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One year of making your voices matter P2


2 15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013

15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013


WTF celebrates turning one with much gusto!
We have in this anniversary issue many exciting stories that illustrate the spirit of the tabloid. Catch all the action from Poznan, Poland with the Indian team at the Homeless World Cup. WTF was associate sponsor to the Indian team and was cheering the team on from the stands. WTF looks at latest fashion trends and why colleges are enforcing dress codes for students. We get perspectives from both guys and girls and hear them out. WTF-FAME looks at FACEBOOKNEENGA NALLAVARA KETTAVARA, a movie all set to release through the WTF-FAME initiative. We caught up with the director and crew to get a feel of the movie. WTF always promises to help you and we give you quick tips on how to deal with a pub crawl and also help you with making the right excuses if you are caught bunking class. Read on and enjoy the widevariety of stories and plots, tell us what you think and write in to editorial.wtf@gmail.com -Lisa Marie
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We caught up with few readers of WTF to find out what they think about us and here’s what they had to say

TF-What they feel, began its journey a year ago and through the course of the year it has grown exponentially creating a platform for students in the city to be able to voice their opinions. Through exciting features and interactive creatives, WTF has garnered the support of the student community, who have helped this tabloid grow. The coming year promises to be even more exciting as the team has planned to take this tabloid to the next level. “With initiatives like WTF-Fame and WTFSchool of talent, we aim to help recognise talented students and help bridge the gap between passion and profession”, explains Rohit Ramesh, CEO of WTF. This year is also very special for the WTF team as WTF went overseas with the Slum Soccer India team as associate sponsors and attended the Homeless World Cup 2013. Helping the Indian team comprising of children from challenging backgrounds go to Poznan in Poland and participate in the Homeless World Cup just echoes the spirit of WTF and the core philosophy of recognising talent and helping make dreams come true. WTF will continue to be your voice, so do write in to us and let us know how we can serve you better. Please write in to ceo.wtf@gmail.com with your suggestions.


TF tabloid is just awesome. This paper is so useful for the college going students as they are updated with the latest news. I appreciate WTF for giving opportunities to the youngsters by printing their talents and making them grow as i was given a chance to be on the paper. The students who do not read the news papers, read WTF as the interesting facts pull their eye balls towards it.  I feel more of business news and the current affairs of our country should be featured as the students should know what is happening in our country. Local news should be featured as well. A special blog on the paper should be given for talented students as the readers should know the “Future Leaders of tomorrow” of our country.

Sunny Deepak, Chennai


think WTF is a great platform for college go-

ers to share their views and daily happenings, as it is an on campus newsletter, it is inclusive of the very many colleges in Chennai. One only needs to pick up a copy to know the latest news and cultural extravaganzas about to adorn respective colleges and can make a beeline for it. The newsletter, inclusive of humour also includes information often essential to the college student. Last month’s copy had a two page cover on how to get rid of a hangover, and to say the remedies were pretty succint. I applaud the founder of the newletter on his brainchild as it is a students favourite on campus. On the other hand, WTF could focus on telling us about the college goers favourite spot to hang out at, places where one can experiment ones taste buds. It would also be a good idea to include a section on young entrepreuners as many college students run businesses post college hours. This may prove very

inspirational to the reader and bring such personalities to light. Along with all these, Wtf must include a section on art, performances and fashion. I may be biased by suggesting so though, as they are my areas of foray.                
Masiha Shabeer, Wcc college Chennai


e actually had no idea what these newspaper was about, one day I just found a friend going through this in college and I got hooked on. I wish it was more regular and I could to read more about what activities and events are happening in the city. I really enjoyed reading the Guzzler Cue and the Cat fights. I hope there will be more news updates as well as it should be informative to students and not just be a fluff tabloid.
Nilofer, Stella Maris College


4 15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013

15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013



WTF goes to Poland with the Slum Soccer Team India for the homeless World Cup in Poznan this year
achieved its highest ever finish at the Homeless World Cup when the team selected by Indian National partners Slum Soccer broke into the Top 30 for the first time in the 11th edition of the annual tournament held at Poznan, Poland. The life changing tournament that saw participation from 64 countries was won by traditional powerhouse Brazil who beat Mexico in the finals on penalties. India was handed a difficult route to the group stages and had to play Argentina, Wales, Scotland and Indonesia to get there. Heart breaking losses against Wales (penalties) and Argentina (6-4) meant India was drawn into the same group as Belgium, USA, Norway and Switzerland. The first game was a rematch of the Paris ’11 Homeless World Cup Community Cup Final against Belgium. The score line remained the same; 7-5; unfortunately, this time India was on the losing end. However, an almost miraculous fight back followed and India reeled off 3 successive wins beating the Swiss 8-3, the Americans 5-1 and the Norwegians 3-2. Other results went in Team India’s favor too and it finished top of the group with 12 points and Belgium a close second with 11. This handed Team India a place in the quarterfinals of Host Cup (The Ministry of Labor Cup) for the first time and although the team was beaten by European Giants Czech Republic, India went on to beat Northern Ireland in the ranking games and finished a creditable 29th. The mixed gender team led by Pankaj Mahajan showed spirit and purpose throughout and were a firm crowd favorite. This was a life changing experience for the players from the slums and red light districts in Nagpur, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Abhijeet Barse, CEO of Slum Soccer said, “I am confident that the players will use this opportunity to go back to their communities and truly work towards improving the quality of the lives of themselves and their peers.’’ Akshay Madhavan, COO of Slum Soccer and the manager of the team said, “We are indebted to our sponsors who made this trip possible for Team India. Chief among them is The Hindu who was our title sponsor. Adidas supplied us with wonderful equipment as kit sponsors ensuring we had everything we needed to give our best. Last but not the least, we owe a lot to WTF who were our associate sponsors and helped us out with every single arrangement.”


6 15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013

Remember we promised you that if your dreams needed wings, we would help you achieve your goals. WTFFAME initiative is helping bring a movie project to life and making the dreams of Vignesh Kumar and his team come true. After his movie went viral on YouTube, there was no stopping him. Onnukulla Onnu’s director, Vignesh is all set to release his next venture. We caught up with him to find out more about his upcoming project.

What is the concept of your movie how did it come to being?

So Vignesh, tell the readers of WTF what your next movie is going to be about?
FACEBOOK-NEENGA NALLAVARA KETTAVARA (FNNK) is my upcoming film and it is completely about two guys and incidents happening around them relating to Facebook. This film shows how Facebook is being used by today’s youth.

I thought there is no film made yet that is completely about a person’s Facebook life, so far. This made me make a film about it. I feel it will have a cult following upon release. Rohit Ramesh sir called me for an interview early this year after watching my ‘ONNUKULLA ONNU’. After that he gave me the chance to make a movie again, and then came the idea of FNNK. I narrated the story to him and he believed in the storyline and now we’ve completed shooting and the film is at the edit table. We are animating the Facebook interface for FNNK. It is done by Archit Ramesh, my producer’s brother who is already working for a famous designing company. Hopefully, the readers of WTF will support our venture and enjoy the movie. We will keep you posted about the release.

s s e r d des
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15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013 7

Given the recent spree of news about rape cases plaguing the Indian media, it comes as no surprise that many colleges are warning their students to be more alert and dress better. We caught up with a FEW students in colleges across the city to hear them out on the issue.

When our college says dress decently they actually mean wear traditional Indian clothes, I feel like it’s unfair when guys get to wear what they want and they are the reason this happens. I want to wear jeans and tshirts to college but my teachers will throw me out. We say we are progressing but if I can’t wear what I want then how are we? -Smriti

We live in such a hypocritical society, everyone tells us that women are free to do and think as they please but if this is the situation then what can we do. We have to hide and feel shameful like as though being a girl is a crime. I have to wear a shrug or coat every time I wear a sleeveless top or use a scarf when I come to college. Guys stare at you like they have never seen a woman in their life. It is mostly because they are deprived and frustrated. Colleges imposing dress codes are just doing what they need to do to keep us safe, I don’t agree with it but I understand where they are coming from. -Rochelle

What about the rest of the crew members?

Who are the actors in this project?

Vignesh Kumar (myself), ‘FATTY’ Gowtham Raj , Moses Robinson ( newsreader / translator/ lyricist), Veena venu ( Daughter of actor Venu Arvind ) , Shailender Singh ( Onnukulla onnu’s producer and he did the Swamiji character in it if you remember) and many others.

The producer is Rohit Ramesh, the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction is by me Vignesh Kumar, music is by Anton Zephrin, cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna, editor is Arulmozhi Varman and the colourist is Praveen Leonard. The VFX is done by Archit Ramesh and the spokesperson is Nikkil Murugan.

It is unfair to always blame guys. We are not all the same. Girls act like they have nothing to do with what is going on. Girls know it is bad for them to travel alone and dress provocatively. It is wrong to judge an entire sex or gender based on what a handful do. We also have mothers and sisters and we respect women. Yes, we need to educate men as early as primary school about respecting women so as to avoid such scenarios. -Rahul

The problem is the mindset of the average Indian male, he thinks he can stare, pass comments and get away with it. That is the problem. Imposing dress codes on us is not the solution. We have to address the issue at the grass root level and change the way people think. I have many guy friends and they are all great and respect me and make sure I get home safe. They are more cautious than some of my girl friends and look out for me. I dress the way I want around them and they never look at me strange or try to act weird. It is because they are used to it and they don’t find the need to do something about it even if they find it provocative. -Kiran

Dress code for women is understandable. Some girls come to college like they are going clubbing or partying with friends. A place of education and learning should be treated sacred. Such attire can be distracting -Lakshmi

8 15 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2013


omen’s Christian College, affiliated to the University of Madras is one of the oldest institutions of higher education for Women in India, established in 1915 by the united effort of 12 missionary societies from England and the USA. True to its motto ‘Lighted to Lighten’ the college has been providing complete, meaningful, relevant education to generations of women students making them intellectually well-trained, morally upright, socially aware and spiritually inspired citizens. The college was granted autonomy in 1982 and reaccredited by NAAC with ‘A’ grade (April 2012). WCC is glad to share with WTF the good news that the Department of Chemistry celebrated its Diamond Jubilee during the year 2013-2014. The department has been successful in producing graduates who are excelling in various portfolios both nationally and internationally. The department evolved into a PG department in 2007. The department has been a trend setter in Chemistry education, offering innovative courses such as Forensic Science, Printing and Dyeing of Textiles and Cosmetics and Personal Grooming. In order to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee they organized a National Level Science exhibition and Quiz Competition at School and College level. They also released of a Diamond jubilee Souvenir to mark the occasion. The programme is scheduled to be held during 29 August 2013.



b u Ppper

Happy hours are called so for a reason. If you’re looking to get the most out of your money, get most of your drinks at happy hour and not at the end of the night. You are probably going to be swipehappy, splurging on shots you don’t even recognise and the bartender is going to make it a point to serve you the most expensive liquor given your state.

Everyo own litt ne has their le trade to trick of the best nig have the few wa ht. Here are your pu ys to make experie b crawling it can bnce the best e. For th of you w ose know w ho don’t crawl mhat a pub merely eans, it is of hopp the practice pub to ing from one a trying o nother and drinks i ut the best and da n the house n beats th cing to the but alw e DJ spins a sure to ys making leave a head to n the nex d t pub!

Many people like to pre-game or have a few shots before they set out for a pub crawl. This is probably a bad idea for a first-timer. Try not to pre-game for a pub crawl. Drinking before a crawl is an absolute no.  Breaking this rule is the easiest way to find yourself passed out in the alley next to the first bar.


Remember to pace yourself after the first bar. One drink per stop is completely acceptable. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Eat before you drink. Carbs work best, so load up on a burger before hitting the town. Grab a sandwich on the go if you find yourself queasy after the first pub. Many amateurs have fallen prey to the empty stomach.

Photo-worthiness is questionable. Trigger-happy friends may make things really awkward for you next morning. Don’t do anything that  you wouldn’t want to see on Facebook. Your friends may take pictures of you flirting with that hot girl and your significant other back home may not appreciate the humour of it all. Better still keep a no picture rule within your group for a fun night.



Just say no to drinks on fire. A wasted pub crawler trying a fire shot could inevitably be dangerous for you and others.

Owned and published by Rohit Ramesh, Old no. 7, New no. 15, Parthasarathy Gardens, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018. Editor-in-chief: Liz. RNI - TNENG05547 / 22 / 1 / 2012-TC

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