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Credit Appraisal Format for limits upto Rs.2 crore (for MSME upto Rs.

5 crore) Date of proposal Whether fresh/renewal/ enhancement/ In-principle Asset Classification as on .. Credit Risk Rating based on ABS 31.03.2013 (Previous and current with scores and reasons for degradation, if any) Last PMS Score, if applicable Customer ID No. Activity Code Whether sensitive sector Real estate/Capital market alongwith applicable risk weight Whether priority/non priority sector as per PS&LB guidelines (Latest being PS&LB/LBC/Codified Circular No. 11 dated 16.7.2011) Sub-sector may also be mentioned. Date of last sanction & Sanctioning Authority No No ---NA--HGE001864 31.08.2013 Fresh ---NA---

New Proposal



Name of the Borrower and Constitution

M/S Jeen Bhawani Enterprise Address : Satellite Manor , AG 333 , Hanapara , krishnapur , Kolkata 700102 Proprietor : Sanjeev Kumar Dokania Phone No : 990333830 Residential Address : Blue Lotus Apartment Flat 4G , AG 347 , Hanapara , Krishnapur , Kolkata 700102 Satellite Manor , AG 333 , Hanapara , krishnapur , Kolkata 700102 Satellite Manor , AG 333 , Hanapara , krishnapur , Kolkata 700102

b) c) d)

Address of Regd. Office Works/Factory Date of incorporation/ establishment

e) f)

Dealing with PNB since Business Activity (Product)/ Installed Capacity Branch Office/CO Directors/Partners/Proprietors (Name, Address, Mobile No., e-mail ID of main Directors/Key persons)

2009 Existing : Trading of Aluminium Proposed: Supply of Aluminium at various retail outlets. BO : Kestopur ( D No 4893 ) CO : Kolkata Proprietor : Sanjeev Kumar Dokania Residential Address : Blue Lotus Apartment Flat 4G , AG 347 , Hanapara , Krishnapur , Kolkata 700102 Phone No : 990333830 E-Mail Id :

2. 3.a)


Whether any of them, in RBIs Caution advices/ECGC Caution list/Wilful defaulters' list. If yes, the reasons for considering the proposal. If any of them, related to Directors/ Sr. Officers of PNB Management Change sanction, if any since last

Not observed

c) d) e)

No NA Certificate of Enlistment from the Local Permits trading of Aluminium and hardware Goods. Proprietorship Firm Verified in CIBIL Database. Sanjeev Score) Kumar Dokania (Borrowers CIBIL

Whether Memorandum of Association permits the Activity & Powers for borrowings

f) g)

Shareholding Pattern Whether the profile of the borrower, its Director/Partners/Promoters and its Group Cos./Associate Firms has been verified through CIBIL database/other credit information bureaus If No please give reasons. If Yes please give details.

Trans Union Score 810 Personal Loan Score 814 Om Prakash Dokania ( Guarantors CIBIL Score) Trans Union Score 753 Personal Loan Score 829

4. Facilities Recommended: Nature Fund Based CC(H) Inland Bills limit FOBP/FOUBP/FABC Others Fund Based Ceiling Non Fund Based ILC/FLC ILG/ FLG Non Fund Based Ceiling Term Loan Limit of credit exposure on account of all derivative products TOTAL COMMITMENT 5 Existing ( lac) Proposed 40.00 NA NA 20.00 60.00 64.00

20.00 24.00 24.00

Details of limits from other Banks/FIs/Consortium/Multiple Banking as on 31.03.2013 ( lac) Existing FB NFB Share % FB NFB Not Applicable Proposed FB NFB Share % FB NFB

Name of the Bank

6. A Details of Group Companies/Allied/Associate firms and the facilities sanctioned to them Name of the Company FB NFB Nil 6.B 6. C Comments on conduct of these accounts with our bank/other banks - NA Name of Dealing Bank Classification Account of

Key Financial Figures (Audited) of Group/Allied/Associate concerns (for the last 3 years). (Rs. in lac) 31.03.11 31.03.12 31.03.13 Paid Up Capital 42.70 Reserves & Surplus 42.70 Tangible Networth Block Assets 8.89 Secured/Unsecured Loans Sales 277.87 Profit before Tax 15.91 Profit After Tax 12.40 Comments on Financial Indicators

7. A (i) Financial Position of the borrower 31.3.11 Audited 31.03.12 Audited 31.3.13 Audited (Rs. in lac) 31.06.2013 Provisional

Gross Sales Other Income Operating Profit/Loss Profit before tax Profit after tax Cash profit/ (Loss) Block Assets Depreciation Net Assets Secured Loan Unsecured Loan Paid up capital Reserves and Surplus excluding revaluation reserves Misc. expenditure not written off Accumulated losses Deferred Tax Liability/Asset Tangible Net Worth Net Working Capital Current Ratio Debt Equity Ratio Operating Profit/Sales 7. A (ii)

112.40 0.47 9.05 3.00 4.36 11.17 1.36 9.81 10.31 29.27 0.18 29.27 32.90 0.08

196.52 2.22 10.41 4.49 5.91 10.79 1.42 9.37 12.66 50.63 50.63 41.25 0.07

277.87 2.52 20.77 12.40 13.70 10.20 1.30 8.89 26.04 42.70 0.60 42.10 33.81 0.07

72.46 0.90 4.50 2.49 2.49 43.37 43.37 30.96 71.55 0.07 71.55 74.31 0.05

Comments on Financial Indicators

7. B

Details of investment in Shares, Debentures, Units or diversion of funds outside the business etc.

7. C

Details of Liabilities not accounted for/Contingent liabilities

7. D

Status/details of adverse comments by Auditors of the borrowing unit

7. E

Position of assessment of income tax/sales tax/wealth tax of the borrowing concern/ partners/proprietor

7. F

Overall likely impact of (7.B to 7.E) on the financial position of the borrowing unit

8. A i) ii)

Primary Security. Working capital facility Term Loan facility

Hypothecation of Stocks created out of Bank Finance Hypothecation of Stock of Goods --------NA---------


Guarantee/Guarantors NMs Previous NA Present IPs Previous NA Present CR Date Previous NA Present

Name of Guarantor Om Prakash Dokania

Comments on changes, if any.

8. C

Total Commitments by Guarantor(s)

Personal Guarantee of Shree Om Prakash Dokania , father of Sanjeev Dokania residing at AG333, Krishnapur ,Hanapara Kolkata 700102. 8. D Collateral Security (Including details of changes in IPs as security from last sanction, if any) Ownership Value ( In Lakh ) Last Present Realisable sanction book value value Basis for valuation Date Whethe r existing/ fresh Existing

Security Area Description ( In Sq Ft )



Sanjeev Kumar Dokania

Valuation report by Certified Valuer P.K.Sanyal Valuation report by Certified Valuer P.K.Sanyal Valuation report by Certified Valuer P.K.Sanyal 38.50

08.08.1 3

Finished Flat


Laxmi Devi Dokania

08.08.1 3


Servant Quarter


Sanjeev Kumar Dokania

08.08.1 3





Position of Account as on Nature Overdraft Against FD Limit 24 VS 35 DP 24 Balance ( lakh) Irregularity alongwith reasons Not Observed


Conduct of the Account

The conduct of the Overdraft account maintained with us is satisfactory , no overdrawn or irregularity observed in the last one year. Sale Proceeds are generally routed through the account. The Cr. Summations in the Existing Overdraft account of the party maintained with us amounts to Rs 2,72,80,222.00, and as per the audited balance sheet for March 2013 is Rs 2,77,87,609.61 , however the Credit summation in the account for the period 01.04.2013 30.06.2013 is Rs 30,57,254.35 but the provisional Balance sheet submitted by the party as on 30.06.2013 is Rs 72,46,490.95

10. B

Review of the Account (Appendix C to be enclosed)

Appendix C of the Overdraft account of M/S Jeen Bhawani attached herewith the proposal. 10. C Period Value of the Account Nature of Limit Amount Interest/Commission Earned ( lac) Yield (%)

Comments, if any 10.D Summary of irregularities pointed out by Banks Inspectors, Concurrent Auditors, Credit Audit & Review Division (CA&RD), RBI Inspectors, Statutory Auditors, observations of Stock Audit Report, Comment on Preventive Monitoring Score Trends, (and status of rectification of these irregularities) - NA Brief History (Should also include comments on industry scenario and industry outlook, management, production and marketing, borrowers' diversification, expansion, modernisation programme, risk perception including environmental and social risk alongwith proposed mitigations) Present Proposal Brief of the proposal Cash Credit Limit of Rs 40.00 Lacs


12. a) b) i)

Justification for working capital sanction as per simplified method or traditional method of lending, as the case may be. Assessment of Fund Based Limits as per second method of lending (In Lakhs) Item Current Years Estimates Accepted for the year ending 31.03.2014

Chargeable current assets Other current assets Total current assets Other current liabilities Working capital gap Net Working Capital at 25% of Total Current Assets less Export Receivables Projected net working capital Permissible bank finance ii) Assessment of Fund Based Limits as per simplified turnover method

PBF will be computed at 25% of estimated turnover accepted for PBF net of margin The margin will be computed higher of 5% of estimated turnover or projected NWC. Since the bank finance is only intended to support need based requirement of a borrower if the available NWC (net long term surplus funds) is more than 5 per cent of the turnover the former should be reckoned for assessing the extent of bank finance. c) Justification of non-fund based facilities (A) Assessment of Non Fund Based Limits (Rs in Crore) ILC (Indigenous) FLC (Imported)

LETTER OF CREDIT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Particulars Total purchases during the year Purchases proposed against LC (FOB/CIF Value) RM requirement against LC per month Usance Period in months Lead Period in month Total period in months LC requirement (3 X 6) LC recommended

BANK GUARANTEE Nature & amount of limit sanctioned Outstanding as on Name of the beneficiary / ies in whose favour guarantees to be issued Nature of the guarantee limit required i.e. performance/ financial/ Bid Bond etc. Margin proposed Security Justification for the proposed limit d) Justification for term loan/DPG 13. Purpose Summary of cost of project and means of finance Summary of profitability, Break-Even, DSCR and IRR, with comments thereon: Status of various statutory approvals and clearances Implementation schedule/Draw down schedule Proposed repayment schedule Present status of project (physical as well as financial)

a) Comments on Credit Risk Rating Report (Reasons for downgradation be mentioned)

b) Rate of Interest applicable as well as proposed c) Risk perception, if any 14. 15. 16. Other Issues Summary of merits/justifications for considering the proposal. Recommendations:


If account is eligible for stock audit, the observations of stock audit reports alongwith comments be furnished. Under risk perception comments about generation of employment, social development aspects, backward area development incentives, social disorder/ unrest, availability of pollution control certificate, changes in regulatory policies of Local/State/Central Govt. etc. Activity is Prohibitive or not, location of unit in Restrictive Area (i.e. near to Residential, Historic Monuments, etc.) be given. The following Annexure be enclosed with the proposal: Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet/Fund Flow Statement for last three years. Key financial figures i.e. paid up capital, sales, and net profit: Latest Data for the current financial year. Credit Risk Rating Report. Key financial indicators for associate/ group/allied/subsidiary companies should include Gross Sales, PBT and TNW. Terms & conditions proposed. *************