GLMA & GLA 2013 Library Media Program SelfEvaluation Rubric

South Effingham High School
Smith, Marti 08/17/201

During my practicum at South Effingham High School on September 17, 2013, I conducted the GLMA & GLA 2013 Library Media Program SelfEvaluation Rubric with both media specialists, Catherine Olivier and Becky Alford. This was by far the best practicum experience that I have ever had. It was nice to be able to go into a media center and see how things should run and be able to ask questions about things that I didn’t know the actual answer to. The evaluation is evidence of how efficiently ran the SEHS media center runs. In the majority of categories, the media center scored at the “exemplary” status. They did not have any categories where they scored at the “basic” level. They scored “proficient” in five of the categories. Those categories include budget issues, assessing student achievement, weeding, and library media policy which is handled a little differently in our county. Currently, we do not have set “technology plans” at the school level. All of the schools follow the technology plan at the county level, but that is not reviewed yearly by the county media committee. It may be reviewed yearly by the Instructional Technology Coordinator and the two technology specialists, but we are not privy to that review (if it takes place). Currently the county media committee reviews the technology plan every 35 years.

The category which scored proficient but could easily be moved to the “exemplary” level is # 19 which states, “Staff Development opportunities are available both for the library media staff to enhance their own professional knowledge and for the library media staff to provide information and technology literacy skills to other teachers and administrative staff. Professional resources and services for all faculty members are provided in the library media center for the “learning community”.” Mrs. Olivier and Mrs. Alford both state that they do a really great job in every aspect of the “exemplary” except for “the LMS being recognized as a master teacher and provides staff development options beyond routine planning”. We determined together that this will change very soon since all of our schools are beginning to take part in Professional Learning Communities. In order to determine what PLCs will be most effective for the teachers, a needs assessment will need to be given and assessed at least three times during the year to accommodate the constant changes in standards throughout the school year and to evaluate whether those PLCs were effective in assisting teachers and other professionals accomplish what they were designed to carry out. Overall South Effingham High School’s media center is very effectively run. The media specialists do an amazing job by being a resource that

students and teachers both can use in accomplishing the standards they are expected to meet.

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