 Yrs. Exp.



A1 Always hauling, cleaning attics, cellar, garage, one piece or whole Estate, also available 10 & 20 yard dumpsters. 655-0695, 592-1813 or 287-8302 A1 General Hauling Cleaning attics, cellars, garages, Demolitions, Roofing & Tree Removal. Free Est. 779-0918 or 542-5821; 814-8299







PA026102 Call Dan: 570-881-1131



CHIMNEY REPAIRS Springhill Chimney Service Parging, Brick Work, Stainless Steel Chimney Liners, Chimney Sweep. New Location! 296 Main Street, Dupont. 570-471-3742
CHRIS MOLESKY Chimney Specialist New, repair, rebuild, liners installed. Cleaning. Concrete & metal caps. Small masonry jobs. 570-328-6257


Masonry, Concrete, Stucco, Chimneys Fall Special Chimney Inspection $45. 570-466-2916 570-954-8308

Master electrician Licensed & Insured Service Changes & Replacements. Generator Installs. 570-868-4469


BOB & RAY'S HAULING We Haul Everything! Cheap, fast, clean & respectful Free Estimates. 570-655-7458. 570-926-8090

New Roofs & Repairs, Shingles, Rubber, Slate, Gutters, Chimney Repairs. Credit Cards Accepted FREE ESTIMATES! Licensed-Insured

Jim Harden 570-288-6709


All Types Of Excavating, Demolition & Concrete Work. Lot clearing, pool closing & retaining walls, etc. Large & Small Jobs. FREE EST. (570) 760-1497

HOME SHOW March 7, 8 & 9

New Mohegan Sun Hotel and Convention Center
at the

Cleaning & Maintenance CONNIE'S CLEANING 15 Years Experience Bonded & Insured-Residential Cleaning-Gift Certificates Available-570-430-3743 Connie does the cleaning! DEB & PATS CLEANING SERVICE
We Are Bonded & Insured Free Estimates

At Pocono Downs Call for Details and Reservations. Building Industry Association Of NEPA 411 MAIN ST., KINGSTON, PA 18704 Contact: Janet Campis By E-mailing Office Manager: Or Call: 570-287-3331
For All of Your Remodeling Needs. Will Beat Any Price! Bathrooms, Kitchens, Roofing, Siding, Decks, Windows, etc. 25 Yrs. Experience References. Insured Free Estimates. (570) 332-7023

STESNEY CONCRETE & MASONRY Brick, Block, Stucco, Stone, Steps, Sidewalks, Driveways, Foundations, Floors, Chimneys etc. Lic. & Ins. Call 570328-1830 or 570-283-1245 Construction & Building FLOORING INSTALLATION PROFESSIONALS 15 years experience. Carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, laminate installation & repairs. If you walk on it, we know how to install it! All Work Guaranteed Fully Insured. 574-8953

$ BUYING $ JUNK CARS & TRUCKS Highest Prices Paid Free Pickup
CA$H PAID 570-288-8995 Hauling Junk & Trash from Houses, Garages, Yards, Etc. 826-1883 704-8846
Clean cellars, attics, yards & metal removal. Call Jeff 570-735-3330 or 570-762-4438

KENZIE CONSTRUCTION Licensed & Insured PA #087026 Shingle & Rubber Roofs Free Estimates 570-793-1391 JO Home Improvement Roof, siding, painting, gutters. Fully Ins. Free Est. PA100512. 570-829-3261 or 57-817-2548

JOHNS PAINTING 570-735-8101

Gutter Repair & Cleaning

Mikes $5-Up

Window Cleaning Pressure Washing. Insured. 570-288-6794

Will Haul Anything


Int/ Ext. painting, Power washing. Professional work at affordable rates. Free estimates. 570-288-0733


Licensed, Insured. Everyday Low Prices. 3,000 satisfied customers.

McManus Construction 570-735-0846 Tree Service

Paving & Excavating

570-235-1840 570-793-4773

Clean, Seal, Refinish 10 Year Warranty 570-417-1538 PJs Window Cleaning & Janitorial Services Windows, Gutters, Carpets, Power washing and more. INSURED/BONDED. 570-283-9840


EcoHousekeeping Residential & Commercial All Natural Products Included Experienced, Reliable, Insured 570-878-3188 Lacy Rice Owner/Operator

HIC# 065008 CALL JOE 570-735-8551 Cell 606-7489

Sales, service, installation and repair. FULLY INSURED


BRIZZY'S ARBOR CARE & LANDSCAPING Hedge & Tree trimming, pruning & removal. Stump grinding, Cabling. Retaining walls & repair. Free Est. Fully Ins. 570-542-7265
Small Excavating New landscapes, retaining walls/patios. Call: 570-760-4814



APEX TREE AND EARTH Serving Wyoming Valley, Back Mountain & Surrounding Areas. 570-550-4535 Get news when it happens.

Foltz Landscaping

Call Today For Your Free Estimate 570-474-6329 Lic.# PA021520


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Houses For Sale WILKES-BARRE Houses For Sale WYOMING/FRANKLIN TWP. Houses For Sale


Lots BACK MOUNTAIN 1/2 ACRE LOTS In an upscale development, with public sewer, gas and underground utilities. Privacy and great views. 10 minutes to Kingston on Hillside Road. Starting at $47,900. 570-283-0547 EAGLE ROCK RESORT/ NEAR CHOCTAW LAKE 99 Chestnut Drive Wooded level buildable lot in Four Seasons resort. All amenities are transferred with deed. Amenities include, golf, equestrian, etc. Within walking distance of Choctow Lake. An amazing quick sale price of $11,500. MLS#13-1426. Call Vieve Zaroda 570-715-7742. Apartments /Townhouses Apartments /Townhouses
KEN POLLOCK APARTMENTS 41 Depot Street Low and Moderate Income Elderly Rentals Include: * Electric Range & Refrigerator * Off Street Parking * Community Room * Coin Operated Laundry * Elevator * Video Surveilance Applications Accepted by Appointment 570-736-6965 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. TDD Only, 1-800-654-5984 Voice Only, 1-800-654-5988 Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity

Houses For Sale WILKES-BARRE

Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,450. 570-675-6936 TDD 800-654-5984 8 am-4 pm, Mon-Fri. Equal Housing Opportunity Handicap Accessible DALLAS Newberry Estates Furnished or Unfurnished Carriage House, 1 bedroom washer, dryer. Country club amenities included. No pets, no smokers. $925/month. 210-542-0635 DALLAS MULTI-LEVEL LUXURY TOWNHOUSE IN NEWBERRY ESTATES 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths in a quiet country setting. Includes central air & vacuum, 2 car garage, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, water & trash & all exterior maintenance. Amenities include golfing, swimming & tennis. $1,475 month. + utilities. Call Bernie 655-4815



220 Lake St.

This is a great investment opportunity...separate utilities...very motivated seller. MLS #13-1473 $75,000 Call Maria Huggler 570-586-3575

Cozy two story, move right in. Gas Heat, central air, 3 bedroom, 1 bath. MLS # 13-1510 Call Tom 570-262-7716

$52,900 247 Lehigh Street



$174,900 105 Plymouth Ave. This lovely Bi-level home features 3 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, in ground pool with pool bar and deck, central air. Hardwood floors, gas fireplace, finished lower level, fenced in yard and 2 year garage with ONE YEAR HOME WARRANTY. (directions: Old RIver Road to Dagobert, at 2nd stop sign turn R onto Plymouth Ave. Home is on left in 2nd block) MLS 13-2144 Keri Best 570-885-5082

NORTH RIVER ST. Modern 1 or 2 bedroom home. Located close to Luzerne County Courthouse and Kings College. Great rental property potential New carpeting throughout. 2nd floor bath with laundry area. Freshly painted. Walk-out to backyard. Call to set-up an appointment! MLS #13- 2849 $39,900 Craig Yarrish 696-6554

PRICE REDUCED! 1705 W. 8TH ST. This charming home in the Dallas Sch. Dist. is waiting for new owners to settle in and celebrate the upcoming holidays with family and friends. Relax on the deck and watch the leaves change color around your large country lot. Plan for great times next summer in your 40x20 heated inground pool. This well maintained 2-story has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 modern baths, a modern kitchen with breakfast nook, formal DR, large LR and an added FR with vaulted ceiling and fireplace. 2-car detached garage. Details and photos at: Enter PRU7W7A3 in the SEARCH field. MLS#13-2539 $219,900 Walter or Mary Ellen Belchick 696-6566

$129,900 617 Willowcrest Dr. End unit. 2 bedroom townhome with master bath on 2nd floor. Needs a little TLC. MLS 13-569 Call Tom 570-262-7716

Land (Acreage) NO CLOSING COSTS NO TIME FRAME TO BUILD DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT 10% DOWN FINANCING LOTS OF ELBOW ROOM FOR PRIVACY 2 ACRES with view $29,900 7 ACRES with view $79,900 Call 570-245-6288 DALLAS TOWNSHIP 63 acres with about 5,000 road front on 2 roads. All wooded. $385,000. Call


570-474-6307 HANOVER TWP Slope St. Nice building lot with utilities available. Ideal home site. Affordable at $10,900 TOWNE & COUNTRY REAL ESTATE CO. 570-735-8932 570-542-5708 PLAINS TWP. (Behind VA Hospital) Iroquois Ave. 80-150 Cleared Lot, Ready to Build. Asking 24,900. Assessed at $26,000 570-472-7243

NEWLY REMODELED. 1st floor efficiency. 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath & laundry. New carpet & tile floors. Stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer included. Non smoking. No pets. 1 year lease. $550 month + security & references. Tenant pays electric & gas. 570-313-9955 HANOVER TOWNSHIP


Lot For Sale

Besecker Realty 570-675-3611


WEST END ROAD One bedroom. Heat, water, garbage sewer & appliances included. Off street parking. No pets, non smoking, not Section 8 approved. References, security, 1st & last. $550/month. 570-852-0252


DORRANCE TWP. Well located 58.84 acre parcel with 36.62 acres zoned commercial. Great views. Ideal for recreational type business. Additional land available. $339,000 Call Dave Hourigan 570-715-7750



276 High Street Very Affordable property lovingly cared for and ready for you to move in! Heat-a-lator fireplace provides cozy winters and you can enjoy the patio in the summer. Newer kitchen, replacement windows, new 200 amp electric and low taxes. MLS#13-3212 $38,500 Call Connie EILEEN R. MELONE REAL ESTATE 570-821-7022 WILKES-BARRE

Room for your business & 2 incomes from the apartments upstairs. first floor commercial space is updated beautifully with 4-5 offices, kitchenette & lower level conference room. Plenty of parking. MLS #13-3565 $135.900 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723

Land For Sale Price Reduction 61 +/- Acres Nuangola $88,000 46 +/- Acres Hanover Twp. $69,000 Highway Commercial KOZ Hanover Twp. 3+/Acres 11 +/- Acres Wilkes-Barre Twp. Acreage Zoned R-3 Sugar Notch Lot $11,800 See Additional Land for Sale at: Call: 570-823-3445 EXETER TOWNSHIP VACANT LAND Build your dream home on this lot of almost 1 acre in a small quiet development on Bodle Road. $29,900. MLS#13-3803 Call John Piszak 570-313-8586 Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444 LAFLIN $32,900 Lot#9 Pinewood Dr Build your new home in a great neighborhood. Convenient location near highways, airport, casino and shopping 156 x 110 x 150 x 45 DIRECTIONS Rt 315 to laflin Rd; make left off Laflin Rd onto Pinewood Dr. Lot is on corner of Pinewood Dr. and Hickorywood Dr. MLS 13-23 Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

Earth Conservancy

NUANGOLA Raeder Ave. Private 90 x 200 wooded lot. Recently surveyed. Dir: EDWARDSVILLE Naungola Rd., right on Lake Ave., left on Raeder Ave. Lot 2 story, 2 bedroom. Hardwood is 50 ft past last house on left floors, full basement, freshly & at end of paved road. You'll painted, stove & refrigerator insee sign 50 ft in woods on left cluded. No yard, no pets, non .Call to walk land or for addi- smoker preferred. Tenant pays all utilities. $560/mo+ security. tional info. 570-825-6259 MLS 13-3194 $29,500 EDWARDSVILLE Call Vieve Zaroda 2 bedroom double with re570-715-7742. cently updated kitchen & bath. Fenced in yard and off street parking. $675/month. Call Crystal Banfield 570-715-7741 570-474-6307 NUANGOLA Gay Ave. Wooded building lot 150' road frontage, 200' deep, near I-81, Nuangola Exit. Public sewers. Lot will require well. Turn right at Rice Elem., left at stop sign, quick right on Gay Ave., property on left (lots 8, 9 & 10). Recently surveyed. MLS# 13-3195 $30,500 Call Vieve Zaroda 570-715-7742.

DALLAS 2nd floor Municipal Road $550. Mo. Electric heat, NO Pets. 1 bedroom plus 1 smaller bedroom, laundry, kitchen, living and dining room. 570-332-3562

1 & 2 bedroom, Lake Front Apartments. Lake rights, offstreet parking. No Pets. Lease, Security and References. 570-639-5920 Nice 2nd floor. 5 rooms. Enclosed knotty pine porch. Ceiling fans, new windows, kitchen, gas stove. Off street parking. Sec., ref. No Pets/No Smoking. $425+ utilities. 570-655-1907



PRICE REDUCTION Charming 1,000+ sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 1/1/2 bath with separate driveway on a quiet street. Lower level was finished for former business - has separate entrance, 1/2 bath & electric baseboard heat (not included in total sq. ft). MLS #13-1592 $49,000 Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

1st floor. Located in quiet neighborhood. Kitchen, living room, dining room, sun room, bath, 3 bedrooms; 2 large & 1 small. Lots of closets, built-in linen closet & hutch. Hardwood & carpeted floors. Fireplace. Storage room. Yard. Washer/dryer, stove/fridge. Heat & hot water included. 1 year lease + security. $950. 570-283-4370 KINGSTON Pierce Street 3rd floor, 1-2 bedroom, 1 bath. Newly remodeled building, off street parking, all appliances, including washer/dryer. $575 + utilities. No pets, no smoking. 570-814-3281 KINGSTON Spacious 2nd floor, 2 bedroom. 1 bath. Newly remodeled building, Living room, Dining room, eat-in Kitchen, private front balcony, off street parking, all appliances, including washer/dryer. Available now. $675+ utilities. No pets, no smoking. 570-814-3281


EDWARDSVILLE Spacious, luxurious, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths 2nd floor, off street parking. Freshly painted, brand new, high energy efficient windows & stove. Washer/dryer hook up & dishwasher. $650/month + utilities, 1 year lease, security, references & credit check. No pets, non smoking. Not approved for Section 8. Call Rudy at 570-288-6889 485 River St. 2 bedrooms, 2nd floor, 1 bath, off street parking $550 mo plus utilities. No pets. 570-881-0582 Newly renovated 2 bedroom, large living room with hardwood floors, off street parking, washer / dryer hookup. Sun porch. No pets. $700/month + security & references. 570-760-2362 FORTY FORT 39 Tripp St SPACIOUS 2 BEDROOM apartment with family room, dining room, sunroom & rear porch. Modern kitchen & bath room. Includes stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, indoor storage, garage & off street parking.$575/month + heat, electric & water. No pets, No smoking. 570-417-2275 or 570-954-1746. Available Oct. 1st. October is 1/2 price. Very nice 2nd floor apt in good neighborhood. 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen & tile bath. High ceilings & hardwood floors. 1 year lease. $750 month + security & references. Tenant pays electric & gas. No smoking. No Pets. 570-313-9955



Two story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths & modern eatin kitchen. Double lot with fenced in yard with flowers & off street parking for 3-5 cars. Gas heat. Near bus stops, churches & schools. Small 12 X 16 house in rear with 2 picnic tables for entertaining. $69,900 Call RUTH K. SMITH 570-696-5411

Completely redone 3 bedroom Cape Cod in lovely neighborhood. Beautiful woodwork throughout. Central air, new windows,new carpet with hardwood floors underneath, new electrical, new hot water heater, the list goes on! Nothing to do but move in and enjoy. $135,000 Call Christine (570) 332-8832



92'X120' Valley View Drive Last Available lot on Developed Street High and Dry, Sewer hook-up. $45,000. 570-287-1322 YATESVILLE $49,900 Prime lots read for the right builder. Apx 100x150 priced to sell. Call Phil Semenza 570-313-1229.



KINGSTON 2 BR, range, refrigerator, wallto-wall washer/dryer hook up, walk up attic. Concrete cellar, 2 porches. Very clean. Must see. No pets. $450 + utilities & security. 570-574-1276 or 570-288-4860 2nd floor, 1 bedroom. Newly renovated. Heat & hot water included. No pets. $550/month + security. 570-690-0228


400-402 Andover Street $99,900 Move in condition two family home with 2 car garage, 4 parking pads, new roof, new double pane windows. MLS #13-3666. Tom Salvaggio 570-262-7716


KINGSTON 2nd floor, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen,living room,washer & dryer. Next to post office, off street parking. $500 + utilities, water & sewer included, 1 year lease, security & references, no pets, no smoking. Call 570-822-9821

570-696-1195 WILKES-BARRE YATESVILLE 7 Paiges Dr. $169,900 Custom 3 bedroom townhome with all the bells and whistles. LR, Dr, kitchen with all appliances, 2 1/2 baths, OSP, garage and driveway. MLS #13-3646. Call Phil Semenza 570-313-1229

1 mile south of L.C.C.C. Established development with underground utilities including gas. Cleared lot. 100 frontage x 158. $30,500. Lot 210 frontage 158 deep on hill with great view $30,500. Call 570-736-6881


Apartments /Townhouses 2 bedroom. Water included. $550 + utilities, security & lease. No pets. 570-472-9494 ASHLEY 1st floor, 2 bedroom apartment, freshly painted, wall to wall carpeting, appliances, washer/dryer hook-up, large yard, front and side porches, off-street parking. Sewer and garbage included. Utilities by tenant. No Pets. $450. Security and 1st months rent. 570-474-5505 3 rooms, wall to wall carpeting, appliances, coin-op washer/dryer, off street parking, $420+ security. No pets. 570-655-1606 BACK MOUNTAIN Two 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments with all appliances, $650 & $795/month + security & utilities. Credit check. 570- 696-5417
2nd floor, 1 bedroom. Includes heat, water & garbage. Off street parking. No pets/no smoking. $600/month + 1 month security. 570-690-1591



KINGSTON 3rd floor. 1 bedroom. $600/month, everything included. NO smoking. Very unique! 570-814-3859 Deluxe, quiet, airy 3 bedroom, 2nd floor, 1.5 baths & office. All appliances, washer/dryer in unit. Wall-towall, C/A, garage, attic, no pets/no smoking, lease. 570-287-1733
Nice, clean furnished room, starting at $340. Efficiency at $450 month furnished with all utilities included. Off street parking. 570-718-0331


$69,900 319 N. Washington Street. Large 3 story home with 3 bedrooms of each of the 2nd and 3rd floors. Hardwood floors in living room and dining room, gas heat, first floor laundry. 1 3/4 baths, large eat in kitchen, central vac, alarm system, low taxes. MLS#13-2348 CALL COLLEEN 570-237-0415

Two bedroom bi-level with very private rear yard, new vinyl windows, split system a/c unit. Enjoy the serenity of this home while being conveniently located in a desirable neighborhood. Search for this listing with additional photos on MLS #13-3771.
Call Charlie

15 Pittston Ave.


Get news when it happens.

Central water, Prime Location. 100 Feet of Lake Front! Great view! MLS# 11-1269 $159,900 Call Dale Williams Five Mountains Realty 570-256-3343 WYOMING/EXETER BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE $35,000 - $39,900 Build your new home here. 2 new developments, prices range from $35,000 to $39,900. Public water sewer & gas available. NOT in flood zone. Lot sizes range from 50x100 to 80x105.


HANOVER TWP. 3029 S. Main st.

2nd floor very large 3 bedrooms, wall to wall carpeting central air, eat in kitchen with appliances. Off street parking. Washer & dryer hookup. Heat & cooking gas included. Tenant pays electric & water. $695 plus security. No Pets. 570-814-1356



LUZERNE 276 Bennett Street 1st floor, 1 bedroom, tiled bath, kitchen with refrigerator and stove, off-street parking, water & sewer paid. $435 + utilities & security. No pets/smoking. References. 570-288-7309. Leave message.

Apartments /Townhouses


Find Your Next Vehicle Online.


PRICE REDUCED! $99,900 Spacious brick ranch home boasts 3 large bedrooms, 1.5 baths. New car- pet in bedrooms & living room. New flooring in kitchen. Large deck with above ground pool. Recently installed new roof, furnace & water heater. MLS# 13-1887 Christine Pieczynski 696-6569

Apartments /Townhouses


61 E. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701 Affordable Senior Apartments Income Eligibility Required Utilities Included! Low cable rates; New appliances; Laundry on site; Activities! Curbside Public Transportation Please call 570-825-8594 D/TTY 800-654-5984

Apartments /Townhouses

Located near shopping & transportation. Temple Apartments offers efficiencies & one bedroom apartments for income qualified individuals ages 62 or older and/or needing the features of a mobility impaired unit. Apartment amenities include: Accessible features-fully equipped kitchen-Wall to wall carpeting-Ceramic tiled baths-On-site management-On-site maintenance with 24-hour emergency response-On-site laundry-Intercom entry system-Social services coordinator on-site

Immediate efficiency occupancy


The good life... close at hand
1 & 2 Bedroom Apts.

Regions Best Address
1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts.

Martin D. Popky Apartments


Leasing office located at: 5 Heisz Street- Edwardsville, PA 18704 T: 570-283-2275-TDD 1.800.545.1833 x646 PENNROSE





Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trucks / SUVs / Vans Chevy '06 Cargo Express Van G2500 Series 4.8 Liter V8, 111k miles, white. Very good condition. $7,995 Clothing JACKET black motorcycle type, size 40, good condition $125. 570-287-5640 SNEAKERS boys size 4 Youth Under Armour; black with green, worn once $20. 570-603-1195 Computer Equip. & Software COMPUTER Windows 7, excellent condition, works good on internet $50. 570-824-7354 Exercise Equipment TREADMILL $40. GAZELLE EXERCISER $60. SMALL REFRIGERATOR $25. 570-287-6427 TREADMILL Expanse 600, Space saver design. Excellent condition $75. 570-654-5141 TREADMILL, PRO-FORM Crosswalk, safety key, fan, multi programs, hardly used, excellent condition. Paid $500, will sell for $275. 570-696-2169, leave message. WEIGHT BENCH & cast iron weights over 300 lbs. Dumbbells & barbells $300. 570-855-3113 Furnances & Heaters Furniture & Accessories STORAGE BENCH walnut color 18"hx38"long $50. Toshiba 12" TV with built in VCR. Good working condition $25. 570-763-5604 Landscaping & Gardening STRAWBERRY PLANTS by the bucket, fill yur 5 gallon bucket with ever blooming plants for $20. Very hardy. A wide variety of flowers & trees FREE. Bring your own containers. 570-823-3030 for app't TILLER Yard Machine 3.5HP, new condition $90. Craftsman lawnmower 5HP self propelled with bag runs good $90. Shennodaha coal stove, barrel type, good condition $200. 570-655-3197 Machinery & Equipment Miscellaneous GUITAR electric Pro Custom by Cart with amp & stand $250. Pro Tech 10" miter saw on Skil contractors stand $125. Everlast Power Core station stand with heavy bag & speed bag $150. Braun shaver 360 $75. 7.5' pre lighted Christmas tree $50. Sit up bench $10. 570-406-2507 HANDBAGS 3 Etienne Aigner burgundy shoulder strap also 1 Stone Mountain black shoulder strap $10. each. 570-693-4483 MEDICAL GUARDIAN: Medical Alert for Seniors - 24/7 monitoring. FREE Equipment. Free Shipping. Nationwide Service. $29.95/Month CALL Medical Guardian Today 855-850-9105 MY COMPUTER WORKS: My Computer Works Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-888-781-3386 OIL 42 quarts of new 5W30 oil Pennzoil, Valvoline, Mobil, Castrol CTX $2.50 per quart. 570-654-4901 OMAHA STEAKS: ENJOY 100% guaranteed, delivered-to-the-door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 74% PLUS 4 FREE Burgers - The Family Value Combo - Only $39.99. ORDER Today 1-888-721-9573, use code 48643XMD - or 9 READY FOR MY QUOTE CABLE: SAVE on Cable TV-InternetDigital Phone-Satellite. You've Got A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Call us to learn more! CALL TODAY. 888-929-9254 REEL HOSE & hose $15. 3 fluorscent lights single 30 watt lights included $18. Chinon 3000 GL movie projector 8m/super 8 $40. Craftsman snowblower 4.5 elec. start $40. Deneis Austin primerider $35. Hedge trimmer $70. 825-5564 Musical Instruments CLARINET Leblanc Vito B flat, older model, good working condition, excellent for beginner $150. 570-814-2773


Personal Electronics LAPTOP Toshiba full screen satellite C655, touch pad with multi touch control, DVD super multi drive, Windows 7 & Energy star $300. 570-417-1502 Sporting Goods BOW CASE SKB like new. New was $259. sell for $100. 570-824-5588 COMPOUND BOW Alpine Colt serial#31490, draw 16-20 weight 25, Tune 16. Great starter bow. Used in great shape $50. Red/silver sparkle browning MicroMidas 5-3728 compound bow, some scratches $100. 570-499-8068 FISHING GEAR LOT 2 large & 2 small tackle boxes - lures, hooks, etc, 6 poles, 4 reels all for $50. 570-735-6638 TREE STANDS 16" ladder for hunters $300. OBO. 570-3470593 after 7 pm Want To Buy Pay in Cash. For old cupboards, mining items, books, magazines, advertising, radios, fountain pens, old clocks, glassware, furniture, toys, cameras, guns and swords, Rail Road items, coins, silver bars, jewelry. 570-881-5202 or 570-925-5466 WANTED TO BUY Old car books, brochures, catalogs & paint chip binders. $$Cash Paid! 570-516-9953

Autos For Sale

OLDSMOBILE '00 ALERO Power windows, locks, air. ECONOMICAL! $3,450. 570-825-7577 State inspected & warrantied. Financing available. CAR FAX GUARANTEED

MAFFEI Auto Sales


444 Market Street Kingston

CHEVY '94 S10 PICK UP 4X4, automatic, extras too numerous to mention. $2,000. 570-288-3053

SATURN '04 ION Power windows, locks, air. 72K SHARP! $5,570. 570-825-7577 Freshly state inspected & warrantied. Financing available. Car Fax Guaranteed. Good condition, new brakes. Navy Blue. 40,000K. Interior is in good shape. $10,800. Call Kristen 570-704-6022


93 Butler Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 570-825-8253 CHEVY '93 BLAZER 2 door, 6 cylinder auto, 4x4, new tires, radiator, tune-up, & oil change. $1,250 Current Inspection On All Vehicles DEALER FORD '00 EXCURSION LIMITED 4 X 4 Well maintained, runs great, many extras & new parts. $5,000. 570-574-3881


portable line boring bar machine for heavy equipment. Bores from 1.3.75" to 10". Used infrequently. Excellent condition, in waterproof cases, includes extra attachments. 814-734-8994 or 703-409-9261 Miscellaneous ANNUITY.COM Guaranteed Income For Your Retirement Avoid market risk & get guaranteed income for retirement! Call for FREE copy of our SAFE MONEY GUIDE Plus Annuity Quotes from A-Rated companies! 800-423-0676 BOOK Egyptian book 1800's $10. Harry Potter Scene It game DVD $10. 2 Gem Trees Paudshell Amethyst & Agate $5. ea. Unique picture of ship made of wood & string $10. 2 beautiful framed pastel pictures $20. ea. 209-1909 BOOKS children's books Thomas the Tank 13 books $5. 570-603-1195 CANADA DRUGS: Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75 percent on all your medications needs. Call today 1-800-341-2398 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. CANDLES / YANKEE (53) new 22 oz fall & Christmas scents $10. ea. 14.5 oz new fall scents 2 jars $6. ea. 25 Woodwick candles 21 oz new assorted scents $10. ea. 570-693-2329 CANES & WALKING STICKS. 25 available. Made from slippery maple trees. Many different shapes & sizes. $5 to $6 dollars ea. 570-735-2081 CARBOYS 5 gallon glass $15. ea. ideal for wine or beer brewing. Corkers floor model Portugiese $75. Airlocks $1 ea. Jet bottle washer brass $7. 570-678-7634 CHANDELIER 3 tier, all glass $25. MICROWAVE oven cart $20. PURSES $5. & up. KIDS BOOKS $1. & up. 570-855-8764 CHANDELIER Victorian brass, 5 lights. Cost 4300. asking $50. 570-779-3653 CHANDELIERS gold with white globes $25. each. Stoneware service for 8 $50. Kitchen cabinet hardware gold 29 handles, 11 knobs $2. each. 2 king size comforters $15 each. 570-825-2888 DISH: DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL NOW! 1-800-734-5524 DUMMY MTH unit ENG $315. Oak wall phone 1907 $290. 2 gallon brown jug Pittston,PA $25. Marx tin doll house with furniture $50. Hess '02 in box $20. Gulf truck in box $15. Maple glider chair, new $75. 570-735-1589 DVD Gong Show movie $10. 5 storm windows $10. ea. Goodyear Wrangler tire P205/75R15 $25. 1 205/75R14 $20. 8' 4" PVC pipe $10. '88 caprice taillights $20. Chevy V8 350 bearing set $15. 18" tires $80. 570-740-1246


Old Items Wanted.

TOYOTA '05 MATRIX XR Power windows, locks, air. 63K. excellent $8,900. 570-825-7577 State inspected & warrantied. Financing available. Car Fax Guaranteed.

4 Cyl., 5-Speed, good condition. $2,200. 570-825-4261 HONDA '08 PILOT SE AWD, V6, burgundy/grey cloth, power seat, sunroof, 63k miles. Warranty $17,895.

Ford Ranger Pickup 94'

HEAT YOUR ENTIRE HOME water, and more with an OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. B & C Outdoor Wood Furnace, LLC. 570-477-5692
STOVE Dickson coal burning stove, older model, suitable for heating & cooking, gray with large oven & 6 lids plus top warming oven. Very good condition $300. 570-288-0204 Furniture & Accessories BED FRAME king/queen heavy duty, new in bix $50. OBO. 570-788-2388 BED frame with brass headboard, full $75. French Provincial sofa, soft gold & white, $100. Matching chair & ottoman $75. 2 White end tables-2 shelves, $35. ea. Oval coffee table, glass/brass $75. 70.655.6290 BED queen size tubular steel, no mattress $175. Antique brown wood desk, 7 drawers $300. Bookcase, 2 glass doors, 3 shelves $300. Banquet folding tables 3 for $150. 570-654-4440 BED/twin with built in 4 drawers under & shelves, light in headboard. paid $800 6 months old, asking $250. Kitchen table with leaf, 4 chairs solid wood, used Asking $75. 570-690-3760 BEDROOM FURNITURE 8 pc mahogany, chest, dresser with mirror, vanity with mirror, vanity bench, small mahogany chair, extra mirror for chest. $400. Lazyboy red all leather sofa approx. 88" l, 3 cushion attached back $525. 331-0533 BEDROOM SUITE 7 pc. oak, full/queen footboard & headboard, dresser with mirror, desk with hutch top, chest with hutch top, solid wood, all good condition $400. 570-235-1315 COMPUTER CHAIR adjustable height & back, brown good condition. $25. 570-8192793 COUCH Olive color, very good condition. $200. Call Nancy 570-479-0021 COUCH, loveseat, oversized chair, Contemporary style, beige in color $400. Kitchen table 54", 6 padded chairs, brown $300. Coffee & end tables Mission oak $200. 570-693-1454 DINING ROOM SET , large china cabinet with lighted shelves, 3 drawers & 2 cabinets, table with 3 12" leafs server & 6 upholstered chairs $1200. Tiffany lamp, large size for over table, neutral color $100. Brass chandelier $50. Dog crate medium size $50. 570-823-9467 after 6pm ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Sauder, oak, 2 shelves for components, storage for DVDs, CDs or VHS will fit 27" or most 32" flat screen, very good condition $30. 570-6755622 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER , excellent condition, glass side storage for stereo, bottom cabinets, asking $75. 239-6011 BEDROOM SET twin, maple complete with night stand & mirrored dresser $300. 570-696-5204 KITCHEN SET beautiful, wood with cushions for chairs $100. ELECTRIC FIREPLACE new, never used with receipt 4200. STAINLESS STEEL water cooler $45. Old porch ROCKING CHAIR, wood $40. 570-824-3507 KITCHEN TABLE & chairs. FREE Call Monday - Thursday after 6pm 570-288-6214 LIVING ROOM SET rattan, 2 sofas, 1 end table, 1 coffee table with glass top $450. Rocker/recliner, dark green $50. Excellent condition. 570-654-4112 PATIO CHAIRS metal frame, brown, 2, like new $35. ea. Outdoor lounge chairs brown, metal frame, 2, like new $35. ea. 570-735-7619


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TOYOTA '07 HIGHLANDER V6 3.3 litre, 4WD 100,000 MILES. Auto. Black. Inspected until 6/14. leather, EVERYTHING POWER, Sunroof. Clean inside & out . $14,500 OBO. 570-417-9974

MAFFEI Auto Sales


444 Market Street Kingston

JEEP '12 LIBERTY LIMITED 4x4, V6. white/tan leather, heated seats, 33k miles. Factory Warranty $20,500.

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Red. Very good condition. Never in an accident. Well maintained, professionally cleaned & buffed. Used as church car for pastor. 97,000 miles. $8,795. Contact William Smalt @ 570-881-2165


Call 829-5000

MAFFEI Auto Sales


444 Market Street Kingston

LEXUS '04 RX330 AWD, V6, light blue/black leather, heated seat, sunroof, 92k miles. sharp, like new. $14,995.

TOYOTA '06 COROLLA LE Power windows, locks, seat, air. 65k. SHARP! 8,950. 570-825-7577 State inspected & warrantied. Financing available. CAR FAX GUARANTEED.

MAFFEI Auto Sales

Auto Services

444 Market Street Kingston

WANTED Cars & Full Size Trucks. For prices... Lamoreaux Auto Parts 477-2562

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AWD, silver/silver, sunroof, GPS, runs & looks great, 128,000 miles. $7,400. Contact John 570-479-3955 VW '03 JETTA GLS Red with black cloth, heated seats, alloys, 108k. Extended Warranty $6,200.


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444 Market Street Kingston

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BARBERS CHAIR vintage Koken St. Louis Mo. orig. black leather, very good condition, hydraulics work B-3688 orig. head rest, leather strap & clothes brush $750. 570-7794228 or 570-262-1032 BASEBALL CARDS 91 Upper Deck 800 cards $5. '93 Topps 800 cards $5. '04 Topps 800 cards $5. 570-313-5214 or 570-313-3859 Appliances DISHWASHER portable, Kenmore black with butcher block top $175. Back Mountain. 570-239-5254 REFRIGERATOR Frigidaire side by side, bisque, ice & water on door, 26 cu. ft. $300. 570-696-5204 REFRIGERATOR white, 7 year old Roper, side by side, ice/water dispenser & humidity control crispers $295. Dishwasher white, full size, Frigidaire Galley Series, 5 cycles, 3 options $245. 570-287-0362 WASHER & DRYER Kenmore less than 2 years old, perfect condition, will sacrifice $500. Brand new bike seats Schwinn & Roadmaster $15. ea. Brand new Harmony electric guitar $50. All priced firm. 570-947-0032 Building Materials DECONSTRUCTED barnwood planks 2" thick range 7.5" to 12"w % 5'6" tp 6"-0 approx 55 pieces. Misc. shorter pieces 2" planks. many full 2"x4" boards. $510. 570-7791256 or 570-855-2506 WINDOWS replacement new 1-16"x27.5" & 1 - 18"x27" white vinyl double hung insulated glass, 1/2 screen $40 each or 2 for $70. LADDER RACKS commercial grade brand name Weather Guard $60. 570-735-7658 WINDOWS vinyl hung replacement windows low E with grid, like new (7) 31-3/8wx65.5h; (7) 31-3/8wx42h; (2) 27 1/8wxx45h; (1) 33-7/8wx42h $50 each. or all for $700. 570-650-7174 Clothing COAT ladies black leather 3/4 length sz 14. Skirt & jacket suits navy size 6; caramel sz 8. $7. ea. Boys winter boots (2) Spiderman & Cars design $4. & $3. Girls boots sz 13 navy/red trim & high silver boot $3. ea. 570-288-0060

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VW '03 PASSAT WAGON Power windows, locks, air. ECONOMICAL! $4,995. 570-825-7577 State inspected & warrantied. Financing available. CAR FAX GUARANTEED

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VW '04 PASSAT GL Power windows, locks, air. 81k. SHARP! $7,400. 570-825-7577 State inspected & warrantied. Financing available. CAR FAX GUARANTEED Boats & Marinas


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14' 1999 2 stoke 8HP Mercury motor, 1993 Load Rite trailer. Asking $1,300. 570-606-6848 Motorcycles


The Times Leader will accept ads for used private party merchandise only for items totaling $1,000 or less, maximum 8 lines for 7 days. All items must be priced and state how many of each item. Your name, address, email and phone number must be included. No ads for ticket sales accepted. Pet ads accepted if FREE ad must state FREE. You may place your ad online at, or email to classifieds@ SORRY NO PHONE CALLS.

The Favorite Feast

150HP Johnson motor, new canopy Trolling motor, also. Moving , Must Sell! 570498-9599 RVs / Campers Mini Winnebago 86' 18', new inspection. Sleeps 4. Sink, stove, refrigerator and bathroom with shower. All in working condition. $2,900. 570-779-3639 Mini Winnebago 86' 18', new inspection. Sleeps 4. Sink, stove, refrigerator and bathroom with shower. All in working condition. $2,900. 570-779-3639 Trucks / SUVs / Vans JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Laredo 2005 PRICE REDUCED! 82,000 miles, Well maintained, excellent condition. Beige in color, $10,500. 570654-7451 or 570-466-4669

STRATUS 17' Pleasure/ Fishing Boat

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets . .. 48643XMD List $154.00, Now Only ...


Omaha Steaks Burgers


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Call Free 1-888-721-9573

BOOKCASE, white, 2 shelves PORCH FURNITURE: couch, $15. Bedroom chest white, 5 2 chairs, 2 ottomans, coffee ta- drawers, $20. Bedroom dressble, 3 yrs. old $25-. 2 seated er white, 9 drawers $40. DR couch & chair, yellow & white $60. DR cabinet $50. Shed $75. 570-288-4384 Rubbermaid 8'x10' $25. 2 deck RECLINER / ROCKER by boxes $25 ea. 570-902-9363 Lane made in USA slate blue, very good condition, can help GARAGE DOOR OPENER Raynor 1/3 HP with remote with delivery. 570-905-7427 $50. 570-824-1020 SOFA Broyhill, very well made, good condition. Asking $150. TIRES 2 Winterforce snow 570-740-1448 tires, 175/70R/13 mounted on SOFA Lazyboy brown leather, '92 Geo Prizm rims, both rims 2 reclining seats paid $2300. & tires like new $100. 570-8258438 after 6pm sell for $999. 570-474-9122


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Wednesday, September 25, 2013


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