birth, the first frontier...

These are the voyages of the Mothership Boye. Her nine month mission: to explore strange new sensations, to birth new life, to boldly go where many have gone before!

Captain (Mother)- Sarah First Officer (Husband)- Nathan Head Science Officer (Midwife)- Kelli Head Engineering Officer (Doula)- Maggie


Please minimize intrusions to my jefferies tubes. Minimal vaginal exams please! Only when really needed or when I ask. Remove all latex from the vicinity of the captain to prevent an allergic reaction. Aiming for a Bajoran birth- Touch/hair brushing/massage is usually helpful in getting me to relax.

The replicator will be programmed with my favorite snacks and foods- lara bars/energy balls, honey almond granola, yogurt, cheese and crackers, frozen grapes, smoothies, vitamin water/coconut water, ice chips made with RRL and honey, tofu summer rolls and massaman curry from SEA Thai, veggie or lentil stew and bread. Please encourage me to eat and drink! I am no traditional Feregni woman! I am very modest and plan to only be bottomless for the pushing stage. I intend on wearing easy to remove swim suit bottoms and a sports bra in the birth tub and a skirt when not in the water. Familial Inference- If my mother in law needs to come to take care of Vala, please make sure that she's not inhibiting my labor. Please also make sure that I am fully covered/not exposed if she enters a room that I am in. Use of the holo-imager: Pictures/video- Nathan intends to set up several devices to record the birth. We would love for any attendants to take pictures, but please no pictures of my hoo-hah or nekkid boobs. Would like a communications officer to open hailing frequencies with the virtual communities of Facebook and ICAN, and relay the messages back to me. "Worf, forget the simulation!"I would like to push instinctually. Please give me perineum support if necessary to help prevent tearing, though I would be more comfortable with Nathan doing this task. You will probably need to show him how.


Like counselor Troi, I enjoy a bath. I would like to give birth in water, but am open to other positions as per my comfort. "Congratulations. You may now give birth."Nathan would like to catch the baby.

Do not disengage life support! Do not clamp or cut the cord until after the placenta has been delivered. If she's awake and willing, we would like Vala to help Nathan cut the cord. Encapsulate maturation chamber. I intend to encapsulate the placenta. We will have a container ready for it to go straight

into the freezer.

Sarah Boye's Emergency Cesarean Preferences

Mother- Sarah Husband- Nathan Midwife- Kelli Doula- Maggie Estimated Due Date- November 23, 2011

*I suffer from previous trauma and have been diagnosed with PTSD, please treat me gently and with respect. *I would like someone from my support team to be with me at all times. I would prefer my husband, Nathan, never to be separated from me but if it needs to happen, please inform me first. I would like my Midwife, Kelli and Doula, Maggie to be present during the surgery and with me in recovery. * I would like to remain awake for the surgery. *I would like the catheter to be inserted after anesthesia is administered. *Please do not tie my arms down. *Please allow me to wear my glasses at all times. I am legally blind and cannot see without corrective lenses. *Please respect the birth of our child by keeping staff conversations to a minimum. *Please discuss with me what is being done. *Please use a double suture to close my uterus and dissolvable stitches instead of staples. * We intend to keep my placenta. Please keep it clean and refrigerated. My doula or midwife will arrange for transport. *If my baby is healthy, I would like to be skin to skin with her immediately, preferably while the surgery is being completed. I would like the newborn procedures (weighing, ect) to be delayed or happen with the baby on my chest or in my husband's arms. *If my baby is to be taken to the NICU, I would like my husband to be allowed to stay with her. *I am ALLERGIC to latex, most adhesives and opiates, please limit sedatives given as I have had previous negative reactions.

Anya Boye's Newborn Care Preferences

To My Baby Nurse,

Thank you for taking care of me! My mommy and daddy are so happy that I am in such good hands! We have a few requests that will make my birthday the best possible for our family. My mommy's name is Sarah and my daddy's name is Nathan. They will have our midwife, Kelli and doula, Maggie with them. If I'm healthy, I would like to be skin to skin with my mommy immediately and stay with her in recovery. Mommy or daddy would like to be present for all newborn procedures and if possible, have them done on my mommy's chest or daddy's arms. Please don't give me the vitamin K shot , antibiotic eye ointment or hepatitis B vaccine. Mommy signed the waiver ahead of time (attached). I want to stay with my mommy at all times, so please let me room in with her and don't offer to take me to the nursery. If I'm sick, please let my daddy stay with me. My mommy will breastfeed me or pump colostrum if she can't nurse me right away. Please don't give me any formula, sugar water, bottles, or pacifiers. Mommy has many friends who are screened to provide donor milk if I need to be supplemented with more than mommy's colostrum. If I cannot nurse, please use a syringe or cup to feed me. I would really like my pediatrician to see me in the hospital if I'm sick.

Love, Anya Kathryn

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