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Questionnaire On Marketing strategy of Hindalco Aluminium Extrusion Name..Designation.... .Organization..... .Address. .E-Mail... Phone 1.

. Are you satisfied with the marketing strategy of Hindalco Aluminium Extrusion? (In the present Market). Yes No If Yes, Specify If No, Specify . 2. Do you think that the best alternative for steel, plastic & wood in the building and construction sector? Yes No If Yes, Specify If No, Specify .

3. According to you, which company does provide the best Aluminium products? 4. When you go for buying the Aluminium products, what would you prefer? (Indicate the preferences by numbering) Price Quality Reliability Thickness Brand Image Name of the company 5. .Are you satisfied with the present price mechanism of the products produced by different companies? Yes No 6. Which other company has the appropriate price suited best to fit? Best to fit in the standards Reliable Low cost appropriate products

Best in the quality None of these Suggestion for improvements 7. Do you use the Aluminum products of Hindalco Industries Ltd.? If Yes The best in the quality & reliability It is low in cost Due to absence of better alternative It provides more convenience to the customer If any other, Please specify . 8. Are you satisfied with present distribution channels of Hindalco? Yes No 9. If yes, what would you prefer? Direct Dealing Through Go down Through consignment Agents Through Stockiest

10.If No, then specify your reason High transportation cost Weak distribution channel Delay in delivery Being unknown to its products Being other best alternatives If other, please specify .. 11.Are you aware of all the range of Aluminium rolled products of Hindalco? If yes Do you want to add some products in this range? Please specify the name/ drawing clearly Please give the name suggestion to improve this product range If No, you are unaware, because You have no trade relation with the company. You give the lesser emphases on rolled products. Lack of a healthy communication between you & company. None of these 12.What type of attribute & faci9lities do you want from the company regarding Aluminium extrusion?

SWOT ANALYSIS OF HINDALCOSTRENGTHS1. A high demand of products in a well established market. 2. A well- established distribution network, covering the geographically wide and scattered market. 3. The companys favorable attitude towards safety, environment and quality considerations. A high degree of quality consciousness is the core competence of company. ISO 9002 and ISOI 14001 I have added more prestige to the company. 4. sound financial position of the company is indicated by an impressive Net profit of Rs. 580 crore in the financial year 2002- 2003 5. proximity to raw material and easy availability of power from company owned Renusagar thermal power plant. 6. Industrial peace, as there has been no major strike, in the last 20 years. WEAKNESSES1. Present distribution system and production- capacity is not adequate to meet the present and near future demand. 2. A low moral and a sense of dissatisfaction with regard to original policies, was observed by me during my course of interaction with the various workers

OPPORTUNITIES1. Rapidly increasing demand of aluminium and its products both in India and abroad provides the company with an opportunity to expand its production and distribution facilities 2. There is a large potential to introduce newer use of aluminum in India. This provides the company, with an opportunity to venture into related value added products such as, manufacturing aluminium cans, Hi- Tec aluminium casting etc. 3. Hindalcos global presence in around 25 countries of the world, offers it tremendous opportunities increase its exports quantum, which presently constitutes only about 10% the total salesTHREATS1. The company will have to cope up with the rapidly increasing and diversifying in order to protect its present market-share of 44% if the company adopts a conservative outlook in this regard, its various competitors would constitute a major threat to its 2. Various substitute- material of aluminium like steel and plastics, pose a threat to the company s business.