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RESIDENTIAL LEASE LANDLORD Name:______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ TENANT(S) Name: ____________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________

Date: TERMS OF AGREEMENT 1. PARTICULARS. The apartment number or floor is _____. The building is located at ______. Landlord will rent this apartment to tenant from (___/___/___) through (___/___/___). 2. RENTS. The rent for the apartment is P_______ a month. Tenant will pay the rent on the ____ day of each month or on the following dates. If there are or will be any additional charges in connection with living in this apartment, they are described at the end of the lease. Rent should be paid to _______ at ________. When the rent is paid, landlord will give tenant a written receipt. 3. VALIDITY OF CONTRACT. This contract shall be valid for six months. In no way shall the lessee be allowed to leave the unit or cancel this contract without the lapse of six months. Should the tenant decide to annul this contract without the passing of six months, he shall be allowed only upon payment of all his rents for the six months as agreed in this contract. The contract shall be renewed subject to the agreement of other parties. 4. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Tenant has paid landlord P______ as a security deposit. The security deposit shall be non-refundable. 5. USE OF SECURITY DEPOSIT. Upon expiration of the contract and should the tenant decide not to renew, the security deposit shall be considered as the payment for the last billing month of the tenant.

6. USE OF UNIT. Tenant agrees that the apartment will be used only to live in. Tenant may not use the apartment to conduct any illegal activity, or to any purposes other than residential. Tenant agrees not to damage the apartment, the building, the grounds or the common areas or to interfere with the rights of other tenants to live in their apartments in peace and quiet. Landlord agrees to do nothing that would prevent or interfere with tenant's legal use of the apartment. Should there be any damages proven to be due to the negligent, abusive of excessive use of the tenant to properties transferred to him in good condition by virtue of this agreement, tenant agrees to pay for the repairs/replacement of the same. 7. END OF CONTRACT. When the lease ends, tenant agrees to return the apartment to the same condition it was in at the start of the lease, other than normal wear and tear, except for those items that were noted on inspection and described at the end of this lease. Any damages borne out of the negligence or excessive use of the unit by the tenant shall cost the tenant expenses for repairs. Repairs necessary for other damages not caused by the tenant shall be borne by the landlord. 8. DAMAGES BY TENANT. Landlord promises that the apartment and building comply with applicable housing codes, are fit to live and not dangerous to life, health or safety of the occupants. Landlord will be held responsible if this promise is broken, even if it is not the landlord's fault, unless the apartment or building becomes unfit to live in due to tenant's misconduct or that of tenant's family or guests. Landlord agrees to make all necessary repairs and take all necessary action to keep the apartment and building fit to live in and to meet all housing code requirements IF AND ONLY IF such damages are not due to the tenants negligent, abusive or excessive use and subject to the following condition: If landlord does not live up to the terms of this lease or fails to provide any of the services which landlord agrees to provide, tenant may have the right not to pay part or all of the rent. 9. DAMAGES BY FORTUITOUS EVENTS. If the apartment is so damaged by fire or other event, not the fault of the tenant, that it cannot be lived in, and because of the damage the tenant moves out, tenant will not be liable for rent from the day of the damage and

tenant may cancel the lease on three days' notice. If the apartment is damaged in part, so that certain rooms cannot be used and are not used, tenant will pay a proportional amount of the rent from the day of the damage. If the lease is not canceled or only a portion of the apartment is damaged, landlord will make all necessary repairs to make the apartment fit to live in within thirty (30) days. Tenant will begin paying full rent when the apartment is repaired and returned to a livable condition. 10. LANDLORDS RIGHT TO ENTER. Except for emergencies, landlord may enter apartment only during reasonable hours, after advance notice and with prior written approval. 11. ADDITIONAL LOCKS. Tenant may install an extra lock on any entrance door to tenant's apartment with the written approval of the landlord. Tenant agrees to provide landlord with a copy of the key to all extra locks. 12. INSPECTIONS. Monthly inspection shall be made by the landlord upon proper notice to the tenant to ensure that the unit is being used according to the provisions of this contract. 13. VANDALISM. No vandalism or any unnecessary marks shall be made by the tenant to the unit. Any vandalism or unnecessary marks made by the tenant shall be removed at the tenants expense. 14. GUESTS REGULATIONS. No guests shall be welcomed to the unit who shall cause trouble or disturbance that will disrupt the peaceful occupancy of the other tenants in the adjacent units. In no way shall the tenant conduct any activity (i.e. alcoholic liquor drinking) to the detriment of the other occupants. 15. NUMBER OF PERSONS ALLOWED. The unit shall be liveable by a maximum of five (5) persons only. Any violation to this provision would cause the tenant to pay additional rent costing 500 pesos/person/month. 16. COMPLIANCE. Tenant agrees to obey all reasonable building rules that tenant has been informed about. SIGNATURES

The tenant and landlord have each received identical copies of the lease, each copy signed and dated by both landlord and tenant(s). (date) ______________________________________ ____________________________________________ (date) ______________________________________ ____________________________________________ (tenant's (landlord's signature) signature)