DVB-RCS an attractive building block for mobile and “portable” satellite communication solutions

Kjell Nohr Vice President Business Development Nera SatCom AS

Key Facts About Nera SatCom

Nera SatCom in brief
Leading supplier for Inmarsat: • Delivered around 100 000 terminals • ~ 50% terminal market share for HSD. • Over 130 gateways in operation (ocean regions) • serving over 200 000 users • > 80% market share for gateways • Selected supplier for next generation system. World’s smallest (900g) UMTS based satellite terminal Key player in new generation of broadband satellite • Over 50 gateways (spot beams) (Ku and C-band) • Nera SatLink: Compatible with DVB-RCS • IPSTAR system for Asia • Over 7000 DVB-RCS terminals

Advanced Mobile Solutions

Medium & High Speed To Broadband At Sea DVB-RCS Inmarsat Inmarsat Inmarsat .

Medium & High Speed to Broadband at sea Medium & High Speed To Broadband On Land DVB-RCS Inmarsat Inmarsat DVB-RCS .

Medium & High Speed To Broadband On Vehicles Inmarsat DVB-RCS .

Why DVB-RCS For Mobile Solutions ? A la Inmarsat • Soon several suppliers of interoperable terminals • Certification of interoperability • Many independent DVB-RCS network operators • Bandwidth efficient for mobile applications • Always on services. .

Two terminal types are now SatLabs Certified Nera SatLink 1910 Nera SatLink 1000 .

. Ku/Ka/C-band satellites • Much lower bandwidth costs.In Addition …. • QoS over IP . fixed cost/month. works on all bands. and even better than Inmarsat • Multiple voice channels • DVB-RCS standard provides scalability • No practical limitation on channel speeds • A lot of available bandwidth.

Cost savings with Cost saving with DVB-RCS .

13 kbps per voice channel each direction • With header compression: 10 .Very Powerful VoIP Performance Example from deliveries to Telemar in Brazil in co-operation with Siemens: • Without header compression: 12.11 kbps • Voice is prioritised in order to reduce delay and for high quality .

South East Asia and parts of South America • Service availability down to 99.5 % • Lacks roaming between operators and also within same operator • Higher equipment cost • Larger size of equipment All these challenges will be solved or reduced .Challenges Using DVB-RCS For Mobile Solutions Compared with Inmarsat: • Today's coverage mainly in Americas and Europe • Rain fading in e.g.

2006 ? Telenor Hispasat/Hispamar Divona . Hispasat And Divona.Combined Coverage By Telenor.

g. Inmarsat Fnn in areas lacking DVB-RCS coverage .Roaming And Hand-Over For Maritime Nera will offer terminals which can do: • automatic switch-over between beams and operators of DVB-RCS compatible Gateways • automatic switch-over to e.

Rain Fading Challenges DVB-RCS offers a tool box for maintaining the return link with heavy rain fading • Automatic changing code rate and symbol rate is implemented in the Nera Gateway • Best spectral efficiency or speed under all link conditions DVB-S2 will offer the same tool box in the forward direction • Automatic changing code rate and modulation technique .

DVB-RCS At Sea .

Key Trends In Maritime Communication • Maritime applications demand higher and higher bandwidth • More and more routes at sea will be covered with broadband services • Demands for fixed monthly cost is expected similar to ADSL provision • A combination of different satcom systems will be installed in order to serve different needs and leased cost routing • Customers expect easy upgrade and reuse of existing infrastructure onboard as well as on shore .

Super Yacht Market Segment Always available • Global coverage • Internet access. high speed to broadband • Corporate network access Attractive Solution for this market: • Combined F77 and DVB-RCS broadband Paul Allen’s Octopus .

Telemedicine Market Segment • Sound and vision is vital for remote diagnostic of humans • 128kbps is a minimum bandwidth requirement • Esperanza del Mar • Nera F77 Twin terminal as primary solution today. • A combined F77 and DVD-RCS broadband would be a good choice. Esperanza del Mar .

Deep Sea Market Segment Office and operational applications • Often consuming high bandwidth • Batch transfer of data 64kbps has been the maximum bandwidth Today F77 but F77 and DVB-RCS. the best choice in the future? Berge Stahl .

A Ku-band System .Nera SatLink Marine .

Above Deck Equipment • • • • • • • • • Three axis stabilized Ku-band antenna platform Automatic Satellite acquisition Automatic Polarization control Unlimited azimuth capability 4W Ku-band Transmitter and Ku-band LNB receiver 0. Connection between ADE and BDE is via 2 cables Power consumption approx 100 W (115 / 230 VAC) The physical radome with antenna is approximately 114 kg and has a height of 149 cm and a diameter of 125 cm. .2 degrees peak mispointing.

Maritime DVB-RCS • Nera started beta testing of Maritime DVB-RCS Q3 2004 • Two beta test vessels: Yacht and commercial LNG carrier • Using Nera SatLink terminal and Seatel System 4003. 1 meter Ku Tx/Rx antenna • Launched commercially Q1/Q2 2005 to selected distributors • An enhanced 1910 terminal is integrated with the SeaTel 4003 platform • At present 25 systems are in operation primarily on yachts .

Easy • • • • • • Will have multiple choices of service providers and equipment providers DVB-RCS/DVB-S2 will provide robustness to rain fading Always on Fixed price per month Subscribe to the capacity you need Integration of ships LAN with central office LAN and Voice network • Online to central office with broadband • VoIP linked to central office switch .Why DVB-RCS at sea? .

Service providers offers today maximum around 3 Mbps as a standard package • The broadband pipe gives you triple play.: • • • • Video-streaming of news for the crew Internet browsing Multiple VoIP connections All at the same time . e.g.Performance • The Nera SatLink system gives you the capacity you need in the foreseeable future • The existing Nera terminal throughput is up to 8 Mbps (total both ways) • NB.Why DVB-RCS at sea? .

Extra Bonus • A TV set top box can be connected to the Terminal • The TV channels within the Nera SatLink band (red) can be viewed • The table shows an example of channels from Telenor TV/Data TV/Data Satellite X TV/Data/Nera SatLink TV/Data .

Installation Lady Marina .

Installation Lady Marina .

Prime Target Markets And Segments Prime Market Areas: • Europe. • Caribbean. Middle East. Part of LAM Prime Market segments: • Super yachts • Offshore supply ships • Dee-Sea Fishing boats • Ferries • Commercial shipping operation in regional areas .

Ku/C-band Broadband satellite standard DVB-RCS are going maritime • Selection of many competing satellite operators and service providers • DVB-RCS a standard well adapted to advanced mobile solutions • Providers will in the future offer world coverage with roaming Nera will be one of the key players in providing affordable data solutions to the maritime community • Today key provider of DVB-RCS broadband satellite systems • Leading supplier of Inmarsat Fleet products • Provider of I4 solutions and upgrades to I4 .Conclusions The maritime community will be offered communication solutions with improved performance and cost: • Integrated Inmarsat.

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