Liquid Sky 1982

com/title/tt0085852/ Harold and Maude 1971 San Soleil 1983 Repulsion 1965 Ein Bild 1983 - documentary shot in Munich playboy studio Les roseaux sauvages 1994 ( I've lost the subtitles, still searching ) Speaking Part 1989 Santa Sangre 1989 Happiness 1998 Human Nature 2001 Yes 2004 Waking Life Crash 1996, Cronenberg Ghostworld Gus Van Sant: Milk My Own Private Idaho others: Drugstore Cowboy, Elephant A Clockwork Orange,1971 The Edge of Heaven Ingmar Bergman: The Silence Through A Glass Darkly Winter Light Persona Nightwatching Shortbus Rocky Horror Picture Show Hedwig and the Angry Inch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Me and You and Everyone We Know Quills The Night Porter 1974 Chungking Express 1994 Rushmore 1998 The Virgin Suicides Lost In Translation Mulholland Drive The Dreamers Boys Don't Cry Doubt Angels In America The Graffiti Artist (still looking)

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