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Cumulative Review

Cumulative Review 1 (Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Families, and Similar Words) 1. The manager should . . . the procedure to reduce errors. A. Simplicity C. simple B. simplify D. Simply

2. Arguing over the use of copy machine is very . . . . A. fool C. foolish B. fooled D. foolishly

3. We could print newspaper ads to . . . our new restaurant. A. publicity C. public B. publicize D. publication 4. The . . . will be announced on Friday. A. decision C. decisive B. decide D. decisively

5. Our research facility is the better. .. to manage this project. A. quality C. qualified B. qualify D. qualification 6. The project was separated into . . . parts. A. equal C. match B. same D. likable 7. He was . . . please by the result of the team effort. A. specially B. especially C. specialty D. special

8. Everyone left the building . . . security guard. A. except B. excess C. access D. accept

9. Airline ticket prices . . . when the cost of the fuel increases. A. ascend B. grow C. rise D. elevate

10. Mr. Arnold can . . . a pen from Ms Lee. A. lend B. give C. offer D. borrow

11. The client's criticize of his work made the secretary work harder.

12. The board of directors must choose the most economically plan for the company.

13. Applications for the seminar on manager techniques are due on Friday.

14. It is Mr. Sloan's resoponsibilty to maintenance all computer files on current projects.

15. Ms. Chin is a partner in a national known firm of marketing consultants.

16. The company does not have enough currency to build a new headquarters.

17. Our investments obtained more money this year than last last year.

18. The affect of the new manufacturing process on the environment is not known.

19. The department of human resources will elaborate the insurance benefits to include new employees.

20. Mr. Sung can lend a typewriter from Ms. Wilson, because his typewruter is broken.

Cumulative Review 1 1. The project was separated into . . . . parts. A. equal C. match B. same D. likeable 2. He was . . . pleased by the results of the team effort. A. specially C. especially B. specialty D. special 3. Everyone left the building . . . . the security guard. A. except C. access B. excess D. accept 4. Airline ticket prices. .. when the cost of the fuel increases. A. ascend C. rise B. grow D. elevate

5. Mr. Arnold can . . . a pen from Ms. Lee. A. lend C. offer B. give D. borrow 6. The client's criticize of his work made the secretary try harder. 7. The board of directors must choose the most economically plan for the company. 8. Applications for the seminar on manager techniques are due on Friday. 9. It is Mr. Sloan's responsibility to maintenance all computer files on current projects. 10. Ms. Chin is a partner in a national known firm of marketing consultants. 11. The company does not have enough currency to build a new headquarters. 12. Our investments obtained more money this year than last year. 13. The affect of the new manufacturing process on the environment is not known. 14. The department of human resources will elaborate the insurance benefits to include new employees. 15. Mr. sung can lend a typewriter from Ms. Wilson, because his typewriter is broken. Cumulative Review 2 (Counts and Noun-count nouns) 1. New employees . . . asked to attend orientation. A. is B. are 2. The secretary ordered two . . . . for the meeting. A. trays of food B. foods 3. A reporter . . . interviewing witnesses. A. is B. are

4. Production . . . increased since Mr. Garcia revised the plan. A. has B. have 5. The plane cannot take off until the rain . . . . A. stop B. stops 6. Traffic are always bad during rush hour. 7. Toothpaste for hotel guests are available at the front desk. 8. Lunch are provided on Tuesday for conference attendees. 9. Several baskets of fruits were delivered to the ambassador's room. 10. Sunshine are expected for the next two days. Cumulative Review 3 (Articles) 1 . . . . are expected to attend the seminar. A. Manager C. Managers B. A manager D. The manager 2. . . . sent three packages this morning. A. The shipper C. Shipper

B. A shipper

D. Shoppers

3 . . . . of human resources is interviewing applicants. A. Director C. A director B. The director D. Directors 4. The new computer has improved . . . in the office. A. efficiency C. an efficiency B. the efficiency D. efficiencies 5. If we do not see . . . soon, we will cancel the project. A. one progress C. the progress B. a progress D. some progress 6. It is difficult to achieve the success in a competitive market. 7. Ms. Le Blanc is excellent secretary who has worked in our office for five years. 8. Report was delivered to the vice-president's office at 11:00 this morning. 9. A manager needs the good staff to make a department operate smoothly. 10. The task will be finished more quickly if we show a teamwork. Cumulative Review 4 (Subject Verb Agreement) 1. The manager from headquarters . . . us this afternoon. A. visit C. to visit B. visits D. visiting 2. You . . . assigned to the programming team. A. be C. are B. is D. will 3. The police . . . when the alarm goes off. A. arrive quickly C. arrives quickly B. is arriving D. has arrived 4. International Communications merging with ERI. A. is C. has been B. are D. have been 5. Every employee . . . his own desk. A. get C. getting B. gotten D. gets 6. The accountants is writing specifications for he clerks to follow. 7. The chairman of the board are going to retire this spring. 8. A team of the company's best writers produce the annual report. 9. Each of the entrances to company headquarters have a security guard. 10. All employees is taught how to get out of the building in case off fire. Cumulative Review 5 (Prepositions) 1. The messenger left the package . . . the receptionist's desk. A. at C. until B. to D. by

2. The convention will be held . . . Stuttgart. A. at C. for B. from D. in 3. There is a meeting . . . Friday. A. by B. on C. in D. at

4. The banquet starts . . . 7:00 p.m. in the Terrengauv Room. A. on C. in B. at D. for 5. Mr. Kim will not know the results of the negotiations . . . tomorrow. A. on C. until B. from D. at 6. The session on time management is at 2:00 for the Lincoln Room. 7. Ms. Bissuti has to arrange for a representative to meet the guests with the airport. 8. Mr. Pang will leave of Toronto at 4:00 on Tuesday. 9. Dr. Cole will be on a meeting room from 2:00 this afternoon until 6:00 tonight. 10. The personnel office is the second office through the right past the water fountain. Cumulative Review 6 (Coordinating Conjunction) 1. Would you like a room overlooking the park . . . the river? A. but C. or B. so D. that 2. My letters . . . my phone calls have not been answered. A. or C. but B. and D. so 3. Mr. Daivora will work the morning shift . . . he prefers to work in the evenings. A. but C. when B. or D. and 4. Our hotel is located between the business district . . . the historical district. A. or C. but B. if D. and 5. Dr. Corso can see you at 10:00 . . . 10:30 A. or C. but B. and D. though 6. Ms. Ngai could not see the speaker, or she could hear him clearly. 7. Students enjoy to see our facility and learning how computer games are designed. 8. Tourist maps but guidebooks are available at the corner newsstand. 9. You have your choice of a morning and an evening flight. 10. Mr. Tao is available for a meeting at 1:00, or Ms. Kelsey is not available until 3:00

Cumulative Review 7 (Subordinating Conjunction) 1. . . . the team worked very hard, their proposal was not accepted. A. Because C. Before B. Although D. Where 2. Mr. Atari started his company in the town . . . he grew up. A. although C. where B. that D. if 3. . . . Mr. Lafer joined our company, he had worked for our competitor. A. After C. Before B. During D. While 4. Please sign for the package . . . it arrives. A. because C. although B. until D. when 5. . . . Ms. Belazi missed her connection, she had to take a later flight. A. Although C. If B. Because D. Where 6. The secretary could not make copies of the report although the copier was broken. 7. Because the new equipment is expensive, it will increase production. 8. The plane is on time, if Mr. Yung will attend the meeting. 9. Visitors may walk in the gardens where it is time to tour the house. 10. She was promoted, since Ms. Lawrence has been much happier. Cumulative Review 8 (Comparison with Adjectives and adverbs) 1. The controller has the . . . office on this floor. A. most spacious C. spacious B. more spacious D. space 2. Ms. Voss types . . . than Mr. Prince. A. accurately C. more accurately B. most accurately D. the accurately 3. The prices have always been . . . than ours. A. highest C. the higher B. the higher D. higher 4. The idea is . . . the previous one. A. good as B. as good as 5. It is . . . to call than to write. A. quickest B. quickly as C. better as D. best as C. quicker D. quicker than

6. Our competitor is large, but we are more profitable. 7. The manager works much overtime as his staff does. 8. This the better advertising campaign in several years.

9. Ms. Owens is the more admired employee in the company. 10. We seem to work long hours in the winter than in the summer. Cumulative Review 9 (Adverbs of frequency) 1. Ms Lee brings her lunch to work . . . . A. never C. always B. every day D. yet 2. You . . . to listen carefully. A. try always should B. should always try C. should every day try D. every day should try

3. Our department is . . . not as efficient as it should be. A. still C. twice a week B. never D. always 4. Mr. Kent . . . asked to speak in public. A. has been rarely C. every day has been B. has every day been D. has rarely been 5. Our chairman gives a party for our department . . . . A. never C. still B. always D. every year 6. The mail is distributed seldom before 2:00 in the afternoon. 7. Interest that is compounded daily will every quarter be calculated. 8. Always the president of the company enjoys meeting each new employee. 9. The housekeeping staff services twice a day the rooms. 10. The department of human resources every six months prints new directory of employee telephone numbers. Cumulative Review 10 (Causative Verbs) 1. The personnel director made the applicant . . . half an hour. A. wait C. waiting B. waited D. waits 2. Mr. Wang can't have the package . . . until Monday. A. deliver C. delivering B. will deliver D. delivered 3. Our company wants its clients . . . with our work. A. satisfying C. satisfied B. satisfy D. satisfaction 4. I'll have my assistant . . . for an appointment. A. called C. will call B. calling D. call 5. The owner had the store . . . for the holiday. A. close C. closed B. closing D. will close 6. The laboratory technician had a sample took from the water in the pond. A B C D

7. Mr. Gazek should get Ms. Ward helping with the closing inventory. 8. The operations manager permitted his assistant leave the meeting early. 9. The supervisor let the new clerk asking as many questions as she wanted. 10. The travel agent had the reservation change to a later time. Cumulative Review 11 (Conditional sentences) 1. If the speaker . . . her presentation, she will have more confidence. A. prepared C. had prepared B. prepares D. were preparing 2. If Mr. Musso . . . the answer, he would have told you. A. would know C. knew B. had known D. knows 3. Ask me for help if you . . . the questionnaire. A. do not understand C. did not understand B. would not understand D. had not understood 4. If I . . . you, I would accept the position. A. was C. would be B. were D. could be 5. . . . a message if you can't transfer the telephone call. A. Take C. Taken B. Will take D. Would take 6. If I was you, I would work hard for a promotion. 7. Ms. Lieu will call you if the package arrive today. 8. If I live near the office, I would walk to work. 9. If the product have been successful, the company would have made a large profit. 10. Notify the customer right away if the order be late. Cumulative Review 12 (Verb Tenses and Stative Verbs) 1. When my visitor . . . , will you please call me? A. will arrive C. arrived B. arrives D. is arriving 2. Mr. Santos's assistant . . . more relaxed since his promotion. A. has become C. becomes B. has been becoming D. had become 3. Mr. Sanchez . . . his first job with us twenty-five years ago. A. accepts C. has accepted B. has been accepting D. accepted 4. The presidents . . . the reports in her speech this afternoon. A. was discussing C. discussed B. will discuss D. has discussed 5. My parents know hat I . . . next year. A. would graduate C. will graduate B. graduated D. have graduated

6. Mr. Feldman has left on his vacation before Ms. Hoik returned from her trip. 7. The computer program was running when Mr. Yu finds a mistake in the data. 8. The broker is making telephone calls in the morning and attends meetings in the afternoon. 9. I am recognizing the president of the company from his picture. 10. The clerk checks the figures right now so the report will be ready by 5:00. Cumulative Review 13 (Relative Clauses) 1. Ms. Wardhana . . . is quite well-known, is arriving at 3:00. A. when C. whose B. whom D. who 2. A letter . . . is not properly typed is hard to read. A. which it C. that it B. it D. that 3. Mr. La Porte, . . . starts tomorrow, has already left. A. whose vacation C. the vacation B. his vacation D. its vacation 4. The report . . . this process in is the library. A. it explains C. who explains B. explains D. that explains 5. A machine . . . could monitor efficiency would be very useful. A. whom C. it B. that D. when 6. A manager which can motivate his staff is a valuable employee. 7. This chair, that has been broken for weeks, must be repaired. 8. The person who she has this information is Tina Kusuma. 9. The company who pays attention to its customers will be successful. 10. The building, its architect is unknown, is a popular tourist attraction. Cumulative Review 14 (Gerund and Infinitive) 1. Ms. Ningsih is preparing . . . her speech. A. give C. given B. giving D. to give 2. We did not want . . . the meeting. A. to delay C. delayed B. delaying D. delay 3. The committee postponed . . . until tomorrow. A. to vote C. vote B. voted D. voting 4. The president considered . . . a train instead of plane. A. taking C. taken B. will take D. to take

5. The company failed . . . a profit last year. A. make C. making B. made D. to making 6. Ms. Danny refuses planning the banquet for the convention next month. 7. Although Mr. Ozel could not attend, he appreciated to receive an invitation. 8. Ms. Wu intends taking her vacation in September after the project is completed. 9. Mr. Madhava suggested to illustrate the presentation with charts and graphs. 10. When the president hesitated signing the contract, the company lost the project. Cumulative Review 15 (Participles) 1. The . . . employees did not like their jobs. A. boring C. bores B. bored D. bore 2. The office boy will distribute the . . . mails. A. sorted C. sort of B. sort D. sorting 3. The . . . application was delivered with the job offer. A. approval C. approved B. Approves D. approving 4. It is difficult to work in these . . . offices. A. crowding C. crowds B. crowded D. crowd 5. The . . . audience enjoyed the speaker. A. laugh C. laughed B. laughter D. laughing 6. The typing letters were placed on the manager's desk. 7. In the front office, a smiled receptionist greets visitors. 8. The interesting crowd listened carefully to the speech. 9. Everyone's work was delayed by the breaking copy machine. 10. The tiring engineers were glad to finish their work.

Mini Test for Reading Parts V and VI

Part IV: Incomplete Sentences Directions: In your test book, you will see a sentence with a missing word. Four possible answers follow the sentence. Choose the best answer to the questions and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

1. The fax machine and the telephone . . . on separate lines. A. am C. are

B. is

D. be

2. Attach this cable . . . the computer. A. with C. in B. into D. to 3. Tomorrow we . . . submit the budget. A. will C. did B. has D. are 4. The . . . was concise and effective. A. presenting C. present B. presented D. presentation 5. Salaries must be . . . if we are to remain competitive. A. ascended C. escalated B. increased D. rise 6. We drove to the site in an open jeep . . . it was raining. A. although C. because B. since D. with 7. The meeting was scheduled to begin . . . noon. A. on C. in B. to D, at 8. This letter was . . . by overnight mail. A. send C. send B. been sent D. sending 9. The staff . . . after 5:00 if there is work to finish. A. will usually stay C. will stay usually B. will usually stays D. usually will stay 10. Our office is . . . the post office and the bank. A. among C. between B. outside D. through 11. If you need to order supplies, . . . a purchase order form. A. complete C. completion B. completely D. to complete 12. The oil rig is located . . . shore. A. over C. off B. under D. beside 13. . . . exports have increased, the trade deficit has become smaller. A. Although C. Since B. During D. While 14. Immigration forms must . . . be stamped before leaving the customs area. A. never C. sometimes B. always D. rarely 15. Neither lunch . . . dinner was served at the hotel. A. or C. but B. and D. nor 16. The consultant recommended that more support staff . . . hired. A. are C. be B. have D. do

17. If you . . . how to use a computer, consult the manual. A. won't understand C. understood B. don't understand D. not understanding 18. Before the Foreign Minister arrived, the police had the conference center . . . . A. clear C. clearing B. cleared D. be clear 19. The Bangkok branch of our bank . . . ten years ago this month. A. opens C. opened B. has opened D. was opening 20. All visitors must . . . their coats and packages before entering the museum. A. checked C. checks B. checking D. check

Part IV: Error Recognition Directions: In your test book, you will see a sentence with four words or phrases underlined. Choose the word or phrase that is incorrect and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.

21. At the end of year, bonuses are distributed to the employees. 22. The international association of petrochemical industries have come under tack from environmentalist. 23. The catering staff has scheduled a meeting in the same room where us are holding a meeting. 24. The legislature would have pass the trade agreement if the labor union had not been so opposed to it. 25. The interest rates are more higher this year than they were last year. 26. While ten weeks, Ms Emma has been traveling to our international offices and meeting with our sales representatives. 27. The dollar has never been as lower as it is now. 28. For immediately service, please fax us your order. 29. In the morning, there will be a ten-minutes coffee break between speeches. 30. I thought this letter of recommendation had been mailed last week before.

Singular (fractions/percentage + of + an uncountable noun + a singular verb) e.g. A large percentage of the population speaks English. 2. Plural (fractions/percentage + of + a plural noun + a plural verb) e.g. Seventy-five per cent of the students speak English. The houses on that street are for sale.

The houses with the broken steps is for sale. e.g. John together with Mary, is going shopping. John and Mary, along with Tom, are going shopping. e.g. Physics is a difficult subject. 2. Quantities/Amount (time, money, measurements) e.g. Two weeks is enough time to finish the report. The new York Times is a good newspaper. 6. Diseases (measles, mumps, herpes, rickets) e.g. Measles is usually contracted during childhood. Mark wants you to return that bag of (his, him) which you borrowed last month. 15. According to Sarah and (he, him), this is the best course youll ever take. 1. (Our, ours) house isnt as big as (their, theirs), but (our, ours) is much more comfortable. MY children are too young to look after (them, themselves In the crowd were several recruits (who, which) are regarded as excellent prospects for next years team. 10. John, Mary and ((He, Him) rode their bikes all the way to the lake. . No one on this bus seems to know his or her way around this part of Jakarta. 1. Johns children who all graduate from college, came home for his eightieth birthday. 2. The woman whom I saw told me to come back next week. 3. John, whose luggage was lost by the airlines, put in an insurance claim. 4. He bought all the books which are required for the course. 5. She prefers to watch movies that make her cry. They live in a house whose walls were made of glass Its boring to do the routine work. Listening to the radio is good practice in understanding English We agreed to come on Monday. 2. Adjectives + To + V I am anxious to hear from the boss. Rice contains carbohydrates and Vitamin B. (uncountable ---- singular) Two plates of rice are not good for adults. (preceded by numbers/amount ---- plural) Physics is a very difficult material to study. - Million dollars makes the girl accept his proposal. - The flock of birds is flying above the trees. - The news is really bad. - Two weeks is enough to finish the report. The report has been written by John The report has been written by John Peter sang the song happily in the bathroom yesterday evening.